Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Steps Down at Trump's Request

He'll be replaced, at least for the time being, by his chief of staff.



Jeff Sessions has resigned as attorney general of the United States after President Donald Trump requested his resignation.

In a tweet this afternoon, Trump announced that Sessions would be replaced, at least for the time being, by his chief of staff, Matthew G. Whitaker. In another tweet, Trump thanked Sessions "for his service" and said "a permanent replacement will be nominated at a later date."

Sessions wrote in his resignation letter that he stepped down at Trump's request. "Since the day I was honored to be sworn in as Attorney General of the United States, I came to work at the Department of Justice every day determined to do my duty and serve my country," the letter reads, according to HuffPost reporter Ryan Reilly.

The letter went on to tout some of the actions the DOJ took under Sessions' tenure in regard to criminal justice, gang violence, immigration enforcement, and the opioid crisis. "I have been honored to serve as Attorney General and have worked to implement the law enforcement agenda based on the rule of law that formed a central part of your campaign for the Presidency," Sessions wrote.

Sessions' resignation is not all that surprising. Trump has long been displeased with his decision to recuse himself from the Justice Department's probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. "I don't have an attorney general. It's very sad," Trump told The Hill in September.

For months, it's been rumored that Sessions, the first senator to endorse Trump's presidential bid, could be ousted soon after the midterm elections.

Trump was asked about Sessions' future in the administration at a press conference earlier today, though he did not provide a direct response.

Meanwhile, multiple outlets have reported that with Sessions gone, Mueller's probe will now be overseen by Whitaker, not Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

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  1. Now watch the democrats complain about a departing AG that they didn’t want.

    1. By “democrats” do you mean Reason?

      They’re going to have a hard time figuring how to play it but I’m sure they’re up to the job.

      1. I think we should rename the Libertarian Party the White Democrats, since they seem to be mostly composed of white people who don’t like Republicans, and don’t feel welcome in the usual Democratic Party. That, and they seem to be dedicated to all of the same things the Democrats are, they just want them done on private money rather than public..

        Liberals is liberals. Classical or otherwise.

        1. Yep, and Comstock Law Nationalsocialists haven’t changed much since 1873 OR 1933, as witness their sockpuppet here.

        2. And yet you still come to a Libertarian site to post your drivel.

        3. “Liberals is liberals. Classical or otherwise.”

          Lol, is this what the whackos over at Breitbart are teaching you?

        4. Now we can get someone who will start putting democrats in prison.

    2. Session will hailed by Democrats as the best AG, blah blah blah.

      Trump is gonna step up the trolling of Lefties. If he wont be able to get any rollbacks through the House, then he is gonna get him some corrupt Congressmen indicted.

      This is probably a good time to clean house in the FBI and DOJ and get Hillary under indictment.

    3. It didn’t take long.

  2. Phew.

    Who’s next? Rudy?

    1. Someone who will clean house in the FBI and DOJ probably.

      I think it was great for Trump to get Session out of the Senate and then fire him, so he never works in public office again.

      1. Whitaker sounds very Trumpy.

        Best thing for Trump to do is just leave him there as “acting AG” until 2020.

        This should be the model for attacking the Deep State. Appoint underlings of Deep State players. Force out Deep State, underlings move up in their place.

        1. “On August 6, 2017, one month prior to joining the Justice Department, Whitaker wrote an opinion column for CNN titled “Mueller’s investigation of Trump is going too far.” Then on September 22, 2017, a Justice Department official announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Whitaker to be his Chief of Staff. Then in early September 2018, Whitaker was revealed to be on the short list of President Trump’s White House staff as the replacement for Don McGahn as the White House Counsel. During the commotion created by conflicting reports about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s firing, potential resignation and eventual retention on September 25, 2018, Whitaker is reported to have told officials that he would assume Rosenstein’s post, while control of the Russia investigation would fall to the Solicitor General, Noel Francisco. The New York Times reported on September 25, 2018 that White House chief of staff John Kelly advised Whitaker that he would be appointed acting deputy attorney general should Rosenstein exit, and described Whitaker as a Trump loyalist who, if appointed, “could have visibility into the special counsel’s work.” In addition to the deputy attorney general role, The Washington Post reported on October 10, 2018 that President Trump had also spoken with Whitaker about potentially assuming Jeff Sessions role as Attorney General. With the resignation of Jeff Sessions on November 7, 2018, Whitaker was appointed to serve as Acting Attorney General.”

  3. Ding dong the witch is dead! (Well, maybe more like, at least, the Ding Dong is OUT of office!!!)

    Cause for celebration in either case!!! Anyone got a doobie that I can fire up?

    1. Anyone got a doobie that I can fire up?

      I can get one for you. Know what I can’t get? A CHEAP PLASTIC FLUTE DEVICE THAT YOU CAN BLOW ON W/O A DOCTOR’S PRESCRIPTION!

      1. Touche!…..ofgas.html
        The Kinks Lyrics
        “A Gallon Of Gas”


        I can score you some coke and some grade one grass
        But I can’t get a gallon of gas
        I’ve got some downers some speed all the drugs that you need
        But I can’t get a gallon of gas

        At least we can get a gallon of gas these days!!!!

      2. Who played the plastic flute on “Ruby Tuesday”?

    2. Cause for celebration in either case!!!

      I’ll temper my enthusiasm until we see what permanently replaces him. It could always be someone worse.

    3. Not sure why celebration is in order. My guess is the next AG is someone like John Yoo, Roy Cohn, or a consigliere with Mafia experience. That’s what Trump believes the job is.

      1. as opposed to those paragons of justice and liberty Janet Reno, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch?

        1. Golly. A whatabout idjit raises his head

        2. That’s 2 felons and a mass murderer to you!

      2. As long as democrats and their money people are destroyed, them I say, goody goody.

        1. Not by me but missed by someone.

  4. Should I be happy, sad, indifferent, not sure.

    1. Angry because Trump did it.

    2. Hard to tell until we know who Trump will nominate as Session’s replacement.

        1. I doubt it. FBI director maybe if it becomes available…

          1. Stormy Daniels for Solicitor General.

            (Get it?)

      1. Janice Rogers Brown is the best possible choice.

        1. +1

      2. Yeah, but what we know for sure is that he won’t have any trouble getting them confirmed.

    3. It reminds me a bit of Nixon. Except reversed – where Sessions plays the role of Kleindienst/Richardson and those two precede a John Mitchell who’s worse because he will do whatever the Prez wants him to do (including go to jail).

      1. Or not but whatever floats your boat.

  5. Finally! He didn’t do much.

  6. …he stepped down at Trump’s request.

    Now we know whose fault the House loss really was.

    I hope the replacement kept all his childhood calendars.

    1. I hope the replacement kept all his childhood calendars.

      Kept all his childhood calendars and managed to burn all the copies of his HS yearbooks.

  7. He will simply appoint someone who will refuse to allow Trump to be investigated and we are officially then a fascist police state.

    1. Do you even know what fascism is? In the words of Inigo Montoya “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

      1. Fascist = “Hitler,” Trump = “Hitler” therefore Trump = fascist. /prog logic

    2. Well, no fascist has ever done anything bad to me. But liberals have been a royal pain in the ass for as long as I can remember. So if those are the choices….

    3. He should end the Mueller part of the Deep State Coup tomorrow, and start investigating those responsible for it the day after tomorrow.

  8. In the past week I’ve seen a couple of posts elsewhere push the notion of former Fed app ct judge Janice Rogers Brown as AG. One could do plenty worse. There would be the political entertainment bonus of watch progressives go nuts at the notion of Trump naming a black female as AG.

    1. She would be a good choice. She is honest and a federal judge. So she is unlikely to buy DOJ’s bullshit. It will be someone who goes in there to assert control back over the department and clean the whole mess up. The Democrats losing those Senate seats and now allowing Trump to can Sessions and get his own AG is probably the most important fallout of this election.

      1. I say keep her on the federal bench until the next Supreme Court vacancy comes up.

        1. For shame, Eddy.

          That seat is reserved for fellow papist Amy Coney Barrett.

          1. If having Catholics on the Court were a slam-dunk for constitutional government, then Justices Brennan, Sotomayor and Kennedy would have saved the Constitution.

            1. Yeah, but she’s basically like a Catholic missalette centerfold

              1. I kid, I kid

            2. Uh, pretty sure they good did.

        2. She’d be nice on the Supremes, but she’s way too old to appoint – 69.

          No sense in giving up decades of a seat on the Supremes.

          1. “Good point. Who was that legal intern I saw when I visited the Federalist Society – you know, the one with the big…”

  9. Sessions was forced on Trump by the Never Trump Republicans in the Senate. He was the only guy they were going to confirm and once he was there Trump couldn’t fire him because the Senate would never have confirmed his replacement leaving DOJ to be run by the various hostile civil service employees.

    Why did they do that? Well, when you consider that we have watched the specticle of DOJ refusing to cooperate with Congress on the investigation of the dosier and spying on the Trump campaign despite the Presdent’s desire that they do, you see why. I have no doubt that crapweasels like Flake and McCain were up to their asses in the whole dossier business and put Sessions in there to make sure the truth, whatever it is, never came out.

    Well, all that has changed now. The Republicans have a bigger Senate majority, McCain and the other Never Trump Senators are gone and Trump can get whomever he wants confirmed. And that guy won’t be disqualified from the evil Russian investigation. Mueller will now work for him. And Rosenstein as well. And the whole truth is going to come out good bad or indifferent.

    1. “Sessions was forced on Trump by the Never Trump Republicans in the Senate.”

      In reality, Sessions was the first sitting Senator to endorse Trump and was rewarded for that.

      Like Sessions or not, but a guy who claims to appreciate loyalty above all else didn’t show a ton of loyalty to a guy who stuck his neck out for Trump by endorsing him during the 2016 primary.

      1. I don’t buy that. The fact that he was an early Trump supporter just made him an acceptable choice for both parties. There is really no defending his performance as AG. He allowed DOJ to defy a Republican Congress. It is just unfathonable that an obsensively Republican run DOJ could act with the kind of contempt DOJ has acted with towards a Republican controlled Congress.

        He was there to cover DOJ and whoever in the Senate was also involved’s ass and nothing else.

      2. You’re saying that a senior GOP Senator considered being Attorney General a promotion?

        A Senator cannot be just fired. They can be voted out or impeached by they cannot be fired like an AG can.

        I always thought part of Trump’s plan was to weed the Southern Democrats and other RINOs from the GOP. Trump is not a die hard Republican but he has to see that the RINOs help undermine the GOP and help the Democrats.

        Bloomberg was a RINO. I think Guilliani is too.

        Trump might want to just want to clean house every year. Trump has built a strong following of people who want to work for him that he did not have in Jan 2017.

        1. That and Trump can always play future political aspirations of people to get them to do his bidding and roll back government.

        2. Trump needed RINO support early on. They easily could have bolted and sided with the Dems for impeachment.

          Now many of the RINOs have been weeded out and retired. More Trumpers brought elected.

          The Long March Through Institutions
          Supremes + Judiciary
          Republican Party
          Deep State

          First 3 are in good shape. I’m not sure it’s time to move on the Deep State, but it’s getting closer. K on the Supremes was a big deal. Sessions replace by Trumpy AG another big deal.

          Just keep filling positions. Personnel is policy.

      3. That’s my analysis too. Trump never forgave him for the recusal though. I think Sessions’ motives for that were honorable but maybe honorable won’t work in these dirty times. We need someone vicious and corrupt as AG, someone like Holder?

  10. Oh jeez, Otis Rush died about a month back, that news passed me by.

    Awesome, just awesome:

    Otis Rush Jr., April 29, 1935 – September 29, 2018 (RIP)

    1. I was worried that the whole five minutes would just be his opening shout.

      1. Incredible blues musician, so damn good.

        There’s hardly any of these guys left, just Buddy Guy really.

        1. Made me wanna go pull out the old Zeppelin LPs …

          1. I love LZ but knock a point for shameless stealing without attribution and I guess award a point for stealing from the best.

            “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” is my favorite LZ track. I was expanding my blues collection and bought a Blind Willie Johnson CD which has a track called “It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine”… so that’s where they stole it from.

            1. >>>knock a point for shameless stealing

              didn’t we dump a bunch of blues albums in the english channel or something?

              totes agree on Nobody’s Fault except if i think about it for ten minutes i’ll come up w/something else i like more happens every time.

              Ten Years Gone.

        2. Buddy Guy comes to Dallas lots I see him every time.

          1. He is an awsome guitar player, saw him a couple times. Raw power compared to Rush’s slow fire delivery.

            1. Otis was lefty like me. RIP

  11. Ok, even I admit I’m getting tired of the #Winning.

    1. So. Much. Winning.

    2. Winning is pretty awesome.

      Wait until Lefties realize about the 34 states convening an Article V Constitutional Convention.

      1. I want an amendment that criminalizes the promotion and practice of Marxism.

      2. “the 34 states convening an Article V Constitutional Convention.”

        Careful what you wish for. The results would likely be a horrible increase in government power, with enthusiastic support from both Donkeys and Heffalumps. We don’t have people capable of writing coherent sentences, much less a constitution.

  12. I’m fine with this.

    I read that Sessions hated the Clintons and it was said that he wanted to go after them. Yet he did not do that. I was hoping to see them dragged through the fire-pit and it never happened.

    Maybe it was because he didn’t really hate them, or he was too timid, or they had something on him. Whatever. He didn’t get it done. Sad!

    Maybe the next person can see things my way and make this happen.

    1. What has he done at DOJ other than disqualify himself from hold Mueller accountable and allow the carreer employees to defy and ignore the Congress?

      1. Something something MS-13?

        Other than that I can’t recall any major initiatives or wins.

        Did he take the Juggalos off of the gang list?

        1. Jess Sessions, the Moses of Juggalos.

        2. He should have deputized them. He also should have made Faygo the official beverage of the DOJ.

  13. Troll was bizarre choice in first place. Like it was undercover secret E agent in the MAGA hat during ’16.

    1. He is now free to run for his old Senate seat in 2020. It is perfect for him. He can take a year off and come back to a virtual gimme of a Senate seat.

      1. Free to answer a Congressional subpoena. Free to tell us all about Trump’s corrupt efforts to impede lawful investigations.

        1. LOLOL

          That is funny. Yeah he has all of this dirt he is just waiting to spill. That is why Trump fired him.

          You people really are stupid aren’t you?

          1. If Trump’s so innocent then why has be acting like the most guilty fucker ever for over a year?

            1. Why is firing his AG guilty acting? What exactly is he supposed to have done other than win an election?

              1. Please, save the masturbating to Trump for someone else. It just makes me nauseated. Trump won the election. Whatever you need to tell yourself. *Pats you on the head again*

                Why would an innocent president want anything other than a transparent investigation to clear his name without constant, relentless appearances of obstructing justice?

                I’m going to stop asking you to imagine he had a (D) after his name, because you’re just not capable of even that level of introspection.


                  You mean people like Jared Nadler? Nadler and many other Democrats have demanded Sessions be fired. Trump finally took their advice. So, what is your bitch about this?

                  You just scream incoherently don’t you?

                2. Tony, Trump let Mueller “investigate” for almost 2 years with no results of Trump committing a crime.

                  Give it up. Trump is going down as the best president in over 80 years.

                3. Look faggot, he has tolerated two years of this inane democrat bullshit, and the bleating of deviant sociopaths such as yourself.

                  And ‘acting guilty’? WTF does that even mean?

            2. “Denial of crime is just what a criminal would do”

              1. Like whoever said about BK, maybe we should drown him to see if he floats too.

          2. Keep licking that mushroom dick scumbag.

            1. Keep being a complete moron and gaslighting yourself into believing fantasies. It is a good role for you.

  14. This seems like it could be a fitting swan song.

  15. Rod Rosenstein is on his way to the White House for a 4:25 meeting. Trump really is settling all of the family’s business this afternoon. I wonder if he was planning to fly to Vegas after the Christening and Trump told him to stay because they had some business to settle at the White House.

    1. You see Trump as exactly what Trump sees when he looks in the mirror, don’t you, and not the pathetic demented orange well-marbled fat fuck he is?

      Since when are you OK with presidents being traitors? Oh, every time they have an (R) after their name.

      1. Since when are you OK with presidents being traitors?

        It is not. And that is why everyone is glad Obama couldn’t run for a third term. As for Trump, get back to me when he release terrorists from GUITMO, sends a billion in hard cash to Iran, leaves all of the security clearance files unencrypted on the net, or allows the Chinese and Iranians to listen to all of the CIA’s communication with its field assets.

        Trump is the traitor, yet it is Obama who did all of these things that a triatorous President would do.

        1. Terrorists from Gitmo, huh? Why aren’t they innocent until proven guilty in a court of law just like poor, beleaguered Kavanauagh? You’re such a hypocritical cunt, John. It’s your signature trait.

          And the Chinese and Russians are listening to Trump’s fucking phone calls right fucking now you idiot.

          1. Terrorists from GUITMO?


            You and every other idiot assured us that they would never be threat. But what do you care how many people die because of Obama?

            As for communications, the CIA under Obama had a catastrophic compromise


            EVen you are not so retarded that you think Trump having a private phone, which Obama did too by the way is the same as that. Literally hundreds of CIA agents and assets are dead now because of the Obama administration’s gross negligence. It was so negligent as to rise to the level of treason. Not even Obama and Brennen are this stupid. And even if they are, they might as well have been foreign agents. The results are the same.

          2. Tony, Obama never gave the guys at Gitmo trials. They are still sitting there.

            Lefties dont want people to have Due Process unless it suits their agenda.

            Democrats kept slaves Tony. Slaves. That is about as free from Due Process as you can get.

        2. And that is why everyone is glad Obama couldn’t run for a third term.

          Where “everyone” is every ignorant, intolerant, stale-thinking, uneducated, economically inadequate, disaffected, no-count yahoo living in every desolate, downwardly mobile community in America.

          Obama would have wiped the floor with Trump, and would do it again tomorrow if he were eligible to run.

          There just aren’t enough can’t-keep-up bigots to give Trump another Triple Lindy longshot win.

          1. If only Obama had run again so that we could have more illegal wars in Libya, compromised CIA communications and targeted assasinations of American citizens.

            Sadly, he didn’t. And you are left ranting and raving like the crazy old man at the laundramat you are.

            1. Jeez John, why do you interact with this human underwear stain, this carny-barking loon of existence?

              Whatever it’s suffering from just might be contagious.

      2. “Orange Man Bad”

        I look forward to the river of leftist tears as the Justice Department is freed from RINO control and starts acting to prosecute the ocean of crime of the Obama administration.

  16. This is obstruction of justice in plain sight. It’s trading political power to make criminal investigations go away. Matt Whitaker should tread carefully. He’s very likely joining a criminal conspiracy.

    1. Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. Firing him can’t be obstruction of an investigation that he was recussed from. Stop cutting and pasting talking points unless you know what they mean.

      1. Maybe now we can get McCarthyism 2.0, and put to bed all the illegal subversive activity of which democrats have engaged. Ted Cruz can take the lead in the Senate. We can go after all the culprits. Hollywood, federal employees, the media, the tech sector, the DNC, etc..

    2. Whitaker should start stomping on the Deep State Coup.

  17. Enough voters have spoken to convince the Republican platform committee that the ku-klux mental midget from Alabammy was the stupidest mistake since the Coathanger Abortion Amendment they started mainlining after the LP plank on birth control became Roe v Wade and deflated Dixiecrat Comstock and northern laws. I can hardly wait for the libertarian vote total to roll in.

  18. Trump picks flyover Republican hack trying to pad a mediocre resume to lead Department of Justice while he tries to find someone desperate enough to become the permanent replacement for the authoritarian bigot Trump chose in the first place.

    Is Trump dumb and rash enough to try to shut down the Mueller investigation before Democrats take the House? Maybe. Have formerly sensible Republicans in Congress become obsequious enough to go along on a fools’ errand along that line? Maybe.

    Will any of it work? Sure. Just like Trump was going to build a wall, revise economic fundamentals to enable unskilled and uneducated rural residents to prosper, incarcerate Hillary Clinton, get Mexico to fund that wall, and repeal Obamacare.

    1. Republicans control the Senate and the Supreme Court. Trump can and will fire Mueller and only backwoods Prog morons like you will care. And no one cares what people like you think.

    2. Why should Trump look for a replacement for Whitaker?

      Let him be “interim” AG until 2020.

      1. Not a bad idea.

  19. “Meanwhile, multiple outlets have reported that with Sessions gone, Mueller’s probe will now be overseen by Whitaker, not Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.”


    1. This is terrific. Now the orobe can be greatly EXPANDED! Now to include the DNC, the Clintons, Debbie Wasserbeast, and every other stinking democrat who was involved. I’m hoping those process crimes can be revisited to include oriole like Samantha power and Huma. Get them singing, and begging for immunity in exchange for the Clintons.

      1. This is how banana republics happen.

        Be a goddamn American. Even if it hurts Republicans. Sometimes Republicans do bad things. A lot of times Republicans do bad things.

        1. You do know by law the special prosecuted is supposed to be supervised by one person and one person only? Want to guess who that is? Hint: it is the position that sessions held until today.

        2. Hey Tony, sometimes democrats do bad things too, and so far Mueller has turned a blind eye to all democrat wrongdoing. Which is the case here.

          Of course, you don’t care about that. I do, since I AM a real American, and not a democrat traitor like you. And how dare you talk like you have the slightest bit of patriotism? You’ve never done a fucking thing for your country, you selfish little shit.

  20. Let’s celebrate America’s progress in the form of some of the more prominent backward, authoritarian asswipes who lost their jobs consequent to the recent election:

    Kris Kobach

    Scott Walker

    Jeff Sessions

    Dana Rohrabacher

    Kim Davis

    Mia Love

    Pete Sessions

    Each made America greater by losing a job.

    1. Why don’t you make America greater, and commit suicide? Might as well. You’re worthless and no one could ever love you, since you’re not worthy of it.

    2. Dana Rohrabacher, authoritarian?! He’s been known as a libertarian activist for 50 yrs., just moderated it a little to be electable.

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