Green New Deal

Think the Green New Deal Is Crazy? Blame Intersectionality.

The left loves fringe causes, like providing welfare to people who are "unwilling to work."


Alex Edelman/SIPA/Newscom

The Green New Deal, released earlier this week by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–NY), has drawn plenty of criticism from conservatives, libertarians, and even some centrist liberals: New York magazine's Jonathan Chait advised Democrats to scrap it and start over.

Many of these articles—including ones penned by Reason's Ronald Bailey and Joe Setyon—have pointed how ludicrously broad the Green New Deal is. Notably, it does not confine itself to environmental policy: the proposal also asks for more education funding, more health care funding, the enforcement of "workplace health and safety, antidiscrimination, and wage and hour standards across all employers, industries, and sectors," enforcement of "trade rules," and, according to the Green New Deal's FAQ sheet, "economic security for all those who are unable or unwilling to work."

Why would the left include a provision about subsidizing the lifestyle of lazy people in its climate change manifesto? Because that's what intersectionality requires.

As I explain in my forthcoming book, PANIC ATTACK: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump (pre-order it here), intersectionality is a philosophical framework that has come to completely dominate progressive activist thinking in the 30 years since the sociologist Kimberle Crenshaw first coined it. An intersectional progressive recognizes that racism, and sexism, and homophobia, and transphobia, and age-ism, and classism, and so on, are separate-but-related phenomena. To ignore just one of these sources of oppression is to fail intersectionality; the seriously social-justice minded must treat all of these issues as equally important and confront them en masse.

The original concept isn't entirely without merit, and there are many cases where it would be worth it for social change agents to consider their blind spots (see: the Women's March and anti-Semitism). But a lot of the time, adding more and more demands is a surefire way to make sure none of them get taken seriously. It's very hard to form an ideologically diverse coalition around a single issue—like, say, climate change—if you expect your coalition to also agree on a bunch of other fringe issues—like, say, "unwilling to work" subsidies.

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  1. The original concept isn’t entirely without merit,

    No, it’s entirely without merit.

    1. Both sides, Milo, both sides…

      1. It isn’t entirely original, either?

    2. Phrasing. You didn’t start with “To be sure,”

      1. +1, “to be sure…”

    3. It’s fascism, which has been implemented with great success and applause very recently (Obamacare)

    4. When you go full bore it is surely nuts. Straws being related to white supremacy or whatever is clearly ridiculous… But some of the issues do at least tie together at the edges.

      1. Seriously? It is all rubbish!

  2. As I explain my forthcoming book, PANIC ATTACK: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump (pre-order it here)…

    Roberto is waiting to release it until after Michael Moynihan has gone over it with his fine-tooth comb.

    1. That would be a good move.

  3. “unwilling to work.” That’s in there to draw severe criticism. Then pinkos will say, “O.K. we will drop that clause, and then, in the spirit of compromise, you will join us in passing the rest.” And the GOP will go along with it, thinking they have won a victory over the Left.

    1. you may be onto to something The GOP is dumb enough to fall for that

    2. This is a common negotiating technique, and one of Trump’s favs.

      1. There are indeed TWO GND documents: the Resolution itself and AOC’s FAQ.

        AOC’s people are already calling the FAQ that contains the reference to “unwilling to work” a “doctored document”.

        See, for example, Carlson interview with AOC adviser, Prof. Robert Hocket

        I don’t think Hocket is correct in calling the FAQ a “doctored document” and I think his denials of its most ridiculous aspects is disingenuous. Even CAGW alarmist media like Bloomberg and Slate report that the FAQ is authentic. NPR has a copy of the FAQ on its website, here. If the link doesn’t work, google it: the NPR version of the FAQ includes the “unwilling to work” language.

        Huffpo has an article about how Hocket fact-checked Carlson; it’s a wonderful example of fake news. “An adviser to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Friday night fact-checked Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to his face for peddling falsehoods about the Green New Deal being proposed by left-leaning Democrats.”

        1. Since the FAQ “unwilling to work” clause appears in a capture the wayback machine did of AOC’s House web site, it seems AOC’s own staff “doctored” it.

          This appears to be another case of AOC refusing to take full responsibility for things that she gets wrong – like the “pentagon waste could pay for MFA” debacle.

          1. It’s possible that AOC is so careless about security that her site has already been hacked. But that is another reason to keep her out of anything important…

    3. Personally, I’m down for bringing back work houses. Eliminate welfare, and if anybody is starving we can put them to work beating people like AOC in the camps we throw them in!

      People that are unwilling to work should be put down… Or forced to work. There is really not room for people like that in the world. Mind you I know neither of those is moral or whatever, but neither is pieces of shit like that expecting to be supported by other people. ESPECIALLY through government force.

    4. The way you deal with a pinko hippie is to backhand the smelly hippie when it runs it’s dirty mouth. Not negotiate to give it half of the stupid things it wants. Just so it can come back and get the other half in a year or two.

      Beating a dirty, whiny, pinko hippie is always the right call.

  4. Pick a crisis, preferably made up and able to ignore attacks based on facts (climate change, check)
    Have a lapdog media repeat the claims over and over, and have them denounce any opponent. (check)
    Then pile all your political absurdities into one basket and claim that the economy must be centrally managed or the world will end. Ignore any and all possible economic and freedom issues.
    Rinse and repeat.

    1. Global warming = Treaty of Versailles + Jews!!

      1. +cow farts

  5. “must treat all of these issues as equally important and confront them en masse.”

    If only that’s what Crenshaw (or anyone else preaching social justice) thought. There isn’t a single SJW that believes all issues are equally important. What they do believe is that some issues become more important than others depending on how they fit into the progressive stack. That’s why there are things like TERFs and tons of progressive infighting at every turn.

    Unsurprisingly, an ideology seeks to reject ideology and grand narratives ends up destroying itself.

  6. An intersectional progressive recognizes that racism, and sexism, and homophobia, and transphobia, and age-ism, and classism, and so on, are separate-but-related phenomena.

    Related in that they can be cobbled together to form a reliable voting bloc of victims whose disparate problems only intersectional progressives with state power can solve.

    1. It’s genius. They’re not forming a coalition out of expediency. They’re forming it because all their interests as female/black/Latino/gay/trans/poor people are related.

      1. That’s Latin-X, I’ll have you know!

        1. How do you pronounce that monstrosity, anyway?

          1. I believe it is pronounced “crazy”

      2. The problem is many of their interests are directly in conflict with each other. Simple example: Black wages are hurt the most by low skilled Hispanic immigration. Which is why I don’t see their coalition holding up long… Basically the sole thing holding it together now is hatred of white, heterosexual men.

        That MAY be enough to hold it together for a few… But maybe not. I mean Hispanics are basically already the #2 block in the country, and could just start throwing their weight around any time. They don’t like gays, Jews, or blacks half the time. They definitely give no shits about women, who are supposed to be in the kitchen making tacos!

        And they LIKE to think of themselves as white… Even if purer white folks (less NA blood) often don’t.

        That’s not to mention if the coalition just pushed white men too far and they get their asses handed to them in a violent conflict. Or any number of scenarios. Their coalition is so fragile it’s not even funny.

        1. Problem with your point above is that, and I hate that this is the case, progressive government is father-provider to the majority of black children.
          As long as black women are stuck in their abusive relationship with Uncle Sam, they’ll not revolt.
          Thus illegal immigration will continue to blight the prospects of their children while they look the other way

          1. So, Uncle Sam is the next me-too target?

          2. Yep. The democrats did a better job destroying black families through welfare then they ever did using the Klan. Even getting black s to vote al ost exclusively for their destroyers.

          3. True enough. Thing is, it doesn’t have to be black WOMEN. Many black MEN have figured out how fucked the welfare state is, and how it has been used to destroy their families. Frankly, I don’t expect even MOST black men to catch on, but even just moderate defections could completely screw up the leftist coalition.

            It is simply one of many possible scenarios… But the bottom line is they have so many natural flaws in their coalition it is likely something will go wrong, and if they lose even modest chunks of a lot of their support, they could be eating crow PDQ. Remember, Asians used to vote right wing until the 1996 election, and they’re projected to be the biggest immigrant group going forward, so who knows what angle things will come from.

        2. Thus far, the Progressives have proven deft at using demagoguery to maintain their rickety coalition. People the Progressives are trying to get/keep in their camp that often ideologically do not belong there include Hispanics legally in the US, blacks who immigrated to the US, and the parents of the approximately 30% of black children not born out of wedlock in the US?to name a few.

          1. The thing all those groups have in common is: liking handouts, because they tend to be not affluent.

            If you want to talk about groups that REALLY shouldn’t be there it’s Asians and Jews. At different points both groups also used to be right leaning. For the Jews it was around 100 years ago, but for Asians they only went even slightly left in the 2000 election for the first time. They even voted for Dole FFS! They’ve gone hard left since.

            Jews are a small part of voting power, as their population is small, but they are influential. Asians are both affluent and in respectable numbers. The fact that both of those privileged groups are likely next targets for SJWs ought to wake them up to the stupid the left has in store.

  7. It’s very hard to form an ideologically diverse coalition around a single issue?like, say, climate change?if you expect your coalition to also agree on a bunch of other fringe issues?like, say, “unwilling to work” subsidies.

    It’s easy if you try. Just say “”unwilling to work due to climate change”.

    1. “unwilling to work…IN TRUMP’S AMERICA!”

      1. Damn him, helping to bring back all those jobs.

  8. “Trade deficits are actually healthy” and “Criticizing the national debt is blaming the victim.”

    Maybe she’s been reading too much Reason (or at least the comments).

    1. Are those real quotes?

  9. AOC is as beautiful as a foot.

    1. Ah, a fellow fan of wikifeet.

      1. Au contraire.

        I have a heel and boot fetish. Not into hillbillies.

        1. But she’s from the Boogie Down…

    2. … After a severe case of frostbite

    3. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I’d pee on her after she gave me a blowjob or whatever… But she’s not that hot.

      1. She’s got a pretty good body, and I’ll bet she gives pretty good head. I especially wouldn’t mind getting blown by her while she makes eye contact with those crazy eyes of hers. Also, her tits aren’t bad. Might even make for some good tittyfucking.

        Plus she’s the kind of chick that will totally lez out for you after a bottle of wine. Which is a plus. She might even pull the other chick for the threesome for you.

        1. LOL

          All true my friend, all true!

          After the night was over though, I’d definitely throw her in a camp. LOL

          1. No, she’d throw YOU into a camp. FFS

            1. Nope. I’m not one of those limp wristed purist libertarians… I’m more in line with the founding fathers, and am fine with dealing with our enemies once they have aggressed against us… Which they’ve arguably been doing for many decades already.

              I’m a “Pro throwing commies in camps” libertarian 🙂

  10. You know who else had a plan for “people unwilling to work”?

    1. Every presidential candidate in France

    2. Bernie Sanders Commune?

    3. The nuns at Catholic School?

    4. Who cares? Can’t we just gas them or send them to Siberia? Either way seems to work out well enough historically speaking…

    5. The Soylent Corporation?

      1. That’s green.

  11. I disagree with Robby here. The piling in of 100 additional grievances is a feature, not a bug.

    It is no secret that a vast majority of US voters don’t really care about Global Warming. Even among those that do, they rank it at about number 7 of their top 5 priorities.

    The purpose of this social justice grab bag is to rope in the usual suspects in the standard Democrat activist camp. Sure, transgendered native american quadriplegics don’t spend a lot of time arguing for wind farms, but if they can get a couple of their own pet causes thrown in, they’ll lend their megaphone to the cause. This isn’t sufficiently different from the typical horse trading that goes into appropriations bills to get one or two recalcitrant congress critters on board.

    But let’s be serious here: nobody, not even Harris or Ocasio-Cortez think this plan is going to pass. Their whole purpose here is to 1) get publicity so they can go on talk shows and 2) rally the democrats to the left. If they can get all the various SJW interest groups to hitch their platforms to this wagon, then essentially the entire activist base of the party is pushing for an extremely anti-capitalist, socialist program, sucking the air out of any Centrist Dem candidate.

    It may well be that they pushed this one too far into absurdity and it will backfire, but that remains to be seen.

    1. Yes, excatly, it’s why they continue to find Racism at every turn. It’s to get The most socially conservative voter block (Blacks) to vote for people who push Late Term and Post Birth Abortion as well as Trans Bathroom Rights, how they get Union workers to vote for Greens, and how they make LGTBQ EcoWarriors.

      White Men Bad, you have to support everyone who is fighting against Mr Whitey Capitalism

      1. Learn some basic HTML, it’s more better than caps. Click here.

        1. I’ve known BASIC HTML since the mid 90s… But who wants to deal with that shit? Extra characters and such like when I can just hit the shift key? No thanks! If reason ever creates a good comment section I MIGHT be bothered to use some hotkeys… MAYBE.

          1. I use CAPS for emphasis, since REASON DOESN’T have a “good comment section” software. It’s become a freaking habit now, so even on pages that use markup, I don’t bother.

            1. Yup. It’s just easier on here than using HTML. I do it in other venues a little bit too… But mostly will use italics or bold or whatever seems correct. Stupid Reason, trying to give me bad typing habits!

      2. If they’re gonna give me a new house and send me a check every month I’m in. I don’t like flying anyway.

      3. It’s a CO2-inflated Big Tent.

      4. Unfortunately, the Progressives have been successful so far in using these techniques to hold their rickety coalition together, and I fear that they will continue to bind these groups in tighter, sucking the life out of people who fall into these broad categories the Progressives have defined for them and making them ever more dependent on Progressives for their apparent well-being.

    2. “Their whole purpose here is to 1) get publicity so they can go on talk shows and 2) rally the democrats to the left.”


      Robby is an idiot for not seeing ‘wild vague basket of demands’ as nothing more than self-promotion material. Treating it like serious policy proposal is being stupidly generous to people who deserve zero credit

    3. What should be mentioned is that the whole “Green New Deal” is part of the Green Party Platform. It is sad that even progressives have to steal from each other as they have no original ideas. More importantly it is straight up Marxism.

      1. Yes. Harris and Ocasio-Cortez are newbies from progressive enclaves. They have latched onto the Green Plan because crypto-communists (aka watermelons) have long been using the Environmental agenda as their trojan horse to impose anti-capitalist nonsense on generally centrist Americans.

        Unfortunately, with this move, Harris and ACO have basically put a marxist mask on a green-hooded marxist agenda, unintentionally revealing it for what it is.

        1. “…Harris and ACO have basically put a marxist mask on a green-hooded marxist agenda, unintentionally revealing it for what it is.”

          lol. That’s an amusing image. “We’ve disguised the pirates by shaving their beards, removing their muskets and cutlasses and dressing them in respectable clothing. Now we complete the disguise with a parrot, eye-patch and hook-hand! Oila!”

  12. I think I’m going to Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s big announcement in Minneapolix on Sunday (unless it’s effin’ too cold as it’s being held outside!).

    She’s one of the few palatable Democrats. Representative Ilhan Omar will probably be there. Maybe I can witness an Al Shaba’ab hit or something cool.

    1. I wanted to like Klobuchar, despite not liking everything she votes for. She seemed nice and reasonable and down to Earth.

      Turns out she is a tyrant who treats her staff worse than Julia Louis Dreyfuss treats Tony Hale. None of them will join her campaign

      1. She rivals Shelia Jackson Lee for tyranny

      2. Rumor has it she’s not a nice person.

        1. That was my sense of her even before all this talk surfaced. I never liked her and I think I even left her an ugly voicemail for sounding like a Republican on the issue of sex worker rights.

          1. Maybe she does some hookin’ on the side and doesn’t want the extra competition?

      3. Amy K is hip deep into green BS.

  13. I guess intersectionality is partly to blame for this thing being crazy, but I’d put it low on the list behind things like a disregard, if not outright contempt, for things like individual liberty, material prosperity, human flourishing, even human life itself. It gets dangerously close to Mao and Lenin levels of bad.

      1. I’ve always respected Jello Biafra’s derision towards privileged campus lefties.

    1. Mao and Lenin are viewed as heroes by many.

      1. Something about omelettes.

        1. Can’t get any without cracking some heads

  14. adding more and more demands is a surefire way to make sure none of them get taken seriously

    In this case we can only hope that’s true.

  15. I’ve seen “intersectionality” explained a few times, and it always leaves my brain groping around in a vacuum. It means nothing on its own, and that’s the way the SJWs want it, so it can mean whatever they want it to mean at that point, then change their mind later when you try to pin them down.

    If a word’s meaning isn’t reasonably intuitively obvious, then it’s just bunk.

    1. And the very next article is a shining example of another meaningless word: postmodern. Anything prefixed with post is post-meaningful.

    2. I’m with you on this; Normally I’m a pretty smart guy, I can go through this stuff like a chainsaw through wet cardboard. But every time somebody starts explaining “intersectionality” to me, it’s like my brain shuts down.

      I’m beginning to think there’s not actually any meaning there for me to extract, that it’s gobblty gook all the way down. And maybe that’s the point: You can’t really prove them wrong if there’s not enough meaning to be right in the first place.

  16. “Why would the left include a provision about subsidizing the lifestyle of lazy people in its climate change manifesto? Because that’s what intersectionality requires.”

    “intersectionality” seems like something someone made up because it sounds better than ‘never let a “crisis” go to waste’.

    1. It’s a chain gang of grievance.

      1. All your grievance are belong to us!

      2. It’s a chain gang of grievance.

        Best definition ever

  17. Speaking of intersectionality …

    Bronx lawmaker: City Council is ‘controlled by the homosexual community’

    “When I get to the City Council, I find that the City Council is controlled ? most council members out of 51 council members ? over there, everybody is controlled by the homosexual community,” Rub?n D?az Sr. said in an interview with a spanish-language TV program geared toward cab drivers, NY1 reported.

    City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who is gay, called on Diaz to apologize after the NY1 report.

    1. And this is the weak link in their coalition… Niggas and Beaners don’t like Heebs and faggots… Which is why this shit ain’t gonna hold together much longer I don’t think. I’m amazed they’ve held it together this long really… I guess it just speaks to just how much all those groups hate heterosexual white men.

      1. And lesbos don’t like trans. Even less if they take over softball. Just sayin’…

        1. Right? I’ve actually used the trannies in sports thing as a “WTF this isn’t cool to women” argument with left leaners lately.

          Apparently the idea of naked dudes with dicks (who think they’re women!) being in shower rooms with their underaged female relatives wasn’t enough… But biological males stealing ALL sports accolades from biological women seems to actually hit them equally well if not better than the above.


          1. Well, women have dealt with sexual aggressiveness from men since the beginning of time, so the naked dudes in showers imagery is not all that alarming to them.

            But, once you start taking away the things that were fought for by women over the past 100 years, telling them that biological men will now be the benefactors of such spaces that were originally designated as women-only… well, then you have a problem.

            Its absurd, isn’t it? It’s all absurd.

            1. Very absurd indeed. I watched a few minutes of Tucker tonight, and he had a LESBIAN on who was FIRED by other leftists… Over tranny stuff, and the fact that she doesn’t think they should be allowed in “all spaces” that are meant for women only.

              Watching them eat their own sure is fun!

      2. Yep. All that leftist hatred will turn inwards just like all the different Muslim factions when they aren’t focused on on outsider.

        1. Well, by all rights aggrieved blacks should hate Asians and Jews, as they’re more prosperous than whites… Which must mean they’re even MORE oppressive somehow… And Hispanics really just want to be considered whites anyway, as that’s how they tend to think of themselves in Latin America… Muslims sure as shit don’t like Jews either, and anybody who doesn’t want to convert isn’t too nice in their eyes either… Asians shouldn’t like that they’re being screwed by affirmative action and high taxes just like whites…

          So there are just endless issues between all those groups. That at least a few of those relationships aren’t going to sour seems almost impossible.

  18. “economic security for all those who are unable or unwilling to work.”

    Or in other words, “Vote for us and we’ll pay you.”

    1. Does that violate some kind of law about kickbacks for votes?

    2. I swear to fucking god, if some shit like endless free money without even trying to find work ever passes… I’m just going to sit on my ass and refuse to work. I’ve never taken a dime of welfare, including shit I was theoretically entitled to, out of spite… But at a certain point you just have to go on strike.

      1. I’ve already done something like this since passage of ObamaCare. Faced by the mandate to buy useless and expensive “insurance”, I quit working after I estimate that family income approaches 400% of poverty line.

        I have to do that to avoid a 800,000% marginal income tax rate. (I.e., earn $1 over 400% of PL and income tax liability goes up by $8000.)

        I now longer pay much in income tax per se. Instead, the money goes to ObamaCare.

        ObamaCare did not create a right to health care; instead, it created a duty to purchase government-designed insurance.

        1. Ugh. These kinds of perversions are just so screwed up… I can’t bring myself to do anything like that yet… But if it gets much worse, I might just have to do it to collapse the damn system. I’m so tired of being abused for not being a slacker.

          1. This is why I am so willing to see harm done to the people,who make this happen. They need to go, no matter what it takes. As this is only the beginning of their bullshit.

            Just look at all the things AOC wants to inflict on us. We are at war with these people.

            1. Yup. The war began a LONG time ago, many people just don’t realize it yet.

              Many of the events that have already transpired will be the Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party equivalents when the history of this era is written.

  19. The helpful Finns have already done the experiment with a guaranteed income, and have found it doesn’t work.

    Finland Basic Income

    1. Supporters of basic income often believe an unconditional safety net can help people out of poverty, by giving them the time to apply for jobs or learn essential new skills.


    2. I watched the stupid video there… There was some former newspaper editor who hadn’t had a job since 2013!

      He still didn’t when it ended in 2018 or whatever.

      People like that disgust me. I have done jobs that were WAY beneath me in the past, simply because I needed to get some cash through the door. I refused to take unemployment, even though I was entitled to it a time or two when I was younger.

      People that don’t get jobs for years on end should be lined up and shot as far as I’m concerned. Ok dude, I get it… You have a high opinion of yourself. That’s cool bro… But I don’t care. Get whatever bullshit job you can, and THEN carry on looking for an actual good job you think is worthy of your talents.

      I have no patience for that kind of shit. I had to change jobs in the middle of the great recession… I don’t think I was even 2 weeks between gigs, because I took some beater stuff. In a normal or good economy there is even less excuse.

      1. Lots of people are entitled. I have a friend who rents a house from my parents. He isn’t making enough money ffrom his freelance sales job to pay his bills after his travel expenses. I to,d him to figure out something or his ass is going to get evicted soon. He really expects everyone to just let him slide because he doesn’t feel like doing other work that would pay him more than enough money to pay his bills.

        1. Screw people like that. I have just never understood the mentality. I guess it’s very middle-middle class of me to expect people to take care of their own shit, and have nobody there to coddle them… Coddling by rich parents is mostly reserved for the upper-middle class on up.

  20. It’s very hard to form an ideologically diverse coalition around a single issue?like, say, climate change?if you expect your coalition to also agree on a bunch of other fringe issues?like, say, “unwilling to work” subsidies.

    You realize you just described you and your fellow BHL’s with your UBI, right?

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  23. Why don’t we just blame an ugly, illiterate C**tez and a soy-fed entitlement mentality instead, Robby?

  24. Can’t we just blame an ugly, functionally illiterate socialist bitch exploiting mentally deranged, immature sub-humans who vote instead, Robby?

    1. And not so many voters, either – less than 17,000 voted for her in the Democratic primary, in a district where the D candidate is guaranteed to win. That’s 17,000 voters deciding for over 700,000 people (about 20% of whom are non-citizen immigrants). By contrast, my representative Justin Amash, who is quite as controversial as AOC , won twice as many (38,000) votes in his first primary and faced only a write-in challenger in the most recent one.

  25. Oh, look! The censor-bot decided to publish my first draft after all!

  26. We used to call “Weather is going to kill us all!” climate alarmists “watermelons”, green on the outside, red in the middle. I’m glad to see that is now politically explicit. Honesty is the best policy.

  27. Oh, and “intersectionality” really just means: if you care about this, you simply must care about that… which is to say it means nothing, because that’s not how people work. The “natural law” never was the political left’s thing, so they will keep tilting at windmills. Good gawd, when will the euro-peon empire preserving conservative tory politics of facism and communism ever end? Hopefully in this century, they survived the last century (and killed a lot of people too).

  28. My information is that 2018 was not exceptionally warmer globally, except for Australia. The actual part of Australia that got the hottest is the south, where they have taken climate alarmism so seriously they have torn down coal power plants and gone in for the wind and solar generation systems in a major way.

    Unfortunately, the heat that Aussies have been enduring hasn’t let off when the sun goes down, and this is a problem. No solar power is on line at night to power air conditioning. The wind might blow at night, but one of the quirks of the heat wave down under has been that there hasn’t been a lot of wind.

    So what do you do? You sweat all night. And curse. And don’t sleep. And lose productivity. Welcome to life in the old days.

    Proponents of alternative energy say the answer is better energy storage. Some very unrealistic numbers have been floated about how much electrical storage it takes to keep a whole nation’s bedrooms cool at night. You see, the real cost is the rub. It’s always that way with Big Ideas.

    1. Burn the progtards for fuel.

      1. Unfortunately it’s mostly a myth that human bodies burn well 🙁

        They would either have to be very fat people, which rules out working them to death before hand, which is a real negative!

        OR you would have to put their bodies out in the sun to dehydrate considerably before you torched them, but critters eating them would probably be a problem there.

        It may be green and renewable, but just like most other renewable energy it has its problems! LOL

  29. I believe them. If they actually got the power to completely control the economy then i think most of the GND goals would be completely forgotten.

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