Mueller Investigation

Elizabeth Warren Demands Trump's Impeachment in Wake of Mueller Report

Calling for impeachment is likely a publicity stunt for the Massachusetts senator's flagging presidential campaign.


In the wake of the Mueller report's release, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) has called for starting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

In a Friday afternoon Twitter thread, the senator and 2020 presidential contender laid out her case for impeaching Trump, saying that his efforts to obstruct an investigation into Russian election interference necessitate his removal from office.

"To ignore a President's repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior would inflict great and lasting damage on this country," writes Warren. "The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States."

The odds that Warren will get her wish seem slim. Demanding Trump's head is nonetheless a good publicity stunt for the senator's flagging presidential campaign.

The latest New Hampshire polls show support for Warren at 8.7 percent. That puts her behind former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and "No Opinion." A Monmouth University Poll from last week put Warren at 7 percent among Iowa Democratic voters.

The senator is likely hoping that demanding Trump be removed from office via impeachment might make her attempt to unseat him in a presidential election a little easier.

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  1. “”That puts her behind former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and “No Opinion.” “”

    Ha, can’t beat no opinion. That’s pretty funny. However I would love for No Opinion to win.

    1. No Opinion has my vote.

      1. Present!

      2. I’d really prefer “None of the above”.

    2. I remember a Shoe cartoon, back when the creator was still alive; there was (maybe still is) a recurring character ‘Senator Batson D. Belfry’ who ran for President every four years. On strip had him talking to his pollster;

      “Well, Senator, not only did you come in under ‘No Opinion’, you polled less than the margin or error. Which means there’s a good chance you don’t exist.”

  2. Fakeahontus should be impeached for being a fake indian.

    1. Lineage fake. War drums real. Liawatha raid big white teepee, make self chief.

      1. Medicine wheel for all!

    2. Bona fide member of the Wanabe tribe.

  3. See? For months I’ve been saying Warren is in my top 3 2020 candidates. Now she’s on the right side of history on yet another major issue.


    1. Don’t you mean the left side of history? Do you want to be right, or do you want to be left?

    2. How many major issues are you tracking? Are you tracking any minor issues, or is every issue major?

    3. I have to ask, if Warren is in your top 32,020 candidates, how many fucking candidates are you keeping track of?

      1. I am sure by the end of the week there will be at least 32020 Democratic candidates.

      2. I think he meant she is 1/32020th top candidate, which tracks with other known facts about her.

    4. OBL……Sarcasm…..right ??

  4. Well if there’s anyone who is an expert at lying, it’s the Land O Fakes Woman.

    1. Ugh, more discredited right-wing talking points.

      1. “Ugh”???? You speak with forked tongue.

    1. You know. When you run for president you pledge loyalty to the status quo. He betrayed that trust by trying to use Hillary’s Russian-hacked emails against her. Obviously a serious candidate would not have done that. Not at all.

      1. No, not at all. A serious candidate asks British ex-spies to fabricate incriminating dossiers with juicy sexual details.

        1. Meh, I know this guy working at a moving company who likes water sports so much he does them in public when he sees me. Either that, or I scare the piss out of him.

      2. What about using the intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents, is that still loyalty?

  5. To ignore a President’s repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behavior

    Wrong right from the start — it was NOT investigating his campaign.

  6. She’s also pretty damned dim if she thinks her call for impeachment will help her campaign. The only way for a Dem to stand out on this would be to NOT call for his impeachment.

    1. Makes sense. Want to jump out in front in the primaries? One simple sentence:

      “I’m not going to impeach Trump, I’m going to beat him.”

      I think we’ll be seeing a 25-way tie for a while.

    2. I, for one, hope the Democrats hold lengthy impeachment hearings and then vote to impeach just a few months before the election. He’d be guaranteed to win again. I don’t like Trump, but the Democrats have done everything in their power to make me pull for him against them.

    3. “She’s also pretty damned dim . . .”

      I would have thought that was readily apparent long ago. Hell, by the time she proposed the Accountable Capitalism Act, the level of her stupidity should have been apparent. And if you were paying attention, her contributions to the Dodd-Frank Act, including her insistence that the SEC adopt just about the most uselessly inane regulation of all time, pretty much cemented her reputation as an intellectual featherweight.

  7. “Will whore for power.”

  8. All Trump supporters should be praying that the House now impeach him.

    1. I think they won’t be able to help themselves. The Dem base is screaming for it.

      1. It’s amazing how they’ve learned nothing from last time. Hillary wrote a whole damn book about it. I haven’t read it, but I assume she at least got part of it right. Who knows. I doubt anyone has actually read it except her ghostwriters…

      2. You know the Dems forgot where they came from when sells “Impeach Trump” stickers.

        1. Why impeach him? He has been revealed as a habitual liar, a cheating jerk, a reckless fool, and a tool of the Russians. Let him continue to twist in the wind, branding the Republican Party with ignorance, intolerance, and corruption for at least a generation, then clear out the slack-jaws in a couple of years and get back to improving America with liberal-libertarian progress.

          Being on the right side of history can be a burden, but mostly it is satisfying and fun.

          1. You, OTOH, have been revealed as a bigoted asshole.

            1. And yet you must spend the rest of your life complying with my wishes because my preferences have prevailed — and stomped yours — in the culture war.

              I am content.

              Keep toeing that line, and you whine about it all you want, clinger.

              1. “And yet you must spend the rest of your life complying with my wishes because my preferences have prevailed.”

                Do all bigoted assholes have such an active fantasy life? I’m sure you must associate with quite a few more of them.

              2. You should have your face beaten repeatedly with a brick.

          2. “He has been revealed as a habitual liar, a cheating jerk, a reckless fool, and a tool of the Russians”

            But enough about Bill Clinton………

          3. Insecure knuckle dragging rubes like you should be on the right side of multiple blows to the head with a bat.

          4. History doesn’t have sides.

    1. Read that. Yeah he gets it.

  9. Christ, what a blithering idiot.

  10. Does Warren intend to take part in the impeachment trial as a Senator? Maybe she could at least pretend to be impartial. I know it’s not the historical norm, but she could fake it, it’s not like she doesn’t have experience faking things.

    1. Please don’t bring her sex life into this…

  11. Her campaign is on the rocks so now she’s grasping at straws, except she won’t grasp at straws because her people now consider straws to be terrible and ban-worthy.

    1. She’s grasping at paper straws.

  12. A lying, disingenuous, two-faced opportunist wants to impeach a President. What a foolish woman.

    Oh the stupidity of it all.

  13. You could say she’s after his scalp.

  14. I can’t help picturing she and Bern as the crazy aunt and uncle who everybody ignored at Thanksgiving.

  15. Andrew McCarthy has some harsh words for Muller

    In his report, Mueller didn’t resolve the issue. If he had been satisfied that there was no obstruction crime, he said, he would have so found. He claimed he wasn’t satisfied. Yet he was also not convinced that there was sufficient proof to charge. Therefore, he made no decision, leaving it to Attorney General William Barr to find that there was no obstruction.

    This is unbecoming behavior for a prosecutor and an outrageous shifting of the burden of proof: The constitutional right of every American to force the government to prove a crime has been committed, rather than to have to prove his or her own innocence.
    The obligation of the prosecutor is to render a judgment about whether there is enough proof to charge a crime. If there is, the prosecutor indicts; if there is not, the prosecutor remains silent.

    1. One quibble: The prosecutor doesn’t indict, the grand jury does.

      It’s thinking like this which lets prosecutors get away with browbeating and deceiving grand juries into abdicating their responsibilities and becoming mere rubber stamps for the whims of the prosecutor.

      1. Prosecutors can file charges for non capital crimes without a grand jury.

      2. The prosecutor has so much control over what the grand jury sees, that it’s almost always a foregone conclusion that it will do what he wants.

        Basically Mueller came up short, couldn’t find enough evidence of anything on Trump’s part that would even convince a grand jury he controlled that something should be charged. So he decided to pretend he hadn’t indicted Trump only because of DOJ policy.

        Because that was the best way to smear his reputation without having to prove anything.

    2. Technically, a jury’s “not guilty” verdict means insufficient evidence to convict, not “innocent”. The prosecution nor the judicial prove innocence, and they should not be expected to.

  16. Warren seems like the kind of old lady who comes outside to yell at kids to be quiet and get off her lawn. When I was a young lad, we had a neighbor like that. She’d actually peer through her curtains, waiting for the right moment to come out and tell us kids off.

    Warren just has that same kind of expression and mannerisms about her. I doubt she’ll appeal much to anyone under 50.

    1. Except her “lawn” is the millions of acres of undeveloped land in America.

    2. But she awkwardly had a beer on a facetime stream…

  17. All of these people started campaigning way too early. I predict someone will jump in late and grab the nomination.

    1. The Oprah/Beto ticket is going to kick ass.

      1. Oprah already failed in Georgia

    2. If Hillary Clinton enters the race, she immediately becomes my first choice.


    3. Someone like this?

  18. Elizabeth Warren Demands….


  19. When I last saw Red Queen Warren she was running about in circles in her garden seemingly with no particular direction or purpose. Following her were gardeners with rakes and shovels frantically trying to repair the damaged roses and hedge rows.

    Every so often she would stop and shout to no one in particular “Off! With his head!”

    With that I quickly climbed back into my Toyota Prius and sped away.

  20. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is circling the drain as she clocks in fifth place in both national polls and a distant fifth in fund raising–all this despite better name recognition than Buttkrieg, Booker, and Harris.

    She’d say anything to get noticed at this point. If things keep going as they are, she won’t have enough money to make it Super Tuesday. Liz Warren sucks. Even Democrats hate her. Fuck Liz Warren.

    1. I’ve always known her appeal was really narrow. She has her True Believers, but I have to believe everyone else can see she’s a disingenuous, lying, humorless scold.
      Personally, I’m self-employed and I’ve also visited/volunteered on Indian Reservations, so it’s either her smack-talk or her phony “Native American ” bullshit that offends me most. Maybe both.

    2. Her only constituency at this point are BoomerLib yuppies. People who spent the late 60s and early 70s bandwagon-hopping on the peace train before settling in to spend their adult years racking up massive personal debts that they’ll leave to their kids to clean up after they die.

    3. Y’all f*ck her. I’m picky about where I put that part of me.

  21. One of my favorite #Resistance groups MoveOn.Org has started a petition calling for Drumpf’s impeachment. I encourage everyone to sign.

    1. Do you know what inspired the left to create

      1. Soros’ wallet.

      2. Chinese dollars that could no longer fund the Clinton campaign?

  22. I ain’t voting for nobody over 70. *spit*

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    Why do we have a deleted timestamp tag but no edit button?

    Insisting she was not culpable for the inexplicable contents of her spoken communications, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defiantly claimed Friday that she doesn’t know where the voice comes from when she opens her mouth…. this is how q works

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    1. I see that my comments get monitored now. One cathedral burns downs and …

      Uggh, this is annoying.

    2. Warren:
      “The Mueller report lays out facts showing that a hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Donald Trump welcomed that help.”
      Pretty sure that’s ‘economical’ with the truth, but even if so, it’s irrlevant. Unlike the hag, he didn’t go buy it.

      “Once elected, Donald Trump obstructed the investigation into that attack.”
      That’s a flat out lie.

    3. Impeachment is a sideshow.

      The important point is that there aren’t enough superstitious, ignorant bigots left in America to keep the Republican electoral coalition afloat in national elections. Trump and his band of malcontents will be swept aside soon enough.

      Conservatives will get to continue to lord over Mississippi, Utah, and Alabama, though.

      1. “Conservatives will get to continue to lord over Mississippi, Utah, and Alabama, though.”

        And bigoted assholes like you.

        1. You figure the slack-jaws have turned that 50-year tide of the culture war toward right-wing preferences?

          You seem dumb enough to miss that you are in the process of being replaced . . . by your betters and for keeps.

          1. “You seem dumb enough to miss that you are in the process of being replaced . . . by your betters and for keeps.”

            Bigoted assholes like you are the ‘betters’ of the liquids which go through the sewage treatment plant down the road from your double-wide.
            Fuck off, you pathetic piece of shit.

            1. How’s the wall coming, you gullible bigot? Mexico keeping up with the payments, you inconsequential right-wing malcontent?

              1. “How’s the wall coming, you gullible bigot?”
                I wouldn’t know, you bigoted asshole. Why don’t you find someone who cares outside of the voices in you head?

    4. I see that Arthur L. Kirkland has gone off his meds again. Makes me long for the good old days when folks like him would be committed to an asylum and forgotten.

      1. Right-wing bigots like you seem to dislike me.

        I blame my education. And winning the culture war at your expense.

        Carry on, clinger.

        1. “Right-wing bigots like you seem to dislike me.”

          Most everybody despises bigoted assholes like you. I blame your bigotry and your assholery

        2. I, too, blame your education. If only the law recognized a cause of action for educational malpractice, you’d have a hundred-million dollar lawsuit.

        3. No we just think that you’re a tool playing some excruciatingly stupid character whose dipshit attempt at baiting deserves nothing more than encouragement to off yourself in the most painful manner possible.

    5. Can we have a preview button at least?

      1. C’mon Tony, trust your gut instincts. Dont sow doubt into your idiotic comments by reading it in a preview.

    6. The richest part of all this faux outrage and alarm coming from the people swooning and clutching their pearls over Trump wreaking havoc on our most sacred institutions is that these are the same people who want to “fundamentally transform” America anyway. Trump’s trampling on the Constitution? I get to be outraged by that, you don’t, not when you’re the one disparaging this hundred-year old piece of paper written by old dead white men as no longer relevant to today’s modern world when it doesn’t even say a damn thing about left-handed lesbian African-American illegal immigrant Muslim vegan single mothers who want an abortion and free college for the dead fetus.

      1. Trump’s vulgarity is enough to earn hatred. He embarrasses our country. Forget his crimes. He’s from a crime family. It’s his gold toilets that truly offend me.

        1. “Forget his crimes…”

          Might as well, at this point.

        2. “Trump’s vulgarity is enough to earn hatred. He embarrasses our country. Forget his crimes. He’s from a crime family. It’s his gold toilets that truly offend me.”

          Poor, poor, Tony –
          “Collusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – bullshit.
          “Obstructing justice!!!!!!!!!!!!! – more bullshit.
          “Impeachment!!!!!!” – How much more bullshit does Tony have?
          “Gold toilets!!!!”
          Poor, poor loser Tony.
          Fuck off, shitbag.

          1. What even are you?

            1. Poor, poor loser Tony.
              What’s your next whine about Trump?

              1. Nah, Tony is right about this one. Trump’s taste is gaudy for any era. The gilded toilets… gilded everything…. it is truly hideous.

                Having such poor taste in interior design is definitely a sign of a deep-seated character flaw.

        3. Your fucking retarded existence is an insult to every sane human being on the planet you dipshit Okie turd.

          1. You morons defend Trump with less hesitation than you practice when deciding to let out a fart.

            1. You couldn’t even tie your shoes without an instructional manual you dipshit inbred retard.

        4. True. Gold toilets make for cold asscheeks.

      1. If there’s anything we learned last time, it’s that supercunts can’t be presidents.

    7. Nixon was forced out for less, Clinton was impeached for less. I say keep building the case. There’s no rush and there’s alot more to learn.

      1. Yeah, but Obama is already out of office, so nobody is ever going to pay for all of the abuses of power.

        1. Have you ever tried not being a parasite on Sean Hannity’s anus?

          1. Have you ever tried to not be a cancerous retarded faggot, you worthless retard?

    8. The Republicans would have impeached Obama for doing business with Putin and using asking Russia for dirt on Romney. If I didn’t think there was alot more to learn I would favor impeaching immediately just on what we already know about the guy, his campaign manager, his lawyer and his children. It’s time to make a stand against this sickening corruption and lying. Let history know in no uncertain terms where we stand on this.

      1. Wait, are we against asking Russia for dirt on your political opponents? Because we know for certain that one of the Candidates worked on the same side with Russia during the Republican primaries, attempting to influence the election through fake grass-roots campaigns and connections in the media. Then after the primaries were over, we know that this same campaign and their parent political party did more than take a phone call… they paid millions to obtain help from the Russian government.

        We also know that their friends in the administration spied on the opposing party’s candidate, using the FBI, CIA and NSA. Remember the claims that 27 agencies agreed that Trump was colluding with Russians (and they knew this because they were wiretapping the Trump campaign)? No? Conveniently memory-holed, huh? Well, we do know that the number was more like 7, rather than 27. But they were all being used to spy on a political campaign for president, by the opposing party.

        That should raise a few red flags. As in “Nixon was impeached for less” style flags.

        This is an excellent Rorschach test… At any moment prior to 2012 you could have asked anyone in the country “do you think it would be OK for the White House to wire-tap members of the opposing party’s campaign” and you would have gotten a resounding and unanimous NO. But since we have Trump attached to it, people have their partisan blinders on and cannot see the giant dumpster fire right in front of them.

        Trump stands accused of wanting the Russians to release something embarrassing about HRC. That’s it. That is the entirety of the accusation. And Mueller just proved that even that tenuous link didn’t actually exist.

        The Obama administration proudly admits to a half-dozen things that are way, way worse than that. So does the HRC campaign.

        Rigging a primary election is way, way worse than asking a foreign government to release dirt on you opponent. Like, they are not even in the same realm.

        The same goes for using the IRS to attack your political enemies, something Obama is proud to tell you about – and disclaim it as not actually partisan in any way.

        And using foreign intelligence assets to spy on the Trump campaign. That’s worse than Nixon at his worse. And they are proud to tell you about it. They have this tiny fig leaf – “there was a warrant, so it was legal!” That’s it. They jumped through the hoop of getting a friendly judge to sign off on a decidedly incomplete warrant request. So magically there’s nothing wrong with spying on your opponent’s campaign, illegally “unmasking” american citizens, planting classified information so it could be leaked…

        Even if the “Trump Tower Meeting” was not a set up from the HRC campaign and Fusion GPS (which it looks for all the world like it was), the Obama administration, the DNC and the HRC for President campaign all went way, way beyond Nixon – simply based on what is publicly available.

    9. “Demanding Trump’s head is nonetheless a good publicity stunt for the senator’s flagging presidential campaign”

      That is the essence of this article, and really all that needed to be said.

    10. Since Mueller found no evidence of collusion, what exactly is the President’s “disloyal behavior” she is referencing? As a lawyer you would hope she might grasp you cannot obstruct the investigation of a crime that does not exist. The problem with this “investigation” is it was not the investigation OF a crime but rather an investigation IN SEARCH of a crime. Warren is attempting to gamer favor with a base who sees her as the fraud she is. Like Harris, Gilibrand, Swalwell, Beto and a host of others she knows she will likely never make it past Iowa or at best NH. Her campaign will be over by SC. Remember, this is the woman who while running for re-election to the Senate insisted she had no intention of running for President and promised to complete her full term. Less than 6 months later, she declared she is running for President.

      1. He found plenty of evidence of collusion and pretty much indicted him for obstruction (except for the fact that he felt he couldn’t indict a president). Stop taking self-serving talking points from Trump as fact.

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