Justin Amash

Amash: Republicans Defending Trump Are 'Hurting Themselves and They're Hurting the Country'

A new book gives insight into Amash's breakup with the Republican Party, which was well underway before Amash said Trump should face impeachment proceedings.


In a new book, Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.), the libertarian-leaning former Republican lawmaker who left the party earlier this month, says the contemporary Republican Party is full of liars.

In interviews conducted a year ago but not published until now, Amash says President Donald Trump's ability to shamelessly lie to the American people is his "superpower," and accuses his former congressional allies of "lying through their teeth" to protect the president.

"They believe in a cosmic battle between the right and the left, good and evil, and they think any criticism of Trump is helping the other side," Amash told Politico reporter Tim Alberta in a previously unreported interview that appears in Alberta's new book: American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump.

The book is a wide-ranging and comprehensive look at the evolution of the GOP during the past decade, as a grassroots-versus-establishment fight morphed into a populist takeover that elevated a reality TV star to the White House. It unfolds chronologically over the course of that decade, with each chapter taking place within a single month somewhere between February 2008 (when John McCain overtook Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential primary) and December 2018 (when Trump shut down the government in a fit of anger over his unfunded border wall). Trump's election, Alberta concludes, is not the cause of the current chaos within the GOP, but rather "its most manifest consequence."

Amash was one of the few Republican members of Congress who managed to avoid being caught up in Trump hysteria—until it effectively forced him to resign from the party. His colleagues, Amash tells Alberta, are "willing to do whatever" to placate the president.

"If that means going on Fox News and lying through their teeth about Trump, so be it," he says. "I think they're hurting themselves and they're hurting the country when they do this stuff."

Amash also unloads on Trump, saying that the president has a "one of a kind" ability to shamelessly lie in public.

"The president feels comfortable saying two things that are completely contradictory in one sentence; or going to a rally and saying one thing and then holding a press conference and saying another," Amash tells Alberta. "Most people aren't comfortable doing that. But because he is, it gives him this superpower that other people don't have."

Taken together, Amash's comments in the new book cement the idea that he was "the loneliest man in Congress" during much of the past year. Amash's feud with Trump—and with the Republican Party now controlled and dominated by Trump—did not fully spill into the open until a few months ago, but the details reported by Alberta make clear that Amash was already on the outs with many of his fellow Republicans more than a year ago.

Much of Amash's angst was centered on the fading viability of the House Freedom Caucus, the libertarian-ish voting bloc in Congress that Amash co-founded in 2015. Originally, Freedom Caucus members pledged to "support open, accountable and limited government, the Constitution and the rule of law, and policies that promote the liberty, safety, and prosperity of all Americans." While it never grew larger than about 30 members, the voting bloc played an instrumental role in ousting House Speaker John Boehner in 2015, complicated the passage of a mass surveillance reauthorization package the following year, and forced some changes to the doomed "repeal and replace" of Obamacare in 2017.

But by the summer of 2018, the Freedom Caucus had morphed into being what Alberta describes as "the most reflexively partisan Republicans on Capitol Hill." The group did virtually nothing to oppose the passage of the 2017 tax bill that was projected to add roughly $1 trillion to the deficit over 10 years, and it was similarly impotent to stop a massive spending bill passed in early 2018 that effectively locked-in trillion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future. After the bill passed, members of the House Freedom Caucus did lobby Trump to veto the $1.3 trillion spending plan—and Trump threatened to do so. But he ended up signing the bill anyway, and afterwards, the House Freedom Caucus seemed to lose its ability to influence the White House.

Instead of focusing on fiscal restraint and restoring proper legislative procedure—which was the real reason for the caucus' formation in the first place—members of the House Freedom Caucus became perpetually engaged in the Trump-Russia fight and culture war issues.

Corie Whalen, Amash's former communications director who has also stepped away from Republican politics since leaving the congressman's staff last year, recalls that the House Freedom Caucus seemed to lose its way in the aftermath of the 2018 budget vote. From her perspective, it seemed like the group became increasingly fixated on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

"They weren't talking about appropriations; they weren't talking about procedure. They were just out there shilling for the White House," Whalen tells Reason. "That was when they really threw away their leverage."

Publicly, the breaking point between Amash and Trump—or between Amash and the Freedom Caucus, if there is a meaningful difference anymore—came in May of this year, when Amash outlined on Twitter his belief that Trump had engaged in "impeachable conduct" by trying to disrupt Mueller's investigation.

Since then, Amash has been attacked by the president on Twitter and a Trump supporter has announced plans to run against the five-term congressman in 2020 (it's not clear whether Amash plans to run for re-election to the House as an independent).

In one of the most brazen indicators of how the Republican Party is now the House of Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R–Calif.) went on Fox News to claim that Amash "votes more with Nancy Pelosi than he ever votes with me." That's a lie, and an easily proven one. Amash has one of the most conservative voting records in Congress, and holds a nearly perfect lifetime rating from the Club For Growth, a free market group that tracks lawmakers' votes on a wide range of issues. FreedomWorks, another small-government group that similarly scores lawmakers' votes, gives Amash a 100 percent rating.

More lies in the service of Trump.

Behind the scenes, Alberta suggests that the final straw for Amash might have been the Freedom Caucus' unwillingness to stand up to Trump when he attacked a different member of the group. Rep. Mark Sanford (R–S.C.) lost a June 2018 primary election to a Trump-backed challenger, and afterwards, Trump mocked Sanford during a meeting with House Republicans. In a follow-up tweet, Trump embellished the story by claiming House GOPers had "laughed and applauded," Alberta writes, even though none of that was true. In reality, Amash and other Freedom Caucus members spoke up in defense of their colleague—but the group's leaders, including chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R–N.C.), who has now become a key Trump ally in Congress, offered no public rebuke of the president. Shortly after that, Amash stopped going to the group's meetings.

"These guys have all convinced themselves that to be successful and keep their jobs, they need to stand by Trump," Amash tells Alberta in American Carnage. "But Trump won't stand with them as soon as he doesn't need them. He's not loyal. They're very loyal to Trump, but the second he thinks it's to his advantage to throw someone under the bus, he'll be happy to do it."

"It could be Mark Sanford today and Mark Meadows tomorrow," Amash warns in the book.

As it turns out, it was Justin Amash tomorrow. But in a political party where an individual's value is now determined by how far they are willing to go to protect the president, it's pretty likely Amash won't be the last Republican tossed under the bus.

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  1. But overturning a lawful election and canceling the votes of tens of millions of voters on entirely specious grounds is just a okay for the country, right Justin?

    What a fucking crap weasel.

    1. Which lawful election was overturned?

      1. Amash wants Trump impeached. Doing that would overturn the lawful 2016 election. And on what basis? Amash has no real answer for that.

        Impeaching Trump and removing him from office based on the bullshit Amash is selling would be a disaster for the country and would likely bring us to the brink of a civil war and would cause tens of millions of people to loose all faith in the institutions of government. And once that is lost, things go tits up very quickly and it is very hard to fix. But Amash doesn’t give a shit.

        1. So if impeachment is overturning a lawful election, then are you against impeachment of any lawfully elected President? For any reason?

          1. Not unless a large majority of the public is behind it. Otherwise, win an election.

            1. Who would have figured that John would be among the Clintons’ most ardent defenders?

              1. If only Bill Clinton had done nothing like Trump, instead of commit perjury.

                1. or sexually assaulted some women…

                  1. “Some Presidents did something”

                  2. Women filed sexual assault charges against Trump?

                    Funny how he ran a presidential campaign for over a year and no charges were ever filed.

                    1. Funny how dolts like yourself are immune to facts and evidence. Must be nice to live in a fairy tale of your own making oblivious to everything around you. Or sad. Yeah, just sad.

              2. So Arty is pro rape and pro perjury. Yep. He’s a good democrat all right.

        2. What kind of moron thinks impeachment, a method outlined in the constitution, is overturning a lawful election?

          Good god you are an idiot.

      2. None, yet. John was referring to Amash’s newfound enthusiasm for impeachment.

        And I have to disagree with John here: Congress has the power to impeach and remove a president for whatever reason they see fit, so there’s nothing inherently unconstitutional about them overturning a presidential election.

        The rub for the Trump haters is that the voters get a chance to agree or disagree with their reasoning, which is a far more effective barrier to their ambitions than the law itself.

        For example: Pelosi’s increasingly futile efforts to keep impeachment off the floor. She knows what will happen in 2020 if the Looney Left gets their way.

        1. John did NOT say what Amash wants is “unconstitutional”.

          John is saying that its wrong to talk about impeaching a President for no reason.

          IMO, it’s unAmerican to try to usurp a fair election and impeach a politician just because you dont like the results.

          Technically Congress can impeach a President for “no reason” but must have one the listed reasons in Art II, Sec 4. Its just that Congress gets to define what those are.
          Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

          1. *cannot impeach for no reason

          2. He has a reason. There are many, in fact. If you don’t like them then you are free to oppose impeachment. But pretending the clear reasons argued for doing so amount to “no reason” is dishonest.

            1. “There are many, in fact”

              Oh? Such as? Can you list several?
              (Sotto voce: Please include the phony “obstruction” lie)

              1. ‘Trump is a big meanie’ doesn’t count.

            2. If he has reason, let him introduce articles of impeachment and make the case. Badly thought out tweets (I realize the irony considering Trump is all about badly thought out tweets) isn’t making the case. He is virtue signalling. Say what you like about Al Green but at least he had the balls to back up his assertions 3 times.

            3. This new troll does not list valid reasons because there aren’t any.

              Even Pelosi shot down the Articles of Impeachment brought by a Representative. And that lady hates Trump.

        2. And removing a president from office isn’t overturning a presidential election. If Trump were removed from office tomorrow, he still would have been the legitimately elected president up until that point.

          1. Using the IC to propagate a bug enough lie to give an appearance of criminal wrongdoing to push for removal is an attempt to overturn an election.

        3. Amash let go of his principles apparently and voted to table the impeachment. Hes a coward even in his last stand.

      3. I perfectly agree with Amash ! Trump Supporters are hurting the hole earth not only US -_-.

        lifting frontal Tunisie

    2. Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election by 3 million votes.


      1. Democrats have won the culture war by more than enough margin to keep America’s arc of liberal-libertarian progress secure for another generation.

        Right-wing cranks get to take it, to mutter bitterly, and to talk big about how ‘one of these days . . .’

        1. “Democrats have won the culture war”

          You watch too much Bravo, Rev.

        2. If they are still fighting they didn’t win. Unless they are fighting windmills.

    3. Yes Amash is a pathetic ego maniac that makes Trump look humble. Yet Reason seems to love him simply because he can use “Libertarian” in a sentence defining his policies. Amash is not a real patriot, not a real Libertarian or even a likable guy. He is a self centered first generation Palestinian / Syrian who is most interested in making money off of his Chinese investments. In other words he is most willing to throw America under the bus in order to serve his Chinese masters. Way to go Reason you picked another winner like Bill Weld. What fools.

      1. I think Amash is paying Boehm and Reason for these articles. I also think his campaign team work as 50-centers here in the comments.

        1. No way, man, it’s the Chinese.

    4. and, and, they’re not paying attention to me…boo hoo

    5. Indeed.

      Perhaps if the Tea Party wasn’t attacked by, well, the same fucking people attacking Trump (well, outside of Amash who was brought in by them), I’d buy his criticism more. But given that the same people who think Trump is so bad ALSO hated the Tea Party (the polite and nice version of Trump, mind you), then all we see is that the elite hate the hoi polloi.

      Did Amash demand impeachment for any of Obama’s numerous transgressions? No? Then go fuck yourself here. Trump has done NOTHING wrong compared to Barry.

      1. The fact that anyone can still believe this is mind-boggling.

        Emoluments. Nepotism. Embrace of dictators. Embrace of white nationalism.

        Those are enough.

    6. The one thing that Trump has taught us is that one man’s “crap weasel” is another’s defender of the Constitution and rule of law.

      1. In Trump’s case. When it’s a democrat, they’re just crap weasels. But so is the average democrat. Tony, Buttplug, and Pedo Jeffy are examples.

    7. Impeachment exists for the precise reason that “overturning a lawful election” is sometimes a necessary and beneficial action. It also also a lawful action, and is no more “canceling votes” than the electoral college or other of the many checks and balances that exists in our system and account for it is not simply a majoritarian democracy.

      1. Actually, impeachment was made specifically difficult so that it would rarely be used and was not seen as beneficial to the country, except in extreme circumstances. Impeachment exists only as an alternative to coup or violent revolt.

  2. I now believe Congressman Amash’s near total lack of pragmatism makes him the perfect LP candidate.

    1. Don’t forget his ability to offend everyone on both sides of an issue.

      1. LOL. Indeed. But then it might be the mark of a true libertarian that he/she pisses off both major parties fairly equally 🙂

        1. or can’t frame a coherent argument to save his life…

          1. That is often, true, too. 🙂

    2. I was thinking with the way the LP is going Marianne Williamson is inevitable at the top of the ticket.

    3. True, but his knowledge of where Aleppo is might be a disqualifying factor.

      1. He should go back!

    4. I now believe Congressman Amash’s near total lack of pragmatism makes him the perfect LP candidate.

      But his total lack of principles, combined with his pretense of being a principled maverick, makes him perfect for… any party.

      Hey, if it worked for a truly despicable man like McCain, it should work for Amash!

      1. Amash is more connected to the Chinese than McCain.

      2. I mean… Bill Weld. Which I am ashamed to say I did vote for, along with Johnson, even after the gay wedding cake fiasco. First, and at this rate, last time, I’ll vote LP.

    5. but is his head far enough up his ass?

  3. No, Justin Amash, what’s “hurting the country” is for people like you to get into bed with authoritarians, racists, and socialists; for you to get into bed with people who are replacing democracy with rule by judicial decree and bureaucratic “resistance” to a duly elected president; for you to get into bed with companies who are paid off and controlled by the US government and pretend that it’s all about free markets.

    And what’s hurting libertarianism, conservatism, and even liberal democracy is for you to pretend that there is some unarticulated set of “principles” that forces you to do this.

    Let’s be clear, Justin Amash: you aren’t a principled man, you are an opportunist; you have seen the writing on the wall for your ineffectual political career, and you’re trying to get on the good side of elites that you’re hoping will give you lucrative positions as a lobbyist and talking heads when you lose your next election.

    1. People like J W call reasoning, accomplished, tolerant, modern Americans “elites” because he knows, deep down, that they are better than our half-educated, downscale, obsolete bigots.

      Carry on, clingers.

      1. ah, the Rev hath spoken…how bad does it piss him off that everyone is laughing at him? Quelle douche

      2. People like J W call reasoning, accomplished, tolerant, modern Americans “elites” because

        They are objective “elites”. What else would they be?

        he knows, deep down, that they are better than our half-educated, downscale, obsolete bigots

        American elites are wonderful in many ways: they produce great art and drama, generate impressive scientific results, found extremely successful companies, and even look good in drag. However, that doesn’t give them license to run the country.

        It’s because I’m part of that elite myself that I know for certain that I don’t want my fellow elites running the country. I gather that it’s because you are not that familiar with the workings of the elite that you still think that it is good for them to be in charge.

      3. Haha. Pathetic self loathing old hippies and easily manipulated young people. The revs elite squad!

        Cling on, doosh bag.

  4. A more accurate headline for this article would be “Amash: Republicans Defending Trump Are ‘Hurting My Financial Interests’ “

    1. Excellent!

    2. Amash: man did I fuck up, even the LP doesn’t want me.

  5. the libertarian-leaning former Republican lawmaker

    But is he?

    1. Our vestigial bigots do not consider him to be libertarian-leaning.

      Good thing those losers are no longer competitive in America’s marketplace of ideas.

      1. Arthur L. Hicklib knows about losers because he sees them all the time. It’s called a mirror.

  6. “”These guys have all convinced themselves that to be successful and keep their jobs, they need to stand by Trump. But Trump won’t stand with them as soon as he doesn’t need them. He’s not loyal. They’re very loyal to Trump, but the second he thinks it’s to his advantage to throw someone under the bus, he’ll be happy to do it.”

    Oh the horror. POTUS Trump acted like any opportunistic politician, not that Rep. Amash would ever know anything about that…

    1. But Trump won’t stand with them as soon as he doesn’t need them. He’s not loyal.

      Is there any substance to this claim? By all existing evidence, Trump will move heaven and earth for people who show legitimate loyalty. He’s had a business relationship with Herschel Walker for decades. Walker’s gone on record saying that his association with Trump has hurt him in other business ventures, but he’s never wavered in his support of Trump.

      Kellyanne Conway’s husband is constantly bashing Trump, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt her standing with him thus far. In fact, she appears to have Trump’s trust more than anyone other than Ivanka simply due to the relative longevity of her association with him, and I have no doubt that it’s due in large part to her vociferously repeating on the record that she doesn’t agree with him at all.

    2. Hell, Trump pardoned Arpaio when there was no political or personal benefit to be gained from doing so. It was solely due to the fact that Arpaio was a vocal and loyal Trump supporter.

      Trump clearly values yes-men who remain yes-men in the face of intense public criticism, and that doesn’t square with Amash’s claim that he’ll drop them out of sheer political calculus. He only drops them when they start wavering in their loyalty to him.

      1. Loyalty is one of those unfashionable values that progressives must destroy.
        I respect loyalty far more than “empathy”

  7. Well Amash is an expert at political self harm.

  8. […] “They believe in a cosmic battle between the right and the left, good and evil, and they think… […]

  9. Amash: Republicans Defending Trump Are ‘Hurting Themselves and They’re Hurting the Country’
    A new book gives insight into Amash’s breakup with the Republican Party, which was well underway before Amash said Trump should face impeachment proceedings.

    So Amash is whoring a book. Now we see why he is acting like he is and reason is falling for it.

    1. No, Amash isn’t whoring a book. The book was written by someone else and Amash was interviewed in it. The author of the article brought up the book, not Amash. The author then uses quotes from that interview in the article.

      1. So Amash is whoring for someone else’s book.

        1. OK, I’ll say it again, maybe you’ll understand it this time. Amash did not mention the book. The author of the article is talking about the book and the interview Amash did for it. All the quotes from Amash are from that interview.

          1. The above comment was meant for lovesconstitution. I thought I clicked on that reply button, but it put my reply under Tulpa’s post.

            1. You should have just shoved it up your ass for all it’s worth.

            2. Please learn how the commenting system works… you clicked the right reply.

          2. Or maybe you could understand derisive sarcasm?

  10. I’m absolutely stunned that people in a comment thread on Reason.com are defending Trump from a principled stand by the only US congressman who shares values in common with Reason.com

    1. Yes he is principled when it comes to protecting his Chinese investments. Amash is simply another opportunistic politician who wants to make money at the expense of the security of this country. You like him so much then join his campaign to sell out this country. Show us how little patriotism you have. His father who immigrated from Palestine in the 50’s taught him well. Take advantage of this country and then when it fails move on…

    2. “from a principled stand”


    3. They are defending Amash stupidly applauding the IC effort to unseat a president through the misuse of powers.

    4. OBL is that you?

      Or are you an actual concern troll?

    5. I’m continually stunned by “libertarians” fully embracing white nationalism.

  11. Republicans defending Trump are improving America by expediting the demise of the Republican Party’s competitiveness in national elections.

    Carry on, clingers. In the deplorable, inconsequential, can’t-keep-up backwaters you will lord over as your betters improve America.

    1. In the deplorable, inconsequential, can’t-keep-up backwaters

      Why do you hate America’s inner cities so much, hicklib?

  12. I think the dems are going to be surprised where the voters end up going if they keep acting the way they are.

    Trump is basically doubling down on what won him the election – the response to the out of control SJW’s and identity politics of the democrats – which is white identity politics, and lack of political correctness.

    The retarded dems are doubling down on their branding of anything that could be marginally offensive if stretched to the extreme as racist, everything is offensive, and if you say anything about a person of color that isn’t a rich white guy, you are a horrible racist.

    Thing is, there are still a shit ton of white voters, in swing states that hold a lot of electoral votes. The more “the squad” (again, hilariously bad branding for them…makes you sound cool and woke with the kids and the twitter mob- not anyone who’s vote actually matters) doubles down on their pussy ass identity politics, the more trump is going to double down on his end…and there are enough people in the middle that are sick of the dems crying racist-wolf for it to work.

    I think he honestly stirred the pot perfectly and set off this chain of events in a very smart way. Troll level 5000

  13. Dear REASON editors and contributors. My hat is off to you. Thought I don’t agree with all of you all the time, you certainly do take a lot of crap from your readers. Overall, I think you have a decent handle on “libertarianism.”

    I find it somewhat amusing to see so many Trump supporters get completely insane because some congressman decided that the Republican party is a pile of crap. I happen to think so, too. But then, so are the Democrats 🙂

    1. This is like, your fourth sock in this thread.

      1. Fourth sock? I have no idea what you are referencing.

          1. Well, Tulpa, you believe what you want to believe. But this is the only ID I have ever used on Reason. You have a good day, now. mmmkay? 🙂

            1. You socks always say that, socko.

              1. LOL. You are funny. Nonsensical, but funny.

              2. socko is good name for sock

                1. sock is a good name for footwear. I tire….

    2. “a decent handle on “libertarianism.”” from people who think you can pick up a turd at the clean end…

  14. so the answer was book sales.

  15. “… when Amash outlined on Twitter his belief that Trump had engaged in “impeachable conduct” by trying to disrupt Mueller’s investigation.”

    Impeachable conduct is whatever a U.S. Representative says it is, but the outline of his belief on Twitter was pathetically weak for such a serious assertion.

    1. Amash seems to not realize that Trump could’ve shut down the investigation anytime he wanted.

      Amash seems unaware that Mueller admitted to a judge shortly before his press conference that there was NOTHING in the accusations of Russian collusion. Literally nothing.

  16. I feel like we are not getting enough Amash coverage

    For instance, what is he having for lunch?

    1. Boehm will know in about 10 hours when it hits his face.

      1. Coulda done with the McAfee reference, thank you.

        1. “without” the reference.

    2. No kidding. It’s “all Amash, all the time” around here.

      At least the Amash-fellating takes away from this site’s regular spew of TDS and Shikha hysterics.

      1. Replying to myself: Actually, I think the Amash-fellating is solely down to him being the most prominent Trump critic du jour. So yeah, the TDS spew continues.

        But at least a batshit-crazy Shikha article hasn’t shown up in a couple of days.

        1. Did you miss her article earlier this week on how Trump’s assylum order is super bad

  17. “Republicans Defending Trump Are ‘Hurting Themselves and They’re Hurting the Country’

    This coming from an establishment republican.
    What other pearls of wisdom does Mr. Amash have?
    Bring back all the repealed parts of Obamacare?

    1. “establishment republican.”

      Try posting while sober.

  18. Are any of you that are in here bashing Amash willing to argue that the Freedom Caucus really was, and still is about small government and financial restraint? If so, I’d like to see your explanation of several policies that have been enacted in the years since Obama left office.

    1. Here’s my explanation: What the hell does the Freedom Caucus have to do with *any* policies that’ve been enacted lately?

  19. “Instead of focusing on fiscal restraint and restoring proper legislative procedure—which was the real reason for the caucus’ formation in the first place—members of the House Freedom Caucus became perpetually engaged in the Trump-Russia fight and culture war issues.”

    I must be taking crazy pills because the whole Russia bullshit is exactly what pisses everyone off about Amash. It’s exactly why he left, because Amash not only allowed this media narrative but is still feeding into it.

    He’s part of the problem, not the solution

    1. Yes, the lack of self awareness in that statement is pretty mind blogging. Criticizing the GOP about it’s obsession with the Trump-Russia thing when this is the only reason anyone even talks about Amash over the past couple of months.

  20. This would hold a whole lot more water for me if Amash were as critical of prior presidents, of either party, about the “lies” they supposedly told. He was NEVER this vocal prior to Trump. I can only surmise that there is something personal between the two men that hasn’t been uncovered yet.

    1. As others have pointed out, he’s likely pulling this crap to give himself cover for the fact that he’s going to get his ass kicked in the election.

      1. Really? Looking at all the rallies, and talking to people, President Trump will be re-elected.

    2. Yes, he was, but your mindless partisanship has colored your perception of reality.

  21. Trump is draining the swamp in a slightly different way than he might have thought. Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, Amash? Get em out of here. (Assuming Amash won’t win as an independent)

    1. He isn’t Lisa Murkowski who won because her family is basically the Republican version of the Kennedy family in Alaska.

  22. The comment section on any Amash-related article is all the evidence you need for how fucking stupid is the typical Trump supporter.

    1. Please reference a fucking stupid typical Trump supporter comment. Specify what about the comment gives you insight into its poster’s intelligence and relative support for Trump.

      Or shut the fuck up.

  23. “…”They believe in a cosmic battle between the right and the left, good and evil,…”

    And it is,, team R has become an evil cult.
    Proof of that is the continued support for trump, this would never have happened even as little as 10 years ago. What happened to those who called themselves conservatives? Those who called themselves Christian?
    Some sort of seismic shift that overthrew their minds has taken place.

    1. Proof of that is the continued support for trump, this would never have happened even as little as 10 years ago.

      Yes, 10 years ago, Republicans were still genteel and polite, that’s why they kept losing. Trump figured out that the way to deal with jerks like Hillary or Waters or Warren is to tell them to go to hell.

      And it is,, team R has become an evil cult.

      Team (D) has become an evil cult, rallying around socialists and promoting bigotry and racism.

      1. Yup, Trump was the ONLY one who could have beaten Hillary. The other candidates would have deferred to her in the debates. Trump went right for the jugular. Bringing several of the women Bill Clinton assaulted to one of the debates was masterful. The sideways look Bill have these women was classic.

        Face it, President Trump takes no shit from the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, etc. Keep in mind the aforementioned Dems were in the House for decades before Trump got into the White House. Why didn’t they do more to fix the problems President Trump’s trying to solve now? It’s obvious he believes the “squad” are active enemies of America. And a lot of Americans agree with that – Trump says what a lot of people think.

    2. Please, tell us how a Christian should act?

  24. Well that explains it. The Freedom Caucus, which Amash helped to found, turned their backs on Amash in favor of Trump. So Amash hates Trump. Perfectly understandable.

    1. So ego play? That is possible.

  25. I hate the flag option but am I the only one who has considered flagging Rev because of his jejune, repetitive, peurile posts? Come on NPC come up with some new material.

    1. He has something reasonable to say every few months or so, actually.

      1. Yes, every so often there is some semblance of sentience.

    2. The rev may in fact be working for trump/2020 as a caricature of lefty intolerance and stupidity. I hope he doesn’t change a thing.

      1. False flag? Possibly, sometimes I cannot tell if he is a parody account extradorinar.

  26. “The group (Freedom Caucus) did virtually nothing to oppose the passage of the 2017 tax bill that was projected to add roughly $1 trillion to the deficit over 10 years…”.

    That was quite the fucked-up statement that Eric made in his article. I for one would rather keep my hard-earned money than give it to Congress to spend on worthless and unconstitutional projects.

    Unlike Eric, I’m glad the Freedom Caucus allowed the tax bill to pass — my take-home pay increased because of it and I can now pay my son’s tuition bill each month without having to use the credit card..

  27. Yup, Hillary got more popular votes than President Trump. Her margin came from one state – CA. Without CA, President Trump wins the popular vote.

    In the election that REALLY counted, President Trump won, 304 to 227 for Hillary. The Electoral College worked exactly as the framers of the Constitution intended it to.

    Trump is no choir boy. But we knew that going in. We voted for Donald Trump because first, he’s no Hillary Clinton, thank God, and second, because we needed a new mindset in the White House.

    See a lot of fighting about impeachment. If the Dems could have made it happen, would have happened a while ago. They can’t. And while the Dems are chasing their tails about President Trump’s latest tweet, Trump is getting things done. For example, take a look at just how many Federal judges, at all levels, have been nominated and confirmed by the Senate so far. Quite a few, at all levels.


    He’s standing up to China re trade. He’s gotten what will be a very long peace process started with North Korea.

    Amash is wrong in his claims that those in the GOP who support him are hurting themselves and hurting the country. Know who is hurting the country? Nasty Nancy and the Dems, featuring those fools known as the “Squad”.

    President Trump says what a lot of people think. He has the courage of his convictions. You may not agree, but one hell of a lot of Americans do. Consider this – two-and-a-half years into his term, President Trump always packs ’em in at rallies, everywhere he goes. Thousands wait for hours to get in. Many are willing to watch the rallies from screens outside. Now, is there anyone running for President on the Democratic side who draws anything like these numbers? No.

    You may not like everything President Trump does. I sure don’t. But there’s no doubt that he puts America and Americans first. People see that, a welcome departure from the previous President. And that’s why Tump will be re-elected in 2020.

  28. […] to shamelessly tell one group of people one thing and another group something totally different is a sort of political superpower, according to Rep. Justin Amash […]

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