Snowflake Senator Calls for Boycott of Concert Venue Over Poster That Shows Him Eating a Baby

Arkansas Sen. Jason Rapert learns what the Streisand Effect is all about.


Christopher Farris Terry

An Arkansas state senator is calling for people to boycott a local concert venue after the business used an image of him feasting on an infant to promote an upcoming show.

On Tuesday evening, Christopher Farris Terry, an event promotor for Vino's, a brew pub, pizzeria, and concert venue in Little Rock, shared a flyer on a Facebook event page promoting an upcoming May show by New Orleans metal band Eyehategod. Next to the logo of the band, and beneath information on the date and time of the show, is a poorly photoshopped image of state Sen. Jason Rapert (R–Conway) sinking large, bestial fangs into a human baby.

"My job as a promoter for any event I am hosting is to create buzz and get people excited about acts that are coming," said Terry in written responses to Reason's questions. The use of Rapert's image, he says, was satirical commentary on the senator's recent push to restrict abortion access in Arkansas.

Rapert was apparently not amused. Several hours after the flyer was published on social media, the senator shared a Facebook post of his own denouncing the "extreme liberals" who created this "wicked and evil depiction" of him, and demanding that it be taken down.

"They use my image on an event without my permission and they depict me 'biting a baby' in my mouth," wrote Rapert. "I call on Vinos in Little Rock to cancel this event and apologize for such a disrespectful image that shows the dehumanization of babies lives," said the senator in a post that urged a wider boycott of entire pizza joint.

Rapert has long been a controversial politician. In December, he was suspended from Twitter over anti-Muslim comments he made on the site. Rapert was also instrumental in getting a Ten Commandments monument placed at the Arkansas State Capitol. Both the ACLU and the Satanic Temple—a religious organization—have sued over the statue, claiming it is a violation of the First Amendment's religious liberty protections.

So far, it appears that Rapert has failed to win the public's support for a boycott of Vino's. The comments on his Tuesday Facebook post are largely from people saying they're eager to attend the Eyehategod show or otherwise asking why Rapert, a staunch pro-life Republican, is eating a baby.

Terry tells Reason that the restaurant has received a wave of visitors expressing their support for the business.

The offending flyer has been removed from Facebook event page promoting Vino's Eyehategod show, but other than that, Terry says that the show is going ahead as scheduled.

"Honestly, if the show were cancelled, it would just get moved to a bigger venue," he tells Reason. "It would have to be bigger from all the publicity Rapert has caused. So, we thank him!"

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  1. Gosh dern that Republican lawmaker exercising his 1A rights!

    1. Various faculty members here at New York University regularly eat babies, and we hope to add certain adults to our diet as well, including above all a number of individuals who have been inappropriately mocking some of our most distinguished colleagues. In one of our departments, we have active plans to roast one of these trolls and serve him up along with wine and cheese at one of the student-faculty meetings. See the documentation of our nation's leading criminal "satire" case at:

  2. The comments on his Tuesday Facebook post are ... asking why Rapert, a staunch pro-life Republican, is eating a baby.

    Good thing the poorly photoshopped image of state Sen. Jason Rapert (R?Conway) wasn't in blackface!

  3. Ohh, the poor baby.

  4. I have no issue with the ridicule of this dumbass Senator, but seriously, I don't get it. I see this image and I think it was put up by a pro-lifer trying to denigrate a pro-choicer.

    1. If it were in fact a pro-lifer denigrating a pro-choicer, you can be assured that Christian would have written a different article about how boycotts are actually good

      1. Prove it.

        1. He seemed to be triggered by a bunch of pro-life Catholic smirking, so I'm not sure why he wouldn't be triggered by pro-life people actually doing something offensive

          1. Then it shouldn't be hard to prove it.

            1. "I white knighted too hard and now I look dumb"

              Well done there, Sparky

              1. So you don't have any proof of your statement, you just don't like Britches. You could have just admitted that.

                1. You: Prove that he would write bad things about the pro-life people

                  Me: Well, he did attack some pro-life kids for smirking, so evidently it isn't too much of a stretch to assume that his biases would lead him to do so if they actually did something effective

                  You: Haha- you can't prove a hypothetical. You can only prove a pattern of behavior that would indicate his future response. I win.

                  1. I know you're not very bright, but seriously, your take here is monumentally retarded. Your argument would be the same as John saying "prove that Trump would utilize a Muslim terrorist attack to restrict their immigration into this country". I mean.....he literally attempted to do just that..

                    1. You and John should team up. With his ability to read minds, your ability to see alternate realities, and your combined bitchiness you'd be able to take over the world.

                    2. Actually, I think your willingness to white knight for the writers and John's willingness to do the same for Trump make the two of you a perfect couple.

                    3. Why shouldn't immigration into this country, as a matter of basic principle, be restricted?

                      Oh, right...because any prosperous country has infinite land, infinite space, infinite wealth, and an infinite capacity to absorb and cure disease including psychological disease brought in by those who pretend to be immigrants so as to become the enemy within.

                      Just sayin', j-hole.

                  2. You: Prove that he would write bad things about the pro-life people

                    Glad to see you're still a lying sack of shit!

                    1. $park? is the Worst|2.7.19 @ 3:36PM|#

                      Prove it.

                      Yup, definitely lying, "boofing truther" Cathy

                2. I've yet to see you prove anything, other than you are a dunderhead

  5. Feasting on an Infant

    NOT cool band name.

    1. Next thing you know you'll have a problem with The Beatles.

  6. I call on Vinos in Little Rock to cancel this event and apologize for such a disrespectful image that shows the dehumanization of babies lives...

    It is pretty disrespectful of babies. More importantly, he should probably wear a bib.

    1. And have some hot sauce.

  7. JFC his name is RAPERt? How the hell did he win an election with a name like that?

  8. This week boycotts are bad. This will change though, as soon as your betters tell you.

  9. Big deal.

    Virginia Postrel devoured a baby and she weathered the scandal just fine.

  10. Yeah, I'm not sure I see what the issue is. The ad was crude and in poor taste. It was clearly meant to be offensive. He didn't call the police and shut the place down. He called for a boycott.

    I wonder how this story would have read if it depicted a Black Democratic politician eating a baby? I suspect a lot more people would be upset about the crudeness.

    If you make an ad in poor choice, you are going to be criticized for it.

    1. Or what if it was some Catholic pro-life kids smirking? Well, we all know how Christian would respond to that....

      1. Everyone knows smirking =hatred.

        Stop smirking!

        1. Sometimes I think it does mean that. Specifically, it means... "you are behaving atrociously and i would love to punch you right now but I was raised better than that... So I'm just going to sit back and laugh"

          I've been in situations like that... Once when some random hoodlums tried to pick a fight with me while I was calmly seated at a restaurant

          1. If you were a Catholic kid coming back from the March for Life, the supposed "individualists" at Reason would automatically believe that you were at fault in that situation. Because, sometimes bigots want to believe what they want to believe.

      2. The ad is repulsive, regardless of your beliefs.

        Can you handle not having any taste or classiness?

  11. It would be great if the worst thing prog snowflakes ever did was boycott things that offended them.

    1. He's a Republica, you idiot.

      1. Baby I'm ready to go

  12. If someone showed me eating a baby, it would piss me off and I would encourage people not frequent the establishment as well. Being offended by something that really is offensive doesn't make you a "snowflake".

    If you are going to use words know what they mean before you use them.

    1. It's an homage to Rapert by comparing him to the Titan Kronos (Saturn) who devoured his children from succeeding him.

      And, not being a smart-ass here, I guess the Titan had an erect penis while feasting on the child too.

      1. The titans had it rough.

        Kronos ate babies (which is nowhere near as fun as eating out babes like his surviving son Zeus did). Then you had poor Atlas, who had to carry the entire world on his shoulders (holy sciatica!). And probably worst off out of them all was Prometheus, who got punished for sharing fire-making knowledge by being chained to a rock and having birds peck out his organs over and over and over again.

  13. Eating babies is an old and pernicious antisemitic libel. We must punish it harshly or others will see it and spread it and it will metastasize into violence - as we've learned from history. #neveragain

    1. BDS= fine

      Boycotting concert venue= woah, there snowflake

      How can people hold the same stupid thoughts at once?

      1. Ask the author of this post.

  14. I wouldn't expect a state senator from Arkansas to know this, but in extreme metal circles, when someone shows a picture of you eating a baby, it's actually a compliment.

    1. I'd like to think not being a little bitch about such a comically bad flyer would go further that acting upset and above such childishness.

    2. Extreme metal sucks, though.

  15. Wait. You mean they weren't just promoting their newest menu item?

    1. Dude. It isn't Planned Parenthood.

  16. >>>"They use my image on an event without my permission and they depict me 'biting a baby' in my mouth," wrote Rapert.

    *he* wrote those words in that order or his 4 year-old son did?

    1. Trick question.

      He already ate his 4 year old son when he was a baby.

  17. Why is this a story?

    1. Because...eating a baby.

      Better click bait than sex even.

  18. A politician eating a baby?
    Caligula would be so proud.

  19. ""Rapert was also instrumental in getting a Ten Commandments monument placed at the Arkansas State Capitol""

    The one ran over by a car?

  20. I'm not offended by the image. I'm not offended that others are offended by the image. It's pretty goofy. I would be upset by someone actually eating a baby. I saw EHG a few times when I was younger. Pretty sweet riffs. They would play for a couple of hours sometimes. I'm glad they're still going.

  21. heck if other entertainment "celebrities " can sue and win various sums for using their "intellectual" properties or faces
    Rapeirt is within his rights. sue the pub for "damages".

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