Brickbat: Encroachment


Flag and Trump sign
Darrin Aldridge /

Officials at North Carolina's Hartnett Central High School told students they should wear patriotic garb for a recent football game because it was USA America night. So one student wore a red, white and blue jersey with "USA" on the front. And "Trump 45" on the back. His father says the principal told the boy he would have to remove the shirt because others were complaining about it. The student left the game instead.

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  1. Brace for a dumbass Rev comment…

    1. Great observation from the kind of guy who hears “USA America Night” and wonders why the educated people seem confused.

      Subliterate, authoritarian, intolerant right-wing losers are among my favorite faux libertarians.

      1. “Subliterate, authoritarian, intolerant” sounds like a great description of whoever wrote the script that posts as Rev ALK.

  2. A hammer and sickle shirt featuring Che would have been acceptable.

  3. Harnett County, North Carolina is pretty solidly red – I’d be suspicious of the claim that “some people” were complaining. “Some people” say the principal is a huge douchebag, a suspected secret member of ISIS, has a large number of small bodies buried in the crawlspace and eats pizza with a fork and knife.

    1. False flag by the Trump supporters?

  4. And that boy grew up to be Mike Pence.

  5. Thanks Charles Olivert for that story.

  6. Trump just got trumped by the Deep State!

    WHO KNEW that the Deep State has taken over even the backwater high schools by now!??!?!

    1. Um, anyone who’s paid attention to the takeover of public education administration by the unions?

  7. What I want to now is, WHO decides whose offenededness counts, and whose offendedness does NOT count? And HOW do they decide? Any criteria other than what THEY personally agree with?

    Because I heard it said that “some people” at Hartnett Central High School were offended that NOT ENOUGH people were wearing pro-Trump garb!

    I personally find it very offensive that there’s no porn posters hung up on the walls at work. Does anyone pay attention to my offendedness? NOOOOO….

    1. It’s pretty simple. Tolerant people decide. Tolerant people are people who are intolerant of intolerance. Porn posters are intolerant. Any political persuasion other than Democrat is intolerant. Failure to follow the teachings of The Prophet Owlgor is intolerant. Not wanting to force bakers to bake cakes is intolerant. Only tolerant people may be offended. Intolerant people, people who disagree with tolerant people, don’t count.

  8. The young man should have been permitted to wear the shirt. It’s not a close call. Bigots — even the depleted human residue that remains in our can’t-keep-up backwaters after generations of bright flight — have rights, too.

    1. Thanks Kurt Solo @ 4:40 AM…nice to have early warning for this kind of horseshit…Yo Rev. this is clearly the early favorite for douchebag comment of the day, you used douche.

      1. Feel free to explain an assertion that avid Trump supporters — not the cynical right-wingers who merely appeased backwardness and bigotry by voting for him, but the enthusiastic Trump fans who embrace the ignorance and intolerance, the vulgarity and the boorishness — are not bigots.

        1. A Priori…or in terms you can understand “first principles”. in this case, it’s a given that every post you provide is pure unadulterated horseshit. Prove that you’re not a horses ass and we’ll be happy to reevaluate your douchebaggery level.

  9. USA America night

    Glad they did something to distinguish it from USA Canada night.

  10. the principal told the boy he would have to remove the shirt because others were complaining about it. The student left the game instead.

    Left the game instead of removing the shirt and using it as a flag?

    And what if “the boy” had been “the girl”? “Progressives Demand High School Girl Disrobe In Public”

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