ICE Tracking Immigrants with Huge License Plate Database

The privately maintained database has billions of records on drivers across the country.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE is watching you. Or at least there's a good chance it is, according to a new report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The nonprofit released documents detailing the existence of a large, privately maintained database tracking license plate numbers and driver location data, which ICE—Immigration and Customs Enforcement—is using to find those who might be in the U.S. illegally.

Maintained by Vigilant Solutions, the system contains billions of location points now available to the agency on a $6.1 million contract.

"ICE has long embraced technology to target immigrants," writes ACLU attorney Vasudha Talla. "Now it's taking surveillance to an unprecedented level to target vulnerable communities—and sweeping up everyone else in the process."

Law enforcement agencies have shared approximately 1.5 billion records on driver whereabouts, obtained via covert cameras that snap license plate numbers in order to track criminals or those who have committed traffic infractions. Affixed to police squad cars or positioned on road signs and bridges, the automated license plate readers photograph and capture location information on all passing vehicles. And a staggering 5 billion more come from an elaborate network of private businesses, which were collected by Vigilant and sold to ICE.

The database is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, with an average of 150 million to 200 million unique license plate snapshots added per month. Derived from the most populous cities across the country, it gives the enforcement agency a detailed roadmap of people's comings and goings over the course of several years.

More than 9,000 ICE agents have access to the information, raising concerns over the privacy and civil liberty implications—not only for the immigrants tracked by ICE, but also for the millions of drivers whose personal details are at their disposal.

The agency does not use information to find individuals "who have no connection to ICE investigatory or enforcement activities," ICE spokesman Matthew Bourke tells The Washington Post. But police departments—which can also buy access to the database—have famously abused location data in the past to track acquantainces, lovers, and journalists, among others.

Regulation around license plate tracking is somewhat evocative of the Wild West, with scant rules surrounding the practice. But many "sanctuary cities"—such as New York City and Los Angeles—have laws limiting police cooperation with immigration enforcement, which ICE is disregarding to obtain location records and track immigrants for deportation.

In one instance, emails obtained by the ACLU show a friendly exchange between an ICE officer and a detective in Orange County, California, with the latter freely and informally sharing location data over the course of several years. "Hate to ask, but would you mind running 2 more?" asks the ICE officer in their most recent published message.

"Come on, you really don't hate to ask.. :)" replied the detective, attaching scan information on two illegal immigrant suspects. The practice not only breaks local laws but also directly conflicts with ICE's internal privacy guidelines, which, according to the agency, say that "there are no circumstances where ICE can gain access through the vendor system if a law enforcement agency has chosen not to share its data."

The contract, which commenced in February 2018, is ICE's third attempt to land such an agreement. The first, in 2014, was quashed by the Department of Homeland Security over privacy concerns. Another effort the following year dissipated after budget talks fell through.

Jose Sigala, mayor of Tulare, California, issued a statement last week after the ACLU furnished records showing that his city, too, collaborated with ICE. He called the sharing "inadvertent." And Tulare Police Chief Wes Hensley has apologized, saying the department doesn't facilitate immigration enforcement.

"It's inconsistent with community-based policing philosophies, and it's incongruent with state law SB 54," Hensley tells the local ABC affiliate. "We are a community that's pretty diverse, and we do have a lot of folks that could be targeted, and we won't have any part of that."

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  1. Let me get this straight. There’s no problem if we use plate readers to hand out fines for traffic violations, parking, or apprehend anyone for a misdemeanor or worse. For any unlawful immigration though this is taboo? Is that right?

    1. This^

      Lefties are fine with government abuses of Due Process, privacy, and Equal Protection as long at it does not conflict with ‘Mesicans, buttsex, and gun grabbing.

    2. To progressives we are less than the non citizen. They mean to replace us with a more compliant population over time.

      1. How’s the weather in St. Petersburg? I’d imagine that they’ll let you out to play now that it’s getting nicer that far north.

        1. ^comment ment for both LC and Shitlord.

        2. Hey progtard, good to see you. Finished your tantrum over Trump’s exoneration?

          MAGA you stupid treasonous bitch.

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    4. Yeah none of that stuff is okay either.

    5. You Republicans really lack reading comprehension skills.

      “The database is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, with an average of 150 million to 200 million unique license plate snapshots added per month. Derived from the most populous cities across the country, it gives the enforcement agency a detailed roadmap of people’s comings and goings over the course of several years.”

      As a libertarian and not a right/left progressive such as LC and Shiteater, I find any government entity collecting mass data on the population abhorrent an blatantly unconstitutional.

      Go back and read the article again, you triggered little bitches. Move lips if necessary.

      1. Go back again and read what they said. They aren’t saying this is OK. They’re complaining about people who say, “This isn’t OK when you use it to track immigrants, but it’s fine if you use it to track anybody else.” If you read it, it’s not like the ACLU is saying “It’s horrible that they’re collecting all this data.” They’re just saying, “It’s horrible that they’re using all this data to target illegal immigrants for deportation.”

        1. Thank you. Even a dumbfuck like Peter should understand that none of us trust the government.

    6. #IllegalsFirstAmericansLast

  2. So the problem for is that ICE is using this database to track illegal immigrants?

    Not that the database even exists, or could be used against citizens and legal residents?

    1. Correct. Because open borders no matter what.

      1. Open Borders Uber Alles!

    2. Did they say it was cool in other circumstances?

      Are you against the database existing or being used to track people?

  3. Once the gun grabbers allowed government to keep records of gun owners and gun buyers, it was on for government databases on every manner of life being okay.

    While the Constitution does not prohibit government lists and these license scanners are likely constitutional police powers, this stuff is not okay. First cuts budgets for license plate scanners, while a Constitutional Amendment protecting privacy is submitted to the upcoming Article V Constitutional Convention.

    Governments would simply not have the money to do things like this if we cut government by 75%+.

    As for investigating illegals violating US Law and deporting them, I am fine with most regular police techniques for finding illegals. Deport them all!

    1. Thank you for acknowledging that ICE goes too far in this case.

      1. So Pedo Jeffy, do you illegal friends who violently rape children with your help also go too far? Or is that an acceptable trade off for your open borders and to bring as many foreigners here as possible?

        1. So, Violent Sociopath Shithead, do you ever get tired of stalking me in the same thread, in the same boring manner, over and over?

          1. Hey, now you’re gettin’ it! This is what you do to all of us with your worthless open borders tripe, and your pedo loving ways.

            Maybe you should go to HuffPo, WaPo, or some other kind of progtard Po. Everyone here hates you.

            1. This is what you do to all of us

              Hmm. Let’s see:

              I post intelligent arguments.
              You thread-stalk and troll.

              I engage in discussion.
              You insult and lie about people that you hate.

              I advocate for liberty.
              You advocate for murder.

              Nope, sorry – totally different!

              1. intelligent? Basic facial analysis is intelligence? For fucks sake Jeff, this is why we laugh at you.

              2. And as for advocating of liberty… unless they want to bake a cake.. then economic terrorism on them for falling out of line you authoritarian shithead.

                1. unless they want to bake a cake.. then economic terrorism on them for falling out of line

                  Lying again. I see you’re taking notes from the violent sociopath above.

                  I have never advocated for the state forcing bakers to bake cakes. Never. Not once. I dare you to produce any single time I have ever done so. Just like I dare you to produce any single time I have ever agreed with the idea that Trump colluded with Russia to throw the election.

                  You can’t. That is because you lie. You cannot argue honestly so all you can do is push narratives.

                2. Incidentally Jesse. What is your opinion of Shitlord’s constant threats to murder Democrats? Do you believe that type of rhetoric is appropriate?

            2. This is what you do to all of us

              And one more thing. Do you really think that you speak for all of the commenters here? Or maybe you are only speaking for your little band of shitposting 4chan loser troll buddies?

      2. See…. I am saying that license scanners for any government reason are too far.

    2. “upcoming Article V Constitutional Convention.”

      God, I hope not! Oh, if we could be sure that Libertarians and similar folk could keep control of such a Conventions, I would be tentative for it. But I don’t believe for one fat instant that Progressive/Left fanatics could be kept from destroying any meaningful rein on the State.

      1. I get the reservations but remember, it requires 2/3 of the states to convene and 3/4 to ratify any amendments.

        Even if some bad amendments are selected for ratification does not mean that they will be ratified by enough states.

        1. Most would not.

        2. OTOH, I am quite sure that no amendment increasing liberty would be ratified by 3/4 of the states – and probably not even a majority.

  4. But how else will we know how many times Robert Kraft went to the massage parlor?

  5. But don’t worry people. Immigration enforcement won’t affect the civil liberties of citizens. That is just crazy talk. The real problem is that ICE doesn’t have enough money or resources to spy on even more people. And if you don’t agree you are an open borders fanatic who hates America.

    1. These databases have nothing to do with immigration and have been around for years. People just care now because the media needs to make everything about immigration. You don’t think every time you drive past a speed camera or through a toll booth the government isn’t tracking you? You don’t think all law enforcement agencies have access to this? It has nothing to do with immigration enforcement.

      1. Actually no, I am not that paranoid. Personally I live in an area with no toll booths and no speed cameras so I haven’t really given it a lot of thought.

        In any event I am glad this issue is coming to light. These databases ought to go away.

        1. “Ought to go away” — ha! Wishful thinking. What genie are you going to hire to put the databases back in the realm of science fiction? What genie are you going to hire to put the first genie back in its bottle?

          These databases and the scanners which populate them are a natural outcome of progress. If you think the existence of the scanners and databases is the problem, you are a Progressive and want to roll back progress.

          1. What genie are you going to hire to put the databases back in the realm of science fiction? What genie are you going to hire to put the first genie back in its bottle?

            The entropy genie works for free. In fact, a portion of the current cost of the databases’ existence is the price to keep the entropy genie in the bottle.

          2. I know, right? I’m such a lousy progressive.

            1. And a huge pedo enthusiast, you sick fuck.

              1. Hey look it’s Violent Sociopath Shithead. Shoo, pest.

        2. It’s because you’re ignorant Jeff. Cameras on cop cars, especially traffic enforcement, automatically scan plates as they drive around for unpaid registration. If you weren’t so fucking ignorant this would have outraged you before it became an illegal immigration issue.

    2. The government already does this with traffic tickets

      1. But now they’re doing it to illegals! Wah!


    3. “But don’t worry people. Immigration enforcementA foreign invasion of the US won’t affect the civil liberties of citizens. That is just crazy talk. …”


      1. Peaceful immigration is an “invasion” much like abortion is a “choice”, or gun control laws are about “gun safety”. It’s a deliberate perversion of the language. In this case it’s meant to make immigrants sound far scarier than they actually are in order to justify treating them worse. It is Demagoguery 101 techniques. Lie about some out group so that the scared majority stampede to the polls to vote to restrict and restrain them.

        A person with scruples would be ashamed of treating people who lack any formal power so shamefully. But not buybuy.

        1. No, chemjeff, you’re just an emotionally weak and prejudiced fanatic.

          Entry into any territory – nation, house, woman’s body, whatever – contrary to the rules for entry and volition of those possessing said territory is invasion. Your feelz regarding the intentions and moral qualities of invasive individuals doesn’t alter the fundamental nature of their action.

          You’re a clown, chemjeff, but I’ll indulge you.
          What proportion of people in a group committing violence and displaying hostility to natives changes the characterization from “peaceful” to your definition of invasion?
          How many lives are an acceptable sacrifice for your “principles” being imposed?
          Is there any limit whatsoever a nation or individual can set for those who move into their territory?
          Do you have any concept beyond specious abstract ideals that make you better than those who disagree with you (aka “racists” and “xenophobes”?
          Do you have any fucking clue why you have your faith?

          1. Gee, for a guy who is supposedly opposed to ‘feelz’, you certainly ask a lot of emotionally laden, leading questions.

            Entry into any territory – nation, house, woman’s body, whatever – contrary to the rules for entry and volition of those possessing said territory is invasion.

            When it comes to *my property*, whose rules are we discussing here? My rules, or the state’s rules?

            When will you acknowledge MY property rights to do as I see fit with my own property?

            When will you and your collectivist ilk stop trying to infringe upon my right to use my property for the sake of your collectivist wet dreams?

            When will you finally realize that the war on illegal immigration – just like the war on drugs, the war on terror, etc. – is really a war *on citizens* to deprive them of liberty in order to stop an overhyped threat that is manipulated by demagogues to serve their own narrow interests?

            When will you finally wake up and stop licking the boot that is stomping on your neck?

            The real enemy here is not the penniless Guatemalan. The enemy is the coercive state that is stealing your money, taking away your liberty, spying on you, lying to you, and treating you like a serf, for the sake of stopping an ‘invasion’ politicians getting re-elected. That is what you should be angry about. But oh no. It’s always the brown menace that the weak and insecure are easily duped into believing are the ‘real problems’ with America.

            1. “The real enemy here is not the penniless Guatemalan.”

              We agree.

              The real enemy here is racebaiterjeff and his ilk, bent on destroying America, because “muh feelz”.

              “The enemy is the coercive state”
              “muh anarchy”

              Racebaiterjeff has yet to explain how an invasion of people who support greater government coercion will lead to a less coercive state.

              1. Perhaps buybuy can explain how huge walls, taxes to pay for walls, taxes to pay for armies of ICE agents to *spy on you*, intrusive regulations, subversion of property rights, infringement of basic liberties if one happens to be the wrong color, and a culture of fear and paranoia and xenophobia will lead to less coercion and more liberty.

                an invasion of people who support greater government coercion

                So Trump voters are invaders now too? Huh.

                1. Pedo Jeffy, you were asked questions by DanDavis. Now answer him you pedantic little kiddie raper loving bitch.

                  1. Hey look it’s Violent Sociopath Shithead. Shoo, pest.

        2. ” In this case it’s meant to make immigrants sound far scarier ”

          We disagree on the threat posed by illegal immigration.

          You deny there is any threat, because “muh feelz”.
          I identify the threat posed to the peace, freedom, security, and prosperity of Americans by the importation of a population that supports bigger government in the US.

          “A person with scruples would be ashamed of treating people who lack any formal power so shamefully destroying the country that preserved and maintained not only his own freedom and security, but whatever freedom exists in the world. But not buybuy racebaiterjeff.”

          1. See there you go. Wildly exaggerating the threat posed by immigration. (And mind you, the threat you claim to have identified is not limited to just illegal immigrants, is it?) You literally believe immigration will lead to the destruction of America. Hard to get more exaggerated than that.

            We’ve had waves of Irish, Italian, Scottish, German, Polish, Chinese, etc., etc., immigration in the past, and America survived. But man, this time, the Guatemalans will finish us off! O-M-G!

            But hey, let’s pretend for a moment that waves of Guatemalan immigrants all want to come here to impose bigger government on us. Oh Noes! So your plan to respond to this is… bigger government. After all, walls and border guards don’t pay for themselves.

            Looks like we’re doomed either way, doesn’t it?

            1. Such a dishonest little pedo shitposter, aren’t you? A sick asshole like you belongs in prison for your sick shit and your treason. There you will be subject to the kind of treatment you advocate for innocent American children. Perhaps much of it by illegals.

              1. I’m not the one advocating for murder on a daily basis. That would be you, Violent Sociopath Shithead.

            2. A third of those in federal prison are illegally in the country.

              See, not an issue! – Jeff

              1. See there you go. You think you are making an intelligent argument but you are instead just narrative-pushing with numbers. Of COURSE there are going to be a disproportionate number of prisoners in federal prisons who are illegal immigrants – because immigration is a primary law enforcement responsibility of the federal government. They don’t have a lot of murderers and rapists in federal prison because those are mostly prosecuted at the state & local level. So you are exaggerating the problem and lying by omission when you just throw out numbers like this. Which is your whole intent all along. You WANT to deceive people into believing that illegal immigration is a bigger problem than it really is.

                Here is a better analysis: There are, right now, 34,759 prisoners in federal prison who are non-citizens.


                Let’s just assume for the time being that they are all illegal immigrants. How many illegal immigrants are there total? Around 10 million? So that would mean about 0.3% of the illegal immigrant population is in federal prison. Huh. Doesn’t sound so scary when it’s put like that, does it?

                By the way. There are about 2.2 million prisoners total in the US. The total population of the US is about 330 million. So the percentage of citizens (roughly) who are prisoners, is 0.6%. Which is twice as high as the rate for illegal immigrants.

                So quit lying and approach the issue honestly for a change.

  6. Illegal immigrants are registering vehicles in their name?

    1. It’s certainly an elephant in the livingroom.

    2. Yes, the Taco trucks.

  7. Technology enables these scanners and databases. All government can do is throw $$$ at them to enlarge them a little bit sooner. I wouldn’t be surprised if dashcams have such scanners built in within a few years, allowing people to send data if they want, probably including downloading an amber alert list at the same time. Think of the children rescued and saved! Who wouldn’t want to sign up with that?

    Singling out ICE for using these databases is silly.

    1. We are already there in most states.

      All of the major corridors in Florida have plate scanners installed. They are routinely used to track the movement of criminal suspects.

      Of course, whinging about using plate scanner databases for immigration enforcement is even more fringe when you recognize just how much access the government has to data from cell phone companies….

      An we are only an election away from a Democrat president getting access to all of the tracking data from Google, Facebook et. al. With that they could probably pinpoint most illegals on the spot, even without a name.

  8. The root of the problem isn’t the database so much as it is the ID tag (license plate) every car is required to have.
    Get the state out of this at the licensing end and the rest of it unravels by itself.

    1. No it wouldn’t. Even if government were to shrink to a few dozen legislators setting common definitions (“threat”) with no enforcement powers over anything and no taxation, private road companies would still want some way to identify customers, and that ain’t going to be labor-intensive toll booths collecting cash. It’s going to be electronic scanners, whether reading transponders or license plates, and if road companies can do it, so can Joe Bob and Mary Sue.

      These databases are a natural outcome of technological progress and cannot be put back in any bottle without crippling society.

      1. Well, it’s easy enough to imagine that in a privatized system, that these scanners wouldn’t have to scan for personally identifiable information about every car, only that someone with the right signal paid the toll with bitcoin or something.

        1. You could. You could have pre-paid transponders. But unless you pop down to the office to pre-pay in cash, it’s going to link to you somehow. An amber alert goes out — they announce the transponder id — everyone’s dash cam looks for it. How does anyone know it’s a true amber alert and not some cop trying to track an ex, or some serial killer trying to track his next victim?

          Very few people care enough to take precautions.

          1. This is also why I say property tax is the only tax close to anonymous, because all the government cares is that the tax is paid. Pay in cash, get a receipt in case of questions later. I don’t know of any other variable tax that is close to anonymous like that. A flat head tax would be, but people woudln’wouldn’t stand for that.

        2. “Well, it’s easy enough to imagine ”

          Such is racebaiterjeff’s political “thought”, based on his imagining, not reality.

          “muh anarchy”

          1. Yes, I imagine how things might be different. That you have nothing to comment about it but to mock and ridicule just speaks to your small-minded pettiness.

            1. “You mock my delusional fantasies. Wah!”

  9. I am confused…. why are we against the government deporting people who are here illegally?

    You know, you can be in favor of increased immigration…. even an open immigration policy… without advocating for the abdication of all responsibility to enforce existing immigration law. It would be pretty easy to raise the quotas from the handful of countries that are sending the bulk of immigrants here… or even eliminate the quotas altogether.

    Wasting a bunch of time, energy and invective on protesting the enforcement of the law is pretty dumb, both politically and from a time-management perspective.

    1. Wasting a bunch of time, energy and invective on protesting the enforcement of the law is pretty dumb, both politically and from a time-management perspective.

      That would depend on the law, don’t you think?

      1. No.

        Nobody is advocating for changing the law. That’s the entire problem. They are fighting over “don’t enforce immigration laws” (particularly with respect to people who look like me if you happen to be hispanic).

        This is the worst possible solution. It is worse for immigrants. It is worse for US citizen workers. It is worse for the rule of law. It is worse for america.

        It is dumb cubed.

        It creates a huge class of sub-citizens who are not allowed to legally work and are therefore exploitable. Advocating for the elimination of ICE in response to ICE enforcing the law is the equivalent of advocating for exploitation of illegal immigrants by unscrupulous employers.

        Bush attempted to align immigration law and policy with labor demand by increasing quotas and creating a new category of “guest workers” who do not have a path to citizenship. It was a non-starter. None of these immigration activist types jumped at the chance to change the law.

        Post Obama things are worse than they have been since the late 1980’s. Obama tried to cement a system of second class citizens by inviting illegal immigrants to come to the US with a promise of non-enforcement of immigration law. He did this instead of changing the actual law – which would not have been that difficult, particularly if he had bothered to do it early on.

        1. If any of these activists actually cared about reform instead of having an issue to rally the voting base they would push immigration reform now. Trump is non-ideological and could easily be rolled on the topic in trade for building a gold-plated wall.

        2. “It creates a huge class of sub-citizens who are not allowed to legally work and are therefore exploitable. ”

          You say that like you think they find that a bad thing.
          That’s the vision of racebaiterjeff and the faux libertarians of Reason. They want an unenfranchised servant class.

          “Libertarian Moment”

    2. Because muh anarchy!

      1. Pedo Jeffy needs to go.

        1. Violent sociopaths like yourself need professional help. I suggest heavy medication and intensive therapy.

  10. Legal Immigrants or ILLEGAL immigrants? If it is the former, that is VERY bad and should be eliminated. If it is ILLEGAL immigrants, which lying lefties call “undocumented” I approve ot it.

    1. Tsk Tsk. We don’t call them illegals anymore. Try Misplaced Tourists.

  11. The agency does not use information to find individuals “who have no connection to ICE investigatory or enforcement activities,” ICE spokesman Matthew Bourke tells The Washington Post.

    “Plenty of other agencies are tracking those individuals.”

  12. Also, the ability of our wicked federal government we have to tail and track ANYONE they want is here to stay, sadly. The only fix for this is to CUT government by at least half, and instruct the remaining half that they will be jailed if they go outside the limits set for them. We have a federal law called the “Posse Comitatus Act” which limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.

  13. If you’re a legal immigrant, until you’re naturalized, you have a legal obligation to keep the government informed of where you live and work.

    If you’re an illegal immigrant, your legal obligation is to turn yourself in for deportation.

    So, what’s the problem here with the ICE keeping track of where these people are? They’re legally not supposed to be keeping their locations secret.

    1. The problem is that the State never takes power to the limit it was understood to have permission for and stops. It takes it to the point that A) people get up on their hind legs and scream or B) the point that it gets to do pretty much anything pretty much all the time.

      When Social Security was sold to the voters, they were solemnly assured that the Social Security Number would NEVER be used as a general identification number. My Late Mother remembered and told me when it became clear that, in order to apply for college, or for a passport, I needed a SS# in spite of the fact that I was a minor.

      1. No surveillance, no subsidies.

        Problems solved.

        Of course, one of the problems that would be solved is that whitey would not have to finance the education, feeding, medical care, and sheltering of Pedro, and his wife, Maria, and their children, Alejandro, Antonina, Esteban, Felecia, Gloria, Manuel, Maria, Pedro, Jr., and Ricardo.

        1. So if you’re against subsidies, why don’t you say that? Why the big focus on the movement of people specifically, especially those from Central America?

          It’s like the minimum wage? few people ask why $15/hr is enough when they could mandate $50 and we’d all be rich. Well, why wall off just the Southern border? Why not every state border or county border? Why not section off cities? We could call them “districts” and restrict all unauthorized travel between them? Where does it stop?

    2. So, what’s the problem here with the ICE keeping track of where these people are?

      They’re also keeping track of where you are.

      But wait, you have nothing to hide, right?

      1. Pedo Jeffy, we just need to get rid of the illegals. Getting rid of pesos like you is also a good thing.

  14. wouldn’t license plate info-collection require illegals to license their cars in their illegal names?

    1. I assume they keep a consistent fake identity until they have to dispose it for a new one. It’s the consistency that makes an ID work for you.

      If your fake registration name is different than your fake license name, I’d expect problems if you ever got pulled over.

  15. >>> covert cameras

    covert? have you looked outside?

  16. Sh*t just got REAL: Sen. Lindsey Graham’s presser on Mueller report should TERRIFY Democrats and the Deep State

    Calls for NEW Special Counsel to investigate:

    – FBI
    – DOJ
    – Hillary Clinton
    – Andrew McCabe
    – James Comey
    – Fusion GPS
    – James Clapper
    – John Brennan
    – Fake Trump Dossier
    – FISA warrant process
    – Anyone who wanted to spy on Trump campaign

    1. Birther-Benghazi-Pizzagate-WMD-‘Lock Her Up’: The Next Chapter, by Wingnut Nation.

      1. None of those items are in the conspiracy theory bucket.

        In fact, many if not most of those people and agencies have publicly boasted about their activities.

      2. Arty, the walls are closing in on you and your treasonous friends. Gonna fill GitMo with your progtarded masters.

    2. They should. If you go to JudicialWatch it’s been quietly revealed through FISA what the previous administration was up to. If the Mueller Inv. was designed to distract from this, then mission accomplished.

      1. I’ve been assuming for months that the worst that will happen to any of them is getting fired. But maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    3. Rosenstein ordered the Mueller probe! How did he escape the list? Graham admitted he supported the probe and was suspicious of Trump enough to look him in the eye and tell Trump he’s finished if he worked with Putin. Shouldn’t Graham be on list and McCain needs to be examined. It was a Republican witch hunt. The enemy is within. Don’t let Graham get away with it.

      1. You’re a silly bitch, aren’t you? And stupid as the day is long.

    4. “How Much Has Been Spent On The Benghazi Investigation?
      According to the Benghazi Research Center, the investigation involved 10 congressional committees and the disclosure of at least 100,000 documents. It reported that the House Select Committee on Benghazi alone devoured over $6.8 million of taxpayers’ money, or nearly $8,000 per day. The State Department has spent $14 million on answering requests from Republicans that are related to the Benghazi investigations. The current House Select Committee on Benghazi has spent $6.5 million.
      Congress spent more time investigating Benghazi than it did 9/11
      Congressional investigations have a way of stretching from months to years, but the House committee probe into 2012’s Benghazi attack was especially lengthy at two years and four months.
      Here’s How Much the Benghazi Scandal Has Cost Taxpayers
      When that breaks down to an individual level, the Benghazi investigation will cost each of the 243 million American taxpayers around $0.03. Three cents. Three cents.
      Pay Us Back! Republicans Have Spent $20.5 Million Of Your …

      1. (Continuing:)

        The FBI’s tab for investigating Hillary’s E-mail server issue has been estimated at roughly $20 million. A website set up by the Democratic minority on the committee includes a cost counter that put the public money spent on the 789-day investigation at $7,233,370. The site says the “calculation does not include the costs of: the independent Accountability Review Board; the eight previous reports by seven Congressional committees; the time, money, and resources consumed by federal agencies to comply with Select Committee requests. ”

        So I pulled all the above from an internet search’s results & consolidated just the first sentences from various sources. This is how conservatives/libertarians believe in ‘small’ government & a tightened fiscal belt. But you want to re-open (or open) your bulleted items, most of which have already been adjudicated for the above cost & time expense. But let’s go down that road again, why don’t we?….

        OK, then …How about we add investigations into how Ivanka & Jared got their security clearances and …. oh … let’s see now … and let’s also look into Jared’s use of private & social media contact methods for government business (shades of Hil’s emails!) for the past 3 years. And to paraphrase the hue & cry over Hillary’s indiscretion: Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

  17. Perhaps a market solution is available, a device that obscures the plate info at scanner level, or obscures completely until the need to be revealed. I think some of the older plate covers while not technically legal were polarized so partially obscured to some cameras.

  18. Another rousing meeting of Libertarians For Authoritarian, Bigoted, Cruel Immigration Policies And Practices (because can’t-keep-up America can’t keep up).

    Carry on, clingers.

    1. Carry on, clingers.

      So sayeth the Reason Gecko.

  19. As much as i disagree with this practice, its pretty irrelevant. They have your cellphone’s location data, even if you have location tracking turned off. License plate scanners are old tech. $300 to any bail bondsman can get you the location of any person carrying a cellphone – all the way down to which floor of the building the person is in.

  20. Don’t worry, the system will never be abused.

  21. When will Reason publish an article on how to deal with illegal immigration?

    Would be curious to see a libertarian perspective on this.

    1. You have to realize that illegal immigration is just another black market solution to government regulation of the labor market and immigrants. Much like prohibition of alcohol, the war on drugs, prostitution laws, etc, the black market finds a way to satisfy the demand. If the government can’t keep drugs out of federal prisons, what makes you think they can secure thousands of miles of border.

      I think the most practical solution is to allow immigrants to come, work, and live here after a simple background check under a guest worker program. No annual limits. Anything less than this, and you get the same black market solution that you have today, WITHOUT the security. If Republicans were really concerned with security at the border, they would embrace this.

      This new status of “guest worker” should allow for no pathway to citizenship, and no access to welfare in order to discourage people to come and mooch off the system. When/if work goes away for these people, the lack of a safety net would encourage self deportation. If Democrats were really concerned about the well-being of immigrants, and not just the prospect of increasing their voter rolls they would embrace this.

      I think that’s the basic framework of a concept. Both sides, in my opinion, are disingenuous with their motivations wrt immigration, so I don’t think a deal like this could ever pass.

      1. I like that. When they’re working we can find which ones are assets and which ones are bums. If you’re not working or taking care of children then you go home. Maybe after 10-15 years of a good work record they get citizenship. We’d have control the border more securely and immediately deport people who don’t participate in the work program.

      2. Interesting thanks.

        I think I agree with this philosophically.

      3. Sounds good.

  22. You can tell someone lacks principles when they suddenly become an anarchist to stop something they don’t like.

    1. Agreed. Or when they support even more government surveillance when it’s intended to stop something they do like.

  23. ‘But many “sanctuary cities”?such as New York City and Los Angeles?have laws limiting police cooperation with immigration enforcement, which ICE is disregarding to obtain location records and track immigrants for deportation.’

    Seems only fair for ICE to disregard laws of localities engaged in violating US immigration law.

    Sanctuary cities are illegal
    The officials responsible should be prosecuted

    8 U.S. Code ? 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

    It is a crime to knowingly employ illegals, bring in illegals, induce illegals to come or remain here, transport illegals, and conceal, harbor, or shield illegals from detection.

    1. The mayors and city councils of these illegal cities should be sent to,federal,prison.

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  28. My license plate is in that database because they take a picture of it every time I drive through or past one of the inland border checkpoints that I consider to be an unconstitutional use of federal police powers / limit on my 4th Amendment rights but sadly the Supreme Court doesn’t agree with me.

  29. ICE had to release 24k illegal border jumpers into the interior of the US in the last THREE WEEKS, 108k in the last three months. They don’t have the facilities to deal with the absolute deluge of border jumpers suddenly rushing the border. This is all due to our dysfunctional rules which were engineered by rabid anti-American progressives looking to bring us down, and Democrat refusal to do anything about it.

  30. Round ’em up, and send ’em home.

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