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U.S. Life Expectancy Peaked in 2014

Plus: Due process shouldn’t conflict with #MeToo goals, the stupidity of the war on vaping, and more…


Life expectancy trends downward for three years in a row. A recent reversal in upward longevity trends is being driven by young and middle-aged adults, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The findings fall in line with other recent research on U.S. longevity and public health, placing the bulk of the blame for younger deaths on suicide, drug overdoses, and alcohol abuse, along with "a diverse list of organ system diseases."

Researchers Steven H. Woolf and Heidi Schoomaker looked at U.S. mortality data published from January 1990 through August 2019. They find that U.S. life expectancy peaked in 2014, at 78.9 years old, and has been declining since.

For 2017, life expectancy was down to 78.6 years.

"The recent decrease in U.S. life expectancy culminated a period of increasing cause-specific mortality among adults aged 25 to 64 years that began in the 1990s, ultimately producing an increase in all-cause mortality that began in 2010," they write in the JAMA paper. "During 2010-2017, midlife all-cause mortality rates increased from 328.5 deaths/100 000 to 348.2 deaths/100 000. By 2014, midlife mortality was increasing across all racial groups, caused by drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, suicides, and a diverse list of organ system diseases."

These trends were strongest in New England (up 23.3 percent in New Hampshire, 20 percent in Maine, and 19.9 percent in Vermont) and what they term the Ohio Valley (up 23 percent in West Virginia, 21.6 percent in Ohio, 14.8 percent in Indiana, and 14.7 percent in Kentucky). "The increase in midlife mortality during 2010-2017 was associated with an estimated 33,307 excess U.S. deaths, 32.8% of which occurred in four Ohio Valley states," the authors write.

Between 1959 and 2016, U.S. life expectancy rose from 69.9 years to 78.9 years, increasing the fastest between 1969 and 1979. Then:

Life expectancy began to advance more slowly in the 1980s and plateaued in 2011 […] The National Center for Health Statistics reported that US life expectancy peaked (78.9 years) in 2014 and subsequently decreased significantly for 3 consecutive years, reaching 78.6 years in 2017. The decrease was greater among men (0.4 years) than women (0.2 years) and occurred across racial-ethnic groups; between 2014 and 2016, life expectancy decreased among non-Hispanic white populations (from 78.8 to 78.5 years), non-Hispanic black populations (from 75.3 years to 74.8 years), and Hispanic populations (82.1 to 81.8 years).

In addition to drugs and alcohol, other lifestyle factors can be blamed for the rise in younger deaths:

Between 1999 and 2017, age-adjusted midlife mortality rates for hypertensive diseases increased by 78.9% (from 6.1 deaths/100 000 to 11.0 deaths/100 000) and for obesity increased by 114.0% (from 1.3 deaths/100 000 to 2.7 deaths/100 000).

Early studies reported increasing midlife mortality from heart disease and lung (notably chronic pulmonary) disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer disease, but the trend appears to be even broader.

As Ron Bailey pointed out yesterday, however, the JAMA study isn't all bad news:

Some good news is that mortality rates continued to fall at the tail ends of the age distribution. Between 1999 and 2017, the infant mortality rate dropped from 736 to 567 per 100,000 births while mortality among children ages 1 through 14 declined from 22.9 to 16.5 deaths per 100,000. Older Americans are living longer too: The mortality rate among adults between the ages of 65 and 84 fell from 3,774.6 to 2,875.4 deaths per 100,000.

Considering the bulk of the decline in longevity comes from "adults with less education and in rural areas or other settings with evidence of economic distress or diminished social capital," the authors of the study suggest things like prescription opioids are to blame. But as Bailey writes:

They fail to note the unintended consequences of the federal government mandate for an abuse-deterrent reformulation of prescription opioids that resulted in the massive rise in overdose deaths as users switched to street heroin and fentanyl.

What to do? A good start would be to end the drug war and adopt policies that enable folks to get out of the local poverty traps in which they are stuck.


Due process shouldn't conflict with #MeToo goals. David Harsanyi calls foul on the idea that due process somehow stands in opposition to holding people accountable for sexual harassment and assault. From a Monday article (not an opinion piece!) in The Washington Post:

While the #MeToo movement brought increased public scrutiny to harassment and assault, the Trump administration's proposal pushes the pendulum in the reverse direction by strengthening due process protections for those accused of offenses.

Writes Harsanyi:

If on the one side of the pendulum is increased scrutiny over sexual assault, then the "reverse" can't be the right to due process. The two, in fact, aren't even on the same pendulum. Due process concerns itself with procedure, not substance. It allows "emotionally charged conflicts," as the Post helpfully puts it, to be adjudicated in an impartial manner. The opposite of increased public scrutiny to harassment and assault is less scrutiny, not fewer rights for the accused. It's alarming that this even has to be debated.

More here.


The abject stupidity of the war on vaping. I'm in Spectator USA this week on the ways in which anti-vaping advocates are emulating crusaders against "Big Tobacco," but without actually protecting anyone's health. New York and California are both suing JUUL, for instance. A lot of politicians are keen on banning flavored vaping products (for the children, obviously), something leaders in New York City and Massachusetts voted for just last week. Meanwhile:

The American Medical Association (AMA) is now recommending a "total ban on all e-cigarette and vaping products" that aren't classified by the U.S. food and Drug Administration as "smoking cessation" aids.

Interestingly, President Donald Trump has emerged as a rare realist when it comes to vaping. He told reporters last Friday that if the U.S. banned flavored nicotine vaping products, they were just "going to come here illegally." Trump continued:

That's the one problem I can't seem to forget. You just have to look at the history of it. Now, instead of having a flavor that's at least safe, they're going to be having a flavor that's poison.

It's been black-market THC vapes causing illnesses and deaths, with most cases linked to products that used synthetic vitamin E as a filler.

To respond to that set of facts by banning flavored nicotine vaping products is like the government responding to counterfeit multivitamins killing people by banning all supplements except Riboflavin. It makes no sense.

More on the madness here.



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  1. Life expectancy trends downward for three years in a row.

    Let’s see, what changed in the United States three years ago…

    1. That was about the time “The Apprentice” ended. Hasn’t been anything good on TV since.

      1. You really, really need to watch The Handmaid’s Tale.

      2. “From a Monday article (not an opinion piece!)”

        Jeffmike is ENB?

    2. Hopefully it’s mostly due to lefties killing themselves. Something more Reason PFLs should consider.

    3. Epidemic of TDS?

    4. 78.9 years to 78.6 years. Across all demographics.

      I recently re-read How to Lie with Statistics, the 1954 classic. This article could have been lifted from that book. That report of the statistical measure of life expectancy is a classic case of false precision, omission of critical context (such as the standard deviation) and other errors. The article serves no purpose other than to excite people and drive journal sales.

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  2. Fist?

    1. Don’t blame me. I was on time.

    2. Dammit!

  3. David Harsanyi calls foul on the idea that due process somehow stands in opposition to holding people accountable for sexual harassment and assault.

    Unfortunately he’s not arguing against a straw man.

    1. Ray McKigney calls foul on the idea that due process somehow stands in opposition to executing criminal defendants when we know they’re guilty, fuck trials and appeals.

      1. Lock him/her up!!!!!

      2. We know victims never lie.

        What does “begging the question” mean again?

        1. Reductio ad absurdum.

  4. U.S. life expectancy peaked in 2014, at 78.9 years old, and has been declining since.

    However, my life expectancy has not yet peaked.

  5. Biden 24%
    Buttigieg 16%
    Warren 14%

    And Bloomy tied with Harris. Let them fight it out over who suddenly doesn’t like stop-and-frisk more.

    1. Where is Tulsi?!

      1. Oklahoma?

    2. OK Bloomer must be in New Hampshire handing out dimes.

  6. “Next week is Reason’s annual webathon, where we ask you to support our journalism!”

    Please be generous, my fellow Koch / Reason libertarians. Although this is the leading journal of billionaire-funded open borders advocacy, it cannot survive on Charles Koch’s money alone. Especially with the way he’s struggling in this high-tariff / low-immigration #DrumpfRecession.

    1. Show me some journalism, and I’ll support it.

    2. I wish Reason had anyone on staff half as good as Harsanyi

      1. You’ve apparently been avoiding Billy binion articles. They are OBL fantastic.

    3. Nobody said being only the fourth richest man in America would be easy!

  7. A federal judge just blocked (for now) the Trump administration’s attempt to require proof of health insurance before receiving a visa.

    I guess his authority isn’t taxing enough.

    1. That’s an obligation only required of U.S citizens.

  8. The Supreme Court will hear a Louisiana abortion case in 2020.

    And here’s where Kavanaugh will be the death of liberty!

    1. Load up the U-Haul with Handmaid costumes and head to DC. You’ll make a killin’.

  9. More evidence that it’s vitamin E acetate—not nicotine, and not vaping generally—that is causing illnesses and deaths.

    Emergency ban on Vitamin E!

  10. A California county’s ban on marijuana delivery now has the state attorney general’s office joining in—against the county.

    Cats and dogs living together.

  11. Vice is freaking out because “some nootropics contain a substance not approved by the FDA.”

    McInnis, see what you’ve wrought.

  12. Next week is Reason‘s annual webathon…

    And if you think this morning’s engineered “technical difficulties” is going to make me take pity on you and pony up dough for a webserver upgrade…

    1. The whole thing is running on a dell desktop with a 386 processor.

      1. Well, there are proud to upgrade to a 486. The Pentium 1 was just a little over budget.

        1. Well, a Cyrix 486, not Intel.

          1. SX or DX?

            1. I built a Cyrix 486 SX tower back in the day.

              Just recently finished building a new one (AMD Ryzen 7 this time). Way easier to build computers now.

  13. Are you ready for police robopups?

    Sure, why not. Fahrenheit 451 me.

    1. Nothing an aluminum bat won’t take care of.

    2. they chase inanimate carbon rods.

  14. He told reporters last Friday that if the U.S. banned flavored nicotine vaping products, they were just “going to come here illegally.”

    Build the flavor wall!

    1. The cartels will pay for it.

    2. Build the flavor wall!

      End the inhumane process of separating children from their flavors!

  15. I read the WaPo article yesterday. It was a real piece of work. Totally one-sided. Not one request for comment from supporters of the DoE change.

    1. And no mention of the fact that colleges are getting the pants sued off them for adhering to the Obama guidelines.

    2. Ah, Harvard journalists.

    1. Death takes a holiday.

      1. Clumps of cells can’t “die.”

        Pick up a science book some time.


    2. “Don’t bother with a kiddie table.”

    3. abortion, including graphics, articles, and a toolkit!

      If this doesn’t explicitly require a turkey carcass, a carving knife, serving tongs, stuffing, and creative use of cranberry dressing, I’m going to be really disappointed.

  16. Phony progressive and discredited #TrumpRussia denialist Glenn Greenwald embarrasses himself again.

    Or it suggests that Democrats love or at least want militarism, war-mongering, jingoism, regime change and deference to security state agencies – all of which define Joe Biden’s decades of foreign policy hawkishness and aggression


    He actually thinks it’s a bad thing that candidates like Clinton and Biden, with their vast foreign policy experience, are popular with Democratic voters. What a hack!

    1. Did you see Schiff also delayed the Mark Sandy testimony until after public hearings ended? The one OMB member who testified who blatantly stated the delay solely had to do with other club tries chipping into Ukraine. Nothing to do with investigations.

      1. I did not.

      2. Sandy never said that it was the sole reason. He said it was the one reason he was given. That’s different.

        He also said such a long delay of a major aid package without clear guidance on why it was being held and when it would be released was unusual. He could not recall anything like it happening before.

  17. Due process shouldn’t conflict with #MeToo goals.

    As long as the goal of #MeToo is “believe all women” unequivocally without any evidence, then the goals of the #MeToo movement is diametrically opposed to the idea of due process. Full stop.

    1. The goal is believe all women unless the man is a Democrat silly.

      1. Are men still allowed to join the Democrat party?

        1. what man wants that?

    2. They aren’t convicting until someone has made an accusation. How much more due process do you want?

  18. what’s a #metoo goal?

    1. Well, we need men to stop being sexually attracted to women for starters.

      1. i’m in trouble.

        1. Lololololol

    2. Penises outlawed.

      1. Only if you were born with it.

        1. right. cut it off & it’s a trophy you get an a&e show

    3. what’s a #metoo goal?

      Climaxing simultaneously.

  19. “They find that U.S. life expectancy peaked in 2014, at 78.9 years old, and has been declining since.”

    All four of my grandparents died between the ages of 88 and 94.

    My great grandmother lived to be 100.

    They didn’t smoke, drink, or eat meat, and they didn’t run five miles every other day like I do either.

    Centenarians are reportedly the fastest growing age group in the country.

    All this is to say that the important question isn’t about the average. We’re self-actuated, self-reliant, and self-motivated, ambitious and capitalist libertarians. Why would we trend towards the mean?

    The question for people like us isn’t where we’re likely to land as victims of averages. The question is whether we can maximize our personal potential by making whatever choices we want. The fact is that if you want to live to be 100 years old, the science and options are available to you to do so like never before. Pushing the averages up is something socialists do–and it’s often about inflicting their qualitative preferences, e.g. longer life, on others. This is the kind of study Bloomberg would push to ban sugary soft drinks.

    Of course people should be free to smoke, drink, eat shit, and own guns that are capable of delivering self-inflicted gunshot wounds, but for those of us who don’t want to weigh down the averages, there are plenty of other options.

    1. Those of us invested in companies that make replacement knees love you runner guys.

      1. And ya runner guys love the folks that make replacement knees. 🙂

      2. I used to run a lot on the beach. Now I mostly run on treadmills. Between using fully cushioned shoes and the flexibility of the treadmill, I don’t think there’s a lot of shock.

        I’ve tried swimming instead, and I used to do it more when I lived near the beach. I don’t get the endorphin high from swimming, and that’s probably why I dig running so much, to be honest.

        I’ve done cycling. The problem with cycling ,for guys, is . . . well, read this:

        If there’s a debilitating exercise regimen to avoid, surely it’s the one that makes you sit on your dick.

        1. Eating a soy based diet is about 10,000 times more likely to lead to impotence from your diminished testosterone and elevate estrogen levels, but then you seem to get most of your boners from being a lecturing busybody self obsesses self righteous piece of shit prick, so good on ya I guess.

          On the bright side, your longevity in misery makes all the rest of our lives feel a whole lot longer.

          1. I’m allergic to soy, and you’re flailing about because you’re angry for some reason.

            What, do you have type 2 diabetes?

          2. “”your diminished testosterone and elevate estrogen levels,””

            I believe this happened to some men after Hillary lost.

            1. Just for the record, that article is about how sitting on a typical bicycle seat closes off blood flow to capillaries at the base of your dick. You’re resting all of your weight on some critical capillaries. It’s about not being able to get it up anymore because the blood won’t flow that way anymore. It doesn’t have anything to do with testosterone.

    2. Type 2 diabetes is basically heart disease.

      There is no mystery about how to prevent it–diet and exercise.

      Yesterday, we were talking about how Al Sharpton was complaining about the tobacco industry using menthol to target the African-American community for cigarette sales, someone might take a similar look at the government giving free food to fat people (of all races) in the form of SNAP benefits. Michelle Obama was warning us about an obesity epidemic among the poor more than ten years ago. Giving free food to people in the early stages of type 2 diabetes is like the government giving alcoholics a free supply of alcohol for life. It’s killing them.

      1. The government lying to the public and telling them to eat a low carb high fat diet is the cause of 90% of that.

        1. That’s about what middle class moms are feeding their kids. I’m not sure morbidly obese people listen to the government when it tells them what to eat.

          I’m sure that there’s a moral hazard associated with giving fat people all the food they can eat for free.

          Type 2 diabetes is a relatively new problem in developing countries internationally. People have never been able to get so many calories with such little effort at such small expense, and when they do, they blow up like balloons.

          1. Check out some of these stats. It’ll blow your mind.


            Read the stuff about diabetes in China and India.

            Read the stuff about how all the progress in the fight against diabetes in the U.S. is happening among people with higher incomes.

            Take poor people, give them all the food they can eat for free, like the proverbial cows in a corn patch, and they will eat themselves to death.

            1. Well luckily those poor benighted fools can always depend on you to shoulder the white man’s self righteous soyboy’s burden.

              1. WTF are you talking about?

            2. Is that because eating is the only enjoyment they can afford?

              1. It seems to happen everywhere regardless of culture.

                For about a hundred thousand years, people have had to struggle for calories–especially protein. I’ve read that hunting and gathering was relatively easy compared to intensive farming. Compared to either one, the amount of calories we have access to today compared to the amount of effort and resources each of us needs to put in to access to them is unprecedented.

                Ultimately, it boils down to the fact that we have an urge to eat that evolved over a hundred thousand years but a means to food production that has only existed for a few decades–and is only now being introduced in some parts of the world. From the existence of poor fat people alone, we must be living in a worker’s paradise. Eat your heart out (like the starving people of Venezuela), Karl Marx!

      2. “” Al Sharpton was complaining about the tobacco industry using menthol to target the African-American community for cigarette sales,””

        I’ve always thought this line of thinking is stupid. It’s a cigarette preferred by, which doesn’t mean they are being targeted.

    3. They didn’t smoke, drink, or eat meat, and they didn’t run five miles every other day like I do either.

      Grandpa drank, smoked, and ate meat every day so… same here?

      1. I’m sure there are people like that, who break all the rules and defy the odds anyway.

        Outliers are outliers because they’re unlikely to be you.

        Andy Kaufman was a vegetarian non-smoker, who died of lung cancer, too.

        Anybody who thinks that a great reason to keep smoking should study statistics.

        1. A vegan soyboy advocating the study of statistics while he frets that a bike seat is going to give him impotence.

          Stupid and arrogant is such a fucking cool combination.

          1. Actually, I’m allergic to soy.

    4. Right because disease isn’t natural and almost completely genetically predisposed, and anyone can beat their biological lot in life by simply following your morally righteous example and becoming an anemic faggot.

      1. Because not everyone can beat type 2 diabetes with diet and exercise doesn’t mean 99% of them can’t–or that it’s beyond their control or that the government should give these people all the food they can eat for free forever.

        Oh, and questioning whether I should be forced to pay up so that morbidly obese people can eat themselves to death really does make me morally righteous. Forcing me to pay for morbidly obese people to eat themselves to death in the name of charity, on the other hand, is morally unrighteous.

  20. And now for some good news: give thanks Americans, you’re finally back to work:

    Trump has achieved in three years what his sorry-ass predecessor could t in eight: we have finally made a full economic recovery. It’s amazing what good pro-American business-friendly policies can achieve.

    1. OMG, that is so xenophobic.

    2. “Trump has achieved in three years what his sorry-ass predecessor could t in eight: we have finally made a full economic recovery.”

      That’s not what Palin’s Buttplug tells me. He says Obama personally created the strongest 8-year run in US economic history, which Drumpf promptly ruined.


    3. #KeepingAmericaGreat

  21. “By 2014, midlife mortality was increasing across all racial groups, caused by drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, suicides, and a diverse list of organ system diseases.”

    Uh, so what? These are all self-induced maladies. People are entitled to make decisions, including rational choices to have more fun now at the cost of longevity.

    1. Because it’s still a tragedy when someone takes his/her own life?

      1. Someone has a high opinion of himself.

        (and no, it isn’t)

        1. Have we identified this troll as Shrike, Stack, or Tulpa yet?

          1. You’re a fucking idiot Ken.

            1. Ken asking that question is irrefutable proof that he doesn’t read the comments other than to his posts. If you look at his responses, it becomes clear he doesn’t even read most of the responses to his posts either.

              1. I think Ken just avoids responding to people that he identifies as toxic, rigid, disruptive and useless to the overall conversation. Why bother if someone is just going to be a jackass by acting in bad faith the entire time?

                Plenty of people on this board (and the internet at large) are just here to try to make people angry. I like to reach out occasionally, since I can understand some of the things that can drive someone to be toxic. We all get angry sometimes when it comes to subjects we’re passionate about.

                1. I manage to piss off a lot of people online without intending to.

                  1. That means the problem is probably in their heads.

                  2. There’s a difference between pissing people off unintentionally just by expressing your views, and intentionally making arguments in bad faith just to rile people up. I’ve seen the incel guy above do this. Some people like that Reverend Kirkland guy are just plain rude and bigoted (as measured by the actual meaning of the term).

                    When it comes to people like the Rev – as soon as I see his name, I just scroll past his comment and every reply to it without reading anything he says. What’s the point of reading them? I already know what they say and I’m not willing to subject myself to the hatred.

              2. Because I generally ignore you, whomever you are, doesn’t mean I ignore everybody. It might just mean you’re a troll.

              3. I’ve never seen anyone with such a colossal sense of self-importance and such a refined taste for the smell of his own farts who nevertheless had absolutely nothing original or interesting to say on any topic.

                1. Are you the same troll as “set phasers to incel”?

                2. So you haven’t seen Hihn’s posts?

        2. Stop saying stupid shit that makes everyone agree with Jeff.

          1. 86 year old riddled with cancer who led a full life, and is ready to die, but can’t legally kill himself.

            Then he goes to Holland and can.

            You’re a fucking retard if you think thats a tragedy.

          2. “Al-Baghdadi detonated suicide vest, official says”




            Shoul I continue or do you feel suitably chastised you fat fucking clown?

            1. Sure. But not everyone is an evil killer. When they are not, suicide is a tragedy.

              1. Well JEFF SAID

                “Because it’s still a tragedy when someone takes his/her own life?”

                And I said

                “(and no, it isn’t)”

                So thank you for admitting I was correct and you’re a idiot. I’ll accept your apology in advance.

                Now go jogging you fat bloated fuck.

                1. Having just owned John, I’m taking the rest of the day off.

                  Do your family a favor John and instead of using your precious time is a pointless face saving post flurry be auzw I embarrassed you, do some god damned sit ups you fat fuck.

                  1. Wow you are bonkers

                    1. And you’re a sockpuppet. Blah blah.

                    2. Lol I’m actually not, it’s funny to know you just randomly guess. Please stop ruining the comments, you’re worse than Hihn at this point.

                    3. Sure Chipper, I mean socko.

                    4. Wow you are bonkers

                      Out of his mind. Some of us have work and personal lives that take up a good chunk of our time, causing us to miss articles, miss entire days/weeks worth of content here. I can’t say whether or not this user is here every day, but, when I do have time to post here, he’s always here posting this same kind of stuff.

                  2. happy thanksgiving?

          3. “Jack Unterweger hanged himself in his cell with the string from his prison uniform”

            Not a tragedy fat boy.

          4. “Mario Alberto Sulu Canche was found dead on the morning of August 30, 2008. He had hanged himself in his prison cell.”

            Not a tragedy.

          5. “Karl Denke hangex himself after he was arrested for selling human remains in his butcher shop”




            Shall I continie making you look stupid, fatty?

            1. hangex

              A transgender hanging genitals joke? Xir was well hangex?

              1. Terrible.

          6. “Javed Iqbal was given 100 death sentences and sentenced to be executed in the same way he killed his victims. He was to be strangled to death with the chain he used on the boys. His body would then be cut into 100 pieces, which would be thrown into acid. Before the execution could take place, however, Iqbal committed suicide in his jail cell”

            Eat that instead of you normal fatty diet, plumpo.




      2. Compared to what? Is suicide worse than living with unavoidable extreme pain? Worse than being forced to do commit horrible acts? Can you weigh different levels of tragedy? Do you mourn Hitler’s suicide? Would you have mourned for him if he did it 20 years sooner?

        And how far would you go to prevent suicide? Permanent physical or pharmacological restraint?

      3. Not usually. It would be a cause for celebration if you offed yourself, for example.

    2. Organ system diseases are self-induced?

      1. “Type 2 diabetes (formerly called non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset) results from the body’s ineffective use of insulin. Type 2 diabetes comprises 90% of people with diabetes around the world (5), and is largely the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity.”

      2. “The major long-term complications relate to damage to blood vessels. Diabetes doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease[31] and about 75% of deaths in people with diabetes are due to coronary artery disease.[32] Other macrovascular diseases include stroke, and peripheral artery disease.”

        This is the definition of morbid obesity, the diagnosis that I linked above. Yes, it means that you have become so obese, you have a disease that will eventually kill you.

        People who have tested as insulin resistant, because they’re at that stage, can avoid and even reverse the effects through diet and exercise. For those who have a genetic predisposition that makes it harder for them to lose weight with the same amount of diet and exercise as the average person, it is still under their control.

        What you eat and whether you exercise is under your control.

  22. Huh. So it turns out DOJ wasn’t entirely honest about that Census citizenship question after all.

    1. And the judges weren’t honest about the law preventing it.

    2. They told them to make sure the justification was written in a legal way. That is done every day in government and business. Why do you think they have lawyers draft it?


    Obama says he will intervene to keep Bernie from getting the nomination. The tears of disappointment from all those Bernie bros who started out believing in Hope and Change might flood the country.

    1. God I want that sooooo bad I know some Bernie supporters and they would lose their shit if this happened.

    2. So you can expect his “intervention” to be mostly behind the scenes.

      There is no such thing as “deep state” and you’re a retard for even thinking that such a thing could exist John.

    3. It’s weird how nobody ever talks about how unseemly it is for this asshole to buy an eight million bunker at 2446 Belmont Road in Kalorama so that he could devote himself full time to trying to engineer a coup against his successor.

      He’s the first one since Woodrow Wilson to refuse to leave Washington after his presidency was over.

    4. “Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality and the fact that voters, including the Democratic voters and certainly persuadable independents or even moderate Republicans, are not driven by the same views that are reflected on certain, you know, left-leaning Twitter feeds,” Obama said.

      There are plenty of things I disagree with Obama on, but I never thought he was a crazy or irrational man. I’m glad to see that he acknowledges what most of the country already knows – twitter is an unrepresentative sample of the nation and the Democrats are basing everything they say on the very vocal ultra-leftwing twitter mob. There are so many Democrats that are not on twitter, don’t believe in going so far left and think that promising the moon is both unrealistic and doomed to fail.

      On a side note – in the previous debate, I watched Warren “jump the shark” in real time. She said something along the lines of taxing the wealthiest among us by 2% will send every American to college, repair our infrastructure, provide healthcare to every middle class family, provide child care services to every kid in America, and on and on and on and on. As the list grew and grew, I couldn’t help but think “some democrats have to be scratching their heads thinking ‘really? this seems pretty unrealistic.'” With every new thing she listed I though “she’s got to stop at some point, right?” but she just kept. on. going. I don’t think it sounded as good as she thinks it sounded. It sounded like a salesman overselling their product.

      We’ve seen a few polls showing the decline in Warren’s popularity since the most recent debate and I think it has to do with people starting to question what she’s promising, since what she promises is growing larger every day. The promises become more utopian as times goes on. People are kind of stupid, but they’re not THAT stupid.

      1. Obama was a bad President, but he isn’t crazy and he is not stupid. That puts him out of step with most of the media and most of the people who seem to run the Democratic party at the national level.

      2. The fact of Obama’s race led a lot of people on the left look past some of the things he did.

        He campaigned on the slogan, “Marriage is between a man and a woman”.

        Obama raided state legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California hundreds of times.

        And that’s just for starters.

        Duverger’s Law makes people line up behind candidates they wouldn’t line up behind otherwise. The fact is that the alternative to Barack Obama was John McCain or Mitt Romney. All he had to do is be to the left of them in order to get 99% of the vote on the left.

        P.S. If Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren wins the Democratic nomination, Trump won’t need to be to the right of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush in order to take 99% of the vote on the right. He’ll just need to be to the right of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

        1. The 3rd option people have is to stay at home. Baring an unknown 3rd entrant into the race, regardless of who gets the nomination, the Dems might have a real issue with turnout. Some turnout will be driven by pure opposition to Trump, but I don’t think it’ll be anywhere close to the motivating factor of voting for the first black President in the history of the United States.

          I think a significant amount of people that identify as Democrat, but don’t like the idea of “lets have the government pay for literally everything” (or think its desirable but unrealistic) will not, under any circumstances, vote for Trump. But, some will certainly not bother to vote.

          I’m honestly just basing all this on what I see, my anecdotal experiences and what goes on my head. But I get the impression that the Dems are seriously fucking this up even in the eyes of large swaths of their own constituency. Campaigning on an explicit message that translates to “I’m here to take your healthcare away” cannot be a winner. There’s simply no way. Too many Democrats like their health insurance. Too many Democrats have kids on their current health insurance plans.

          1. “3rd entrant” shouldn’t include the “3rd”

            We need an edit function.

            1. The Dems so far

              Biden-too old and senile
              Sanders-too old and lefty
              Warren-too old, bitchy, and lefty
              Buttigieg-too gay (Won’t bring out black and Latino voters)
              Bloomberg- too old, short, and a Jew (also won’t get black and Latino voters)
              Yang-a possibility but there are lots of voters who don’t trust Asians

              The rest of the bunch-forget it!

          2. “I get the impression that the Dems are seriously fucking this up even in the eyes of large swaths of their own constituency.”

            They’ll walk it all back as soon as there’s a clear winner for the nomination. The reason Obama made Hillary his Secretary of State was because of horsetrading for that very reason. The sooner he could get her to drop out of the race, the sooner he could stop saying crazy shit that made him look like a nut to average voters (just to appeal to the Democrat base) and the sooner he could start saying shit like “Marriage is between a man and a woman”. As soon as she dropped out and there was no more threat to his left, he turned as far right as he could realistically sell himself.

            That will happen again, if it can. The problem is that there are too many lefty democrats with deep roots in the ground. Bernie Bros won’t hop onto the Warren express until Bernie’s candidacy is dead in the water. He’s got a Ron Paul type cult following. Warren may not be able to cut to the right until it’s too late, and Biden is already on her right, soaking up those votes. She’s fighting a zero sum battle on two fronts. She can’t gain support for moving to the right and stealing support from Biden without losing support to Sanders, and she can’t move left to try to take Sanders supporters without losing ground to Biden.

            As caucuses are held, and more delegates gathered, more and more of the other candidates will drop out. By the time Sanders drops out, it may be too late.

            “Campaigning on an explicit message that translates to “I’m here to take your healthcare away” cannot be a winner.”

            And yet in Democrat strongholds, like California and New York, the more you make that pitch, the more likely you are to win that state’s delegates to the convention. It’s going to hurt them in open primary states, but in states where only Democrats can vote in the primary, they want to see that you’re more radical than the other guy. In the general election, I’m gonna take your healthcare away is definitely a loser.

            1. “Bitter clingers”, Rev. Wright, and “my white granny was a horrible racist” all came long after Hillary had dropped out, you historically illiterate bloviating fucking moron.

              1. Because Obama moved toward the right after Hillary left the primaries doesn’t mean he couldn’t be against racism.

                This seems to be indicative of black and white thinking on your part–and I mean the mental disorder you’re exhibiting, here, rather than anything about Obama, racism, and politics.


                Oh, and because he used lines against Romney in 2012 doesn’t mean he didn’t move to the center after Hillary withdrew from the 2008 primaries either.

  24. Hmm, life expectancy may be down, but entitlement expectancy seems to be on the rise.

    1. I think those two things are related!


      Why shouldn’t a company be allowed to ban somebody for stating uncomfortable truths, amirite?

      Don’t worry, though…i bet “hate speech” laws on a national level wouldn’t be so broadly defined.

    2. Considering how many people in Big Tech are troons, it’s not a surprise that someone at Twitter got ass-blasted about it.

    3. Twitter suspends Andy Negro

      Autospell error or racist Twitter?

    4. And Twitter touts itself as a place for journalists to discuss the issues of the day. Which leads to some expectation that it does not suppress truths certain interest groups find inconvenient to their messaging.

  25. So, Buttigieg’s campaign returned donations from Kavanaugh’s lawyers because they dared to represent him at hisi mpeachment.

    As the joke goes, lawyers who represented murderers and ACTUAL rapists, though, will be peachy.

    1. Or terrorists.

    2. Not saying that what Buttigieg did was moral or right, but politically I get why he did it.

      On a side note – everyone deserves access to defense counsel including murderers, rapists, terrorists, etc.

      1. No argument. But condemning the counsel for a guy who was wrongly accused in laughable ways is not going to lead to that.

    3. Hillary represented a child rapist and she was the holy anointed one.

  26. They find that U.S. life expectancy peaked in 2014, at 78.9 years old, and has been declining since.

    For 2017, life expectancy was down to 78.6 years.

    That’s a change of about 0.12% per year. What’s the margin of error on this study?


      1. Oh, so now you’re calling me a mortality denier?

        1. Yeah, If anyone has died I want them to step in front of me and prove it.

  27. Surprised Trump didn’t blame Mexicans for bringing in the flavored vapes

  28. Comcast, largest cable company and biggest consumer ISP in the U.S., +owner of NBCUniversal, is announcing more rate hikes for broadcast television.

    “With this new price hike, you will see the price on Broadcast TV go up from $10 a month to $14.95 a month.”

    It seems absurd that the a traditional cable company would increase their prices, even as streaming services are growing like mad because they’re charging less than cable companies for the same content. Comcast is blaming the increases on sports (like Fox Sports, etc.) and the fees local broadcasters charge them to carry local stations.

    Just for the record, I pay $25 a month for Sling’s most basic package, and with that I get Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBC Sports Network, NBC Sports Bay Area, and NBC Sports California. Meanwhile, I have an antenna attached to a Tablo that’s connected to Roku through my wireless network, and that gives me every local broadcast station (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, PBS, etc.) for a monthly rate of zero dollars.

    It’s isn’t just that I’m paying half as much as Comcast subscribers for the same content. It’s also that you can’t opt out of local stations on Comcast and just get them through an antenna–because the government says so. They charge you $14.95 a month for local broadcast stations because cable companies aren’t allowed to not carry local stations. This was done by Congress in order to protect consumers from the monopoly power of cable!

    You don’t need the government to protect you from the cable monopoly, not when you can protect yourself. On Black Friday, do yourself a favor, pick yourself up a Roku player on sale, hook it up, check out the alternatives for cable, and see what you’re missing. If you’re in a city covered by Locast, you may not even need a antenna to stream local stations to your TV for free.

    1. As someone that literally works in telecom finance – these guys are also still paying the debt service on their headend facilities. Virtually every financial statement I see for CableTV runs in the red. Programming fees have been going up by significant amounts every year for the past 6 years, which is a contributing factor to rising consumer prices. Streaming is eating cable TV’s lunch – but debt service doesn’t go away and headends aren’t cheap. Raising prices is just a way to squeeze a few more years of viability out of the model before these loans go bad.

      CableTV is officially in a death spiral.

      1. “Raising prices is just a way to squeeze a few more years of viability out of the model before these loans go bad.”

        That’s gotta be a big part of it–make hay while the sun shines. If you can’t stop the bleeding, gouge the fools who stay behind or are slow to jump while you can.

        The other thing I’m thinking is that they must be worried about profits and dividends from a stock price perspective. Investors will feel a whole lot better about subscriber losses–so long as they don’t think their dividends are in danger. And it’s a good thing they diversified their business into more than just being a cable company.

        P.S. AT&T Now is the only streaming service that’s bleeding subscribers–but that’s what they want to do. Sony is shutting Vue down completely because they can’t compete. At some point, AT&T becomes a buy. They want to compete against Netflix and Disney+ with HBO Now, and after all the bloodletting, that’s a reasonably good business. The transition was screwed up by how long it took to get the merger approved by regulators, but now that that’s done, they’re executing like mad.

        Investors who bought the stock because they believed in the future of DirectTV Now were nuts to begin with. If I see AT&T dip big because of subscriber losses and problems with the 5G roll out, I’m going to see it as a buying opportunity.

        Somebody tell me why I’m wrong, please!

        1. Somebody tell me why I’m wrong, please!

          You’re utterly ignorant as to how streaming content is delivered, for one.

          1. Why it’s wrong to buy that stock on a big dip, you numskull.

        2. Streaming probably would have strangled cable eventually, but they didn’t help themselves by not going to an a la carte model once it became clear that streaming services were gaining customers. They probably could have at least retained some customer brand loyalty that way, because, realistically, most people only regularly watch 10-15 channels out of a 200-channel package to begin with anyway. And with municipal broadband starting to gain support, they’re going against a provider that can instantly blow up their franchise monopoly on internet service, using taxpayer dollars to do so.

          I won’t be surprised if these companies all end up getting bought up by Big Media at some point, because the infrastructure they’ve put in place will be an awfully tempting asset. Disney in particular has to be licking their chops at the prospect of gaining control of all that hardware; at some point, they’re going to piss off the wrong politician and find themselves looking at a no-shit antitrust lawsuit.

  29. “A federal judge just blocked (for now) the Trump administration’s attempt to require proof of health insurance before receiving a visa.”

    Not to worry. If Sen. Warren gets elected, you’ll get a free health insurance policy with your visa, green card, or as you climb out of the Rio Grande after crossing from Mexico.

    1. “Not to worry. If Sen. Warren gets elected, you’ll get a free health insurance policy with your visa, green card, or as you climb out of the Rio Grande after crossing from Mexico.”

      Someone should be asking her those questions, too.

      When you say, “Medicare for all”, who exactly do you mean by “all”?

  30. Your business model is proving unpopular with consumers so you continue to raise prices? Someone in there is being delusional about the viability of this system.

    1. There’s so much rent seeking to be wrung out of that industry, it’s ridiculous.

      The pricing power of Comcast’s cable internet business will presumably be under pressure going forward, too, with 5G rolling out and SpaceX dumping satellites into the atmosphere by the butt-load.

      Reorganization is expensive. It’s like they know they’re a buggy whip manufacturer, and they’re gonna gouge the last customer for every penny they can before they reorganize themselves as a . . . whatever they’re gonna be.

      NCR was a really big deal for a really long time. They were National Cash Register in the 1800s, and I think they’re still one of the biggest manufacturers of ATM machines. Back in the 1970s, they were still on the cutting edge of technology. Making and servicing cash registers. And then they added the electronics and hooked them up to computers. That must have been a hell of a business!

      Dust in the wind.

      1. The pricing power of Comcast’s cable internet business will presumably be under pressure going forward, too, with 5G rolling out and SpaceX dumping satellites into the atmosphere by the butt-load.

        I’m curious as to why you think that satellite will be able to compete effectively with fiber to the home connections. Especially with 4K video becoming the new standard. Most FTTH network projects I’ve worked on require us to keep pumping funds into the project ever 3-5 years just to replace the electronics on the back-end due to data demands (this is also one of the reasons net neutrality is such a contentious topic). I’m not convinced that satellite bandwidth is progressing fast enough to keep up with data demands. When we look at rural areas, most have some access to satellite, but every single person that I’ve talked to in the industry says their customers report the service as unreliable and expensive. FTTP tech is very expensive but extremely reliable. The reverse auctions the FCC is holding for federal subsidies to build this stuff out are mostly going to fiber build outs, not satellite. The federal government actually assigns negative scores for even framing bids around satellite technology. Even fixed wireless has massive problems penetrating foliage, reaching into valleys, etc. 5G is a total joke when it comes to coverage – the high frequency spectrum bands deployed with 5G simply do not penetrate trees, walls, leaves, dirt, etc. Low latency is a factor too – live streaming, video games, medical applications, etc. – people want low latency that you just can’t get with satellite.

        Comcast doesn’t have to continue using its old twisted pair copper to serve its cable internet subscribers. The nodes are usually already served with fiber. The question is whether they see the threat from 5G (not satellite) in cities and the suburbs as significant enough competition that they feel the need to replace the copper with fiber drops, which is feasible.

        1. I don’t claim to be an expert on this stuff, but this report says that, “Netflix recommends a 25 Mbps speed for streaming 4K, while Amazon says you’ll need at least 15 Mbps for the highest-quality video.”

          If you want two 4k streams in a house at a time, you’re talking 50 Mbps?

          1. “Starlink satellites will orbit Earth 311 to 746 miles above the planet, up to 65 times closer than the aforementioned geosynchronous satellites. This would lead not only to decreased latency (estimated at 25 to 35 milliseconds), but also to speeds of up to 10 billions of bits per second (Gbps), 10 times as fast as that of a fiber-optic internet connection.


            By those numbers, they could fall well short of advertising and still have more than enough to stream video.

            I should say that even if they were an imperfect or expensive substitute for standard broadband, they don’t need to be a perfect substitute in order to put downward pressure on the earnings of cable internet providers. For plenty of people, the cable company is their only option for broadband. As more options become available, the cable company will need to figure the competition into their pricing. And the satellite competition isn’t only coming from SpaceX. It’s also coming from Amazon’s Kuiper Systems and from One Web (which is also rolling out in 2020).

            Then there’s the 5G guys coming in.

            Different people might pick different options for different applications, but when you have three options to choose from, price is likely to be a big one–and most cable companies in most markets haven’t had to deal with too much of that. I have a friend that can only get cable broadband. It’s the only option. That’s about to change.

        2. “The nodes are usually already served with fiber. The question is whether they see the threat from 5G (not satellite) in cities and the suburbs as significant enough competition that they feel the need to replace the copper with fiber drops, which is feasible.”

          You can look at it from the other direction.

          Will they invest in the fiber if they know competition is coming and is likely to put downward pressure on their pricing?

  31. Hunter Biden is being accused of smoking crack in a DC strip club he apparently frequents late last year.

    Hey, if her teenage kids showed Sarah Palin to be a poor parent…what does Biden’s crackhead of a son say about him?

    1. Sorry, should say CREDIBLY accused.

      I mean, the evidence the club provided is more compelling than Ford’s testimony…

    2. “”smoking crack in a DC strip club “”

      So he’s going to run for Mayor in DC?

    3. Joe Biden has two sons: one who struggles with crack addiction, loses paternity cases, and left the Navy Reserve in disgrace. And he had a son who kept his nose clean and was Attorney General of Delaware. And guess which one died young of a brain tumor.

    4. Some support for the theory that Hunter Biden was given the job for his name without Joe soliciting it:

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