Brickbat: Overruled


In Florida, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony has fired deputy Christopher Krickovich after the deputy was caught on video slamming a teen's head into the pavement and punching him. Krickovich was one of several deputies who responded to a brawl outside a McDonald's. One deputy pepper sprayed the teen and slammed him to the ground. That's when Krickovich jumped on the teen, hitting him and slamming his head. Krickovich says he was afraid the teen would fight them or try to run. The department's Professional Standards Committee had recommended Krickovich not be disciplined. But Tony reversed that decision. The deputy who pepper sprayed the teen is still under investigation.

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  1. LeBron James even posted about it on social media.

    Wait until he finds out Broward County is financed by China.

    1. The pepper spray is from China, so he may get stabbed in the eye with a chopstick.

  2. At least the hero went home safe.

  3. What we need is common sense McDonald’s control – – – – – –

  4. Krickovich says he was afraid the teen would fight them or try to run.

    A cop who is scared of teenagers…yeah, that makes me feel confident that I can just turn in my gun and rely on the government to protect me.

  5. I swear its always Broward county doing this shit.

  6. Damn, I thought that was a neuralizer he was about to use! Would it work over the internet on all of us unsuspecting Reasonoids?

  7. Krickovich says he was afraid the teen would fight them or try to run.

    No, no, wrong wording. If you’ve learned nothing else from Dunphy, you should have learned that cops are specially trained to be able to read non-verbal cues indicating that a suspect is about to attack them and can pre-emptively defend themselves by striking the assailant before the assailant has a chance to even attempt an assault.

    What the officer meant to say was not that he was “afraid” the suspect might attack him but that due to his many years of experience and training he was able to know with a certainty that the suspect was preparing to do so and he was merely anticipating the forthcoming attack.

    Jesus, what kind of training are these cops getting that they can’t bullshit their way out of a simple assault and battery? How the hell are they going to be able to bullshit their way out of shooting a random innocent bystander in the back if their training is this lame-ass weak?

  8. Florida Man, Florida Man, does whatever the flora can
    Slams a head any size, supersized with some fries
    Look out, here comes the Florida Man!

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