Brickbat: Look for the Union Label


Two top aides to Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh have been convicted by a federal jury for trying to coerce organizers of the Boston Calling music festival into hiring union workers. Kenneth Brissette, the city's director of tourism, was found guilty of extortion and conspiracy to commit extortion. Timothy Sullivan, chief of intergovernmental affairs, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit extortion. Judge Leo Sorokin had thrown out the charges after prosecutors admitted they could not prove the two men personally benefited from the festival hiring union workers. But Sorokin's decision was reversed by an appellate court, and at trial, prosecutors argued that the men's boss, Walsh, benefited politically from the festival hiring union workers.

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  1. Nice little concert ya got here. Shame if something happened to it,

  2. “What is the difference between insisting on union labor and insisting on affordable housing in connection with a development?” said Jack Corrigan, a former Norfolk prosecutor who lectures on prosecuting at Harvard Law School. “Even if you can prosecute this, which clearly they can, should you? Or are you taking what is certainly colorable political activity, public policy activity, and turning it into a crime?”

    What’s the point of even being in government if they won’t let you coerce your way or benefit from your power?

    1. This guy gets it.

  3. prosecutors argued that the men’s boss, Walsh, benefited politically from the festival hiring union workers

    Hmmmm….If benefitting politically from any given action is a crime, that’s pretty much the end of government, isn’t it? Round ’em all up!

    1. I bet if they looked into Union officials, they also broke the law in this case.

      1. That’s why they won’t.

  4. When Bravo had the show Top Chef in Boston I seem to recall some union goons harassing Bravo’s crew and breaking shit because they brought their own people to move stuff around, build their set, etc.. Good for the appellate judge seeing this through for these two goons. I’d get the judge 24 hour (non-union) security for his heroics.

  5. Maybe bribes, kickbacks and Mafia payoffs are how YOU do business! But they are NOT part of the legitimate business world!

    1. Listen, Sherlock. While you were tucked away up here working on your ethics, I was out there busting my hump in the REAL world. And the reason guys like you got a place to teach is ’cause guys like me donate buildings.

      1. +1 Mellon

    2. “Now, notwithstanding Mr. Melon’s input… the next question for us is where to build our factory. ”

      “How about Fantasyland?”

      1. flunk me? …. flunk him!

        1. Classic movie. Thanks for the Flashback Thursday.

  6. Everything after “Two top aides to Boston Mayor” is redundant (except maybe the fact that they were found guilty).

    1. Hell frozen over, film at 11:00

  7. Autopsy finds Jeffrey Epstein had several broken neck bones

    Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy determined the convicted pedophile suffered multiple broken neck bones, according to a report.

    One of the breaks was to Epstein’s hyoid bone, an injury that experts told the Washington Post is more common in homicide victims.

    1. Those guards might be suspended, but I’m sure they got their beaks’ wet while they were “sleeping” on their shift.

      1. “Oops.”

      2. Their near term reward is likely to be a tragic auto accident, a sudden heart attack, or a street mugging gone wrong. NYC is a dangerous place, after all.

        1. esp with Billary in charge…oh wait it’s her Lt. DiBlasio

    2. please let this be the case that causes the whole corrupt house of cards to collapse

      1. careful, it’s cards the whole way down!

  8. If the Democrat’s Constitutional Amendment were to pass, unions would be the only organizations able to legally make campaign contributions, so it looks like these folks just jumped the gun a bit.

    1. ssssh, it’s a gun free zone…but watch out for those sheets!

  9. Would it be possible to get a link on the top menu to BRICKBATS and other regular features, like REASON ROUNDUP, MOVIES, and TELEVISION?

    Surely you have some no/low-paid intern that could take care of that.

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