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Corey Lewandowski, House Democrats Clash During Wild Trump Impeachment Prelude Hearing

Plus: Screen addiction is not really a thing and New Mexico embraces tuition-free college.


Former Trump campaign director Corey Lewandowski appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to answer questions about alleged obstruction of justice, collusion with Russia, and other unethical activity. But a defiant Lewandowski ran circles around frustrated Democrats, and the proceedings were largely a disaster for those who believe President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign should be held accountable for wrongdoing.

This was obvious even to congressional Democrats. Hank Johnson (D–Ga.) said at the hearing that questioning Lewandowski was like "a fish being cleaned by a spoon," which is not the go-to utensil for cleaning a fish, one gathers.

From CNN:

Democrats were left with a conundrum: how to use televised hearings to tease out damning passages of the Mueller report when Trump and his gang are determined to turn them into a circus.

Their broader strategy of using their House majority to slowly build a pattern of presidential abuse of power and obstruction of justice has yet to reach a critical mass. On the evidence of Tuesday, it may never do so.

It was a great day for the White House, however.

Its strategy of curtailing Lewandowski's testimony by foreshadowing controversial executive privilege claims appeared to be an attempt to goad Democrats into another protracted court battle that could delay a day of reckoning.

By sunset, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-New York, warned that Lewandowski risked being held in contempt, for helping a White House "desperate for the American people not to hear the truth."

Trump's army of Republican committee members, meanwhile, more eager to catch his eye as he watched on Air Force One than to honor their lawmakers' duty to constrain the executive, played along with Lewandowski, relishing the chance to grandstand.

"You had a pretty good candidate," said Rep. Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican who's one of Trump's closest allies in Congress.

"The best," the ex-campaign manager replied.

Lewandowski essentially admitted to making false statements to the media, but he said this was justified because "they are just as dishonest as anybody else." The audience groaned:

This admission did not prevent the media—CNN, specifically—from bringing him on TV Wednesday morning to discuss the hearing.

Trump was apparently thrilled with Lewandowski, who is expected to announce his candidacy for New Hampshire's senate seat as early as next month.


Spending a lot of time on their phones, and on social media, does not increase anxiety among young people, according to a new study.

Candice Odgers, a professor of psychological science at the University of California-Irvine, found "no connection between the amount of time that young people spend online using digital technologies and mental health symptoms like depression, anxiety." Indeed, kids who sent more text messages tended to have better mental health.

This runs contrary to what some experts—most notably Jean Twenge—argue is a serious mental health crisis among "iGen," the generation that grew up with smartphones. But Odgers' findings make perfect sense when one thinks about what kids are actually doing on their phones: interacting with friends. The technology is merely a way for young people to stay more connected to the people who matter to them. We should not be so surprised that doing so makes them happier.


New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, unveiled a plan to make college tuition-free for all state residents. According to The New York Times:

The move comes as many American families grapple with the rising cost of higher education and as discussions about free public college gain momentum in state legislatures and on the presidential debate stage. Nearly half of the states, including New York, Oregon and Tennessee, have guaranteed free two- or four-year public college to some students. But the New Mexico proposal goes further, promising four years of tuition even to students whose families can afford to pay the sticker price.

By some measures, the tuition initiative will be the most ambitious in a growing national movement. College costs and student debt have emerged as major issues in the Democratic presidential primary, with two of the leading contenders for the nomination — Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — promising to make all public colleges and universities free. Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has a more limited proposal to eliminate community college tuition.

Making college free and canceling all student debt are important policy proposals for the presidential campaigns of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.). If implemented, they would cost anywhere from $1 to $2 trillion dollars.


  • Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) responds to libertarian criticism of his various plans to regulate the internet:

  • Israeli elections are too close to call, but there are some signs that the long tenure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might be in trouble.
  • Vox lamely criticized Andrew Yang for problematic remarks about Asian Americans' math abilities.

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  1. Hank Johnson (D–Ga.) said at the hearing that questioning Lewandowski was like “a fish being cleaned by a spoon,”

    or like “seeing Guam tip over.”

    1. Hello.

      I’m bad at this.

      “Hank Johnson (D–Ga.) said at the hearing that questioning Lewandowski was like “a fish being cleaned by a spoon,”

      The day Guam tips over is the day they’ll tip critical mass support in their favor.

    2. Was hilarious when Corey said president swalwell deadpan.

      1. Yeah Corey treated the hearing with the respect warranted.

        1. “Answer the question!”

          “What question? All I heard was a rant!”

          If only every congressional witness would follow his lead.

          1. Indeed. Stop pretending that bloviating is inquiry.

            1. Yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife?

              I reject the premise of the question.

              Let it be noted for the record that the witness has refused to deny that he beats his wife.

  2. Hello.

  3. “Former Trump campaign director Corey Lewandowski appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to answer questions about alleged obstruction of justice, collusion with Russia, and other unethical activity.”

    Collusion and obstruction were definitively proved by Robert Mueller. It’s time to #Impeach.


    1. Have you read the Mueller Report, Trumpian?

      Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russian-interference and obstruction investigations,” Mueller wrote. “The incidents were often carried out through one-on-one meetings in which the President sought to use his official power outside of usual channels. These actions ranged from efforts to remove the Special Counsel and to reverse the effect of the Attorney General’s recusal; to the attempted use of official power to limit the scope of the investigation; to direct and indirect contacts with witnesses with the potential to influence their testimony.”

      1. OpenBordersLiberal-tarian is a Republican using rather blunt humor to make fun of the Libertarian positions with which he does not agree.

        1. Either that or it’s a meta-parody referring to the commenters who are sure that all Reason writers are just lefty Democrat partisans in disguise. Whatever it is, it’s boring as hell and stopped being clever many months ago.

      2. Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations,

        “Capable” doesn’t mean did. My firing a gun in the air is capable of killing someone. That doesn’t make me guilty of murder. In fact, if the best the cops can say is “my acts were capable of killing someone”, the cops are by omission of saying I did, admitting I didn’t kill anyone.

        You just proved the opposite point you were trying to make. You really should try and avoid posting while retarded.

        1. Hey everyone! Watch John flap his arms around like a peacock in heat. Wow!

          1. No one jacks off in public around here but you shreek. You were banned for a reason.

      3. Not sure why you’re calling me “Trumpian” when I’m one of the leading voices in this comment section advocating straight-ticket Democratic voting.

        And no, I haven’t read the full report. Because I don’t need to. I trust the professionals at MSNBC to summarize things for me. That’s why I know that Russians are controlling our government.


        1. I’m not reading from MSNBC, Trumpian. Just the Mueller Report

          Obstructive act (p. 43): Trump asked for Comey’s loyalty and pressured Comey to “let this go” regarding the FBI investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. “In analyzing whether these statements constitute an obstructive act, a threshold question is whether Comey’s account of the interaction is accurate, and, if so, whether the President’s statements had the tendency to impede the administration of justice by shutting down an inquiry that could result in a grand jury investigation and criminal charge.” “[S]ubstantial evidence corroborates Comey’s account.”

          1. I don’t know what more you want from me. I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I’ve been saying that Russia hacked the election and Drumpf is Putin’s Puppet since I started posting here. I signed the MoveOn impeachment petition and encouraged others to do the same. I’ve promised to enthusiastically vote for any Democrat except Tulsi Gabbard (who’s also compromised by Russia) in 2020.


            1. Trumpian,

              Thanks, man. Thinking of how triggered you are by these evil liberals and Democrats brings a smile to my face.

              1. I’m not a “man” just because I have XY chromosomes and a hairy face. In fact, I’m non-binary. You’re not one of those right-wing science-deniers who doesn’t respect they / them pronouns, are you?


              2. Hey look everyone, the two morons are throwing their food at each other and shrieking!

        2. Here’s more stuff that wasn’t said by Maddow, GOP shill. Im

          Intent: “[E]vidence is inconclusive” as to whether Trump was aware of Flynn’s calls with Kislyak when they occurred. But “[e]vidence does establish that the President connected the Flynn investigation to the FBI’s broader Russia investigation.”

          Trump attempted to have Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland “draft an internal email” stating that Trump did not ask Flynn to discuss sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, which McFarland did not do because she was not sure if the statement would be accurate. Though “evidence does not establish” that Trump was trying to make McFarland lie, the incident “highlights the President’s concern about being associated with Flynn’s conduct,” and McFarland was disturbed by the request and felt it was “irregular.”

          1. You are the most retarded person ever to post here. Is this OBL setting up another sock to make Progs look stupid?

            1. Nag, OBL is actually capable of pulling off parody.
              This one is just a talentless hack

            2. I suspect Misek is an OBL sock.

            3. I think he started trying to be a counterpoint to OBL. But seems to have given up on attempting parody.

              Whatever it is, you should ignore it. And OBL too. That shit is getting old.

      4. “use his official power outside of usual channels.”
        Isn’t this an admission that Trump had the power to do whatever he was accused of doing, but someone was pissed that he didn’t use the usual (which isn’t to say illegal) channels that swamp creatures expect the president to use?

    2. Trumpian,

      Essentially, they didn’t indict him because he is above the la.

      Factoring into his decision not to weigh in on prosecution, Mueller wrote, was an opinion issued by the Office of Legal Counsel finding that “the indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would impermissibly undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions” in violation of “the constitutional separation of powers.”

      “Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment, we did not draw ultimate conclusions about the President’s conduct,” Mueller wrote.

      1. “Banning the flavors that former smokers overwhelmingly prefer is a strange way to protect public health.””

        It was pretty obvious from the Mueller’s testimony that he didn’t write anything.

        Mueller did say this,

        “I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by [Rep. Ted] Lieu, who said, and I quote, ‘you didn’t charge the president because of the OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] opinion.’ That is not the correct way to say it,” Mueller added.

        “As we say in the report and as I said in the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime.”

        1. Ha, how did that first line get in there.

        1. I didn’t, shill. Just stated that the President hasn’t been indicted solely because he is President. Psst, his campaign manager and his lawyer are both sitting in jail, shill.

          1. And soon Drumpf will be removed from office as well by the #BlueTsunami Congress.

            The walls are closing in. It’s the beginning of the end.

            1. Look, I get it. You’re happy Dear Leader is being protected by his GOP cult.

    3. Hahaha… lovely. Keep shilling for this asshole, asshole.

      I]f we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgment.

        1. Who said that Trumpian? Republicans?

        2. You keep changing the subject, Trumpian, from how you are triggered by Democrats, to XY chromosomes, to something Keith Olbermann said. I can’t be held responsible for all the things you are having problems with. Have you talked to a therapist? I think you are losing it.

    4. The President’s efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests. [Former FBI Director James] Comey did not end the investigation of [Retired Lt. Gen. Michael] Flynn, which ultimately resulted in Flynn’s prosecution and conviction for lying to the FBI. [White House counsel Don] McGahn did not tell the Acting Attorney General that the Special Counsel must be removed, but was instead prepared to resign over the President’s order. [Former campaign manager Corey] Lewandowski and [Trump campaign official Rick] Dearborn did not deliver the President’s message to Sessions that he should confine the Russia investigation to future election meddling only. And McGahn refused to recede from his recollections about events surrounding the President’s direction to have the Special Counsel removed, despite the President’s multiple demands that he do so. Consistent with that pattern, the evidence we obtained would not support potential obstruction charges against the President’s aides and associates beyond those already filed.

      1. Shut up Shreek. Go surf child porn or whatever depravity you are into these days.

      2. 3 comments in a row continue to show you’re really bad at this.

        1. Soros never gets his money’s worth from these losers.

        2. OBL is trolling this guy. And he thinks he’s the smart one.

      3. Good Lord. Don’t feed the trolls.

  4. Spending a lot of time on their phones, and on social media, does not increase anxiety among young people, according to a new study.

    Exactly. Anxiety is increased when people *can’t* spend a lot of such time.

  5. Remember Nick and Aaron Carter?


    1. Likewise.

      1. I have a full sixer of Billy Beer sitting on my bar. The reason why escapes me, due to the actual drinkable stuff around it.

    2. I remember Billy Carter.

    3. I had to wait in a gas line to remember Jimmy Carter.

  6. Remember Lauren Duca?


      1. She is the literal reason the adage dont stick your dick in crazy exists.

        1. True but the crazy you know isn’t as dangerous as the crazy you don’t.

          Guaranteed she has a safe word and gets pissed when she yells “stop” and you stop.

          1. Cannot fathom dealing with her idiocy long enough for her safe word to even come up.

    1. I do not remember her, and based on the Buzzfeed article, I will quickly forget her.

    2. Likewise.

    3. She lives on the second floor, upstairs from you. I think you’ve seen her before.

  7. The plan [to kill sea lions along the Columbia River] was proposed by Native American tribes and state officials in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, not by the National Marine Fisheries Service.

    Alrighty then!

    1. Sea lions on the Columbia River are like Shreek on the Reason Roundup. They take advantage of the point of congregation to troll for fish. You try to chase them off because they don’t belong there, but they just keep coming back until you have no choice but to propose a plan to shoot them in the head with a crossbow.

      1. Poor sea lions! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the sea lions and their babies?

        Maybe we could teach them to wear magic underwear on their heads, to fend off those nasty crossbow bolts and arrows!

  8. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch current net worth: $59.4 billion

    And some people here are sick of all the articles about tariffs? Well, it’s precisely those tariffs (and immigration restrictions) that are preventing our billionaire benefactor from prospering. He’d be up around 70 or 80 billion in a Clinton economy.


  9. Again, impeaching Trump may seem insane to average swing voters, but impeaching Trump isn’t even in the Top 5 Craziest Things the Democrats Want To Do.

    1. It truly bothers me that no libertarian can gain any traction during a time when one of the two major parties wants the government to take over industries and take away guns. How weak is LP leadership? Nick Sarwalk made a fool of himself and the entire party in his debate against Dave Smith.

      The LP is just a less vocal version of beltway progressivism.

      1. It’s Duverger’s Law

        The best we can hope for is that a candidate in one of the major parties will adopt out platform.

        Unfortunately, in practice, that will probably only happen if the Democratic Party starts beating the shit out of the Republicans so badly that the Republicans abandon whatever else it was they were going to do and adopt libertarianism instead.

        The libertarian revolution probably only happens over a long period of time from the grass roots up. People adopt our policies–but don’t really attribute it to us. Recreational marijuana suddenly became legal without a Libertarian candidate ever being elected to Congress, much less the White House. And when the those referendums passed, it did so on the back of arguments that libertarians had been making for decades. The reason states were allowed to do this (and Obama relented in his hundreds of raids against medical marijuana dispensaries in California, even before marijuana was legalized, was because we’d convinced enough voters that marijuana should be tolerated–that is, we either convinced them directly or through proxies.

        The Libertarian Party will probably never become powerful in terms of winning elections and putting people in office. Libertarian ideas, on the other hand, don’t need to win elections for public office in order to be influential.

        1. They say “Libertarianism Happens”

          You know…. you are going along, minding your own business and then the jackboot of the government stomps on you and suddenly you discover that you are a libertarian.

          Well, should the DNC prove successful in this upcoming election, you are going to see a whole bunch of people having their libertarian moment.

          Unfortunately, it will be too little, too late at that point. But maybe a libertarian resistance will be able to pick up the pieces in a couple of generations.

        2. “Unfortunately, in practice, that will probably only happen if the Democratic Party starts beating the shit out of the Republicans so badly that the Republicans abandon whatever else it was they were going to do and adopt libertarianism instead.”

          Scary but makes a lot of sense. There is literally nothing libertarian about the democrat platforms, so experiencing that in full force could create a lot of libertarians.

      2. and the entire party

        nah, just him

          1. “leader” … of the Libertarian Party

      3. The LP is just a less vocal version of beltway progressivism.

        I have no use for the LP, but that’s definitely not what they are. Some of their high profile candidates might be that in some ways. But not the party.

    2. On the plus side the dems have done nothing else. They even voted down the GND. The Republic is safe for now.

  10. A spoon is good for cleaning scales off fish but it is messy so yeah.

    1. I would never scale a fish.

      I’ll take the dover sole with a glass of the house chablis.


  11. Yang’s use of Asian stereotypes is reinforcing toxic tropes. His one-liners about “math” and “doctors” ultimately send a troubling message.

    Yep. We should call Asians “Csians” to counter this message.

    Also, “toxic tropes” is a nice band name.

    1. His one-liners about “math” and “doctors” ultimately send a troubling message.

      The message that if you are an Asian you are smart and can be successful. The horror!!

      1. I don’t get the outrage over positive stereotypes.

        “How DARE you say black men have giant dicks, you BIGOT!!!”
        “Pretty sure no dude will be pissy about somebody saying their cock is massive”

        1. Because they are idiot activists presuming to speak for a whole class of people. Most actual Asian people I know (both East and Central Asian) employ the stereotypes a lot themselves.
          Any stereotype, even positive ones, can be annoying, I’m sure, if people think it can tell them anything about an individual. But applied to groups, they are often pretty accurate.

          1. And the Democrats/progressives are starting to realize their hold on East Asians is starting to slip. Trump is also making a concerted effort to attract Hispanic votes in the Southwest. How much would Republicans have to improve among Asians and Hispanics to make California purple? They’re running more than one Asian and Hispanic in purple districts and even in blue districts.

      2. The troubling message is that he has a sense of humor and therefore is no friend of progressivism.

    2. Right, he should have mentioned cab drivers and terrorists as well.

  12. Yang has also used such one-liners at rallies, and sold merchandise alluding to these comments, including baseball caps and T-shirts simply emblazoned with the word, “Math.”

    That sonofabitch must be stopped – get em Vox!

  13. Seems like Lewandowski was taking some style from Mueller.

  14. 2 is the number of people you can kill in california if a democrat mega donor. Dont get greedy going for a third.

  15. “New Mexico embraces tuition-free college.”

    And the ‘students’ will soon learn they got what the paid for.

    1. How was the rally, GOP shill. Did Trump put his dick in your mouth or did he just smooch and pillow talk?

      1. Spare us your child porn fantasies shreek. No one is into that shit around here. Go back to the darkwebs and be with your own sick kind.

      2. Just awful at this.

      3. Yesterday, I was one of the ‘liberals’, along with that pathetic troll rev and Tony.
        Today I’m a GOP shill.
        Whoever is running this sock is really bad at it.
        Fuck off and die.

        1. I never called you a liberal, Trumpian.

          1. Fuck off and die.

            1. Jesus Christ… I was just asking how your San Francisco GOP Party was. Too bad Dear Leader didn’t hold a public rally in the city like Obama did and just kept busy at some rich guy’s house in Silicon Valley.

              1. Fuck off and die.

  16. At yesterday’s hearing Nadler kept bringing up article 3 of the Nixon indictment for obstruction of a committee. He apparently forgot articles 1 and 2 which were actual criminal predicates that allowed for article 3 in Nixons indictment. Trump worked with the special counsel and the investigation ended. Nadler is kind of ignoring that whole criminal basis need for an actual obstruction. You cant indict someone for screaming at investigators their innocence when they are innocent.

    1. One of the articles of impeachment was for Nixon talking about using the IRS to go after his enemies. He never actually did. He just talked about it. If we had a functioning media, someone would ask Nixon why Obama was not impeached for actually doing it.

      1. The media has lionized their takedown of nixon into being much more than it was. Hillary and Obama’s use of IC and government to attack political opponents dwarfs anything Nixon could dream of.

        1. Obama’s IC literally spied on Congress.

      2. I’m not the biggest media fan but asking Nixon about Obama maybe a little tough.

      3. I think the answer to that is that impeachment is a political process. IF it were applied consistently and apolitically, we’d have had a lot more impeached presidents.

  17. “Hank Johnson (D–Ga.) said at the hearing that questioning Lewandowski was like “a fish being cleaned by a spoon,” which is not the go to utensil for cleaning a fish, one gathers”.

    When I was a kid we’d use a spoon to scrape the scales off of the fish we’d caught. You’re not going to gut it with a spoon of course, but it’s the perfect utensil for cleaning off the scales because you can’t cut yourself with it like you would a knife. Robbie must be one of them big city elites that I keep hearing about. 🙂

    1. Oh, and who the fuck is/was Lauren Duca?

      1. Another entitled millenial reporter cunt. But hearing about her summer professorship at NYU is actually pretty amusing. Shed leave in the middle of teaching to meditate. Had no syllabus. Had her students read her shit articles. Students are suing NYU because the class was so bad.

        1. “I would rather eat my own organs.”

          She evidently said that.

          Looks like she already started with her brain.

      2. Tucker used to have her on. Pretty entertaining stuff

        1. Carlson’s act is to basically bear bait with the absolute dumbest and craziest progs his staff can dig up. The fact that she is a leftist who appeared on his show tells you all you need to know about her.

          1. Like I said, pretty entertaining stuff.

            Also entertaining, watching the woker take down the not adequately woke. The left really does control the entertainment industry


    This goes a long way to explain the growing polarization in the country. The Gatekeepers seem to be the main cause of liberal self- delusion and of mass confusion for everybody else, in addition to their hate-mongering. They synchronize messaging among various left-liberal outlets and suppress or distort conservative views. I have been warning my readers as to the dangers of these Internet Gatekeepers for more than two years, but the recent revelation by Google whistleblowers exceeded all my worries. The MSM-Gatekeepers collusion is illuminated by the indifference and hostility that MSM and tech news media display toward Google whistleblowers. Instead of reporting on the bombshell material that Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies released, they aggressively smeared him. Google has not disputed the authenticity of the documents released nor anything Zach has said

    The COVFEFE incident is mind-blowing. On May 31, 2017, following his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Trump tweeted “Despite constant negative press covfefe“. At this time, “covfefe” or “cov fe’fe” was recognized by Google Translate as an Arabic phrase and translated to mean “I will stand up”. Later, Trump confirmed that by tweeting “Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!” Many people already understood its meaning and those who didn’t, could easily find it in Google Translate. But that same day, the NY Times declared that the word doesn’t exist, and that Trump supporters had spread the conspiracy theory of its existence and meaning. On June 1, Google literally deleted this and another transliteration of “I will stand up” from its Arabic-English dictionary! Google chose the New York Times opinion over reality and secretly forced that opinion on an unsuspecting public.

    This coincided with the time period in which Obama holdovers were plotting to declare Trump mentally ill. Trump’s enemies seized on the covfefe tweets as an opportunity to further their false accusations, and ordinary liberals saw those tweets as the president promoting conspiracy theories.

    These fuckers are just trying to create a propaganda monopoly to gaslight the country in furtherance of the deep state and the Democratic party. But we can’t do anything to stop them?

    1. The Cathedral has been doing this for a century. The only difference between then and now is access to alternative media.

      On one hand, its easier than ever for leftists to collect more sheep. On the other, there’s more access to red pills than ever before. While it is fucked up, the good news is that anyone thoughtful enough to notice will be on the Right side of history.

    2. America is being gaslighted, but not by Trump.

      1. +1000

        One of the best reasons to have the internet is alternative sources of information outside the Gatekeepers and KeyMasters.

  19. “If implemented, they would cost anywhere from $1 to $2 trillion dollars.”

    The casual nature of the way this information is provided leads me to believe that the writer thinks it’s not worth our time because it’s not realistic or that it’s not a big deal. It’s funny to compare this reaction to the Reason reaction to border wall funding. The wall is about as useless as sending low IQ morons to 4 years of propaganda camp, but would cost 1/10th the price, yet Reason took the noise up to 11 when it came to the border wall.

    Just an observation

  20. Their broader strategy of using their House majority to slowly build a pattern of presidential abuse of power and obstruction of justice has yet to reach a critical mass.

    Why are they doing that? I’ve been told by our progressive friends that the Democrats have all the evidence needed to make it a slam-dunk impeachment case, including the oh-so-decisive Mueller Report. So why aren’t they slam-dunking?

    1. They have also had the house majority since January. Here we are in the middle of September and they are finally getting around to revealing all of this HUGE evidence against Trump.

      1. The media is already gaslighting again in claiming impeachment isnt about misdemeanors or crimes. They are trying to collate the idea that impeachment can be justified with merely political considerations. That way when the 3 year investigation ends with no actual crime they can morally justify the impeachment if it happens.

        1. IT is the same shit they always pull. Put out as many lies about something as possible and then after all the lies have been discredited claim the sheer number of accusations mean at least some of them must be true.

          1. Just remember… Obama’s 8 years were scandal free.

            1. lol. good one.

            2. Not just scandal free, but his admin always complied with congressional requests. Never took the 5th. Never forced with a subpoena to comply.

            3. Period.

          2. Didn’t the media happily play along with James Carville’s claim that the Clinton impeachment was a coup d’etat?

            Also, very OT…nice of one of those NYT reporters who fucked up the Kavanaugh “scoop” beyond all words to cite Vox to show that they really weren’t biased or anything.

        2. They are trying to collate the idea that impeachment can be justified with merely political considerations.

          Well it kind of can be. All they need is the votes in the House.

          It’s a good thing that that precedent has not been set in US history, but it could easily happen and there isn’t much anyone can do about it.

  21. Its strategy of curtailing Lewandowski’s testimony by foreshadowing controversial executive privilege claims appeared to be an attempt to goad Democrats into another protracted court battle that could delay a day of reckoning.

    A day of reckoning for what? CNN doesn’t know but they know there is a pony in that pile of shit somewhere. That article is unbelievable.

    1. CNN: “It hurts our feelings when you say we’re biased. Also, Trump rapes puppies.”

      Who, EXACTLY, do they think their audience is? Progressives can go to MSNBC for whackjobs who are more entertaining and less embarrassing than Lemon (yes, Sharpton is less of a joke than Lemon). People who want news straight are exceptionally aware CNN doesn’t do that. Take away airports and their viewership is cut in half.

  22. “screen addiction is not really a thing”

    “no connection between the amount of time that young people spend online using digital technologies and mental health symptoms like depression, anxiety.”

    How did you get to that conclusion from the article?

    In any case, you don’t need a study to tell me any of that. Journalists use twitter constantly and they are the picture of mental health and happiness. Oh wait…

    1. I am pretty sure the mental illness of journalists causes their Twitter use or at least is an expression of it rather than the other way around.

      1. That’s probably true. However, if I was trying to talk a NYT reporter down from a ledge, I would advise him not to check Trump’s twitter feed while he’s up there.

  23. Statistic of the Day:

    “GM last year made $11 billion in profit and paid workers $10,750 each in profit-sharing payments. The average hourly employee earns $90,000 annually and pays a mere 3% of health costs compared to an average of 30% in private industry.”

    UAW workers are striking against the company right now so that they can get better pay for work that mostly falls under the category of unskilled. Last week, when I was talking about how standards of living improve with the productivity gains associated with trade and automation, eliminating the jobs of people who are overpaid like this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.

    In other words, automation is one of the long term solutions to the problem of UAW workers putting downward pressure on the standard of living by being overpaid and relatively unproductive, and Yang’s “solution” of using the fruit of productive worker’s labor to pay other people to be completely unproductive is even worse than what the UAW is doing in its own way.

    Incidentally, the reason the UAW is striking right now may be for the same reason that the Democrats want to impeach Trump–it’s a distraction. As bad as trying to impeach Trump in an election year might play out for Democrats, it probably plays better with swing voters than the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and other crazy shit the Democratic candidates for president are selling. Likewise, as good as UAW workers at GM have it, nine UAW officials have recently been convicted of crimes like taking bribes from the automakers they were supposed to be negotiating with, and the FBI just raided the homes of three more UAW officials who are suspected of embezzling funds directly from the union.

    Suddenly calling for a strike when a distraction is exactly what the UAW leadership needs, well that’s just a coincidence, I’m sure. The best interpretation may be that the UAW wants to be clear to its members that it isn’t taking bribes in negotiations with GM. If they were taking bribes, then they wouldn’t have called for a strike! Meanwhile, they’re hurting the economy just to make themselves look good to their dues paying members?

    Every time I think of Obama using my future paychecks to bail these motherfuckers out, it makes me feel nauseated all over again. Just remember kiddies, “Democratic Socialism” isn’t a meaningless term. Among other things, “Democratic Socialism” means leaving us all at the total mercy of unions like the UAW.

    1. Didn’t the UAW take ownership of a big chunk of GM as a result of the Obama takeover? What happened to their $30 billion stake?

      1. They still own shares, but not enough to guarantee them a seat on the board of directors anymore. They sold most of those off.

        This site breaks it down:

        1. Will Twitter can you for telling UAW members to “learn to code”?

          I have no beef with private unions…but are they fucking kidding?

    2. NPR was talking with a union rep that basically said that any changes to the healthcare benefit was non-negotiable and a non-starter.

  24. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) responds to libertarian criticism of his various plans to regulate the internet: I don’t understand why those who call themselves libertarian are so enamored with this incredible concentration of power in the hands of a few that they would object to the wolves’ plan to protect them from the foxes.

    In other words, Josh Hawley is a retard that doesn’t understand the incredible concentration of power in the hands of a few that libertarians are more concerned about. It’s not that we’re “enamored” with corporate power, it’s just that pancreatic cancer – while undeniably effective – is not an acceptable cure for a skin rash.

    1. You are not enamored with it, you just think a few enormous corporations in bed with the government controlling 90% or more of the information people can obtain is just no big deal. Nothing that can’t be solved by a few appeals to “meh principles” and just starting your own internet.

      But it is Hawley who is retarded. Yeah,

      1. But if the corporations are in bed with the government (and I do believe they are) then I could hardly trust that same government to control them. Indeed, the likely outcome of that would be supplying the corporation with the government’s guns so that they’ll have more power, not less.

        1. That is a risk. The problem is that your outcome will happen anyway if nothing is done. If we do nothing the corporations and the government will become one and the same. The only hope is to break them up so that their being in bed with the government will be less of a threat.

          1. Not the only hope and your’s is the option of last resort. My hope is Peter Thiel or some other person or group creates alternatives. That will be tougher if the regulators swoop in.

            1. I don’t see that happening. The vertical integration is too big and the companies act in concert. Look at Gab. Gab is supposed to be the alternative to Twitter. And it is growing. The problem is that it is constantly losing its hosting services and the ones it gets are so small and buggy it is nearly impossible to use the service.

              1. Perhaps but I don’t think we need to rush legislation. A problem has presented itself relatively recently, so give the market time to adjust before sending in the federal troops to “solve” the problem.

                1. You’re referring to the market that has watched the big tech companies steal their ideas, issue buy and kills, and other such actions like blocking startups from advertising?

                  1. No I am talking about the market that created the internet as we know it in the first place that gave rise to everyone’s ability to now bitch about that same market that now has a new challenge to tackle. What I don’t want to see is the federal governments solution to the Internet like their solution to Health Care, Housing, Poverty, Drugs, Guns, Energy, Education; must I continue.

                    1. The federal government already implemented, and still is, their solution – section 230

                2. You have to realize that while this is (nominally) a libertarian site, there are a lot of Republicans here. They still cling to their faith in government – so long as the right Top Men are in charge. We libertarians believe that the whole system is rotten and cannot help but produce rotten fruit, they believe the rotten fruit is merely a bug in the system. It’s like Techdirt always complaining about the need for government oversight of the internet while simultaneously bitching about Ajit Pai and the FCC’s corrupt oversight of the internet. When you call for the government to “do something”, what the hell leads you to believe they’re going to be doing something for you instead of to you? I mean, they sit right there and admit that the government is controlled by these malign forces, and yet want to give the government more power to control these malign forces that are controlling the government. And there’s no awareness whatsoever how absolutely batshit insane that sounds to a rational human being.

                  1. Jesus fucking Christ Jerry, there isn’t a coherent sentence in that entire post. I get it, you hate Republicans. So fucking what? That doesn’t answer any of the points that are made here.

                  2. So, jerry, outside “make your own internet”, how do you handle the issues involving Big Tech. Like it or not, private enterprises are hardly perfect and are quite able to utterly fuck you over.

              2. Even the block chain servers gab is now on are being assaulted by activists to coordinate a massive server deleted of all gab hosts.

      2. But it is Hawley who is retarded. Yeah,

        I’m not so sure. His basic complaint can be accurate. And he can even have the broad principles of a resolution right. And then he can so wildly botch it up in the details as to border on retarded.

        The idea of leaving the distinction of publisher or not with the FCC, or any government agency for that matter, is a really bad one. It makes it too easy for the government to be in bed with the internet publishers. There really isn’t a legitimate reason for not decentralizing the decision to juries and precedent.

    2. Hawley’s the perpetual-motion machine of retard. what happened, Missouri?

    3. Throughout the history of libertarian thought they have required honest advertising and access to information. the naive idealist libertarians today seem to be okay with false advertisement and vague contracts. All under the guise of private industry ( which requires one to ignore how in bed with politicians the industry is). Which leads me to wonder if new age libertarianism would support a form of fascism since… private industry and all. The

      1. It’s a valid inquiry. How can ANYBODY make an informed decision on anything if the information is stifled? How can anybody speak up about an issue when the platform decides they don’t want to let you do so.

        If phone companies behaved as big tech does, Libertarians would be wailing and moaning.

  25. definitely cleaned the fish w/a spoon, Hank. scales off easiest that way.

    1. I prefer a butter knife for rescaling carp and Pike but a spoon works as well.

  26. “Trump’s army of Republican committee members, meanwhile, more eager to catch his eye as he watched on Air Force One than to honor their lawmakers’ duty to constrain the executive”

    And some people think CNN might not be an impartial news source.

    1. Yeah, that was one of the stranger write-ups you’ll see.

  27. In regards to New Mexico, I was looking at some statistics the other day about quality of life in the state.

    I’m seeing that they were the state with the second highest rate of violent crime in 2017, and the high school graduation rate in New Mexico was dead last of 50 states–they’re worse than Mississippi!

    Offering a free college education to state residents may not be as expensive in New Mexico as it would be in other states–not when such a small portion of their high school students graduate. Just estimating from the list of four year colleges and universities in New Mexico, there may be less than 70,000 degree seeking college students in the whole state.

    1. Offering a free college education to state residents may not be as expensive in New Mexico as it would be in other states–not when such a small portion of their high school students graduate.

      It won’t be. New Mexico is about as backwater as you can get– I know, I was born and raised there.

      1. Didn’t mean to offend! I was just saying that, you know, it would cost a lot more in Massachusetts, California, and nationally. Because New Mexico can get away with it, maybe, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would work elsewhere.

        The reason I was looking at it was because looking for acreage where I could a back country landing strip for bush plane and a cabin is something of a hobby. I remember driving through the mountain areas of New Mexico and it looking like Colorado–rather than what most people see when they’re driving across I-40 on the way to California.

        Meanwhile, for whatever reason, there’s a net migration out of the state right now. I’d care more about crime and the state of the education system if I were looking to move to Albuquerque, but if I’m looking for some rural recreational property when everything is growing elsewhere in the West, that seems like a good place to look for an opportunity.

        1. Truth and Consequences is a nice little town.
          Hot springs nearby

          1. Truth OR Consequences is the name of that town, thank you very much.

            1. Thank you for the correction.
              I’ve only been there once, for a night/morning.
              Liked it.
              I was, however, very disappointed to learn it was named after a game show rather than some badass old west stuff

        2. New Mexico’s economy is primarily based on three things–government spending, oil, and agriculture. There’s not a lot of future for folks in the state from an economic standpoint, and as you point out, the crime rates are horrendous. It hasn’t helped that the refuse of California, Arizona, Texas, and Mexico have settled there in the last ten years.

          If the US ever closed the military bases in the state, New Mexico would go right back to being what it had been for centuries before the post-Civil War migration–the world’s largest sheep ranch.

  28. >>Spending a lot of time on their phones, and on social media, does not increase anxiety among young people

    then what’s the fucking root of their idiocy? it’s all they do.

    1. I’m speculating here, but . . .

      Low temperatures don’t cause the common cold. The common cold is actually caused by a virus. That doesn’t mean the two aren’t related. When temperatures gets low, your autoimmune system become less effective, and that makes people more susceptible to infection by viruses.

      Social media consumption may not be a direct cause of anxiety in the young, but social isolation could be–and to a certain extent, if most of your socialization happens online, you could become more socially isolated.

      Just because it isn’t a direct cause, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a catalyst.

      1. true true. and it’s not just that age w/their faces in their phones all day … every elevator ride now is full of people who don’t make eye contact it creeps me out … *there’s* the root cause of my anxiety ha.

  29. Interesting bit from the hearing: Several committee democrats excoriated Lewandowski over Trump’s suggestion that Sessions direct Mueller to focus on Russian efforts to interfere with future elections.

    Really… they are going for “trying to safeguard future elections is an impeachable offense”.

    This is what happens when there is nobody in the room to give you a sanity check. This was obviously a planned and orchestrated line of attack – that the executive chain of command directing that the FBI investigation focus on ways to prevent future interference in the elections here in the US is obstruction of justice.

    This, when all of those same democrats have made speeches, proposed laws and generally hectored everyone about the need to do something about Russian interference in the next election.

    I’d say they were all mentally ill, but I think politics in general is a mental illness.

    1. These are the same people who thought Trump telling Comey to leave Flynn alone because he was innocent was “obstruction of justice”.

      They are fucking nuts.

      1. Not “telling Comey to leave Flynn alone”…. saying “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go”. That’s a pretty big difference.

        And that is as reported by Comey, who intended his version to damage the president. So the worst he could make it sound, and it still sounds like at most a request and contingent upon the facts bearing his innocence out.

  30. Even Swedish socialism was based on murdering the unfit.

    But there’s also a neglected dark side to the Swedish welfare model that its “democratic socialist” admirers seldom mention. That same welfare system developed in explicit conjunction with a violent and coercive eugenics policy, intended to ensure its fiscal solvency and prevent abuses of its programs by persons who were deemed genetically “unfit” by the state.

    Both policies trace their modern origins to the 1930s with the political ascendance of the Swedish Social Democratic Party (SDP). Following an SDP victory in 1932, Swedish premier Per Albin Hansson organized his government around a principle he dubbed “folkhemmet,” roughly translated as “the people’s home.” This new philosophy sought to bring private industry into economic and political partnership with the state, subject to socially progressive regulatory guidance as an alternative to a more rigid centrally planned approach, as seen under Soviet socialism.

    1. >sought to bring private industry into economic and political partnership with the state

      Isn’t that the definition of fascism?

    2. Sweden sold iron ore and ball bearings to Nazi Germany right up to 1944.

      In fact, one could say that one of the major reasons for Nazi Germany invading Norway was to secure Swedish iron ore supplies that were shipped via train to Narvik, Norway to continue the war effort.

  31. I could see how texting doesn’t affect your mental health the same way as posting negative or fearful stuff on social media could.

    I’ve never heard of texting per se causing issues.

    1. saves me from voice conversations w/my mother

  32. “Spending a lot of time on their phones, and on social media, does not increase anxiety among young people, according to a new study.”

    One would suspect it depends more on what they’re viewing. “Buffy and Fredo had a fight” might not bring on the angst that, “We’re all going to die from climate change in 10 years and Trump doesn’t care.” would.

    1. I think the anxiety inducing stuff the young folks might be encountering would be of a more personal nature than that.

      Social media is an important conveyor of social status amongst the young’uns these days.

    2. The media is trying to ramp up anxiety by making everything a CRISIS: mental health crisis, climate crisis, opioid crisis, vaping crisis, school shooting crisis, gas price crisis, Antonio Brown crisis, etc. etc.

      1. So you’re saying we have a crisis crisis? I’ve always thought of it as a panic panic. Although Pan was a goat-legged god and the media are more goat-faced baboons, both are known for their ability to cause unreasoning terror in otherwise rational people.

  33. “when Trump and his gang are determined to turn them into a circus.” Good for Corey. He gave the event all the seriousness it deserved. Long past time the Dems and the media get treated to the contempt and ridicule they have so mightily striven for and so richly deserve.

    Someone said all the Dems have to do to win in 2020 is “not go bat-shit crazy”. Well, obviously, they cant even do that. Lovely.

    1. What the dems haven’t figured out is that if you are part of the circus, you are still part of the circus.

  34. Stop retweeting anything from Vox. Stop it now. Stop it this instant.

    1. I really don’t get what their obsession with that shit website is all about.

      1. Because free minds and free markets are a danger to their agenda?

  35. Lewandowski: The media are dishonest too.

    CNN: It’s a fair cop.

  36. The pre impeachment hearings are a bunch of grandstanding.

  37. Well, if they indict Lewandowski for contempt of congress, it will be the only thing they get right – – – –

  38. Screen addiction is not really a thing…

    What? I went cold turkey this morning for nothing?

  39. Obamas’ debut Netflix documentary slammed as ‘lefty propaganda,’ an attack on Trump

    So, I watched this Netflix “documentary” American Factory so you don’t have to. I also gave it a THUMBS DOWN, which Netflix still cares about the ratings.

    So 5 points that stand out.
    1. Some of the Ohio factory workers and executives go to China to see the main Fuyao manufacturing plant there. They make windshields/glass. They filmed how brainwashed the Chinese Commies are and how they have a cult-of-personality forced on their workers. Even the Company “Chairman” is more concerned about how he fits into the Communist plan than actual profits like a Capitalist would.
    2. These Chinese are racist as fuck. They even say on camera how “we (The Chinese) are better than them” (Americans). They also comment how some American workers have “fat fingers”. There are American women working at the factory that have smaller fingers than larger 220lbs men. The Chinese management staff seem to be purposely fucking with Americans and not simply for efficiency reasons. Long story short, the show is too short to get a real sense of how happy American workers are at this plant in Ohio. It would appear that UAW Union supporters got the boot quick and other Ohioans were fine with $14+ per hour in an area that does not have a bunch of manufacturing jobs.
    3. This American Fuyao executive who speaks Chinese was speaking to a Chinese executive in China about how he would love to tape American mouths shut because they talk back and joke while working. He appeared utterly in love with how TOP MEN operate Chinese Communist factories and get 12 hour shifts 7 days a week with only about a week off per year out of workers.
    4. Fuyao actually has a Union. Its the Communist Party only authorized Union and it appears that workers have to be part of the Communist Party and this Union to get a better job. This place oozed of Propaganda, so Obama was excited about this scene, I bet.
    5. My last observation was that many of the UAW Union supporters were Black Americans. So, Trump going after China to play by the same basic rules of trade will likely get these Americans to vote Trump, not Democrat. They have been abandoned by Democrats.

  40. ‘Stand Your Ground’ law questioned after 3 teens shot dead

    Of course, most of the people “questioning the self-defense” claim are outside Georgia and are anti-people defending themselves. While waiting for all the facts to come out is the most prudent thing to do, the Lefty MSM is on this Narrative after a slow news week. Three teenagers with masks, shooting at the homeowner in his yard, and at 4am.

    Possibly too local and off Narrative for reason to cover.

    1. Three guys show up in masks and started shooting at the guy’s house. They needed killing. Good for him.

      1. +100

        That’s how we do it here in Georgia. Police source that I have said that the Rockdale County Sheriffs Office never even considered arresting the homeowner for the shooting as it was clearly self-defense by the evidence at the scene.

        Evidently the Conyers Police Department is also part of the investigation and they also didnt arrest the homeowner.

      2. I think I read where attempted robbery was also involved.

    2. How does this even implicate “Stand your Ground?” Sounds like they came to his house armed. Not sure how retreat could be expected under those circumstances.

      1. Retreat while getting shot at? I don’t know, ask the French.

    3. The Left is dead set on disarming and pacifying the public so nobody fights back against anything.

      …I bet it is totally for our best interests.

      1. Check out how that’s worked in South Africa–the few remaining white farmers basically have armed security 24/7 so they aren’t murdered by roving gangs.

  41. ‘I want you to take action’: Greta Thunberg, teenage climate activist, testifies before Congress

    More stupid kids being used by their Useful Idiot parents to #NeverTrump

    More 500 million straws nonsense.

    1. I want a new Ferrari and a date with Katherine Winick. We all want something kid.

      1. Whenever I started a sentence with “I want…” my Dad always said “People in Hell want ice water too, boy.”

        1. “Want in one hand and shit in the other”

    2. “Sorry, Greta, what district are you in? Oh, you’re not American? I should give a fuck what an autistic girl with shitty parents and a lot of money behind her thinks…why?”

    3. If she wants action, why didn’t she go to China?

  42. Trump revokes waiver for California to set higher auto emissions standards

    I bet Lefties will hate the Constitution again on this one.

    Commifornia preempted by federal Interstate powers…again.

  43. GM strike: Who wins if autoworkers don’t return to assembly lines soon?

    I am sure Boehm will write 10 articles this week about how this is Trump’s fault, that the UAW decided to strike.

    1. Well, tariffs, as we all know, lead directly to strikes every time.

      Also, I heard Trump slapped the UAW chief in the face with his dick once.

  44. JANE MOORE Just last month, 53 Americans died in mass shootings…while 40,000 died from obesity

    Chicago hardest hit?

    Large numbers of criminals shooting committing mass shootings AND losing thousands to obesity.

  45. Chinese firms are driving the rise of AI surveillance across Africa

    I wonder if Chinese Communists will get the same grief that British Imperialists did?

  46. The robot that cleans floors and tells jokes

    What will humans call it when robots get fired for jokes they tell from 20 years ago?

  47. Caught On Camera: Man Ambushed, Attacked By Gang Of Suspects On Brooklyn Street

    Authorities said it’s not being considered a hate crime because no anti-Semitic slurs were made. Instead, police are calling it a random attack and robbery.

    Still, former New York state assemblyman Dov Hikind is demanding the city step up its enforcement after the recent outbreak of anti-Semitic attacks across the five boroughs.

    So, hate crimes only occur when the criminals say something offensive? Sounds like 1st Amendment protected speech in the commission of a crime.

  48. Number of abortions in US falls to lowest since 1973

    Let me know when this gets blamed on Trump.

    1. Blame Millennials. Everything is their fault.

      Though pretty soon we will have to move on to blaming whatever the next generation is.

    2. duh, that is proof we are living in the Handmaid’s Tale

    1. They’re following the San Francisco model?

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