Brickbat: Let's Go to the Tape


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Robert Lawson has been charged with battery, obstruction of justice, perjury, false informing and official misconduct after striking a student at a local school. In a report, Lawson said he struck the boy with an open hand and other officers then handcuffed the student. But video shows Lawson punched the boy and struck him with a knee as the student was being handcuffed.

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  2. It makes one wonder if cops ever tell the truth, doesn’t it?

    1. They’re trained not to. At least in some cases.

      I have a friend who always wanted to be a cop as a kid. He went to local police academy, and find his way into an actual police department. He was stoked. Then his first day on the job happened. While on patrol he was ordered to commit an action, the other two officers escalated, making him part of an illegal assault. He was then told to cover it up and lie on his report. With the clear implication of dire consequences if he did not.

      Good news, he quit his job the next day. Got another job a week later at a neighboring department. He later learned that the neighboring department got much of the manpower from those who quit in disgust from the other department. That other department, I might add, was in a town that had a reputation for being run by an “old boy” network.

  3. Video appeared to show the officer punching the student. A second video showed the juvenile also sustained a knee strike while he was being handcuffed.

    No passive voice and then suddenly passive voice? I’M GETTING MIXED MESSAGES HERE.

    1. Look, an officer’s knee became lodged in a fleeing suspect’s abdomen. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

  4. The women and men who serve our city remain focused on building trust with our neighbors and working together with the community to make Indianapolis a safer place for every resident.

    Rearranging the traditional phrase to put “women” first? This kind of misconduct will happen when you put a cuck in charge. Weak leadership!

    1. So it’s LESS cuck-y/more manly to say men SERVE more prominently than saying women serve? Complicated.

  5. The lying is what got him in trouble. If you’re in a tense situation like that and you’re approached the way he was, I think punching is a natural response. I’m no pig apologist, but that’s how I saw it.

    1. Punching is a natural response to “you better chill out, bro”.

      1. Cops serve the public, which is everyone else. Individuals serve the cops. An individual telling a cop what to do is inviting violence, because servants who boss around their masters get beaten.

    2. The way he was approached is by one skinny kid, 1 on 2 (with the 2 wll armed and on higher ground) where the skinny kid emphatically had his hands DOWN. You might not be a police apologist, but you’re not qualified to be out unsupervised.

      1. When someone walks agressively towards you in a volatile situation with their hands down, that will most likely be the last thing you remember before you wake up.

        1. Whether or not that statement is objectively true, it emphatically is not how things should be. Not unless you want to live in a police state.

          Note, by the way, that had the kid walked up just as “aggressively” to two civilians in an equivalent “volatile situation” and the civilians had reacted as the police did, they would rightly be up on charges for assaulting the kid without provocation.

          1. Before than being dead from a sucker punch when your head hits the concrete. People here must have grown up pretty sheltered. Just make sure you keep to the suburbs.

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  8. “Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Robert Lawson has been charged”

    Let me know when it becomes former Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Robert Lawson has been charged. No police officer has ever been convicted of a crime, only former police officers. As long as he’s a police officer, the system will protect him. Once they cast him out of the Brotherhood, he’s being fed to the wolves.

    1. The chief of police put him on unpaid suspension and recommended that he be fired, so maybe he will get convicted (and then he’ll get probation, move two towns over, and get a job as an officer there).

      1. Or the chief of police will get fired for trying to fire an officer.

  9. He’s not doing this right – you’re supposed to say “He was resisting!!!” even if he wasn’t.

  10. Charged doesn’t mean convicted and convicted doesn’t mean sentenced.

    If he’s smart he’ll request a bench trial because judges are on the same team, and nothing else will happen.

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  12. Cop reflexes for the win?

    This heroes story is another officer saw the criminal was about to hit him, he called out “Look out he’s going to hit you”, the hero hits him back (first) all before the criminal could raise his arm.

    Totally believable.

    And his shyster is saying “we need to look at ALL the evidence in this case, including the officer’s observations, perceptions and training as it relates to the entirety of this encounter”, not just the video which totally discredits everything he said.

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