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In November, we gave you the skinny on states where public schools are doing the best work with your tax dollars:

You probably think you know which states have the best and worst education systems in the country. If you regularly dip into rankings such as those published by U.S. News and World Report, you likely believe schools in the Northeast and Upper Midwest are thriving while schools in the Deep South lag. It's an understandable conclusion to draw from those ubiquitous "Best Schools!" lists. It's also wrong.

And in July, we published the Burn After Reading issue, which was full of handy tips and tricks for living a life that's more free, more fair, and more fun. We gave you step-by-step Glock-building instructions and some slightly sloppy dabbling in gene editing at home in Ron Bailey's kitchen. Maggie McNeill tells you how to hire an escort. At Reason HQ, we were wondering how to make prison hooch or really good pot brownies, and we thought our readers might be too. Grow your own mushrooms, subscribe to a magazine about cockfighting, infuse bourbon with THC, or make a pipe out of an apple! We also gave tips and tricks for using powerful encryption tools and deploying bitcoin anonymization.

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And check in on Monday when the Reason staff makes suggestions for your Christmas shopping, just as we do every year.

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