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South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon has ordered police, prosecutors and the Korea Communications Commission to punish those who "generate fake news with malicious intent and systemically spread it." Lee was apparently angered by online criticism he received after visiting Vietnam for the funeral of its president, Tran Dai Quang, where he wrote in the visitors' book at the home of Ho Chi Minh that he felt "humble" before the "great" leader.

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11 responses to “Brickbat: Big Phony

  1. On word of the news, the South Korean bureau of CNN was immediately evacuated

  2. While in Hanoi, he visited the stilt house of Ho Chi Minh and wrote in the visitors’ book at the compound that he felt “humble” before the “great” Vietnamese leader.

    He wrote that, had Tr?n ??i Quang lived long enough, hopefully he would have been a Belieber.

  3. I wonder if Lee’s poor command of English is real problem here. In his quote about fake news, he uses the word systemically (carried throughout the body by the bloodstream) when I think he meant systemically (in a planned, step-by-step manner).

    He also seems to be applying the phrase “fake news” to something that actually happened. If there’s no dispute that he wrote that in the visitors’ book, it could be classed as embarrassing news, but it isn’t fake.

    1. Stupid spell correct changed “systematically” back to systemically! Maybe it is spell correct that is tripping up the Korean PM! Perhaps he wrote negative things about Ho Chi Minh and it was just “corrected” to sound positive.

    2. Or maybe “systemically” doesn’t mean what you think it means. Systemically is the adverb form of systemic and means “in a manner that affects the entire system”. While that system could be a body with a bloodstream, the affected system is not restricted to that one example.

  4. Defamation is a crime in America. This is different because it doesn’t require the false statement to be defamation only false. So someone like Trump who lies about himself to promote his image would run afoul of the Korean law but not defamation.

    1. Words have meanings. Defamation doesn’t mean just saying something false, it means saying something false that is negative and destructive of someone’s character and reputation. Unless Trump started saying stuff about himself that was highly critical and meant to tear himself down, I don’t see how it could be classed anywhere as “defamation.”

      But I think you missed the point. Lee doesn’t seem to be denying what he wrote about the Vietnamese dictator. He just doesn’t like that it was made public. That’s not defamation either.

  5. Socialists love backing up their Socialist and Communist brethren.

  6. Defamation is used by propagandists because, if pressed hard about the comment, at most they have to print a retraction.

    A lot of the good people around the World dont go around defaming people on a regular basis to gain power. So the lefties know that they dont really have to worry about defamation from non-Lefties.

    What Lefties worry most about is the TRUTH, which utterly and truthfully undermines Socialism.

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