Donald Trump

Trump's Near-Zero Presidency

Judged by his own yardstick, the president has failed because he hasn't delivered on his promises to voters.


Candidate Donald Trump memorably promised to "bomb the s---" out of ISIS in 2015. And on that single count, President Trump has delivered: Although the Islamic State was already on the run before he assumed office, U.S. Special Operation Forces this past weekend killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, dealing a body blow to the outfit. (Getting Baghdadi was never a stated priority of Trump's, but let's be generous.)

Unfortunately for Trump, bombing ISIS is one of the rarest of Trump phenomena: a vow he has actually delivered on. The Republican National Committee has created an entire website touting Trump's "promises made, promises kept." Surely it jests.

Trump pledged to boost growth, balance the books, build a wall, slash America's trade deficit (particularly with China), renegotiate the Iran deal, and denuclearize North Korea. To the extent that he has delivered on the first, it is by cheating. On all the rest, he's failed miserably. That's not necessarily bad for the country, but it does confirm he's a fake.

Trump boasts that America's economy is "incredible" and "setting records on virtually every front." In his telling, his combination of tax cuts and deregulation—what he refers to as his "magic wand"—has stimulated both the GDP and job growth.

But Michael Strain of the conservative American Enterprise Institute points out that Trump's economy is a continuation of Barack Obama's. The GDP grew at 4 percent during several quarters while Obama was president, although it had slowed to around 2.2 percent by the time he left office. After Trump arrived, the pace picked up, reaching 3.5 percent last year before falling to 2 percent this summer. As for jobs, during the final 19 months of the Obama presidency, the economy added 208,000 on average each month, compared to 189,000 jobs per month under Trump's first 19 months in office. (The jobs report this morning shows that the U.S. economy is continuing its job-growth streak.)

It is true that the country has enjoyed the longest economic expansion perhaps ever and dodged a recession under Trump's watch. But just like Obama, Trump has accomplished much of this through an artificial fiscal stimulus that is busting the national budget. Obama's stimulus consisted of a trillion dollars in straight-up government spending at a time when the economy was in a recession. Trump's consists of unpaid-for tax cuts and increased government spending at a time when the economy was already growing.

Indeed, government spending has jumped 22 percent on Trump's watch. He has boosted America's obscene level of military spending. And to get Democratic buy-in, he has signed off on most of their spending demands.

The upshot is that instead of eliminating the budget deficit "fairly quickly," as he had promised, Trump has grown it to nearly a trillion dollars, putting America even further down the road to bankruptcy, just as he has done with many of his businesses. Stunningly, the deficit is now 50 percent higher than when he assumed office. America's total government debt, meanwhile, has touched a whopping $22 trillion, bigger than the entire U.S. economy, which means that future generations will have to pay for Trump's tax-cut-and-spend policies.

The budget deficit is not the only deficit that Trump has widened. The trade deficit is ballooning as well.

Unlike a budget deficit, a trade deficit is not necessarily a bad thing. But Trump believes that it is a scorecard that determines whether a country is "winning" or losing—with a big deficit indicating that other countries are making more money because they are selling us more. This is hilariously wrong. Everyone has a trade deficit with their local grocer, because they only buy from him and don't sell anything back. But that does not mean they're poorer for it. It only means they prefer to not starve rather than horde their cash. Furthermore, foreign exporters reinvest their dollars in America, by buying either the country's ginormous debt (which lowers the cost of financing it) or private assets (fueling economic expansion).

So the trade deficit that Trump is obsessed about cutting has been very good for America. Yet Trump is hell-bent on eliminating it, even launching his ill-advised trade war with China to do so.

Has it worked? No. The opposite.

America's deficit has widened from $503 billion to $628 billion since Trump assumed office. America has a bigger trade deficit with virtually every trading partner, but especially China. The Middle Kingdom has responded to Trump's tariffs on Chinese goods with its own tariffs on American goods, slowing America's exports even more. Trump's tax cuts meanwhile have stimulated demand for cheap Chinese goods.

If there is less than meets the eye to Trump's allegedly stellar economy and trade policy, there is virtually nothing to see when it comes to his "big, beautiful" wall. He dropped his pledge to make Mexico pay for it right off the bat. And his every subsequent scheme to gin up wall funding has failed.

The brilliant negotiator overplayed his hand with Congress and torpedoed a deal on the table that would have given him money for the wall in exchange for legalizing the DREAMers (people who have grown up in this country as Americans without proper papers). But Trump demanded a 40 percent cut in legal immigration, prompting Democrats to walk. He then tried to declare an emergency on the border to justify raiding military funds for his wall. But the courts have put the kibosh on that scheme for now. All in all, he has managed to replace 57 miles of existing "barrier" and build nine miles of a new secondary barrier, a far cry from the 2,000 miles he'd said he'd build in the first year of his presidency.

And then there is Trump's disastrous diplomacy.

He tore up Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, denouncing it as "defective to its core," and embarked on a strategy of "maximum pressure." This involved reimposing an economic embargo barring Iran from selling oil, its main export, not only to the United States but to other countries as well. Trump even withdrew the waivers that a few countries had received to purchase Iranian crude oil. Trump's hope was that such economic warfare would either bring the mullahs back to the negotiating table to settle for some tougher terms or prompt the Iranian people to overthrow them.

Neither has happened.

What has happened is that Iran has started re-enriching uranium beyond the limits allowed under the Obama deal. This means it could acquire a nuclear weapon much faster, thanks to Trump. Iran has also shot down an American drone, sabotaged several oil tankers passing through the Strait of Hormuz, which it controls, and, then, in a dazzling display of its potential for destruction, attacked major Saudi oil facilities, knocking out that country's supply for several days.

All of this has brought the two sides close to the brink of war. Trump has himself admitted that he called off a retaliatory military strike against Iran literally from mid-air. But last week he once again warned that "if Iran does something, they'll be hit like they've never been hit before."

Nor are things going much better with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, whom Trump had once threatened with "fire and fury" but is now feting and flattering. But the only tangible result of this perplexing switch in tactics is that Kim has fired off about 18 missiles. And these aren't "very standard" short-range missiles, as Trump makes them out of be. They are new, mobile-launched, fast-moving projectiles that fly very low and are super maneuverable, making it more difficult to spot them or shoot them down. Since his last love fest with Trump in Singapore last year, Kim has also generated enough fuel for roughly a dozen new nuclear weapons.

So to recap: Trump has made America's economy better by making its fiscal incontinence worse, he has grown the trade deficit, he has made little progress on building his wall, he is on a warpath with Iran, and his charm offensive with Kim Jong Un has generated personal love letters but not stopped that brutal dictator from proceeding apace with his nuclear ambitions.

Trump deserves some credit for getting al-Baghdadi. But otherwise, on his own terms, Trump's presidency is shaping up to be a near zero.

A version of this column originally appeared in The Week.


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  1. He is literally the worst President ever. It's not even close.


    1. Hi Shikha. We know it's you; stop trolling your own articles like some Pierre Delicto.

      1. LOL

        I am not Shikha Dalmia. Although we share a commitment to unlimited, unrestricted immigration, she expresses it much more creatively than I do. For example, it never occurred to me to invoke the ORIGINAL SIN of slavery while arguing for Charles Koch's immigration agenda.

        1. "LOL I am not Shikha Dalmia"

          No, you are a sarcastic parody [forgive the redundancy] of her. But, you must admit, this article has you all over it.

        2. If you understood human nature you would realize that unrestricted immigration to wealthy nations leads to those nations becoming poor. Eventually the rich, including rich nations, do come to that realization and so close their borders, choosing whom to allow to immigrate.
          I'd suggest that you read beyond your old high school history books.

          1. Spot on, Kruel... but trust me, OpenBorders will not understand or agree with the reality of your comment or mine...
            Liberals just don't understand that stuff... converting issues to moral bases trumps (no pun intended) any sensible economic or practical effects. 🙁

      2. Shikha could never be that funny on purpose.

        1. No she is without a doubt the largest turd at Reason. Like Max Boot she is a phony (in her case Conservative / Libertarian) In reality she is a progressive from India in love with the collectivism ideology of Neru. She highlights many of Trumps failures (e.g. Wall, deficit) and then totally ignores many of his achievements which includes opening up ANWR, Keystone Pipeline, Lowering the Corporate Tax rate(huge achievement), record Wage growth, record minority unemployment, Prison Reform, Opportunity Zones, record number of Conservative Judges (including 2 fairly stellar SCOTUS picks), record manufacturing job growth (400K)(after her pick Obama said it would never happen). Achieved massive deregulation at a rapid pace, completing 22 deregulatory actions to every one regulatory action during his first year in office. Signed legislation to roll back costly and harmful provisions of Dodd-Frank, providing relief to credit unions, and community and regional banks. Rolled back Obama’s burdensome Waters of the U.S. rule. officially rescinded Obama-era campus sexual assault guidance – a contentious shift in how schools police Title IX. I have dozens of more examples of his accomplishments despite under constant harrasment from the progressives (like this turd) and Never Trumpers like Max Boot, the Bush Family and the ridiculous Mittens. Of course his modernization of the military doesn't set well with a pro-Chinese lap dog .. nioether does his forcing China to review it's totalitarian objective of destroying the US economy. I am sure a globalist like this twit has a problem with it. This anti American dolt should be gone.

          1. Bravo! I could not agree more. Shikha even willfully ignores that Trump signed two pieces of legislation that usually win accolades from true libertarians: legalization of industrial hemp and the Right to Try for people suffering terminal illness. But, no, Shikha has her narrative, and she's running with it, even to the point where she'll turn a blind eye to totalitarian China's flagrant theft of intellectual property. The current trade deficit made some sense, perhaps, when China was an economic midget and we had hopes of wooing them into the free market. Now, they are a colossus, and the violence in Hong Kong demonstrates how unserious is their commitment to free market liberalism.

          2. Yep, good summary.
            I'm often reminded, when folks like her blame Obama for economic success during Trump's administration, of something Milton Friedman said many decades ago...
            When the government makes some 'change' to the economy, the tangible effects don't show up for about 18-24 months.
            Sorry, Shikha, the clock ran out on Obama's "causes and effects" over a year ago. Try to find some other, more honest 'explanation' for your dislike of The Donald...

          3. Shikha is a self described "progressive libertarian".

    2. Uh, I think most would say James Buchanan...
      In my lifetime--going back to Ike, it would be Carter/Obama; though still early to judge the Obama White House, pretty good bet he'll be No. 1 before I'm dead and gone.

      1. I am actually surprised people don't look more closely at John Tyler.

        1. He's hiding under tippecanoe
          I'll show myself out

    3. He is literally the worst President ever. It’s not even close.

      Well prepare to enjoy him for 4 more years!

      TRUMPSLIDE 2020

      1. Won't happen, if he's not impeached then he'll lose by a landslide. The only Trumpslide you'll see is his voting numbers going lower and lower.

        1. Its over...

      2. #Trump4Evah

    4. He's not as bad as Woodrow Wilson, but yeah he's up there with the shittiest Presidents and he has lied 10x more than any other President, so much the press can barely keep up with fact checking him.

  2. Oh, shove it up your ass Shikha!

    The Great Wall is being built and Mexicans are paying for it, no new wars, better federal judges are being nominated to courts, America is enforcing immigration laws, tax reform, prison reform, draining the swamp....

    Trump is more popular than ever. Shreeka is the kind of gal that wont even admit this when Trump wins more EC votes than in 2016.

    1. "America is enforcing immigration laws"

      From a Koch / Reason perspective, that's a bad thing. Go back to Breitbart if you don't understand why enforcing a border is just as bad as enforcing fugitive slave laws.


      1. Lurking is so unbecoming.

      2. Which I'm assuming is not as bad as enforcing slavery itself?

      3. Fair point!

        After all......imported Honduran can be an inexpensive source of protein for those on a fixed income!

    2. it appears you failed to read the article.

  3. So, are we to understand that Shikha would be happy to see Trump build the wall? Or, perhaps, dive into an all out war with Iran? And war with North Korea? Right.

    1. So, are we to understand that Shikha would be happy to see Trump build the wall? Or, perhaps, dive into an all out war with Iran? And war with North Korea?

      No, obviously.

      1. Umm... It's Shikha you know.

        She'd advocate the US army invade Russia, if that was what the weekly talking points she gets from the JournoList told her to endorse.

  4. Reading this article I had an epiphany; OBLT is Shikha.

    1. Mind. Blown.

  5. I stopped at the sub-header.


    1. Apparently you didn't.

      1. Apparently I did.

  6. How new is Shikha to the US? When was the last time a president delivered on campaign promises?

    I've been saying for decades that the way you find out what a president won't do is to listen to what they say they will do on the campaign trail.

  7. So, if I may jump ahead, what you're saying is that all presidents are failures?

    1. Let's just focus on this one for now. The past is the past.

  8. Read my lips.

    What are they saying?

  9. Elephant in the room? Federal judiciary; as far as I am concerned if we stay out of any more wars and the economy remains stable, all else is pretty much icing on the cake.

    1. Immigration determines everything else, because it determines who votes.

  10. Trump's Near-Zero Presidency

    Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin?

    1. Almost sugar free.

  11. "Iran has also shot down an American drone, sabotaged several oil tankers passing through the Strait of Hormuz, which it controls, and, then, in a dazzling display of its potential for destruction, attacked major Saudi oil facilities, knocking out that country's supply for several days."

    I love this idea that Iran was going to behave because Obama gave them a billion dollars. And by love I mean it cracks me up because it's utter nonsense.

    1. +100

    2. poor ryan, do try getting real info. lil barry did not give iran anything . it was iran's to begin with.

      1. Yeah, except it was impounded when Iran took our embassy staff as hostage, remember?

        So....Obama gave them their money back as a QUID PRO QUO for making an argeement, which our media tells is a no-no.


    3. #ProgressiveLibertariansForWarWithIran

  12. He helped reveal the evil, disgraceful mess that is the corporate press, which has allowed actual journalists to thrive.

    Unfortunately for Reason it has been following along with the corporate press narrative rather than the "free minds" it claims to adhere to

  13. There are serious articles that are informative, and thought-provoking. Then there are just trashy screeds. This is the latter. Just when I thought this lady Dalmia was starting to get her head screwed on straight (her last article on immigration, and the debate with the NRO guy was pretty good), and showing improvement, she brain farts and produces this shit.

    Seriously Reason....You used to be so much better than this.

    1. I disagree. Shikha Dalmia is the world's most eloquent voice for billionaire-funded open borders advocacy. I'll keep visiting this site as long as she works here.

    2. "Seriously Reason….You used to be so much better than this."

      Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

      So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

      Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

      Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

      Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

      At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

      Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

      Thank You! -Reason Staff

      1. "" You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!""

        You don't need facts and logic, you just need to be morally right.

      2. If you at Reason staff do not realize that she has no place in Reason, then I suspect the new Reason is not Libertarian like it used to be. Too much hanging out with famous people?? Another writer of Shika's caliber and I have little reason to continue supporting Reason.
        No original research, just word salad.
        How about a serious report on European health care outcomes compared to USA.?
        How about looking into the different standards of reporting on dead babies compared to the USA??
        How about a list of what drugs and treatment s we can have in the USA the Europe won't pay for?
        How about a report on the value the British health system puts on a human life?
        How about a report comparing British oncologists to Us oncologists?? Especially the ones who are not doctors, but just clerks who make life and death decisions.
        How about a report on how much actual training a Cuban doctor gets before being turned loose on patients??
        How about Reason going back to doing something besides feathering their own nests.
        Reason needs to get out of the staffs comfort zone and be a meaningful magazine again.
        Every issue of Reason should contain at least one article of new research that delivers new clarifying information.

        1. What is stopping you?

          I would be very interested in the results of your research. Not news articles, actual published scientific data.

    3. There are interesting commentators, who add value to the discussion. Then there are people who whine when not spoonfed whatever makes them feel comforted.

      I kinda doubt you were better than this at some point, but could be wrong.

      1. Yeah Snorkle, you're wrong. 😛

        Have a gr8 weekend!

  14. Judged by his own yardstick (which, I might add is a fantastic yardstick, some people even say it's by far the best yardstick they've ever seen) Trump is the greatest President in the history of the Universe and has in fact set the bar so high that no other President in all of eternity will ever be able to hope to accomplish even a small fraction of what he's accomplished.

    Judged by a reasonable yardstick, yeah, Trump's at best been marginally better than the average President. But when you've been force-fed shit sandwiches for so long, a stale cracker seems like gourmet dining. As bad as he may seem, he's nowhere near as bad as the alternatives and, sadly, "it could be worse" may be as good as it gets.

    1. +1

    2. Jerry....We may not agree on a lot, but your post was fucking hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. It has been a rough morning. 🙂

    3. Shit sandwiches sounds about right.

      At the very least, you can say that Trump has little to no regard for public institutions. Can't all libertarians be pleased about that?

  15. Judged by your own yardstick, Sicka, Trump isn't even President.

    SHIKHA DALMIA | 10.24.2016 3:00 PM

    Donald Trump seems headed for an epic defeat next month. Several states that should be GOP strongholds—Arizona! Georgia! Indiana! Utah! Alaska!—are suddenly swing states.

    1. It's not her fault she couldn't account for the enormous effects of Russian hacking.

  16. ""a stale cracker "'

    What does Bernie Sanders have to do with this?

    1. *Golfclap*

  17. OK, so HOW LONG will this article stay posted up, here, before the mental giants among the conservatives will post their PROFOUND insights, by summarizing the careful research, writings, facts, and links of S. Dalmia as follows: "Orange Man Bad"?

    And then, IF they feel intellectually more vigorous than usual, they MIGHT fortify their "arguments" by adding that she is "stupid", or something similarly profound.

    1. There's a guy on a corner downtown with a sign showing a dead fetus in a jar, skreeding against abortion. Do you write his speeches?

    2. You really think of Shikha’s drivel as “carefully researched”?

  18. What's sad is that Hillary would have been worse. No, this isn't whataboutism. It's just a statement that we had an election between two of the worst candidates every assembled on a stage.

    Which leads tot he RNC cancelling primaries, and the DNC doubling down on stupid.

    1. I disagree about Hillary. President Trump is the bottom.

      I agree that cancelling RNC primaries is bad. There are good candidates in the D line-up. Not sure they will make it too far in the primaries.

      1. Trump has at least allowed us all to see the corporate media for the shameless partisans they are. Hillary never would have given us that. She was the cathedral's preferred candidate.

        1. You including Fox in corporate media?

          1. If that's what you have a hard on for, sure. But it's not like they make any serious claim at impartiality. We already knew they were partisan a long time ago, because that's how they market themselves. Plus, Fox news is pretty niche. I'd categorize them as more like controlled opposition rather that a core functionary of our national pravda.

            Which network is that spook Brennan selling access to these days?

          2. Same-Same but diffferennnnttttt.

    2. 'doubling down'?

      I contend your math is a little off.

  19. President Trump is a failure because he can not work with people, Domestically or Internationally. He ran a business that he had total control over and he never learned how to negotiate and compromise. He was probably fine when he was dictating to a contractor at one of his building sites. That does not work for the Presidency. He only achievements have been in executive orders where he doesn't have to work with other people.

    1. Judges. Lots and lots of judges. That is due to FEDSOC [in lieu of the ABA] and McConnell and Graham pulling the strings. But if it gets us closer to operating like an actual Constitutional Republic, I'll be happy. No new wars and a stable economy, and I honestly don't care what anyone thinks about Trump.

    2. He only achievements have been in executive orders where he doesn’t have to work with other people.

      Think again. POTUS Trump is reshaping the judiciary as we speak. That requires considerable coordination and working with the Senate.

      There are ~180 Appellate Court judges. POTUS Trump has gotten 43 confirmed, with 8 more waiting in the wings. He'll get more next year. By January 2021, he will have appointed 1/3rd of the Appellate Court judges. That is more than any POTUS since FDR.

      There are ~860 Federal district court judges. To date, he has gotten 110 confirmed, 23 await final votes, with 50+ nominated and waiting in the wings. By January 2021, there will have been close to 200 district court judges confirmed, or more than 20% of the total. As before, no POTUS since FDR has had this kind of impact on the judiciary.

      POTUS Trump will have had a very consequential presidency, no matter what happens between now and November 2020. I know this must bother you, as it bugs the F out of my friends in shul, but the facts are what they are.

      My observation is that where he can, he works with Congress to get things done. I will agree with you on his truly superlative, over-the-top nature. I get annoyed with that shit from time to time, and hell, I work in the Big Apple. In the current toxic political environment, not much is getting infrastructure, or USMCA.

      1. That's the thing. There is Trump the president, who's doing a tolerable job (the judiciary is good. His actions on immigration are necessary, if not ideal. Certainly what Bush and Obama were doing didn't work. He has somewhat slowed the overbearing regulatory overreach). There is also Trump the twitterer, who is a buffoon who fights with everyone over nothing.

        I'm not certain how much the two overlap, or if Trump the twitterer is just a smokescreen.

    3. So do you believe there was something that Trump could have done that would make Democrats work with him.......I do not think it is Trump, that will not cross party lines.!

      1. First off he needed to learn to work with his own party. For two years Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and little was done. He goes through staff faster than any other President because he can not work with people. These are people he picks and then dismisses a few month later. I think that is a major reason the article see Trump's Presidency as unsuccessful. The fact that he could not even work with his own party leads to bigger problems when you deal with people who have other agendas. This includes not only the Democrats but also foreign countries.

        1. Trump’s party is the uniparty RepubliCrats. They hate anybody who opposes wars, globalism, and money printing.

        2. First off he needed to learn to work with his own party. For two years Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and little was done.

          Really? Tax reform doesn't count? Or criminal justice reform? Or CRA? Or the judiciary?

          Keep in mind that Team R actively tried dumping Candidate Trump during the primaries. Despite this, POTUS Trump has been able to work with Team R leadership to get some things done.

    4. You mean unlike Obama, Trump is incapable of pulling the wool over people eyes while making secret deals to sell out the US? Because Trump is just not good with people? Good!

  20. It's certainly not for lack of trying. The Ninth Circuit constantly gets in his way.

    Oh... and Shikha, you've got shit for brains.

    1. Another four years of Trump and the 9th will be an originalist court; that truly scares the living shit out of them.

      1. Yep....It drives all the uber-libs I go to shul with absolutely batty when I remind them of POTUS Trump's impact on the judiciary.

        I think the way I phrased it (which of course completely drove them over the edge...) - You know, POTUS Trump and the judiciary is kind of like herpes. It will be the gift that just keeps on giving....for the next thirty years or so.

        They....go....batshit...crazy....and....stark....raving.....mad. 🙂

      2. Giggity!

  21. One of the benefits of reading Shikha columns is that you can watch her TDS gradually getting worse in real time.

    She's not quite to the Hillary Clinton "dark web flashing" stage yet, but she's getting there.

  22. unpaid-for tax cuts

    Fuck right off.

    1. No shit. Dumbest phrase ever.

  23. really enjoying T's presidency. that is all.

  24. Whatever Trump might have said he was going to do, success and failure are also judged by what he got thrown on his plate and how he dealt with it. Personally, I'm guessing Trump is going to be a success when he's done because he will destroy the GOP much the same way Obama destroyed the Democratic Party. Taking what he needed from the party, giving nothing back. Trump is as much a narcissist and an egomaniac as Obama and will be just as jealous of his legacy. Five minutes after he leaves office, he'll be twitter-storming about the stupid failed losers in the GOP who aren't fit to stand in the shadow of his very good brain, rooting for their failure to cement his belief in his unique singular stable geniusosityness. And he'll be right.

  25. Judged by his own yardstick, the president has failed because he hasn't delivered on his promises to voters.

    And his promises to voters is why we hate him! So... that's why we hate him because the reasons we hate him are the things... he's... not fuck.

    1. Yeah, they hate Trump because he is a do nothing President. What Dalmai has wrote here is not opinion. It is straight up disinformation of the kind that you would see coming out of foreign intelligence services.

      1. Shikha is disingenuous? Get outta here.

        1. She’s not disingenuous, she’s merely dumb.

  26. They are building a mile of the wall a day.

    We currently have the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, and effectively even lower than that since there was a daft and a war on in 1969.

    We have gotten into no new wars. We destroyed ISIS and got out of Syria. The regulatory state is being reduced for the first time in 40 years. Trump has appointed more conservative judges than any President in history. There was real tax reform and actual modest prison reform for the first time ever.

    Yeah, he is a zero sum president. Keep telling yourself that Dalmia.


      Must Reads: Marine Corps commandant says deploying troops to the border poses ‘unacceptable risk’

      Trump's political theater at the border is actually hurting our military readiness!

      Quoting from the link:

      The commandant of the Marines has warned the Pentagon that deployments to the southwest border and funding transfers under the president’s emergency declaration, among other unexpected demands, have posed “unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency.”

      1. Fuck off Mary.

      2. Marine comer readiness for what exactly? Another imperialist war in the Middle East?

        1. Yup that is what Marines are for. War. That’s it. If they are not fighting they are getting ready for the next one. They are not police and they are not the Peace Corp.

      3. Spot on. That is not what the military is for. They cannot enforce anything at the border. They are being used as labor to build walls and pitch tents.

  27. So let me guess.
    50+ comments of "fuck off Shikha" right?

    1. No....Think they topped out at 46 "Fuck off, Shikha" comments. 🙂

      1. Makes me love her all the more. I like a girl with moxie.

        My guess is she does not read the comments which I would not if I were writing here or anywhere.

        1. You’re confusing desperation with moxie. Shikha just can’t get a better gig than this.

        2. By the way, how do you feel about guys with moxie? You don’t because you’re a sexist, like all progressives.

          1. Moxie? They still make that stuff?

            1. They do. The grocery here carries some regional sodas.

    2. "50+ comments of “fuck off Shikha” right?"

      There can never be enough of those, racebaiterjeff.

  28. To the extent that he has delivered on the first, it is by cheating. On all the rest, he's failed miserably. That's not necessarily bad for the country, but it does confirm he's a fake.

    If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor...

    1. 57 states was a hilarious tell.

      1. Heinz 57 sauce was on his mind.

        1. Good stuff that. Goes with everything.

    2. Not even a smidgen of corruption.

  29. I appreciate the number of conservative judges he's appointed, but at what cost. It's as though nominating judges is the only metric most of his supporters cares about. Grinding America's influence into the ground will have far more profound and long lasting ramifications than a judge who will strike down a restrictive pollution law. I guess you take wins where you can find them, but considering the abrupt pullout of Syria somehow a victory is insulting to every metric by which our foreign policy is measured. We've traded just about everything for a bunch of judges. I suppose when my neighbors' house burned down it did give my kids an empty lot to play in. Maybe I should count that as a net positive too.

    1. Hey he's driven Democrats completely Looney, that's at least worth one term. And I think you underplay his judge choices. Cases like McDonald, Heller, citizens all needed only one vote to go the other way. Not that Republicans are great about very many things but at least they tend to respect basic constitutional rights. Democrats will take whatever they can from you. Another KaGen, Stevens, Ginsburg would be very bad for many future rights decisions.

    2. Another point of view.

      My first priority [does this make me "America First?"] is the country I live in. I don't care how many nations you might build, green deals that might be conceived, or what Europe does or does not think of us; without adhering to our fundamental [constitutional] principles none of that is as important as getting it right here. Maybe I am less concerned about this having grown up in the cold war and I see the world as a somewhat less dangerous place minus nuclear annihilation.

      As it is, we have a bloated, un-elected, and unaccountable administrative state to which Congress has delegated much of it's responsibility [to the executive branch]; and we have courts that subsequently alternative from legislating from the bench according to what policy they prefer vs. what the Constitution tells them to do and deferring to agencies along the lines of Chevron.

      When Ginsberg is replaced with a justice such as Don Willett, I believe this will be a game changer. And much much more than the equivalent of an "empty lot to play in."

      1. “My first priority [does this make me “America First?”] is the country I live in.”

        My first priority is sitting in this chair along with my family and a short list. Some guy in Newark sitting in his chair not so much. If he were sitting in Mumbai, about the same.

        Does that make me a selfish prick? I would discuss that further but the pizza delivery just pulled up and I have my priorities.

    3. When you use progressive talking points about "diminishing American influence", it really gives lie to your stated preference for conservative judges.
      But, I guess Brock gets what he pays for

    4. America's influence was at a low point with Obama, it has risen massively since. You must only receive the main stream media propaganda to think what you said.

    5. America had no more influence under Obama than hired mercenaries have. Obama just did whatever global elites wanted him to do. Dying and paying for other countries’ problems is not influence.

    6. I appreciate the number of conservative judges he’s appointed, but at what cost. It’s as though nominating judges is the only metric most of his supporters cares about.

      There is a simple, and crass, response. The Left has been using 'lawfare' as a tool to advance policy for decades. Team R is simply adopting and using that same playbook. Enjoy the next 2-3 decades.

    7. Judges and Tax Cuts are where the Paul Ryan types have common ground with Trump.

  30. Wow. What an out of touch author of this trash. I hope nobody paid him for it.

  31. Shiksa, you ignorant slut...

  32. Looks like the China deal is not going to happen. Maybe just a couple of things on paper to make it look like something happened. I do think it was a mistake to just tear up the Iran deal without making a strong diplomatic effort.

    The one thing she gives him credit for he doesn’t deserve. How does Trump get credit for Baghdadi? All of the credit goes to Delta force, the intel folks who set it up, and Conan the Wonder dog.

    Anyway another boring list of the same old talking points. We pay way too much attention to presidents. I would be just fine with officer hero dog Conan as the next president. Congress should meet for two weeks twice a year. The less government does the better.

    The only thing I really want them to do right now is get rid of stupid daylight savings time.

    1. No trade deal with the Chinazis is a good thing. I look forward to much of the world decoupling with China.

      1. You think our decreased trade with China is not going to result in more open markets for them elsewhere? Did you think trade with the US stopped with the tariffs?

        Yup I can just see the EU, Brazil, Australia, Asian countries saying “hey that Trump guy had a great idea. Let’s stop buying and selling with China too because, commies or something”

        Now I know how Trump got elected.

        1. I thought you cared about your pizza rather than the guy in NJ or Bombay?

        2. "because, commies or something”

          The Free Trade of Reason is keeping your slave labor in another country.

  33. "Trump's Near-Zero Presidency"

    Sounds like Shikha is tired of all this winning.

    We're not.

  34. It is true that the country has enjoyed the longest economic expansion perhaps ever and dodged a recession under Trump's watch. But just like Obama, Trump has accomplished much of this through an artificial fiscal stimulus that is busting the national budget.

    And investors don't know that?

    Whatever's going on with the budget and everything else, investors must think it'll be good for business in its totality. Maybe they see bad signs from the budget that are overridden by good signs elsewhere. Or maybe their judgment is that this much borrowing isn't so bad for the future.

    1. I don't think "stimulus" works any more the way both Keynesians and their critics thought. When the only info investors had were price signals, buildings being erected, and maybe a few other signs, they could be fooled by monetary and fiscal manipulation. But now that they have at their disposal figures on those things too, how can that leg of the business cycle possibly work that way? I think it doesn't. I don't think there is such as thing any more as "artificial stimulus" that has to come crashing at some point. I think whatever we're seeing now is a real result of real thinking about real assets.

  35. So Shikha is saying that domestically The Don has been just like everybody else with the economy--except Herbert Hoover and Bush Daddy & Jr. All her other other complaints are outside the border, on the other side of the planet, where fanatics have murdered each others for millennia with no need for US help. Before the election the papers were full of mohammedans murdering civvies. Nowadays a search on muslim terrorism turns up screenfuls of whining that bullies are kicking sand into their beards and bonnets. Sad.

  36. I know when I want a fair evaluation of Trump, my first instinct is to listen to Shikha Dalmia, the open borders supporting foreigner working daily to undermine the nation.

    1. Shika is American.

      1. American-Indian and not the Native kind.

      2. She'll never be American.

      3. Indeed, Shikha is a poster girl for why US immigration needs to become more selective and skill based. Greedy, corrupt globalists like her are destroying America.

  37. So I take it that you believe that the president of a representative republic is in essence a dictator who change policies, and laws, to suit you?

  38. Tax cuts, regulation roll back, sections of the wall being built, not starting any new foreign wars, a roaring economy etc. Fuck off "Reason" seriously I am getting sick of the whole groveling at the left's feet. I am near unsubscribing to your emails, like the leftards you can't get over the fact he won. The left will never accept you, they'll use you and throw you away.

  39. I am a true fan of Trump. I read articles that are against Trump to check if I am missing something, however real info is never given. "Unpaid for tax" is one of the blatant falsehood. The IRS did not collect less taxes under Trump it collected more taxes, so how can this be unpaid for. Trump Tax whether considered fair or not if you live in High tax states, you are paying more taxes, as the Mortgage gift is pegged at 10,000. In the majority of the cities that make up the bulk of US population that is far less than you will pay for any high end house mortgage or property tax.

    Slamming unpaid tax cut is completely a Democratic Socialist talking point which is odd since the one write most associated with Reason is Libertarian.

    The wall is being built, and repairing walls that were falling down or 5 feet high is high traffic migrant areas seem logical, as since he is not running like usual politician he is building what those entrusted to protect our borders need.

    So just another article of hate trump claiming his failures but the article itself fails to show any real evidence that Trump is not meeting his promises. He promised to get out of Iran deal and isolate them, which he has done. He promised to get out of Paros accord; he did. As far as Trade this is ongoing and something no other candidate or politician has done anything about except get favors for some donors. He will get this and will bring American expansion for years to come.

    So far the only area not making gain in the last few months through the summer is Manufacturing jobs which has slowed, however this is not uncommon through the summer, and by the end of year will set records or not and he will work out a new plan and tackle it again just like he did with the wall.

    1. "I read articles that are against Trump to check if I am missing something, "

      Shikha's articles are an embarrassment to people who agree with her conclusions.

      50-50 she's a Trump mole sent here to discredit Open Borders Libertarians.

  40. Article 1-Plus... 1-Minus... With only TWO promises evaluated (very cherry-picked) makes the score 50% NOT "Near-Zero"... Then again; I guess Math is too oppressive to do for the Trump Haters.

    This whole comparing the lowest and very last Deficit during the Obama Administration (with a full GOP congress) with Trumps worse one so far false-drum beating is getting so tiresome.

    Obama + DNC Congress = $1.6T Deficit PROVED by 4-years straight!

    1. Oh -- And I did almost forget the 3rd evaluation which was, "Yeah, the economy is better" ....... but so what - We'll use the same reasoning as the tiresome one above to pretend Trump really made it worse even though it got better.. Up is Down, Left is Right, Reality is Virtual and ....

  41. Shouldn't it be Congress setting the tone with a certified and useful budget? Every year we go through this government shutdown nonsense because these bozos cannot do their jobs. No president will be able to run a balanced budget unless government services and payouts are severely curtailed. It would be political suicide for Congress to cut expenses and we all know how every politician wants to remain in power as a career choice. What's going to happen when interest rates finally rise and the gov has to service all that debt? It is possible that in another decade half the budget could go toward paying interest on government bonds and the other half paying out Social Security and Medicare. Not much left to cut or eliminate.

  42. Shikha, you’re an economic imbecile. Stop embarrassing yourself.

  43. Speaking of walls.

    Saw an article today that they discovered that smugglers were getting through the new wall with power saws. The bars are steel filled with concrete. They are able to saw through, push open and squeeze through. Then they can push it back together so they have a sort of door. Also ladders are being used.

    Ladders having been used to breach walls since walls were invented.

    The border patrol says that this is in places where motion sensors have not yet been installed. My question is if you need motion sensors and cameras wouldn’t a ten foot chain link fence have done just as well?

    1. It's a question of time and numbers. It takes much more time to cut through steel bars, it takes more equipment, and fewer people can do it.

      1. This.

        Security is about making it harder, not making it impossible.

    2. All the more reason we need a moat with alligators, and electrified fence, and maybe a minefield or two to go along with the fence. I figure if you can get through that, you're in. 🙂

      1. Solar powered laser turrets!

        Pew! Pew! Pew!

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