Brickbat: Gunning for Them


The Knoxville, Tennessee, City Council has voted 8-1 to ask Mayor Madeline Rogero to ban gun shows on city-owned property. Rogero had already announced she would forbid gun shows on city property. She is leaving office at the end of the year, but both of the candidates running to replace her also support the ban.  City-owned Chilhowee Park has hosted gun shows for decades. "What is ironic is for a long time the city was asking me to do more shows at Chilhowee Park because it is a super-popular event with a huge economic impact," said Rex Kehrli, who has run those gun show for about a dozen years.

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  1. She reiterated, as she did earlier in the week, that the resolution has nothing to do with her views on legal gun ownership (she approves and owns a gun herself). But rather she thinks it is an “insult to injury” for the city to allow gun shows in the area of town that has dealt with gun violence for decades.

    Tennessee’s best and brightest must concentrate in Knoxville.

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    1. Congratulations alyssa, you just won the Non Sequitur of the Day Award.

      No, that does not come with “Netflix Premium.”

    2. I am seeing ads for Candy Cake Glasses.

  3. How does the Knoxville city government work that the city council has to ask the mayor to ban gun shows and mayor says she will ban gun shows but doesn’t? Can’t the city council simply pass a city ordinance banning the gun shows themselves? Or is this one of those deals where the city council can but they won’t because they want the political cover of being able to say they supported a gun show restriction in principle but certainly not this particular one the voters are pissed about?

    1. Virtue signalling via empty symbolic gestures.

      Mayor declares it is an insult to injury for the city to allow beer fests in the area of town that has dealt with alcohol problems for decades and makes a nonbinding declaration, resolution, whatever. Won’t solve any problems but it can extort bribes from the brewmasters.

      Politics. It gives employment to unproductive people who cannot make a product or perform a service that people would willingly pay for.

  4. “But rather she thinks it is an “insult to injury” for the city to allow gun shows in the area of town that has dealt with gun violence for decades.”

    Maybe she should have the city deal with the violence in that neighborhood, regardless of any weapon used or not? It is an admission of complete governmental failure if an ares has to “deal with” (ie. be subjected to) violence for DECADES while the city fails the citizens.
    And maybe, just maybe, that is the kind of area that NEEDS gun shows. Maybe open a public range there and have the evil NRA provide self defense courses?

    1. It’s because “gun violence” is different from any other violence. People stabbed or beaten to death or burned or run over by cars, etc. aren’t as dead as people killed by folks using a gun. And it’s the gun that takes mental control of folks and turns them into shooters.

  5. If non members of the NRA would stop shooting people, gun violence in Knoxville [and Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit…] would drop 100%.

    I do wonder just how many guns sold at this and other gun shows actually contribute to any of those acts of violence? Of course the law abiding gun owner, not the felons actually committing violence, is the easiest target upon whom to signal one’s political virtue, right?

    1. In the 2004 DoJ National Institute of Justice, Firearms Use by Offenders, prison inmate survey of state prison convicts who carried or used a gun in their last offense, 0.8% reported acquiring a gun from a gun show. 25% reported acquiring a gun from a Drug/street dealer. And so on.

      The gun shows I’ve been to in Tennessee have a cop or two at the door checking guns brought in for sale or trade, zip tying the actions to show they are unloaded. There are supposed to be feds walking the aisle looking for illegal activity. A Tennessee gun show is the last source a Tennessee criminal would use.

      Mayor Madeline Rogero thinks it is an “insult to injury” for the city to allow gun shows in the area of town that has dealt with gun violence for decades.

      Mayor Madeline Rogero cannot do anything to actually stop gun violence in the area of town that has dealt with it for decades, except ban gun shows from city property, an empty symbolic gesture which is all politicians ever do about almost any social problem. As Penn & Teller noted, Gun Control Is Bullshit.

      The gun shows will probably just move to the Expo Center anyway, which is not owned by the city.

  6. I thought Kane was the mayor of Knoxville?

    1. He is the mayor of Knox County

  7. It never matters how many times we tell these numbskulls that criminals aren’t getting their guns at gun shows, gun stores, or walmart, they’re STEALING THEM.

    They dont care.

    Gun control is not now, nor has it ever been about the ‘guns’. Its now, and always has been, about the ‘control’.

  8. Since, according to the FBI, about 1% of “crime guns” are purchased at gun-shows, banning these gun shows will no doubt decrease the homicide rate by fifty-percent or even more!

  9. Three years in the future: Knoxville has to raise taxes because revenues “unexpectedly!” have dropped.

  10. History was not available to those who suffered bans and disarming by the leaders. They could learn if they had.
    Today’s leaders are not aware that history featured disarmed citizens it seems. The present day citizen will not let it get that far. We are the ones that have the Right and it is sworn under oath by leaders to protect that Right. The Right was given by my creator not the leaders. Who will meet my creator first I do not know.
    This is not a threat, it is my Right under The Constitution.

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