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Alt-Right, Woke Left Join Forces to Cancel Kyle Kashuv for Past Comments He Regrets

"I want to be clear that the comments I made are not indicative of who I am or who I've become in the years since."


The social media mob has come for Kyle Kashuv, a teenage conservative activist and survivor of the Parkland mass shooting. On Wednesday, critics of Kashuv circulated screenshots of old text and Skype messages in which he used racist language.

"I'm embarrassed by it," said Kashuv in a statement. "But I want to be clear that the comments I made are not indicative of who I am or who I've become in the years since."

Kashuv, who recently resigned as director of youth outreach for conservative organization Turning Point USA, said that the Parkland shooting transformed him as a human being, and he is no longer the "petty, flippant kid" who said those terrible things. (The texts in question were all sent before the massacre.)

The controversy was covered by both The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post, the latter of which anonymously quoted former classmates of Kashuv. On Twitter, author Sebastian Murdock sounded quite proud of himself for producing such a hit piece.

But it is not just the left out to cancel Kashuv: Some of the most furious denunciations are coming from the far-right. Alt-right troll Laura Loomer called for Harvard to rescind its acceptance of Kashuv, who plans to attend the university in the fall. David Wohl, father of the conspiracy theorist and failed far-right political operative Jacob Wohl, said the same. A few others on the right—Teens for Trump leader CJ Pearson, and conservative populist Ali Alexander*—have said that Kashuv's apology does not go far enough. Some of the people in the far-right orbit have engaged in much worse behavior than what Kashuv is accused of, which makes these attacks fairly odd.

What Kashuv said was indeed horrible, and well-worth criticizing. But his claim that he is no longer the same person who made those remarks is quite plausible. Teenagers' ideas, personalities, and viewpoints are constantly in flux. Learning right from wrong is part of growing up, and our society is far too unforgiving of kids who made mistakes that they regret. Alas, technology now makes it possible to keep a record of every bad thing an imperfect teenager says.

People on both the left and the right should probably be a little less eager to put kids on pedestals and anoint them as leaders of political movements. In any case, unless evidence emerges that Kashuv is being dishonest about his change of heart, it seems like the right thing to do is forgive him. It would be a shame if Kashuv's enemies on the far-right and far-left got their way, and Harvard reconsidered its acceptance because of this. I wouldn't expect Harvard to do that, but then again, I didn't expect its administration to unilaterally surrender to activists demanding the firing of faculty dean Ronald Sullivan, and yet here we are.

Update: Pearson and Alexander objected to being called "arch conservative." I have revised my description of their views. 

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86 responses to “Alt-Right, Woke Left Join Forces to Cancel Kyle Kashuv for Past Comments He Regrets

  1. I USED to say that Government Almighty does NOT love as all deeply and dearly, but I RETRACT that now, to say that Government Almighty DOES love as all deeply and dearly!!! (Except when it does NOT)!!!

    Having made myself clear, I do beg y’all for your forgiveness for NOT having spoken clearly… Except when I DID speak clearly!!! (Except when I did not). I hope that you will understand.

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  2. >>>People on both the left and the right should probably be a little less eager to put kids on pedestals and anoint them as leaders of political movements.

    also leave peeps the fuck alone about their past words wtf. he’s a kid … i don’t know what “alt-right troll laura loomer” is other than laughable

    1. Hell, as teenagers, my friends and I would amuse ourselves saying the most vilely racist shit we could think of because we thought it was funny. And it was funny. Good thing we didn’t have the internet, I guess.

      1. Sigh, now we have to ban you…

      2. My thoughts exactly. If any record existed of the things my friends and I used to say about …. well pretty much everyone, back in the 90’s we’d all be banned from everywhere today.

      3. Bran Stark has records of everything.

        Youre fucked sooner or later.

      4. yeah, and you’re the calmest most reasonable person on these threads … see what can happen

      5. Look on the bright side. We can now freely call David Hogg a retarded piece of shit.

        1. I think many of us already have.

  3. I have to wonder what the same people would say if it came out that that Hogg kid once said something racist.

    1. How about something really stupid? Oh wait yes he has …consistently…

    2. Co opting a phrase created to remember the holocaust in order to sell books and become rich is more vile than these comments. Hogg is a piece of shit.

      1. That.

        1. But I defend his freedom to do so as enshrined in the First Amendent.

  4. Good to see Robbie acknowledge that journos are a far left mob.

    Those people I’m mostly completely unfamiliar with that Soave labels as “far right” and “arch-conservatives” seem to have a beef with some of Khushov’s defenders (I read the links). Like Robbie, those defenders are center-right never-trumpers.

  5. How is it surprising that the ALT-RIGHT and CTRL-LEFT meet at the opposite ends of the political circle?

      1. I stole it too because it’s soooo perfecto.

    1. That’s the bat-shit crazy, fascist part of the pie.

      1. Mathematicians are stupid.

        Pi R round.

        Brownies R square

        1. Brownies R square

          Not the corner pieces.

          1. That depends on what you bake them in. You can definitely get some relatively well defined edges and a smartly squared corner.

    2. I read a great comment today on Slate Star Codex. I am paraphrasing, but the commenter said that the progressive (and this applies equally to the alt-right) ideology is like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in reverse. In CBT, you try to recognize trivial things that cause anxiety in your life and try to stop them from doing so. In ideological politics, you look for trivial things to give you anxiety.

      1. Also lying, and villefying, and propagandizing, but yeah that’s a fairly canny assessment.

    3. Poor alphabet troll had to get new handle.

      1. Man you’re on the ball.

    4. When can we hit ALT-CTRL-DEL?

      1. CTRL has to come first I think or your motherboard lets the smoke out.

  6. What Kashuv said was indeed horrible, and well-worth criticizing.

    Seems like he was joking around.

    1. Robbie’s just upset HuffPo didn’t give him a trigger warning.

      1. I think with all the N-words that he may have been rapping with Snoop dog.

  7. To save others the trouble, what he apparently did was write the N-word over and over and once use the terms “n-word-jocks.” From the Daily Beast link:

    Kashuv’s statement doesn’t say exactly what he’s apologizing for, but it appears to refer to years-old writing in a Google Doc and over text messages. The racial slur-filled messages, allegedly from Kashuv, have circulated among right-wing activists and Parkland students on Twitter over the past week.

    One screenshot claims to show Kashuv writing the n-word more than a dozen times in a shared study guide on Google Docs.

    “like im really good at typing n—er ok like practice uhhhhhh makes perfect son??!!” Kashuv allegedly wrote in a portion of the document.

    In another part of the Google Doc, Kashuv allegedly wrote the same slur repeatedly, in capital letters. Kashuv also allegedly referred to black student athletes as “n—erjocks” in one text message.

    1. The horror, the horror

      1. “The h word, the h word,” don’t you mean?

    2. Yeah, sounds like a teenager fucking around and being an asshole for laughs.

      1. Lenny Bruce used to have the same routine

        1. just touch it once.

    3. Should’ve claimed hackers. Worked for Joy Reid, who kept her MSNBC show after anti gay slurs and the like.

  8. Ah, “racist language”. That’s not vague or anything.

    1. I’m really not a fan of the idea that racist language is even a thing. Saying a forbidden word isn’t racist if the intent isn’t racist. Even if the intent is to annoy or offend people.
      And if the kid really was being racist when he wrote that stuff, if he has changed through his teen years from racist to not-racist, shouldn’t he be encouraged, not shit on?

      1. Your way is too compassionate, rational and understanding. How will you ever feel the glory of moral superiority if you don’t immediately assume every a minor racial transgression implies an irredeemably evil mind and soul? /s

        These people are willing to punish this kid for something he did when he was well within the realm of being a minor. I wonder how they feel about punishing minors convicted of actual crimes like robbery and murder…

      2. ” if he has changed through his teen years from racist to not-racist, shouldn’t he be encouraged, not shit on?”

        The problem is he supports conservative causes, so no, no forgiveness for him.


      3. “”Saying a forbidden word isn’t racist if the intent isn’t racist.””

        True, but we are talking about people who are so full of themselves they think your intent is what they want it to be. Not what you intended it to be.

  9. Lol!

    I was unaware of any of this until Robbie’s post so I went to twiiter and searched “Kashuv” and the first thing that pops up is a young African-American gentleman named “CJ Pearson” says Robbie libeled him as “alt-right”. I’m gonna refer the young man to Arthur Alan Wolk who has some experience dealing with Reason on these matters. He probably won’t take the case because no planes or sheep are involved, but it can’t hurt.

    1. Robbie seems to have a problem with Jewish women and black people. Is Robbie Soave alt-right?

      1. By the broad definition Robbie uses for “alt-right” I’d say he is. Call it “alt-center-right”.

  10. “What Kashuv said was indeed horrible, and well-worth criticizing.”

    So what was it? I’d like to form my own opinion of how horrible and criticism-worthy it was.

    1. He said Robby was a member of the Hair Club for Men.

  11. ‘Racist’ language is a phrase I have zero stock in, given make of these woke leftists think only white people can be racist, and being objective is a sign of white supremacy, etc.

    Seriously do these people not remember themselves as a teenager, or do they know *A* teenager? What the hell is wrong with them?

  12. Comrades !!!

    Victory is ours !

    High School Spends $53,000 To Reprint Yearbooks After Students Flash Racist Sign

  13. Wow, this might be the most awful article on this website that I’ve ever heard. Two black men and a Jewish woman are “alt-right”. Simply unbelievable.

    1. read*

      Not heard.

      Anyway, yeah.

    2. I don’t think alt-right necessarily implies white supremacist. Am I wrong?

      1. It is a highly regarded stereotype but stereotypes arise for a reason no?

  14. There is no “Alt-Right”.

    If theyre Nazis then they are Socialists (Lefties).

    If they are conservatives then they are Right on the Left-Right political spectrum.

    1. Well, think about it.

      On the ‘left/right political spectrum’ what is the ‘alternate’ to the right?


  15. How much worse can Reason get, putting some of those people named closely with alt-right people? Smear merchants write here.

  16. 1. He was a kid when he did it. I did plenty at that age too.
    2. Even if you’re sorry, don’t apologize to fascists.
    3. “he is no longer the “petty, flippant kid”” – Unlike Parkland classmate David Hogg who no doubt is just as punchable now. (and who hasn’t been seen in media since they lost use for him).

  17. No blacks, Jews, or browns where I grew up. We were pure as the driven snow.
    Ojibwa Indians, though. Wolves. We experienced a UFO attack outside of the town too.

    1. So I take it you grew up in Nevada not far from Groom Lake.

  18. “What Kashuv said was indeed horrible, ”

    To be sure.

    1. Like Hate speech? For the love of Pete.. Ever hear of Lenny Bruce? This is more progressive silliness.

      1. Hear of Lenny Bruce?

        I saw him live at the Gate of Horn in Chicago.

        1. You are lucky …

  19. I wonder if any adult with an IQ in the three digits is the same person as they were in high school.

    When I first saw the movie Superbad, I could have sworn the character McLovin’ was based on me! The looks, the attitude, everything was so spot-on, I briefly considered legal action. But look at me now, and I’m much more like a actor Chris Pratt and Captain Lou Albano from the old Cindy Lauper music videos had a live child who’s now well into his 40s.

    1. A while back I saw one of those “McLovin” Hawaii fake drivers’ licenses on sale at a novelty store. It is so much fun to whip that out when some bartender cards me because he must card everyone. The only problem is that time goes so fast that even that movie is getting dated such that people under 25 often don’t get the joke.

  20. Laura Loomer is a radical zionist Jew who got crossways with the woke mob for daring to criticize Muslims. It what universe is a radical zionist Jew “alt right”

    I know Robby is a bit slow on the uptake but my God, he doesn’t even try half the time.

    1. It what universe is a radical zionist Jew “alt right”
      Well, she is some kind of ethno-nationalist.

    2. Next youll claim Ben Shapiro isnt the alt right king.

    3. She was also amazingly good with Project Veritas. Girl has guts.

      But nothing involving PV is remotely alt right.

  21. When an adult says something bad, it should follow him for a while. But not for life. Something someone said at age 40 should still be raising suspicions at age 60.

    Provided apologies are made and the behavior has changed, of course.

    But a kid? The younger you are the shorter this time should be. What someone says in high school should not follow them for the rest of their life. Gawd knows I says some stupid stuff as a kid. And I know some of the kids I hung out with said far worse. Some of them stayed the same assholes, but some of them now seem like completely different people.

    Individuals on the far left and the far right will eventually find themselves on the receiving end of this orgy of fifteen minutes of hate. Indeed, some already have, and some of those still have not learned.

    1. They’ll still be learning as they’re tossed from a helicopter.

  22. I will go out on a limb and say the same people who are not willing to give this kid a second chance for speech are the same who thinks felons should have a second chance.

    1. Pretty solid limb you’re on, there.

    2. Probably depends on the felon.

    3. Hell, these same people want to give million dollar speaking gigs across colleges like assata Shakur or oscar Rivera Lopez.

  23. Whether deliberately or out of pure ignorance (neither would surprise me, given reason’s current state), the author obfuscates the issue in the headline. “Alt-Right” is a very specific set of beliefs that include racial separatism, race realism, and support of an ethnostate. It would be rather odd if they didn’t support racist comments. Trump supporters, An-Caps, Tea Party types, Libertarians, and internet trolls edgelords and shitposters are not “the alt-right”.

    It’s kind of sad to see Robby lick dicks for clicks like this, but I guess that’s the state of journalism.

  24. two proposed rules, and one question:

    1. If you’re not willing to state the actual words of the supposed offense that you accuse another of committing, SHUT UP!

    2. Nothing that you did on high school. short of rape, murder or being a Goth, should ever be fair game for public discussion, once you’ve reached adulthood.

    3. Would you send me your high school address and year of graduation? Because imagine the shit I’d find on you when I start tracking yo

    1. “1. If you’re not willing to state the actual words of the supposed offense that you accuse another of committing, SHUT UP!”

      I reckon it’s the advertisers who set the rules. They will allow the article in question but veto words and phrases that will reflect poorly on the products they want us to buy.

  25. Not to mention that he earned his Harvard admission, top grade in class, et al. They have absolutely no grounds to rescind his admission for posting stupid things at 16.

    1. Kill the rooster, frighten the monkey.

  26. I’m going to go ahead and give out the best free PR advice for anybody stuck in a Twitter shit storm.

    Ignore it and don’t apologize for shit.

    There, problem goes away in 24 hrs.

    …then, when it is over…seek vengeance.

  27. ‘he is no longer the “petty, flippant kid”.’
    Unlike another survivor of the Parkland mass shooting.
    I imagine, like all of us, that he still has a little pettiness to discard, but I’ll give him the reasonable credit for likely having grown up a bit.
    I expect the forces of liberalism to pull out past statements to try to discredit him. It’s a bit more sad that the Alt-Right is so out on the extreme that they’re doing the same.