Brickbat: A Regular Florence Nightingale


Patricia A. Waible, a nurse at the Bedford, Mass., Veterans Affairs Medical Center, was supposed to conduct hourly bed checks on her patients. Instead, she was playing video games the night Bill Nutter, a Vietnam War vet, died. A judge has sentenced Waible to one-year probation after she pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents investigating the death, telling them she had conducted the required bed checks.

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  1. I’d let the one in the pink do a ‘bed check’ on me.

    1. Or both preferably.

      1. I’m busy picturing them betting on who wins the game. Loser does… hmmm.

        Or, maybe they get real competitive and the game turns into a pillow fight.

        Kinda funny for Reason to post a picture without an article, huh?

    2. That is a stock photo. Also, that stock photo in your wallet isn’t really your girlfriend either.

      1. “She’s one of the world’s top five wallet models! Thank you very much”

  2. Prosecutors said 52-year-old Patricia A. Waible, 52, of Nashua, New Hampshire…

    Apparently the Mass Live editor wasn’t doing his required copy checks.

    1. The editors can be found in the Department of Redundancy Department.

  3. Please tell me she was playing Call of Duty.

    1. For a deeper, more nuanced irony, I would also accept Battlefield V.

    2. Call of Duty?

      Are you kidding?

      She was playing some chick game on her phone or tablet. There was no controller.

      Probably Candy Crush.

  4. Wasn’t he dead either way?

  5. No problem; I know a prison in New York where she can get a job – – – –

    1. +1

  6. I just watched the Drunk History show on Florence Nightingale, and it was pretty funny.

    Fuck that VA nurse. What a disaster the VA is.

  7. Government run health care for everybody. Isn’t that the ticket?

    1. The Veterans Administration is the single strongest argument there is against nationalized health care.

      If that’s how the government treats it’s best, imagine how they will treat you and me. If Trump wasn’t the dude where the buck stops, he should bring up the VA every time single payer is discussed in the debates. But he is the dude where the buck stops, so that would just reflect back on him. Because the VA is part of the executive branch.

  8. The article says she was a nursing assistant, not a nurse.

  9. 1990 in the columbia missouri VA hospital I’m the medical student with the surgery team on evening rounds, and we find a patient deceased in bed. Poor SOB, but he died quietly with no overt distress, and the three other guys in the open ward had not noticed. Death certificate completed, sheet pulled up and we move on.
    Next morning a great commotion as the nursing team races into that room with the crash cart. Seems that the deceased patient had vital signs documented on his chart all night, and only at shift change did someone actually look closely enough to discern that he was dead.
    It was not the nurses who get in trouble for falsifying the medical record with fake vital signs over night, but the chief resident who didn’t file the paperwork correctly the night before.
    Nurses protect nurses. Administrators are nurses.

    1. Administrators are clipboard nurses who will skull fuck anybody and everybody who makes them look bad, including their own.

  10. Columbia VA a bad place to be that era.
    Pharmacist dispenses mivacurium instead of metronidazol; otherwise similar packaging in 50 ml viaflex bags, with red lettering on a clear background. Filed alphabetically in the pharmacy bins. Metronidazol would have fixed the gram negative urosepsis, but mivacurium paralyzed every muscle in his body causing death within minutes.
    Angel of mercy nurse who was an adrenaline junkie caused multiple deaths, possibly several dozen plus dozens more patients successfully resuscitated, at the VA then at his next job in a nursing home not far away. This case was written up in JAMA a few years later chronicalling the detective work that linked this guy’s presence on a given shift and ward to all these unexplained arrests that never seemed to occur on anyone else’s shifts.
    When there is a class reunion, the stories never stop

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