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Brett Kavanaugh Faces a New Accusation in The New York Times, but the Alleged Victim Didn't Confirm It

Plus: Andrew Yang opts out of cancel culture, Andrew Cuomo wants to crack down on flavored e-cigarettes, and more...


Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces another accusation of sexual misconduct. Details of the previously unreported incident appeared in The New York Times on Sunday. The article is adapted from a forthcoming book, The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation, by Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly.

The essay concerns an allegation by Deborah Ramirez, a classmate of Kavanaugh's at Yale, who previously told The New Yorker's Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow that "after six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney," she recalled Kavanaugh drunkenly exposing himself to her at a dorm room party 35 years ago.

To bolster this account, Pogrebin and Kelly have produced an additional, similar accusation. During the Kavanaugh hearings, Max Stier, president of the Partnership for Public Service and an attorney with a history of defending the Clintons, allegedly told the FBI that at Yale he saw Kavanaugh "with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student," according to the Times. In its original form, the article continued:

Mr. Stier, who runs a nonprofit organization in Washington, notified senators and the F.B.I. about this account, but the F.B.I. did not investigate and Mr. Stier has declined to discuss it publicly. (We corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with Mr. Stier.)

Mr. Kavanaugh did not speak to us because we could not agree on terms for an interview. But he has denied Dr. Ford's and Ms. Ramirez's allegations, and declined to answer our questions about Mr. Stier's account.

The Times story was later amended to add a rather important missing detail: "the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the episode."

This missing information had been pointed out previously by Mollie Hemmingway and Carrie Severino, whose book Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court is favorable to Kavanaugh and critical of his accusers. Hemmingway and Severino obtained an advance copy of Pogrebin and Kelly's book, and they note that the book—unlike the original article—clarifies that the victim "refused to discuss the incident, though several of her friends said she does not recall it." The book also names the victim, presumably without her cooperation.

It is of course possible that The Education of Brett Kavanaugh presents stronger evidence against the justice, but publishing the article without noting the alleged victim's lack of confirmation does not inspire confidence. At the very least, the Times opened itself up to easy criticism.

In any case, the latest news has prompted calls from several Democratic presidential candidates for Kavanaugh to resign from the Supreme Court or face impeachment.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump called the allegations false.


Andrew Yang wants nothing to do with cancel culture, and he thinks society is becoming too punitive.

In an appearance on CNN Sunday morning, the Democratic presidential candidate elaborated on his comments about new Saturday Night Live cast member Shane Gillis, who recently offered a partial apology for making derogatory comments about Asian people during his comedy routines.

"I believe that our country has become excessively punitive and vindictive about remarks that people find offensive or racist and that we need to try and move beyond that, if we can," said Yang. "Particularly in a case where the person is—in this case—a comedian whose words should be taken in a slightly different light."


Following President Trump's announcement that he intends to ban flavored e-cigarettes, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signaled that he intends to do the same.

New York would become the second state after Michigan to prohibit by executive fiat the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to adults. According to The New York Times,

Mr. Cuomo described a growing "health crisis," likening it to past illnesses related to traditional tobacco products.

"Vaping is dangerous. Period," the governor, a third-term Democrat, said, outlining a variety of potential health concerns associated with the practice, including encouraging nicotine addiction. "No one can say long-term use of vaping—where you're inhaling steam and chemicals deep into your lungs—is healthy."

I criticized vaping bans recently on Fox News, arguing that they could drive people to engage in riskier vaping with black-market products.


  • Actress Felicity Huffman will spend 14 days in jail over her involvement in a college admissions scam.
  • Racial justice activists DeRay Mckesson and Shaun King are having a very public feud over King's integrity (or, according to Mckesson, lack there of).
  • John Bolton's exit might lead to renewed dialogue with Latin American countries. Good!
  • Raise a glass to Ash Ketchum, preteen protagonist of the Pokemon cartoon, who finally won his first league championship. Ash had sought this title many times over the course of the last two decades, only to come up just shy of victory. Cheers, mate.

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  1. Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces another accusation of sexual misconduct.

    Beto just announced he's coming to take your Kavanaugh.

    1. Hello.

      "I believe that our country has become excessively punitive and vindictive about remarks that people find offensive or racist and that we need to try and move beyond that, if we can," said Yang. "Particularly in a case where the person is—in this case—a comedian whose words should be taken in a slightly different light."

      +1 Killing Apu.


      1. ITT, Tony once again expresses his weird obsession with other people’s oral sex, then gets owned hard repeatedly.

    2. You know, it seems to me that if you are going to attend a drunken dorm party, the possibility of being exposed to some guys junk is a risk you are willingly taking on.

      1. I learned in college that's called VICTIM BLAMING. Please don't do it.

        1. Her hands were rough. Who is the real victim?

        2. Yeah but at Parody U, they teach how to use victim blaming as a tool.

        3. My contention is that there is no victim.

          1. Kavanaugh, Justice, and mom's apple pie?

            1. Wasn't there a movie about a boy getting pie and something about band camp?

    3. Like a dog returning to its vomit, the Democrats demand Kavanaugh remove himself over a sketchy sex accusation from college alleged by someone who was not the victim (presuming, if it happened, that there was a victim in the first place). Just stop it already.

      1. In America one is guilty when the democrats say you are guilty even when there are no victims

      2. if inappropriate drunken behavior 30 years ago in college is now a disqualifying event for public service, at least we'll finally achieve our dream of a deserted Washington DC.

  2. "Particularly in a case where the person is—in this case—a comedian whose words should be taken in a slightly different light."

    The president is a Twitter comedian.

    1. I decide my stances on the issues of the day, and who I vote for, based on the likes of Jay Leno, and news from "The Onion", and so forth... That we could ALL be as smart as MEEEE!!!!

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                No judgments here.

                1. But I told you all about that in confidence!

                  No actually, you posted it publicly.

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                    As long as you do NOT sell this story (without at least giving me a goodlish cut of it) to the papers and mags that we see at the grocery check-out lanes, I guess I will have to be OK with it then...

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                      I miss Agile Cyborg too... Who was his dealer?

  3. Following President Trump's announcement that he intends to ban flavored e-cigarettes, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signaled that he intends to do the same.

    Redundancy is redundant.

  4. Actress Felicity Huffman will spend 14 days in jail over her involvement in a college admissions scam.

    On Lifetime network.

    1. Not exactly my idea of a women in prison flick.

      1. you know after 9 or 10 days she'll be running the place

  5. Ash had sought this title many times over the course of the last two decades, only to come up just shy of victory.


    1. He identifies as preteen.

      However, he is now under arrest for animal cruelty laws for participating in an an animal fighting ring and keeping his creatures in abusively small that are abusively confining.

    2. The same reason Maggie Simpson is still a baby. Time flows differently in cartoon land. When we aren't watching, time isn't flowing.

      1. Then I guess he didn't really have to wait a long time to get a tourney win.

    3. Same way Charlie Brown has been about eight years old for more than half a century.

      1. Peanuts time is weirder. Charlie Brown babysat Lucy before Linus was born, but later on CB and Linus are classmates.

        1. Charlie Brown doesn't age, the rest of the cast ages slowly. And Snoopy jumps back and forth in time.

  6. At the very least, the Times opened itself up to easy criticism.

    As has been pointed out, they're quite sloppy when reporting on things that align with their politics.

    1. This is sloppy seconds . Too triggering?

  7. "Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces another accusation of sexual misconduct."

    Some day you'll realize the corporate press, run by radical leftists, are the enemy of the people, you you've been carrying water for them all along.

    Free minds, am I right?

    1. But, to be sure, they are not the enemy of his paycheck.

    2. the corporate press, run by radical leftists


      1. Having a good laugh about your buddies gaslighting the general public?

      2. Jeff loves when the left tries to subvert democracy through intimidation

        1. Little Jeffy thinks it’s a coincidence that every article the NYT gets wrong is wrong in the same direction.

    3. I'm waiting for Robbie to weigh in on this one. I'm not sure if this accusation is credible or just eminently plausible.

  8. Haven't I been saying for months that Harris and Warren are the best libertarian options for 2020? Their commitment to #CancelKavanaugh proves it.


  9. I sat through those hearings.

    She was Spartacus.

    1. She was Tartacus.

  10. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I deal with systemic oppression on a daily basis. So I can relate to this story.

    A transgender woman was fired from her job at a Nebraska coffee shop after telling a conservative activist that she wasn’t welcome at the establishment.

    The oppression of trans people is at epidemic levels with Drumpf literally turning this country into The Handmaid's Tale.


      Over a million households have climbed to the middle class under Trump.

      Uppity peasants. Don't they know they are supposed to work in the gig economy and be poor, insecure, and easily lead?

      1. Don't you pay attention to Palin's Buttplug? He says the economy is in ruins. I trust him.


        1. He meant CP is in ruins. He hasnt been able to satiate his desire.

      2. Isn't it the left that wants to stop people working in the gig economy?

    2. Interesting how a Family Alliance person has no problem going to a coffee shop and being served by a transgendered person, but the transgendered person just can’t countenance having her in the shop, and decides to just bounce a paying customer out of the store. Lincoln is a pretty liberal enclave as far as Nebraska goes, but I’m quite sure 100% of the business owners still like taking $$ from the locals.

      1. even conservative activists usually can separate politics from everyday life

        even SJW non-activists can't separate politics from everyday life

      2. She was a regular and the stupid tranny couldn't, apparently, just ask someone else to serve her and/or wait until she'd left the establishment to take a break and voice its opinions. I've worked with Jr. High kids with more composure, decorum, and restraint.

        1. She had served the conservative many times. The tran only freaked out when her local activist group posted the picture on a website of local activists.

        2. Everyone knows the best way to gain people's respect and tolerance is to treat them like shit at every opportunity.

    3. The funniest thing about that story is the employee's apparent assumption that the coffee shop owner makes business decisions based on said employee's feelings. Maybe at a non-profit coffee shop in the Bay Area. Not in Nebraska

    4. Weiss said she understood that the interaction was “unprofessional” and that while she expected to be reprimanded by Cultiva’s management, she was not expecting to be fired.

      “We were told we were allowed to ask anyone who make us feel uncomfortable and unsafe to leave, so I felt empowered to do what I did,” Weiss said. “The soft, unspoken caveat was that the people had to make us feel uncomfortable while we were working, not outside of the shift.”

      The next bug in the SJW fascist takeover has been identified. I wholly expect Reason to bring the 'transgender bathroom panic' narrative to the aid of shitty tranny wait staff and against business owners.

    5. A "hate crime" that actually happened, with a real victim and perpetrator?

      You've gone too far this time, OBL. Nobody is going to believe that.

      1. Was MAGA hats involved?

  11. Hemmingway and Severino obtained an advance copy of Pogrebin and Kelly's book, and they note that the book—unlike the original article—clarifies that the victim "refused to discuss the incident, though several of her friends said she does not recall it."

    It's not like it's not already known that the NYT is a Democratic party mouthpiece.

    1. Reason takes political fear porn for bored housewives very seriously

      1. I can't help but notice that Ryan has never talked about that time OBL was molested at a frat party by a drunken Red Rocks. Seems to me that that's tantamount to a confirmation of a credible accusation. Add in the fact that OBL himself refuses to discuss the incident and that's practically a confession.

        1. OBL was molested the same way Hiroshima molested Little Boy.

          1. Or, so I heard...

        2. He was asking for it.

    2. I'm calling this the "dense pack" smear; You organize multiple people to make evidence free accusations at the same time, and then use each evidence free accusation to make the others seem more credible.

      If you can get enough people to join in, your target is destroyed even though you never produced evidence. If the target survives, recruit more accusers.

      And, yes, let me make this explicit: Accusations aren't evidence of their own truth.

  12. Major #TrumpRussia update!

    EXCLUSIVE: Russia carried out a "stunning" breach of an FBI communications system, allowing Russian spies operating in the U.S. to evade detection.

    Now that Mueller has definitively proved what Rachel Maddow has been saying for years, patriotic Americans must demand the impeachment of the Russian intelligence asset in the White House.


    1. From the linked article.

      ""These compromises, the full gravity of which became clear to U.S. officials in 2012, gave Russian spies in American cities including Washington, New York and San Francisco key insights into the location of undercover FBI surveillance teams, and likely the actual substance of FBI communications, according to former officials""

      The Russian spy is Maddow. She's done an amazing job of keeping the focus off her handlers.

  13. NYT finally added an editors note to the kavanaugh story. Of course 2 days after everyone read the story, so totes will be read by everyone. This is the new newsroom.

    1. Seems some people with a D behind their name haven't had time to catch up:

      "2020 Democrats call to impeach Kavanaugh amid new allegations"
      "Democratic presidential candidates on Sunday demanded that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh be investigated or impeached in response to a new allegation he exposed himself to a female classmate at a drunken dorm party years ago at Yale University. "

      Do you think any of them will have the decency to apologize?

      1. Decency? No. Apologize? Hell no.

    2. So what if the victim doesn't recall the event? Victims are notoriously bad witnesses, due to the trauma of the event.

      1. Oh, you're one of these assholes. Not remembering is proof of trauma...

        1. Think about what I said a bit more, then adjust your sarcasmometer.

          1. Not sarcasm when this is the actual argument from those who push trauma theories on title IX and in courts. Just straight scary.

      2. "So what if the victim doesn’t recall the event?"

        So this is one of those "heads I win, tails you lose" deals?

      3. In other words, believe all women, whether they remember what happened to them or not. A booster for the Clintons said so.

  14. Yet one more reason to be thankful for 1776:

    "Deliveroo Ad Implying Delivery Anywhere (Even Space) Is Banned in U.K."
    "LONDON — A cyclist pedals furiously in space with only one mission: delivering a sushi order to a hungry astronaut. A man gets a pizza in a field after seemingly tunneling underground to escape from prison, and a woman receives a delivery during a car chase.
    "“The ad must not appear again,” the regulator, the Advertising Standards Authority, said in a statement on Wednesday. It said the commercial had drawn 22 complaints from viewers who said that Deliveroo did not operate in their area...."

    Yes, 22 Brit weenies griped.

    1. I don't want to rain on your parade, but a delivery company whose commercials are saying, "WE DELIVER ANYWHERE' cannot have complaints from people pointing out that no, in fact they don't deliver anywhere and still expect to run those ads.

      Because they're not talking about delivering to space--or delivering to a field you've escaped prison into. They're talking about delivering into the next street in tiny England.

      And that's pretty bad.

      It's almost like saying 'We're Deliveroo. No, we don't deliver, why do you ask?--Oh, the commercials, Ha. Ha.--we were just having you on, mate. Taking the piss."

      1. "I don’t want to rain on your parade, but a delivery company whose commercials are saying, “WE DELIVER ANYWHERE’ cannot have complaints from people pointing out that no, in fact they don’t deliver anywhere and still expect to run those ads."

        So because there's no Chik Fil A near me, I can whine to some nanny in the government and have them stop running ads which I can see?
        If T-Mobile doesn't provide service near me?
        Hate to rain on YOUR parade, but that's, shall we say, not real bright?

      2. Jimmy John's shows the delivery guys delivering the order before the caller is even off the phone with the store. Yet when I ordered delivery it took 15 minutes. Let's get those adds banned ASAP.

      3. What they ought to do is redirect people from a “we don’t deliver there” page to a new one that allows “special delivery requests.” Then structure the special deliver so they have to pay $100 to make the request for a delivery quote, and then actually fulfill the quote request. Everyone will laugh at the $30M delivery fee to the ISS and the timeline of 6-9 months, but it’ll be legitimate. There’s nowhere that is both undeliverable and where people can be found, whether it’s the ISS (via resupply rockets from Russia) or Everest (via sherpas) or the Marianas Trench (via James Cameron).

  15. Read the harrowing tale of Biden vs the biggest gang leader in Delaware, Corn Pop.

    1. He's probably lost battles with other breakfast cereals in the past.
      Once bitten, twice shy.

      1. Particularly relevant with regards to Count Chocula. Just sayin....

  16. This is not a "new" allegation. This came up during the Senate hearing. Ramirez was not credible, she had no memory of the incident, she had to ponder and be cajoled for six days to arrive at the conclusion she had no memory of the incident and then go forward with the accusation. The only thing "new" here is that a DNC operator is now coming forward and saying "oh, yeah, I saw the whole thing. If only somebody had asked me during the hearing I would have filled in Ramirez's blacked out memory".

    The Democrats are truly horrible people trying to destroy America. I can only hope that these four years of Trump's presidency utterly decimates the Democrat party.

    1. This one is even worse. It wasnt the one involving Ramirez. This is by a clinton lawyer trying to corroborate Ramirez with a similar story. The victim told the FBI she has no recollection. The letter was also sent to DiFi and other Democrats and they refused to use the story. The same group that pushed that nut who claimed she witnessed gang rapes as a 21 year old visiting high school parties. The same group that pushed a letter whose writer admitted to making up the story. This story was so full of holes, the Democrats buried it at the hearings.

    2. Ramirez was not credible, she had no memory of the incident, she had to ponder and be cajoled for six days to arrive at the conclusion she had no memory of the incident and then go forward with the accusation.

      I understood this to be a different party than Ramirez's incident. The DNC operator is corroborating an alleged pattern of behavior and the unnamed woman/'victim' isn't foggy on the detail or is just unsure but is pretty clear that she doesn't remember anything like that happening.

      Ramirez told the story and this other woman didn't remember anything like that happening and, now, Stier is rather literally remembering it for her.

      1. Sounds like memory-rape

      2. The only pattern of behavior here is a pattern of expecting baseless smears to be believed.

    3. " I can only hope that these four years of Trump’s presidency utterly decimates the Democrat party."

      Like the first two years?

      1. Like the first two years?


        Are you blind?

        They're running retards, fact checking jokes, and throwing tantrums. And that's just after two years.

        We're probably way beyond decimation by this point. Annihilation?

  17. Surely politicians who find that chocolate, vanilla, and fruit flavors are solely aimed at children celebrate their birthdays with broccoli cake and kale ice cream.

    1. A unicorn frappucino, containing no fruit flavors nor any addictive chemicals, is a safe beverage targeted solely at adults.

      1. ^has no idea how unicorns are processed.

        1. PLEASE tell us exactly HOW (in great, gory detail) unicorns are processed!

          (Salivates on plate, bangs knife and fork on table).

          1. Much like strippers or sausage, it's best that you don't know how they're made.

          2. (Salivates on plate, bangs knife and fork on table).

            Calm down they're not made of shit or anything.

  18. It is of course possible that The Education of Brett Kavanaugh presents stronger evidence against the justice, but publishing the article without noting the alleged victim's lack of confirmation does not inspire confidence. At the very least, the Times opened itself up to easy criticism.

    Gonna wait until you see the scars on Jackie Coakley's back before calling bullshit on this one too, eh, Robbie?

    I don't know which is worse, that Donald Trump is the only person that refers to this behavior as libel or that no one else does. No wait, that's easy, the media and large swaths of the rest of humanity refusing to call a lie a lie is much, much worse.

    1. The Kavanaugh saga and the Covington kids saga are easily the most infuriating culture war stories of the last 20 years and they happened within months of each other. Everyone in the media and politics involved in smearing both these figures should be tarred and feathered and marooned on an island in pacific inhabited by cannibals with a single shot pistol.

      1. As long as the ammunition is safely locked in a separate safe, and the firing pin removed and in its own safe, yes.

  19. I like the cognitive dissonance of Dem candidates complaining about sham trials and not enough investigations while RBG complains about how awful their harassment and partisanship towards Kavanaugh was...

    1. That's not cognitive dissonance, that is an inter-party disagreement. Just saying.

  20. So... Nothing on the Saudi Arabia thing? Nothing about "locked and loaded"?

    1. They've probably got a full article about it coming up later today.

      1. But not even a mention or link? Too busy with the DC Days of Our Lives.

    2. I'll go out on a limb and predict that "the Saudi Arabia thing" will get, um, bigger.

      1. Could be a one off or just the beginning.

        1. Apparently there is radar evidence the drones came in from the northern border, not southern. This isnt a one off. There have been multiple failed attacks already.

    3. So… Nothing on the Saudi Arabia thing? Nothing about “locked and loaded”?

      Until Hezbollah shows up at our border, Reason gives precisely zero shits. Once Hezbollah arrives at our border, Reason will shit out a bunch of "right to immigrate" articles.

      1. This hurt because it is plausible.

    4. ENB has intimated before that the Round Up is different from Morning Links in that it's not really about the biggest news stories of the day. It's a curated list of things that have struck her as interesting. There's some merit to that approach. If everyone else is covering the big news of the day, why should she?

      On the other hand, we're not about to get a mention of stories like Antonio Brown catching a touchdown pass in Miami--because she may not understand who Antonio Brown is even after he's blown up in the media. I mean, there are probably plenty of non-fantasy playing football fans who wouldn't know who Antonio Brown is if they're fans of teams that weren't in Pittsburgh's division or aren't fans of either the Raiders or the Patriots, but my guess is that ENB isn't even a football fan--or she'd have been all over the sexual allegations and emails from a number of her favorite perspectives.

      1. There are 0 NFL fans who don't know who Antonio Brown is.
        He's the most prolific WR over a 5 year span playing for a perennial playoff team.
        If you don't know who he is, you're no fan

        1. You may not remember the NFL before fantasy football became such a big thing, but it was common for people to not know players elsewhere in the league unless they were either on your team or division foes. You wouldn't see highlights of games from elsewhere in the league--because few people gave a shit about that.

          Those fans are still out there. They're disproportionately represented by the people who buy tickets and actually go to the game. Some players break through that--especially quarterbacks that play in the Superbowl. But even as recently as when Randy Moss went to New England, there would have been plenty of people who didn't know who Randy Moss was until he got there. If they saw any games in Minnesota, it was rare--and he was just another local Vikings' player in their minds even then.

          If you were a fantasy player or a fan of the Lions, you knew that Calvin Johnson was the best receiver in the league. If you were a fan of another team in the NFC Central, you knew that Calvin Johnson was a good receiver. If you weren't a fantasy player but a fan of the Dolphins, the name Calvin Johnson probably didn't mean shit to you. Miami doesn't play Detroit very often. Detroit's games aren't often televised locally. Why would you know who Calvin Johnson is?

          Most Americans probably don't know who the prime minister of Canada is for the same reason.

          I don't know who the governor of Florida is.

          P.S. Have you ever noticed that when you ask women who their favorite team is, they so often say the Cowboys? Assuming they aren't from the greater Dallas-Forth Worth area, when they tell you their favorite team is the Cowboys, ask them to name three players on the team. I have yet to find one who knows three players on their favorite team. It just isn't about that for them. It's about being part of the group and winning together or something.

          I once asked a waitress in a sports bar who was wearing a Cowboys jersey. She knew Tony Romo because he was dating Jessica Simpson. She didn't know the name on the jersey she was wearing was, "Witten".

          It isn't just women rooting for teams outside their own city. Plenty of non-fantasy people who watch football don't know players who aren't on their team. Haven't you ever played fantasy with a new guy to fantasy who's the commissioner's brother in law or something? He shows up to the draft wearing a Bears jersey, and he knows all kinds of things about x's and o's. He mostly recruits Bears' players--not just because he doesn't want to root against his team but also because those are the only players he really knows and recognizes.

          1. Who the fuck do you hang out with, ken, because they sound like a bunch of "fans" who've never heard of sportscenter or the internet
            Unless you're just rambling on about some cliche you've invented in your head to illustrate a point but has minimal relationship to reality

            1. This link says 60 million people play fantasy football now.

            2. It is reasonable to think that of the 120 million people who watch NFL football, but don't play fantasy, they are mostly tuning in to watch their favorite team.

              I know a lot about NFL and NHL players on teams around the league because I play both fantasy football and fantasy hockey. I don't know anything about the players for the New York Yankees--because my favorite baseball team is in the National League West. Incidentally, it's also hard for me to imagine caring enough to watch a little league game unless my kid were in it.

              That's the way it works with fans who aren't in fantasy--and that's the way it always was before fantasy. There are some teams that gain a national following for whatever reason, like the Cowboys or the Patriots or when Payton was on the Colts, but most fans are just watching their own favorite teams.

              The local Jacksonville Jaguars broadcast affiliate probably doesn't cover much player news from the rest of the NFL--because most local Jacksonville fans don't give a shit about what's going on in the rest of the NFL. They're interested in sensational stories like Antonio Brown or kneeling during the anthem, but they only care about who's playing quarterback for the Vikings if he's being talked about in a trade to the Jaguars.

              There's a cognitive bias that makes us all imagine that whatever we're doing is typical, but following other teams closely is not typical of non-fantasy football playing fans--not even if that's what you do.

              1. That just means you're not a big baseball fan. Nothing wrong with that, but if you can't name a single player from a playoff team like the Yankees, you just aren't that interested in the sport.

  21. The biggest story of the day is Iran attacking Saudi oil production facilities through its proxies.

    One of the bigger stories of the 2020 election, that's being ignored by the news media generally, is the Trump administration's refusal to respond militarily to Iran's provocations.

    Just over the past weeks and months:

    1) The Iranians or their proxies attacked ships in the Persian Gulf.

    2) The Iranians announced that they were adding to their nuclear stockpile in violation of the both the NPT and the Obama agreement.

    3) Iran or their proxies attacked oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia, sending the price of oil up 12% at one point.

    The Obama administration might have struck the Iranians with drones in retaliation--and then capitulated to all their demands. The Bush administration might have used these provocations as an excuse to expand the War on Terror. I wouldn't have expected either one of them to make absolutely no military strikes in retaliation, which is exactly what Trump should do and is exactly what he's done.

    The Iranians have largely avoided targeting the United States, either directly or through its proxies, for fear of retaliation--at least since elements of what came to be Hezbollah attacked our Marines during the Reagan administration. If and when the Iranians, either directly or through their proxies, attack the United States, rather than one of our allies, we should probably retaliate--even if that risks making ourselves a terrorist target of Hezbollah. That seems to be more or less Trump's position--and has been for the last three years.

    I'd love to hear Biden, Harris, Sanders, and Warren outline their policy towards Iran--so we know what to expect. Can we expect them to be more reluctant than the Trump administration to respond militarily to Iran's provocations? If so, why shouldn't they say so?

    Shouldn't we know if the Democrats are less likely or more likely than the Trump administration to go to war with Iran? Shouldn't we know if they're less likely or more likely to capitulate to Iran's ICBM and nuclear programs? Or, after the latest multistage rocket test exploded on an Iranian launch platform and Iran's recent announcement that it was violating both the NPT and the terms of the Obama agreement by enriching more uranium, are the leading Democrat candidates still pretending that neither Iran's multistage rocket program nor its nuclear program actually exist?

    1. Ken...It might behoove Iran to quietly remind them about Preying Mantis. Our capabilities have advanced considerably in the last 30 years. For me, any attack on Americans by Iran is grounds to obliterate their oil refining capacity and extraction capability, and their Navy. That would have the added plus of making the recent deal with China irrelevant. There is pleny of excess capacity in the system to take up the slack.

    2. I suspect that all the publicity surrounding the recent airstrikes against ISIS on the Iraqi island of Qanus indicate they were more for demonstration purposes than infliction of actual harm.

    3. The Democrats supported the nuclear deal that Trump tore up purely out of spite, and now he's bitching that they're reneging on the deal he tore up purely out of spite. And you're surprised that things are getting more chaotic.

      Trump is to blame for all of this, as usual. Look up from your sloppy Trump fellatio and you might be able to discern this.

      1. At worst, that's factually incorrect, in which case you're making shit up.

        At best, you genuinely don't know which part is factually incorrect, in which case you're ignorant.

        Either way, that was a poor effort.

        1. The fellatio part was metaphorical.

          1. It’s also an obsession of yours.

            1. Ken is the one doing it.

              He doesn't have to defend literally everything Trump does, he knows.

              1. You don't answer a single one of his points, you just fling poo and spew partisan talking points. You're a fucking idiot. On literally every topic except I assume how to buttfuck little boys. You are an absolute brainless retarded Okie hick.

                1. That's the poo flinger calling the shit slinger brown.

              2. Ken is obsessing about other people having oral sex? I’m gonna need a quote.

          2. "The fellatio part was metaphorical."

            The rest of it was just the normal abysmal stupidity on the part of shitbag, here.

      2. Tony... are you aware that Iran was violating said pact openly prior to Trump tearing it up? Nevermind. You're just fucking ignorant.

        1. No they weren't. And it had enforcement mechanisms if they were. Now defend Trump tearing it up and having no deal and then bitching when Iran starts its nuclear program up again.

      3. Thanks retard. We'll all look to you for incredibly astute and intelligent foreign policy analysis in the future.

    4. The Iranians have largely avoided targeting the United States, either directly or through its proxies, for fear of retaliation

      I've noticed that, too. I suspect they're responding to Trump's declaration that as long as they don't target Americans the US won't retaliate - i.e., they're testing the limits of that.

      I suspect there will be finger-pointing from at least some Democrats that Trump is "ceding American leadership" in the area, which is true in its way, but is also what a very large portion of the American public has been pushing for re: the Middle East for some time.

      I think the other main argument we'll hear from the left is that we should re-enter the nuclear deal immediately and start lifting the sanctions in order to "incorporate Iran into The International Community." This, of course, allows Iran to develop nuclear weapons peacefully, while pretending to intend the opposite.

      Of course, outright attacking Iran allows to Iran to develop nuclear weapons in the context of war.

      So I agree - for the moment, "don't retaliate unless they attack us" is the right approach.

  22. Allegations "not thoroughly investigated"

    Man the dems are at troll level 5000 here. And wasn't that lady the one that had scumbag lawyer represent her? I could be wrong on that.

    Either way, if he did a meat spin in front of her I think I like him more, and if you are offended and feel victimized from seeing some dudes junk, find the nearest suicide booth

    1. I think your thinking of the other scumbag lawyer, Michael Avenatti who represented Julie Swetnick and her absolutely crazy claim of rampant gang rapes. This one is represented by a Clinton scumbag attorney Max Stier.

      1. The claim comes from Stier. The "victim" isn't represented by anyone, because from all accounts she had no idea she even was a victim.

  23. Actress Felicity Huffman will spend 14 days in jail over her involvement in a college admissions scam.

    I'm not condoning what any of these people did, but it is completely absurd that this is even a criminal matter. It is a waste of DoJ resources (aka taxpayer money). If someone is actually demonstrably harmed by these actions, let them sue.

    1. She's a middle-aged actress. She's probably grateful for the screen time.

    2. "But the people who were harmed don't even know they were harmed! *** wrings hands ***"

    3. This is on the same level as medicare fraud. Nobody but the government, or taxpayers, are harmed. It doesn't need a direct form of harm.

      1. Medicare fraud directly harms the government (taxpayers) by cheating a government organization. How was the government harmed here?

        1. You may want to look at how much money the feds put into the college system.

          1. Fair enough, but then why not let the federal government sue her for restitution? Criminal prosecution only costs us more money.

          2. But actually, the more I think of it--were any of these celebrities' kids going to receive federal aid?

            1. Loans arent the only aid colleges receive. There's hundreds of millions in grant money. The money often subsidizes students in general. Some are specific for research while other grants are general.

        2. As an aside of a closer example... last years investigation into basketball recruiting in colleges.

      2. "This is on the same level as medicare fraud. Nobody but the government, or taxpayers, are harmed. It doesn’t need a direct form of harm."

        The right should be playing this differently.

        Felicity Huffman is guilty of the same sin as Elizabeth Warren--she abused her privilege to cheat an underprivileged minority out of a chance at the middle class.

        That's how the right should be playing this.

        No one will be happier to see this story go away than Liz Warren.

    4. Look, if it comes out that these elite colleges admit students on anything other than strictly merit, it harms the sterling reputation, the esteem and the high regard we all hold for Higher Education. We are all harmed when some isolated incident and a few bad apples suggest that maybe students are admitted on the basis of how much money their parents have. Next thing you know, there will be suggestions that colleges admit students based on such silly criteria such as their ability to throw a ball, the color of their skin or their sexual orientation.

      Yet more evidence of how Trump's election has been undermining our trust in our most sacred institutions.

    5. There's this thing called a "perp walk".

      It's basically a perp walk through the media--even if they don't show her cuffed in public.

      This is the same reason Martha Stewart ended up in jail.

      This is probably why they went after Cody Wilson.

      1. Prosecutors love putting famous and wealthy people in prison like fat kids love eating cake.

    6. The educrats are the ones being protected by this prosecution. Because taxpayers cannot be allowed to recognize just how gamed and corrupt the whole system is. If they did then they might grow tired of supporting it all through direct State subsidies and the money spigot that is Federal student loans.

      1. I suspect this is the answer. And I say if the educrats want to be protected, let them pay.

        And also, let's turn off that loan spigot.

        1. Higher education is both funded by the government and protected by the government precisely because they are a reliable source of support - money, rhetoric, volunteers, etc - for an ever expanding government.

          The military-industrial complex is indeed an insidious threat to liberty, but it is dwarfed by the threats from the government-education complex. Not that you could tell from publications like Reason.

  24. So Purdue Pharmaceuticals declared bankruptcy despite having billions of dollars because they know the ax is falling - how soon before the rest of them go down and the jackals move on to Walgreens and CVS and then to people with tertiary connections with the opioid panic/crisis/epidemic/Armageddon? People are claiming this is going to be like the tobacco settlement, I think it's more likely to be like the asbestos cases with class-action vultures gorging for years on the scraps of the Big Pharma carcass.

    1. *** late-night TV ***

      "Did you or someone you know take opioids in the 2010-2020 timeframe? ..."

      1. "You may be entitled to a significant CASH settlement."

    2. So let's not blow off jury duty. The one I sat on ultimately rejected a bogus slip and fall suit after I pushed back against the initial vote to find the landlord guilty.

      1. When jury duty comes up I'm torn between my desire to perhaps have a chance to help an innocent person and my desire to not waste my time sitting on a jury.

  25. Guilt by book accusation. What more do we need before we lock up those sexual predators?!?!

    1. The left sometimes talk about judicial reform, yet also think accusation alone is enough for guilt.

      1. Yeah - I could have sworn that during the confirmation hearing we were told that while the accusations obviously wouldn't stand up in criminal court, that this wasn't the standard for a confirmation hearing.

        But now Vox says since impeachment of Kavanaugh is politically infeasible, the more feasible plan will be to use this "evidence" to bring Kavanaugh up on criminal charges and remove him that way.

        Is Vox just succumbing to their hubris as gaslighters? Is this all really just about leaving behind a narrative that Kavanaugh is a rapist being shielded by the Republican Party, since clearly nothing more will ever come of it than that?

  26. The Kavanaugh story taken out of context makes the New York Times and the leading Democratic candidates seem so crazy in isolation--but that probably isn't fair. When you put it in context, it doesn't seem so crazy. See for yourself:

    1) Making the American economy carbon free in ten years while guaranteeing every American a good job, affordable housing, cheap nutritious food, and a nice vacation.

    2) Eliminating the private insurance industry and replacing it all with Medicare.

    3) Confiscating 400 million guns from 100 million gun owners.

    4) Impeaching Kavanaugh on the testimony of an unwilling witness who doesn't remember the event in question.


    In context, impeaching Kavanaugh is probably the least crazy thing they want to do! In fact, putting a Kavanaugh impeachment on the list probably makes the other things on the list seem less crazy--on average. You know what else might make the rest of their platform seem less crazy--making NFL football players wear pink every game of the season for breast cancer awareness. That would also be better than the other crazy shit the Democrats are selling on that list.

    1. Maybe you missed Crazy Bernie promising nationwide rent control. They went beyond parody into absurdity and from absurdity into surrealism. I'm not sure what comes next but I'm pretty sure we'll be finding out soon enough. I suspect that Bernie wasn't just grousing about 28 kinds of deodorant amid the lack of breadlines in the United States, he seriously intends to address this problem.

    2. This is great I think I might plagiarize it

    3. "In context, impeaching Kavanaugh is probably the least crazy thing they want to do!"

      Ken, you forgot the loony left is crazy.
      They will do anything to get their way, like have violent demonstrations, have brain dead Hollywood halfwits give their opinion from the latest and the most chic asylum they've been institutionalized in, mess their diapers, etc.
      Never underestimate the insane behavior of a proggie.

  27. My question....Isn't this slander [accusations against Justice Kavanaugh]? Does he have any legal recourse?

    The victim [female] has no recollection. There is no record at Yale indicating an assault happened. There is nothing. And yet the accusation is made in the NYT, who has changed this story multiple times after publication.

    That can't be right - no way to go after NYT for slander.

    1. Not 100% sure, since he got the appointment, that he can demonstrate actual harm. Sure, there was a show trial but he still got the job.

      Also not sure that, had he lost the job, remunerating someone for a loss of a SCOTUS position is how the legal system works. I know it runs pretty contrary to libertarian standards pretty hard.

      Used to be, this would've been the sort of thing that I would've regarded as 'civil libertarianism'. You may not like the guy and don't think he should sit in the position, but he didn't break any laws and there isn't even enough evidence for a civil suit. But AFAICT, civil libertarianism is how actual libertarians express their support for cancel culture while still maintaining their integrity when saying cancel culture is dumb.

    2. Does he have any legal recourse?

      IANAL and don't really know, but politically there is no upside to taking legal action. Best to just dismiss it with disgust and move on, leaving people to believe what they will, which is what people are going to do anyway.

      1. It also buys him a bit of goodwill should someone ever overhear him saying that he found a pubic hair on his can of Coke.

  28. dude's already confirmed, morons. try better.

  29. a rather important missing detail: "the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the episode."

    But that wasn't enough to stop a hit piece, the only purpose of which was to prompt "calls from several Democratic presidential candidates for Kavanaugh to resign from the Supreme Court or face impeachment."

    Not that I wish her ill, but when Ginsberg dies any day now, it is really going to hit the fan. I can foresee Huffington Post running a banner "To Arms!"

    1. RBG is perfectly healthy. She will retire in 2021 and a Democrat will nominate her replacement.


      1. "RBG is perfectly healthy."

        Not mentally, she isn't.
        Just look at her court opinions sometime.

        1. It would be funny if her opinions started saying things like, fuck it, no one cares. These other eight jackasses can't even tie their shoes.

    2. If RGB goes down before the next election, . . .

      It'll depend on whether Trump thinks the Dems going ballistic over the hearings will help him or hurt him. I don't think average Americans reacted to the Dems treatment of Kavanaugh during confirmation the way they expected. And subjecting the Democrat candidate to the embarrassing spectacle of his fellow Democrats engaging in another witch hunt could be good for Trump.

      On the other hand, he could nominate a woman and skip the whole rape allegations phase of the confirmation process--and I think that rape allegations phase is probably baked into the process now any time a Republican gets to make a nomination unless it's a woman. Senate Democrats can probably be relied upon to embarrass themselves and their party in other ways when there's a woman involved.

      1. I figure the Democrats will claim that she's "homophobic". They figure they won't need any evidence, and as far as they're concerned there's absolutely no way to disprove the charge.

    3. The purpose was to sell the book. The reporters on the NYT story are the same ones that wrote the book, which makes the remission of the "victim" even worse.

    4. Nothing will happen except the worst president in all of history past, present, and future, will get to nominate another ideological meathead from the Heritage Foundation assembly line and the supreme court will block all good ideas and progress for yet another generation. And you will go on refusing to admit that the resulting suffering and nonsense has anything to do with you and your GOP buttwork.

      1. Hey now people getting enormous entertainment out of you melting down and being a salty loser isn't nothing.

        1. I'm really getting into this notion that politics is all about making your enemies cry. President Warren will turn you idiots into some pants-pissing little cunts, won't she?

          1. that'll be her only accomplishment, so it makes sense that you'd want to revel in it....well, besides being the first schoolmarm in the White House

          2. So you're hoping Warren turns us into you?

            1. You don't think there's any reason to be concerned about the presidency of Donald Trump?

              1. I think you just got owned and are trying to deflect you sad loser.

                1. ^ +infinity.

          3. Um no, you're the resident tantrum throwing middle school girl, you sad little one dimensional intellectually vapid faggot.

      2. "...another ideological meathead from the Heritage Foundation assembly line and the supreme court will block all good ideas and progress for yet another generation."

        Now you've got me all hot and bothered.

      3. The worst president in all of history has been out of office for years, Tony, don't be silly--he can't nominate anyone.

      4. Obama still has a pen and phone Tony. When hes not busy suing small businesses for their trademarks you can still write him love letters.

      5. "history past, present, and future". History future? That's worthy of 1984.

      6. So PPACA wasn't a good idea or progress? At least you finally admit it.

      7. So much suffering. Everything is so terrible and unfair, tony.

      8. You are such a pathetic sniveling little pussy. Your parents must cry every day that they produced such a laughable excuse for a man as you.

  30. For the Democrats to try such a lame play against Kavanaugh makes me wonder: are they panicking over the Supreme Court? Has the NYT heard more bad news about RBG's health?

    Or maybe they're looking at the bunch of losers they're fielding for the 2020 presidential race...wouldn't that make anybody panic?

    1. It's the primary, so it's "get the base motivated" time. They can't remove him from the court, so in my opinion they should be carefully not to annoy him too much, as during his confirmation hearing he admitted to believing in a Clinton-led conspiracy against him. That was, candidly, more disqualifying for me than his alcoholism and sexual abuse.

      1. That was, candidly, more disqualifying for me than his alcoholism and sexual abuse

        Probably because it at least has some basis in reality.

        1. Of course it did.

          1. Surprised you admit the others didn't.

            1. He did do that didn't he?

            2. It was sarcasm and his weepy display of partisan horseshit was as obscene as what he did at those parties.

              1. If it was sarcasm then you're saying there was no "basis in reality" dummy.

                1. There was a typical, wimpy Democratic attempt to get an actual investigation into his past before confirming him for a lifetime appointment on the most powerful judicial body in the world. He asserted a Hannity-level conspiracy theory that somehow involved the Clintons. He's a sad drunk moron and you support him because you feel like you have no other choice because you are also sad.

                  1. Having a mantrum like that because I pointed out you're shit at sarcasm isn't going to help you Tony.

                    1. Getting owned hard, he is!

                  2. Tony... this latest story is from a clinton lawyer dumbshit. Kavanaugh was involved with Bill's impeachment. Put 2 and 2 together dumbshit.

                    1. Yeah, Kavanaugh is a partisan hack. Who's arguing different?

                  3. A "sad drunk moron" with a Yale JD who's made his way to the highest judicial body in the world. But hey the Reason comments section's bitch knows better. You pathetic, unaccomplished, gutless, miserable loser! You sad, little spineless faggot. Your sniveling and self loathing are the only reason you should keep living just for the entertainment value. You sad fucking loser.

                    1. Now whip out your dick and slap a lady in the face with it and you'll be perfect Republican supreme court material.

                    2. You should seek mental health for your obsession.

                  4. "'There was a typical, wimpy Democratic attempt to get an actual investigation into his past "'

                    It's hard to get an investigation going when the people you said were there said they don't recall being there, or don't recall said event happening.

                    1. What the fuck dog do you have in this fight?

                      Reflexively defending anyone with an (R) after his name. Libertarianism!

      2. LOL, by itself the Gangrene New Deal ought to be enough to motivate the base. And they're promising to pack the Supreme Court anyway.

        1. Trump is the only motivator that matters.

          At some point the inbred yokels who thought he'd be a swell president will realize that their enthusiasm for him has consequences. America loves a backlash.

          1. As far as the Democratic base goes, you're probably right.

            For the "inbred yokels", you're whistling past the graveyard.

          2. At some point the inbred yokels who thought he’d be a swell less awful president than Hillary Clinton will realize that their enthusiasm for him has consequences Hillary Clinton may not have been the worst the Democratic Party has to offer. America loves a backlash.


            1. Darn it.

            2. They were extremely stupid to have that opinion.

    2. "Or maybe they’re looking at the bunch of losers they’re fielding for the 2020 presidential race…wouldn’t that make anybody panic?"

      I guarantee any of those so-called "losers" will easily beat Drumpf in 2020.

      1. "I guarantee any of those so-called “losers” will easily beat Drumpf in 2020."

        That's what the liberal idiots said in 2016.
        How did that work out?

    3. It's not so much a play against Kavanaugh as it is another warning to anyone who might accept a future nomination.

  31. Has it been confirmed whether it was, you know, pokey or floppy? I know fraternities encourage rampant temporary homosexuality, so did he have a fluffer? Is he just a horny drunk? Squee?

    1. The Supreme Court just ruled in Salty Loser V. Kavanaugh that Kav owns Tony, and because Tony allows it, it isn't a violation of the 13th Amendment.

      1. Considering he is obviously a sloppy, weepy day drinker, it shouldn't be too much of a challenge to escape.

        1. Why are you sharing what the person you have chained up in your basement thinks about you?

            1. We can look at you crying all over this thread and see that's a lie.

              1. It's like arguing with a child. Their usual last resort is to break down and weep as though that will just sweep away any outrageous claims or behavior on their part, and the adults will say "oh, there now." It's the deflection of infants.

            2. But you get owned hard regularly.

              1. Speak to me like an adult so I know what you're talking about.

                1. You're pathetic.

                2. Stop obsessing about everyone’s cock and I might speak to you like you’re an adult.

                  1. I'm not the one here who gives slobbery loving BJs to politicians. This is a libertarian site.

                    1. Maybe try some new metaphors you dick obsessed pervert.

                    2. Seriously, I’m heterosexual, and love pussy. But I don’t start talking about pussy constantly.

                      We get it, you’re gay. I really don’t care. But you’re obsession with other people’s cocks makes you not just gay, but a weirdo pervert.

                    3. Again, I'm not the one giving head to Republicans for the sole reason that they are Republicans.

                    4. So that’s a no on therapy for your perverted obsession?

                    5. I'm not the one orally pleasuring Donald Trump's old man mushroom cock! Why are you picking on me?

                3. "Speak to me like an adult so I know what you’re talking about."

                  Grow up, you pathetic piece of shit and act like an adult. Until then expect to get treated as the infantile, tamper-tantrum fucking piece of shit which you are.
                  Fuck off and die.

                  1. You seem sane.

                    1. And you seem pathetic and retarded.

  32. Whoever omitted the fact should not be allowed to write another article for the NYT ever again. The damage is done and I just don't believe that this was an accident.

  33. The saddest thing about this NYT story is that it reminds me of the Steele dossier story. When news first broke on that, it was because Comey had briefed Trump on the dossier and it turns out CNN had known about it but had refused to report on it because it was simply unverified gossip. Once Comey briefed Trump, that gave them the news hook that allowed them to report on it. (There's a suspicion that this is exactly why Comey briefed Trump on the dossier, he had leaked the dossier to CNN but was told it wasn't news unless he provided some newsworthy way to introduce it into the conversation.)

    So it seems that CNN has higher journalistic standards than the New York Times. Pathetic.

  34. Assuming the story is true, if your hand is close enough to a guy’s penis that a third party can push the penis into your hand, I have a hard time seeing how you can be described as a “victim.”

    1. Either that or Brett Kavanaugh is a tripod.

    2. Really? You're assuming she wanted it there in the first place?

      1. Who is 'she'?

        1. She is the mother goddess of who gives a fuck, hail Republicunts, the all-knowing, all-good custodians of corporate power for whom no amount of public disgrace is enough to sacrifice their heavenly mission to take rights and wealth from poor people.

          1. Start throwing your toys now, you pathetic unaccomplished faggot.

          2. "" the all-knowing, all-good custodians of corporate power for whom no amount of public disgrace is enough ""

            It was Hillary?

    3. Yeah the whole story sounds pretty implausible to me. So Brett is wandering around at a party with his dick out. Flaccid? Erect? Somewhere in between? We can only speculate. His "friends" presumably male, grab his dick and lead him over to a helpless waif and somehow manage to put the member in her presumably unwilling hand. For this to happen without somebody getting punched in the jaw or screaming in pain for other reasons would require a level of cooperation, stealth and coordination that would seem unlikely for a bunch of drunken frat boys.

      1. It was Yale in the 1980s dude, and he was a prep school asshole. Wouldn't it be more of a surprise if he didn't rape anyone?

        And if Democrats wanted to make something like this up out of thin air, why not go for Gorsuch?

  35. Stier is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit, nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service, an “organization dedicated to revitalizing our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works.”

    Over his decades-long career, Stier has worked in all three branches of the federal government.
    WTF? Who funds this organization. Are they publicly funded or do they operate as a lobbying group? What does it even do? How many of these in and out government leaches reside in D.C with their own organizations?

  36. The New York Times?
    The National Inquirer has more credibility than the NYT!

  37. Don't know if this has been posted here but here's Trump from last Friday.
    "While I like the Vaping alternative to Cigarettes, we need to make sure this alternative is SAFE for ALL!" the President tweeted. "Let's get counterfeits off the market, and keep young children from Vaping!"
    This may not qualify as a libertarian moment but Trump is clarifying the issues at hand and in my view pushing back on the prohibitionist frenzy. Let's not forget that Obama's FDA was set to essentially ban vaping and there is no question that president Hilary would have supported them. Trump is not a libertarian but he's a fuck of a lot closer than any of the alternatives.

  38. So, Robby, to be sure, this is a credible accusation wouldn't you say?

  39. Can ANYONE find the place in the Constitution where it assigns to FedGov the authority or business of telling us what we may/mayn't put into our bodies? Trunp is all wet banning some stupidproduct.

    If there is a clear health hazard, let states take care of it like they do wiht booze, tobacco, marijuana.. oh wait, FedGov are meddling with tht one, too.

  40. I don't remember Ginsburg slipping her dick into my hand, either.

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  42. NYT, a great example of fake news.

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