Campus Free Speech

The Daily Northwestern Apologizes to Students for Reporting News That Triggered Them

A newspaper staffed by the country's most famous journalism school says it shouldn't have covered a Jeff Sessions event.


The Daily Northwestern is the student newspaper of Northwestern University, which is home to the Medill School of Journalism, one of the best regarded journalism schools in the country. Many Medill students work at the paper, reporting on the news.

At least that's what they used to do. If a recent editorial co-signed by the paper's top editors is to be believed, The Daily Northwestern will no longer fully report on campus events if the reporting runs the risk of making marginalized students feel unsafe or upset.

This is no exaggeration: Read the editorial if you don't believe me.

The incident that generated this sniveling, embarrassing apology was a recent visit to campus by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions addressed the College Republicans while student activists protested the speech, objecting to the Trump administration's treatment of immigrants.

Some of the activists were apparently dissatisfied with the way The Daily Northwestern covered the event. This is not such a surprise: Activists are often dissatisfied when student papers maintain any objectivity whatsoever, as they believe that good journalism must itself be aligned with activist goals. At Harvard University, for example, student activists—as well as the student government—have demanded that the The Harvard Crimson stop quoting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in articles about pro-immigration rallies.

To its great shame, The Daily Northwestern has apparently decided to cave to completely unreasonable demands. From the editorial:

On Nov. 5, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke on campus at a Northwestern University College Republicans event. The Daily sent a reporter to cover that talk and another to cover the students protesting his invitation to campus, along with a photographer. We recognize that we contributed to the harm students experienced, and we wanted to apologize for and address the mistakes that we made that night—along with how we plan to move forward.

One area of our reporting that harmed many students was our photo coverage of the event. Some protesters found photos posted to reporters' Twitter accounts retraumatizing and invasive. Those photos have since been taken down. On one hand, as the paper of record for Northwestern, we want to ensure students, administrators and alumni understand the gravity of the events that took place Tuesday night. However, we decided to prioritize the trust and safety of students who were photographed. We feel that covering traumatic events requires a different response than many other stories. While our goal is to document history and spread information, nothing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe — and in situations like this, that they are benefitting from our coverage rather than being actively harmed by it. We failed to do that last week, and we could not be more sorry. …

Ultimately, The Daily failed to consider our impact in our reporting surrounding Jeff Sessions. We know we hurt students that night, especially those who identify with marginalized groups. …

Going forward, we are working on setting guidelines for source outreach, social media and covering marginalized groups. As students at Northwestern, we are also grappling with the impact of Tuesday's events, and as a student organization, we are figuring out how we can support each other and our communities through distressing experiences that arise on campus. We will also work to balance the need for information and the potential harm our news coverage may cause. We met as a staff Sunday to discuss where our reporting and empathy fell short last week, and we are actively re-examining how we'll address similar situations in the future and how to best move forward. …

The piece must be read in its entirety to be believed. It sounds like parody—something The Babylon Bee would make up for a fake article mocking progressive deference to the hypersensitive. (The Daily Northwestern's editor in chief did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

Absent from the piece is any attempt to explain how covering the event, and taking pictures of it, undermined the physical safety of students. Reading between the lines, I gather that consuming news or seeing pictures relating to the event was deemed psychologically scarring by some activists in the marginalized community, and this is the harm the paper's editors wish to avoid in the future. If so, reporters would be unable to cover any event that involves even the slightest public controversy.

Is this what students at the country's most prestigious journalism school are learning these days? That self-censorship is the paper's best practice if someone is offended by what's happening in the world?

The Washington Post's motto is "democracy dies in darkness." I hope the newspaper doesn't hire too many recent graduates of Northwestern's journalism program: They sound way too eager to turn off the lights.

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  1. After watching the events of the last several years, I have come to understand that colleges and students are profoundly anti-free speech. If the condition changes, let me know.

    1. These are the educated betters arthur is always going on about.

      1. Yep, Lathrop, here, attempts an apologia:

        “Stephen Lathrop
        November.9.2019 at 3:35 pm
        These are grave atrocities. But they pale in comparison to the millions slaughtered in gulags, deliberately created famines, and mass executions of “kulaks” and “class enemies.”
        There is little sleight of hand in that. Puppet though it was, East Germany was never in fact a party to the gulags, famines, and mass executions of the Soviets. Come to think of it, the whole puppet-state assemblage in eastern Europe stands as a refutation of those who insist that communism always ends in mass murder. Not one of those satellite states became a mass murderer. Those governments were dreary, oppressive, totalitarian, and even murderous by degrees. They were indefensible. But they were also communists who did not become mass killers—and that even while they were under the heel of a Soviet state which had done mass killings.
        More generally, we have just seen another thread repeating that communism is the most murderous ideology the world has ever seen. Maybe the past record suggests that. But it is far from being true in the largest sense. In the largest sense, our own nation’s nuclear war doctrine of mutually assured destruction, MAD, is the most murderous ideology—and not only the most murderous ideology ever seen, but also the most murderous ideology possible.”

        1. They didn’t have the same back-stabbing mass murderous period that nations adopting communism typically have, because they didn’t choose to adopt it.

          It was violently forced on them by eighty thousand T-34s. They were cowed from the get-go. The couple that pushed back in the iron curtain era were harshly put back in place

          The fact that eastern Europe was forced to live under involuntary totalitarian regimes is a further condemnation of communism, not a positive example of it.

          1. Quite to the contrary, we have much to learn from the Eastern European governments, and would do well to cultivate warmer relations with them instead of always being so critical. One point of agreement between all of our great nations is that there can be no toleration for inappropriate “parody” that threatens important social interests, particularly when it impinges on reputations here at NYU and at other major academic institutions around the country. The authorities in Moscow knew just how to handle the illegal actions of certain elements known as “Pussy Riot,” and for America’s contribution to this area, see the documentation of our nation’s leading criminal “satire” case at:


          2. RabbitHead – Very well said and I could not agree more!

        2. Starting to think some of the regular VCers should just be called vietcong…

      2. Yep. Whiny little mini-tyrant pissants, all of them.

    2. Maybe it’s the same thing, but I actually think a large majority are just apathetic and ignorant, and a loud minority are anti-free speech. The loud minority gets its way because most college kids are too busy thinking about parties etc.

      1. ^This. 1,000 times this. Most college kids I know (and I know a lot of them) are just trying to get through a few years to get their little piece of paper while having as much fun as possible. They could give two shits less about the college newspaper.

        1. That was more or less my experience.

      2. I hope you’re right. However, what other sharp observers have noted is the loud minority are the ones that run for office and get jobs in regulatory offices and other government positions.

        1. They’re also the ones getting the media jobs that propagandize for Democrat causes.

    3. Political Correctness is the new fascism. Believe what we believe or we will shut you down and condemn you.

    4. Their shock and pain comes from experiencing reality. They have been conditioned with feeds, blogs, pictures, merchandise, and search results catered precisely for them. Everything they do online is their reality and that reality is nothing but an echo chamber.

      Thanks to the internet, millennials will have to be the guinea pigs and suck it up so they can figure out how to fix instant communication’s faults like fake news, politicizing corporations and government and media, the echo chamber, and the increasing adoption of tying self-worth to how many likes they get.

      This conform or die mentality (literally – they kill themselves if they think they are unliked) needs an unfucking.

      I’m of the opinion it’s going to come too late. They will end up supporting their own enslavement. Gen x should have never had kids.

    5. They are really not anti-free speech as much as they are anti-Conservative speech, anti-Republican speech, anti-Libertarian speech!

      Instead of curling up in a ball and avoiding hearing or seeing anything you disagree with so you are not supposedly emotionally & psychologically damaged, why don’t they ever ask for a debate or equal time to make their points as to why the other side is wrong?

      1. Because they’d lose?

        Do you have any idea how many leftists I have discussed things with over the years? Lots. And by and large not a single one of them could ever make a sound argument as to why I should change my correct libertarian leaning opinions on anything… Because reality doesn’t back their arguments up.

        I think in their heart of hearts most idiot commies know this. The ones at the top certainly do. So they simply try to shut down anybody who disagrees.

    6. I’ll say it again, progressives have got to go

    7. The documentary “No Safe Spaces” addresses this scary trend of attacking the First Amendment on the basis of feeling entitled to constant validation. I spent much of it either facepalming or just burying my face in my hands in horror.

  2. What happens if a foreign or domestic foe threatens the U. S.? It won’t be these students who will save the day. All honor to our brave veterans.

      1. Exactly. Many of these kids weren’t old enough to truly understand 9/11. If the reporting of Sessions’ speech is enough to cause them such alleged trauma, God only knows what the events of that day would have done. (Assuming, that is, that the same activists would not have sided with the bombers on that day.)

        1. Lots of college kids sided with the Viet Cong in the 60s-early 70s while those who couldn’t get draft deferments were sent off to fight them. Nowadays there are a lot more spoiled rich pussies going to elite universities, so I’m not surprised that the extreme leftists view of things has become the dominant opinion.

          1. Cultural Marxism started seeping into the colleges, public schools, media, Hollywood, the Music Industry & Madison Ave. a loooooong time ago, even before Vietnam & this modern day PC insanity/censorship is not surprising at all to anyone who has been watching it

          2. They need to leave. Deport them to Sweden, even if they claim they’re not from there.

            1. Sweden loves taking refugees that fuck up their society! I’m sure they’d love 50 or 100 million moron commies from the USA!

    1. I mean, these kids are shitting their pants just because Jeff Sessions visited their campus.

      1. I don’t want these pansies in the military.
        Fucking shitting their pants ‘cos the Keebler Elf deigned to touch their hallowed Proggie campus.

        1. They all clearly needed many beating s as children that were not received. Never too late to tart though.

      2. They are lying about shitting in their pants…..It is all BS…They are acting this way so the other side gets censored & POOF, just like that they no longer exist, which is worse than acknowledging that they suck!

  3. For that matter, what would these Medill students be doing if they were in Hong Kong – keeping a low profile and trying to stay out of trouble, I suppose.

    1. I would guess they would be reporting the events from the view of their Chinese overlords.

      1. Who knows, it’s not like I’m doing much for HK, so that was a low blow, but imagine a more routine crisis like a grade-fixing scandal or what have you – would they have the courage to pursue it to the bottom (assuming such a scandal exists which I don’t know).

        1. well, i guess it would all depend on where the marginalized communities stand in your scenario.

          1. Marginalized, in that they can extract a groveling apology and review of policy with a complaint.

        2. They better stop reporting on the Northwestern football team!!

  4. It would be great to see more unofficial student newspapers appear.

    1. No! Only officially sanctioned and filtered publications will be allowed!

  5. So brave! Speaking truth to power! Without bias or favor! These activists have the journalism game figured out.

  6. The article on the protest originally had a student’s name, but they deleted the name apparently since the student had a change of heart about having their illegal behavior advertised. The apology said they didn’t want to get students in trouble.

    Presumably they were referring to stuff like this:

    ““There’s a difference between having a sustained dialogue and listening to other opinions and accepting hate speech and fascism,” said a student protester, who added they were tackled by police for entering Lutkin through a back door….

    “One student protester said they entered through a back entrance. As protesters made their way down the hallway and toward the lecture hall, police officers formed a shoulder-to-shoulder wall blocking the Lutkin foyer…”

  7. Holy shit what a game! Seattle keeps just squeaking by, doing what it takes to win.

    1. Awesome football weekend.
      Can’t remember another like it

      1. But .. but … football players touch each other without affirmative consent!

        And don’t tell me they agreed to that by playing the game. Every separate instance of touching requires consent!

    1. Or what? He’ll whine like the poncy little bitch he is?

      As kindred spirits and fellow travelers though, it makes sense that you’d be into that kind of hatescreed.

    2. Your reverence for john Oliver explains so fucking much about you.

      1. No joke. John Oliver, the next best thing to erudition.

        He’s Sean Hannity with a British accent.

    3. Oliver getting sued into oblivion by a coal magnate would be hilarious.

    4. I didn’t catch the original flap over Bob Murray and didn’t even know who he was before following the link. He turned his scorn into a Broadway-worthy musical revue!! I must therefore concur that it is, indeed, a poor idea to raise Jon Oliver’s ire.

  8. It has been brought to the attention of management here at Unicorn Abattoir Monthly that some of our readers have been triggered by Unicorn Abattoir’s comments on

    We would like to apologize, but will instead tell you to go to hell.

    1. You triggered me, but in a good way.

  9. Sort of a mirror version of capitalism selling rope to the communists. Here’s it’s the communist lackeys painting themselves into a corner where they lose all ability to do anything other than cry themselves deeper into the corner.

    Government is a parasite. All it knows how to do is steal money and pay others to do the actual work. But these clowns have no abilities. Eventually Reardon etal will yank their abilities out from under the corner crybabies and they will just cry themselves into oblivion.

    Too bad they will cause so much trouble in the meantime.

  10. I’d like to say that this would never have happened while I was at Northwestern, but the signs were there even in the mid-90s.

    The difference being that the liberal-but-old-school Medill faculty would have commented on this idiocy and on the side of press freedom… whereas now they were probably coaching the editorial staff on how to be properly servile and deferential to the whiners.

  11. “one of the best regarded journalism schools in the country.”
    If that’s still true the fall has begun.

    1. They have always been more enamored with themselves than is justified by their performance.

    2. Columbia is more famous and prestigious. Another example of Chicago always coming in second.

  12. We recognize that we contributed to the harm students experienced…

    No, you didn’t. But you are now.

  13. Did Jeff Sessions shoot protesters and then the paper covered for him? Based on the link it seems like a real tragedy occurred and not a “I don’t like the speaker, so I’m gonna whine like a little bitch” situation.

  14. “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt irreparably damage me.”

    1. Yes when we were children we had far more resilience that these fools. Get over it and get back to life in those days.

  15. “ A newspaper staffed by the country’s most famous journalism school says it shouldn’t have covered a Jeff Sessions event.”

    Columbia journalism students triggered, burn down Northwestern in righteous indignation.

  16. “I hope the newspaper doesn’t hire too many recent graduates of Northwestern’s journalism program”

    Have you seen the Washington Post lately? They might not be woke enough to get a job there.

  17. The Washington Post’s motto is “democracy dies in darkness.”

    The Washington Post’s policies are “democracy dies!”.

    1. The Washington Times’s (unofficial) motto is “Democrats, die in the dark!”

      1. Democrats die in the dark in California!

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  19. Astonishingly, undergraduates who are learning how to be professionals didn’t handle a situation as well as established professionals might have.

    OK, boomers.

    1. I’ll take “things a salty zoomer would say” for 100k in student loans Alex.

      1. I’m 61. Young people are salty because we left them a world that’s on fire and run by Nazis.

        1. You are insane.

        2. You forgot the “literally.”

        3. You forgot the “EVERYTHING IS SO TERRIBLE AND UNFAIR!”….

        4. old fat bald guy….it’s possible I’m wasting my time because you are a Zio troll of some sort….that would actually be better…in the event it’s not, let me just say that at 49, I am no brain dead GenXer & recognize your super-cucked, pathetic, Zio/Commie approved BULLS*** for the mind cancer it is. I would LOVE to hear what you offer in the way of evidence – REAL evidence – that our world is “run by Nazis”?? Apparently you buy the ONLY allowable approved version of what exactly WW2 (and WW1, too, for that matter) was and wasn’t – The victors write the history! The “good war”, my ass!!! I guess you also believe in the FAIRY TALE known as the “Holocaust”, too? Good Lord almighty, no wonder the downward spiral into hell on earth escalates at an ever-increasing rate.
          I guess you’re a self-hating white, as well? Let me guess….slavery was the cause/catalyst for the “Civil” war, one of MANY wars that were provoked and funded (both sides!) by the same common enemy to all of Western civilization? All of these BROTHER WARS, starting with the “French” revolution, which was about as French as french fries….the Civil War and both “World” wars….all nothing more than BROTHER wars that saw a HUGE and ruthless bloody annihilation of the finest of the world’s European male stock – and let me include the “revolution” that occurred between the 2 world wars, you know, the not-so-Russian, Russian BOLSHEVIK Revolution – Cultural Marxism operating at peak optimum level and the subsequent GENOCIDING of over 70 million Russian and Ukrainians…no reparations or tax-payer funded Memorials, museums, and forced mandatory education as with the Holocaust SCAM that is now illegal to refute in over 19 countries???

  20. Over at UVA, they refused to allow the ROTC honor guard have their traditional 21-gun salute during Veteran’s Day celebrations there. Might trigger people into a panic.

  21. Only allowed to report happy news. Flowers and butterflies for everyone.
    “And they’re coming to take me away ha-haaa
    They’re coming to take me away ho-ho hee-hee ha-haaa
    To the funny farm
    Where life is beautiful all the time”

  22. At least they signed their names so organizations with integrity know who not to hire.

    Troy Closson, Editor in Chief
    Catherine Henderson, Print Managing Editor
    Kristina Karisch, Print Managing Editor
    Peter Warren, Print Managing Editor
    Christopher Vazquez, Digital Managing Editor and Diversity and Inclusion Chair
    Sneha Dey, Diversity and Inclusion Chair and Web Editor
    Evan Robinson-Johnson, Photo Editor
    Amy Li, Campus Editor

    1. Soon to be on staff at NYT and WaPo.

    2. “Christopher Vazquez, Digital Managing Editor and Diversity and Inclusion Chair.
      Sneha Dey, Diversity and Inclusion Chair and Web Editor.”

      Well there you go…

      1. If you ain’t pandering you ain’t tryin’!

      2. Those who prefer telling other people how to live instead of working need positions too!

  23. The Washington Post’s motto is “democracy dies in darkness.” I hope the newspaper doesn’t hire too many recent graduates of Northwestern’s journalism program: They sound way too eager to turn off the lights.

    Little wonder why young journalists, by and large, are pretty fucking useless. This shit reads like something out of Mad Magazine. You really do have to wonder if there is a parody aspect.

    1. That may be part of the problem. A full generation raised without Mad Magazine or even the National Lampoon.

      1. The snowflakes involved would just faint if they ever read a copy of Mad Magazine that targeted any of their precious beliefs.

  24. If so, reporters would be unable to cover any event that involves even the slightest public controversy.

    You didn’t read that right. It isn’t “controversial” subjects that are to be avoided. It is “things we progressives disagree with”.

    It is much easier to win every debate if only one side is allowed to show up.

  25. “The Washington Post’s motto is “democracy dies in darkness.””

    But that’s a goal, not a warning.

  26. Northwestern runs a children’s day-care facility? What happens when the children leave and realize that the real world doesn’t offer snacks and nap time?

    1. “Sometimes PC babies don’t even know what they’re crying about.”

      South Park.

  27. The crybullies take another scalp.

  28. “…home to the Medill School of Journalism, one of the best regarded journalism schools in the country.”

    Along with a very well respected basket-weaving department.

  29. What a bunch of privileged snowflake pussy retards, who only exist because their lives have been far too easy. Its almost enough to wish for some apocalypse to wipe out 90% of humanity and give the rest some real issues to deal with.

  30. Yet another university whose graduates I will never hire.

  31. As a Northwestern Alum, I stopped donating to the school several years ago after they put Professor Laura Kipnis through Title IX hell.

    School President Morton Shapiro’s endorsement of the concept of ‘safe spaces’ for students during controversial (i.e. conservative) speaking events or presentations cemented that decision in place for me, but this actually makes me want to demand all my previous donations to the university back.

  32. This century will be known as the century of Candy A$$ES. This bunch would have never made it thru WWII as I did.

    1. You’re 91+ years old?

  33. The Washington Post’s motto is “democracy dies in darkness.” I hope the newspaper doesn’t hire too many recent graduates of Northwestern’s journalism program: They sound way too eager to turn off the lights.

    Which means they’ll fit in quite well with the rest of the darkness creator4s at the WaPo

    See WaPo (lack of reporting) on ABC & CBS colluding to fire a woman because she simply looked at a clip, that Project Vertias later got their hands on, discussing ABC deep sixing Epstein coverage.

    It’s pretty clear that the WaPo’s goal is to destroy democracy with darkness. So the Northwestern people will fit right in

  34. I was editor-in-chief of my campus newspaper, and in those days we wouldn’t take shit from anyone. We directed our early-20s hormones and inflated sense of importance to telling censors and school officials, adult and student, to fuck off as much as possible, should they ever interfere with our journalistic integrity. What the actual fuck is this shit.

    *My pronouns are “fuck a duck.”

    1. “”What the actual fuck is this shit. “”

      According to the Rev, it’s our betters taking over.

      1. Well that’s certainly not in dispute.

  35. You invited us to read the editorial. In no way, can be interpreted as “We will no longer cover campus events.” The Northwestern editorial apologized for three things: 1. Sharing photos of protesters in reporters’ Twitter accounts (NOT in the paper), 2. Using student directory to contact students before the event which invaded student privacy, 3. Publishing a student protester name which could lead to disciplinary action against the student. It does not claim that it will stop covering campus events to create a “safe space” for poor little students. It says it violated journalistic ethics and will try to do better. If REASON does not think these three things are ethical violations, they could have said so. Instead they lied about what the student newspaper wrote.

    Meanwhile, REASON could have looked at the actual coverage from the student paper and see that there was a full account of what went down. You realize the coverage of the event is still there, right? It is a click away from the maligned editorial. Seems like proof that you are lying since they, indeed, covered the event.

    1. Troy? Is that you?

  36. Remember when it was the smart kids that went to college?

    1. ^^^^^ +1000 — That all changed when “everyone and anyone” gets a “free-education” became politicized and worked itself into law.

  37. “If a recent editorial co-signed by the paper’s top editors is to be believed, The Daily Northwestern will no longer fully report on campus events if the reporting runs the risk of making marginalized students feel unsafe or upset.”

    How is this any different than any other professional Jorno-List organization that recognizes the Progtard Identity Politics Grievance Totem Pole?

  38. While our goal is to document [re-write] history and spread [dis]information, nothing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe — and in situations like this, that they are benefitting from our coverage [overtly biased propaganda] rather than being actively harmed by it. We failed to do that last week, and we could not be more sorry. …

    “we could not be more sorry. …’
    In ways you obviously cannot even fathom.

  39. WTF!! Being a good journalist is to report the news and it is as simple as that. Not to only report news they support and approve of. Too much insanity in our modern world.

  40. This is why you never give in to terrorists. So sad.

  41. These students should sue the university for not providing a ‘safe space’ with play dough and puppy dogs after the premeditated attack on their sensitivity. I understand that some of the campus counselors gave the students a donut.

  42. Leftism is a disease that must be eradicated.

  43. People’s feelings are their business, their responsibility, not mine. I won’t accept accolades or blame based on claims such as “You made me feel…”. I take responsibility for my emotions and I expect other adults to do the same. I don’t let those who haven’t grown up emotionally put that on me. I won’t enable that behavior. It would unhealthy for me and them.

  44. “The Washington Post’s motto is “democracy dies in darkness.”

    That’s not a motto, it’s a corporate strategy.

  45. The Illiberal LEFT will line up Republicans against a wall someday and this is just the beginning of it. Orwell and Newspeak is here.

  46. Aren’t Universities suppose to be teaching students how to become assets to society. I’m just not seeing the asset to society in this arrogant gangster mob mentality coming from the politician standardized B.O.E. education system.

    Maybe, and here’s a profound thought, students should learn how to deliver real, accurate and non-biased information, uncover some hidden truths or thought-provoking ideas instead of learning how to become emotional nut-cases.

  47. The oddest part of the Daily Northwestern editorial is its characterizing of Jeff Sessions’ appearance as a “traumatic event.” Are you kidding me? Sweet old Jeff Sessions couldn’t traumatize a squirrel. I guess being a Republican from Alabama classifies as being “traumatic” now. Who are these tyrannical snowflakes? How did they get admitted to a school based in and near “The City of Big Shoulders.” Dialing Ben Sasse.

  48. The fact that modern lefties are such pathetically weak cowards is the one thing that gives me hope for the future. *

    All it will take is sane people to say “All right… I’ve had enough of your shit, STFU or I’m going to curb stomp you.” and all this madness will be over in about 5 minutes. They’re like children slapping at a pro boxer who is tolerating it because he doesn’t want to hurt the kids feelings… But if he ever has enough it’s OVER.

    I just don’t know why most of society hasn’t told them to STFU yet…

    *Keep in mind that back in the olden days a lot of lefties weren’t necessarily smart people, but they weren’t pussies either. Guys like coal miners, factory workers, etc etc etc often supported leftist stuff back in the day. They could actually throw a punch, and take one. These people are nothing like that. They only have power because nobody fights back at their stupid.

    1. I just don’t know why most of society hasn’t told them to STFU yet…

      All of this nonsense happens in institutions controlled by left wingers. While the adults aren’t willing to embarrass themselves by acting like children themselves they encourage others to do so. That encouragement includes protecting the snowflakes by using their institutional control to punish their critics.

      Since the left controls most institutions there aren’t many places for unrestricted conflict to resolve itself.

      1. True.

        But even just out in the world. The commies control the media etc… Which makes normal people not want to rock the boat compared to the manufactured consensus… But the fact is if normal people just started saying “No dude, you’re a moron. Shut the fuck up with your retarded ideas, I don’t wanna hear that crap!” They would again just cower in fear and STFU, because they’re pussies.

        People need to stop treating commies/nut jobs as if their retarded opinions are valid positions… They’re not. We can have valid discussions about a lot of complicated topics, like trans people or whatever… But if somebody believes a trans person is LITERALLY a woman, that’s a BS position that should not be tolerated.
        Ditto on 1,000 economic issues, and plenty of other social issues.

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  51. “But let me be perfectly clear, the coverage by The Daily Northwestern of the protests stemming from the recent appearance on campus by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in no way beyond the bounds of fair, responsible journalism. The Daily Northwestern is an independent, student-run publication. As the dean of Medill, where many of these young journalists are trained, I am deeply troubled by the vicious bullying and badgering that the students responsible for that coverage have endured for the “sin” of doing journalism.”
    Charles Whitaker, Dean
    Northwestern University
    Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

  52. As a journalist, I believe Northwestern’s accreditation to teach journalism should be reviewed. The school newspaper should never have apologized for covering a news event. Instead, it was the newspaper’s responsibility to cover both sides of the story as fairly and completely as possible. I wonder if, following this incident, the newspaper investigated and reported about those who attacked freedom of the press; I doubt it. This was a learning opportunity about what freedom of speech and the press truly mean. Northwestern got an “F.”

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