Syracuse Students Demand Punishment for Everyone Involved in Racist Speech, Including Bystanders

After a series of alleged hate crimes, activists say they don't feel safe on campus.


Over the course of the last month, a series of alleged hate crimes have rocked Syracuse University in New York. In response, student activists are demanding the resignation of the chancellor, Kent Syverud. They also want mandatory diversity training, more counseling services, and punitive action against everyone involved in racist speech—including "bystanders" who merely witnessed the events and said nothing.

"The safety of students on this campus—specifically the safety of underrepresented and underserved students—is paramount," wrote the leaders of #NotAgainSU, the student activist group.

The incidents began on November 7, when racist graffiti targeting Asian students was found on a campus building. This was soon followed by vandalism evincing animus against black students, Jewish students, and Native American students, according to Inside Higher Ed.

In only one case—fraternity members yelling a racial slur—were the perpetrators caught in the act. So students and administrators have no idea who is responsible for the graffiti. At least one incident was just a rumor (and perhaps an outright hoax): Last week, the campus went into lockdown mode when it was reported that someone was using AirDrop to send the Christchurch shooter's manifesto to student's iPhones. It turned out that no one had actually received the manifesto.

Students are understandably on edge, but some people seem to be blowing the danger out of proportion. Inside Higher Ed described the mood as one that "seemed to students like escalating threats and potential for violence":

Les Rose, a broadcast journalism professor, said he and other Newhouse professors volunteered to take shifts being in the lobby of the Newhouse building to reassure concerned students of their safety.

"It hurt my heart," Rose said. "I woke up at 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday night because I couldn't sleep—I was worried about what another racist idiot would do—and there's an email from a very concerned student of mine who didn't want to come to class. She was truly unnerved."

Students of color who participated in the protests say their mental health has deteriorated from mounting fear of being targeted on campus.

"Woke up feeling sad. Like many others over two weeks, I experienced a lot of pain," an Asian student who participated in the sit-in wrote on Twitter. "It's been a difficult experience, and one that constantly reminds in my head. I don't know how to explain it but it hurts. I hope those who cause this pain will be held accountable."

Gabby de Oliveira, a first-year student from Los Angeles who lives in Flint Hall, where a student wrote a hateful message directed at Native Americans, said she doesn't feel "completely safe." While many students have left campus early for the Thanksgiving break—the university is excusing their absences—de Oliviera cannot reschedule her flight.

Yet there is no evidence that anyone on campus is in danger. None of the incidents have involved violence. They could even be the handiwork of an aggrieved employee, or someone else with an ideologically unconnected agenda, rather than a secret racist intent on harming Syracuse's minority community.

But even if Syracuse's situation is as bad as it seems, the activists' demands are seriously flawed. Punishing anyone who so much as listens to racist speech without saying anything would be draconian, and it risks compromising the students' rights outlined by the school's code of conduct. (Meanwhile, activists have demanded that their own violations of that code—i.e., their occupations of campus buildings—go unpunished.)

#NotAgainSU also wants tons more money spent on diversity and anti-racism initiatives, including mandatory training for faculty and staff. And they have asked the chancellor to resign for refusing to meet all their demands. He had agreed with a mere "98 percent" of them, and as Syracuse.com reported, this wasn't good enough:

"The answer is I cannot right now in this room promise that every single word be on the response," he said. "I can listen to the concerns."

That response prompted hundreds of students, mostly dressed in black, to walk out of the event, chanting again, "sign or resign." The students moved their protest to outside the chancellor's residence nearby campus.

As they marched off campus and arrived at the chancellor's house, they continued to chant "sign or resign!" and to call for administrators' resignations.

For more about campus hate incidents and the responses by student activists, check out my book Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump.

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  1. … And the Donks want us to pay for this shit?

    1. They want to let these people become your leaders of tomorrow.

      1. Why doesn’t everyone else kick the sit out of these ‘activists’? A savage beat down would be a wonderful education for them.

        1. You know who else kicked the shit out of activists?

          1. Everyone who hates dirty hippies?

  2. Students sre understandably on edge,

    typo aside…”understandably?” It’s understandable that people are freaked out by rumors that someone was circulating words that someone else said when in fact that didn’t even happen?

    Christ, how fragile are these creatures?

    1. Zero violence on campus so far. And a fucking professor can’t sleep at night for fear that, tomorrow, someone might say something insensitive!

      By the way, these students who want more money spent on diversity training and whatever: are they offering to pay for it? That’d be a novel approach. “Here’s a donation, and here’s what we want you to use it for.” But it sounds like they want more stuff without any increase in tuition or fees.

      1. Bake sales are racist, so they gave to go for handouts.

      2. Democrats have created a whole industry of public victims. These kids hope to join those groups. They want feds to pay for their future work as professional victims. We spent tens of millions in directed settlements to these liberal victims groups under obama from directing lawsuit settlements to redirect money meant for the feds to these groups.

        1. That’s the idea. If the dems can convince enough people that they are victims, they will be in power. That’s the disgusting simplicity of grievance mining. Happy people need not apply.

      3. Of course the Prof is up at night he has to find some way to make this about him.

  3. I checked the “98%” link and found this:

    “[The Chancellor] later clarified that he agreed with 98% of the demands, and would be open to signing as a symbol of his support.

    “”I’m sorry I misunderstood why the signature was so important,” Syverud said. “I will do that.””

    1. It would have been better if he told them to fuck off, laughed at them, and said he would stay for an extra five years just to spite them.

  4. “No.”

    1. “I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request.”

  5. how ’bout just go home, losers.

  6. Come to think of it, the Chancellor’s prompt capitulation looks more like [TRIGGER WARNING] seduction than rape.

    “Spend more money of campus bureaucracy? No, don’t throw me in the briar patch!”

  7. “You will give me an A in all of my classes or you will resign. Failure to comply means you’re part of the problem.”

  8. It will never cease to amaze me how many really fucking stupid people we have going to college…And this is even BEFORE we institute “College For All”. What I really don’t understand is why the administration is apparently so threatened by these few ignoramuses. “Feel threatened? Feel unsafe? Then leave. Find another university. Open up your spot here for someone who actually wants to learn.”

    1. I had a younger friend who argued that the under 25s are the most educated group ever. They are the most “degreed” per capita, but also some of the dumbest.

      1. Probably has a lot to do with their age. I’m sure at least some of them will grow up at some point.
        But, yeah, bachelor degrees don’t necessarily mean that much these days.

        1. Grade inflation killed it.

  9. To quote the great philosopher Eric draven
    “victims, aren’t we all”


    OH and something something clingers something woke, I have to keep up appearences

    1. Is this the lazy millenial version of the kuckland parody?

      1. 10% less bitter

  10. Last week, the campus went into lockdown mode when it was reported that someone was using AirDrop to send the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto to student’s iPhones. It turned out that no one had actually received the manifesto.

    This is what makes the feel unsafe? I spent a week in Syracuse one night. The chancellor should take the entire whiny group on walk around downtown at midnight to teach them the real meaning of “unsafe”.

    1. Spent a week in one night? What are you, Griffin Dunne?

      1. Guess it felt like a week.

    2. My husband was at Berkeley when they were going through the race riots…..these KIDS have no idea what they are talking about. They need to understand the difference between ‘hurt feelings’ and something to be AFRAID of!

      1. Best to give them something to fear. Like savage beatings.

  11. The grownups who are going along with this nonsense are not doing the children (and yes, developmentally we’re talking about children here) any favors by encouraging their fearful imaginings. They should be teaching these kids how to live in a world that is sometimes hostile.

  12. Why do they care so much about the students feelings?
    Eddy and Billy Bones are right.
    Get an education or get out.
    And the Administration wants more administrators.
    None of whom advance the cause of educating students

  13. So… Students feel unsafe from some vague language or rumors of language that might be offensive, and proceed to harass adminstration where they live. Cognitive dissonance at its best.

    I’m gonna use an extra styrofoam cup today to speed up global warming for you freaks.

  14. The incidents began on November 7, when racist graffiti targeting Asian students was found on a campus building. This was soon followed by vandalism evincing animus against black students, Jewish students, and Native American students, according to Inside Higher Ed.

    I hope they catch the left-wing SJW that is probably responsible for this.

    1. If they want to catch the first perp, I would suggest checking the Asian Student’s Union (or whatever it’s called). For the second perp, I suggest the Black Student’s Union (can’t get left out). And so on and so forth.

  15. I cannot imagine any other place on the globe where people are suffering like these students and their professors. I pray they continue the strength to bear it.

    1. *cues up “We Are The World” for Fist*

    2. If they are having trouble bearing it, I can arrange to have a half dozen grizzly bears released on the campus.

      1. And a score of fat, surly porcupines

  16. Students of color who participated in the protests say their mental health has deteriorated from mounting fear of being targeted on campus.

    At some point left institutions are going to start claiming the current hysteria is racist but naturally they will blame everyone but themselves.

    We see this now with the left’s claim disproportionate crack sentencing laws are racist and blaming law & order advocates and America generally when it was left wing advocates including black community leaders who insisted on those sentences in the first place. Back then not having stronger sentencing laws was supporting the destruction of black communities. Today having stronger sentencing laws is supporting the destruction of black communities. Eventually you realize the left’s framing is always the same regardless of the circumstances, including when the circumstances are exactly opposite.

    1. None of the shit they want turns out the way they expected it to. And yet they never learn.

    2. For all their EDUCATION they do not know what REAL RACIST problems are and how bad they can become and that they ARE SOMETHING to be frightened of. THIS? This is grade-school stuff.
      Berkeley, ’60’s & 70’s

  17. It’s trolling. Someone tell these students that you don’t feed the trolls.

    1. Can we feed them to the trolls?

  18. All of this crap is either a false flag hoax or some asshole who thinks it’s funny to rile people up like this. In either case, the reaction is just giving the perpetrators exactly what they want. How do people not figure this out?

    1. How do people not figure this out?

      They know it. For the most part administrators want the same things the activists are demanding, in fact they probably wrote the original lists (which are just recycled among faux outrages at this point). It’s a mistake to believe these groups are opposed with one forcing the other. These groups are allies with each playing the role suited to their institutional positions.

  19. (Meanwhile, activists have demanded that their own violations of that code—i.e., their occupations of campus buildings—go unpunished.)

    When we’re serious about ending this nonsense including its migration off campus into the rest of society we’ll start expelling these kids. It will only take a handful of examples before the rest catch on. As for their juvenile theatrics ignore them. These numbuts can’t do anything unless you allow it.

    The problem is that campus administrations know their own employees support and usually instigate the nonsense. What we need are a handful of universities willing to fight that battle understanding most people will reject the resulting charges of racism. Whoever takes the lead on this is going to gain immensely.

    1. I keep wondering when a university president is finally going to just stare the crowd of protesters down and tell them to go **** themselves. You’re right that it will only take a couple of times, and I look forward to seeing it happen. Hopefully.

      1. It’ll be a long time, because when 100 students get expelled they’ll all sue claiming (probably rightfully) that the Universities Agent Professor Whoever was directing their actions, so the school can’t expel them for doing what the school condoned.

      2. 1968.

        San Francisco State University.

        S.I. Hayakawa yanked the wires out of a loudspeaker on a protester’s truck. Eventually, he and the radicals were able to hammer out a compromise. I remember one of the radicals saying that they got a lot farther by talking than by yelling.

  20. Yet another university I will never hire graduates from.

    Frankly, having a degree from a destination university these days is a signal that you’re unemployable. If you don’t go to the local state school, you’re not employable.

    1. Pretty sure the STEM students aren’t involved in this kind of shit.

      1. They’re not. A guy at my gym is a chemistry professor at one of the WA state universities. He says his departmmet is under pressure to dumb down their courses, even the undergrad chem class he teaches, which is a weeding out course for STEM students. They refuse to do it.

        He also told me that the gender studies prof make more money than profs in his department.

        1. one of the WA state universities.


  21. “College For All” was championed in 1966 as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society domestic agenda.. (i.e. Today known as FAFSA) – Federal Student Grants.

    The ripening results of yet another [D] agenda on full display.

    “Don’t worry about learning anything in college. The [WE] foundation will pay you to be there whether you make anything of it or not.”

  22. “My heart hurt”! “Students sre understandably on edge!”

    Hilarity ensues!

    Not enough popcorn in the world for this fuckfest.

  23. “hundreds of students, mostly dressed in black, to walk out of the event, chanting again, ‘sign or resign.'”

    Under the particularcircumstances, Tom Hagen and Luca Brasi could hardly have done it better.

  24. Gabby de Oliveira, a first-year student from Los Angeles who lives in Flint Hall, where a student wrote a hateful message directed at Native Americans, said she doesn’t feel “completely safe.”

    There is nowhere on earth that anyone can feel completely safe.

  25. “The safety of students on this campus—specifically the safety of underrepresented and underserved students—is paramount,” wrote the leaders of #NotAgainSU, the student activist group.

    I will gladly donate to a GoFundMe for bubblewrap and packaging to FedEx your asses back home to Mommy.

  26. What’s the word I’m looking for?

    Oh, yeah. “Snowflakes”

    1. I prefer to think of them more as ‘worthless faggots’.

  27. As children and as teenagers, they have been repeatedly told by parents and other adults that their “safety” (mainly online) depends on letting their communications be monitored and filtered. Rather than pushing back against this idea, most have accepted and internalized it, and now wish to apply it to the rest of the world. Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it. If you want your kids to value free communication when they are adults, let them have it when they are growing up.

  28. I’m wondering about how much of this is the fruits of the school’s own indoctrination of students.

    I remember when Moscow spent millions to form, train and equip the various “factions” and “Red Armies” around the world . . .then discovered that they, too were targets.

    1. Didn’t the Red Army Faction turn out not to have been trained by Moscow, but by people in Western intelligence as a kind of “puppet enemy”, in connection with Operation Gladio? The story came out in the aftermath of the kidnapping and killing of Italian Prime Minister Moro, but was soon forgotten.

  29. Those who use words like violence to describe a verbal slight (one that only the most woke ear can discern) do a great disservice to the memory of those who did really suffer violence.
    There once was a time when it was genuinely unsafe to be black in america, or to be a white person participating in protest against racism. People died, were beaten, blasted with hoses, set upon by police dogs. But that was generations ago, the struggle was won, but those who insist on fighting on need something, anything to fight. So they concoct ever more trivial injuries. Come see the violence inherent in the system; Monte Python recognized that it would progress to the absurd, and it has.

    1. And that was almost 50 years ago.

    2. “There once was a time when it was genuinely unsafe to be black in america”

      There are places within a 15 minute drive of me where it is life-threatening to be white.

  30. I feel more in common with the protesters in Hong Kong that I do with these spoiled, American elitists. Educated yet ignorant, they are.

    The American left today despises freedom. As a 70s liberal, when the left desired freedom and protested that all be heard, I am appalled by today’s left. The reason they hate America is that they hate that freedom is really for all. And they call Trump the fascist. Ha! Egotistical windbag, yes. Fascist? Look in the mirror lefty.

  31. Children are our future and that future looks dim.

  32. I’m going to invest in the next growth industry adult special education. These children have to be developmentally retarded.

  33. I’ve seen enough hoaxes to last a lifetime. I think we all have. I can still remember the pandering dope in South Carolina taking down the flag. And it’s been one concession after another, with no end in sight. Suddenly, everywhere you look white racist are crawling out of the woodwork. As incident, after incident of black on white violence is largely ignored.

  34. Nice to see a little proof of some of the scientific research which has been coming out regarding the physical & emotional maturation of the brain. We look at those over the age of 18 years to be adults when research is showing the brain doesn’t become CAPABLE of ADULT REASONING until between the ages of 25 & 27 years! (Here is one of many articles documenting what I’m saying: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=141164708) Why do these EDUCATORS not see this CHILDISH BEHAVIOR for what it is and slam the door in their immature little faces?
    It is one thing to say you feel threatened and afraid, it is quite another to attempt to force ANYONE to take action to address your fears when there has been NO INDICATION THAT THEY ARE VALID OR EVEN REAL OR RATIONAL! There has not been so much as ONE INSTANCE of violence or a real documented threat of violence on this campus. Yet educators are worried about losing their jobs because ‘SNOWFLAKES’ melt if they break out in a sweat! These students appear to have very active imaginations and someone needs to tell to ZIP IT

  35. I’m not saying we need to start using firehoses on these people… But we should probably be using firehoses on these people.

    Unless sane people grow a spine and just start shaming/punishing lunatics like this, we’re done. Truth is our entire civilization needs to collapse and be reborn if we ever expect to return to sanity. Until we have utter collapse from the failure of extreme left wing thought, which will wake up all the a-political people who are the true enablers of this nonsense, you’ll never be able to shut these people up or put them back in line.

  36. At this point the only people who need to be punished are the ones who keep calling attention to it.

    Including Soave. It’s for his own good, really.

  37. It’s not going to stop until people stop sending their snowflakes to this indoctrination program masking as American “higher” education…

  38. What happened to minority kids being tough. I remember when calling a black guy a nigger or whatnot meant getting your ass kicked. I miss those days.

    1. Nowadays Black students have heart attacks if a professor utters the word “nigger” while reading from Huckleberry Finn.

  39. Syracuse students must be protected!

    And especially, they should be allowed to protect themselves!

    Therefore, New York should pass a law – like Texas has – that allows Syracuse students with concealed carry permits to carry their loaded firearms on the Syracuse campus.

    See? Wasn’t that easy?

  40. You know, Robby, people give you a lot of shit here in these comments. Some of it you truly deserve, and some not. A lot of it is based on opinion. But, I’ve finally found one I cannot ignore and is just inexcusable…to be sure.

    They demand “tons” more money be spent? Seriously? “Tons”? I hope your book isn’t as poorly written as this article. For a “professional” journalist to describe a large sum of money as “tons” in what is ostensibly a news article is wholly inexcusable. I’d expect better from a damned high school student.

  41. Okay the activists are going a bit far. You can not force anyone to undergo sensitivity training period. I hate to say it BUT RACISM IS HUMAN NATURE. It’s wrong and anyone who engages in it is a vile human being. But, Being racist is not illegal nor are racial epithets.

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