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Covington, Concerts, and Colonscopies: Nick Gillespie Talks With Greg Gutfeld

Why did the media, including Gutfeld himself, side so quickly against the Covington Catholic schoolkids and how to avoid making the same mistakes over and over.


Yesterday, I appeared The One with Greg Gutfeld, the Fox News host's weekly podcast. It was a fun, lively conversation that included a ton of discussion about The Brady Bunch, 1970s-era football players and music, and the often-unacknowledged feelings of tranquility that accompany colonoscopies (Greg recently had one).

But mostly, we talked about why the media, including Gutfeld himself, sided so quickly against the Covington Catholic schoolkids, what we could all learn from Reason's Robby Soave (who took time to develop a larger context before pronouncing definitively about the event), and whether we are living in an infinite number of Zapruder films in which reality is never quite in focus. We also talked about how many in the media are so committed to hounding Donald Trump out of office that they often get way ahead of stories that turn out not to be true.

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Fox News, Soho Forum