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Mark Sanford, Old Trump Foe, May Enter Republican Presidential Primary

The libertarian-leaning Republican was unseated after criticizing, among several things, the president's poor grasp of the Constitution.


President Trump may have another primary challenger in the 2020 election. In an interview with The Post and Courier, former South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford said that he planned to spend the next month deciding whether or not he would enter the upcoming presidential Republican primary.

"Sometimes in life you've got to say what you've got to say, whether there's an audience or not for that message," he said in the interview. "I feel convicted."

Sanford, who largely advocated for limited government during his time in Congress, has criticized Trump several times in the past for lacking a firm grasp on the Constitution, wanting to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and even his "shithole" countries comment.

Sanford lost his Republican primary in 2018. His loss was believed to be an early indicator of the weakness of anti-Trump Republicans in the face of a newer, more Trumpian party.

So far, Trump's only primary opponent is former Massachusetts governor and Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Bill Weld. Upon making the announcement, Weld referred to himself as a "Reagan Republican." He has since criticized Trump for not being economically conservative.

There is also speculation that Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.) could join the race. Amash has very recently left the Republican Party, as well as his congressional committees. Whether he chooses to run as a Republican, Libertarian, or independent, it's possible that his entry into the race could disrupt both Trump and the eventual Democratic nominee's 2020 dreams.

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60 responses to “Mark Sanford, Old Trump Foe, May Enter Republican Presidential Primary

  1. So a guy who couldn’t even win re-election in his home state, thinks he is going to beat Trump nationally. Well, he can run on the character issue. I mean it is not like Samford when he was governor disappeared off the face of the earth for several days so he could go hiking with his Argentine mistress or anything. So, he has got that going for him.

    1. Trump has never won a reelection once in his life, let alone in his home state. Just saying.

      1. He won the Presidency. That is kind of a big deal. You are constantly bitching about it. I would think you would understand that.

    2. Sanford also thought calling shithole countries “shitholes”, was somehow wrong.

    3. Irrelevant.

    4. “…it is not like Samford when he was governor disappeared off the face of the earth for several days so he could go hiking with his Argentine mistress…”

      Affairs and questionable character are such pre-Trump political concerns. No personal conduct matters any more, just how much your party’s rabid base agrees with you and how rabid they think you’ll be going after the enemy party.

  2. Wasn’t Sanford the guy who ditched his job and family and went off chasing tail in South America?

    1. Yes he was. He did it when he was governor. Beyond him being a crap weasel to his family, being a governor is kind of a 24/7 job. There are certain things that only a governor can do in an emergency. He ditched his duties to the people of South Carolina to get a piece of ass. And yet, all of these “meh principles” Conservatives who have been bitching about Trump’s “Character” will support Samford, because they are all about integrity and consistency or something.

      1. He’s also, more than once, violated his restraining order with his ex-wife.

        Remember, though — Trump is just a bad guy. Not like Sanford, who embarrassed his family.

        1. While Trump and his family are incapable of embarrassment. So they have that in their favor.

    2. I remember now. He was state governor and then he just up and disappeared from the governors office and nobody knew where he went, including his staff, until he resurfaced in South America with his mistress.

      This is the guy Reason thinks has moral standing over Trump? TDS has made them insane.

  3. All decent, patriotic Americans should oppose Putin’s Puppet’s reelection. But I question whether an effort like this will be productive. Instead, I think Sanford (and Amash, and Flake, and Weld) should pledge right now to endorse the 2020 Democratic nominee — unless it happens to be Tulsi Gabbard.

  4. Sanford is such a loser. He spent his entire time in office cutting spending, and spend ZERO time owning the libs. Republicans have no use for such a soyboy small government cuck. He is no match for pigeon chess grandmaster Trump.

    1. Just because he walked away from his duties and disappeared for several days to cheat on his wife is just one of those things only a “Trumpalo” could care about.

      1. Haha, I love that you are owning the Trumpalo label. Also, good thing Trump never cheated on his wife or paid hush money to a porn star.

        1. Whatever Trump is or isn’t, Sanford, the guy who ditched his job and went off to South America chasing tail, isn’t the guy to ding him for it.

          1. And misappropriated government resources to do it. And had his people lie to cover for him.

            But sure…he’s obviously the moral superior to Trump, who’s done none of those things in office.

        2. Get back to me when Trump disappears from the White House for a week to cheat on his wife. Until then, whatever Trump did is not the same as what we know Stanford did.

          1. Hey – Trump disappeared from the White House for a week to go make lovey-dovey eyes at Kim Jong Un. That was equally comical, equally embarrassing, and (unlike Sanford) the affair wasn’t even consummated. It would have been better for the country if Trump had just lied and told everyone he was off hiking the Appalachian Trail.

            Imagine: The one single freaking time if would have been better if Trump lied is the one single freaking time in his entire presidency that he doesn’t. Don’t irony beat all?

        3. I wouldn’t bother thinking Sanford is going to be useful to your arguments about Trump’s morals, Chipper.

    2. Hell, he made our DMV efficient. Extremely so. I haven’t spent more than 10 minutes in any visit to a DMV in years.

      …but, you know, if you’re going to slag Trump for character issues, hard to justify Sanford. Just sayin’. Trump has cut regulation, etc nationally.

      1. Chipper is trying hard to be the next person Sanford ditches his job to fuck.

    3. Cutting spending? How the fuck can a Republican get behind that agenda? Sheesh.

  5. Mark Sanford “Libertarian-leaning…”?

    A marriage is a contract and most people would likely agree that trust is a BIG part of that contract.

    Sanford took off with a mistress and disappeared “from June 18 until June 24, 2009, the whereabouts of Sanford were unknown to the public, his wife and the State Law Enforcement Division, which provides security for all South Carolina governors, garnering nationwide news coverage.”

    Yeah, this guy is a shitbag like Bill Weld who is also “Libertarian-leaning…”

    1. Marriage is a contract, but no contract is absolute. There are consequences to breaking a contract, to be sure, but it’s not an absolute like some radical propertarians think. Consequences are consequences. And he suffered those consequences to breaking that contract. End of story.

      1. Except he has violated court orders, repeatedly, involving said divorce.

  6. “Markie Sanford, Markie Sanford and his son
    In a junkyard, in a junkyard having fun
    what the devil will they screw up NEEEEEXT?!?!?”

  7. I’d be fine with a Sandford president (fine being a relative term) but these people are blowing their wads on the belief that voters are putting as much weight on what Trump tweets as they are.

    Maybe if the economy took a sudden and drastic downturn, these governors might have a chance. Short of that, few outside the punditry and beltway give a fuck about what you think they give a fuck about.

    1. No one but reporters gives a shit what Trump tweets. The average Republican sure as hell doesn’t. Trump has higher approval ratings among Republicans than Bush ever did.

      Short of there being a video of Trump banging a 10 year old on Epstein’s Island, none of these clowns have a chance. And even then, that would destroy any chance they had of winning the presidency even if they won the nomination.

    2. “Maybe if the economy took a sudden and drastic downturn”

      But it’s done exactly that. Don’t you read Reason’s numerous articles about how the tariffs are destroying the economy?

          1. When you ran out of toilet paper, what did you use?

    3. Yeah it also doesn’t hurt that the voices of Twitter on the other side make him look almost sane.

  8. Same dude who made an ass of himself while shirking off his duties? Same dude whose estranged wife had to call his aides to get his idiotic ass away from the cameras while professing his love to a rather unattractive South American chick?

    THAT guy?

    Hey, I would’ve voted for him for President at one point. Now? He could barely win a rather safe House seat in a VERY conservative state.

  9. Sanford might be a prick, but is his behavior really that far outside the norm for a politician, and wasn’t he elected again as congressman after the Argentina scandal?

    1. I can’t think of another governor who disappeared for days without anyone knowing where he was. So, yes, his behavior is pretty far outside the norm even for politicians.

      1. Ted Kennedy-but he was a Senator not a governor

        1. And they didn’t find a dead woman in Sanford’s back seat

          1. Yes, but the Kennedy’s had American journalism to provide cover for all their little “oops”.
            Sanford didn’t, but I’ll bet he’s hoping declaiming Trump will afford him some journalistic latitude on his former behavior. You can see Davis here was quiet as a mouse about his behavior as governor already.

  10. insert aggressively silent ‘meh’

  11. He looks likeBruce Boa in Full Metal Jacket.

  12. […] to Reason, Sanford “largely advocated for limited government during his time in Congress” and […]

  13. […] to Reason, Sanford “largely advocated for limited government during his time in Congress” and […]

  14. At least he’s not sucking Trump dick like Lindsey Graham

  15. There isn’t going to be a primary.

  16. I hope Sanford runs. Trump’s “hiking the Appalachian Trail” wisecracks in a debate would be the stuff of legend.

  17. […] to Reason, Sanford “largely advocated for limited government during his time in Congress” and […]

  18. […] to Reason, Sanford “largely advocated for limited government during his time in Congress” and […]

  19. At this point, I think the only hope of fixing our political system is if the better political operatives jump ship and leave the pols making speeches and peeing in their preferred tents. Course the operatives know who really runs the show – cuz they’re the ones that get paid by those who run the show to keep us all interested in whose pissing in/on which tent.

  20. Sanford won’t beat out Trump for the GOP presidential bid, and he’s an idiot if he think he can.
    Maybe if he runs for the democrats he would do better.
    Or better yet, the Green Socialist Property Confiscation and Slavery Party.
    Now that’s an up and coming political party Sanford can sink his teeth into.
    They like people who are intrinsically anti-capitalist.
    Sanford has nothing to lose.

  21. “I’m a Livbertarian”, I’m a Reagan Republican”, I’m a great admirer of Hillary. I’ll be whatever you need me to be. I’m a god-damned chameleon! – Bill Weld


  22. Mark Sanford – Seriously?

    All it will take is one 5-minute view of this hapless fool explaining mindlessly how he became so enamored with a woman in South America that he had to flee his wife, kids & governorship to be with her. He’ll be toast.

    C’mon, Libs, I’m dying to vote for your candidate for Pres, but last time you nominated a nut case so I held my nose & voted for Trump – against Hillary.

  23. Really? You guys think an affair is a disqualifier for elected office any more? After all the stuff Trump did? Nobody cares.

  24. Obviously, adultery isn’t a disqualification for the Presidency.

    But does it have to be a *prerequisite*?

    1. That, or defeating Leslie Nielsen in a Leslie Nielsen look-alike contest.

      When I say stuff like this I get grief from the Leslie Nielsen fans, so let me clarify: Of the two, Weld and Nielsen, one is a clown and a buffoon, and the other one is a respected actor.

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