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A Colorado Man Wins $175,000 After His 'Fuck Bad Cops' Sign Prompts a Tasing

Body cam footage shows the officer getting chewed out by his supervisor shortly afterward.


In July 2016, Joshua Condiotti-Wade of Colorado participated in a public protest with signs that said "Fuck Bad Cops" and "Blue Lives Murder." Commerce City police officer Chris Dickey approached him, accusing him of trespassing and disorderly conduct. A brief interaction led to Dickey tasing Condiotti-Wade.

The New York Post reports that Condiotti-Wade has now received $175,000 in compensation from the city.

According to a lawsuit filed last June, Condiotti-Wade was picketing with another man on a sidewalk in front of the Adams County Human Services Building. Dickey approached the pair, and they asked if they were suspected of criminal activity. Dickey told them that they were trespassing on private property and had been asked to leave. They disagreed, insisting that they were on public property. While this interaction was going on, Dickey asked the men to lower their signs out of fear that they would be brandished as weapons. The situation escalated when they refused to give Dickey identification.

When Dickey moved to arrest them, he tripped. The lawsuit states that Condiotti-Wade ran because he "observed the anger in [Dickey's] eyes and, worried that he could become the next news story about an officer forcibly arresting and beating a citizen." Dickey pulled out his taser during the pursuit and struck Condiotti-Wade in the arm—he would later need to go to the hospital to have a taser barb removed from his limb. Another officer, Ryan Sedgwick, also deployed his taser while chasing Condiotti-Wade.

Dickey's body camera captured the incident dying down after his police commander, Mark Morgan, arrived on the scene. Morgan questioned Dickey's actions in the pursuit. He informed him that Condiotti-Wade had been standing on public property and was protected by the First Amendment right to free speech. Morgan also denied that Condiotti-Wade's actions qualified as disorderly conduct. The more Dickey justified his actions, the more Morgan pushed back.

Dickey eventually cuts the audio to his body camera.

The lawsuit alleged a history of civilian complaints against Dickey in "at least five instances between 2011 and 2014." The alleged complaints involved the use of excessive force during an arrest or contact without any legal reasoning.

Bonus link: It took a jury all of nine minutes to decide that a Michigan man had the legal right to blast NWA's "Fuck tha Police" near an officer. He was on trial after the angry officer ticketed him for a misdemeanor noise violation.

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  1. Geez, the way he crapping all over the thin, blue line, you'd think that $175,000 was going to be coming out of Morgan's pay.

  2. Body cam footage shows the officer getting chewed out by his supervisor shortly afterward.

    I wanna job where I can taze people I don't like and only receive a [fake for public consumption] chewing out by my supervisor.

    1. Still, that's pretty darned unusual. I don't think I've ever heard of sucha thing before. Baby steps, baby steps.

  3. >>The situation escalated when they refused to give Dickey identification.

    totes broke the law then. federal prison.

    1. Lovecon assured us that postal roads are allowed by the constitution, and as sidewalks are a form of postal road it's reasonable for ID regulations to exist.

      And he, like Obama, is a constitutional scholar.

      1. Poor trolls. They hate the Constitution.

        1. You've never read it, you fucking statist!

  4. I support free speech and all that; but what that color is saying is hate speech.

  5. Dickey asked the men to lower their signs out of fear that they would be brandished as weapons.

    Oh, FFS!

    "Dickey asked the men to remove their belts out of fear that they would be brandished as weapons."

    "Dickey asked the men to clasp their hands out of fear that they would be brandished as weapons."


  6. I get that police hate is a libertarian sacrament and all, but at some point being a dick is just being a dick.

    We shouldn't celebrate people who provoke police officers into crossing the line. It's a disgrace to libertarianism.

    1. What's a disgrace to libertarianism is failing to defend, respect and uphold the First Amendment since it's being "a dick" expressing unpopular speech that the FA is meant to protect.

    2. WRONG!

      Protesters are protected by the Constitution as long as they peacefully assemble. The guys in yellow were not hurting anyone.

      The police chose to escalate the situation. Always remember who escalates the situation first.

      If the situation was reversed and police were peacefully protesting something and some dude came up, demanded ID, and then chased/tazed a running cop. The guy in yellow would be in big trouble.

      1. You as much as brush up against a cop and you'll be face down on the ground, hands cuffed behind your back.

        One thing these FA auditors have demonstrated is before the widespread availability of cheap video equipment and live streaming cops violating constitutional rights was endemic and it was your word against theirs in court. The auditors often FOI the police report which, compared to the video, is a work of fiction. Some of these cops really don't appreciate citizens flexing their constitutional rights.

        1. True.

    3. Maybe people so easy to provoke shouldn't be in law enforcement.

      1. Stop making sense!

    4. We also shouldn't pretend that an article that criticizes a cop for failing to know the law and for generally being a dick is an article that is celebrating the focus of the cop's ire.

    5. It is not about the content of the speech or how much I respect the perveyor of the speech. You mindless tribalists will never understand it is about the principle of free speech.

  7. Insane! Not the wisest thing to do, but to be tased for it? Out of line...

  8. For what? He's not trespassing. Beep!

  9. This is the first time in this type of video I've ever seen a cop question a fellow cop's actions. They either usually back each other up to the hilt or just stand by and watch a fellow officer trample on a citizen's constitutional rights.

    1. I always ask for a supervisor when dealing with stupid junior police officers who are harassing me.

      Many times, the supervisor will de-escalate the situation because they know the junior officer is wrong and I know much more about the law than they do.

      You're right though, sometimes supervisors just back up the mistakes of other officers.

    2. How many other times has he had to cover for this guy? Maybe he got sick of dealing with him.

  10. If only police forces had more cops like the SGT. He knew the law better than the junior officer.

    You never have to submit to unlawful attempts to arrest you. You can defend yourself even against police.

    1. Yes you can, but you need to accept that you may be shot and killed for doing it.

      1. I accept the risk to fight back.

        I will be taking corrupt cops with me.

  11. Cop: "Actually this is private property you're on right now"

    Protester: "Who owns it?"

    Cop: "The Adams County Government"

    Wow. Just. Wow.

    1. I had to watch that video 3 times because I was laughing so hard.

      The guys in yellow knew more about their rights and the law than the junior police officer making "x" amount a year.

  12. The guy talking is Eric Brandt look up his channel on Youtube. The Denver cops would love to kill him.

  13. Morgan needs to get a medal for that.

    I'd love to see HIS bodycam video. Because that was EXACTLY what the protest was about. Bad cops. And having a bad cop taken down by his superior, on camera....


  14. > Dickey eventually cuts the audio to his body camera.

    Why is that even possible for officers to do? Unbelievable.

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