Brickbat: Hot or Not?


Perrysburg, Ohio, police have charged Mehros Nassersharifi, a student at Perrysburg High School, with telecommunications harassment after he created the Twitter account "Perrysburg Girls Ranked." The site ranked female students based on their looks and personalities and contained remarks such as "Passable with a lot of makeup, but still looks like a goblin" and "If you thought high school would change these girls' bodies, you were wrong. She looks like an 8-year-old boy." Nassersharifi also faces disciplinary action from the school.

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  1. Major lesson of the day:

    If you're going to do something like this, "use protection". Like TunnelBear or some other VPN, or an anonymous web site from GoDaddy. Because in the eyes of the Nanny State, everything "bad" should be prohibited, and everything "good" needs mandated, leaving us ZERO room to practice individual freedom!

  2. Freedom of speech/press, what did those concepts mean again?

    1. They mean old white men are the most evil.
      All other men are evil, except the ones that are really women.
      All women, natural or not, are perfect.
      The press has the right to pound this into the public thought until everyone believes it.
      Socialists have the speech to pound this into the public thought until everyone believes it.
      You, on the other hand, are a reactionary pervert in need of reeducation and have only the right to submit.

  3. Not sure why, but I have a feeling that, after this, the boy will get a lot more (mostly positive) attention from my the girls in his school.

    It’s a concept illustrated by McLovin in Superbad. After the two cops feel bad about cock-blocking their new friend McLovin, he asks them to do him a favor and drag him out to their car in handcuffs so that everyone can see him being phoney arrested.

  4. "If you thought high school would change these girls' bodies, you were wrong. She looks like an 8-year-old boy."


    'Nuff Said.

    1. Young Hee?

  5. Eventually, we're going to have to get used to the fact that anyone can become famous quickly. We don't need laws to protect us from this. We need a cultural norm that looks down on people who keep harping about old news.


  6. When will Perrysburg, Ohio, police prosecute the "looks like a goblin" comments made in the school halls and lunchroom?

  7. “It’s an awful Twitter account. I can’t begin to describe the despicable things being said on it,” Hosler said.

    Perhaps my favorite part of that news story is that it doesn't tell me who "Hosler" is.

    1. Firmly in the 'not' column is all you need to know.

  8. Here's hoping the kid's dad and/or mom is a highly-paid engineer at one of the glass plants in Toledo or somebody's smart enough to start a GoFundMe for his legal defense and his counter-suit for infringing his civil rights, there's no way in hell this is Constitutional.

    "Telecommunications harassment" may very well be valid if it's no different than regular harassment, akin to violating a restraining order by constantly spamming somebody with unsolicited and unwelcome threats and taunts and disturbing communications, but there's no way this can be stretched to cover a post that only offends somebody who voluntarily chose to go online, navigate to the site, and view the offending material.

    There is absolutely no place for this type of speech in our schools or world. How about "Eat a big bag of dicks, you retarded piece of shit, this is still America for a few more years and, until you and your kind get the gulags and the gas chambers built, free speech is still a thing. Here's hoping you get up close and personal with a wood chipper." Is there a place for that?

    1. *slow clap* Damn, now that's some libertarian sgit, right there....rare to see that on here anymore....very refreshing, there, guy!

    2. And, as I suspected, Telecommunications Harassment under Ohio law involves contacting somebody for the purpose of threatening them, which A) how was this a threat, and B) the kid wasn't contacting them, they were contacting him. The kid certainly has a better case for Telecommunications Harassment against the Perrysburg School District and the Perrysburg PD than they do against him.

      1. I hope the IJ takes the case and they sue the pants off of the state and district.

        "I think you are homely" should be protected speech in most any context. You can call it rude, distasteful, even publicly chastise people for talking that way. But using the power of the state to enforce a "no-go" for that opinion? No way.

        Look at it this way, if that is the threshold for Telecommunications Harassment in Ohio, at least 1/3 of the voting age public is going to be in violation of the law for their comments about President Cheeto. Maybe another 20% for their comments about President Mom-Jeans and Chewbacca.

    3. Pretty sure "That chick is buckled! But that one is hot and stacked!" is perhaps rude, but totally legit.

  9. High school kids vote for king & queen of the prom... Name brand entertainment outfits hold beauty-queen contests... Countless workplaces play office-politics backstabbing contests to see who gets laid off and who gets promoted... We have non-stop orgies of elections to elect our Political Masters... Who's hot & who's not contests all around us! But the pimple-faced school kid gets singled out for it.

    Can you say arbitrary and capricious molestation of the least powerful?

    1. Every single one of your cases exclusively talk about people who "opt-in" to the "contest".

      Even in dramatic "write-in" wins for Prom king/queen, the only people on the ballot are folks who signed up. Beauty contests are similar, you opt-in to be considered. Workplaces? With few exceptions, you have to say "yes" to work there. Elections? Same thing: you have to sign-up.

      Regardless of whether you think this kid should or shouldn't be punished, it shouldn't be hard to see the difference between signing up to be judged and being picked off the street to be judged.

      1. The former is fantasy role playing while the latter is the reality of everyday life?

  10. Can we see the pictures on the website to judge for ourselves?

    Asking for a friend...

    1. +

  11. Princeton valedictorian gets engaged to her 71-year-old former professor

    Cameron Platt, 25, who was a star student at the Ivy League university and just finished her master’s degree at the University of Oxford, recently gushed on Facebook in a private post about her septuagenarian fiancé, Lee Clark Mitchell, who will be 72 in June.

    Platt wrote that she met Mitchell, who has served as chair of Princeton’s English Department, when she took one of his classes during her sophomore year five years ago, in the fall of 2013.

    1. Mitchell, who has served as chair of Princeton’s English Department

      A cunning linguist?

      1. Oof!

      2. "A cunning linguist?"

        Thank you Jerryskids, this is what I come to Reason for; a useful expansion of my lexicon.

    2. Is his pension/social security/trust fund transferable? Asking for a friend.

      1. Not "transferable" per se, but folks can collect based on the social security of their dead spouse. It's normally a reduced amount and, off the top of my head, normally requires that the widow(er) is also of retirement age. If there are minor children involved, there is also a claim they can make until they're 18, which would be handled by the widow(er).

        Pensions is a lot murkier, and largely depends on what the pensioner chose to do. For example, federal pensions under FERS allow the pensioner to voluntarily reduce their pension amount in exchange for a survivor annuity, meaning that if they themselves die their surviving spouse can continue to collect some amount. But the pensioner can also forgo that option, and the widow(er) gets nothing if they die. Just depends on their choices.

    3. ...and doddering professors everywhere read this story, and stock up on mouthwash, get new dentures and start listening to modern music.

    1. Boy, do NOT play with THIS bunny! NOT a bunny for playboys, I am warnin' ya!!!

    2. He's got warrants and the cops are now looking for him.

      1. I'm guessing he's taken off his costume so will be pretty hard to find...

        1. Until he dons the suit next year.

          Meanwhile, he's taking on Genghis Khan

    3. Happy Kweaaster y'all.

  12. Kids today and their electronic social media. In my day, the guys just sat around at the lunch table and discussed who "would" and who "wouldn't."

    1. And now that we're older we realize that at that age there should have been 2 different categories: "would" and "should anyway, but don't tell anyone"

      1. I passed on banging so many decent looking chicks in HS... I don't know what I was thinking. Some were hot, but had issues I didn't want to deal with... And others were so so, but really totally doable in hindsight.

        If only I had a time machine...

        1. Totally agree. This is why we have sons, so that we can impart this wisdom onto the next generation. If only our fathers would have told us this.

        2. Your perspective changes a lot over time; looking back, we thought only girls who could pass for Farrah Fawcett were "hot." In fact there were many beautiful young women no one should have been reluctant to be seen with and who were likely just fun to be with.

          1. Eh, fun to be with but a pizza face with braces is ok to pass on til college or after the first divorce.

    2. there were times when kids would do the Olympics sign grades but eventually someone would put a stop to it

    3. That's what Hit & Run (God Rest It) used to be for.

  13. Isn’t this pretty much what Mark Zuckertard did at Harvard?

    1. Pretty much exactly.

      He got in trouble too.

      1. To the tune of billions in his bank account.

  14. Strike the law down as an unconstitutional violation of the 1st Amendment.


  15. It is remarkable, and illuminative, that Charles Oliver, when choosing which comments to highlight in this context, disregarded this one:

    "The Jew. Other than the fact that she should have been perished along with the 6 million back In the 1940's, she's annoying as hell, she has a weird chunky body. NO ass, no tits, and an ugly fucked up face. Jumps from guy to guy, and no real positives to dating her. I came daddy brings her to a 61."

    Carry on, Mr. Oliver

    1. Those people were fined for helping migrants.

  16. people don't have to sign on to his account to read what is being said. use the old axiom "if you don't like it turn it off", but don't force others to not be able to like it.

  17. My oldest daughter graduated from that school a decade plus ago. Given the demographics of that area I can pretty much guarantee you his father is either a physician or an engineer. Not the sort to take this overreach by the school system lying down without a fight.

  18. What he did is despicable but should not be illegal.

  19. So what's the deal with Perrysburg, Ohio?
    Would Mehros Nassersharifi be in even more trouble if he neglected to rate this kid?

    1. In essence:

      “Given our heightened focus on human trafficking and the role money plays in trafficking children, I knew I had to take action to make sure this activity does not occur again,” Mr. Schaffer said in a news release. “We can do better to protect innocent children and we must do better.”

      Sums up Perrysburg quite well. White, affluent, virtuous, and absolutely convinced someone is going to jump off I-75 and grab their children to sell them into sexual slavery. It has never happened, highly improbable that it will never happen, but neurotic hysteria rules the day and if you ask for facts you must hate children.

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