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Liberalism at All-Time High in 68-Year Survey of American Mood

Plus: Workplace fatalities down in places with medical marijuana, bad news booze bans at strip clubs, pushback to panic about Big Tech, and more...


Liberalism in America is at a record high, according to a new look at data on America's Public Policy Mood. A "measure of left/right preferences over policy choices in American politics," the mood was more liberal in 2018 than at any previous point in the history of recording it.

"The annual estimate for 2018 is the most liberal ever recorded in the 68 year history of Mood, just slightly higher than the previous high point of 1961," wrote James Stimson, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, while sharing his latest findings.

The liberalism mood score for 2018 was about 69.15, according to the data file Stimson shared. In 1961, it was 68.92.

Stimson suggests that the 2018 estimate "represents the expected leftward movement in thermostatic reaction to the Presidency of Donald Trump," but "should not be taken…as only a personal reaction to Trump because its defining items are the issues of American politics of earlier generations, the New Deal and Great Society agenda. And the estimates do not include Trump's signature issues of immigration restriction and trade protectionism."

That last bit is crucial. There are many ways to talk and think about liberalism. A lot of proverbial ink is spilled these days on whether "liberal democracy" or sometimes just "liberalism" is declining globally in the face of various political movements. But those big-picture concerns evoke liberalism in the classical sense (respect for individual rights, political autonomy, free markets, etc.). Meanwhile, "liberalism" as bandied about by mainstream politicians may mean many things.

In this study, liberalism is measured by levels of support for various government programs. The survey covers a wide swath of policy areas, framed in broad terms. (You can read more about them in a 2012 paper from Stimson, available online with free registration here.)

Stimson developed the Policy Mood measure in 1991, and it's become a respected indicator used in a lot of people's research. (Find more of his work here.) Here's a graph Stimson did of the data up to 2016:

"From 1992 to 2012, according to Stimson's analysis, overall support for liberal, pro-government initiatives has declined," noted Thomas B. Edsall in The New York Times back in 2013. Half a decade later, the picture looks rather different.

Liberalism's low points on the Mood scale came in 1952 (49.88), 1980 (51.21), 1981 (53.19), 1982 (53.329), and 1969 (53.33). The only times the liberalism score slipped under 60 this century have been in 2001 (59.39) and in 2014 (59.51).


Medical marijuana doesn't endanger workers. In fact, workplace fatalities are down in states with legalized medicinal weed:

In Medical marijuana laws and workplace fatalities in the United States, researchers D. Mark Anderson, Daniel I. Rees, and Erdal Tekin analyzed data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia between 1992 and 2015.

The goal: to determine the association between MMLs and workplace fatalities.

The researchers used Bureau of Labor Statistics data on workplace fatalities by state and year. Regression models were adjusted for state demographics, the unemployment rate, state fixed effects, and year fixed effects.

Their conclusion: legalizing medical marijuana has actually improved workplace safety—at least for workers aged 25–44.

Workplace fatalities were down in medical marijuana states by 19.5 percent on average.


Seattle dancers are fed up with booze ban at strip clubs. Katie Herzog takes a look at how Washington state's liquor laws are hurting workers at Seattle-area strip clubs. Local workers "say that Seattle is one of the most difficult and least lucrative cities to be a stripper, in no small part thanks to the statewide ban on alcohol sales," Herzog writes.

In other cities and states, strip clubs make the bulk of their money from the sale of booze. In Seattle, clubs make their money off the dancers themselves, who have to pay for the privilege of working. And those house fees are not cheap: At Deja Vu, a local chain with a near-monopoly in the downtown area, dancers are charged $120 to $180 a night—and if they don't make that money, the club will charge them back rent.

The lack of alcohol also changes the vibe. "Tourists and bachelor parties might come in, but when they realize they can't get a drink, they leave," Aubrey said. Unlike in, say, Portland—where strip clubs are allowed to serve booze and food, and where female customers and co-ed groups aren't an uncommon sight—Seattle strip clubs tend to attract mostly men on their own.

At least some on left and right are pushing back hard against tech moral panic. David French and Glenn Greenwald both offered some some wise words yesterday on social media deplatforming and demonetizing controversies. Here's French at National Review:

The regularity of the controversies—combined with the persistence of the overt viewpoint discrimination—is resulting in a demand that government "do something" to solve the problem. But the problem is far too complex and deep-seated for the government to solve. And if the government tries to step in with too heavy a hand, it's going to violate the law. It's past time for an honest, realistic look at the true cultural, commercial, and constitutional challenges to social-media fairness.

And here's Greenwald, who spoke about the subject on the Tucker Carlson show last night:


  • After Donald Trump threatened new tariffs on Mexican goods coming to the U.S., officials from both countries are reportedly "discussing the outlines of a deal that would dramatically increase Mexico's immigration enforcement efforts and give the United States far more latitude to deport Central Americans seeking asylum," according to The Washington Post. But their sources "cautioned that the accord is not final and that President Trump might not accept it."
  • Adventures in doublethink: "Freedom of speech isn't the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech," insists April Glaser in an all-around misguided Slate piece calling for internet companies to be regulated more like broadcast networks.
  • J.D. Tuccille explores the status of FBI's new facial recognition database.
  • The woke surveillance state welcomes you to Manchester's Gay Village. "Look fabulous, you're on CCTV!"

  • In Connecticut,"'raising women up' apparently means depriving them of employment opportunities." Reason's Scott Shackford looks at the latest expansion of occupational licensing rules for salon staff.

NEXT: Californians Are Now Paying Higher Gas Taxes. Cities Are Responding by Reducing Lanes for Cars.

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  1. Liberalism in America is at a record high, according to new study.

    Hopefully they’re defining that as accurately as libertarianism.

    1. lol.

    2. Its where authoritarian policies can be liberal as long as you support transgenderism and victimhood in general.

      1. Yes, when Liberalism means government mandates and pogroms.

    3. Hello.

      Ugh, oi, meh, bah, boh, oof.

      That’s not liberalism. I don’t know what it is but it sure as hell ain’t liberalism in its classical sense.

      1. No, sadly it’s liberalism in the American politics sense.

        1. I call it illiberalism.

          Sprinkled with libertine narcissism.

      2. “boh”

        Molto bene.

        1. This guy knows!

      3. “…those big-picture concerns evoke liberalism in the classical sense (respect for individual rights, political autonomy, free markets, etc.)”

        Is that now more accurately labeled libertarianism?

    4. Apparently the definition of liberalism is about as slippery as that of socialism.

  2. J.D. Tuccille explores the status of FBI’s new facial recognition database.

    they can see you looking consternated, 2-chill

  3. TSA allowing illegal migrants to fly without proper documents
    EL PASO, Texas — The federal agency tasked with overseeing security at transportation hubs has been violating its own policy by allowing migrants who have been released from federal custody onto flights despite not having required documents, according to several Department of Homeland Security officials.

    For the past six months, the Transportation Security Administration has allowed migrants released from the custody of other Homeland Security agencies to board flights to other parts of the country despite the passengers lacking any of the 15 documents it states are the only acceptable forms of identification….

    1. Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote? Sure Looks That Way
      In the 2008 and 2010 elections, they said, as many as 2.8 million illegal noncitizen votes were cast, “enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes and congressional elections,” said the study, authored by Jesse T. Richman and Gushan A. Chattha, both of Old Dominion University, and David C. Earnest of George Mason University.

      The bombshell was this: “Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

      It got little coverage in the mainstream media, and what coverage it did get was almost entirely dismissive.

      Now comes a new study by Just Facts, a libertarian/conservative think tank, that used data from a large Harvard/You.Gov study that every two years samples tens of thousands of voters, including some who admit they are noncitizens and thus can’t vote legally.

      The findings are eye-opening. In 2008, as many as 5.7 million noncitizens voted in the election. In 2012, as many as 3.6 million voted, the study said.

      1. Racism! That’s racism I tells ya!

      2. Funny how the group complaining about foreign interference in the election supports foreigners voting in our election.

      3. geez you’re gonna make OBL’s circuitboard explode …

      4. Lol fake news bro Hahahaaaaaahaha.

    2. CBP has released border numbers for May. Just stunning
      144,258 apprehensions plus inadmissibles, up 32 percent from April
      More than 100k were families or children
      680k processed during first 8 months of FY19

    3. TSA then referred the Washington Examiner to a webpage, which still states, “You will not be allowed to enter the security checkpoint if your identity cannot be confirmed, you chose to not provide proper identification or you decline to cooperate with the identity verification process.”

      “You will, however, be allowed to cast at least one vote in a federal election.”

      1. If we just let these poor suffering people vote in US elections from their home countries, maybe the Democrats would ease up on open borders.

        1. They likely would, as that is the only thing they really want anyway.

        2. If these people voted Republican, the Democrats would be putting land mines on the border to keep them out.

          1. +100

    4. hmmm, Maybe I should fly to Mexico and sneak back into the USA. I’m currently having a standoff with the American government. They don’t want me to fly back to America without a psychiatry note saying that I am safe. I think officials are worry that I might get a boner big enough to unbalance the weight distribution in the airplane thereby causing the pilot to loose control and crash into the ocean on the way home.

    5. I sure hope they didn’t allow the children of illegals to fly unaccompanied. That would be immoral.

    6. It’s unconstitutional to demand we show papers to fly, so this doesn’t really bother me. It’s a start. now do it for citizens!

      1. so this doesn’t really bother me. It’s a start. now do it for citizens!

        You’re not really bothered because you assume it’s a start and that they’ll ever do it for citizens. You’re a fool because both the open borders and regulation of citizens trends have been in the exact opposite direction of your beliefs for at least a couple of decades.

  4. “Freedom of speech isn’t the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech,”

    whispering to myself, “i’ve never felt so free”

    1. “Midas has ass’s ears.”

    2. April Glaser is a fucktard.

    3. Might as well just turn the government over to Chelsea Handler and Samantha Bee.

    4. Just like the right to keep and bear arms in California means you can keep one locked up and unloaded in your house.

      1. But only if it’s on an approved firearm list, which stopped adding new models in 2010 and has been slowly removing models.

  5. In fact, workplace fatalities are down in states with legalized medicinal weed…


    1. And for those who do, break rooms are a lot less dangerous than the factory floor or loading dock.

  6. In this study, liberalism is measured by levels of support for various government programs.


  7. Medical marijuana doesn’t endanger workers.

    Who wants to do dangerous shit when they’re high? That would be a bummer.

  8. The woke surveillance state

    they’re the ones answering the presidential 3am phone call??

    1. And from whatever bed they want, bigot.

    2. “Yo, someone put a rope around my famous client’s neck. That’s pretty eff’d up, you know?”

    3. The time difference makes it easier to staff those 1-900 hotlines with gay British men and hot “women” living in the UK. 😉

    4. I’m just going to slide this in here:

      Is anyone else noticing that a 3-year attempted coup is completely unreported in the “pages” of Reason?

      Is there a bigger story (in the USA)?

      1. totes buddies w/NR now so “Silence of the Never-Ts”

      2. “Unreported”?
        They may not describe it in terms you approve of, but they have certainly been reporting on attempts to take Trump out.

        1. Funny how reason facts about the coup have Trump and America not as the victims but the perpetrators.

  9. “Freedom of speech isn’t the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech,” insists April Glaser

    “It’s the same thing as the freedom to listen to that speech, or not listen, or something.”

    1. But I want the freedom not to have to make that choice!

    2. Your free speech zone is now an isolation booth.

  10. In Connecticut,”‘raising women up’ apparently means

    bootstraps are in, ladies!

    1. Garter belts!

      1. Hey, there’s a reason we don’t teach the ladies how to wrap tefillin. We don’t want them getting ideas when they see the spare straps of leather behind the tannery.

  11. From @DanHenninger in WSJ: “par­ties of the left-whether in the U.S., U.K., Ger­many or Cal­i­for­nia-have come to re­gard the pri­vate sec­tor as an alien tribe whose only func­tion is to fi­nance the pub­lic ma­chin­ery that runs wel­fare, health and now cli­mate pro­to­cols.”

    1. Sounds like the lives of my friends who marry progressive women

    2. If we’re going to return to the ’70s, can we at least get some good music and movies to go along with the stagflation?

      1. Humble Pie* has been on tour.

        *BINO – Band In Name Only.

      2. go see Dead & Co.

      3. And orange and green and lemon appliances too? This industrial kitchen stainless look has to go.

  12. Freedom of speech isn’t the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech…

    I agree with Slate. We need our great President Trump to take the reins of our conversation platforms.

    1. Freedom of speech isn’t the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech…

      That’s true. Freedom of the Press is what guarantees the right to broadcast speech.

      1. I think it’s freedom of the press for asynchronous publications and freedom of speech for broadcasting. The Supreme Court has argued that broadcasting can be regulated, because it is difficult to keep broadcasting out of one’s home. The judges figured that if a 3 year old can turn on your radio, politicians need to step in to prevent reciprocity. I disagree. Having a radio in the home is optional. If you don’t want your 3 year old listening to that “nigger music” on the radio, forget Tipper Gore’s non-profit and simply don’t keep a radio in your home.

        1. Well, however you want to make the distinction, it’s all protected.

        2. It’s very easy to keep broadcasting out of your house — turn off the TV or change the channel.

          1. But those radio waves are still bumping into your brain.

    1. Yes, the Mexican cartel videos of people being butchered alive are so less terrifying. Get over yourself you winey little douche bag (not Johnny).

  13. “And here’s Greenwald, who spoke about the subject on the Tucker Carlson show last night”

    Ugh. Greenwald is not only a phony progressive, he’s also a notorious #TrumpRussia denialist. I’m amazed he hasn’t retired from journalism in shame after the Mueller Report proved him completely wrong about everything. If he’s not on Putin’s payroll, he sure behaves like he is.

    It’s no surprise such a terrible person would be cozy with alt-right white nationalist Tucker Carlson.

    1. Because Greenwald is an actual liberal and not a commie.

  14. “Freedom of speech isn’t the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech,” insists April Glaser

    To be fair they don’t require history classes in J school, just the ability to write word salads.

  15. “A lot of proverbial ink is spilled these days”

    Uh, what does non-proverbial ink look like? How about “A lot of pixels are being wasted”?

    1. Because that makes no sense.

        1. With the legalization of marijuana fewer hard-working pixels are dying, more are wasted.

    2. It’s literally proverbial virtual ink. Even though no one uses actual ink anymore, and when they do you can’t spill it anyway.

  16. “Look fabulous, you’re on CCTV!”

    Would you prefer they instruct the community not to look fabulous because Big Brother is watching? MAKE UP YOUR BLOODY MINDS.

  17. More bad economic news.

    IBM is laying off more than 1,000 employees


  18. The latest jobs numbers are out and unemployment remains at 3.6 percent.


    1. Low unemployment just means people are working two jobs and barely surviving.


  19. I can’t say I’m a big fan of strip clubs in general, but a strip club without liquor must be a pretty sad and pathetic sort of place.

    1. “A strong mind in a strong body.”

    2. They’re not so bad. Instead of a beer, you just drink your own tears as you try to ignore C-Section scars and prison tattoos without the assistance of inebriation. Also a plus, if you can get past the mental blocks caused by awkward, sober conversation and the faint smell of sweat and desperation, then you’re not too drunk to get a hard-on during a lap dance.

      1. Dude, you’re either going to the wrong clubs or going at the wrong times.

        1. Beat me to it, Ray

          1. Right? It’s like saying you hate Mexican food when all you’ve ever had is Taco Bell.

        2. What, so I’m just supposed to throw my hard-earned money away at some elitist juice bar where the girls don’t have physical deformities, mental maladies, and/or rampant drug abuse problems?

          I remember the days when thriftiness and non-judgmental outlooks were virtues. I weep for this country.

          1. I appreciate this post.

      2. You need to go to better strip clubs

    3. Only slightly less pathetic than the places that make them put stickers on their boobies.

    4. A New Jersey Muslim opened up a strip juice bar to cater to men who refrain from alcohol for religious reasons. To each his own. 🙂

    5. Yea but have you been to a place that has neither booze nor strippers? so boring

        1. I have one stream of income that includes one of those things, so sometimes

      1. Sounds like church.

    6. I live in Washington, strip clubs without alcohol are indeed sad. There’s something deeply wrong with going to look at naked women and having “bartenders” offer you soda.

  20. Biden still isn’t my first choice, but it’s good to see him join the right side of history.

    Biden, in Reversal, Says He Supports Federal Money for Abortions

    If you don’t support federal money for abortions, you’re basically a Handmaid’s Tale villain.


    1. He evolved.

    2. what if you don’t support federal money spent on ANY medical expense? super villain?

  21. Unsurprisingly good commentary by Glenn Greenwald. Didn’t Jon Stewart (and Bill Mahr, and certainly others) make fun of Lispin’ Lindsey Graham in the same way? Aren’t they still doing it?

    1. I guess gay jokes are only OK when the target is a closeted Republican.

    2. That’s different. Graham is a Republican, and Stewart and Maher are liberals.

      1. Fuck off, I already made that joke.

        1. Mine wasn’t a joke though. You need to educate yourself on the difference between punching up and punching down.

          1. Give it up, dude. You’ve been making the same tired joke for months. Time to move on.

            1. I hope he never quits. Until the leftists recognize their open borders and welfare state can’t coexist there’s a need to rub their noses in their nonsense libertopia. They call everyone a “slaver” while ignoring that we all pay welfare for migrants.

              Long live OBL

              1. I think he’s actually a double parody of the people who think that only lefties could possibly be fore more free immigration and that Reason writers are all secret Democrats. But I could be wrong. It could also be an attempt to imply that libertarians who don’t take a more culturally conservative and anti-immigration stance are secret leftists.
                In any case it’s a one note song that has gotten very tiresome. Point made. Find a new shtick.

                1. Fair point, any drum beat will get tiresome eventually. And yes there’s all kinds of ideas floating around. And there are many people like me who would support immigration reform but it won’t mean anything until we stop paying people to move here with taxpayer dollars.

                2. Honestly, I think its art and everyone’s changing reactions to it is part of the play.

                  1. Yeah, sure. But it seems the reactions have settled into a steady state for a while now.

            2. Sorry, dude, you got pwned by the troll. Don’t make an ass of yourself (wink, wink).

              1. Yeah, whatever. I was going for more of a meta-troll analysis, but maybe I’m just a sucker.
                I much prefer Incomprehensible Bitching for parody of incoherent talking points.

  22. Here’s French at National Review:

    Strange new respect is not limited to liberals apparently.

  23. “I’m horrified by some of the stuff he writes, but I am a good friend of his.”

    She has to cover her eyes when he drunkenly whips out his dangling modifiers.

  24. Ilhan Omar Filed Joint Tax Returns with Man She Wasn’t Married to, Media Ignores Bombshell
    “Things that make you go hmmm: read this closely and keep in mind that Ilhan Omar was legally married to Ahmed Elmi from 2009-2017 while also filing joint tax returns with Ahmed Hirsi in 2014 and 2015. Time to get federal IRS officials involved,” Malkin said.

    1. Media is also ignoring Cummings wife openly violating tax laws with her charity that is paying her salary and non charity firm while receiving funding from corporations with business in front of the Senate.

    2. Where is Lois Lerner when we need her?

      1. Dunno, but don’t look for her in prison.

      2. pile of money … pina coladas.

  25. Open borders is not only the correct policy for the US, it’s the correct policy for other countries too. (Except Israel, of course.)

    Japan’s Already Sluggish Birth Rate Fell to Record Low Last Year

    Doesn’t Japan have its own equivalent of the Koch Brothers to fund open borders advocacy? Immigration is the best way to fix an aging population.


    1. We could give Japan some of ours! We seem to have a plentiful supply lately.

      1. We could give Japan some of ours!

        Open Borders? Aging population? Koch Brothers?

  26. If you are horrified by something Gillespie wrote, you really need to get some perspective.

    1. #thatwasntrealcommunism

      1. Both the ‘Why don’t poor, rural Americans just move?’ and ‘What if Christians controlled capitalism?’ from a few years back were… creepy.

      2. If you are horrified by any of those things you need to get some perspective.

  27. But their sources “cautioned that the accord is not final and that President Trump might not accept it.”

    And none of you thought it would work.

  28. “Reason’s Scott Shackford looks at the latest expansion of occupational licensing rules for salon staff.

    You have to have a license in anti-libertarian straw-manning to be a Salon staff writer.

  29. Fantastic news!

    Koch network opens its doors to Democrats as it expands political engagement

    The Kochs clearly agree with the fundamental point I’ve been making all along. With the Republicans now controlled by alt-right white nationalists, Koch / Reason libertarians should be supporting Democrats.


    1. Well, somebody has to keep wages down.

    2. FWIW, in the post below about Brave . . .

      When subscription sales disappeared along with advertising, it made publications like Reason even more dependent on donors.

      The Brave Rewards model I described below enables a system where publications go back to competing with each other for the attention of readers rather than donors–doesn’t it?

  30. I have forgotten who it was that suggested I check out Brave (software browser) the other day, but I’d like to thank that person. This is huge! Brave may be the most exciting thing happening in tech right now, especially since Brave’s model hits Google and Facebook right where it hurts the most–in the pocketbook.

    There’s this thing called the Brave Rewards program. As you surf the internet, you’re subjected to all sorts of targeted advertising, and that’s what’s paying the bills at places like Facebook and Google. Brave blocks all that advertising, but, if you wish (long story short), you can participate in advertising that’s driven by your own local data–but data that’s never shared with the advertisers themselves. Best of all, the revenue from that advertising is split by three entities–1) Brave themselves (they’re doing this for profit), 2) You (you get paid for the advertising you see if you choose to turn that on, and 3) a website you choose–for instance, you could choose to pay Reason.

    When Brave first came out, it was condemned as theft by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post because of its ability to block their advertising so effectively. All three have now reversed that stance and have registered as members of the Brave Rewards program, so that their fans can pay them for the advertising they see–while they’re on other sites. In fact, Dow Jones company was, at one point, offering a free two-year subscription to Barron’s just for signing up for the program.

    Also, again, it should be noted that the advertising revenue that is generated by Brave Rewards program users and redirected to themselves, Brave, and the publishers of their choice is coming at the expense of targeted advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. Brave is eating their lunch and using consumer choice to do it. Those of you who want the government to break up Facebook and Google because their market position is too strong owe it to your own integrity to exercise your freedom of choice in the struggle against Facebook’s and Google’s targeted advertising model.

    Don’t go crying to the government about how you don’t have enough freedom of choice when you’re not taking advantage of the choices that are available to you.

    P.S. The only downside I’ve experienced with using the Brave browser over the past week is that it’s the fastest fucking browser I’ve ever used in my life. It’s better than Ad Block.

    P.P.S. Seriously, to whomever it was that turned me onto Brave earlier this week, thank you! When the Hit & Run community was at its best, subjecting my thinking to your scrutiny made me smarter and I learned about things from other people here that I wouldn’t have learned about in my daily life otherwise (not as soon anyway).

    1. >>>and I learned about things from other people here that I wouldn’t have learned about in my daily life otherwise

      yeah now you’re the other guy … better than the articles.

      1. Agreed.
        I always look forward to Ken’s comment.

    2. As someone that is skeptical of Google and Facebook and their tight control of the public square.. I am interested. I will check this out and see hows its come along.

      I used to use Brave back when it first launched but it was really confusing to me.

    3. This is the first I’ve heard of Brave. I’m trying it out now. Thank you for the heads up!

  31. Re Jong-Fast: “… but I was so shocked that American white women had voted for this guy who was so clearly against all of their interests. I was just completely shocked. I wept every day, and I remember that after—”

    I stopped here. If she’s shaping the future of the DNC – yikes. Sell your bonds.

    Teenage level nonsense.

    1. She was the CPAC correspondant for the ultra-conservative Bulwark, who is, if one did not know, trying its hardest to conserve conservatism.

      …apparently by sending out prog hogs to mock conservatives and cancer survivors.

    2. Come on, Rufus, don’t you know that American women all share the exact same interests?

      1. Except when they’ve been brainwashed by their husbands and fathers.

      2. And if they don’t, more woke womyn will tell them what their interests are.

      3. John Steppenwolf agrees.

    3. Molly represents everything wrong with white limousine liberal women, and ENB loves posting her garbage. A group of women who have it better than any group of women in the history of the species, and yet they’re always the victims.


      1. “Stop oppressing me!” she cried, as she applied the pliers to his balls once more.

      2. Well, there is still that rape fantasy…

        1. Surprisingly common

      3. A group of women who have it better than any group of humans in the history of the species, and yet they’re always the victims.

        FIFY you sexist bigot.

        1. touche

        2. Very true, when white women say their oppressed it used to make my jaw drop. Now it just makes me laugh.

    4. Everyone who votes differently than me… is voting against their own interest! It’s amazing.

  32. The woke surveillance state welcomes you to Manchester’s Gay Village. “Look fabulous, you’re on CCTV!”

    This reminds me of that time someone left a video camera pointing at us changing in the gym locker room of my high school. The other boys laughed about it and posed for the camera. I wrote a note and taped it in front of the camera lense saying that I would complain to the Board of Education if this ever happened again. The camera never came back. I was the geeky teen who ruined everyone’s fun.

  33. Wow, looking at the photo: Hillary is not aging well.

    1. I don’t know. I bet Hillary’s arms are way flabbier than that.

      1. Zeb leads the Great Unwoke.


        1. in on that march.

    2. Sexist.

  34. I wouldn’t brag that noted imbecile Jung-Fast is anybody’s friend. Does she have MORE cancer survivors to mock for looking old?

    1. They bask in the stink that is Molly’s work. An ignorant progressive virtue signaller with nothing but sad lonely followers who have too many cats

  35. Liberalism at All-Time High in 68-Year Survey of American Mood

    Unfortunately, everyone who isn’t a liberal is a Nazi

  36. Liberalism = forcing someone else to pay for your shit and complying with your crazy ass ideas …

    What does liberty have to do with this?

    1. Modern liberalism is the opposite of liberty. They despise it.

  37. I look forward to the article condemning Mexico for walling off migrants, on their dollar, because the orange man told them to.

    1. One of the golden rule of Reason is “never criticize Mexicans”. There must be a lot of gnashing of teeth over this.

      1. It’s a shame. Pot and ass-sex are more fun and interesting.

        I’m a pretty open-immigration kind of guy, but even I would like to see a lot more subtlety and nuance in Reason’s immigration coverage. Though I’ve mostly stopped reading it, so I can’t say I haven’t missed something.
        They should at least acknowledge more that there is a real debate among libertarians. Maybe get someone on staff that takes a different view.

        1. I have stopped reading them too. I still sometimes give in to the temptation but those threads are never fun or interesting. And the articles are never informative.

  38. “And the estimates do not include Trump’s signature issues of immigration restriction and trade protectionism.”

    Do they include Trump’s signature issues of enforcing existing immigration laws, and opposition to foreign governments stealing from American companies?
    Of course, any reports using the terms from our dead past such as “liberal’ and “conservative” are suspect from the start. Try again using questions that lead to answers based on preferring individual freedom .vs state control. Call it the freedom index, maybe.

  39. I never thought I would see the day that Reason would be cheer leading David French in an argument against Glenn Greenwald. Wherever you come down on the issue, Greenwald makes an honest argument and voices legitimate concerns. French as usual being a dishonest asshole. He conflates issues of anti trust and cartels with issues of free speech. The two are not the same and the issue here has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment. The issue here is the legal immunity these platforms have been given as “common carriers” and how they are increasingly looking like an illegal cartel. French avoids those usses and goes on a rant about the 1st Amendment not applying to private parties.

    Christ what an asshole.

    1. French as usual being a dishonest asshole.

      He may be a dishonest asshole, but the important thing is that he doesn’t raise his voice.

      1. All of the claims made about French’s alleged civility are dumfounding. Here is what Paster David had to say in 2016 about the President and more importantly his supporters.

        A minority of its primary voters have torched its founders’ legacy by voting for a man who combines old-school Democratic ideology, a bizarre form of hyper-violent isolationism, fringe conspiracy theories, and serial lies with an enthusiastic flock of online racists to create perhaps the most toxic electoral coalition since George Wallace.

        The last sentence is the most illustrative of who French really is. He calls Trump’s coalition or in other words the President’s supporters ” an enthusiastic flock of online racists to create perhaps the most toxic electoral coalition since George Wallace”. Mr. Nice Guy conservative called 50% of his own party violent racists for the crime of disagreeing with him on immigration and trade. He is a real Christian French.

        1. Well, that’s why the left-leaning libertarians go for him I guess.

          “a bizarre form of hyper-violent isolationism”


          A magazine called ‘Reason’ links to this?

          1. Saying we should enforce the immigration laws and keep people from entering the country illegally is “a bizarre form of hyper-violent isolationism”.

            And he has never taken any of this back or admitted that maybe things got a little out of hand in 2016. Nope, Paster David appearently still believes this.

    2. Like I said the other day, what’s this new found fetish for French?

      Is he just the new ‘go-to’ guy? Is this a cocktail deal of some kind?

      1. It looks like French finally got his invite to the Journolist.

  40. Of course strippers want to work where alcohol is served. Nothing like some beer goggles to improve sex appeal (and tips).

  41. Statistics of the Day:

    Apprehensions at the U.S. border in all of 2007 by nationality:

    Mexicans: 800,000
    Guatemalans + Salvadorans + Hondurans: 54,000

    Apprehensions at the U.S. border in all of 2018 by nationality:

    Mexicans: 155,000
    Guatemalans + Salvadorans + Hondurans: 226,000

    Apprehensions at the U.S. border in May of 2019 alone:

    132,887 people (34% increase from April of 2019).

    84,542 of these were traveling as a family with children
    Another 11,507 were minors traveling alone

    Regardless of whether you oppose a controlled border and regardless of whether you oppose Trump using trade policy to get Mexico to do more on immigration, cutting the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras off from eligibility for asylum in the U.S. if they travel through Mexico is a reasonable and constitutional policy position. Pressuring Mexico to join a bilateral agreement to become a “third safe country” to achieve that is also a reasonable and constitutional policy position. Just because we disagree with something doesn’t mean we have to pretend it’s crazy.

    We can only hope that more journalists will make the moral case for letting these asylum seekers in and drop the “Trump is crazy!” horseshit. Anyone who opposes Trump’s “safe third country” policy would do well to address it on an honest basis. If you thought the desire for populism was bad before, wait ’til the American people become even more persuaded that the elitists are so obtuse that even a crisis won’t force them to face reality–and only a strong man can get things done.

    1. He is using trade policy as a means to achieve other ends. Understand, that reason has no values other than access to cheap goods. So, the idea that there might be other competing interests is completely foreign to them.

      1. There was an article yesterday in which Binion did his best Sally Struthers impersonation–blaming it all on Trump’s insanity and not even mentioning the Trump administration’s demands.


        The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (signed by Bill Clinton!) bars asylum for someone who can be returned to a “safe third country”. According to that law, however, the U.S. must have a bilateral or multilateral agreement with the “safe third country” in question. We already have such an agreement with Canada. Trump is pressuring Mexico to join in a bilateral agreement to become a “safe third country” like the agreement we already have with Canada.

        If these people were no longer eligible for asylum, they wouldn’t come here. We may disagree with Trump’s solution. We may disagree with Trump’s tactics to achieve that agreement even if we support the agreement. We should not, however, ignore the logic behind what Trump is doing or pretend that this is all entirely irrational because Trump is so crazy. That’s unworthy of libertarianism and it’s unworthy of Reason’s legacy.

        “When REASON speaks of poverty, racism, the draft, the war, studentpower, politics, and other vital issues, it shall be reasons, not slogans, it gives for conclusions. Proof, not belligerent assertion. Logic, not legends. Coherance (sic), not contradictions. This is our promise: this is the reason for REASON.”

        —-Lanny Frielander, Reason, Issue 1, 1968

        That’s was the thinking behind every issue of Reason–right up until a few years ago. I still haven’t lost my religion. I don’t have to agree with people on anything else, but emotional appeals to pity have no place in a libertarian debate, which isn’t to say that we can’t talk about ethics or harm reduction or even social responsibility. If being a libertarian means anything, it’s believing that people should be free to make choices for themselves and arguing for that in a rational and honest way.

        1. Reason will run a million stories on the evils of small children being dumped at the border and denied entry but never run a single story about those harmed by illegal immigration. If you want to talk in anecdotes and emotional appeals, fine. But do so for both sides because each anecdote is just a valid as the other.

          1. Reason will run a million stories on the evils of small children being dumped at the border and denied entry but never run a single story about those harmed by illegal immigration.

            While I don’t agree with the constant call to emotion, there is a difference in the above scenarios. In the case of the children at the border the actor causing the “harm” is the state. In the case of people being “harmed by illegal immigration” it’s almost always the actions of individuals doing the ‘harm.”

            Do you honestly not see why that distinction might be important to libertarians?

            1. In the case of the children at the border the actor causing the “harm” is the state.

              Which state?

            2. While I agree that the Government should not be hurting people in their custody, most of these stories of immigrant deaths and injury are from long exposure, dehydration, and/or malnutrition and the medical folks cannot save the kids.

              Additionally, there is a bunch of undermining of the secure border policy by the open border people, so the illegals are the casualties. The majority of illegals could be turned away at the border, if the courts didn’t force the Border patrol to take all these sickly illegals in and put them in underfunded facilities.

              War is Hell!

    2. If you thought the desire for populism was bad before, wait ’til the American people become even more persuaded that the elitists are so obtuse that even a crisis won’t force them to face reality–and only a strong man can get things done.

      2020 should be very interesting indeed.

      1. And if populism on the right is scary, what does the left’s populist reaction look like come 2024?

        Whatever the proper definition of populism is, it’s got something to do with a reaction to elitism, and the solution to that can’t be trying to make average people feel like they’re crazy, evil, and stupid for wanting to have a say in immigration policy. That’s the sun and water that makes populism grow.

        On the other hand, I don’t get treated like a shithead by people around here who disagree with me on immigration and trade. It’s not the positions that make people hate elitism as much as it’s the elitists’ disdain for the concerns of average people–whose qualitative preferences are just as valuable and important as those of the elitists.

        It isn’t that elitists prefer chocolate chip ice cream. It’s that they they want to force everyone to eat chocolate chip exclusively, and they enthusiastically pretend that everyone who doesn’t prefer chocolate chip is stupid, evil, and unworthy of a logical response or honesty. If the populists will vote against us just for that reason alone, then it’s probably better to lose an argument we should win on the facts than to make average people hate us for no good reason.

        It’s better to live and fight another day than to poison the well for another generation.

        1. On the other hand, I don’t get treated like a shithead by people around here who disagree with me on immigration and trade. It’s not the positions that make people hate elitism as much as it’s the elitists’ disdain for the concerns of average people–whose qualitative preferences are just as valuable and important as those of the elitists.

          More than anything I hate how they have taken economics and tried to make it into philosophy and a moral rationalization for putting their interests ahead of all others.

  42. HuffnPuff wants you to know that…

    Women Aren’t The Only People Who Get Abortions
    Transgender men and other gender-nonconforming folks get abortions, too. But no one’s discussing how the recent abortion bans will affect them.

    1. How can someone be that retarded? I can’t figure out if they are in fact that insane and stupid or just that depraved and willing to say anything that the party demands it.

      The entire transgender thing is an exposition of how totalitarian ideologies force their believers to tell lies as an expression of their power. The greater the lie, the greater the humiliation the follower suffers when telling it and the greater the power the party is asserting over them.

    2. This will be looked back upon as the grand delusion of our times. Similar to ether and seances from victorian times.

      1. I hope so. I have a bad feeling it will do more damage than those things, however. AGW and transgenderism are the mass hysteria of our time.

      2. This will be looked back upon as the grand delusion of our times. Similar to ether and seances from victorian times.

        I disagree, I think it will look way worse. More like Lysenko or the work of Mengele or, potentially, like the mystery of the end of Mayan Civilization. Ether was a useful theory until something better came along and seances were entertaining. Transgenderism *requires* you to sweep aside centuries of biology and ignore the criticisms of doctors and even transgender people themselves to no real objective end outside empowering irrational minority advocates.

        1. It really only takes a large enough group of people to say “I don’t care about what twitter says” to end this nonsense. These people do not have as much power as they seem to.

    3. Sorry, no you don’t get to appropriate being a man.

  43. Captain: Abort! Abort!
    Woman (excited with prospect of free abortion): I can’t find the abortion clinic!
    Captain: What? THE SHIP IS SINKING!
    Captain (rowing from dingy): Ciao!

    1. I never thought an article on *sex* could be so damn boring.

      1. No kidding. But I guess an article on the most boring sexual position being boring kind of fits.


    The Vox writers’ strike is one of the most enjoyable media dramas in a while. When does Vox start hiring scaps? I would happily write a few articles on their sports cites in my spare time. If it involved getting to cross a picket line with the likes of Dylan Matthews trying to stop me, I might pay for the pleasure.

    1. Scabs are good. Pinkertons with axe handles would be even better.

      1. The Vox Scabs would be a great name for an all girl thrash metal band.

  45. “Freedom of speech isn’t the same thing as the freedom to broadcast that speech,” insists April Glaser

    Forget it Jake. It’s Salon.

    1. +1 You can’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theater.

      1. terrible ruling. stop and look around *before* panic dummies.

      2. Never should have been a thing the other Branches of Government allowed the Courts to make up.

        1. Does anyone else remember the days when police and prosecutors used to say regularly “Sorry, but that person has committed no crime”…”We cannot do anything about it”?

          Now its unacceptable for Lefties if their government cannot do something about it.

  46. The YouTube purge is not Maza’s fault. That is on Google. But, you tell me how you reisist the temptation of enjoying watching him get blamed for it.

    1. By not being a bigoted sociopath like John.

      1. Says the craziest, most bigoted sociopath on this site.

  47. liberal, pro-government initiatives has declined

    Definitely a game of semantics. When I was a kid, “liberals” tended to distrust the government.

    1. Notice how the percent of liberals in that poll is never below 55%. This despite Republicans being on a generally upward trend going back to 1980. So whatever it means, it doesn’t translate to the elections.

      1. Oh, John, felt the need to send you this note. A couple of days ago you posted a link about a 17yr old girl that was able to get state assisted euthanasia for her depression.

        Turned out that wasn’t true. While the background information on the girl was mostly correct, she did apply to the state for assisted suicide, but her request was denied. She died from complications related to Anorexia.

        1. I saw that. Shame on me for believing anything I read in the papers without checking it. Still a tragic story. The girl starved herself to death. But it wasn’t the state that did it.

          1. It gave me back some faith in the Netherland’s policy on assisted suicide.

            And the other good news is this wasn’t fake news in the sense that someone bullshitted a story to make it go viral, it was an honest mistake of reporting that went viral.

  48. >>>David French … offered some some wise words

    dudes just stop

    1. Reason now has joined the Church of the Holy Civility, Smugness and Cheap Migrant Labor under its Pastor David French.

      1. next up, facebook comments only. idiots.

  49. Before OpenBordersLiberal-tarian points out the following example of how competition and capitalism are making us all miserable and poor, I thought I’d jump on it first:

    “AT&T’s WarnerMedia will launch its streaming video service in beta later this year, bundling HBO, Cinemax, and a library of Warner Bros. movies and TV. The package will cost “between $16 and $17 a month”

    I kept thinking that HBO would be doomed post GoT on just a pricing basis. If Netflix can only charge $12.99 a month for more content than HBO, how can HBO compete for just that one channel at its current price of $15 a month through HBO Now?

    The answer is that HBO Now will be folded into WarnerMedia’s streaming competitor to Netflix, and both HBO Now and WarnerMedia’s library + original shows will only cost you a dollar or two more than we’re paying for HBO alone right now.

    They keep giving us more for less. It’s almost as bad as Google and Facebook giving us stuff for free. Maybe Liz Warren should have the FTC and the Justice Department save us from this vicious cycle of lower and lower prices giving us more and more stuff.

    1. AT&T’s WarnerMedia will launch its streaming video service in beta later this year, bundling HBO, Cinemax, and a library of Warner Bros. movies and TV.

      You need a device to stream it which they are tentatively calling a Beta-Max. Get yours now before they sell out!

  50. DC Pride parade outlaws Israeli flags but permits Palestinan flags.

    Can anybody guess what country has homosexuality being ILLEGAL? Try doing a Pride Parade in Jerusalem vs doing it in the Gaza Strip for shits and/or giggles.

    1. somehow makes me feel better to know people are that stupid

      1. Yeah, that their support of totalitarian regimes comes from a place of ignorance and not malice softens the blow to our sensibilities.

  51. Liberalism in America is at a record high, according to a new look at data on America’s Public Policy Mood. A “measure of left/right preferences over policy choices in American politics,” the mood was more liberal in 2018 than at any previous point in the history of recording it.

    There is no “Liberalism” in the USA. They are Socialists. There is nothing they like about Liberty or Social Liberalism that does not involve massive government.

    Animal ownership: Not without massive restrictions about licenses, no declawing, and must be on leashes.

    Marriage: Not without massive government force that you must bake cakes for people you don’t want to.

    Guns: No fucking way. Guns should be banned.

    Speech: Only speech that is authorized is acceptable. Lefties created “Hate Speech” to identify bad speech.

    1. A classical liberal education begins with a foundation in logic and history. How can lefties and protards be described as liberal when they start every argument with a logical fallacy and completely ignore the history of the last century?

      The American Left: celebrating 100 years of socialist governments killing 200 million of their own citizens ‘for the good of the people’. Their slogan should be:

      Get the MeSSaGE? – Make Soviet Socialism Great Everywhere!

      1. How do you two even get to the grocery store being this fucking stupid?

        1. We have been wondering that about you for years Tony. It is good to see that you are aware of the problem. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. Good luck and God speed.

          1. Tell me more about how American Democrats are itching to kill 200 million people, and that’s why you’re forced to support an orange blob of severe mental illness as president.

            1. Where does it say itching to kill?

              The 200 million reference is about past socialist countries killing their citizens.

              1. And thank you Vic for pointing that he also ignored the historical context of my comment, as predicted.

                I like Tony. He really is a princess among Progtards.

              2. Undertaken by forms of government literally nobody, running for office or not, is advocating (largely because they were failures). You’re just being an idiot and playing semantic purple nurple. It’s so fucking dumb. Those societies had more in common with the authoritarian shitshow you Trump ball fondlers all seem to want lately.

                1. Undertaken by forms of government literally nobody, running for office or not, is advocating (largely because they were failures).

                  The USSR was one of two superpowers for 45 years. North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, all still going strong. The Chinese government has killed more of its own citizens than the others combined and is still interring them by the millions today.

                  To call them failures? Fallacious.

                  To deny Bernie Sanders is not advocating for them? Fallacious.

                  To call me an idiot and imply I am taking a side? Fallacious.


                  1. But you said that you think the American left celebrates the genocides of authoritarian communist nations of the past. It’s right there.

            2. BOOM! Straw man! Care to go for the trifecta?

              1. You mean saying American liberals favor authoritarian communism? That one?

                1. Engagement? That is different…

                  Public health care, basic income, and mandatory state service are inherently socialist and communist staples, but have been shown to be possible without Stalin-like levels of mass displacement.

                  What I need explained is how they expect to subject the American economy to something like the Green New Deal without implementing draconian regulations and curtailing the use of private property on a level comparable with Stalin’s first 5-year plan. The fact that they know the legislation will never be passed does not make them any less authoritarian for having proposed it.

                  1. If you didn’t draconian regulations you should have accepted scientific fact 30 years ago and accepted the mild regulations that would have been possible then. Instead you insisted that polluting the global environment should be penalty-free. Free money from us and our governments. That’s on you dude. I don’t want draconian anything, just a workable solution.

              2. I am really disappointed that Tony didn’t go for the hat trick.

        2. BOOM! Ad hominem! Way to make my point for me.

          1. More logic 101 vocab words. What do you think it is I do here?

            And why don’t you ever bitch when Trump says mean things about other people?

            1. What do you think it is I do here?

              Dude, you called me out. Either you argue without fallacy or you are just another progtard with no facts.

              And why don’t you ever bitch when Trump says mean things about other people?

              Why would I bother? There are 1,000 progtards that beat me to it every time. No matter how much I dislike the man, as President, he has been effective at blocking the slide to socialism.

              1. He’s the only politician of either party who would dare raise your taxes, and that’s just what he’s doing. But at least some poor baby isn’t getting affordable healthcare it didn’t work for.

  52. The complete failure of Republicanism to achieve anything good whatsoever for the country in 40 years eventually had to have some effect on people’s mood.

    1. *googles NASDAQ*
      *scratches head*

      1. Yeah, did much better under Obama.

        1. So you admit you were lying when you said “The complete failure of Republicanism to achieve anything good whatsoever”

          Which of course, has sweet fuckall to do with Obama.

          1. No. Name something. If you want to give credit to Republicans for the current economic cycle, be my guest. But it is a cycle, and an intellectually honest person (not you) will have to give them the blame when the recession comes.

            And then they will be objectively, undeniably blameworthy when their stupid pro-cyclical horseshit economic philosophy makes the problem worse (again) until a Democrat comes along (again) to clean it all up.

            Name a policy they’ve imposed on the country in 40 years that actually did any good. You’re free to say the Iraq war, if you think that was a good idea.

            1. Republicans and Democrats have never achieved anything good.

              1. Democrats invented modern civilization as we know it following WWII, with Republicans bitching the whole time, finally coming to full power and attempting to undo much of that civilization. They succeeded in redistributing most of the wealth to the top fraction of a percent of wealth owners, but they couldn’t quite abolish the welfare state because the people actually like it. Which is why you hate democracy. It doesn’t give you everything you demand. Welcome to the club.

                1. The democrat party..the party of slavery.

    2. I would have hoped that the failure of government to achieve anything good would have shifted moods in another direction. But it seems to be having the opposite effect.

  53. Unionizing efforts at Vox aren’t going so well.

    The 17 people who routinely read Vox must really be upset about this walkout.

    1. I would expect right-wingers to be sympathetic with respect to the plight of the unpopular.

      For America’s liberal-libertarian alliance, meanwhile, the perfect accompaniment to extremely high popularity is the prospect of the next few elections!

      See you on election day(s), clingers.

      1. “clingers”

        So sayeth the Reason Gecko.

      2. See you on election day(s), clingers.

        I don’t think so. They won’t let a sentient jar full of the gall bladders of failed dictators into the voting booth. Not even with ID.

        We all know you vote absentee.

  54. In related news, the American Society of Abnormal Psychology reports a surge in sadomasochism. Subjects studied would say things like “Tax me! Tax me hard!” Those more on the “S” side of S&M liked to dress up in a leather “Hillary, She-Wolf of the IRS” costume while wielding a whip.

    1. “Hillary, She-Wolf of the IRS”



    Climate change guilt. Racial guilt, if you’re white, racial grievance if you’re not. Income inequality grievance. All of lefty ideology is completely centered around guilt and grievance, dividing people into groups of villains and victims and promoting resentment.

    That there are people out there who are wary of the possible remedies that might come from this mindset confuses and angers them. You don’t have to be an “irredeemable, deplorable, uneducated red state hick in flyover country” to be concerned about green new overkill deals, reparations and waves of third world poverty pouring over the border.

    The pandering, virtue signaling left should take some responsibility for creating the possibility of a president Trump. Tens of millions of people who don’t hate anyone, but are tired of the notion that they have anything to atone for, played a trick on them in 2016. They will again next year. And the angry left will weep again as people fail to understand their obvious brilliance.


    1. “Also, don’t raise my taxes or I’m gonna fucking whine like you’ve never heard whining before.”

      Life isn’t fair. Pay your taxes.

      1. I’m sure you will if you ever find a job, Tony.

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