Brickbat: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You


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Police in Hamilton, Texas, confiscated a political sign from Marion Stafford's lawn following a complaint about the sign on Facebook by state Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. The sign showed an elephant with its trunk up the dress of a female saying "Help." Miller said the female was supposed to be a daughter of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Stafford denies that. She says cops threatened to arrest her if she didn't give them the sign. City officials say she was the one who asked them to remove the sign.

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13 responses to “Brickbat: The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You

  1. “City officials say she was the one who asked them to remove the sign.”

    Cop: I can beat you with this chain, or fist you.
    Citizen: I’ll take the chain.

    1. I could really use a good fisting.

      1. Okay, chain-whipping it is.

  2. But Kavanaugh shouldn’t have been angry that the left called him a child molester (on top of being a gang rapist)

    1. Was it clever to make that charge in a language understood solely by uneducated, superstitious, can’t-keep-up right-wing bigots?

      1. most people don’t speak democratese since it requires a frontal lobotomy.

  3. Also, the left would never ever fake something like this. Nope. They don’t; have a long history of fakery or anything…

    1. You wouldn’t try and disguise and unsupported allegation in a question, now would you?

      Of course all one would have to do would be to visit Sid Miller’s Facebook page ( to find out this really happened, but then why bother.
      Since when have the facts ever helped support your world view?

  4. Last time I read the Bill of Rights, it said nothing about freedom to post images of bestiality.

  5. The sign was expressing tolerance by not tolerating the right’s intolerance.

  6. It’s not an original.

    And the idea that she asked for the sign to be removed is ridiculous, as ridiculous as a fuckhead like Sid Miller being allowed anywhere near the sort of power where he can whine and cry about people with opinions he doesn’t like and have armed agents of the state shut those people up. I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that this woman also had a yard sign endorsing his opponent right next to the anti-GOP sign.

  7. The Agriculture department of Texas is in charge of political signs?
    Well, damn howdy! Whodathunkit?

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