Brickbat: Stop Riding My Bumper


In Australia, federal transportation officials along with those of the various states have agreed to ban vehicles with sexist, obscene or offensive slogans and images. Several states already have such bans. The move is specifically aimed at Wicked Campers, a van rental company whose services are aimed at young people. The company's vans have spray painted designs with pop culture references that some consider to be offensive.

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  1. I am offended by white vehicles, black vehicles and colored vehicles and unpainted or rusty vehicles. From now on all vehicle should be banned.

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  2. I wonder if my preferred bumper sticker would be acceptable to Aussies. It reads:
    Liquor in front, poker in back.

    Australians used to have a reputation for being as tough as an old kangaroo hide that’s been repeatedly soaked in beer and then sun-baked dry. What happened over there?

    1. My favorite is less offensive, but probably still verboten in the land of compulsory voting:
      I’m pro-something and sometimes I vote.

      There was also a homemade looking one:
      My other car was arrested and is in jail waiting trial for drug dealing.

    2. “What happened over there?”
      Socialists happened. Remember that each November.

    3. They let women vote?

      BTW, my favorite bumper sticker, seen on a tricked-out jeep near Moab: My Other Toy Has Tits

    4. My favorite is the most naive, useless and oddly popular one:


    5. “What happened over there?”

      The usual; a generation or two indoctrinated in being “sensitive”
      Then they grew up a little bit and got woke.
      More of them move into political and administrative roles.

      Now everyone has to get on board less they be sexist, racist, etc.

    6. It’s not all Aussies…it’s the fucking urbanites. Exactly the same as the US.

  3. “Sexist, obscene or offensive” – I can’t see any way this could go wrong. It’s not as if these are completely subjective terms and there’s a competition going on among the professionally aggrieved to see who can be the most offended by the most innocuous thing. I predict within a month you’ll see calls for banning all bumper stickers for being offensive to the illiterate and banning license plates for being offensive to the innumerate.

    1. “I can’t see any way this could go wrong.”

      Clearly you are blind.

      I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.

  4. “My other car is politically correct.”

    1. That offends me!

      It is well known that the phrase “politically correct” is, indeed, offensive to those who are politically correct!

      1. “My other car has speech rights.”

        1. this is good.

  5. Behold the power of government — to wage war, to destroy economies, and to scold your for your naughty thoughts and make your life miserable at the whim of every petty bureaucrat whose mendacious little mother-in-law has heard of you.

  6. I recall the last 5 words of the intro to the Kingston Trio song MTA – –
    This could happen to you!

  7. As I recall this is the same place where a pack of smokes cost $20 and come with pictures of dead bodies on them, so this makes sense.

  8. Never give the power of government to humorless scolds who are worried that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

    1. Then who would you give the power of government to? Who else would want the job if it weren’t for the lovely perks?

  9. Didn’t we go through this a few years ago with truck nuts?

    1. I’ve often thought of dropping a set of those into the purse of a spouse of someone who is overtly pussy whipped.

      1. Awesome idea.

    2. I always preferred the fake dead squirrel hanging from the hitch.

    3. Yes. The difference is we have a First Amendment and Australia does not.

    4. So I guess “gas, grass, or ass. Nobody rides free” is out then.

  10. I guess most of the rough Australian men have died off and all that is left are bossy women and eunuchs.

  11. The slogans ARE offensive. But government bans are not the solution. A government with the power to ban offensive slogans is a government with the power to ban political slogans. The solution is social: You as an individual choose not to associated with employees of that firm or their customers. You see one of those vans come and try to set up a tent next to yours, pack up and move.

    And if they whine about frat-shaming, tell them to stuff it.

    1. “You see one of those vans come and try to set up a tent next to yours, pack up and move.

      And if they whine about frat-shaming, tell them to stuff it.”

      I have no idea whether or not the statements are offensive (I didn’t see anything questionable during a quick browse of their website but that doesn’t mean much), but why would they be offended by having more room to spread out? It seems like that would be a bonus.

  12. “offensive slogans”?
    Say every sentence ever spoken by a democrat?

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