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Federal Court Rejects 'For the Children' Ban on Bare-Breasted Women: Reason Roundup

Plus: A judge says Jeffrey Epstein case was mishandled, and Andrea Dworkin is making a comeback.


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Federal courts now disagree on women's right to bare breasts. February has seen two new rulings on whether women should be allowed to show their nipples in public, including one decision that sets the issue up for a potential turn at the Supreme Court.

The more recent ruling, from the Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, holds that a Fort Collins, Colorado, ban on female toplessness is likely unconstitutional and that a lower court was correct in issuing a preliminary injunction to stop it. In a 2–1 decision, judges suggested:

the city's professed interest in protecting children derives not from any morphological differences between men's and women's breasts but from negative stereotypes depicting women's breasts, but not men's breasts, as sex objects.

You can read the whole ruling (and dissent) here. The decision diverges from federal judicial wisdom in a 2017 case out of Chicago. In that ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit upheld a lower court's decision to dismiss the claims of Sonoko Tagami, who got a city citation and fine for protesting with only paint covering her breasts.

The disparity between the two federal appeals court rulings could mean a future U.S. Supreme Court case.

In other recent nipple news, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire has ruled in favor of allowing city bans on bare-breasted women. The February 8 decision upholds the convictions of three topless women arrested for breaking the City of Laconia's anti-nudity law.

"We conclude that the Laconia ordinance does not classify on the basis of gender" because it "prohibits both men and women from being nude in a public place," the New Hampshire ruling says. "That the ordinance defines nudity to include exposure of the female but not male breast does not mean that it classifies based upon a suspect class."

Two justices did dissent in part. "We agree with our colleagues in most respects: Laconia's ordinance does not violate the defendants' rights to freedom of speech and expression; it falls within the regulatory authority of the City of Laconia," they write. "However, we part company with the majority when it rejects the defendants' equal protection claim."


Phantom kidnappers strike again! Lenore Skenazy explains:

A woman leaving the Tampa International Airport on Monday got into the wrong Uber. For some reason, she thought she was being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

She wasn't….The police checked out the story with everyone involved and consider the case closed.

But why did this woman immediately assume she was being sex-trafficked—and why did half a million people gullibly share her story?

More here.


Virginia is the latest state to make cigarette smoking illegal for anyone under age 21.


• Just when you think gender tensions couldn't get more mucked up, Andrea Dworkin is making a comeback.

• Chapters of the conservative student group Turning Point USA are trying to oust controversial communications director Candace Owens.

• Israel is headed to the moon.

• A Florida mayor is under arrest after shooting at cops who came to arrest him.

• The Jeffrey Epstein case continues to draw scrutiny, as federal prosecutors are found to have broken the law in their handling of the case. Read the judge's order here.

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  1. Federal courts now disagree on women’s right to bare breasts.

    As a result, one breast will be allowed.

    1. Only for amazons.

    2. Right for red states, left for blue states, and both if we ever get a libertarian state.

      1. LEFT – RIGHT = TITS

        1. Good! That’s GOOD!


          Nicely done. 😀

    3. Hello.

      Re Dworkin.

      Of course, the title says it’s because of Trump.


      Not sure what he has done since 2016 to bring this creature from the La Brea tar pits out but there you go.

      1. I read the “top-pick” comments to the NYT’s hagiography of Dworkin and found them actually frightening.
        So many vicious women utterly possessed by entitlement, hatred, bigotry, arrogance, victimhood and a lust for power over others. They all seemed like the kind of people who would torture a cat or rip the wings off insects because it made them feel powerful.
        What makes it even worse is that they (and the Times) think that they are virtuous martyrs.

        Tony seems slightly less fucked up when you look at the culture that conceived him.

        1. The ‘Top pick’ portion of the NYT says a lot about the paper and its readers.

          I haven’t really read an intelligent comment over there in years.

          Same with WaPo. Just a cess pool of idiocy.

        2. “I think Trump’s victory marked a shift in feminism’s relationship to sexual liberation; as long as he’s in power, it’s hard to associate libertinism with progress.”

          It’s not cool to be a slut anymore because Trump. What a pathetic piece of drivel

          1. At least in the feminism I hear the most about, I don’t think they’ve been particularly into sexual liberation for a while.

        3. I’ve said it before. For all his annoying flaws and bitchiness, if leftists were all like Tony, we’d be in a much better place. He’s consistently good on free speech, and he doesn’t seem to be too keen on the far-left economics stuff.

          1. Tony?

            The Tony that posts here?

            Are you okay?

            Have you had a stroke? Hit your head?

      2. From the NYT article:

        “It seems like something sprung from Dworkin’s cataclysmic imagination, that America’s most overtly fascistic president would also be the first, as far as we know, to have appeared in soft-core porn films. ”

        Fascistic?? Um…FDR. WTF has the Donald done that is fascistic?

        Soft core porn? Link please

        1. “cataclysmic imagination”

          Does there exist a better pair of words to describe feminism?

          1. Orgasmic conniption

          2. “Historical ignorance”

    4. Legislators don’t want kids thinking about lunch.

  2. A woman leaving the Tampa International Airport on Monday got into the wrong Uber. For some reason, she thought she was being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

    We must be careful with these accusations. No one wants Liam Neeson stalking the streets like they once did.

  3. negative stereotypes depicting women’s breasts … as sex objects

    WTF? Negative?

    1. Women can walk around with bare breasts, and we’ll all pretend that they’re not sex objects. Sounds fair.

      1. That been fine if I didn’t think that they would come for my eyes next.

      2. Here’s hoping that Andrea Dworkin doesn’t assert her rights.

        1. No need to worry about that.

      3. Meh, most American men act like their wive’s hair isn’t arousing and that shaving their beards doesn’t count as cross-dressing. Let’s respect a woman’s right to choose what, if anything, she wears above the waist.

    2. The idea that male and female chests are the same is all the proof you need that some lawyers and judges are suffering from Rectal-Cranial Inversion.

      1. or Friends of Chuck Schumer?

    3. I kinda assumed that men’s breasts were also sexual objects, just in the opposite direction.

    4. Women’s breasts are sex objects. They are other things too. But there is some evolutionary reason why humans have permanently enlarged breasts. It’s not a stereotype, it’s biological reality.

  4. Israel is headed to the moon.

    I’m already calling for a halt of construction in occupied Sea of Tranquility.

    1. One of these days, Israel, POW!!!

    2. Ralph Kramden in charge of the project.

    3. They won’t care. They will still be free, once they land in Serenity.

    4. Amazing. How far are Palestinians and Arabs from achieving that?

      Right. They’re too busy falling way behind wasting energy fighting Da Jews.

    5. A rat just bit my sister Nell
      (with Whitey on the moon)…

      1. A rat just bit my sister Nell
        (with Whitey on the moon)…

        Mamma told you not to each cookies in bed. Rats congregate near messes.

  5. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has signed legislation banning people under 21 from buying tobacco and nicotine products.

    Wait, he’s still in office? I have to say, I’m disappointed that the Democratic Party hasn’t found a way to force him to resign.

    1. this whole black face thing was just to get the media off of his pro infantcide after birth abortion stance. note no one is talking about that anymore and even the blackface story is slowly fading away. next he will run for president

    2. Must be in black face to buy cigs!

    3. He’d be gone if there wasn’t a rapist in the racist sandwich.

  6. “Court rejects ‘for the children’ ban”

    and instead embrace the “for the grown men” exemption.

    1. Breasts are made for the children.

      1. First one, then the other.

      2. Men prefer women who can feed children. That’s why they like breasts. Sometimes, emotions do the calculating for us, because “Wow, you can probably produce a quart a day,” would never work as a pick up line. If you trust the wisdom of the ages, you will see the mountains skip like rams and the hills like lambs.

  7. A Florida mayor is under arrest after shooting at cops who came to arrest him.

    Precrime knew Mayor Florida Man was going to shoot at them.

    1. Considering it was a “predawn” raid by a SWAT team, Precrime probably had a pretty good chance of being right.

      And, why was it that they felt the need to serve the warrant with a predawn raid from a SWAT team? Obviously he was a known drug dealer right? Suspected of murdering someone? They knew he had a bunch of hookers chained up in the basement? Ripping the tags off of mattresses?

      No, no… he stands accused of practicing medicine without a license. If that doesn’t justify armored vehicles, battering rams, shooting the locks off doors, and throwing flashbangs to arrest the mayor… I don’t know what does.

      1. 99% of cops give the other 1% a bad name.

      2. I remember the first time the local police broke open my door with a battering ram. It can be a scary experience that leads one to respond aggressively.

  8. Epstein had to be protected because of the list of senior government and other influential men that also abused underaged girls. Bill is just the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Just the tip. Phrasing.

      1. (stands and salutes)

    2. From the Miami Herald article about the abuse case:
      “Epstein will surely argue he complied with the agreement, relied upon it, and plead guilty under it so it can’t be overturned in fairness to him,” she said. “I will be very interested to see what the parties say the remedy for the violation should be. Ultimately, it is simply shocking the Government went to the lengths they did to keep the victims in the dark in order to make a serious predator’s high priced defense team happy. Justice should not, and does not, look like this.”

      No, justice often looks like this. Plead bargaining is the norm. That’s why we need to reform our court system. Prosecutors violated the law by not informing victims of the plead bargain. This is an extreme case of a common problem.

  9. But why did this woman immediately assume she was being sex-trafficked?and why did half a million people gullibly share her story?

    I’m gonna wait for Ken’s opinion on this one.

  10. More bad economic news.

    Kraft Heinz Plunges to Record Low on Writedown of Brands’ Value

    Payless Shoes stores are closing because people cannot even afford footwear in this terrible Drumpf economy. Now Heinz is struggling because people cannot afford ketchup.


    1. I always assumed you as a catsup kind of thing

    2. Ketchup? That’s a luxury item. Can’t even afford the hot dog.

      1. We don’t need 23 choices of ketchup, 18 choices of Payless Shoes when kids are going hungry.

    3. Payless Shoes stores are closing because people cannot even afford footwear in this terrible Drumpf economy.


      1. Cheap shoes almost killed Zion!!

        1. Nike has a sad…followed by a lawsuit

      2. Six months? The first and only time I bought Payless shoes they lasted two weeks before falling apart.

    4. The guys at Kraft Heinz can’t even insulate themselves against changing consumer tastes, but socialists think they can anticipate such things?

      Incidentally, writing down $15.4 billion, as hard as that is probably the smartest thing for them to do. Is that something socialists ever do?

      “The packaged-food giant’s charge to reduce the goodwill value of the Kraft and Oscar Mayer trademarks and other assets came with disappointing fourth-quarter earnings and an accounting subpoena from securities regulators. The charges resulted in a net loss of $12.6 billion, or $10.34 a share.

      Has a government owned enterprise ever written down $12.6 billion in value because of the loss in the value of its trademarks and brand names?

      1. The obvious answer is government owned enterprises don’t lose value, that’s why they never have write downs.

        1. They have no value to lose!!

    5. Oh No! Will the Heinz-Kerry’s be tossed into the streets? From all 5 of their houses?

  11. Please point to the part on your body where the female nipple hurt you.

    1. *points to eyeball*

    2. *points to beef bugle*

    3. *points to wallet*

      1. winner

  12. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has signed legislation banning people under 21 from buying tobacco and nicotine products.
    ? WTOP (@WTOP) February 22, 2019

    So I guess they don’t care if 22-year-olds start down the path to dying from lung cancer.

    1. You joke, but remember there was some fruit loop in Hawaii that wanted to raise the age limit to 100 years?


        1. “Anyting you want.”

          1. 15 dollar too beaucoup!

  13. A Florida mayor is under arrest after shooting at cops who came to arrest him.

    Interesting how the mayor managed to get to ‘under arrest’ rather than ‘shot dead’.

  14. DOJ looking to fund potential “intelligent offender tracking”

    Intelligent offenders are the most dangerous kind. Just look at the difference between what Jussie Smollett and Ted Bundy were able to accomplish.

  15. DOJ looking to fund potential “intelligent offender tracking” initiative which would mine data from GPS ankle bracelets to “detect (and possibly predict) potentially risky behavior.”
    ? logan koepke (@jlkoepke) February 21, 2019

    But only up to five inches from the ground.

  16. Just when you think gender tensions couldn’t get more mucked up

    Gender Tensions would be an interesting name for some lousy hipster band.

  17. Miley has some big, juicy aureolas.

    1. At first I ready this as Mikey. As in Simple Mikey.

      1. No worries, he probably does too.

  18. Paul Krugman predicted Drumpf’s election would cause a global recession with no end in sight. He was correct.

    Nigeria: Six People Fall Into Extreme Poverty in This Nation Every Minute

    United Nations says Nigeria’s population will double by 2050

    Population increase amid bad economic conditions. The Koch / Reason libertarian solution is obvious ? invite all of Nigeria to move to the United States.


    1. If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking ’til you do suck seed.

    2. It is time to build a wall around poverty to keep people out.

    3. As long as 8 fall into the cooking pot, not a problem.

    4. Independence for Biafran would reduce Nigeria’s population and land area.

      “My people are forgotten people, victims of genocide, victims of the worst kind of racism, discrimination, apartheid and abuse. We we are seeking to return from where we came, to go back to how we used to be before our colonial masters came,” he says.

  19. “That the ordinance defines nudity to include exposure of the female but not male breast does not mean that it classifies based upon a suspect class.”

    Chuck Schumer not hardest hit.

    1. Amy on the other hand…

  20. So we can’t distinguish between a male and female breast, but we can between a male and female penis. Peak degeneracy.

    1. When all the real problems are solved, stupid problems will be invented.

  21. We must protect our children from seeing a bare breast!!

    1. But violence in games and movies totes cool.

  22. “UC Berkeley study shows 50% decline in drinking sodas after tax ”

    Really? That sounds too good to be true. Well, maybe it is:

    “To learn about the city’s drinking habits, the team polled residents at high-traffic intersection in diverse and low-income neighborhoods in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco.”

    Yep, self-reported…

    1. Aren’t Gen Zers not into soda in the first place?

      In other words, that generation already drinks way less soda than other generations.

  23. “Just when you think gender tensions couldn’t get more mucked up, Andrea Dworkin is making a comeback.”

    Christianity may be best defined as the reconciliation of an omnipotent God with the execution of an innocent man. That reconciliation often contains variations on the theme of free will. You might get a strain of determinism, the idea that this omnipotent God must somehow want all these awful things to happen to good people, but that isn’t absolutely necessary when God’s radical libertarianism could also explain the same thing.

    Meanwhile, just because you buy the free will interpretation of an omnipotent God certainly doesn’t mean you have to believe that God approves of murdering innocent people. That would be ridiculous.

    Individualist feminism and Dworkin style hatred for pornography and prostitution don’t necessarily need to be entirely incompatible either. Just because God lets bad things happen to good people doesn’t mean we need to celebrate when it happens. Just because people should be free to waste a fortnight getting high and playing games doesn’t mean they should. Just because we should be free to gamble our savings away doesn’t mean we should. And just because women should be free to exploit themselves through pornography and prostitution doesn’t mean they should either.

    1. Libertarians understand that individuals don’t exist for the benefit of society, and just because something is bad for society doesn’t mean individuals shouldn’t be free to indulge. If we went around trying to pretend that everything individuals should be free to do is in the best interests of society, we’d just end up making fools of ourselves. Even if smoking causes cancer, people should be free to smoke anyway.

      1. Libertarians understand that individuals don’t exist for the benefit of society

        But immigrants have to explain how their presence benefits the average American for some reason.

    2. Dude, that’s heavy.

    3. but that isn’t absolutely necessary when God’s radical libertarianism could also explain the same thing.

      Seems like a few NAP violations with all the smiting and turning people into pillars of salt. Also, anyone who would claim God has “radical libertarianism” hasn’t read Leviticus (or much of the Old Testament).

      1. New Testament was like a reboot for God. Everything changed.

        1. Bible 2: Electric Boogaloo

          1. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much the idea.

        2. “New Testament was like a reboot for God. Everything changed.”

          Not according to the New Testament.

          The entire book of Hebrews is about explaining to the people of Israel that Christianity is entirely compatible with what came before–starting with Genesis.

          “For Abraham was a faithful man, and God accounted it unto him as righteousness”.

          1. Yeah, my comment was half-joking. But I mean, the whole Christ thing was a pretty big shift in how God relates to humanity.

            Backwards compatible only.

          2. Also, how receptive were the Hebrew to the letter?

            I really don’t know. Did a lot of Jews join early Christianity?

            1. It was initially seen as a Jewish religion, and it must have been a threat because the religious authorities thought it was important that the Romans distinguish Christians from Jews. For instance, Jews were given a pass on having to bow to an “idol” of the emperor–because the Romans knew the Jews had a thing about idols. As Christianity spread, the Jewish religious authorities made it clear that because Christians were no longer Jews, they shouldn’t be exempt from having to pay homage to effigy of the emperor. Pliny wrote to the emperor asking what to do with them.

            2. It’s probably also notable that the “blood libel” against Jews originated as a persecution against Christians. It was associated with what Christians call “communion”, where they drink the blood of Jesus, and Christians were known to worship a baby Jesus (as the incarnation of God”. They put two and two together, and it became a vicious rumor that the Christians were secretly using real babies and their blood in communion services. At the time, however, Christianity was still seen as a Jewish religion.

              When plague came along, Romans would riot against Christians, thinking that the Roman gods were punishing them for tolerating something like baby sacrifice in their midst (a la Oedipus Rex), but they still associated Christianity with Jews. It wasn’t until later, after many non-Jewish Romans came to be Christians, that this changed. As being a Christian stopped being synonymous with being Jewish in the Roman mind, the blood libel remained associated with Jews, and it was rationalized as a secret part of Passover.

              Point is that, yes, initially, anyway, Christianity was something that happened within Judaism, and they had a lot of success. As Christianity grew, it became less Jewish.

      2. “Abraham, kill your son for me.”
        “What? Uh, ok.”
        *get knife ready to kill son*
        “Dude, what are you doing? I’m just fuckin’ with ya!”
        “Aww shit, God, you got me good that time.”

        1. The original sarcasm.

      3. “Seems like a few NAP violations with all the smiting and turning people into pillars of salt. Also, anyone who would claim God has “radical libertarianism” hasn’t read Leviticus (or much of the Old Testament).”

        Not everyone takes every story in the bible literally, and I’m hardly the first person to note that there are various explanations for why God permits evil. I don’t have the inclination to go through them all, but this might be a good place to start:

        Suffice it to say, when you assume that God is omnipotent and also understand that bad things happen to good people, there are a number of ways to account for that.

        The deterministic explanation–that it’s all part of God’s plan–is one, but the idea that God is even more libertarian than we are in that he lets people murder each other without personal negative consequences in this life is another explanation.

        Certainly, the deterministic explanation does not rule out the possibility that God cares more about individual liberty than he does anything else–to the point that he’d rather let the innocent be murdered than use his omnipotence to interfere. That would be a radically libertarian position God was taking, but it isn’t excluded from the realm of possibility just because it’s radically libertarian.

        That’s all I was saying, and it remain true or not regardless of whether God interfered in one instance or whether Lot’s wife really turned into a pillar of salt.

  24. N.Y. Today: Are New Yorkers Having Less Sex in Public?

    The police have given fewer tickets for public sex, according to an article by my colleague J. David Goodman. In 2007, 432 tickets were written for the offense of “sex in park.” In 2018, there were only six.

    Millennials are doing their fucking indoors? lol. Back in my way we were railing ass in parks like whoa. Millennials are such trash. I blame video games.

    1. Millennials are doing their not fucking indoors?

      1. Goddamn kids, get off my lawn!

        1. Goddam kids, get ON my lawn…and fuck!

          1. OK, as long as they don’t leave used condoms and shit around.

            A lot of millennials are in their 30s at this point, so we should probably figure out what;s wrong with the next cohort (whatever they are called) and pick on them.

            1. Generation Z has been referred to as the post-millennials, iGeneration (yuck), Delta Generation

              Millennials start around 1982, so they’re turning 37 this year. I suspect there’s a lot of difference between a person born in 1982 and one born in ~2000 which is where the generation ends.

              Maybe we should just consider that people are individuals and that we can’t accurately describe their behavior as a large group? Nah… that can’t be it.

    2. Millennials are doing their fucking indoors? lol. Back in my way we were railing ass in parks like whoa. Millennials are such trash. I blame video games.

      You joke, but if my friend had put down his video game controller two years ago and vacuumed the apartment, he would be living in an apartment and trying to make baby number 3 with his co-parent right now instead of single and in a homeless shelter. The first step in world domination is cleaning your room. If a guy doesn’t know how to vacuum the floor, sooner or later, he’s going to be using a vacuum for entertainment purposes.

  25. For decades now, Andrea Dworkin has existed in the feminist imagination mostly as a negative example, the woman no one wanted to be.

    No doubt. What was she, 400 pounds? Yikes.

    1. Following the career of Dworkin back in the day, my friend and I came to the conclusion that her weight and appearance had to play a strong part in her thinking.

  26. “IRS analyst charged with leaking Cohen’s financial data to Avenatti”
    “According to a federal complaint unsealed on Thursday, John C. Fry, who works in the IRS’ San Francisco office, downloaded multiple sensitive documents with Cohen’s private banking information on May 4, 2018, and quickly placed a call to a cellphone number associated with Avenatti.”

    No political bias in the IRS!

  27. “She Never Looks Back”: Inside Elizabeth Holmes’s Chilling Final Months at Theranos

    Immediately after returning to California, Holmes decided that Balto would hardly leave her side on the quest to save Theranos. Each day, Holmes would wake up with Balto at the nearly empty Los Altos mansion that she was renting about six miles from her company’s headquarters. (Theranos covered the house’s rent.) Soon after, one of her two drivers, sometimes her two security personnel, and even sometimes one of her two assistants, would pick them up, and set off for work. And for the rest of the day, Balto would stroll through the labs with his owner. Holmes brushed it off when the scientists protested that the dog hair could contaminate samples. But there was another problem with Balto, too. He wasn’t potty-trained. Accustomed to the undomesticated life, Balto frequently urinated and defecated at will throughout Theranos headquarters. While Holmes held board meetings, Balto could be found in the corner of the room relieving himself while a frenzied assistant was left to clean up the mess.

    1. Around this same time, Holmes says that she discovered that Balto?like most huskies?had a tiny trace of wolf origin. Henceforth, she decided that Balto wasn’t really a dog, but rather a wolf. In meetings, at caf?s, whenever anyone stopped to pet the pup and ask his breed, Holmes soberly replied, “He’s a wolf.”

      Serious people gave her money.

      1. At this point, I’m not so sure any of these people are ‘serious’.

        Which is just as equally troubling if you ask me.

      2. That’s the most baffling thing about all this. It’s not like her company was fronted by a bunch of Silicon Valley weirdos that accidentally became famous. She convinced some heavy political hitters, guys who worked as Cabinet members, to sit on her board, and billionaires to provide capital investment.

        1. It you think about the incentives, it’s not particularly baffling. Political heavy hitters are the ideal target for the scam – lots of prestige so each additional investor increases credibility, but lacking the business or technical skills to notice that it’s a ruse. Billionaires then join up because providing the next round of financing is an opportunity to provide a favor to said heavy hitters that can be redeemed later.

    2. While Holmes held board meetings, Balto could be found in the corner of the room relieving himself while a frenzied assistant was left to clean up the mess.

      Jesus. Her vocal fry in interviews was bad enough, but how fucking autistic do you have to be to let your dog defecate all over the workplace?

    3. While Holmes held board meetings, Balto could be found in the corner of the room relieving himself

      And the rest of the board members looked on with envy.

      1. Damn, I thought Balto was her husbands nickname !

  28. “UC Berkeley attack: Police hunt for man who assaulted conservative”
    “In a stark video showing what appeared to be an assault, a man was shoved and punched in the face at UC Berkeley this week while advertising for a conservative cause at a table on the main campus plaza, police said Wednesday.
    The battery was reported at 3:29 p.m. on Tuesday to campus police, who found the victim suffering from facial injuries….”

    But the victim wasn’t black, didn’t act in some soap opera, isn’t a lefty, and the guys beating him up weren’t wearing MAGA hats, so it ended up on pg 12, under the fold.

    1. /fist in mouth.

    2. He was smirking, so tots deserved it!!

  29. “Israel’s privately funded moon mission lifts off”


    I linked this yesterday, and it was saying the same thing over at Ars Technica about how it’s Israel’s mission and it’s privately funded.

    I was contrasting this “privately funded” mission to the moon with the $50 billion in taxpayer money NASA has spent on a mission to. . . um . . . NOT go to the moon, and the contrast would be even clearer if we could get to the bottom of whether it’s an Israeli mission or whether it’s privately funded in the headline.

    If Israel can do what NASA can’t and for a fraction of the cost, we should take that to heart.

    If a privately funded mission can do what NASA can do at no cost to taxpayers, that’s mondo-bitchin’ with a cherry on top!

    1. If it hadn’t been for the laws against private space travel until Bush the younger we may have been in space earlier. The government did not invent trains cars or airplanes so no reason to think they were better at going to space than anyone else.

    2. Israel’s mission is not what NASA has done or planning. It’s a simple thing a bit smaller than a washing machine. It also was not the primary payload on its rocket, but a small secondary payload
      But it is still cool.

      I hope it’s privately funded but we need to compare apples to apples.

  30. The chapters also slammed Owens for her attacks on the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and miscoundt. Last year, Owens tweeted that the movement was premised on the idea that women are “too weak to turn around and tell someone not to touch your ass again.”

    Looks like Turning Point USA has a bit of an entryism problem.

  31. “Lawyer: Ex-FBI official McCabe still facing investigation”
    “WASHINGTON (AP) ? A criminal investigation into whether former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe made false statements during an internal probe into a news media disclosure remains open, his attorney said Thursday.
    “We’ve had dealings with the U.S. attorney’s office” in Washington that has been handling the case, said lawyer Michael Bromwich, who accompanied McCabe to a wide-ranging interview session with reporters. “We are in continuing communication with them.”…”

    POS ought to be under investigation for conspiracy in an attempted coup.

    1. The important points of the Mueller Report are sure to leak. There are just too many people whose political aspirations are riding on the contents of that report. Watch for important players to either go full stream ahead or backpedal on the allegations against Trump. If it’s a big nothing-burger, we’ll probably see Democrat leadership walking back their rhetoric this weekend. Otherwise, they’re gonna look like Geraldo, live in prime time, revealing Al Capone’s empty ass vault.

      1. No. They will find some minor point to taunt Trump, or ignore it completely.

        1. This is exactly it.

          BTW, what does confidential mean? Could it be that oarts of it are actually classified? If so, the leakers are risking criminal prosecution if they leak it.

          Unless you’re Hillary Clinton.

      2. If there was anything worthwhile against Trump, it would have been leaked months ago.

        Lefties have been testing the waters on what will stick against Trump.

        They tried the pussy grabbing thing, infidelity, etc

  32. “The amazing coral reefs that can survive climate change”
    “News about coral reefs seems almost unrelentingly bleak. Everywhere they’re bleaching and collapsing, unable to withstand the ravages of fast-heating waters ? except, that is, the northern Red Sea, where it appears that a vast region of exceptionally hardy reefs will survive temperatures far exceeding present-day norms….”

    We’re all gonna DIE!!!
    Well, maybe not…

    1. We are not all going to die.

      1. Not according to every single person I know who is concerned about global warming. we’re all gonna die man and there’s nothing we can do it about. It’s too late to stop it. But we should initiate a Green New Deal anyway!

        1. I’m pretty sure that eventually, we are all gonna die no matter what we do. Barring singularity, that is.

    2. So, it’s the Red Sea coral that’s going to end up taking over everywhere else weaker corals failed to adapt and died? I think that’s called evolution. I heard that lefties are the party of science and usually believe in that shit. To the point of mocking folks who don’t believe in it.

    1. Fuck that’s funny!

      1. “Jussie, you wasted all that damn time and money. You know what you shoulda did? Just went up in Liam Neeson’s neighborhood. He could have solved all your damn problems.”

        Laughed my ass off!

  33. I don’t really care if women go topless. The problem is, the ones protesting for their right to be naked in public almost always have nasty sagging deflated bags hanging from their chests.

    Will someone please think of the men??

    1. The thing is, most women have little or no interest in going topless in public. It’s already legal in many places and you don’t see tons of titties around in those places unless there is some kind of special event going on.
      It just seems like a dumb thing to get worked up about. Almost nothing would change.

      1. Almost nothing would change.

        Until they win the right. Then some subset of ugly old loons will do it to show they can.

  34. “”Our enemies ? rapists and their defenders ? not only go unpunished; they remain influential arbiters of morality; they have high and esteemed places in the society; […] Dworkin said in a lecture […] After Trump’s election, the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and revelations of predation by men including Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves, Larry Nassar and countless figures in the Catholic Church, her words seem frighteningly perceptive.”

    These people are completely fucking insane. Listing Larry Nassar alongside Trump and Kavanaugh? My god.

    1. Trump is like the anti-Obama. Instead of projecting all of their hopes and dreams onto the man, they project everything they hate. In neither case was it particularly attached to reality.

  35. the city’s professed interest in protecting children derives not from any morphological differences between men’s and women’s breasts but from negative stereotypes depicting women’s breasts, but not men’s breasts, as sex objects.

    These judges are idiots. The stereotype noted is clearly positive. As we all know it’s perfectly legal and socially laudable to identify any difference between men and women as long as the female attribute is presented as a positive.

  36. The people who are offended by the female body are same people who let their kids watch violent movies and TV. Perspective is highly lacking.

  37. I always suspected Fantasy Jailbait Island was connected to the Clinton global initiative and there was a badger game involved.

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  39. “Andrea Dworkin is making a comeback.”

    If you followed Camille Paglia, you’d already know this.

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  41. My name is tommy and I approve of this non sexual boob freedom stand.

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