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Is Marijuana Making You a Heroin Addict?: Reason Roundup


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"Gateway drug" nonsense returns. In the U.S., California has been ahead of the curve on legalizing marijuana. It's also been hit significantly less hard by a wave of opioid deaths than eastern states and much of the Midwest.

Most Americans these days have at least tried pot, with a full 52 percent now reporting that they've smoked or otherwise consumed marijuana at least once. When it comes to heroin, however, that number drops to about 1.8 percent.

A national survey in 2015 found that 22.2 million people had used marijuana in the past month. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2017 (the last year for which there is data), just 494,000 people had used heroin in the entire previous year.

I could go on. There's a huge array of data showing that people can try marijuana or even consume it regularly without ever becoming a heroin addict. Most people can look at folks around them and see this for themselves, too.

Nonetheless, politicians and pot prohibitionists are trying to use the recent rise in opioid-related deaths as an argument against decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana. They've been trotting out Reefer Madness-era tropes, like pot being a "gateway drug."

There's never been anything to the gateway drug claim. What we have seen recently is that some cities where marijuana has not been legalized are dealing with a spike in use of legal synthetic "weed" (a.k.a. Spice or K2)–generally mystery substances that can cause a lot more health harms than real cannabis can.

There's also some evidence that marijuana use can help those recovering from opioid addiction to stay clean. "What we've come to understand is that marijuana in many instances is an exit drug, not a gateway drug," said New Hampshire state Representative Renny Cushing (D), who is sponsoring a bill to legalize marijauna sales in his state.

It's high time we stopped thinking of illegal drugs as some magic category that confers danger, rather than simply things that gained illicit status through quirks of history. (In terms of actual harm potential, it would make much more sense to ban alcohol or worry about its "gateway" potential than to do so with marijuana.) Only by taking individual substances for what they are–not the big scary category we've randomly put them in–can we craft policies that preserve freedom and address health risks.

Anything else is just asking for more people in prison plus more opioid deaths.


The second episode of Eugene Volokh's free-speech series is here.


  • It's Ariana Grande's world, we're just living in it:
  • These numbers come from the U.K. but line up with what American surveys tend to find, too:

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  1. Read writer, vlogger, and Portland heretic Nancy Rommelmann’s guide to living through 15 minutes of hate.

    Forget it, Nancy. It’s Portlandtown.

    1. Hello.

      “…Now I’ve watched you walk around here
      I’ve watched you meet
      These new boyfriends, I know
      And you tell how they’re deep
      Look but, if these guys, if they’re really so great
      Tell me, why can’t they at least take this place and take it straight?
      Why always stoned, like hippie Johnny is?
      I’m straight and I want to take his place
      Oh I’m certainly not stoned, like hippie Johnny is
      I’m straight and I want to take his place
      I said, I’m straight”

      Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.

      1. Modern Lovers kind of suck. Not sure why I like Pablo Picasso but there it is.

        1. Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.

  2. There’s also some evidence that marijuana use can help those recovering from opioid addiction to stay clean.


    1. So what I told you was true,
      from a certain point of view.

      1. more machine now than man … twisted and evil

    2. The claim of gateway effect was plausible 50 yrs. ago when heroin was cool w the hippies, & before that w the beatniks. Now it’s hard to even imagine that time, when cannabis & opiates were alongside each other in coolness.

        1. Assuming it is Hihn, which is a ridiculous assumption, shouldn’t he be encouraged when making non-insane comments?

          1. It’s Hihn. And no, he should fuck off.

            Why are you constantly bitching at me about going after Hihn? Go about your fucking business.

    1. There’s those sources again.

      1. He got arrested for DUI and gave the police his brothers name. He tried to pin a DUI rap on his own brother. Great guy.

        1. I don’t doubt the whole thing is a hoax. But that has nothing to do with relying on what ‘sources say’.

          1. True. but the DUI thing is a matter of public record. He really did do that.

            1. That’s gay as fuck.

          2. “Nothing to do with”?!

            Sources say JUSSIE is the ‘sources’!

    2. Dumbest criminals ever.

    3. If we weren’t so racist, we would’ve reacted with appropriate horror to the racist letter he sent to himself, and then he wouldn’t have had to fake a racist assault just to make us realize how racist we are!

      And now we’re trying to make him the bad guy! SMH

      1. Another case of fake but accurate for sure.

    4. That’s some hefty girl anchor. I’m sure Kamala’s and Spartacus’ anti-lunching bill will come to the rescue.

    5. Wow. I was pretty sure it was a hoax, but haven’t kept up with the story.

      I’m thinking that the whole supposed increase in “hate crimes” is probably based on hoaxes.

  3. Interesting numbers here re most popular accounts by engagement on FB, Twitter and Instagram
    ? Tom Gara (@tomgara) February 19, 2019

    Social media must really love the president.

    1. He’s the biggest! The best!

    2. He saw the future and grabbed it by the pussy.

      1. They let him do it.

  4. More bad economic news.

    Here’s a map of where Payless ShoeSource is closing 2,500 stores

    Do you realize what this means? It means the economy is so bad people cannot even afford to buy shoes.


    1. EVEN MORE bad news.

      CVS Predicts an Ugly 2019 After Closing $68 Billion Aetna Deal

      If things are bad for CVS it also means people in the Drumpf economy cannot afford to buy cough medicine.

      1. Things would get better for CVS if they changed their name to AOC and gave away free things to the unwilling. It’s not economical it’s moral.

    2. “people cannot even afford to buy shoes”

      Let them wear Oxfords.

    3. Where are people gonna pay less for shoes?!


      1. Plus, they need twice as many shoes because they are working two jobs!

        1. Two feet good, four feet better.

      2. No one needs new shoes. /Bernie

        1. Boots will do, comrade.

        2. 640k shoes should be enough for everyone.

          //either Bill Gates or Imelda Marcos

    4. where togo for bogo now?

    5. Payless underpriced their shoes. There were women willing to pay $600 a pair. Simply put they should have Changed their name to Paymore

  5. “Feds Plan to Cancel Funds for California’s High-Speed Rail”
    “The Trump administration has said it will cancel almost a billion dollars in federal grant money intended for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, according to a letter Tuesday from the Transportation Department.
    It’s not known if the federal government has the authority to withhold the grant. The New York Times noted Tuesday evening that the department is also “actively exploring every legal option” to take back $2.5 billion in federal grant funds already given to the state for the rail line….”

    I don’t know why the feds were funding the thing in the first place.

    1. Everyone loves a train.

      1. But only some can make them run on time.

    2. What I don’t get is, if the project has been canceled, is there any reason why the feds shouldn’t cancel the grant? Why is this even an issue?

      1. We spent that money on hookers and blow!

      2. I think only the urban parts and the mythical mountain passes were cancelled. The rural, isolated sections are to boondoggle on.

        1. Sweet Jesus.

        2. “I think only the urban parts and the mythical mountain passes were cancelled. The rural, isolated sections are to boondoggle on.”

          Pretty sure that amounts to a cancellation of The Project, which was specifically aimed at connecting the N-S CA urban areas.
          And it’s much worse than it sounds given the the project was corrupt from the day the first shovel hit the ground:
          It was sold to the voters based on one of Willie Brown’s ‘budgets’, and there was a specific requirement that construction could not begin without a certain portion of that budget covered by ‘private investors’. Ha and ha! The CA dimbulbs who voted for this disaster were hoping for equally-stupid ‘investors’ to reach in their pockets. I never heard of one penny of ‘private’ money.
          Somehow, moonbeam got a judge to ignore that requirement, which means the fed money has aalready been used in place of the *legally required* ‘private’ funds.
          Newsom is checking under the cushions and in various suit pockets hoping to come up with spare change to pay it back.

    3. Don’t you love farce?
      My fault, I fear
      I thought that you’d want what I want
      Sorry, my dear!
      But where are the clowns
      Send in the clowns
      Don’t bother, they’re here.

  6. Must read article: “Trafficking rhetoric transforms migrants?often fleeing for their lives?into people Americans should not worry about or protect.
    ? Joel Quirk (@joelquirk) February 19, 2019

    The president likes people who haven’t been trafficked.

  7. It’s Ariana Grande’s world, we’re just living in it:

    why did she put trump in charge?

    1. Who is Ariana Grande?
      Some kind of breakfast deal at Denny’s?

      1. I think she once licked some donuts to protest obesity. Or something.

        1. To protest Americans being stupid.

      2. No, that’s the Cardi B

        1. I’m pretty sure the Cardi B is one of those new fad diets where you only eat foods that start with the letter “B”. Bacon and Bacardi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  8. It’s Ariana Grande’s world, we’re just living in it:

    Who is Ariana Grande, and why am I suppose to care about this person?

    1. A singer-tart of some kind.

    2. donut licker

      1. Which is a lot less sexy than it sounds.

        1. yes. coulda made it hot for everyone at least

    3. Worst Starbucks drink ever.

  9. Putin: We’ll target USA if Washington deploys missiles in Europe

    Russia doesnt already have ICBMs targeted on the USA?

    Putin is delusional that Americans would believe his nonsense.

    1. Putin is overconfident because he managed to install a Russian intelligence asset as US President. But once the Democrats are back in the White House they’ll forcefully confront him and make him pay for hacking our election.

      1. They wouldn’t dare aim missiles at their carefully chosen asset in the White House.

  10. Attention libertarians!

    You may have heard something about Drumpf trying to get other countries to decriminalize same-gender intercourse. Maybe you even thought this might be a good thing. Well think again!

    “Rather than actually being about helping queer people around the world, Trump’s campaign looks more like another instance of the right using queer people as a pawn to amass power and enact its own agenda,” writes @mathewrodriguez.

    1. Gateway asssex.

    2. As opposed to the Dems, who use queer people as … oh wait …

      1. Gennaerophone
        ? @Gennaerophone
        3h3 hours ago

        Trump is not an ally to the LGBT community. He should resign while he’s behind.

        Imagine being this stupid.

    3. That’s mighty queer.

  11. “Trafficking rhetoric transforms migrants?often fleeing for their lives?into people Americans should not worry about or protect.

    I seriously doubt that trafficking rhetoric has anything to do with people not worrying about migrants.

  12. The Washington Post sued by family of Covington Catholic teenager

    For $250 million which is evidently what Bezos paid for the WaPo.

    Haha. All that media lying and shenanigans are coming back to hurt them.

    1. By the time the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Bezo the Bozo’s divorce lawyer is through with him, he’s going to wish he never left Seattle.

      1. Bezos fucked up royally.

        He thought that he was untouchable and then…in the blink of an eye he has become a target of the Lefties for his capitalist ways, target of high priced lawyers for his ex-wife, and target for supporting a propaganda rag like the WaPo to attack teenage kids.

        1. It’s not easy being a billionaire.

        2. There are so many ancient Greek – style valuable life lessons to be learned from this guy about the extreme dangers of unbridled hubris, ego, and arrogance, and about how a man can be an absolute genius in one specific area of expertise and yet still be an idiot when it comes to life in general.

      2. He is going to be satisfied with that 80 billion and owning the world’s largest company. How will he manage?

    2. What’s the middle-class version of the “ghetto lottery”?

  13. FBI raids Taylor City Hall, mayor’s house in growing corruption probe

    Fiore, 57, of Grosse Pointe Shores was sentenced in 2018 to 21 months in prison for paying $7,000 in cash bribes to ex-Clinton Township trustee Dean Reynolds in order to obtain a municipal towing contract with the township.

    1. Is the bolding just to note the coincidentally humorous name of the town?

      1. Some town called themselves “Clinton Township”.

        Eminem lives in Clinton.

        1. Well that sure is something I guess.

        2. Would you call it

          *dons sunglasses*

          Eminem Domain?

          1. Well played Leo.

    2. I hope Reynolds is in jail too.

    3. Hillary not sure whether to order a hit or not.


    So the SJW brownshirts in Portland are trying to run some woman named Nancy Rommelman’s husband’s coffee business out of business because she dared say not all men who are accused of guilty of rape are guilty. It sounds terrible and it is. But, as Paul Harvey used to say there is the rest of the story. Turns out Rommelman and her husband participated in a boycott of a local restaurant because it committed the crime of having “colonial” in its name.…..versy.html

    I am sure Rommelman thought being a member in good standing of the party would save her. They always do. It never does. Karma is a bitch.

    1. Live by the PC mob, die by the PC mob.

    2. Colonialism=BAD


    3. Darkness at Noon should be required reading for any SJW

    4. And what about having a name like a notorious Nazi Field Marshall? Should have changed their name to Bonhoeffermann or something.

  15. Is that a pipe in the picture or a dildo? Does it matter?

    1. Why can’t it be both?

      1. Might want to let it cool down first.

        1. Woman A: Do you smoke after sex?

          Woman B: I don’t know, I never looked.

      2. Dildobong sounds like something you’d find in Australia.

        1. The topic of one of the suppressed verses of Waltzing Matilda.

        2. It makes a funny sound.

          1. Sounds like a kangaroo and drop bear violently fucking in a pool of Jello.

        3. Once a jolly swagman camped by a Dildobong
          Under the shade of a coolibah tree, ?
          He sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled?
          You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me!

    2. With a little imagination and a lot of lube you can make anything into a dildo.

    3. Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

  16. McCabe: ‘I think it’s possible’ Trump is a Russian asset
    (Sorry it’s CNN, as they were the only outlet that would print that nonsense from McCabe)

    There are evidently bureaucrats who have serious mental problems and think that Trump is a Manchurian Candidate.

    Manchurian Candidates would never help the America and Americans like Trump has. These bureaucrats are crazy and need to be fired immediately before they do more harm to the USA.

    1. Its possible he is an agent of the lizard people too.

      1. “I think it’s possible” someone is a Russian asset is just what a Russian asset might say.

        1. That is actually true.

    2. Well, apparently Trump traumatic stress disorder is a real thing. So yes, TDS is probably real.

      Meanwhile, he was supposed to have taken gay rights away or kill them or something. Instead….

      Ha, ha what an IDIOT! How dare he be racist towards Islam for defending gay rights!

    1. They keep persecuting him just like they did Jesus.…

      1. +1

      2. Grab them by the Jussie

      3. damn funny.

      4. This is what you get when the demand for racism exceeds the supply

    2. Squeeze every last drop out.

  17. Trump WH ‘exploring every legal option’ to reclaim money from defunct California high-speed rail project

    More money for the border fence?

    The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it is exploring “every legal option” to reclaim $2.5 billion in federal funds spent by California on its now-defunct high-speed rail project, and also that it intends to cancel $928 million in federal grants not yet paid for the project to link Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

    1. Why pay for a dead project when you have a live one ?


    People think I am kidding when I say that the left is going to eventually tell gays to get back in the closet once Muslims become important enough in the coalition. I am not. And here we have Out claiming that Trump’s campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality is RACIST.

    1. The Trump administration is set to launch a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in dozens of nations where anti-gay laws are still on the books, NBC News reported Monday. While on its surface, the move looks like an atypically benevolent decision by the Trump administration, the details of the campaign belie a different story. Rather than actually being about helping queer people around the world, the campaign looks more like another instance of the right using queer people as a pawn to amass power and enact its own agenda.

      These Lefties are insane.

      Its like they just don’t want Trump to take away their Complaint Stump. If homosexuality is decriminalized, then how are gay folks supposed to be special victims?

      1. Who was it who said that gays need to stop being sore winners?

        1. Makes you wonder if the actual goal was not equal protection of homosexual ways….

        2. Are you shilling for Astroglide?

          1. ISWYDT

    2. Hey, the left has to find options other than Western Capitalism wherever the rest of the world presents them once Communism collapsed.

      Submission: A Novel
      Meanwhile, it’s election season. And although Francois feels “about as politicized as a hand towel,” things are getting pretty interesting. In an alliance with the socialists, France’s new Islamic party sweeps to power. Islamic law comes into force. Women are veiled, polygamy is encouraged, and Francois is offered an irresistible academic advancement–on condition that he convert to Islam.

    3. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    4. It’s nice to see American gays willing to sacrifice Iraqi gays on the altar of their self-righteousness.

      1. “Taking one for the Team”, as it were?

    5. Thank you for giving me great laffs this AM!

      Advocacy group GLAAD has kept a record of the many times the administration has harmed LGBTQ+ people, from its transgender military ban to the reversal of plans to include LGBTQ people on the 2020 US census. And prior to his ill-conceived plan to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Trump’s administration had an abysmal record on addressing the virus.

      Hilarious that they use the grouping of “isms” as a bludgeon, then complain about the Census Bureau’s not invading sexual privacy, & finally (following the link there) complaining about the admin.’s emphasis on condom use, because it’s not about individuals getting sick & xmitting disease, but about groups!

      I love the way this is going to split apart both the coalition they’re trying to hold together?because “LGBTQ+” will stretch only so far, band’s gotta break?but also the GOP?you know a Romney wouldn’t be pushing condoms & railing vs. homopression. Gonna be fun.

      1. The gays are a relative small group that has been loathed for most of history and still is loathed by most of the world. It is just a matter of time before some other group pounds them in the name of tolerance.

      2. Trump is realigning USAn politics, for the much better. It’s 1 of the reasons he’s still turning out to be the best POTUS of my life.

        1. I thought Hihn was anti-Trump.

  19. Grand Canyon tourists exposed to radiation inside building for nearly two decades, safety manager claims

    Three paint buckets filled with uranium sat in the Grand Canyon Museum Collection
    building for nearly two decades while tourists were unaware they were being exposed to radiation, a safety manager at the National Park has claimed.

    The containers were removed from the site last year, but not brought to the public’s attention until this month, after Elston Stephenson, the park’s safety, health, and wellness manager, alerted his colleagues via email that nothing was done to warn employees or the public.

    “If you were in the Museum Collections Building (2C) between the year 2000 and June 18, 2018, you were ‘exposed’ to uranium by OSHA’s definition,” Stephenson’s email read.

    Stephenson said the buckets were placed in an area where tours averaged 30 minutes and close exposure could have exposed adults to 400 times the health limit, and children 4,000 times.

    1. There is a saying in the nuclear weapons complex, “the radiation just kills the cancer cells”.

      1. People would freak out if all those sayings were made public.

        In the Navy, we used to say “dilution is the solution”. What’s a few more radioactive isotopes in trillions of gallons of ocean water.

    2. not brought to the public’s attention until this month, after Elston Stephenson, the park’s safety, health, and wellness manager, alerted his colleagues via email that nothing was done to warn employees or the public

      and the colleagues emailed back “Fuck, Elston! That was the idea!”

    3. Lack of accountability by federal government agencies like the National Park Service has certain upsides.

      If you ever go to Zion National Park, maybe my favorite, and hike up Angle’s Landing, the whole place is sandstone (AKA “slick-rock” because it gets slippery when wet), and parts of that trail, they give you a chain to hold onto while you skip across breaks in the trail or when the trail gets so narrow that you need a chain to hang onto. The drop off on that trail must be at least a thousand feet. Understand, there is no railing. The chain is on the side of the trail against the cliff wall, and the other side of the trail is just a drop off. You can take a picture of your foot and see the bus on the road below it about the size of ant–like when you’re in an airplane. There’s nothing between you and the edge but good sense. I understand several people die on that trail every year.

      I don’t think a private insurer would sell a policy to a private entity that owned and operated that trail, and if they did, it would be prohibitively expensive. I this one way, public land might be better for thrill seekers like myself, but I don’t know that the inability to sue the federal government for misbehavior is necessarily worth it to the average taxpayer. If the government is paying these people’s families off when they get killed but keeping the place open anyway, that’s certainly not in the taxpayers’ best interests.


    Airbus is retiring the A380, which was supposed to be the 747 killer. The 747 will still be in production to fill current orders for years to come. It first went into flight om 1970. The A380 first went into production as the European Community transitioned to the European Union and adopted a single currency, dropped trade barriers, etc. The A380 and Airbus are like a living, breathing dying, choking metaphor for why the EU is struggling.

    The striking point is that Airbus is a consortium of government owned and government directed aerospace companies. Government influence didn’t only dictate that political considerations would drive production decisions like where things are built and that government owned airlines would buy which planes, it also seems to have driven the bad decision to build something like the A380 in the first place.

    1. Gigantic planes like the A380 fly less frequently because they need to fly full in order to be profitable, but the consumer market was moving to smaller planes that fly direct routes between regional hubs and do so frequently (more flight departure times). Those kinds of flights don’t do well for big government hubs in London, Paris, and elsewhere in the EU. At the time the A380 was launched, it was hailed as a technological marvel that left Boeing’s 747 in the dust. What good is a technological marvel that misjudges the market so badly that airlines end up selling them for scrap because they can’t be used to server consumer tastes properly or at competitive ticket rates?

      This failure was despite billions in subsidies from the EU. This failure was despite the countries that make up the Airbus consortium largely using the same currency. The failure was despite the UK being in the EU, and the EU setting the same environmental, safety, and consumer protection rules EU wide. All of those things benefit the EU, no doubt, but it doesn’t count for shit if they don’t get the government to stop meddling in the decisions of private industry which should be free from political considerations. Every company in the Airbus consortium getting screwed by the government and in the same way is not better than Boeing being screwed with less. Figure it out already, EU.

      It isn’t just Airbus. Interfering in markets less is more important than interfering in markets equally.

      1. A big deal is being made about direct routes, but a bigger problem for the A380 was the fact that airports are stuck in 1940’s design and logistics paradigms and refuse to make the necessary changes. This greatly limited where it could fly to.
        The refusal to create airports 2.0 is stifling innovation.
        The new 777X is sort of getting around the problem with folding wings but that’s just a band-aid solution.

      2. Airbus used the 1947 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser converted to super guppies to haul their parts around. The 377 was arguably the first double decker jumbo plane.

    2. But, in 10 years we will be riding solar powered trains

      1. And they’ll be a technological marvel–going from politically connected place to politically connected place regardless of whether enough passengers want to buy a ticket to go there to cover the costs.

  21. Marijuana is a gateway to drug dealers who also sell opiates, since that’s the only place you can get pot. If only there was some solution.

    1. From what I have been told, cocaine is the gateway to heroin. People start using heroin as a way to come down from using cocaine.

      1. It’s all nonsense. Most cocaine users are recreational and would never touch heroin.

        1. True. but just because most cocaine users don’t doesn’t mean that none do.

          1. Older stats, I’m sure the over/under is huge. But from this, even if every heroin user also used cocaine (most are spending all of their money on heroin), that would be only 20% of coke users doing herion too. I’d guess

            1. I’d guess less than 5% at most. End of comment and link got cut off.

      2. I’ve heard it’s women. Women drive guys crazy, and it makes some of them want to self-medicate just so they can through the day.

        “Oh God, is she gonna tell me how her day went again? I don’t think I can take it! Where my little helper? Maybe if I . . . ah, now that feels better. I’m sorry, Sweetie. You said somebody in the check out line gave you a dirty look? That story sounds fascinating. Tell me more.”

        That doesn’t explain why women become addicts, but then who knows why women do anything? I’ve asked them, and they don’t seem to understand why they do the things they do either.

        1. Holy shit, Ken. If you’re married I feel bad for your wife.

          1. Get a sense of humor.

            1. “If you were standing behind a door *no one* could touch you!

              *** walks off in a huff ***”

        2. jfc Reason isn’t therapy, Ken.

      3. If you are dumb enough to use heroin, you won’t be missed when you die.

        1. I agree. I think anyone who tries it for fun has a death wish to begin with.

          1. It’s only deadly because it’s illegal and unregulated. People die when they guess the dosage. If people knew the exact potency of the product, and had some directions as to how much to use, then only people who don’t follow the directions would end up dead.

          2. Why? Heroin, like any other drug, can be administered quite safely. It is prohibition that makes that less so.

            I think most people only know what they’ve seen in movies, which is mostly sensationalized bullshit.

      4. People start using heroin as a way to come down from using cocaine.

        Rock star anecdotes don’t represent the general population.

    2. Exactly. Marijuana is a gateway to the black market.

      I’ve never had someone behind the counter of a liquor store offer me cocaine. Pot dealers have.

      1. Huh. I guess my liquor store is “cool”.

    3. This “no such thing as a gateway drug” meme is retarded. Alcohol and cigarettes were certainly gateways for me to all sorts of dangerous shit.

    4. Maybe it’s Ritalin. 9 out of 10 teachers endorse it.

  22. “Trump administration halts $928 million in aid; Gov. Newsom calls move ‘retribution’ over wall suit”…..550618638?

    Here’s my understanding of what’s going on here:

    Obama administration: “Hey Moonbeam! We’ll give California $3.5 billion in cash if you build a high speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles”

    Governor Larry Brown: “Okay!”

    Fast forward to last week:

    Governor Gavin Newsom: “The train costs too much to build. We’ll finish the short leg from Bakersfield to Bumfuck, Egypt Merced because the Trump administration has to give us another $1 billion in cash, but, after that, we’re not going from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

    Trump Administration: “You got that $3.5 billion to build a high speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. If you’re not doing that, then you’re not getting the rest of that cash–and we want the $2.5 billion we already gave you back.

    Governor Gavin Newsom: “You’re just doing this because we’re suing you over your wall”.


    The Millennials can’t remember very much ? and they don’t learn very much either. It’s easy being hot for socialism or communism when you actually have a very little idea of what it is and what it did throughout the 20th century. And the Ys have that ignorance in spades; one third of them think that George W Bush killed more people than Stalin and 42 per cent have never heard of Mao ? but over 70 per cent agree with Bernie Sanders. Some research suggests that only 15 per cent actually have a correct understanding of socialism. It’s not just politics; the Millennials are the most woefully undereducated and miseducated generation in a very long time. To be fair, that’s not strictly their fault; that attaches itself again to their Boomer grandparents who have been in charge of our failing education systems during this time. Combine the modern indoctrination-cum-dumbification taking place in schools and universities with the attention span-killing impact of information technology and social media, and you have a barely literate cohort, which is simply not equipped with the necessary mental tools to learn about the real world even if they wanted to.

    Generation Retard.

    1. Useful idiots.

    2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a stupid fucking socialist, but she also dances and makes heart-hands, so . . . I guess it’s a wash.

    3. We clearly need to lower the voting age to 16. Not only will it give us more voters who have no experience outside government run schools, but teachers can make voting a class assignment, apply peer pressure to anyone who votes the wrong way, ‘harvest’ the ballots, and toss any that vote wrong.

      1. I’m imagining a dystopian future where Millenials pick our leaders through a show like the The Masked Singer.

    4. that attaches itself again to their Boomer grandparents who have been in charge of our failing education systems during this time.

      To be fair, Gen-Xers went along with it because they never had the numbers to be anything more than a blip on the cultural radar. That generation will always take the path of least resistance, which is why so many of them have changed their views to reflect whomever happens to be the most dominant culturally and politically at the time.

    5. Baby boomers blame Millenials for everything BUT WHO PUT CARPET OVER THESE HARDWOOD FLOORS PATRICIA?

      1. Systemic racism. By rich and famous African-Americans against poor and obscure ones.

        1. It was a big stretch to call him famous.

          1. Hmm … yes. Rich and connected?

      2. If you can read that story without your stomach turning over, something is wrong with you.

      3. Trump is a political-lightning-rod president, inspiring irrational hate in some and irrational adoration in others and most likely both groups are tribal and wrong.

        Amen to that, brother.

      4. Was just a late term abortion. No biggie.

  24. I watched the movie Beautiful Boy and yes, smoking pot can absolutely trigger the disease of addiction, that can later lead to harder substances like meth and heroin. If we can save just one kid’s life, then prevention is worthwhile.

    1. Hey, Reefer Madness did it before and better!

    2. >>>If we can save just one kid’s life


  25. Is Marijuana Making You a Heroin Addict?

    Is Prohibition Making You Angry?

    Is Your Girlfriend Making You a Sandwich?

    1. “Finish The Stall!”

    2. Let me guess his name is Joffrey?

      1. Even worse – his name is Benton.

    3. Jennifer and Shane Stevens are members of the Republican National Committee. They say they frequently share their political views with their son.

      ‘People think he’s brainwashed,’ she said.

      ‘Well, of course, he supports Trump because we do, and he hears how we talk and this and that.

      ‘Call that brainwashing, but I call it parenting, because we instill our values in him.’

      Jennifer and Shane are going to have quite the party with that sweet cheddar.

      1. With all the millions of registered Republicans out there, how do a husband and wife both end up on the RNC? And, with a seven year old, how do they find the time to serve? [Maybe this is a symptom of why the RNC is so ineffective?]

        1. The real story is how in the hell they found a family of Republicans that live in Austin full-time.

      2. ‘Call that brainwashing, but I call it parenting, because we instill our values in him.’

        She should have seen the SF grammar school teachers leading their charges down the streets in ‘marches against Trump’, late November 2016.
        Of course the children clamored for it, and the teachers gave in to the pressure, right?

    4. Baby Hitler…../giphy.gif

    5. Yeah, a seven-year-old is going to parrot their parents’ political beliefs, because they think by doing so, they’ll gain their parents’ favor. They don’t have a fucking clue what the issues are, because they’re kids.

      This really isn’t any different than proglydytes that use their kids as puppets at town council meetings or protests, or act as “shitthatdidnthappen” avatars for their parents’ inner monologues.

    1. A mother dubbed the ‘Queen of Cosmetic Procedures’ has defended her ‘disgusting’ decision to eat living creepy crawlies every day

      “Mother, you’re *embarassing* me!”

  26. marijuana is a gateway to the ziploc aisle at kroger.

    1. Don’t forget the brownie mix and the snack isle!

      1. word. snacks before ziplocs.

      2. If there is a snack isle, why haven’t I moved there yet?

        1. It’s in the chocolate sea!

          1. Easter Island.

  27. Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in 2017 (the last year for which there is data), just 494,000 people had used heroin in the entire previous year.

    If you use heroin just once you become a hopeless addict and you lose your job, your friends, your family, everything you’ve got. Ergo, most heroin users are homeless and therefore not very well represented in various government tallies of any sort. And we all know how bad the homeless situation gets whenever there’s a Republican in the White House and virtually disappears whenever there’s a Democrat so it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find there were very few heroin users when Obama was in office and tens of millions now.

    1. Everyone was high on hope not dope!

  28. ISIS wife from Alabama will not be admitted to the US, Pompeo says

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that an Alabama woman who joined ISIS but now wants to return home with the 18-month-old son she had with her ISIS husband will not be admitted back into the United States, saying she is not a U.S. citizen.

    But it could be because Muthana’s father was a diplomat, something her legal representative, Hassan Shibly, acknowledged Wednesday.

  29. Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the best job I’ve had. Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. I began this 8-months ago and immediately was bringing home at least $77 per hour. I work through this link, go to tech tab for work detail.

  30. RE: Gateway Drug

    It’s not any particular substance. Drug abuse has much more to do with personality, genetics, and who people associate with. Use of any “gateway” drug is linked to a greater likelihood of hard drug use in the future, including alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, which are generally used before cannabis. The gateway drug “theory”, that a unique pharmacological effect of cannabis causes the use of hard drugs, has been discredited many peer reviewed studies that have examined it.
    [Joy et al. 1999; Morral et al. 2002; Cleveland HH & Wiebe RP. 2008; Reissig et al. 2008; Wen et al. 2014; Tristan et al. 2012; Tarter et al. 2006; Van Gundy K & Rebellon CJ. 2010; Vanyukov et al. 2012; Barry et al. 2016]

    Putting cannabis in the underground market further exposes its consumers to hard drugs. This is like going to a beer distributor who also sells opioids, cocaine, and meth. Also, when people realize that they were for the most part lied to about the negative effects of illegal cannabis, respect for all laws, especially drug laws, is eroded. This further increases the likelihood of experimentation with other illegal drugs.

    1. Given an interest in recreational substances combined with a willingness to try illegal substances, cannabis is predictably, due to its popularity, the first illegal substance encountered. This does not mean that cannabis caused later drug use, cannabis use was simply a result of the same influencing factors as hard drug use. The “gateway theory” is a simple observation of a typical sequence and has little to no utility in reducing drug abuse. A recent extensive review concluded that: “The promotion of the erroneous gateway theory ultimately does the public a disservice, including the hindering of intervention.” [Vanyukov et al. 2012]

  31. Studies have shown that cannabinoids can help treat those addicted to hard drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol, and that it is an “exit drug” for some.

    This recent study found cannabis helped people stop using opioids completely in 59.3% of instances; another 18.4% reported reducing opioid use by at least 75%:

    “increased regulated access to medical and recreational cannabis can result in a reduction in the use of and subsequent harms associated with opioids, alcohol, tobacco, and other substances”
    [Lucas et al. 2019]

    Other studies have found similar results:

    “These data suggest that rather than acting as a gateway to other drugs, (which many had also tried), cannabis has been exerting a beneficial influence on most.”
    [O’Connell TJ & Bou-Matar CB. Long term marijuana users seeking medical cannabis in California (2001?2007): demographics, social characteristics, patterns of cannabis and other drug use of 4117 applicants. Harm Reduction Journal. 2007]

    1. “cannabinoids modulate brain reward systems closely involved in stimulants addiction, and provide further evidence that the cannabinoid system could be explored as a potential drug discovery target for treating addiction across different classes of stimulants.”
      [Oliere et al. Modulation of the Endocannabinoid System: Vulnerability Factor and New Treatment Target for Stimulant Addiction. Front Psychiatry. 2013. Review]

      “The substitution of one psychoactive substance for another with the goal of reducing negative outcomes can be included within the framework of harm reduction. Medical cannabis patients have been engaging in substitution by using cannabis as an alternative to alcohol, prescription and illicit drugs.”
      [Reiman A. Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs. Harm Reduct J. 2009]

      “The severity of opioid withdrawal during inpatient phase was lower in the dronabinol group relative to placebo group”
      [Bisaga et al. The effects of dronabinol during detoxification and the initiation of treatment with extended release naltrexone. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2015]

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