Brickbat: Urine Trouble Now


A Cleveland, Ohio, cop has been charged with attempted kidnapping, pandering obscenity, disseminating material harmful to juveniles, assault, endangering children, child enticement, interfering with custody and public indecency. Officials say Solomon Nhiwatiwa attempted to lure a 12-year-old girl waiting at a school bus stop into his car. She refused, and he left. But they say Nhiwatiwa later returned and urinated on the girl.

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  1. This A hole will be real popular in the prison shower.

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  2. And yet no justice for the cop who murdered Tamir Rice.

    1. Who knew that waving a replica firearm around in public, that crucially was unidentifiable as such, and pointing it at people might land you on the hot end of cop encounter?

      It’s not 100% clear cut. Lord knows the killing of Saint Michael Brown wasn’t, but yes the killing of a 12yo boy by cops is horrific, but who the hell gave the gun to the kid in the first place?

      1. Eh, honestly I think they would have tried to deescalate first if they kid was white.

      2. The video showed the cop fired immediately upon exiting the car, with no time for a warning or chance for compliance if a warning had been issued. I don’t know how it could be any more clear cut.

        1. The two clowns in the car also drove right up to the kid; if they had thought it was a real gun and a real danger, they’d have stayed a decent distance away. Seemed obvious to me they did something stupid and panicked.

          Incompetent at the very least, too much so to be cops.

          1. This is the point. The guy who drove the car is the one who got him killed.

            The other guy has the “split second decision” problem. He literally pops out of the car and is just a few feet away from a stone cold killer waving a gun around….. or a kid playing in the park with a toy gun.

            Point blank range. Decide now or die!

            Run that scenario 100 times and 99 times the cop is going to handle it better. One time he’s gonna get triggered into some training scenario and open fire.

            The tactics and communication were to blame on this one. Better communication from dispatch (they were told it was probably a toy, but didn’t tell the responding officers this tidbit) and better on-scene tactics (don’t drive right up to a potentially armed and dangerous person unless absolutely necessary) would have made all the difference in the world. Their tactics were perfect if there was a guy running around shooting people. Drive up and open fire… sure. That would stop him.

            But investigating a possible kid with a gun call? Yeah, bad call all the way around. Even if it was a real gun, then what? Either you get shot trying to get out of the car, or he wasn’t gonna shoot in the first place.

            1. ” He literally pops out of the car and is just a few feet away from a stone cold killer waving a gun around….. or a kid playing in the park with a toy gun.”

              What I recall of the video that came out in the Tamir Rice case, was that it looked to me like the Airsoft pellet gun was in the waist bad of his pants when the cops rolled up on him and his hands never went anywhere near it. He was not waving it around in the presence of the cops.

      3. The right question isn’t “who knew” but “who doesn’t know”. And the answer is “children”.

        On the other hand, I definitely expect the adults in the situation, especially the adults who have been specifically trained in how to deal with such situations, to know that driving directly up to a child and shooting to kill before assessing the situation, much less attempting to deescalate the situation, is inexcusable.

        You make a big deal that the “replica firearm” was “unidentifiable as such”. In the time those Keystone Kops took to drive up and start shooting, pretty much anything from a cell phone to a wooden stick would have been “unidentifiable” as not a firearm. That is no excuse.

        1. Fair enough. Thanks for the clearer picture of events. Cleveland really seems to have some serious problems in it’s police dept.

  3. Does Cleveland really want to fire probably their own cop with good aim?

  4. Let’s hear it for Affirmative Action!!!! For far too long child predators and serial urinators have been woefully underrepresented in civil service work.

  5. Police departments hiring African immigrants in a desperate attempt to fill their “Black” quotas is beginning to backfire. The cultural naïvety of Shithole-Americans combined with low affirmative action hiring standards puts dangerous incompetents on the streets.

  6. Shouldn’t we ask if there are any precedents, or any extant policies and procedures, about trying to lure a girl into car and when that fails, pissing on her?

    Otherwise, how could we know whether this is wrong?

    1. Qualified Immunity

    2. He had no choice. He feared for his life.

  7. I don’t understand why he’d do this.

    Does that mean it’s the piss that passeth all understanding?

  8. It’s obvious he thought she was hot. Like, on fire.

  9. Those white supremacist cops are obviously getting complete out of hand!

  10. Nhiwatiwa…

    Haven’t heard that one before.

    1. Nhia… Niwa… Not gonna work here anymore…

    2. He’s from Zimbabwe.

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