Brickbat: Defenseless


Former Pike County, Ohio, Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Mooney was caught on sheriff's office security video pepper-spraying and repeatedly punching an inmate who was bound in a restraint chair. Thomas Friend had been arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and had reportedly spit on other inmates in the transport van. Mooney resigned after the sheriff's office began an investigation of his actions. The sheriff's office suspended without pay for two weeks and demoted to corporal Sgt. William Stansberry, a supervisor who witnessed part of the assault but did not try to stop it. Pike County, Ohio, Prosecutor Rob Junk has asked the FBI look into the matter.

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  1. Sounds like felonious assault to me. Merry Christmas.

  2. Nelson became interim sheriff last August after now-suspended Sheriff Charlie Reader was indicted. Reader faces 16 felony and misdemeanor charges related to allegations that he used money seized in drug raids to fund his gambling addiction. Reader is also accused of crimes involving seized vehicles and taking loans from a sheriff’s vendor and Stansberry.

    Sheriff departments tend to be cesspools. I think it’s the combination of politician in charge and double duty running county prisons.

    1. Meth capital of Ohio.

      1. Both Mexican drug gangs and “one percenter” biker clubs operate in southeast Ohio.

    2. Thanks for the background on the corruption in this sheriff’s department. Seems they’re in it to steal money from the state or wherever. And when faced with a poorly behaving perpetrator (i.e., most of them, given gentlemen bandits are a rare breed) this guy decides to become judge, jury and sadist. I’m not disagreeing whether the guy deserved the abuse, just that what the sheriff did is a crime and abuse of his power. I sure hope he never works for the government again.

  3. Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends.
    Chag Semeach Hanukkah to my fellow Tribe members.
    Happy New Year to both! 🙂

  4. And nothing else happened.


  5. How many times must they be told – you can pepper spray them or you can punch them but doing both is excessive force.

    1. “At least once more, your Honor, as always.”

  6. The FBI would be suited to go after these agents of the state and recommend charging for violating civil rights under color of law than the FBI is now tasked to investigate all the “PETA wins crimes” under the PACT Act.

  7. Totally justified violence. The prisoner gave him a dirty look so the cop feared for his life.

    1. Sadistic cowards gravitate towards positions in law enforcement.
      Change my mind.

      1. Some definitely do, but not all cops are. So a matter of the ____% giving the bigger % a bad name?

        1. 99% and 1%?

      2. Prisons tend to get located in economically depressed areas, so sometimes it’s a situation of if you are not a teacher, or not in the medical fields, then your only real option is corrections. People who default into their jobs don’t tend to be perfomers and achievers.

        1. “Prisons tend to get located in economically depressed areas,… People who default into their jobs don’t tend to be performers and achievers.”

          Spoken by an elitist who can obviously afford to hire a moving company or a bus ticket.

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    1. “everyone must use their real names and a “be nice, be respectful” policy is strictly enforced.” Harshin my buzz dude.

      1. And what is more nice and respectful than spamming this shit into the comment section of every fucking article?

    2. What are you implying; That we’re not nice? That doesn’t sound very respectful!

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