Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Blasts Trump for 'Cutting Red Tape' in SOTU Prebuttal

But she provided very little evidence to back up her claims.



Delivering Facebook Live remarks Tuesday prior to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address, Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.) criticized the Trump administration for implementing regulatory reforms.

"When you hear claims about rewriting the rules and cutting red tape, don't forget that means workers will have fewer workplace safety protections," the California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate said. "Pregnant women will have fewer clinics to turn to for care. Children will have drinking water that's less safe."

In her remarks, Harris didn't pinpoint specific initiatives. However, she was likely referring to the Trump administration efforts in three areas. As Politico reported in September, the administration has cut safety regulations in the mining, oil rigging, and meat processing industries, among others.

In July, the administration proposed refocusing "the Title X program on its statutory mission—the provision of voluntary, preventive family planning services specifically designed to enable individuals to determine the number and spacing of their children." As a result, Title X money would not go toward clinic staff who give women information about abortion, according to PBS.

Finally, the administration proposed in December rewriting a clean-water regulation implemented by President Obama's Environmental Agency (EPA), The New York Times reported. Critics claimed Trump's move would threaten public health. Trump's EPA disagreed. "The previous administration's 2015 rule wasn't about water quality," read an agency memo obtained by the Times. "It was about power—power in the hands of the federal government over farmers, developers and landowners.

Harris, meanwhile, claimed "those rules are being rewritten to help big corporations and powerful interests."

In all of these cases, Harris conflated the mere existence of regulations with the provision of safety equipment, services, or results—something we can expect to see more of as the 2020 race develops.

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  1. Every time she opens her mouth she makes it more obvious that she got ahead by spreading he legs for Willie Brown. In addition to being awful, she is really stupid. Talk about how not to frame an argument.

    1. The fact that she has a serious shot at the DNC nomination is the absolute height of cynicism. Fuck any principals that they even pretend to have.

      1. She threw poor people in jail for their kids skipping school. She framed people and sent them to prison and didn’t give a fuck even after they were proven innocent.

        But the Democrats care about social justice and the less fortunate. I hope their ticket ends up Harris and Beto. A corrupt vicious prosecutor and a idiot son of a judge who escaped prison where ordinary people would not have and married into a huge fortune he did nothing to earn is exactly who the Democrats are. It would be perfect.

        1. According to The Guardian she did want to do that but no one was put in prison.


          “As San Francisco’s district attorney, Harris had prosecuted at least 25 truancy cases as of late 2010. No parents were arrested, and none were jailed, according to a prosecutor who still works on the issue in the current district attorney’s office. Instead, the parents were issued citations to come to court, where they could avoid a fine by completing a plan to improve their child’s attendance.”

          Very cunty.

          To claim she’s progressive is just appalling.

          1. She didn’t throw them in jail for their kids’ skipping school. She threw them in jail for not being able to pay the fine that she gave them for their kids’ skipping school.

            Well that is totally different.

            1. Yeh. It’s called being evil.

              Awful human being.

      2. If you think they’re bad, get a load of who the Republicans nominated last time.

        Oh, his fat stupid orange face is flapping on TV right now.

        1. How many innocent people has Trump put in jail? How many parents did Trump put in jail for the crime of their kids missing school?

          Harris is a evil bitch who ruined people’s lives for her own benefit. And you would not just vote for her but convince yourself she is great. That is how much of a craven idiot you are.

          1. Well, she’s not my first choice.

            1. “Well, she’s not my first choice.”

              Is that moving the goal posts or just an admission she’s a scumbag at least as slimy as you?

              1. On election day, there are only two choices.

                1. And those choices are to vote or to do something useful with your day.

                2. Tony|2.5.19 @ 9:50PM|#
                  “On election day, there are only two choices.”

                  First, if that is in answer to my pointing out that she’s a scumbag at least as slimy as you, fuck off scumbag.
                  And then, you’re full of shit; there are several choices and imbeciles like you are ignorant of them.

            2. Really? That’s surprising since she’s my first choice, and you and I agree on almost everything except the minimum wage and billionaire tax rates.

              So who is your current favorite, if you don’t mind my asking? (Assuming, of course, Hillary Clinton doesn’t run again.) Certainly it can’t be the awful Tulsi Gabbard. She’s Russia’s favorite Democrat.

              1. That’s great news! Go Tulsi!

                1. Chipper,

                  It is pretty remarkable how Tulsi is getting the full Donald Trump treatment. The Democratic establishment is accusing her of being a Russian agent and a tool of the Syrian Regime. And her only sin seems to be objecting to being at war in Syria. Otherwise, she seems like a garden variety prog.

                  They really are the party of war. Ten years ago I would never have believed you if you told me the Democrats would be smearing an anti war candidate. But that is exactly what is going on.

                  1. John,

                    I am not surprised by this treatment from the establishment. The establishment thrives on war, which is the health of the State. That’s why it is such an important issue to libertarians.

                    And I agree that Tulsi’s domestic positions are terrible.

                  2. Gabbard is not a “garden variety prog.” She has a terrifying history of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric that should disqualify her from the Democratic nomination even if she wasn’t one of Putin’s favorites.

                    1. Yeah OBL. I am told she doesn’t like showering with strange men. That makes her anti trans and a Nazi just like Trump.

                    2. Yeah OBL. I am told she doesn’t like showering with strange men. That makes her anti trans and a Nazi just like Trump.

                      Women who don’t want to share locker rooms with men are not bigots.

                      Women who don’t want to share locker rooms with women who have penises are bigots.


              2. I’m officially for Potted Plant (D), but am totally willing to vote for Hat Stand (D).

            3. But you will vote for her if you are told to. There is no one, no matter how depraved that you wouldn’t vote for if the Democrats told you to do so.

              1. John, have you ever not voted for a Republican in a Presidential election?

                1. Yes. I didn’t vote for Bob Dole. Left it blank. I always hated Dole and figured Clinton couldn’t do any more damage then he had already done.

                  Sorry to disappoint you so badly. I am sure it is painful for you. But, sometimes life is like that.

                  1. Not disappointed, I was genuinely curious. When was that, 1996? You could have voted for Harry Browne! That was the last great LP ticket.

                    1. That was 96. Had I been old enough, I would have voted for Carter over Ford. Had I to do it over again, I would have never voted for McCain. He lost any way, but I think he might have actually ended up being worse than Obama. Same is true of Romney.

                      I would happily vote for a Democrat if they could ever come up with a candidate who wasn’t awful. The Democrats I have voted against are Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, and Hillary. I don’t think you can blame me for passing up those opportunities.

                2. Yes. I didn’t vote for Bob Dole. I left it blank. I always disliked Dole and I figured Clinton couldn’t do any more damage than he already have.

                  Sorry to disappoint you. It must be painful for you to know other people actually think and are not what you project on them. But sometimes life is like that.

              2. But only because Republicans are fucking insane fucktards who don’t believe in science.

                What do you want, affirmative action for fucktards?

                1. What do you want, affirmative action for fucktards?

                  Abrams and Hillary would have actually won their elections in that case.

                2. Still on that massively retarded “believe in science” bit?

                  Once more for the cheap seats: Rational people do not “believe” in science any more than they “believe” in arithmetic.

                  What you’re signalling you’re willing to unconditionally believe is the dribs and drabs of politicized newsbites spoonfed to you by the MSN. That whole “I believe in science” just screams NPC.

                  1. You know perfectly well what the fuck I’m referring to.

                    1. No, I don’t. Why don’t you explain exactly what you mean, because it sounds like you’re saying you believe in science like my kids believe in the tooth fairy. From my point of view, your unquestioning belief in the ignorant shit coming from the MSM and masquerading as “science” makes you no different from those redneck neighbors of yours and their invisible sky monster.

                      Put another way: Have you ever read a peer-reviewed paper on any subject? If not, I can see why you have to “believe” in sciencey shit — absent understanding, you just have to take everything on faith and parrot it back on command.

        2. A ha ha! Tony! What a scathing rebuttal.

          1. That’s just what your mom said.

            1. His mom also thinks you’re stupid? Lol way to own yourself.

              1. My “your mom” joke works on multiple levels. It might be my best comment ever. And here you are, barbarian idiot that you are, to ruin it.

        3. “If you think they’re bad, get a load of who the Republicans nominated last time.”

          Cite(s) missing, shitbag.

          1. It was Donald Trump. You can google it.

            1. “It was Donald Trump. You can google it.”
              So our resident shitbag has no cite for his/her claim.
              Thanks, shitbag.

      3. I think that’s the real message behind the LA teachers strike…

  2. “When you hear claims about rewriting the rules and cutting red tape, don’t forget that means workers will have fewer workplace safety protections,” the California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate said.

    It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while these people admit that a lot of government is just a jobs program for people with otherwise useless college degrees.

    1. They are protecting you. From what, Harris has no idea. But she wants them out there protecting you.

      1. Yes, because the government did so well with the water in Flint.

        But God forbid an unlicensed hair braider tries to set up shop.

  3. Free Willie’s Willie.

  4. Pregnant women will have fewer clinics to turn to for care.

    You could always find a way to toss them in prison. There’s usually a clinic there.

    1. Because the only “care” a pregnant woman needs or that Harris cares if she gets is an abortion. The Democratic party is a death cult.

      1. How many abortions do you suppose Donald Trump has paid for?

        1. Probably zero. If it wasn’t zero, he would have gotten the Dem nomination on that basis alone. Since he didn’t do that, it is likely none.

          1. It’s likely many. He was also pro-life until politics forced him to pretend to be otherwise. Of course he was, because of all the abortions he’s procured.

            Ironically enough, he’s the only politician I know of who took the pro-life argument to its logical conclusion: you have to punish the women who get them. Since it’s murder and all.

            Too stupid to obfuscate the matter like any other pandering fuck of a kid-fucking hypocrite politician. Sometimes, apparently, from stupidity comes truth.

            1. There is no evident Donald Trump ever paid for an abortion. You just claim he did because you are a lunatic who makes up his own facts.

              The Democrats just filibustered a bill that would have required medical care for newborn children. That is who the Democrats are. Margaret Sanger would be proud.

              1. Your problem is you only read right-wing media. Thus you may not have learned that killing babies is already illegal.

                Post-birth abortion is your new transgender bathrooms, isn’t it? Dare I say your new Benghazi?

            2. And yet he is the president? While nobody gives a shit what you think.

              1. You’re right, perhaps nobody, or at least almost nobody, gives a shit what I think.

                I give a shit what you think, though, because people who think Donald Trump is a swell president need to be put in padded rooms instead of roaming my neighborhood.

                1. Blah blah blah Trump is the worst thing ever. Except that he is a far cry from Hillary, who would’ve been a continuation of Obama, who was a continuation of Bush.

                  1. The status quo is shit. Let’s throw a grenade into the shit and see what happens!

                2. Padded rooms for each are far too expensive. Just build a big camp with armed guards and barbed wire fencing. Much easier.

  5. “When you hear claims about rewriting the rules and cutting red tape, don’t forget that means workers will have fewer workplace safety protections,” the California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate said. “Pregnant women will have fewer clinics to turn to for care. Children will have drinking water that’s less safe.”

    You’ve. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

    This is who is running for the President of the United States?

    Face palm city.

  6. Democrats are against cutting regulations. Story at fuck you.

    1. ‘Democrats hope to avoid improved prosperity. Story at fuck you.’

      FIFY, scumbag.

      1. Try making money without poisoning towns full of people. Consider it a challenge.

        1. We’re not talking about Howard schultz here, that was the other article

        2. It certainly was for the EPA, at least the ” not poisoning” part.

  7. OT, but any OT is valuable if the T is the SOTU speech, and I’ll bet you didn’t even have a hint of the most clandestine boycott movement in history:

    “People Are Boycotting the Super Bowl to Support Colin Kaepernick”

    I’m willing to bet at least 5 or 6 people boycotted the SB in support of that NFL QB impersonator.
    What happens if they gave a boycott and nobody came?

    1. No wonder it was a crappy game. It was boycotted.

    2. I’d bet the Saints fans boycott was bigger

      1. I’d bet those who are tired of Brady were a larger group.
        I watched until Goff tossed the INT; shame on me.

    3. I don’t know, ask the women’s march maybe?

  8. At the address, what’s the all white attire for again?

    1. It is one of the few places that group can wear white, within the boundaries of polite society.

    2. Women’s suffrage.

    3. Solidarity for Northam.

    4. Sale at Nordstrom.

  9. Why does Pelosi keep reading notes and moving her lips like she’s chewing?

    And why are the commies dressed in white?

    1. They are showing their solidarity with Governor Northam.

      1. Right. The Death Cult.

    2. It’s the old lady continuous chewing thing.
      Its gross

      1. Huntington’s chorea or tardive dyskinesia probably

    3. It is go red for women day, but red is taboo for all the Dems except Lizzy Warren.

  10. Watching the SOTU now.

    Where is Stormy Daniels?

    Don’t Democrats know how go low?

    1. They should have brought that little old lady from New Jersey that won the eminent domain case against Trump.

      1. He just chunked a dead fetus across the room to stir up the base.

        1. He should show a film of a late term abortion. Democrats think abortion is so great. How could they complain?

        2. That was some good TV.

    2. Wow, your posting style really reminds me of the recently banned (Sarah) Palin’s Buttplug! He used to bring up Stormy Daniels quite often too!

      I’m not complaining though. He was one of the best commenters here, a valuable left-libertarian voice with an unmatched knowledge of economics. In fact I started a hashtag campaign to convince Reason to reverse that decision.


    3. They would have sat her next to the Holocaust survivor and the 10 year old brain cancer survivor.

      They’re so mentally deranged they’d probably think it would work!

  11. He wants to tell pharmaceutical companies what to charge for prescription drugs.

    Statist asshole.

  12. Kamala Harris continues to impress me. I really became a fan based on her performance in the Kavanaugh hearings. And now I think she’s the clear favorite to be the Democratic nominee, and therefore, the next President. Of course Hillary Clinton should have been the first woman President, but the glass ceiling that should have been shattered in 2016 will instead be shattered in 2020. Better late than never!


    1. Yeah, she should have been, but that empty suit beat her out in 2008.

  13. Now Donnie Bone Spurs is surrendering to the Taliban and ISIS.

    About time!

    1. You got banned and we have been laughing at you for it screech.

  14. I heard she tastes like authority.

    1. Piss and vinegar?

  15. I’m late to the festivities. Is RBG in the House?

    1. They haven’t put the finishing touches on the hologram yet.

      1. That’s your best comment of all time, Tony.

  16. Trump got Democrats to chant USA! USA! USA!

    This troll just knows how to play.

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  18. She is simply saying she opposes any reduction in regulations. The liberal greed for power and control has no bounds.

  19. Harris had to flap her gums, she’s trying to be relevant.

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