Marco Rubio's Veiled Call for Military Intervention in Venezuela Is a Bad Idea

Like Hillary Clinton, the senator seems to think that Libya is a foreign policy success story.


Over the weekend, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tweeted out these images of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, whose regime was toppled in 2011 by a NATO-led operation in which the United States participated.

Though the tweet contains no words, the senator was sending an unmistakable message to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, whose control is slipping amid rising protests both within and without his country. The Lima group, an ad hoc consortium of a dozen Latin American countries and Canada, does not recognize Maduro as legitimate; about 30 countries (including the United States) have recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president. Your fate, Maduro, implies Rubio, will be the same Gaddafi's.

Gaddafi was not merely killed in the fog of war. Footage exists of him being beaten and sodomized with a knife or bayonet before finally being shot to death. (Rubio also tweeted out a similar diptych of Manuel Noriega, the Panamanian strongman who was deposed by the United States in 1989 after a military invasion and died in a U.S. prison in 2017.)

Rubio's saber-rattling is deeply disturbing for a number of reasons. America's participation in the intervention that brought down Gaddafi was unconstitutional. It had nothing to do with actual defense of our country, and President Barack Obama didn't seek congressional authorization before committing the American military. Nor did he comply with the War Powers Act, which requires withdrawal of troops 60 to 90 days after an action begins if Congress doesn't authorize war after the fact. Instead, the Obama administration sent a report claiming that the president didn't need congressional authorization at all.

Johnny Louis/JL/Sipa USA/Newscom

To his later semi-credit in 2016, Obama did acknowledge that the Libya adventure was the "worst mistake" of his foreign policy, although he based that assessment on his "failing to plan for the day after" rather his failure to comply with the Constitution. In this, Obama is distinct from Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state at the time, who called the intervention "smart power at its best." Back in 2011, Donald Trump also supported "a surgical strike" in Libya.

Today, Libya is, in one characteristic analysis, "a chaotic state":

The United Nations-backed government struggles to exert control over territory held by rival factions, intensifying geographical and political divisions between the East, West, and South. Terrorist groups and armed militias exploit the turmoil, using the nation as a base for radicalization and organized crime, and pose a threat to the region and beyond.

It's worth pointing out that in 2006, the United States restored full diplomatic relations with Libya and Gaddafi. After a series of American reprisals, Gaddafi had stopped sponsoring terrorism, dismantled his nuclear program, expelled Al Qaeda, paid reparations for Flight 103, and actively cooperated with U.S. intelligence. He remained a tyrant at home, but he did what America asked him to do internationally. Given all that, U.S. participation in the NATO operation that took him down sent a message to dictators that the United States is at best a fickle power (something similar can be said about the U.S. relationship with Egypt's Hosni Mubarak).

The Maduro regime is illegitimate and monstrous, and the world will be better off when it no longer exists. Three-quarters of Venezuelans reportedly lost 19 pounds in 2016, and the regime continues to block some humanitarian aid while seizing other shipments for its favorites. But that doesn't justify the United States, whose record with regime change in the 21st century is one of dismal and abject failure, threatening to do to Maduro what it helped to make happen against Gaddafi. Given the vexed history of U.S. intervention into Latin America, the more the United States takes a lead role in regime change, the more it undermines the legitimacy of the homegrown change that is already happening.

It's not just Rubio who is pushing for a more-aggressive approach that might include military intervention. Congressional Republicans are almost universally supporting regime change in Venezuela, and President Donald Trump leans that way too. He may have inveighed against endless war in his recent State of the Union Address, but he reportedly is interested in flexing military muscles in Venezuela. Axios reports:

His senior advisers universally support unseating Maduro. And people close to Trump say he takes a markedly different view of Venezuela than Middle Eastern war zones. He sees Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq as beyond help, a waste of American lives and money. Venezuela, in his view, is different: It's a neighbor, and a crisis there directly affects the U.S., via trade and migration. Trump thinks Venezuela should be rich and peaceful.

Last fall, Trump promised to "take care of Venezuela," a vague phrase that could mean anything, including military intervention. Just a few weeks ago, he said "it was an option" and National Security Adviser John Bolton, an unreconstructed hawk, was seen carrying a pad that had the line "5,000 troops to Colombia" written on it.

If the past decades have taught us anything, it's that military intervention is always on the table—and that it's better left there while other forces, especially those within a given country, play out.

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  1. Wouldn’t you like to see Rubio vs. Maduro in the octagon?

    Little Marco the soy Cubano would get his ass handed to him.

    1. Maduro lives on whiskey and is pretty overweight. If you grease up Rubio beforehand, he could probably outrun Maduro into a heart attack.

      1. I don’t think Rubio has run to anything in his life, except to an AIPAC conference.

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      2. Whiskey and lovely fancy Turkish food,

  2. A dire warning to Kim Jong Un to never give up his WMDs?

    Or is somebody out there planning to create a gold-based currency?

    1. That was the worst real-politik aspect of getting rid of Qaddafi — it told Kim and Iran quite plainly to keep their nukes if they want to stay in power. I’m about as absolute non-interventionist as they come, and even I understood that it was a truly inept real-politik move, entirely counter-productive and short-sighted as you could get. I don’t think you could find a better example of amateur politicians fucking things up.

      1. You really think they were going to give them up ANYWAY?

      2. Yeah, Obama’s foreign policy was the most destructive in the history of this country. We rewarded countries who nuclearized — Iran — and punished those who did not.

        1. Iran is not “nuclearized”. Even if that was a real word.

  3. “”the Obama administration sent a report claiming that the president didn’t need congressional authorization at all.””

    Yeah, Obama found that report as a form letter that previous presidents used. The Whitehouse probably freshens up a copy when a new president takes over.

  4. Trump made Little Marco self-conscious and this is what happens.

  5. Three-quarters of Venezuelans reportedly lost 19 pounds in 2016

    I think I see a solution to the U.S.’s obesity problem.

    1. I lost 19 lbs this winter — my blackened, frostbitten lower leg just fell off.

    2. It is one thing that socialism reliably accomplishes.

      1. I guess it must be better to be Communist. Those Chinese sure are fattening up.

        1. They are actually. Obesity in China is up.

        2. So you think obesity is worse than involuntary weight loss by starvation?

          Obesity is a problem, but it’s a pretty good problem to have compared to food shortages.

          1. THAT is how Great America is – we have both!

            1. We don’t have food shortages. There is a big difference between food not being available and some people not being able to afford adequate food all the time.

            2. And the poorer you are, the fatter you tend to be.

    3. Ah, but how to do it while still guaranteeing ample supplies of toilet paper?

      1. Just reuse it. (People are so finicky.)

    4. And our overcrowded zoos

  6. Or… It could be Rubio simply pointing out to Maduro that dictators who refuse to leave are sometimes deposed and killed by the opposition… and not a threat that US forces will be used.

    1. NATO did the deed.

  7. If Hillary Clinton considers Libya a success, I trust her judgment. She was literally the most qualified person ever to run for President.


    1. #StillWithHim

    2. You are the last one, at this point, OBL.

  8. The senior Senator from Florida is pitching a tent in his slacks. War boners for a muscular Monroe Doctrine.

  9. Terrible idea!

    Terrible idea!

    Neocon idiots thinks this is a good idea for idiotic neocon reasons.

    If they have to do anything, maybe send in the UN.

    The very last place the United States should invade is anywhere in Latin America.

    Are you kidding?!

    Many of the people in Venezuela who oppose Maduro now would still support Chavez if he were available. They think Maduro is the problem rather than nationalization, socialism, etc. And you’re going to walk into that?

    The first Venezuelan elected after a U.S. invasion would be the most anti-American politician the Venezuelans can find.

    The only thing that could save anti-American socialism in Venezuela from itself is a U.S. invasion of Venezuela.

    1. Yeah. Let Brazil and Colombia deal with it if they want to. I think you are right and US involvement wouldn’t be good for us or Venezuelans.

      1. It might if it were kept limited. The problem is that it always seems to get out of control.

    2. Where do you get the bizarre idea that many in the opposition would still support Chavez if he were available? Did you do a poll of all the Venezuelan opposition that you know? Did you ask ANY Venezuelan? Or did you just pick that idea out of the air?

      What do you really think the 90% of Venezuelans who oppose the Maduro regime should do? Just keep on starving, getting shot at and letting their kids die from lack of medicines? What should they do that they haven’t already risked their lives doing?

      1. The “the 90% of Venezuelans who oppose the Maduro regime” need to suck it up and actually run someone in the next election. Maybe they should try winning this time, instead of crying like Hillary Clinton dead-enders.

        1. As soon as they figure out how to do so without getting murdered by Maduro, of course.

          1. And they were. barred from running.

            1. Crybaby criminals can’t run for office in the US either.

              But their Parties could still run a candidate. All the talk you are talking sure makes it seem like any potted plant in the opposition could win an election. But, you know, it’s a lot easier to just not have to listen to the voters and have John Bolton appoint you.

              1. Criminals because they dared criticize Maduro?

                All charges are trumped up by the regime. Just like your tovarich, Stalin

        2. Of course like the typical leftist ideologue you know less than zero of why Juan Guaido is the interim president.

          In 2015, the opposition at he at cost, DID run in the National Assembly elections, and WON. As a matter of fact, won a two-thirds majority.

          Maduro simply declared this invalid, and decided to appoint his OWN legislature.

          Meanwhile, the ELECTED National Assembly elected Juan Guaido as president of the National Assembly. Then when Maduro’s original term expired, he became, according to the Venezuelan Constitution, the interim president.

          The sham election that Maduro “won” was an end run around his term expiring. His sham election was called for by his sham legislature who had no business calling for a presidential election in the first place. Imagine if Trump called for another election in 2021and then barred Democat candidates from running. And the Senate said, sure, no problem, and he ran again in May 2021. That’s why Maduro is called an usurper. Because he is.

  10. Venezuala is starving its population to death and using the military to repel any attempt to provide aid. It is going from a crisis to a tragedy. This isn’t Castro turning his country into a prison state. This is becoming much worse. This is getting close to genocide via mass starvation.

    I am skeptical of military intervention too. But, can the world really stand by and let Maduro murder hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of his people? We should not kid ourselves, the situation is getting that bad.

    1. If Guaido promised freedom of speech, religion, press and association, then yes I would agree. But without them, he will be no better than Maduro.

      1. Bullshit. Unless you can show me where Guaido is going to starve the population to death, he is a lot better than Maduro. What is next, we are going to claim they are the same because Guaido is not “trans friendly” enough?

        And frankly, whoever does oust Maduro, owes the world putting Maduro and everyone associated with him at the ends of ropes.

        1. Wow. This is not helping your case.

          1. Yes it is. What really helps my case is your claiming that letting the country starve to death is preferable than letting an evil right winger save them.

            1. Technically, Guaido is a Socialist. Nothing about him is right wing. He’s just, likely, dramatically better than the shithole Maduro in charge.

              1. And technically he is the interim president, and may not even run when presidential elections are called.

            2. Yet, pathetically, you can not point to even one case of starvation death.

              1. Name me one person in the Philippines starving.

                Stupid remark.

          2. Nothing’s helping your case Dajjal, you fucking windbag totalitarian lick-spittle.

      2. I agree, let Bolsonaro take care of it. He appears to at least have the stones.

      3. Guaido DOES advocate for free speech, religion, press and association. What makes you think he doesn’t? Have you seen a single interview with him or listened to a single speech?

    2. Nonsense. Maduro is accepting all non political aid.

      1. Bullshit.…..SKCN1QD0LX

        What the fuck is “political aid” other than food for people Maduro wants to starve to death?

        What the hell is wrong with you?

        1. Political Aid is the one where Elliot Abrams delivers you guns and explosives under the sacks of cash.

      2. Let freedom ring, you’re a riot. But OpenBordersLibertarian already corners the market on mocking, sarcastic posts around here.

      3. “political aid”
        Who the fuck cares why the food and antibiotics are given to the starving. The fact is food and antibiotics are being given to the starving.
        Fuck you’re a real demagogic piece of shit, aren’t you.

    3. Venezuela is starving due to embargos, sanctions, and hoarding. Also lack of credit and money manipulation by the elites of Venezuela. Idc though after Venezuela is destroyed and in a worse off position in 4 years, the US won’t be there helping the people of Venezuela eat. I’ll message you checking to see if you’re still concerned.

      1. No. It is starving due to its government. Anyone ever starve in Cuba? What about South Africa? Those countries endured much worse sanctions than Venezuala. Go lie somwhere else. you socialist fuck.

        1. Cuba, I am fairly sure, had starvation. South Africa, rest assured, will be undergoing it soon (following the Zimbabwe model is a very dumb idea). At the time of sanctions, no, S Africa did not starve and God knows they were sanctioned to hell and back.

          Cuba was not that heavily sanctioned. We were pretty much the main one. Canada et al still had tourism deals with them, etc. I don’t let the myth that the world sanctioned Cuba to stand much. The world did not. They failed because Socialism is a horrid system and we didn’t decide to bail them out by opening our markets to their cigars or sugar.

        2. South Africa’s much worse sanctions were effeactive only because South Africa still had a bit of shame. Communist dictatorships like Cuba, North Korea, and Chavez/Maduro have none.

      2. Except that Venezuela’s humanitarian disaster started long, long, long before a single sanction was laid, and you know it you lying piece of shit.

        Iran is a petrostate that has been sanctioned up the ass for decades, with a corrupt political class and less fertile land. But it’s not starving, because it isn’t socialist.

      3. “”Venezuela is starving due to embargos, sanctions, and hoarding.”‘

        Self inflicted. When you start seizing property that belongs to corporations from other countries. Those countries tend to get pissed off about it and no longer want to do business.

        1. Any embargo has been for less than a month, and it’s not universal.

          The bank accounts of government officials, including Maduro, are frozen. It was never ever going to the Venezuelan people in any form. It was for twenty years going to buy guns, tanks, and weapons of war to be used on Venezuelan people. And of course siphoning off a bit for houses in Miami and Europe, Rolexes, fast cars, vacations, champagne and scotch. You know, the usual rap star accoutrements.

    4. I am skeptical of military intervention too. But, can the world really stand by and let Maduro murder hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of his people? We should not kid ourselves, the situation is getting that bad.

      It is. But our involvement makes all problems our fault (and you know that will happen). The only way to kill Socialism is to let Socialism kill its supporters. I hate seeing the suffering, but lots of kids LIKE this shit because they do not see what this shit really is.

    5. Why are you lying, John?

      “The Maduro government has allowed international support to be given to civil society organizations in Venezuela, which fight hunger and address shortages of medicine. This includes the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and the Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) through the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).”

      “Over 900 tons of food and medicine were delivered last week at a Venezuela port in La Guaira. The aid came from China, Cuba, India, and Turkey. Russia also delivered 300 tons of medicine and medical supplies.”

      1. Total bullshit. You DO know that this desperate regime is mowing down indigenous people on the Brazilian border rather than letting aid pass through. Oh wait. THAT doesn’t fit your egotistic narrative, so it just COULDN’T have happened.

        Useful Stalinist idiot.

    6. Maduro is using North Korea as a model for Venezuela.

  11. We need to stir up more violence and destabilize the country so they flee, and keep importing more immigrants, and give them voting rights. Then we can implement socialism first hand, and Marco will learn to enjoy it. AOC is just the beginning.

    1. We are stiring up violence there. Maduro destroying the economy and trying to commit genocide through starvation has nothing to do with it.

      1. I agree, but right wing juntas don’t have a great record either.

        1. Compared to socialist mass murderers they have a wonderful record. Where would you rather live, Chile or Cuba? Indonesia or North Korea? There is absolutely no comparison. The left really is worse than the right by virtually any measure. You are just engaging in appalling false equivilence here.

          1. Psst: he’s not very bright

          2. How about comparing Venezuela to the Philippines? Somoza to Ortega? Do you know how many tens of thousands killed by Sukarno?

            1. Sure, would be happy to. How many people are starving in the Phillipenes?

              Is this happening in the Philipines?

              Residents tell of children starving to death, of forming human chains to block roads to hijack trucks just to get food. They tell of hiding provisions ? toilet paper even ? in cemeteries, and of concealing their supplies in buckets under layers of trash.? They tell of being prisoners in their own homes, frightened to leave for fear of looters, who don’t come for their televisions and computers ? no one wants those any more ? but for basic foodstuffs and medicine.


              Go lie somewhere else.

              1. Sorry, but don’t believe everything you read. There is no mass starvation in Venezuela, yes, there are shortages, and undernourishment, but Venezuela is not Yemen.
                How much of these shortages are due to sanctions, and simply the fall in the price of oil?
                Thousands of innocents are being murdered by police and paramilitaries in the Philippines. Right wing authoritarians have slaughtered tens of thousands in Asia alone. There is no evidence of paramilitary violence by Maduro. The violence has mainly come from Guaido and his movement. In 2014 they strung pions wire across roads, decapitating motorcyclists, and set shopkeepers on fire.

                1. Sorry but Irinnews is one of the most respect humanitarian news organizations in the world. They have no axe to gring and are hardly pro US.

                  People are starving there. The facts are undeniable. Sorry but pieces of human garbage like you said the same thing about Cambodia and every other socialist genocide going all the way back to Stalin’s starving of the Ukraine.

                  Go fuck yourself.

                2. If Chavez hadn’t destroyed the rest of the economy, then oil price drops and even sanctions wouldn’t cause such massive problems. The real damage was done years ago.

                3. “Sorry, but don’t believe everything you read.”


                  “There is no mass starvation in Venezuela, yes, there are shortages, and undernourishment, ”

                  I just read that.

                4. You lying fuck. I say lying because NOBODY could be that credulous.

                  The situation in Venezuela is unprecedented in the history of Latin America.

                  GO to Venezuela. I dare you. I double dare you.

                  You are FAR worse than any Holocaust denier.

                  1. “You are FAR worse than any Holocaust denier.”


                5. No evidence except actual video recording? Maduro has even let people out of prison, armed them and ordered them to attack innocent citizens.

                  There is NO violence coming from Guaido.

                  Fuck off, Stalinist slaver.

                  1. “There is NO violence coming from Guaido.”

                    That’s just because that chickenhawk coward, Guano, is in Colombia trying to help the US and UK steal the sovereign wealth of Venezuela

                    1. You ARE far worse than any Holocaust denier because 75 years ago there was no film footage of Nazi slave camps or crematorium. So “good” Germans and others of your ilk, exactly of your same smug stupid mentality, could deny and lie to themselves what was happening a short distance from their homes. But at least they had some excuse.

                      It’s your right to be a blindly stupid ideologue, but don’t pretend that other people are “uninformed” are that you are shedding light on something others haven’t considered. You’re simply a blind and stupid ideologue parroting the same stupid insipid pablum that most people have heard at least a hundreds of not thousands of times.

              2. You really are clueless if you think people are not starving in the Philippines . . . . .

                1. You really are clueless, period. And a coward to boot.

                  1. How can you find time to write so much when you are bravely on the front lines in Venezuela?

                    1. The least I can do for the courageous men and women that I have known there and who are still suffering.

                      And you, I assume, are working tirelessly for all those Filipinos we seem to be forgetting?

                      Typical smug ideologue.

                2. You are a lying retard. Do you think no one knows who to look things up?


                  The 2018 report released Wednesday said the country placed 70th among 113 countries assessed, with a score of 51.5 out of 100. The Philippines went up from last year’s 79th, with a score of 47.3, but it remains in the lower half of the index.

                  No one is starving in the Phillipenes.

                  1. “No one is starving in the Phillipenes.”

                    That only reason this statement is the only truthful thing you have written today is because there is no such place as the “Phillipenes”.

            2. You got Sukarno confused with Suharto you dumb cretin. Sukarno was who you and your comrades supported Suharto was the OG that cleansed his county of Marxist filth.

          3. Hell, South or North Korea. S Korea was a massive military junta for years. It’s just odd that right-wing juntas tend to end while left-wing ones tend to require an awful lot of work to remove.

        2. And somehow Chile has the best economy in South America. A few well timed helicopter rides for a few well considered individuals appears to have had a healthy effect in that it didn’t cause hundreds of thousands of Chilenos to starve or go blind because there was no medicine.

          1. I suspect it’s less to do with who they murdered and more to do with the fact that they didn’t set about destroying the productive economy like Chavez did.

            1. Which… may have something to do with who they murdered

              1. I like to think that there are other options besides socialism and murdering socialists. Might not always be true, I suppose. I don’t know enough about the Chile history to judge, really.

                1. You can think this but Nicaragua is an excellent example of what happens when you let them stick around.

                2. You’d LIKE to think that, but it may sadly just be wishful thinking….

                  It’s hard to fathom what may happen here, given the changes to the D Party in the last decade

            2. I’d say 90% or more I’d agree. But communist ex governing types, after been giving the heave ho out the door have a nasty habit of climbing back in through the window.

      2. Genocide? On who? The privileged Spanish elites by the mestizo poor?


          While the crisis in Venezuela has not been prominently featured in the news, the statistics are startling: Nearly 90 percent of the country’s population lives below the poverty line and more than half of families are unable to meet basic food needs. But what happened to cause these issues?
          Because of the economic collapse, Venezuelans are struggling to buy enough food to feed themselves and their families.

          In fact, the situation in Venezuela is so dire that the Secretary General of the Organization of American States said last year that newborns in Syria have a better chance of survival than those born in Venezuela today.

          Go die in a fire you socialist fuck. Seriously, do the world a favor and die.

          1. Kindly show some links to actual facts and not some bs propaganda.

            1. Mercy Corps is a non partisan humanitarian aid organization. That is not propaganda. Try again troll.

              1. “Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization dedicated to providing strategic insights and policy solutions to help decisionmakers chart a course toward a better world”

                Your Mercy Corps uses propaganda from the OAS and CSIS. I call bullshit.

                1. You are pathetic. You can’t produce a single link to anyone saying it is not happening but anyone who says it is is just a Yankee stooge.

                2. What source would work for you?

                  There’s no lack of them, so if John is busy, I might have time to dig up one you find acceptable.

            2. OMFG seedeevee, do you even have an edit button? “Actual facts” You have ZERO.

              It’s not just what you don’t know. It’s what you believe you know that isn’t true. Or even scrutinized.

              Solipcism at its most banal

        2. Let freedom ring. Dumb ass. 90% of the Venezuelan people are “privileged Spanish elites”?

          Could you even locate Venezuela on a map? Yes, I believe you are that stupid.

        3. Well if you consider the indigenous people living on the border between Venezuela and Brazil to be “Spanish elites” and government troops riddled with Cubans to be “meztizo poor”, you’d have made your Bizarro world point.

    2. DESTABILIZE THE COUNTRY? Is it possible to get more destabilized? More than 10% of Venezuelans have ALREADY fled.

      Dajjal, I’m assuming you don’t know a single actual Venezuelan.

      1. The only Venzuealan an American will meet is a rich cowardly one that ran away from their country.

        1. They weren’t running from their country they were running toward TP.

        2. So you DON’T know any Venezuelans. Never been to Venezuela, couldn’t tell a Venezuelan accent from a Mexican one, doesn’t know a Venezuelan arepa from a Colombian arepa, thinks everyone in South American speaks Spanish, lives in haciendas like Zorro, while the “mestizos” wear big hat sombreros and ride burros.

          But you have plenty of opinions for someone who has not only never been there, but has never even talked to any Venezuelan, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.

          Dumb as dirt people like you are as big a danger to humanity as monsters like Maduro, Cabello, El Aisammi. Because of your self satisfied credulity, they get away with it.

        3. In that case all emigrants are cowards and we need to get the “national defend our bravery and build a wall” act passed immediately.

          1. I’ve never favored The Wall, don’t care for Trump and didn’t vote for him. But I’d march FOR that Wall and actually campaign for Trump if I could see Maduro and cronies marched to the paradon like Ceausescu.

  12. Teddy Roosevelt would read most of the posters here and puke. In fact, if I were you people, I wouldn’t get too close to Mt. Rushmore. Say, Vlad Putin is willing to enforce his Monroe Doctrine. He appears to be infiltrating in Russian mercenaries to prop up Maduro.

    1. Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive puke and a bloviating fraud.

      1. He was a piece of shit human being and a terrible president, but I wouldn’t necessarily call him a fraud.

    2. Teddy Roosevelt would read most of the posters here and puke.

      You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  13. Madura inherited declining oil prices from Ch?vez. Socialism played a role, but Venezuela’s heavy oil is becoming less valuable by the year. It is tar sands oil, expensive to refine. Sure, there’s a lot of it, but the economics are not sustainable, barring a return to $100 a barrel.
    As for Vlad Putin, the Russians are also sending engineers to try to repair the oil infrastructure, economic plans to survive despite sanctions, and humanitarian aid.

    1. They are no more oil dependent than Saudi Arabia or about 20 other countries. Yet, no one in those places are starving. They have largest proven oil reserves in the world.

      Go lie somewhere where people will believe you. Soros isn’t getting his money’s worth from you.

      1. Venezuela has billions of $$$ currently being stolen by the US and Britain. There are less starving people in Venezuela than there are in the US.

        1. America has an obesity problem. Venezualuans have a higher infant mortality rate than Syria. Read the links I provided you loser.

          1. The Secretary General of the OAS is your arbiter of truth? You sad sad sack.

        2. Is that per capita? Venezuela has 1/10 the population of the US.

          1. “Rate” always means per capita.

            1. “There are less starving people in Venezuela than there are in the US.”

              Huh? Did I miss a joke?

              1. Less than zero?

        3. No it’s been stolen for years first by Chavez, then by Maduro and his henchmen.

          Why do you think Hugo Chavez’ daughter, Maria Gabriela, is the richest woman in South America? She inherited 4.3 billion dollars from El Comandante. You’d think she’d donate maybe a couple billion to end hunger or buy medicine?

          She couldn’t make do with only 2 billion?

        4. What are the numbers of Americans starving? I see 3M are “food insecure”, which is less than the exodus from Venezuela.

          And in a country with ten times the population.

          1. And “food insecure” is miles away from starving. At worst in the US a person might not be able to eat whenever they feel hungry. But there is no one who can’t find enough nutrition with some pretty minimal effort.

    2. Maybe expropriating companies like Cemex WASN’T such a good idea.

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    1. Post this in Spanish if you want to help the Venezuelans

  15. “The Maduro regime is illegitimate and monstrous,”


    Why are you being a lying piece of shit here? You have the facts and the facts are that Maduro is the elected leader of a sovereign nation.

    1. No he isn’t. The last election was stolen. Guiardo is the legitimate leader of the country and the one whom most nations recognize. Go lie somehwere else.

      1. John,

        That is a complete and utter LIE.

        Every statement you just made IS A LIE.

        Get better at your propaganda, please. You aren’t even trying!

        1. The entire world community sans Russia agrees with me. You are lying your ass off and persuading no one here.

          1. John, your facts are as good as your argument.

            1. Nigga you ran out of TP. The discussion is over.

            2. Well, you finally got one right.

              John’s facts and arguments are both infinitely better than yours

          2. My first guess is that this guy is 50 cent army.

            The only people defending Maduro’s legitimacy inside Venezuela now are the people’s whose heads might end up on pikes when he loses.

            The only people defending Maduro outside of Venezuela are mostly dictatorial countries like China and Cuba who depend on Venezuelan oil.

            There’s always a retard like Jane Fonda who think she’s doing the truth a favor by vouching for the good treatment of POWsz, who are actually being tortured, and maybe this guy is one of those misguided souls. She thought because she was against the Vietnam War, that meant she had to be supportive of North Vietnam. I’m sure there are idiots out there who think that to head off a U.S. invasion of Venezuela, they have to defend the legitimacy of an illegitimate scumbag like Maduro.

            My money’s still on some version of the 50 cent army.

            1. Nonsense . There are at least 10 million mestizo poor, and a militia, who believe they are better off under Bolivarian movement than under Spanish elite rule.

              1. I was recently cautioned not to believe everything I read, and I’m thinking now is a good time to put that into practice.

            2. Yeah, those actual videos of supporters of the actual government of Venezuela are so disconcerting when seen next to the rich, white Venezuelans protesting in Colombia.

              1. Are you saying that the people who were forced to flee Venezuela from hunger are wrong to protest because of their affluence and their race?

                In addition to being stupid, that’s also fundamentally racist.

                Do you imagine it’s okay to stave white people out s the country because they’re white?

              2. I was recently cautioned not to believe everything I read, and I’m thinking now is a good time to continue that practice.

              3. For the love of God, what videos are you referring to? The only supporters of the Maduro regime are government employees, union members forced to participate, and Maduro’s own family.

                The videos of those supporters? WOW. Must be…..dozens!

                1. Guano couldn’t even get 20,000 people bused to a free concert in Colombia . . . .

                  1. I’ve seen the cell footage and aerial view. You are not only stupid but blind.

              4. Why don’t you show some, Tide pod addict?

              5. What about the white Venezuelans in Columbia whoring themselves out for $10, how rich are they?

        2. seedeevee, maybe you’re not lying, maybe you’re just delusional. High on Tide pods.

          Guiado is the interim president of Venezuela according to the Venezuelan Constitution. Like it or not.

          1. No, he isn’t. Your knowledge of Venezuelan Constitutional law is limited to what you read on a Wheaties box.

            Guano wasn’t even on the last election ballot.

            1. See MrKinnear link above. He’s right up your alley, and has more credibility.

            2. Dumb ass, he was barred from running. He is interim president according to the Venezuelan Constitution, that was written by El Comandante by the way, because he was elected, first to the National Assembly, and then to president of the National Assembly.

              Don’t let facts get in the way of blind belief. And really really consider that job with Mrkinnear.

              1. Ultimately, what matters is who has the guns and the willingness to use them.

        3. says the Russian bot

      2. Most nations do not recognize Guaido. Do the math. The OAS would not, so Canada and US created the Lima Group. Guaido is a thug, the leader of a violent movement. He has no power except what the US tries to confer on him. The other leaders of his movement are in prison or exile due to violence in the 2014 attempted coup.

      3. Most nations do not recognize Guaido. Do the math. The OAS would not, so Canada and US created the Lima Group. Guaido is a thug, the leader of a violent movement. He has no power except what the US tries to confer on him. The other leaders of his movement are in prison or exile due to violence in the 2014 attempted coup.

        1. Delusional idiot.

    2. Who in the world is claiming that Maduro is legitimate other than China and Cuba–both of which have significant stakes in Venezuela’s oil that may no longer be honored should Maduro go the way of Gaddafi?

      Chavez was indeed the legitimate leader of Venezuela. If Maduro ever was, that ended after the last “election”.

      1. I think we may have a legitimate Soros or Russian troll here Ken. It is remarkable that they think anyone will believe this garbage.

        1. Soros is a humanitarian interventionist, like a lot of commenters here seem to be. Putin is an advocate for national sovereignty.

          1. You really flummoxed them with “national sovereignty”.

            Usually they come back with “Russia Russia”, “Socialist” or some other prayer from their religion.

            1. Colombia and Brazil have national sovereignty too. If Maduro’s thugs impede anything coming over the borders by force, Colombian and Brazilian soldiers have the right to open fire on them, according to the Non Aggression Principle.

              And the US has a right, as a sovereign nation, to ally itself with other sovereign nations, including Colombia and Brazil.

      2. Which group of election observers claim that the last election in Venezuela was illegitimate?

        Oh, the CIA ones. I get it. You little Kissinger wannabees sure do want to see a few million more Venezuelan refugees flooding the area.

        1. Yes, anyone who says something against the narative is a CIA operative. Yeah, that is the ticket. You are pathetic.

          1. I have reviewed your long list of international observers that found the last election in Venezuela illegitimate and it appears to be lacking any names.

            1. How’s the weather in Cuba?

              1. Planning a vacation?

                1. Perhaps the usurper Maduro needs to plan one. Stat.

                  1. I am sure that Maduro has vacationed many a time in Cuba. It has great weather and beaches,

        2. Venezuela’s voting machines are. World class. International observers. Certified the last election.

        3. Do you know what legitimacy is?

          “Legitimacy is the right and acceptance of an authority”


          That’s a pretty good definition!

          I was in LA during the riots of 1992. That was an example of a local government losing its legitimacy. The people would not accept the authority of the police. A standard measure of relative legitimacy is the number of police per capita necessary to maintain order. Things have been so bad in Venezuela for so long now, they’ve largely given up on maintaining order. The Red Cross reported that Venezuelans have averaged about 15 lbs. in weight loss because of food shortages? They can’t afford enough police to maintain order anymore–and you’re defending Maduro’s legitimacy–why?

          Even if Maduro had legitimacy before, he’s lost it now. Why defend his legitimacy? For what reason?

          1. Here’s from a quick google search:

            “Venezuelans reported losing on average 11 kilograms (24 lbs) in body weight last year and almost 90 percent now live in poverty, according to a new university study on the impact of a devastating economic crisis and food shortages. “

            . . . .

            Prices in Venezuela rose 4,068 percent in the 12 months to the end of January, according to estimates by the country’s opposition-led National Assembly, broadly in line with independent economists’ figures.

            The study showed that 87 percent of people in Venezuela, one of Latin America’s wealthiest nations back in the 1970s, were living in poverty last year, rising from 82 percent in 2016 and 48 percent in 2014.”

            —-Reuters, February 2018


            Defending Maduro’s legitimacy in the face of those statistics is ridiculous, and we haven’t even mentioned the millions of Venezuelans who have fled Venezuela because of the lack of food.

            1. Haha, Google.

                1. “Maduro blames the country’s problems on an economic war waged by the opposition and business leaders, with help from Washington. ” — one true statement from that Reuters article.

                  1. I was recently cautioned not to believe everything I read, and I’m thinking your post is a good place to continue that practice

                  2. Maduro would, wouldn’t he. If you believe what that regime claims, you’re a joke and to be pitied.

                    Don’t expect normal people to share your delusions.

                  3. Who cares what Maduro blames it on?

                    Maduro can’t feed his own people, and business leaders and Washington don’t have anything to do with it.

                    1. “Big Government Ken Schultz Demands Government Feed All Of The People”

                    2. “Big Government Ken Schultz Demands Government Feed All Of The People”

                      You seem to be missing the point.

                      In America, we have an obesity epidemic among the poor.

                      in Venezuela, the people who used to be middle class are now poor and have lost an average of 24lbs. each.

                      See the difference?

                      Yes, capitalist societies do a much better job of taking care of the poor. Socialist societies make everyone poor–and then subject them to malnutrition.

              1. can we get a running tally of who all is in on the anti-Maduro Conspiracy?

          2. Maduro won the elections. You are sounding like a Hillbot now.

            1. Maduro “won” the election in which opposition candidates were barred from running.

              1. Paloma thinks no one can read that actual elections were held in Venezuela, were certified legitimate by all observers present and that crybabies cried that “We Lost”.

                1. STD believes that these were actual, not sham elections, and that the 90% of Venezuelans who rejected them are the delusional ones.

          3. “Legitimacy is the right and acceptance of an authority”

            Who is the “authority” exactly? Who has the formal right to tell the Venezuelans government what to do? (Hint: no one. In the real world, it all comes down to who can muster the most firepower.)

            1. Any authority objectively.

              Kings can be legitimate. Elected governments can be relatively illegitimate.

              That’s one of the reasons why police per capita is an interesting measure of legitimacy.

              The drug laws in regards to marijuana were relatively illegitimate because it took so many police per capita to enforce those laws including watching people in the penal system and on parole. At some point, most societies will eventually move away from laws that become so widely broken that the society isn’t willing to pay the costs necessary to enforce those laws anymore. That’s what happened during Prohibition.

              On the other hand, when Barack Obama raises our taxes, most people comply. That’s legitimacy.

              If the people of Venezuela do anything Maduro says, they only do it out of fear of law enforcement or because they were going to do it anyway.

              Legitimacy can be conferred by winning elections if that’s something the society in question values. During the Rodney King riots, the local police completely lost their legitimacy. The people were no longer willing to abide by the law. The police presence necessary to stop people from looting and burning every retail establishment in sight was such that it required the national guard to stand every 50 feet down every major street in many neighborhoods for a while.

              1. As a libertarian, voting on my First Amendment rights wouldn’t be legitimate under any circumstances, but that’s just me. If society went along with violating my First Amendment rights in some way, then those changes would be considered “legitimate” in the political sense–even if they have no moral basis. If people are willing to tolerate injustices with little in the way of law enforcement pressure, then those injustices are considered objectively legitimate–in the political sense. People follow that law because they consider the authority that made it and the substance of it legitimate.

                Personally, I have a standing hypothesis that over the long term, legitimacy doesn’t ultimately stem from the source of authority–be it winning an election or otherwise. I believe that, over the long term, legitimacy flows from protecting people’s rights. If the local aristocrat kept you and your harvest safe from Viking raiders, then that’s a source of legitimacy. If the local aristocrat extracts too much in rent in return for keeping you safe from Viking raiders, guess what? His legitimacy might go out the window.

        4. You have election observers to certify that elections are legitimate. It’s the LACK of international observers that cast doubt on an election.

          And most of western Europe did, in fact, not accept the validity of Maduro’s sham election.

    3. Voice of reason. Doesn’t anyone see the irony that while Trump’s enemies are trying to depose him with Art. 25 US Const. Trump is trying to depose Maduro using sec 233 of Venezuelan Constitution, which is their Version of Amendment 25? That the EU quoted sec 233 when they voted to recognize Random Guaido? Talk about illegitimate!
      BTW, Random Guaido is already in violation of sec 233, which calls for elections within 30 days. Plus he is in legal jeapordy for leaving country.

      1. The usurper Maduro has no authority to bar ANYONE from leaving the country.

        1. Maduro has the backing of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. They get to decide, not little rich boys selling out their nation to Little Marco and his Gang of Thieves.

          1. Hahaha Of course he has the backing of the TSJ, he picked them personally.

            But they wouldn’t get the final say even if they WERE legitimate, which they are not.

            And according to the Venezuelan Constitution, they don’t. What, you think Marbury v. Madison is legal precedent there?

    4. Sean Penn, is that you?

  16. Venezuela is a horrible catastrophe…but, yes, us getting involved would be unbelievably stupid.

    We’d be given ALL of the blame for ALL of the problems.

    We should hold them up as an example. I read somewhere you might be able to vote yourself INTO Socialism, but you will have to open fire to get yourself OUT of Socialism.

    1. I read somewhere that the economic blockade and outright theft of the sovereign wealth of Venezuela by the US and its “allies” is the reason for the economic problems.

      But you prefer propaganda. To each its own.

      1. I read somewhere

        WHERE did you read this? I’d love to see your impartial source.

        1. It’s propaganda of his own.

      2. Venezuela can’t even pump its OPEC quota because their oil industry has been so poorly mismanaged by the stupidity of socialism.

        Here’s a chart of Venezuela’s oil production going back to the 1970s. Look what happens to it after Chavez takes office in 1999.…..production

        One of the reasons Cuba is such an awful country is because while the people of Venezuela suffer from undernourishment, the sick and twisted Maduro regime still sends 50,000 barrels of oil to Cuba per day!…..SKCN1LT309

        Cuba is so pathetic, they can’t even run their own economy without starving the poor people of Venezuela half to death!

        1. Venezuela can’t get the replacement parts because the US is both stealing their cash that Venezuela foolishly left in NY and London banks and that the US bars from purchasing. Where are you Free Market True Believers when you are needed?

          1. Since 1999?

            Venezuela’s oil industry can’t find replacement parts for 20 years?

            “Venezuela’s massive oil resources offer ample support for at least $50 billion in loans that China has provided since 2007, perhaps $20-to-$25 billion of which remain outstanding.”

   /china’s-oil-backed-loans- venezuela-appear-headed-haircut-43992

            Venezuela has had no problem raising the money necessary to maintain, upgrade, and modernize its oil industry. The problem is that their stupid socialism made them squander those resources that should have gone into the oil industry. Instead of making smart investments into their oil infrastructure, they just let oil production tail off.

            Once Maduro’s head is on a pike where it belongs, the oil industry will be privatized again, investment will come flooding into Venezuela again, and Maduro’s cronies won’t be there to irresponsibly manage Venezuela’s oil industry and run its infrastructure into the ground.

            I wonder how long the idiots that run Cuba will survive once they can no longer leach off of the hungry people of Venezuela?

            1. Ken. comes through.

          2. Where do you suppose Maria Gabriela Chavez got her $4.3 billion stashed? I don’t see her helping out starving children in the Philippines.

      3. If you believe that Maduro and other government officials personal stash of money stolen from the Venezuelan people is “sovereign wealth”, then it’s you who believe propaganda.

      4. “Don’t believe everything you read”

  17. Or, we could offer them investments, actual economic advice, real, not political aid, You know, like Russia and China are. Not sanctions, regime change, theft of resources.

    1. Well, a bunch of oil businesses did exactly that and got their property seized and were run out of the country.

      1. I could have sworn that oil is a business still in Venezuela and the only property seized was that sovereign Venezuelan cash and gold that was seized by the US and UK governments.

        1. Nope. The production equipment was sezied. Owned by the companies, seized by Maduro. That “oil is still (nominally) a business” wasn’t the point. You’re desperate and dodging.

          Property of the oil producers was seized and the people who serviced it were run out of the country.

          Until you account for that, you’re a pariah and you deserve to be distrusted. No investment. No trade. Do better and we’ll talk.

          So… It looks like massive ignorance of reality is why your opinions ITT are so stupid.

          1. You are one of those guys that think taxes are seizures, aren’t you?

            1. No, I’m one of those guys that thinks sending armed men to confiscate refineries from the oil companies who own them are seizures.

              Like they did in Venezuela.


                They got paid.

                1. Getting a judgement isn’t the same as getting “paid”. China must be very nervous about this.

        2. I hope you weren’t swearing some kind of blood oath where you pledged your first born or something.

  18. For goodness’ sake, because invading Venezuela is a terrible idea doesn’t mean we have to defend the legitimacy of a vicious and unpopular dictator like Maduro.

    Some people will believe anything!

    1. Popular people win elections. Popular people like Maduro win elections more than once. Chickenshits, like Guanoido, have the US elect them.

      1. No one who starves his own population and oversees an annual inflation rate of over 4,000% is popular anywhere outside of your horseshit imagination.

        1. Then why are hundreds of thousands of supporters of Venezuela and the Maduro Government protesting against an American invasion and laughing at Guano and his hopes of being installed by John Bolton, lil Marco Rubio and Big Thumbs Trump?

          1. Blah, blah, blah.

            Maduro isn’t legitimate, and he isn’t popular.

            1. Maduro is the elected and legitimate President of Venezuela. Fat ass Americans don’t get to decide.

              Facts are facts.

              1. Yes. Skinny because of not having any food Venezuelans get to decide. 90% of them are against the usurper and his regime and have already decided.

          2. Short answer: They aren’t. Nobody unless they work for the regime or are forced to because they are in a regime supported union does this.

            There are literally MILLIONS of Venezuelan protesting against Maduro in the streets of Caracas.

            Blind and stupid Stalinist.

      2. And dictators steal elections and/or hold sham elections.

  19. Jesus. Where do these useful idiots come from?

    1. For some reason Venezuela stories bring all the tankie dipshits out of the woodwork. They have no clue that everyone knows they’re lying and they just keep looking like utter scum for playing defense for a butcher. They remind me of Noam Chomsky’s denial of the genocide in Cambodia because acknowledging reality makes socialism look really, really bad.

      1. “Noam Chomsky’s denial of the genocide in Cambodia”

        You write BS and and live in Fantasyland.

        1. Cool story, bro. You know that means nothing coming from a true believer like yourself?

        2. Now you really have proven yourself an idiot. Chomsky and Edward S. Herman were in the forefront of denial of the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge.

          1. Good ol Chomsky. Never explain, never apologize.

        3. See? ^^^ another idiot who thinks his stupid assertions are much better than any facts.

          SVC is exactly like a Cambodian genocide denier.

          Which only came to an end by military intervention.

  20. Nick’s inference can’t be correct. Puerto Ricans voted Rubio as their choice for Presidente. Only the 2A and 14A keep guns and birth control safe and legal on our insular colony. Marco and Puerto Rican voters agree with Venezuela’s current birth control law. Article 340 of the Penal Code states that “a women who intentionally aborts, using means employed by herself or by a third party with their consent, shall be punished with prison for six months to two years.” Ceausescu himself would be proud of that one!

    1. Puerto Ricans can’t vote for president.

  21. While the criticisms of the constitutionalism of the Libyan attack are entirely correct, they are inappropriate as criticisms of Rubio’s comment. Rubio is a sitting member of Congress.

    You can argue that interventionism in Venezuela would be bad foreign policy, bad social policy or just plain bad on several different fronts. But criticisms of Obama’s unilateral (and unconstitutional) executive overreach have no bearing on a senator whose job quite literally includes deciding whether or not we should make a declaration of war.

  22. “Where do you get the bizarre idea that many in the opposition would still support Chavez if he were available?


    Chavez still enjoyed broad support when he died. The worst of the problems didn’t happen until Maduro arrived. Isn’t it always the cry of leftists that the problem isn’t the socialism bus but that they had the wrong guy driving the bus?

    How many Americans in Detroit blame socialism and unions for their problems? They should blame socialism and unions, but they don’t. Many of the people who supported Chavez are the same way.

    Within the context of a U.S. invasion, we’d be the focal point of their anger when we privatize their oil industry and sell it to investors. I’m sure there is a significant chunk of the former middle class who want to get rid of socialism and Maduro, but there is another big chunk that wants to get rid of Maduro and keep socialism.

    Anybody who thinks getting rid of Maduro is the solution to Venezuela’s problems needs to wake up. The problem is the shit that’s in the heads of some of the people of Venezuela that made them elect someone like Chavez–with genuine enthusiasm.

    When the Soviet Union fell, not all Russians were happy about that. Yeltsin had a hard enough time as it was. If the U.S. had invaded Russia, almost everyone in Russia might have unified against us in defense of communism.

    1. P.S. Guaido’s party is not capitalist. It’s democratic socialist. Popular Will officially joined the Socialist International…..ernational

      Because we wish the struggle in Venezuela were against socialism doesn’t mean it is. This isn’t Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx. This is Stalin vs. George Orwell.

  23. I’d more describe it as Stalin vs. Michelle Bachelet on the left or Marco Rubio on the right. The Voluntad Popular or Popular Will had to scramble for any allies it could in the 20 plus years of Chavismo, so joining the Socialist International could be considered a strategic move for some. Almost all the opposition leaders go back to the days of opposing Chavez. This includes Maria Corina Machado, Lilian Tintori, Leopoldo Lopez and others who have died or are imprisoned. Juan Guaido was only a middle school student when Chavez took office.

    Look back to the 2007 Referendum which would have given Chavez dictatorial powers, and, in his words, would completely bring socialism to Venezuela. And how it was finally defeated by the popular voteof the people. And how every single one of the points that were contained in that Referendum were put in place ANYWAY.

    Many of the Venezuelans I know actually support Trump and that’s including some who originally voted for Chavez. Many others do not. And some even support socialism, or what they think of as “democratic socialism”. I don’t know of ANY of them who would support Bernie Sanders. But going back to the days of Chavez? Nobody. And every Venezuelan I know that originally voted for Chavez regrets it deeply. Including one shirt tail relative who was a die hard holdout and now is dying of cancer because he cannot get chemotherapy or even pain medication.

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  25. What is it going to take for our alleged “representatives” to learn their lesson about interventionist wars? Nothing to gain, everything to lose.
    Venezuela is (yet another) failed Socialist experiment where the ruling Elite (again) absconded all the nations wealth.
    They made their (Socialist) bed, now they get to lay in it. No reason for us to ease their suffering, they spit on us as it is. Screw ’em. They got exactly the government they deserve.

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