Brickbat: Should We Not Have Done That?


Sasin Tipchai /

Police in Indonesia held a suspected cell phone thief down, draped a live snake around his shoulders, and rubbed the man's face with snake's head in an attempt to coerce a confession from him. Video of the interrogation shows the man screaming in fear. "The investigator was not professional in doing his job," said Police Chief Tonny Ananda Swadaya.

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  1. Understatement is usually my favorite rhetorical device.

    Here, not so much.

    1. "Here, not so much."


      You should say, "understatement, no *&^%ing way!"

  2. This should not reflect badly on S9 officer Kaa, who was performing his duties in accordance with training. Further training, preferably in an overtime environment, is recommended.

  3. Paul Cassell over at Volokh approves of this, except for the part where you refer to the scumbag as a suspected cell phone thief - if he wasn't a cell phone thief, why did the cops arrest him? Sometimes the only way to get a conviction on a scumbag is to wring a confession out of him since there's otherwise no evidence that the scumbag is in fact a scumbag. Thankfully, Indonesia doesn't have that bullshit Miranda nonsense that Cassell's working so hard to get rid of here in the US.

  4. Tonny Ananda Swadaya, a police chief in Paupua's Jayawijaya region, issued a statement apologizing for the interrogation methods after details of the incident emerged. "The investigator was not professional in doing his job," Swadaya admitted.

    "We have taken stern action against the personnel," he added...

    The snake is currently on desk duty.

    1. Well played, Fist.

  5. Hey it sure beats police protocol in Houston.

  6. And what is the punishment for animal cruelty again?

    1. Hey this is a libertytarian website. Animals are property! You can't be cruel to property! Would you say that you are cruel to your soccer ball for kicking it?! Preposterous!!!!1111eleventyone11111



    2. You talking Portland or Cartegena?

  7. The suspect was actually kind of relieved when he found out that the cop was being literal when he said "let me show you my pet snake."

  8. That is brutal.

    Can't they just use the normal American technique of shocking him in the balls with a taser until he confesses?

  9. "We check the entire policing manual! Is nothing about snakes in there! 'Don't use snake...always use snake...' how we supposed to know?"
    ~Det. Alejandro Acosta-Pizzaro

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