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After Virginia Beach Shooting, a Quick Pivot to Squabbling About 'Silencers' and Trump's Golf Clothes

Plus: Spending bill includes pro-marijuana changes, State Department starts collecting social media accounts of visa applicants, and more...


Can "the sound of gunfire…save lives"? A civil engineer for the Virginia Beach government opened fire on his co-workers last Friday, fatally shooting 12 people and wounding others. The shooter, 40-year-old DeWayne Craddock, reportedly resigned from his job with the city's utilities department via an email sent just hours before the attack.

On Friday afternoon, Craddock opened fire in a city office building and wound up in what local Police Chief James Cervera described as "a long gun battle" with police officers. Craddock himself was shot—possibly by his own hand, possibly by a copand taken to the hospital, where he soon died.

Authorities said they do not have any clue as to Craddock's motive and that there was no pattern to whom he targeted. One co-worker said Craddock passed him three times and spared him each time.

His victims included a contractor who was dropping by the building and an array of city employees, including several staffers on the administrative side, four civil engineers, and three property-line review agents.

Craddock used two .45 caliber pistols, which he purchased legally in 2016 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Because there was no "assault weapon," just common handguns, and no whiff of trickery or malfeasance in how Craddock obtained them, those who jump on senseless violence to advocate gun control have seized on the fact that he had fitted his guns with a sound-suppression mechanism (a.k.a. a "silencer").

"The sound of gunfire can save lives," Hillary Clinton tweeted Sunday, sharing a Washington Post op-ed that calls for a ban on such devices.

The Post piece, by former Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem, points out that "suppressors are legal in 42 states, though they are regulated under the National Firearms Act and therefore are treated like other specialty gun accessories, including requiring a background check and a $200 tax." Kayyem continues:

Recently, making suppressors more easily accessible has become a focal point of gun rights activists who want to increase dwindling gun sales and hunting groups who argue that suppressors are actually a health necessity in that they reduce hearing loss. As recently as June 2017, the then-Republican-majority House was considering a law to make the regulation of suppressors less onerous. You know, for the sake of the auditory sensitivities of shooters.

One mass shooting with a suppressor does not make a trend, nor does it require us to alter how we train for or respond to them. But, it does mean we must continue to vigorously regulate and even eventually ban these devices as essential steps in adopting common-sense gun-control measures.

Many on the left and in media are using the opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump for everything from playing golf the morning of the Virginia Beach shooting to not making a long enough statement about it to wearing golf attire while doing so.


The border authorities want info about visitors' digital footprints. "The State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for U.S. visas to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers," reports NBC. "It's a vast expansion of the Trump administration's enhanced screening of potential immigrants and visitors."

It's also incredibly stupid. Those whose extremist content could get them excluded from entry will surely just leave out those accounts on their application. Meanwhile, the American authorities will waste massive amounts of time and resources combing through perfectly benign Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, not to mention subjecting visitors to probing questions about their emoji use, sarcastic comments, and article shares.

Before this, social media and phone number searches were only done on visa applicants who triggered an extra level of scrutiny. That was about 65,000 applicants per year, reports NBC.

Under the new rules, about 15 million applicants will be affected.


A draft spending bill released by congressional Democrats on Sunday would encourage U.S. banks to work with marijuana businesses. It would also allow a more permissive marijuana legalization scheme in the District of Columbia. Currently, recreational marijuana growth, possession, and gifting have been decriminalized in D.C., but the drug can't be sold there legally.

Financial institutions across the U.S. are still often reluctant to do business with cannabis operations in states where recreational sales are legal, since the drug remains outlawed at the federal level. The new federal spending bill, which heads to a subcommittee on Monday morning, states that none

of the funds made available in this Act may be used to penalize a financial institution solely because the institution provides financial services to an entity that is a manufacturer, a producer, or a person that participates in any business or organized activity that involves handling marijuana, marijuana products, or marijuana proceeds, and engages in such activity pursuant to a law established by a State, political subdivision of a State, or Indian Tribe: Provided, That the term ''State'' means each of the several States, the District of Columbia, and any territory or possession of the United States.


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  1. Report: Nearly 90 Percent of Illegals Fail to Show Up for Court Hearings
    Since December 21, 2018, DHS has released at least 190,500 border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States. Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan told Congress this month that those foreign nationals are eventually given work permits that allow them to take U.S. jobs while awaiting their asylum hearings.
    In testimony before Congress this month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said that the agency had recently conducted a pilot program with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to test how many recent illegal aliens would show up to their asylum hearings after being released into the U.S.

    The results, an ICE official told Congress, were that about 87 percent of illegal aliens, or almost 9-in-10, recently released by DHS into the U.S. did not show up to their asylum hearings. With illegal aliens not showing up to their scheduled hearings, the ICE official said, the agency is then forced to grapple with attempting to locate and deport each illegal alien, an almost impossible task that strains federal resources.

    1. So, none of the illegals show up at their hearings. But if the feds lock them up to ensure they do, the wokeltarians at reason scream bloody murder. If the feds just deport them, the wokeltarians scream bloody muder as well.

      But they all assure me that no one actually supports completely open borders. They just support policies that result in that which is totally different than supporting fully open borders because REASONS!!

      1. Yeah! Lock the refugees and poor migrants up because they have been summoned by the man! That's democracy!

    2. Hello.

    3. People who ignore proper legal procedures will ignore legal procedures when they get the opportunity. How surprising.

    4. I saw that article yesterday.

      reason never does articles on this aspect of immigration. I guess once Trump and the US government concedes to give these lying illegals and their shitbag attorneys the ability for bogus asylum hearings, it's fuck the USA and its laws.

    5. But if we only had their Facebook IDs...

      1. Face recognition, anyone?

    6. Too bad there's no link to the actual report.

  2. A civil engineer for the Virginia Beach government opened fire on his co-workers last Friday, fatally shooting 12 people and wounding others.

    The standard narrative didn't fit here, it seems.

    1. Guns don't kill people. Silencers kill people.

      1. definitely engineers too ...

        1. Well, university engineering departments are some of the last bastions of moderate politics on campus. Obviously, engineers need to be Woken. Or shamed.

      2. Liberals, and probably Jeff, think silencers actually make guns silent and not still louder than a Jack hammer.

        1. That's the funny part. They think it's a magical device where just a tiny pew pew sound is heard. They accept the Hollywood version as fact.

          1. That is the extent of what they know about them; reducing noise levels to less than 90 dcbl [the average motor cycle] does not make it "quiet." But they've surely watched movies like "Tears of the Sun" where SPEC-OPS goes into a village and pops off round after round that doesn't even make the noise of a bolt cycling.

      3. Municipal Employees kill people.

      4. only one gun had a silencer

        1. The female gun right?

    2. Civil engineer? Shooting one's colleagues isn't very civil.

      1. "What's so civil 'bout war anyway?"
        - Guns N Roses

    1. Facebook Handed Over Private Data To A Convicted Hacker, Who Used It To Dox A Private Citizen
      Facebook has thus far not commented to Big League Politics regarding the assistance they provided Daily Beast journalist and former convicted hacker Kevin Poulsen in doxxing the formerly private citizen who shared the viral meme of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appearing to speak even less clearly than usual.

    2. Twitter Bans Analyst Who Revealed AntiFa Connections With Journalists.
      Former teacher and analyst Eoin Lenihan has been banned from Twitter after revealing major links between so-called “anti-extremism” campaigners and the hard-left AntiFa group.

      Lenihan published his findings in Quillette, revealing links between journalists who write for the the Guardian newspaper, HuffPost, Al Jazeera, and various other publications to the hard left group.

      Lenihan was suspended early Wednesday morning, prompting speculation about the ban.

      Andy Ngo, a Wall Street Journal contributor and editor at Quillette, alleges that Lenihan was suspended following mass reports by members of AntiFa on Twitter.

      1. So Twitter bans a guy who does actual journalism, because "journalists" are already compromised by acting as pro bono propogandists.

        Nuke social media today.

        1. Reason will never be accused of doing journalism.

          1. +10

            1. And no one will ever accuse the two of you of having functional brains.

              1. reason troll.

    3. Making fun of a powerful Democrat elected official is a serious offense that undermines our democracy.

      That seems to be the actual justification for the minor moral panic in the media about the "doctored" video.

      1. Since when did slowing down a video become doctored? I listened to her press conference live, I texted my buddy saying she was wasted. Didnt need the video slow down. But they have their narrative now. They accused trump of tweeting doctored videos even though his was not doctored. Just like the PP videos. Liberals are intentionally ignorant.

        1. The propagandists went into overdrive with Hillary's "being thrown like a bag of potatoes incident" to cover that up, as NO medical problem, no siree.

          Same shit here. Pelosi is old as fuck and likely has medical problems just like all old people. She was drunk or had some medical thing and it would be fine if they just admitted that. The propagandists will cover for her as they always do.

    4. New York times just doxxed some Honduran nationals who were trying to fight the MS-13 gangs in the central American areas. Family members, names, addresses, everything. Hope MS-13 doesnt have a times account.

      1. It seems to me that MS13 has "friends" in high places.

  3. A new paper posits a link between cell phone usage and declining crime.

    if these people are using their phones in public we should arrest them for being annoying then

    1. We must make new crimes to make up the gap.

  4. Fox News schlock jock Tucker Carlson

    that's shlock jock warrior to you, or SJW for short

  5. The State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for U.S. visas to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers...


    The Daily Beast took a fair amount of heat over the weekend after doxxing a black forklift operator from New York over the fake “drunk Pelosi” video that circulated on social media.

    The article, written by Kevin Poulsen, claimed to reveal the identity of the man who doctored the video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was published on Saturday. (RELATED: Liberals Pounce After Facebook Execs Explain Why Doctored Pelosi Video Is Staying Up)

    They doxxed the guy for sharing a video and made a big deal that he has served time in jail. The "reporter" who did this great deed is a convicted federal felon who was a black hat hacker and theif. But they go after some forklift operator for the sin of sharing a video they didn't like.

    The media is the enemy of the people. They are just disgusting garbage.

    1. "black forklift operator"

      He apparently served time and now he has a job other than being a gang member, professional vote fraudster, or bomb making activist. Definitely not the Democrats' kind of guy

    2. Cannot have one of the plebs humiliating the one of the honored patrician class. If it was a Tea Party Republican, it would be one thing, they are no better than the rabble themselves, but a female Democrat Speaker?

      The social order cannot stand for that!

  7. Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) continues his crusade to nationalize social media.

    That R must be a misprint.

    1. They left off "INO".

        1. A funny straw man argument to avoid the truth.

          You tell a lot from what people say and do.

          I can link the GOP platform for you. If you are not following the GOP platform, you might called a RINO.

  8. Google, like the social media giants, is poised to lose from the anti-tech fervor in Congress.

    not before at the last minute they offer to help write the regulations that will crush other companies and oh hey, look here, there's some campaign money freed up or jobs in your district

  9. Google, like the social media giants, is poised to lose from the anti-tech fervor in Congress.

    They can take the hit.


    Moroccan admits beheading Scandinavian hiker but says he now regrets it. Sounds like a future dreamer to me. Get Dalmia to do a cover story on this guy and his future contribution to America. I bet he wants to start a food truck.

    1. "In hindsight, maybe it was....overkill."

      "Maybe this is not the best way to enrich lives through diversity."

      1. "Maybe I should have just robbed and raped her and started a food truck."

        1. “I guess I just lost my head”.

          1. It is just with that son of a bitch Trump in the White House. Mistakes were made.

    2. It's true. We should hold entire nationalities accountable for individual actions. It's the rational, libertarian thing to do.

      1. Yes, because some people are good, that means we should let everyone in. That is what open borders means and that is your position. This guy when he gets out of prison, and he will, should be able to come to the US if he wants to.

        1. Punishment should be forever.

          1. What is the recidivism rate of beheaders? I don't know, but if it's bad I'm sure it's due to them not being allowed to migrate here

            1. Come on Lap, he said he regretted it. Things got a little out of hand. What do you want from the guy?

              You joke about the wokeltarian position on borders but it is not a joke. Whatever crazy shit you can dream up, no matter how crazy, they actually believe it.

            2. Fool me once, shame on you...

          2. SparkY looks at keeping non-Americans out of America as punishment.


            1. Why do you insist on advertising your stupidity?

            2. ^Check out the big brain on bread!

          3. "$park¥ is the Worst
            June.3.2019 at 10:19 am
            Punishment should be forever"

            Explains why you think you need to keep posting.

            1. Punishment should not be forever, only until his execution for this guy.

        2. If you go by your logic, then we as Americans should have no rights because some have abused their rights. It's the same argument for gun control, which is quite comical. I'd prefer to treat everyone as individuals good or bad.

          I've never said that we should let everyone in. In fact, I've stated my position is that we should open up the visa system (or something similar) such that we can screen people based on any criminal records in their home countries. So people who want to come here and live or work peacefully don't have to sneak in, thus freeing up the border patrol to go after actual "bad hombres."

          1. We get it Leo, its Capital punishment to keep illegals out of the USA.

            1. Yep, that's exactly what my post said.

              1. It was pretty clear to others too.

          2. I’ve never said that we should let everyone in. In fact, I’ve stated my position is that we should open up the visa system (or something similar) such that we can screen people based on any criminal records in their home countries.

            Sure you never said that. That is because you are a dishonest coward. You never say you support letting everyone in. But you oppose any policy that is required to prevent that from happening knowing full well the results of that while still claiming not to be for completely open borders.

            1. But you oppose any policy that is required to prevent that from happening knowing full well the results of that while still claiming not to be for completely open borders.

              I stated a policy that I think would let that happen. Maybe we could discuss that policy?

              I'm also not naive enough to think that the war on immigration will be any different than the war on drugs, prohibition, war on poverty, war on prostitution, war on gambling, war on guns, or any of the other times that government thinks it can prevent human behavior when it basically never can.

              Your side likes to make the point that these people are breaking the law. True. So what additional laws should we pass that you think they'll follow? The corollary to gun control is so stark that it's comical to me that both liberals and conservatives insist on one side, but always fail to see the other. Our current laws fail, we just need this one more law. Then when it fails... just one more law from now until the end of time.

              1. We don't need more immigration laws. We need to simple enforce the ones we have.

                Unlike the War on Drugs, nobody is looking to steal property in asset forfeiture or lock people up for prison sentences. Illegals need to all be deported, either via forced deport or self-deport.

                Then Americans can decide who and how many non-Americans we want in the USA and for what reasons.

                Poor Leo. Having a rough time of it. First he learns that some rights are created by the US Constitution and now this.

                1. First he learns that some rights are created by the US Constitution.

                  Thomas Jefferson is calling...

                  Unlike the War on Drugs, nobody is looking to steal property in asset forfeiture or lock people up for prison sentences.

                  Nah, they'll steal the property through eminent domain. Walls gotta be built! And the locking up has already been pretty well documented.

                  1. "Thomas Jefferson is calling…"

                    So, in lieu of an argument about a subject you clearly have no knowledge of, you decided behaving like a 10 year old child would suffice.

                    1. you decided behaving like a 10 year old child would suffice.

                      You're not from around here are you.

                    2. "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

                  2. Leo, you are free to have the Constitution changed to repeal eminent domain for public use with just compensation.

                    Since you dont have the support and the idea of absolute property rights outside of Anarchy-Land is not popular, I doubt you can get 3/4 of states to ratify it.

          3. "If you go by your logic, then we as Americans"

            Oh, you've already failed.

      2. Poor Leo cannot honestly admit that in some nations, in fact most of the World, life is cheap. We hold people accountable for murder in the USA and want our new immigrants to assimilate to our Rule of Law.

        1. No. Everyone in the world is just like him. Every person in the world has an innter libertarian just dying to get out. Didn't you know that?

          1. No. I've come to accept that not everyone has to be like me in order to have rights.

            1. I mean it says right there in the Constitution Preamble what non-Americans get:
              We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America World.

              1. How surprising that lovescontroll69 believes that rights are granted by the Constitution.

                1. Some rights ARE granted by the constitution.

                  Figures that SparkY does not know shit from shine-ola.

                  I will let YOU look up which rights are created and guaranteed by the US Constitution. I can help you if ask real nice like.

                  1. Some rights ARE granted by the constitution.

                    And this is precisely why we generally question your libertarian credibility. Only a statist believes that rights can come from the government. Guaranteed yes, created, no.

                    1. The Constitution is a contract, so your libertarian cred is in jeopardy more than his.

                    2. Poor Leo. He thinks that I care if questions my street cred.

                      The right to jury is, of course, a Natural Right and just needed to be guaranteed.

                      The right to non-excessive bail was not created as a right for Americans by the US Constitution. It was simply "guaranteed" and poof!

                      Leo, its really like you have a 20 year old Anarchist and a 5 year old running your account. Its hilarious though.

      3. Hold accountable? How about first just recognizing illegal immigrants are violating laws.

        1. So are drug users, owners of certain types of guns, plus just about everyone if you subscribe by the "Three Felonies a Day" premise.

          1. Not when they became citizens. Not sure what is difficult here. We hold citizens accountable. We contract with the rest of the world the terms to legally migrate.

            Again.. how about recognizing the laws we have. This is why there cant be an honest discussion.

      4. By the way leo... surveys of some of these countries shown almost 1/5th support the Muslim based terrorism. So how about we do some vetting and not be open borders huh?

      5. It's almost like...lottery based and non-merit based immigration systems don't work...whoa

      6. We should hold entire nationalities accountable for individual actions. It’s the rational, libertarian thing to do.

        Instead we should evaluate entire nationalities positively based on individual actions.

        1. OR we could evaluate individuals based on individual actions. You know, pretty much the basis of modern libertarian theory.

          1. Yet you are advocating not evaluating anybody worth your open borders stances.

    3. The real lesson here? Westerners need to stop fucking backpacking in these goddamned areas. Stop it. Stop it now.

  11. Mexico City is decriminalizing prostitution.

    Bribe-taking police hardest hit.

    1. up-and-up policia exist?

    2. Yup, now the police actually have to pay

  12. Bake the cake. Also, anyone who says Single Payer won't force doctors to comply is a liar.

    Liberals sue so they can make doctors violate their religious beliefs on transgenderism
    The same thing is happening here predictably, as if following the progressive formula of maximum societal infiltration: Now doctors must provide care, even if it violates their religious beliefs, and even if they don’t believe it’s medically sound. This is not only malpractice and inhumane but indicative that the transgender lobby doesn’t just equality, they want entitlement. They want to force their beliefs on another group until that group relents, which is far more unconstitutional than refusing to provide care for legitimate reasons.

    1. <a href=""Woke Los Angeles is the New Typhus Hotbed: Homeless Catastrophe Makes City of Angels Unlivable (VIDEO)

      1. Bubonic Plague ‘Likely’ Already Present In Los Angeles, Dr. Drew Says
        “We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” Pinsky told Fox New host Laura Ingraham. “We have the three prongs of airborne disease, tuberculosis is exploding, rodent-borne. We are one of the only cities in the country that doesn’t have a rodent control program, and sanitation has broken down.”

        Pinsky said bubonic plague — also known as the “Black Death,” a pandemic that killed off millions in the 14th century — is “likely” already present in Los Angeles. The plague is spread by infected fleas and exposure to bodily fluids from a dead plague-infected animal, with the bacteria entering through the skin and traveling to lymph nodes.

        Typhus, which broke out in the city last year, will likely return, Pinsky said. Already, a Los Angeles police officer has contracted typhoid fever, which infects fewer than 350 Americans each year. The various types of typhus are caused by a bacterial infection and spread by body lice, chiggers or fleas. In the 1600s, the disease decimated Germany.

        1. But muh vaccines...

    2. Look Johnny just tell the lie and be polite. The reasonites assure me that lying to please the mob is the only rational option.

    3. Paging OBL to praise the fact that a responsible socialist outsider will have the leverage to control Trump:

      China aims to disrupt America’s ability to make its own medicine

      1. It is the free market Johnny. If China destroys the US's ability to make its own medicine and then uses that leverage to harm the US, well the US had it coming because it is what the market decrees.

        1. It sounds like Johnny and Johnny have given up on MAGA.

          1. Sounds like you don't realy understand what is going on here.

            1. Gibson pointed to the recall of blood pressure medication that affected millions of Americans. She said the Federal Drug Administration found that the Chinese medication had an excess amount of carcinogen-tainted ingredients.

              Yeah. There obviously aren’t any US based drug manufacturers capable of making shitty drugs.

              1. No one is saying otherwise. This seems to be a debate going on entirely in your head.

                1. Sorry, I thought you read the linked article. I know that’s a bad assumption.

              2. How cute. Sparky is fucking ignorant. Ho read up on the costs to start up a us based generic drug factory due to regulations. But keep blaming capitalism. Drug shortages happen due to the government.

                1. And that’s China’s fault, apparently.

                  1. Dumping cheap drugs subsidized by their government in order to kill local industry is.

                    It's like Sparky wans people to know his parents are brother and sister

    4. Does religion say anything on transgenderism? I know medical science does, but religion?

  13. Enrollment in American colleges and universities is down for the eighth year in a row.

    Ditch digging industry recruitment way up.

    1. #ShovelReadyJobs

    2. Are Tenured Professors, learning to code?

    3. Supply vs demand, as price increases equals...

    4. Is there a decline in Victim Studies majors?

  14. Tucker Carlson: "When the United States is attacked by a hostile foreign power, it must strike back. And make no mistake, Mexico is a hostile foreign power"

    Someone's lawn care hasn't been up to snuff.

    1. Mexico refuses to do their duty under international law to control its borders and ajudicate asylum seekers' claims on their soil. Instead, they are not only ushering such people through their country and dumping them on the US, they are encouraging people to come and do so. That is a hostile act. And yes, Mexico is a hostile country. It is not an act of war but it is absolutely an act of hostile and not something an ally or any respectable member of the international community would do.

      Funny how Old Mexican and the rest of the Wokeltarians on here never say a single fucking work about Mexico's refusal to even adjudicate these people's claims of asylym. Nope. Mexicans are sacred and special and don't have to do the things filthy Americans are expected to do.

      1. We hear a lot about how people (children) die in U.S. custody but fail to mention many more are saved. I was listening to a border agent spokesperson give an update rattling off numbers, and that one jumped out at me.

        Reason's position on this is confused if not just plain immature in my opinion. Reminds me of how we used to argue in high school, 'yeh bro' /passes joint 'it's not cool man. They system, is like, fucked man'.

        I keep waiting for a really good in-depth article on it respectful of Reason's stature but none has been forthcoming.

        Sorta like how they refuse to interview Peterson. I really would like to see Nick interview him.

        1. I would love to see Nick interview him.

          1. +100

          2. He doesn't want to get skinned.

        2. Southern Arizona has lost virtually all of its trauma one care centers due to emergency care of illegal immigrants. The federal government doesnt pay the costs, but the hospitals are controlled by EMTALA. Reason has never broached this subject. There is even a group that will get crossers who are unhealthy, have them cross in, then phone in for emergency services once across. Of course this harms American citizens in rural areas of southern Arizona, but they aren't a favored populace for compassion.

          1. And this is stuff Reason should be covering.

            Not this idiotic TDS rubbish they seem to willingly engage in.

            Maybe it's 'too local' or something.

          2. I notice that Arizona is under attack by Lefties trying to get rid of outstanding gun protections and illegals swamping services.

  15. "Fox News schlock jock Tucker Carlson calls Mexico a 'hostile foreign power'"


    The hostile foreign power all patriotic Americans should fear is not Mexico, but Russia. It wasn't Mexico that hacked our election and installed one of its intelligence assets as President.


    1. And Iran has Nukes!


  16. A new paper posits a link between cell phone usage and declining crime.

    What about radiation crime to my testicles?

    1. Stop holding your phone down there on vibrate.

  17. A draft spending bill released by congressional Democrats on Sunday would encourage U.S. banks to work with marijuana businesses.

    Future President Harris prepares to yank that rug good and hard.

    1. +1 Operation choke piont.

  18. No country in the world meets the mark on gender equality, but these are the best performers

    The US is in an atrocious, but not surprising, 28th place. What do you expect when a theocratic extremist President is literally trying to turn us into The Handmaid's Tale?


    1. Not just The Handmaid's's a Nazi Handmaid's Tale!

  19. "The sound of gunfire can save lives," Hillary Clinton tweeted Sunday,

    Like the time she was ducking and running from gunfire?

  20. "Craddock used two .45 caliber pistols, which he purchased legally in 2016 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms."

    I know some of you are extremely well read on Second Amendment issues, and I'd really appreciate some edification on the following apparent contradiction:

    On the one had, I've been repeatedly assured that the government doesn't keep records of gun sales that survive background checks--because that's supposedly illegal.

    On the other hand, every time there's a mass shooting, whether the mass shooter legally obtained the guns used in the shooting seems to be confirmed by the government within hours of the shooting.

    Somebody must be keeping a database of this information somewhere. It isn't just springing into existence from the government Ex nihilo. Shouldn't this be as big of a deal to my fellow libertarians as the NSA tracking our phone calls?

    1. The federal government is prohibited by law from keeping any private register of ordinary firearms - rifles, pistols and shotguns.

      But firearms manufacturers and dealers are required to keep a register of their transactions at their premises.

      When this incident happened, the two pistols were recovered a scene. The government initiated a trace, which most likely went like this:

      Pistols were made by manufacturer A with Serial Numbers 1 and 2.

      Upon being called by the ATF, mfr A looks up their records and says that they shipped to distributor B.

      Distributor B looks up their records and says that they shipped to local dealer C.

      Local dealer C is contacted and says, yes, we did sell these pistols to shooter S on this date. We have his background check form on the premises.

      1. But you are missing the important part. All this effort to track the gun sales proves that all procedures were followed, thus no crime was committed.

        1. Let's put Mueller on it when he cant exonerate everyone we will lock them up.

        2. When the suspect is killed, the government loves to go after someone who had something to do with the guns that is still alive.

          Of course, all gun control laws are unconstitutional violations of the 2A but the goal is to eliminate Americans getting around the unconstitutional gun control laws that track how many guns and who has them since the 1980s.

          The gun control bureaucrats and politicians loathe that tens of millions of guns have been passed between family members without a record at all.

      2. I guess that doesn't make me feel better at all.

        Local California law enforcement seems to have better things to do that to actually enforce gun confiscations from people who've had their ex-wives accuse them of being anxious and depressed in the wake of a divorce or whatever. If the government can target people for exercising their rights just as easily by requiring FFLs to keep those records as they would if they were keeping the database themselves, then whatever law there is that's supposed to protect the identity of gun buyers from abuse by government is insufficient.

        I see two sides to this where the conventional wisdom seems to get it all wrong.

        1) Gun rights people who say that we don't need to change the laws in the wake of a mass shooting because the shooters' guns were obtained legally.

        In the minds of gun grabbers and the people who find them persuasive, that's not how the logic works. If background checks were insufficient to prevent a mass shooting, they argue, then what we need to do is ban guns and confiscate, confiscate, confiscate.

        It's like we're testifying against ourselves in they court of public opinion without even realizing it. Moderate gun rights organizations imagine background checks as an alternative to confiscation, but I swear it looks like a vehicle for confiscation to me. If background checks are ineffective, maybe we should just get rid of them.

        2) The law that prohibits the federal government from keeping this data is insufficient to protect the rights of people who've never shot anybody from government abuse. If we don't want the NSA tracking our phone calls because of the First Amendment, we shouldn't want the government to have access to anybody's privacy regarding their exercise of the Second Amendment either--for the same reasons.

        If the FBI wants to put a wiretap on my phone, they should--at the very very least--need to go to a court and get a warrant on basis of affirmation and evidence. Why should that be different for gun purchase records? If California or the ATF want to know who owns a gun or whether someone own a gun, why shouldn't they need to get a warrant? Why should they just be free to call an FFL without a warrant? The FBI gives more respect to the rights of terrorists when they tap their phone calls!

        1. Exactly Ken.

          1. Was it a Supreme Court case that posited that the Fed couldn't keep a gun registry? And if so, does anyone know the case?

            1. Pretty good collection of 2A caselaw.
              Wikipedia Firearms cases

              Additionally there was a concerted effort in the 1960s to go after gun owners and the Warren Court set some really bad precedent.
              Haynes v. United States, 390 U.S. 85 (1968)
              United States v. Freed, 401 U.S. 601 (1971)

            2. 28 CFR § 25.9 covers this topic:
              28 CFR § 25.9 - Retention and destruction of records in the system.

              The BATF operates a National Tracing Center to track firearms, so you know the feds are keeping records.

              1. Thank!

        2. I didn't read the whole wall of text, but while I know where you're coming from, but legally purchased firearms have really almost always been traceable to the purchaser. What happens after private sale or theft becomes murky.

          Washington passed a law which now requires a background check for private sale so that means previously if a gun I purchased but sold privately was used in a crime, the cops would come a'knockin' on my door. At that point my testimony of who I sold it to becomes paramount.

          1. Sorry, distracted by work...

            Anyhoo, now if my privately sold gun is used in a crime, I can't claim "I sold it to a stranger" if the gun was purchased by me after the law went into affect. If there's no background check on file, yadda yadda, then I'm in violation of that new law.

            So there's not a single database, but the data can be pieced together using standard trace techniques.

    2. The gun dealers are required to keep records for "x" amount of time based on whether the transaction was completed or not.

      I would bet the US government keeps all records of NICS checks for purchase of firearms.

    3. You raise a good point Ken. The paper trail itself is problematic, because when/if the government decides to confiscate guns, we'll be at the mercy of everyone in the supply chain to keep that information from the government once they come knocking.

      It's also problematic (and naive) to think that local law enforcement don't keep records on who has passed a background check which was initiated by a gun purchase. Does anybody really believe that local law enforcement doesn't keep these records?

  21. "Food delivery apps are drowning China in plastic"
    "...Scientists estimate that the online takeout business in China was responsible for 1.6 million tons of packaging waste in 2017, a ninefold jump from two years before. That includes 1.2 million tons of plastic containers, 175,000 tons of disposable chopsticks, 164,000 tons of plastic bags and 44,000 tons of plastic spoons.
    Put together, it is more than the amount of residential and commercial trash of all kinds disposed of each year by the city of Philadelphia. The total for 2018 grew to an estimated 2 million tons...."
    (A NYT feed)

    This is a country with a population of 1.3Bn people, geographically the 3rd largest country in the world, with thousands of un-populated square miles, and it is "drowning" in the waste equivalent to that of a US city of 1.5M.
    Can we say 'fake news'? Yes, I think we can.

    1. Just shut up and ban plastic straws already!


    2. But you fail to note that the China packaging is shown as only from on-line takeout delivery, while the Philadelphia figure is all residential and commercial trash combined. Imagine what the combined trash from all sources in China amounts to.

      Also remember that China is the leading source of plastics in the oceans.

  22. A civil engineer for the Virginia Beach government opened fire on his co-workers last Friday, fatally shooting 12 people and wounding others.

    So this guy is a hero, right? Killing off a bunch of government flunkies that were likely lefties?

    1. Ignorant retarded strawman argument for the win sparky.

      1. He’s not a hero because he didn’t kill any cops, right?

        1. Continuing with retarded strawmen arguments huh?

          1. You obviously don’t know your fellow commenters. You probably shouldn’t speak for them.

  23. "sound of gunfire" line is cute.

  24. Is the decline in Free Range kids, responsible for the dwindling number of serial killers?

    Aamodt said reasons for the apparent decline in serial killing could include advances in forensic technology, tighter use of parole and more widespread caution in the way people live. All factors which suggest victims have become harder to target and criminals easier to catch.

    “One of the big reasons for the decline is change in parole,” Aamodt said. “Not quite 20% of our serial killers were people who had killed, gone to prison and had been released and killed again. With the longer prison sentences and the reduction in parole, those folks are not going to be back on the streets to kill again.

    “The second factor, people have changed their behaviour. Go back and think about the 1970s, we would hitchhike, we would let kids walk to the store, let ’em go play. If there was a stranded motorist you’d go and help them – we don’t do those things any more. What we call the free-range behaviours are on the decline and it’s more difficult for serial killers to find victims than it has been in the 70s and 80s.”

    Forensic skills have improved too and smaller DNA samples can be viable. “There isn’t data to support this, but it may be we are catching people after a single murder, before they commit two or three,” Aamodt said.

    1. What can you say, it just isn't as easy to pick up hookers and bury them in your basement as it once was.

      1. It's easier to pick up hookers now probably but their are far more safeguards with the internet.

    2. I'm guessing it has way more to do with the improvements in forensics meaning the "serial killer" is caught after the first victim instead of after the 40th, than it does have to do with free range behavior. It's an interesting theory, but it seems like a stretch to me.

  25. Craddock used two .45 caliber pistols, which he purchased legally in 2016 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

    All gun control laws are unconstitutional violations of the 2A, including background checks.

  26. So are we going to see just mass blanket ban of anti-establishment memes and accounts on Twitter/facebook or are they just going to slowly bleed them out until 4 weeks before 2020?

    1. The former. They are already going after Brexit aligned politicians.

      1. Do they think this is going to help them? Are they aware that Ronald Reagan won two elections with literally every news outlet aligned against him? They are just screwing themselves from understanding how to beat their opposition. It's almost reassuring these people are such total fucking pussies and fucktards. I mean milkshakes really?

      2. Well he didn’t kill any cops so he’s not that big of a hero.

        1. This sure is an interesting place to have put my reply to JesseAZ.

          1. It doesnt really matter. People have to care about what you write for it to matter.

            1. HEY! You finally got something right. I knew you could do it.

              1. God your hem tugging is fucking lame.

          2. Your reply was fucking stupid no matter where it is placed.

  27. "Mexico, meanwhile, rushed a delegation to the U.S. to discuss immigration issues, following the Trump administration’s threat last week to impose tariffs on all Mexican goods entering the U.S. if the Mexican government fails to take aggressive measures to stem the flow of immigrants through Mexico and into the U.S."

    I lived in southern Mexico for more than a year, and one thing that became really clear to me after a while is that the Mexican government doesn't have control of the country the way people in the U.S. imagine.

    In the U.S., Congress passes a law and the president signs it, and then the president enforces it. That's like what happens in Mexico, too, but in Mexico, just because the president says he's enforcing something doesn't mean local government is under his control.

    The ongoing "Mexican Drug War" was initiated when President Calderon was elected in 2006. It all started in large part because the newly elected president created an federal army of loyal soldiers and then went about the country trying to get the locals to do what Calderon said. They refused! The drug cartels, elements of the Mexican military, the local police, the courts, etc--they're all the same people! At one point, Calderon sent his military into Tijuana to disarm Tijuana's police department--it set off a war that's still going on today.

    60,000 Mexican citizens died in a shooting war between the federal government and the President--and the question of whether everyone else in the Mexican government should have to do what they say. Where I lived in Merida, the Federal Police operated out of a fortress with turreted machine guns on its walls in case it was attacked by the locals.

    The Mexican people voted Calderon's party out of power because they wanted that civil war to end. Things are better now than they were back when the federal government of Mexico was trying to assert control of the government outside the walls of parliament, but the national of government of Mexico still doesn't assert control of the rest of Mexico the way the U.S. government passing and enforcing laws does in the U.S.

    Trump is insisting that the Mexican government do something about something that the Mexican government can't control. The same gangs and officials that are deeply involved in the trafficking of cocaine, etc. from Central America across Mexico's southern border are the same ones involved in trafficking asylum seekers and immigrants. The president of Mexico may not have any more power of government forces on Mexico's southern border than I do.

    1. P.S. The Zapatistas have been autonomous within their zone of control since 2003. You think the president of Mexico can tell those people what to do and how to do it? No, that's not the point.

      More important, the official state police in Chiapas--outside of Zaptista territory--don't necessarily do as the president says. "Attack the Zapatistas, you say, El Presidente? Thank you for voicing your concerns. We'll take your advice under consideration . . . pendejo".

    2. Seems like a solid point. Would be great to see intrepid reporters investigate this beyond surface level omg look at these migrants nvm asking how these migrants get the money/food/resources to travel the over 1000 miles of land to get here.

      1. I've crossed the southern border back into Mexico on foot. The government officials who staff that border crossing are straight out of central casting. When they asked me for money, I wasn't sure whether I should give it to them. If I had some, maybe I had more! The only way to tell for sure is to light his balls up with jumper cables, amirite!

        They pulled me off the bus I was on for being a gringo that just didn't seem like he belonged. Never felt so lonely as seeing that bus go across that the border at that rural station without me. Trying to explain the idea of "adventure travel" to a crooked border agent in central America is the only time I've ever felt compelled to argue that if I was guilty of anything, it was only "white privilege".

        P.S. "When you own a big chunk of the bloody Third World, the babies just come with the scenery".

        ----Chrissie Hynde

  28. "The State Department is now requiring nearly all applicants for U.S. visas to submit their social media usernames, previous email addresses and phone numbers,"

    Really hope that the EU and Asian countries demand the same of all US visitors. Only then might some of the sheeple actually stand up against the continued 9/11 inspired privacy erosions.

    1. Let them do it. It is their country. They don't owe you letting you in. Furthermore, most radicals and terrorists as much as openly advertise it on the social media accounts. The dumb asses in Boston did. So did the couple in California. I think looking to see if you are doing so is pretty reasonable.

      Remember, they are not asking for passwords just names. So there is nothing they can get that isn't public to begin with.

      1. Everyone knows it’s impossible to have two accounts.

        1. Everyone knows terrorists or criminals are never stupid. And just because it might not work every time means it is never worth doing at all.

  29. After playing golf this morning, @realDonaldTrump stopped off at a Virginia church to offer his "thoughts and prayers" for the victims of the Virginia Beach shooting.

    He spent 16 minutes there.

    His speech at the NRA convention in April lasted almost an hour.

    Any questions?

    I have one. Was he wearing that same kind of goofy plaid outfit that Payne Stewart used to wear?

    1. Generally, I prefer brevity when politicians are speaking. I find Trump's speeches to be somewhat irritating since he tends to repeat a lot of stuff he already said in earlier speeches or on Twitter. So I'm thinking the folks at the church got a break.

    2. Mythbusters is essential viewing for this.

  30. Naturally, gun control advocates don't know that "silencers" a) don't really make the shot silent, regardless of what they've seen in the movies, and b) aren't really high-tech devices and can be made at home pretty easily.

    1. Especially with semi-auto pistols, like the supposed .45 cal pistols that he had.

      Gas is released via each ejection of a round casing, causing noise.

      Truly "silenced" pistols are single shot pistols and manually reload is required. This causes all gas from the round to go thru a sound suppression device. Along with subsonic rounds, this can be a very quiet pistol, relatively speaking for firearms.

      1. I'm old enough to remember all of the cheesy movies and TV shows that portrayed "silenced revolvers". No doubt Hillary thinks that really works.

    1. Fun fact, "Stone Cold Loser" was the punk band Trump started and later managed in Military School.

      1. Unless Trump was the only member. shouldn't the band be called Stone Cold Losers? Unless, being 'punk,' it didn't matter? Or maybe nothing matters and who cares?

      2. In this timeline there is zero chance he didn't get kicked out for "creative differences". After coming up with the name and missing the first two scheduled rehearsals.

        1. Totally. That is how he became the manager.

          1. I see Trump as the drummer and everyone kept to his beat.

            1. no chance he was the frontman for exactly two days and never sang a note.

    2. These Socialist just cannot stand that Trump does not bow down to their insults and unprofessional behavior.

      Trump is definitely not a stoic statesman but these government types around the USA and World are unprofessional too.

      Its a shame that its comes down to this type of international behavior but we elected Trump to not kiss ass (unless it's a fine ass hooker).

    3. You can take the thug out of New York, but you can't take the New York thug out of POO*.

      *President Orange Obstruction

      1. #MAGA

        1. #MAGA

          The "Kick Me" sign taped to the back of unsuspecting geeks.

          1. MAGA champions put "kick me" signs on geeks like YOU.

  31. The Monster Returns
    Despite the plot’s blatant stupidity, the visuals showcasing destruction of epic proportion and the terrifying arrival of King Godzilla offer some solid jump scares.

    But enough about Trump in London.

  32. Group building privately funded border wall plans to expand

    reason wont touch this story with a ten foot pole.

  33. Anyone who's been around when a suppressed firearm is shot knows why "silencer" is right up there with "assault weapon" as a Liberal fake trigger word. They basically reduce the noise from painful to not painful, and can still be heard.

    1. You know what supressors or silencers do is make guns safer. If it ever comes to having to use a gun to defend yourself in your home, you are looking at potential hearing damage if the gun doesn't have some kind of a supressor on it.

    2. To play devil's advocate, it's dramatic enough where people in the immediate area will hear it, but it might not be obvious that it's a gun shot. Whereas with no silencer, you're going to hear the gunshots across campus.

  34. I know this column isn't supposed to be an all-inclusive view of the major stories of the day, but the WSJ wrote a story on Friday saying that the Justice Department is about to launch an antitrust probe of Google and I've been waiting on a thread ever since.

    "WASHINGTON—The Justice Department is gearing up for an antitrust investigation of Alphabet Inc.’s Google . . . . The FTC and the department have been in talks recently on who would oversee any new antitrust investigation of a leading U.S. tech giant, and the commission agreed to give the Justice Department jurisdiction over Google, the people said.

    With turf now settled, the department is preparing to closely examine Google’s business practices related to its search and other businesses


    This story won't be about speculation for much longer. and this is likely to go especially badly for Google (and other tech giants) in an election year. There are few issues candidates more tempting to candidates than a tech giant like Google. People on the right hate them for being elitist, unaccountable, social justice warriors. Elitist social justice warriors like Elizabeth Warren hate them for being insufficiently accountable to elitist, social justice warriors. That's a shitty position for Google to be in.

    Looks good on 'em.

    1. Update from five minutes ago:

      "The FTC secured the rights to begin a potential investigation of Facebook and whether it has engaged in unlawful monopolistic practices as part of an agreement that allowed the DOJ to take the reins in a Google probe, according to people familiar with the matter. "

      So, the FTC is going after Facebook on antitrust, and the DOJ is going after Google.

      I'm much more sympathetic to the case against Google than I am to the case against Facebook. In neither case is it straight up support for antitrust action on either one of them. I have two questions:

      1) What problem do plan to address with antitrust?

      2) What solution are you proposing?

      Whether or not OJ is guilty of murder, I don't support charging him with arson or burning him at the stake when he's found guilty.

      I see no evidence that [Google] is guilty of arson, and burning [Google] at the stake is completely inappropriate.

      1. I have heard very little on this seemingly very important issue. Do you think there is a reason for the lack of coverage on recent anti-trust action?

        1. Maybe it's because it doesn't have a clear anti-Trump angle?

  35. Silencers are NOT silent. Which is why they are called suppressors. It's only in video games and movies where they are silent.

    1. If you use facts and logic, you might end up persuading people, which is likely to encourage more people to use facts and logic--and obviously we can't have that. It leads to people thinking for themselves, which makes them harder to control. And everybody knows that leads to horrifying results: rising sea levels, the reemergence of the Klan, homophobia, cats and dogs living together, . . .

      Much better to just sit back and let the experts do our thinking for us. We know we can trust progressive experts especially--because they care about people.

  36. Tucker Carlson is such a tool. Invading Mexicans are not that hard to spot since they have darker pelts than normal humans. On the other hand, invading Canadians are more of a threat because their lighter coloration allows them to pass as regular people as long as they don't vocalize. It's the Canadians that are the hidden threat, you fools!

  37. Dole fruit trucks burned in Honduras as protests spread

    reason's idea of "free markets" will surely handle this situation.

    And by "free markets", I mean reason likes managed trade that they like, not completely open markets with no government regulation.

  38. If someone passes a background check they should get instant National Conceal Carry Reciprocity.

    1. Background checks just to buy and/own a firearm is unconstitutional.

      With that being said, all states are required to honor other states under the Privileges and Immunities Clause (Art IV, Sec 2). If one state gives a gun permit to a citizen, then every state that they pass into should honor that permit.

      Its why gun control laws are so shitty. They make crimes of innocent behavior like carrying guns and then restrict what a visiting resident of another state can carry firearms.

  39. This place is like the zombie with its head blown off who doesn't realize he's dead (again).

  40. QUIT FUNKING SAYING HIS NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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