Brickbat: Insults and Injury


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The Broward County, Florida, sheriff's office says it is investigating bodycam video showing a deputy using excessive force on a black man after calling him "boy." The videos shows Deputy James Cady approaching Allen Floyd, who is sitting on the curb of a parking lot holding his 9-month-old son. Cady asks Floyd for his ID. When Floyd asked why, Cady raises his voice and again demands the ID. He then grabs Floyd, with his baby still in his arms, and places him against a car. The incident happened in 2017, but the sheriff's office says it wasn't aware of the video until alerted by the public defender's office recently.

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  1. Records show Cady has been investigated before by the sheriff’s office for use of force and conduct concerns. In 2003, he was cleared and in 2010, he was suspended for a day and told to review policy.

    The deputy found in the policy review that he couldn’t be fired for any abuse of authority so he went about his business as usual.

  2. In a Tweet Monday, BSO thanked the public defender for bringing the incident to their attention.

    And deputies hoped to thank the defender in person real soon.

    1. He can expect to get several tickets for going 26 mph in a 25 zone.

  3. Way to break a 3 week old story Reason.

    1. In other astounding news today, many cops are still authoritarian and racist assholes.

      More at 11:00!

  4. after calling him “boy.”

    It wasn’t the racism that was most troubling. The officer never even asked Floyd what pronouns xe prefers.

  5. Training worked because he did not mistake the baby for a gun.

    1. Or a dog.

  6. You don’t want civilians getting all uppity about defending their rights just because they haven’t done anything wrong and they are holding a child.

    The deputy should definitely be retrained on the proper way to abuse people who don’t show proper respect and how to turn off his body cam.

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  8. Of course, holding a baby is a clear indicator of human trafficking.

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