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Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden for Supporting 'Superpredator' Crime Bill

Plus: Brexit triumphs in European Parliament elections and Princeton students want an Office of Intersectional Violence Investigations.


President Donald Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden over the latter's support for the 1994 Crime Bill, a bipartisan piece of legislation that exacerbated inequities in the criminal justice system and is associated with the racially loaded term "superpredator."

"Super Predator was the term associated with the 1994 Crime Bill that Sleepy Joe Biden was so heavily involved in passing," said Trump in a tweet. "That was a dark period in American History, but has Sleepy Joe apologized? No!"

In a subsequent tweet, Trump touted his own criminal justice reform efforts:

It's true that Trump has made some significant strides on criminal justice reform: He signed the FIRST STEP Act into law, which erased crack cocaine sentencing disparities for certain incarcerated persons, allowing them to go free.

Trump going after Biden for previous performative toughness on crime is a bit ironic since Trump ran on a fairly standard law-and-order platform when he sought the presidency in 2016. But President Trump has proven more interested in criminal justice reform than expected. (Thank you, Kim Kardashian West.)

Biden, of course, will have to deal with the fact that many of his former political positions—his role in the crime bill, his support for the Iraq War—are out of step with the leftward drift of the Democratic Party. Assuming this doesn't actually cost him the nomination, the general election is going to be fascinating.


Activists at Princeton University are demanding that the administration create and fund an "Office of Intersectional Violence Investigation," which would explore the harms to students who languish under the oppression of more than one kind of -ism. The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf reports:

In our correspondence, I asked about a hypothetical in which the activists' suggested reforms turned out to cost $20 million a year. Could they justify that price tag? The activists were undaunted.

For context, "during the 2017-2018 academic year," Princeton notes of its Title IX proceedings, "there were 17 cases in which respondents were found responsible for sexual misconduct, and 16 cases in which respondents were found not responsible." The $20 million–a-year figure would be sufficient to give all confirmed victims of sexual assault $1 million each in cash. And I've seen no conclusive evidence that increasing the size of Title IX bureaucracies reduces the incidence of sexual assault on campus or meaningfully diminishes the pain or trauma of victims.

Intersectionality, the idea that different kinds of oppression are distinct but related, and must all be opposed with equal fervor, has become the core philosophy of progressive activists. I explore why this is so in my new book, Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump.


The Brexit Party performed well in the European Parliament elections, which took place Thursday through Sunday. The results were a win for euro-skeptics, populists, and nationalists, but also the pro-EU left and the greens. Centrist parties had a bad showing, and the coalition led by the center-right European People's Party and the center-left Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats lost its governing majority.

In Britain, both the Conservative and Labor Parties suffered bruising defeats—in fact, Conservatives won just eight percent of the vote. Prime Minister Theresa May has already indicated she would step down.

According to The New York Times:

In effect, voters appear to have flocked to parties that either took an uncompromising stance in favor of Brexit, or those that oppose it altogether — abandoning the Conservative Party and Labour, which have, in their different ways, been trying to offer some sort of compromise.

The results underscore the growing polarization of British politics over Brexit, pointing to yet more political uncertainty and volatility in a country that has been in various degrees of political crisis since 2016, when voters opted in a referendum to leave the European Union.


  • In the 1980s, Bernie Sanders was not merely against funding the Contras—he came across as pro-Sandinista.
  • The perpetrator of an attack on a Jewish synagogue claims he became radicalized by listening to conservative pundits.
  • An alleged anti-gay hate incident on the New York City subway was a hoax, authorities say.
  • MacKenzie Bezos is donating half her wealth to charity.
  • Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer is on track to pass Ken Jennings' $2,520,700 in regular game earnings sometime in the next few days.

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    1. Ninth!

    2. Fist, you’ll always be first in our hearts.

  1. “In our correspondence, I asked about a hypothetical in which the activists’ suggested reforms turned out to cost $20 million a year. Could they justify that price tag? The activists were undaunted.”

    C’mon – money isn’t even real anyway

  2. But mah private companies!!

    JPMorgan Chase accused of purging accounts of conservative activists
    JPMorgan first landed in hot water soon after conservative activists Enrique Tarrio, Joe Biggs, Laura Loomer and Martina Markota discovered their accounts at Chase were closed within weeks of each other earlier this year — and without satisfactory explanations, they claim.

    1. Keep in mind how the government ‘encouraged’ loans to favored constituencies. If you want to merge, open new branches, etc, the regulators let you do depending on what the ‘community’ thinks, with community opinion being left wing special interest groups. No explicit laws, just a behind the scenes ‘nudge’.

    2. If Lefties cannot use government to silence dissenters, then they will use the companies on their side to do it.

      Nevermind that they implemented a massive regulatory state that has rules against banks that discriminate based on certain classes of people.

  3. “The perpetrator of an attack on a Jewish synagogue claims he became radicalized by listening to conservative pundits.”

    This is an excellent time to re-post Reason contributor Noah Berlatsky’s piece Is the First Amendment too broad? The case for regulating hate speech in America.

    As the SPLC has documented, right-wing terrorism is at epidemic levels because Drumpf and his online white nationalist army have radicalized and emboldened the most hateful members of our society. Something must be done.


    1. Careful, OBL.
      Reference to Berlatsky might make eunuch all butthurt again

        1. I assume someone named Nardz must have an arch nemesis named “Eunuch” lol

          1. I assume you’re the eunuch’s sockpuppet.

    2. The media already walked back that story… no Ben Shapiro is not the new Hitler. His girlfriend listened to Shapiro, not him.

      1. The most important thing for the media is getting the allegation out there. Walking back the story later is irrelevant because all that will remain in most people’s minds is “Ben Shapiro… Nazi… something, something…”, which was the whole point.

    3. It’s also weird that the highest rates of anti semetism are coming from deep blue states that trump wasnt even close to competing in.

      1. And that the biggest target seems to be Ben Shapiro. Yeah, he can be obnoxious sometimes, but geez, he’s harmless.

  4. Activists at Princeton University are demanding that the administration create and fund an “Office of Intersectional Violence Investigation,” which would explore the harms to students who languish under the oppression of more than one kind of -ism.

    And then after that create a blue ribbon panel to investigate why tuition is so high.

    1. “Office of Intersectional Violence Investigation”

      Reanimated corpse of Tom Wolfe, call your offfice.

      1. Tom Wolfe, no we need Dick Wolfe on this one.

        “In the criminal justice system, the people should separated into two separate, unequal groups. The people of color and minorities who are victims of hate crimes, and white cis males who were born guilty. These are their stories.”

  5. It’s true that Trump has made some significant strides on criminal justice reform…

    Well, now I’m triggered.

    1. And then they just have to lie, they can’t help themselves:
      “Trump ran on a fairly standard law-and-order platform when he sought the presidency in 2016.”
      NO. No he didn’t. It wasn’t even three full years ago, how short do these idiots think our memory is?

  6. An alleged anti-gay hate incident on the New York City subway was a hoax, authorities say.

    But an anti-subway hate incident by a New York gay was very real?

    1. How could you hate a $5 foot-long?

      1. Its only good with the special sauce?

    2. Why would they object to slipping meat into buns?

    3. A Manhattan straphanger who claimed to have been attacked by two men yelling gay slurs was actually the one doing the attacking, according to police.

      Enough with the gay slurs already NY Post. It’s 2019.

    4. If it weren’t for fake hate crimes there wouldn’t be any at all.
      This would shutter an entire industry built up around grievance. These hoaxers are heroes saving thousands of jobs.

  7. One would think Reason would be interested in the declassification of documents surrounding possible FISA abuse… but yet here we are 3 days later and nothing.

    1. One would almost suspect that Lindsay Graham is correct in his conclusion that those opposing the release of the records are scared. I would add those who are ignoring it are also scared. It is human nature to try and ignore something unpleasant until you can’t ignore it anymore. This also applies to how rather then decreasing the call for impeachment, the Democrats seem determined to increase the momentum towards impeachment, despite little evidence to support it and growing opposition, according to polling, to impeachment. They are hoping to continue to control the narrative and hope to embroil Trump in impeachment hearings before the IG reports are released, before the special prosecutor appointed by Barr starts delivering indictments, before Trump releases the reports. They want to infer that any negative findings can be framed as Trump and Barr trying to cover their asses, rather than evidence that Trump and his associates were the injured party. The more the screech the more desperate they sound.

      1. Being too confident that Hillary was going to win, they pulled a lot of things they really shouldn’t have, on the assumption the DOJ would have no interest at all in investigating.

        Then realizing that enough evidence of their malfeasance was out there to put them away for a long time, they set out to paralyze the administration with investigations while trying to frame him for an impeachable offense. And came up empty.

        They failed to figuratively kill the king, so the only thing that remains is to get their base, (Which they know contains a fair number of violent psychos.) inflamed enough to literally kill him.

    2. Free Minds and Free Markets


      1. Its so hilarious. reason posts numerous articles a day for weeks about the Muller investigation and when investigations that might hurt Lefties are being brought up in some circles…

        …crickets from reason.

        1. The GOP has the wrong opinions on abortion and immigration. Screw the rule of law, limited government, accountability, etc. We have auditions for The Atlantic to write.

          1. Screw the rule of law, limited government, accountability, etc.

            What evidence do we have that the GOP is for these things either? They have consistently expanded FISA at every possible opportunity.

            1. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) was introduced on May 18, 1977, by Senator Ted Kennedy and was signed into law by President Carter on 25 October 1978. The bill was cosponsored by nine Senators: Birch Bayh, James O. Eastland, Jake Garn, Walter Huddleston, Daniel Inouye, Charles Mathias, John L. McClellan, Gaylord Nelson, and Strom Thurmond.
              -Wikipedia “FISA”

              You’re right though, after decades of funding and not dealing with dangerous fanatics around the World, like Osama Bin Laden, some RINO and NeoCon politicians supported an expansion of government.

          2. We have auditions for The Atlantic to write.
            Reason writers have no chance of getting into the New York Times directly, but maybe after a period of penance at the Atlantic. And of course a Times column is the golden ticket to the over-class.
            But one little whiff of pro-life about you and you’re anathema forever.

    3. Welchie Boy and many of his fellow left-wing assholes he brought on board here worship Barack Obama, and they fell for the “Steele Dossier” hook, line, and sinker.

      They can’t under any circumstances ever admit that their venerated messiah was nothing but a two-bit Negro Nixon and that they all got played for the bunch of complete fools that they are.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the real hard core psychopaths among them like Elizabeth Nolan Brown are STILL looking for evidence to try to prove that the bullshit in the Steele Dossier actually really happened!

      1. And in the end when it’s all said and done, I think the Welchie Boys will tell themselves the same thing as all the lefties: Trump deserved to have a counterintelligence investigation manufactured against him under false pretenses because he’s such a great big poopyhead that literally any actions to try to prevent his election were justified.

  8. “The perpetrator of an attack on a Jewish synagogue claims he became radicalized by listening to conservative pundits.
    An alleged anti-gay hate incident on the New York City subway was a hoax, authorities say.”

    I like that these notes are right next to each other.
    I’m also curious as to which “conservative pundits” have been railing against the Jews? That seems like a Leftist obsession these days… and for the last 50 years

    1. He claims to have been inspired to violent anti-Semitism by listening to Ben Shapiro, a strict Orthodox Jew who certainly does not preach hatred against his religion or ethnicity. The mass murderer is nuts or he is trolling, maybe both.

      1. I’m sure all statements from a mass murderer are nothing but the unvarnished truth.

      2. Nuts seems most likely. The fact that something may have influenced a crazy person says nothing about the thing.

      3. His girlfriend claimed to have watched Shapiro, not him. The buzzfeed article was attempting to get him probation by stating the girlfriend was the one who listened to the alt right, and he was just hypnotized by her female parts.

      4. By the way… this was vandalism… not mass murder.

        1. I thought they were referring to one of the shooting attacks. Mea culpa.

      5. I think the Ben Shapiro thing came from a satire article on Babylon Bee.

  9. In effect, voters appear to have flocked to parties that either took an uncompromising stance in favor of Brexit, or those that oppose it altogether…

    Sounds like they need a brexit from within the brexit.

    1. Finally, a black and white issue! Nobody really likes the middle ground anyway.

      1. I don’t fault them. They voted to leave. The establishment parties than sat back and, well, REFUSED.

        Nigel Farage might be one of the five most important Brits in history when this is all said and done.

  10. More bad economic news, but at least Maxine Waters has a plan.

    US has a desperate homelessness problem. My bill is HR1856 the Ending Homelessness Act. Trump is attempting to force farmers hurt by his trade war to take a $16b subsidy. Farmers don’t want a bailout – they want trade! Why does Trump ignore homelessness over an unwanted bailout?

    We didn’t have a problem with homelessness when Obama personally created the strongest 8-year run in American economic history. Now that Orange Hitler has ruined the global economy like Paul Krugman predicted, too many Americans are living on the streets. Only Democratic policies can fix this.


    1. OK, now that one is actually funny. You should check out how the democrat’s policies have eliminated homelessness in SF and Seattle. Hey, maybe you and Kirkland could share a tent in your proggie paradise…

    2. Here are some overall homelessness numbers from that notoriously right-wing organization HUD:
      2009 – 630,227
      2012 – 621,553
      2016 – 549,928
      2018 – 552,830
      So, yeah, after totally wrecking the economy Trump’s numbers have ticked up a tad. Still well, well below Obama’s greatest hits.

  11. Biden, of course, will have to deal with the fact that many of his former political positions—his role in the crime bill, his support for the Iraq War—are out of step with the leftward drift of the Democratic Party.

    I doubt it.

    1. Corrupt White racist men run the Democrat Party no matter what the Useful Idiots of the Party of slavery think they control.

  12. May I say:

    Joe Biden is a fucking asshole. Fuck you asshat.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    1. One more thing.

      This is to all SJWs = fuck you whinny losers.

  13. Beto O’Rourke understands the threat posed by Russia.

    @BetoORourke says he sees Russia as one of the US’ greatest adversaries because they “invaded this country through our democracy…We’ve got the most dangerous person who’s ever held office in the White House right now, who’s inviting the involvement of our greatest adversaries.”

    This is exactly the stance against Russia I want from our next President. As Mueller’s Report proves, Russia hacked our election and installed a Kremlin asset as President. It was an act of war not unlike Pearl Harbor or 9 / 11. All options — including military force — must be on the table when dealing with Putin.


    1. Beto O’Rourke endorses Beano

  14. Reposting from this weekend because it’s very important.

    John McCain Recited Names Of Dictators During Trump Inaugural, Senator Says

    The GOP’s transition from the Party of McCain to the Party of Orange Hitler is downright tragic. Although I would have voted for Obama if I had been old enough in 2008, McCain would have been an infinitely better President than Drumpf has been.


  15. a fairly standard law-and-order platform

    Who runs against law and order?

    The 1994 Crime Bill was draconian and, although bipartisan, it was full of prog shit like the assault weapons ban, midnight basketball, and cop union give-a-ways.

  16. It’s been almost a year since Ajit Pai’s repeal of net neutrality became official and ruined the internet forever.

    One example of how things have changed for the worse is cord-cutters, who used to be held hostage by monopolistic cable companies but are now leaving their cable companies behind. This has led to all kinds of problems.

    For instance, shareholders and executives at Charter, Comcast, Cox, and other cable companies have expressed feelings of sadness and loneliness, which can only be having a negative impact on their interpersonal relationships. It’s getting so bad that the major players in the cable industry are being forced to do this:

    “A new player is about to enter the crowded U.S. wireless market, pitching monthly unlimited data that costs half as much as rivals.

    The catch? It is a cable-television company.

    “Altice USA Inc. is preparing to launch a mobile service likely to cost between $20 and $30 a phone, according to people familiar with the matter. This summer it will join rivals Comcast Corp. and Charter Communications Inc. in trying to persuade Americans to get their wireless service from their cable providers by promising lower prices.”

    How can experts in the ISP industry, in cooperation with highly educated government bureaucrats, make the kinds of choices that are in the best interests of all of us when their profits are constantly under pressure from competition and they’re being forced to innovate by something as mean and stupid as market forces?

  17. Intersecional? Izzat where a drunk and a guy loaded on downers start a fistfight over who had the right-of-way at a 4-way stop?

    1. InterSextional – that means they like sex with animals. Disgusting doing it to a bunny

      1. Hef had a good life doing bunnies.

        1. Hef had a good life doing bunnies.

          He did!!

  18. Cops believe the man was drunk and that no gay slurs were ever made. He suffered a laceration to his head while being subdued, according to officials.

    Police don’t plan to file any charges.

    Emphasis added. WTF? Filing a false police report, drunk and disorderly, resisting arrest, and *double* HATE CRIME.

    1. Subway? Gay hoax? No charges? Juicy Rides Again?

  19. Right wing terrorist from Alabamastan shoots three cops (killing one) after posting on 4chan and other sovereign citizen type boards.

    Looks like the cops roughed him up some (mug shot linked).

    1. Capital murder suspect Grady Wayne Wilkes has served as an active member of the Alabama Army National Guard since December 2010.

      A well regulated militia… something or other.

      1. An active member for one weekend a month and two weeks a year. And he’ll totally get off when he argues in court that the county sheriff is the highest authority in the land.

    2. Dude, it was a domestic violence incident that escalated. Maybe he was a racist scumbag, but this was not domestic terrorism, ya nitwit.


      “shoots three cops (killing one) after posting on 4chan and other sovereign citizen type boards”
      Your link doesn’t say anything of the sort. So I searched elsewhere and still found nothing on 4chan or other boards. But I did find this:
      Where we find he was fucking posting on Facebook.
      Is Facebook your mysterious fucking “Sovereign Citizens” bullshit site? Are hundreds of millions of Grandmas your bete noirs.

      It isn’t enough for you to be a pedophile, but you need to be a fucking lying pedophile too? Fuck you!

  20. Man heard shouting “I’m gonna kill you” in Kawasaki stabbing rampage

    Hospitals confirmed the deaths of two victims — an 11-year-old girl and a 39-year-old man, the father of one of the students. The suspected attacker also stabbed himself in the neck and later died in hospital.

    Bushido Coder?

    1. When are we going to get some common sense stabbing controls?

      1. They’re working on it in the UK.

  21. One of the interesting aspect of the EU elections, and their struggle with integration, is watching them struggle with the same things the United States struggled with when we became a nation.

    We don’t have a bicameral Congress because it’s ideal. We have a bicameral Congress because a legislature where the most populous states would dominate was unacceptable to smaller states. The smaller states would have refused to join.

    We didn’t have federalism because it was ingenious and ideal. We had federalism because the states wouldn’t vote to commit political suicide and defer their power to the central government. That federalism didn’t really start falling apart until the Seventeenth Amendment and World War I, by which point, we already thought of ourselves as one nation.

    All of these issues of how our federal government should be constituted played out over questions of slavery (among other issues), but it wasn’t the issues themselves that decided the nature of our federalist government and split national legislature. It was the willingness and unwillingness of individual states to cede their power to a central government. We didn’t get it right the first time either–the Articles of Confederation failed.

    The forces impacting Europe are more or less the same. They may talk about it in terms of issues like environmental regulation, immigration, and a shared currency, but it’s really about the willingness of governments and voters at the nation state level to cede local control to a central authority. “Nationalism” has such an ugly association with it, but it isn’t really about that. It’s basically the same force that made Americans want federalism and local government on matters that weren’t crucial to national issues like national defense.

    It’s the same thing with the EU.

    1. P.S. France and Germany are even less on the same side of Brexit than they were before.

      If California were to leave the United States, the USA would be a lot less liberal. If the UK were to leave the EU, France would have a lot more power against Germany. Germany is now desperately holding onto the UK because it fears the kinds of economic policies that would predominate if the UK were to leave.

      Macron (or any other French leader) isn’t about to get the French people to buy onto an economic expansion program built on the back of austerity on spending and the liberalization of their labor laws–that’s for sure (Hello, yellow-jackets!). And if Germany is the only major country left in the EU with any kind of penchant for fiscal conservatism and labor flexibility, they may not have the power necessary to keep the asylum running smoothly.

      France doesn’t want to let other members it can dominate to leave the EU, but they wouldn’t be sorry to see the UK go at this point either. Whomever comes out on top in the race to replace May might do well to start negotiating directly with Macron or France.

      1. > If California were to leave the United States, the USA would be a lot less liberal.

        I would hazard a guess that if California were the leave the United states, then California would become a lot let progressive as well. It’s always been a progressive state right from the start. But it’s always been a state, not a nation. It’s like kicking your stoner son out of the house. Odds are he’ll be forced to straighten his act up without mom and dad constantly giving him an allowance.

        1. If CA leaves the union, their new national government will invite China to have naval bases in SF and SD and use their troops to keep themselves in left wing power.

          1. CA used to be very conservative and was turned to a bastion of Leftism over 40+ years.

            It will move back to conservatism again as many of the Lefties die or move to other states to destroy. Mass numbers of Commifornians have moved to AZ, COL, WA, OR, and other states altering their politics.

            As with all the Lefties that moved to Georgia, they keep banging their heads against the wall of conservative politics. Lefties just keep being disappointed that politics don’t go their way.

        2. If Scotland were to leave the UK, the UK would be a lot more conservative.

          I suspect that’s the way it might go: the UK leaves the EU, and Scotland leaves the UK to join the EU.

          What conservative and liberal mean in the context of an England + Wales + Ulster – Scotland would probably change.

          P.S. A free trade president might seek a trade relationship with the UK at this point. The question is whether a untied Europe is in the best interests of American security in the face of threats like terrorism and Russia, but the EU also represents a giant trade barrier to the US, and seeing those barriers come down against American companies can only be good from a free trade standpoint.

          . . . if, like me, you think free trade is a good thing.

          Also, it’s not as if you’re breaking an EU member state out of the pack to go to a rival. Bringing the UK into an even closer security relationship with the US as our economies intertwine might be a good thing from a security standpoint, too, even if it makes the UK a little less likely to ally itself with the EU.

        3. What if only part of California seceded?

          1. They’d go to war with each other over water.

    2. +1000

      As you say Ken, the media is trying to make Nationalism a bad word when its really just average Europeans wanting more federalism under the EU bureaucrats.

      1. “Nationalism” is the nastiest word for it, that’s for sure, and Le Pen’s party still calls itself “National Rally”. But what we’re really talking about is people who want more local control–even if it’s on issues like immigration.

        Some people choose whether or not they like federalism based on the issue at hand. We see that in the U.S. a lot. The same people who think that states should be free to ban gun sales at the local level are the same people who think that states shouldn’t be able to make their own laws on Roe vs. Wade.

        This is why intellectual honesty is so important in these issues. If people can’t hear what you’re saying unless they think of it in terms of abortion, gun rights, or immigration, how do you get ideas like federalism across? We’re most influential with the people who know us, and when they know you support position x, y, and z on democracy and federalism–despite where you land on immigration and abortion–you score influence points. When our positions on democracy and federalism are subject to where we land on abortion, gun rights, and immigration, we can never be more influential than we already are with people who already share our positions on those issues.

    3. The EU is trying to supplant nationalism with super nationalism. Good luck with that. 70 years after the war they still don’t trust each other. Trump could throw a monkey wrench into the works by demanding Europe give up their individual UN seats for one EU security council seat. Recognize a single EU ambassador and close every other embassy.

  22. EU elections: voters boost Greens and far right as centre left and right lose out

    I wonder if reason will cover these EU election results in depth.

    Socialists under the “Social Democrats” took a beating around the EU this weekend. Looks as though massive open border immigration policy is not working out and average Europeans are fighting back.

    1. The voters who normally vote for Social Democrats are voting for outright socialists in the Greens. And it isn’t just in France. Even in Germany, the anti-immigration party did worse over the weekend than they did in 2017, and the coalition of Merkel’s Christian Democrats and Social Democrats both got clobbered–even as the Greens did great.

      Unfortunately, Europe isn’t rejecting Social Democrats because they hate socialism. They seem to be rejecting Social Democrats because the Social Democrats are insufficiently socialist.

      It’s classic center-fleeing behavior. We’re seeing the same thing in the United States. Biden may be winning a small plurality of the vote with some 30% within the Democratic Party, but that means 70% of the Democrats are pushing for someone much more radical–someone more socialist like Sanders if not Sanders himself.

      1. You’re right on the money Ken.

        The Socialists who want as much Socialism as they can get shifted to Greens to get what they want. They are also not a majority because the Social Democrat large tent held more varieties of people.

        I don’t know a bunch about European politics but it would seem that the anti-immigration parties didn’t do enough to stem immigration, so the Europeans will just use Stalinism and Nazism type of Socialism to get rid of those immigrants.

      2. The EU members have seen all of the fun that we’ve been having moving towards the extremes in the political spectrum. They didn’t want to miss out on all the fun where everyone is literally evil according to the other side.

        1. It’s pretty much always been this way–pretty much all over the world–where economic forces, changes in technology, etc. pretty much hit everyone in the world at the same time.

          The revolutions of 1848 happened all over the world–for many of the same interrelated reasons. The social upheaval of 1968 happened all over the world for many of the same reasons. And, yeah, the politics of 2016 happened all over the world–from the Philippines to the UK and from the US to Poland.

          I’m not sure we’re emulating each other so much as we’re all being driven by the same technological changes and economic forces. The interpretations change with culture, but beyond that . . .

          Dump a sugar bowl between two colonies of different species of ants, and what happens probably isn’t because they’re emulating each other and doesn’t differ much because of culture. I bet they do the same kinds of things when their colonies are surrounded by fire or drowned by a flood, as well.

    2. Remember, in most of Europe immigrants aren’t allowed to have good jobs. They are nationalist nations in a way the US never has been. Being an immigrant is to be an officially second class system. Not so in the US. Once you get your green card here you can have any job you want. Heck, even illegal immigrants get to work (which I think is a good thing).

      Talking with a Swedish friend the other day, who seems to be solidly centrist Swede, he started lambasting the immigrants in Sweden. I pointed out that immigrants in Sweden don’t have any economic opportunities available to him, and he agreed. Working immigrants are not rioting immigrants. But legally and culturally, immigrants in Europe are pushed into ghettos.

  23. So I was told by my woke American friends, as well as the mainstream American media, that Brexit was only because Brits, especially elderly Brits, didn’t know what they were voting for. But the two major parties in Britain just lost to the fringers. I think we need to acknowledge that the Brexit vote was not a fluke. Maybe they really don’t want to be ruled by a Belgian bureaucracy. Perhaps.

    1. Once you give Lefties some slack to operate in government, they take you on a wild ride of tyranny.

      At this point, people cannot really say that they didn’t know that Socialists would go so far with authoritarianism.

    2. Of course there are always lots of people voting who don’t know what they are voting for. That’s always the case. But from what I’ve heard and read about the views of ordinary Brits, there are plenty of well informed Brexit supporters who know the risks and downsides and have intelligent things to say about the positives that they believe it will lead to.
      I think Brexit will cause some pain in the UK, but seems like the right decision for the long term. The EU has gone too far and expanded too quickly and I can’t see it being a good thing to be tethered to in the long term.

  24. Bill Title: Financial institutions: cannabis.

    California is trying to establish state chartered banks to handle cannabis business transactions.

    Didn’t Lefties help establish banking regulations that are allowed to be used as weapons against businesses and people that they don’t like?

  25. The ironic thing about the superpredator crime Bill is that many of the urban prog hipsters and vagina voters have that to thank for clearing out vast sections of cities to make way for their favorite bars, restaurants, doggie parks, etc. In other words, locking up black people made cities attractive to white people. I don’t agree with this, but have no doubt that Biden and other dems do and will never admit it publically.

    1. It was genius since Lefties like living in cities. Crime was too high in cities, so they needed their Democrat politicians to officially get rid of the Black population causing most of the crime.

      Urban crime increases do not really affect rural areas unless their is just crime spill-over from the cities. The War on Drugs targets everyone in both urban and rural areas, so even rural areas were not immune to decades of corrupt policing and released prisoners not being able to afford gentrified city housing.

    2. The 1994 Crime ill was popular with socialists in the House at the time. Both Bernie Sanders and Cynthia McKinney voted for it. The opposition was mostly Republican over spending, gun control, VAWA…

    3. “…urban prog hipsters and vagina voters…”

      This particular urban hipster wants to know more about these vagina voters you speak of. I’m thinking some of them might appreciate getting a ride to the polling station—if you catch my drift. *nudge nudge wink wink*

      1. Just be sure to send flowers after they ride your pole or you might get the #MeToo treatment

  26. The Central Park Five, Criminal Justice, and Donald Trump
    In 1989, Donald Trump, then a real-estate developer two years away from his first commercial bankruptcy, took out full-page ads in New York newspapers, under the heading “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” Though Trump did not name the Central Park Five defendants, he was essentially calling for the execution of innocent minors. Trump never admitted that he was wrong about the Central Park attack, and there have been perilously few consequences for his role in amplifying the hysteria surrounding it. Now the man who manipulated the fears of a city is directing a much bigger production.

    Some POO* never stops stinking.

    *President Orange Obstruction

    1. He wasn’t wrong. The “kids” confessed and snitched out each other to everything but the rape. The prosecution fucked up by convicting them of the rape.

    2. I don’t think using the “blowhard woodchip” sock to avoid being criticized for your child pornography posting is going to work Shreek.

  27. MAGA!

    1. you should enter for the autographed MAGA hat in the banner-ad @top of page …

  28. >>>MacKenzie Bezos is donating half her wealth to charity.

    Hello, I am Charity.

  29. Big Pimpin’ in the Age of Trump.

  30. Minor league team shows video portraying Congresswoman as an “enemy of freedom”

    1. “seriously offensive” was cute.

    2. She’s not an enemy of freedom??

  31. BOMBSHELL!!!

    Mueller wrote indictments charging Trump with obstruction and witness tampering, Michael Wolff claims!!!

    1. That’s the author who got caught lying before right?

    2. Yeah, Mueller just said he did nothing of the sort.

  32. […] Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden for Supporting ‘Superpredator’ Crime Bill – Reason Trump Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden for Supporting ‘Superpredator’ Crime Bill  Reason […]

  33. […] Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden for Supporting ‘Superpredator’ Crime Bill  Reason […]

  34. […] offices. That’s usually a boon for him, but immigration is one area (criminal justice is the other big one) where that long record is an obvious […]

  35. […] offices. That’s usually a boon for him, but immigration is one area (criminal justice is the other big one) where that long record is an obvious […]

  36. […] offices. That’s usually a boon for him, but immigration is one area (criminal justice is the other big one) where that long record is an obvious […]

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