Justice Remix'd


Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's is known for mixing progressive politics into its identity and sometimes even its products. In 2019, the ice cream company again combined its values and its churning skills to introduce "Justice Remix'd," a limited-batch flavor connected to criminal justice reform efforts.

As part of a three-year initiative, the confectioner is partnering with national and local reform organizations such as the Advancement Project National Office, which works on restoring voting rights to felons after they've been freed from prison. All parties are hoping a special ice cream flavor will help draw attention to America's mass incarceration problems.

As for the ice cream itself, it's hard to go wrong when you blend chocolate, brownie chunks, and gobs of cinnamon bun dough. American justice has rarely been this sweet.

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  1. At least this flavor is for a just cause.

  2. Notice that even when Democrats controlled the House, Senate and Obama was President the Lefties didnt do any criminal justice reform.

    Notice that when Democrats control a state, they have high incarceration rates.

    Anyone who buys into this Lefty horseshit (like Shackford does) that Lefties value civil rights or freedom ought to have their heads examined. Democrats use prisoners as slave labor.

  3. Sounds like they’re mostly interested in restoring the right to vote, no doubt hoping to add to a certain party’s reliable voter base. That’s fine, but a better effort would be to stop these people from being imprisoned in the first place.

  4. Sounds like diabetes and heart attack all rolled into a cardboard tub.

    1. If you heard the Ben and Jerry’s story as any other product, you’d refuse to buy it. One of them has no sense of taste or smell and dropped out of college. They had to take a correspondence course in order to learn how to make ice cream. Much of their initial success or claim to fame was selling to people too stoned to care if they were eating literal garbage. How their product isn’t consistently regarded as nearly sub-food garbage like Cinnabon and Taco Bell is beyond me.

  5. But the profits still fund the socialist agenda of removing all personal freedoms.

  6. Will they get their Constitutionally-guaranteed gun rights back? Or are they specifically setting it up a situation where people who had their gun rights stripped from them by Clinton Era gun and drug laws get to vote on whether *I* should have gun rights?

  7. “Ben and Jerry’s has 54 flavors. Who needs that much choice? Capitalism is wasteful. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are all that we need.” — Bernie Sanders

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