Brickbat: Money for Nothing


A spokesman for Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools says a local elementary school should not have called cops on a 10-year-old boy for playing with toy money. The spokesman said police should be called only if a student tries to use counterfeit money to buy something. "There were some clear missteps on our part and we are working to ensure the process is clear moving forward for staff and that incidents like this do not happen again," the spokesman said. The boy's mother says school officials didn't even tell her they'd called the police, and she did not find out until the officer called her at the end of the school day

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  1. In the case of Kelly’s son, “the police should not have been called,” the spokesman said.

    “And if we had more armed resource officers on premises to interrogate our students we wouldn’t have had to.”

  2. And our chicks for free.

    1. The kid just wanted his MTV.

      1. That little (moment of radio silence) is a toy-money millionaire.

  3. Called the cops… because of toy money… someone please inform the teachers they have chosen the wrong profession.

    1. Did you see what the $100 bill looked like in the original article? It doesn’t look like monopoly money. Also, the article never claimed the reason the police were called was due to counterfeit bills. Maybe the bus driver thought some kid had found his parents stash, drew on them, and passed them out?

  4. The kid was just practicing for when the democrats control both houses – – – –

  5. When a kid plays with toy money it’s a police matter.

    When the whole government tries to support itself with funny money it’s just business as usual.

    1. Well, duh. The state doesn’t want you trying to horn in on their monopoly.

  6. Every state should make sure parental rights are protected and all government officials need to call a kids parent before speaking with the kid about some incident involving the kid.

  7. was it on purpose that you used a Monopoly picture and Monopoly evidently did away with cash in its latest version of the board game with substituted “voice-controlled banking”?

    Nothing says TOP MEN control everything like a cashless society trying to get permission from some central top hat to buy Park Place.

  8. Glad I got the fuck outta there before high school

  9. Roll eyes, smh, loud exhale and a Jesus Christ. Ok and one Fuck.

  10. Montgomery county, MD. All you need to know.

  11. >>>for playing with toy money

    like he was selling toy cocaine?

    1. No! Buying toy guns! The worst crime of all!

  12. Hey, its never too soon to teach kids about cop power and civil forfeiture, right?

  13. thats okay, hasbro has a solution that goes along with the great new cashless society. New monoply games don’t actually have cash or a banker. Some central computer does all the banking.

  14. Seriously; Who in the F$ck sees a kid playing with toy money(or real for that matter) and thinks, I need to call the cops.
    More than one person did this or thought it was a good idea. If this mindset is viewed as reasonable, we are soooooo screwed!

  15. Lock up everyone that has ever played monopoly. They tried to buy fake property!

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