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Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Kavanaugh for Supreme Court, With a Twist

Sen. Lindsey Graham had the quote of the day: "I think I know what happened."


Michael Reynolds/ZUMA Press/Newscom

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to approve Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh's nomination has been controversial. The judge, who currently serves on the U.S Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, now faces multiple allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to his high school and college years. His first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, testified before the committee yesterday. When she was done, Kavanaugh offered a defense. Last night, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee announced they would hold their previously scheduled vote on Kavanaugh today.

The vote occurred along party lines: All 11 Republicans on the committee supported Kavanagh's nomination, while the 10 Democrats voted no. Hours before the vote took place, several Democrats walked out of the committee room in protest.

The ultimate results of the vote were not surprising. The swing vote was Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who said Friday morning he would support Kavanaugh's nomination. Flake's announcement meant Kavanaugh enjoyed the support of each Republican on the committee. But moments before senators voted, Flake complicated things: He said he would vote yes in the committee. However, he said he wanted the Senate to delay its floor vote for "up to" a week so the FBI can reopen its background check into Kavanaugh.

When the full chamber does vote, Kavanaugh's confirmation is far from a done deal. Senators on the fence include moderate Republicans Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine, as well as Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat up for re-election this November in West Virginia, which President Donald Trump carried in 2016 by a 41-point margin. Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, another Democrat up for re-election in a state Trump won, said today that he'd vote against Kavanaugh.

Murkowski, meanwhile, tells NBC News she supports Flake's proposal regarding an FBI background investigation. Without both of their votes, the Senate would have a difficult time confirming Kavanaugh.

Later, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) confirmed the FBI would indeed investigate Kavanaugh's background.

This post has been updated with Sens. Murkowski and Cornyn's comments.

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  1. Here’s a fun idea: no term limits, but don’t any Congress Critter who votes cannot run for re-election. They can spout off, ask questions at hearings, introduce bills … but cannot vote until they are on their last term.

    That would be fun to watch. How many would want to run as a one-term candidate? How many would want to run withotu being able to both vote and remain in office?

    1. My idea is that they spend at least the first half of their term on the “law-repealing” body (that would have to be created) and can’t join the “law passing” body until they’ve voted to repeal at least 100 laws.

      1. My idea is to eliminate running for office by people who want to run. While I strongly believe the idea that “power corrupts,” I think a corollary should be, “those who seek out power over others are already corrupt and unfit.”

        What could happen instead is a random lottery system, rather like jury pools, by which people with zero expectations or desire for office are chosen to go up for election. So as to eliminate force, you’d have to give them a small incentive to agree to run for election, such as a moratorium on their income tax or something. And then, voters would have to hear the candidates out in terms of their ideas, knowing full well these people didn’t particularly want to be running.

        As a bonus, the candidate pool would be every adult citizen, which means you’d have people of average intelligence and average ability, honesty, etc. That alone would be a tremendous improvement over the level of intelligence and honesty of the current political class.

        1. These “accusations” against a respectable public official are highly inappropriate and, accordingly, false. They certainly don’t merit any form of “investigation.” On the other hand, the proper authorities should rapidly investigate whether the honorable judge has been the victim of any efforts to impugn his reputation through “parody” confessions or other similarly illegal means. See the documentation of our nation’s leading criminal “satire” case at:

        2. I have only half jokingly said that we would probably be better run if congress was selected at random MANY times in my life. Single term, and totally random. No voting at all! Nothing could be less effective than what we have now.

          We’d clearly end up with a lot of idiots, but we’d also end up with plenty of people who were just like “No dude. We’re over 20 trillion in debt, we gotta cut some shit son!”

      2. Constitutional amendment making all legislation sunset ten years following enactment.

        1. Then you would just get a yearly omnibus re-authorization bill.

          1. This is a bad idea. All it does is give the people who want a policy that is full-on government an equally extreme alternative. If you have a more moderate policy as the status quo, extremists have a harder time getting a majority willing to support their preferred policy. Thus, sunset clauses are a terrible idea. Read Kenneth Schepsle’s undergraduate text on political economy.

  2. I am guessing all the other writers at reason were busy changing after their spit-takes?

    1. Reason has no writers, only a broad spectrum of editors.

      1. All of whom write and none of whom edit anything.

    2. While the supposed libertarian comments are nothing but apologia for the power elite.

      1. Chipper Morning Baculum|9.28.18 @ 3:40PM|#
        “While the supposed libertarian comments are nothing but apologia for the power elite.”

        As opposed to lefty bullshit artists. I see you signed your work,

        1. What makes me a lefty, Sevo?

          1. I already answered that fucko.

      2. Why do you hate due process and presumption of innocence?

        Oh right, you’re a leftist.

      3. Wow, you think I’m an apologist for the power elite?

        You know, at least I bother reading YOUR comments.
        (Full disclosure: I read just about everyone’s in threads that interest me.)

  3. So those arguing an FBI investigation — do you actually care? I mean really, will it change your mind? If the FBI comes back with something then he shouldn’t be confirmed, but if they don’t find anything, you will suddenly drop all your other objections?

    This is so much bullshit. Get over your hatred for Trump and Republicans.

    1. I hate Trump but I hate crazy MeToo nutcase progressives even more. A lot more.

      Salty yummy tears for the Dems that walked out.

      1. ^This. Except I’d say “equally.” But that might be hair splitting, because I really, really hate Trump.

      2. TYHose senators should be punished. How many lashes of the whip can McConnell give them.

      3. Huge ad in my local newspaper (fairly large Midwestern city) by a MeToo type group had thousands of small signatures of prominent men & women stating their support for Ford & belief in her accusations, but it went even further & stated this: “WE BELIEVE ALL WOMEN IN CASES LIKE THIS”…..LOL!!! What BS!!

        Gee, I wonder how many believed the legions of victims of HornDawg Bill Clinton when they cam forth?….Victims who did not have hazy memories from 35 years ago or absolutely no corroboration at all, but who were making these claims only a couple or few years after & had times, places & witnesses!

    2. How bad is it going to look on the FBI if they find something after six investigations?

      How much political BS will we have to endure as this ‘investigation’ gets pulled into the rest of the FBI’s controversies?

      1. Occam’s Razor: they’re not going to find anything, because it’s all a bunch of complete horseshit.

        1. It will they find something because the FBI are politicized and beholden to certain political factions?

      2. We’ll be poring over the (partially and selectively leaked) FBI reports/interviews like the Zapruder film and the Dead Sea Scrolls combined.

        “What did he mean about this……” and “Whatabout…..” And “We need this person to testify..”

        Then we’ll have a delay over releasing the reports/interviews. And re-opening the hearings.

    3. If the FBI comes back with something then he shouldn’t be confirmed, but if they don’t find anything, you will suddenly drop all your other objections?

      I think we all know the answer to that question.

    4. Here’s the fun thing about obscure, non provable allegations… There are an infinite amount of them.

    5. The FBI investigates crimes. These accusations were not made to a criminal court. Why should the FBI investigate them?

      1. *federal crimes or when local police request assistance from the FBI.

        1. Or background checks for clearances.

      2. The FBI investigates crimes.

        The FBI also conducts inquiries with respect to background checks (and perhaps other matters).

        I have been interviewed by FBI agents a number of times, never (so far as I am aware) with respect to a criminal investigation. If my experience is representative, the number of non-criminal inquiries must be large.

        1. They were trying to figure out if you were a rapist or just a wannabe.

        2. Why do you idiots forget this was submitted to the FBI ALREADY?

          They passed.

        3. Neat, so have I…fuck off.

          1. I know clingers are having a bad day, Trog.

            1. Yes, you clingers to “kavanaugh won’t get confirmed” sure are!!!

              Look how much you’re crying about it!!!

        4. The FBI interviewed me for a background check about a buddy one time, back when I had long hair. I said that he was so “square” that I didn’t really like hanging out with him.

        5. “I have been interviewed by FBI agents a number of times,”

          Not unusual for a dangerous anti-American subversive, such as yourself. A pity it didn’t result in your execution for treason.

        6. I find this hard to believe. Private contractors carry out most background investigations, not the FBI. Only fairly high up positions or big, sensitive civilian agencies in DC are vetted by the FBI.

      3. The FBI is also supposed to assist with vetting of Federal nominees.

        (So, it has been claimed in several discussion threads in the past few days. I’m not personally sure that’s correct.)

    6. If there was reasonable proof sure, I’d change my opinion. Like a candid polaroid or something maybe. You’d need to be retarded to think otherwise.

      1. Innocent until proven guilty would be the standard if this were a criminal trial. Most of the politicians and pundits and Tweeters and Facebook friends weighing in with their opinions (I’m not gonna say all) agree there isn’t a strong enough case for criminal conviction.

        The bar is lower here: Is there anything that makes this nominee unsuitable for the appointment? That’s a relatively low, subjective bar where he could end up sunk in the end just because of his demeanor during the hearing and his making up disingenuous explanations for some of the things written in his high school yearbook.

        1. The bar being pushed by democrats is “did anybody ever accuse you of anything even if non credible with no corroboration.”

          1. They may be pushing that as the bar, but what matters in the vote is convincing a few Republican senators that are on the fence to vote for him.

    7. No, they just know the FBI would take at least until January to wrap up.

      1. The FBI turned down the initial Ford investigation in under a day.

    8. They know the FBI “investigation” won’t turn up anything of substance; it has been 35 years since this incident is alleged to have happened and all investigators will get is the same denials and “I don’t recalls”. Maybe like all the other FBI investigations it will produce some charges of “lying to FBI”. That might be the Democrats hope. Then they can say that kavanaugh must be bad because a bunch of people around him were charged with crimes “related to” sexual assault accusations involving him.

    9. I think a much more feasible, and much more useful change would be a constitutional 5 year sunset for all laws and regulations.

  4. “Flake wants the Senate to delay its floor vote for “up to” a week so the FBI can reopen its background check into Kavanaugh.”

    Ford’s four witnesses, all of whom contradicted her allegations and swore under penalty of perjury that the party never happened, well, that’s not enough evidence for Flake.

    I don’t think the Republicans will or should subject themselves to another week of this. The longer it goes on, the more people come out of the woodwork with their own unsubstantiated allegations.

    Flake is merely positioning himself to run against Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020. What he’s demonstrating to registered Republican everywhere, by this, is that is his leadership skills aren’t ready for prime time.

    1. Last time the FBI reopened the investigation they closed it that night. So let them.

    2. Yes, this is Flake at his Flakey best. Playing both sides in order to make him look “moderate” and “reasonable”; John McCain would be proud.

      This is no different than what he did two weeks ago when he called on the Justice Committee to hear Ford’s testimony. He was always going to vote yes — his political future is with the Republicans — he just needed political cover to retain the Media’s good will.

      And his request to wait “up to a week” to vote is a stroke of political genius: there probably wasn’t going to be a vote until next week anyway, so McConnell can schedule a vote for Wednesday and Flake could vote yes and still claim he did his due diligence.

      It’s weasely and reeks of political opportunism, but I must admit it is clever.

      1. Flake actually weasled out just a few minutes later saying he wouldn’t stop any vote.

        1. That’s Flakey, even by Flake’s standards.

          No one in Washington is going to like him after his performance today.

          1. Reason will hire him.

    3. I’m impressed that Flake managed to take the stupidest and least defensible position possible.
      Way to go, Arizona

      1. To be fair… After November Arizona will be washed clean of it’s two sins the last half decade. New senators.

    4. Ford’s four witnesses, all of whom contradicted her allegations and swore under penalty of perjury that the party never happened,

      These unqualified declarations appear to be the work of someone who never studied English or law in earnest.

      1. Cry more about him being correct.

      2. As opposed to an accuser who can’t count.

    5. Did they swear the party never happened or did they swear they don’t recall the party?

      (Honest question. I don’t know what witnesses you are referring to.)

      1. Both. And you’re being disingenuous if you don’t know what he’s talking about.

        1. I was not being disingenuous.

          I have seen Mark Judge’s statement. I believe I read news stories about people from their high school social circle not recalling any such party, but I don’t recall reading any news stories where anybody made a denial that the party happened.

          1. Right. You just happened to miss this:

            Ford told the Post that she remembered Keyser being at the party.

            Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford,” said Howard Walsh, who said he has been “engaged in the limited capacity” of corresponding with the committee on behalf of Keyser.

            But that’s not, like, a denial of the party or something.

          2. Just no stories about it at all.

            “I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as ‘PJ’ who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post,” Smyth says in his statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh.”

            But that’s not a denial denial, right?

    6. Actually I think Flake, despite the fact that he’s an appalling asshole, is setting up the Ds here. One week limited investigation that Trump just authorized. They’ve been screaming for an investigation and they’ll get one that finds no evidence to support Ford’s claims so STFU. Sure they’ll bring out more accusers but they’ve already scraped the bottom of the barrel with the rape room bullshit. Their problem is that the guy is actually squeaky clean. They’ll just make themselves more ridiculous. If that’s possible.

      1. I agree. I mean it won’t help salvage Kavanaugh’s reputation with a good portion of the country, but at least they can’t drone on about how there was no additional investigation.

      2. While this may be an advantage to the Republicans, that’s not why Flake pulled this stunt.

        Flake’s whole shtick is that he’s a responsible moderate who can work with Democrats and stand up to Trump; he’s angling for the McMullin-Kristol voters in the 2020 Republican primaries. Unless the FBI investigation brings up some serious shit, he’ll vote for Kavanaugh.

        His problem is that Kavanaugh had better be on the court by the end of next week, or another conservative in his place before the elections. If not, then his political future in the Republican Party is dead.

    7. IMO – neither Ford nor Kavanaugh were believable. The entire ‘play’ was a sick manipulative joke.

      If Ford really experienced this as a personal trauma; then she is the only person ever who managed to make it all the way through intensive study of clinical psychology without ever performing/documenting any self-analysis whatsoever. I thought the whole point of all the different methods there is to find ways to elicit other’s traumas. And they learn those methods (writing journal, inkblots, sofa talking, etc) by analyzing themselves first. Except for her own trauma which is successfully suppressed all through her education.

      His overtly partisan anger was an embarrassment for someone who actually wants to be a Supreme Court justice. Is he supposed to recuse himself from every case that involves a partisan on the other side? Because there’s nothing I could see in his temperament that would allow him to claim he could review evidence impartially.

      As for the critters themselves. How the hell did they ever graduate from elementary school? Did they go straight from elementary school to Imanasshole Law School?

  5. What we are missing here is something that has been right in front of our noses the whole time.

    One of the Reason commenters IS Brett Kavanaugh.

    And only one has been so steadfast in his support and has stated he is a lawyer.

    That commenter is John.

    Now this is the internet and you don’t know my gender but I certainly could be a female and that means you have to believe me. And since John cannot prove he is not Brett Kavanaugh, that must mean he is Brett Kavanaugh.

    It all fits!

    1. My God… we’re through the looking glass here, people.

      1. You raped the looking Glass?

        1. It was [—-] this close to an accidental murder.

        2. Did you see how that looking glass was dressed? Are you gonna tell me you wouldn’t have hit too?

          1. You know what they say about wide angled lenses…

    2. Naw, he’s John Bolton. You can tell by all the typing errors, caused by his manly lip hair getting in the way.

    3. Problem is that John has an alibi. He was on here posting comments while Kavanaugh was getting grilled yesterday.

      1. But what if Kavanaugh’s nose had a sophisticated text input mechanism? That thing was typing away the whole time!

      2. How many typos did his comments yesterday have? If they didn’t have any, then that’s a dead giveaway that it was a ghost commenter hired to cover his tracks.

      3. “”Problem is that John has an alibi””

        John will check his calendar and get back to us.

    4. Wow. Just wow. Incredible.

      I expect to read a news story soon about Bronze being found dead after shooting himself three times in the back of his head, with his hands tied behind his back, no less.

      You’d better check your brake lines before driving anywhere, Bronze. People who reveal secrets like that don’t last very long.

    5. Bronze Khopesh|9.28.18 @ 2:28PM|#
      “What we are missing here is something that has been right in front of our noses the whole time.
      One of the Reason commenters IS Brett Kavanaugh.”

      Search Amazon; tin foil hats. They got just what you need.

  6. Kavanaugh will never make it to the Supreme Court, and neither will anyone else Drumpf wants to nominate. Years from now, historians will cite this week as the turning point when #TheResistance started winning. Next up: a #BlueTsunami in November in which Democrats take the House and Senate, Orange Hitler’s removal from office by this time in 2019, and eventually a Democrat in the White House to appoint several RBG-style justices who, unlike Kavanaugh, didn’t sleep through the law school class where they teach you about SUPER-PRECEDENTS.


    1. Not quite enough desperation to really sell it this time. The left is shitting themselves.

      Seriously, this is them right now.

      1. Seriously lame, dude. You could have posted The Brownout from American Vandal.

        1. I could’ve also posted Tubgirl. Count your blessings.

    2. Sadly this is a cut/paste and not a parody.

      1. Are you serious? I can believe that somebody typed this, but?is anybody taking it seriously?

        1. I’ve read multiple liberal writers this morning. They used all the same talking points. Only only missed the kavanaugh impeachment talking point.

    3. You know what I think about that?

      [puts some roe on a cracker and eats it]

  7. Sen. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, another Democrat up for re-election in a state Trump won, said today that he’d vote against Kavanaugh.

    Either he’s voting against based on something other than the allegations or the FBI investigation was irrelevant to him as he’s seen enough and Kavanaugh is guilty.

    1. I’m legitimately shocked that he’s voting “no”.

      Maybe his internal polling is showing that he was going to lose anyway, because his chances of getting re-elected now are pretty close to zero.

      1. his chances of getting re-elected now are pretty close to zero

        You figure there are that many poorly educated, disaffected, superstitious, intolerant, gullible yahoos in Indiana?

        I am skeptical.

        1. Indiana’s governor is a Republican. So that must mean a bunch of highly educated, intelligent, tolerant, wise liberals voted for him, right?

        2. No one cares.

          1. Half-educated bigots seem to care . . . they’ve been whimpering all day.

            1. I’m kind of surprised at you Reverend. There was another class of people who were poorly educated, disaffected, etc. and who some wanted to disregard when it came time to govern. I’d have thought you capable of wearing many hats but a white pointy one was a definite surprise.

              1. It really shouldn’t. Assholes like him and Tony are HUGE racist.

            2. “Half-educated bigots seem to care”

              Ok so YOU care about your opinion.

              “they’ve been whimpering all day.”

              That’s quite a self aware admission, I didn’t think you had it in you.

  8. I’m sure Mueller would love a new witch hunt to add to his resume.

  9. Now I understand why cosmos like Flake so much and hate Rand. Flake’s one abiding principle is the “virtue signal”.

    Some votes that Flake didn’t struggle with and voted in favor of:

    ? Gina Haspel for CIA Director (Rand voted “no” on the floor of the Senate)

    ? The big budget increase (Rand voted “no”)

    ? Reauthorization of data collection program (Rand voted “no”)

    That should tell you all you need to know about people who write glowing profiles about Flake. They care about “perception” more than “principle” and they really could care less about less government.

    1. Remember this when Welch writes the inevitable “Jeff Flake is the Most Woketarian Senator, blah, blah, blah, stupid” article

      1. Also keep in mind that Kavanaugh will never be able to introduce or approve a budget, introduce or approve a spy program, introduce or approve a CIA director. Merely affirm or not that any/all of those actions were constitutional.

        1. Why do you think Reason writers don’t want Kavanaugh confirmed?

          Hint: It has nothing to do with the 4th Amendment or budgets

          1. Dead babies?

          2. Some of the Reason staff was there in that bedroom 36 years ago?

      2. There was an article in Reason sucking off Flake big-time. It was quite a while ago, before he made a name for himself, but I found that level of adulation suspect, in a reasonable publication such as this one.

    2. Flake voted no for Gina Haspel as far as I know.

  10. ‘However, he wants the Senate to delay its floor vote for “up to” a week so the FBI can reopen its background check into Kavanaugh.’

    How many more #metoo, #methree ‘victims’ could the DNC recruit in another week?

    1. Implanting false memories takesa while. I don’t think a week is enough. They’ll just produce more ludicrous allegations like the last two

      1. One of the other accusers (think it was the dick in her face lady) spent 6 days regaining her memories of the event so there might be enough time.


    Kavanaugh! Kavanaugh! KAVANAUGH!

    1. So what did the democrats gain the last 2 weeks…

      Kavanaugh as the likely justice.
      Feinstein coming off as a raging bitch.
      Corey as Spartacus
      Harris as a shitty lawyer
      And the awakening if the silent majority.

      To be fair… Hillary did appear on Murphy brown and is opening up what looks like a run for 2020. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

      1. You’re nuts if you think Kavanaugh is going to sit on the court.

        Woketarians’ favorite Senator gave Democrats an opportunity to continue this farce. After one week do we honestly think that Democrats will say “OK, time to proceed to a vote”?

        They’ll delay again and woketarians’ favorite Senator will again abide them all the way until the midterm elections.

        1. You missed flakes comments shortly after asking for a delay, he won’t stop any call for a vote. He got his flakiness out of the way, he’s good.

          1. Except, Collins and Murkowski have jumped on his verbal diarrhea. It’s over.

            1. Don’t agree at all. There’s also multiple reports of manchin being a yes now.

              There was also a report in the examiner that manchin, flake, Collins, and murkowski agreed to vote as a block.

              1. The delay and investigation are designed to give them political cover. That’s why Trump and Lindsey Graham are on board.

            2. What a tragedy. Let’s all cry and then send some flowers.

              1. You’ve got the crying thing down already.

              2. She was asking for it with that short skirtHe’s an elite white man so he deserves it.

                Now go whine about how “unlibertarian” the commentards are. You’ve certainly established your bona fides.

      2. The Democrats pushed some central-ish politicians right a bit.

        When Feinstein suborned perjury from Ford, it caused a disturbance in the Dark Side. The look of horror on politicians faces was priceless. Even RINOs fell in line.

        This kind of sex accusation bullshit can happen to anyone and they all know it. Republicans and Democrats are all targets and the best thing was for every Republican to shut the lefty plan down. The Democrats are hoping that they stay on the offensive and that will keep them from being accused.

      3. Don’t you love hyper-partisan television that exists solely as advocacy? Lord knows viewers don’t, but the owners don’t mind taking a loss on a shitty sit-com.

  12. The Lefties are shitting their pants on every available MSM outlet.




      1. 6.5 more years of trump anyway.

        1. Not enough half-educated yahoos. Not enough old-timey bigots. Not enough left-behind losers. Not enough superstitious goobers. Not enough disaffected, socially inept right-wingers.

          1. I picture you in your cry closet, balled up into the fetal position repeating this mantra during the 2016 election too.

  13. An FBI investigation means primarilya long interview of Ford. A psychiatric evaluation also would also need to be part of that. I support that.

    1. “”An FBI investigation means primarilya long interview of Ford””

      That’s when you’ll hear the Trump admin is attacking her.

      I don’t think they understand how investigations work.

    2. I know. How awesome would it be if this investigation the dems have been clamoring for comes back and says she’s a liar and that she needs to be charged for lying to the FBI.

      Can they maintain a derp level where they expect everyone to simultaneously believe that the FBI is above board in the Mueller investigation, but also in Trump’s pocket to deep-six Ford’s claims?

      1. Democrats don’t get charged for lying to the FBI. See Cheryl Mills and Huma abedin.

    3. I know. How awesome would it be if this investigation the dems have been clamoring for comes back and says she’s a liar and that she needs to be charged for lying to the FBI.

      Can they maintain a derp level where they expect everyone to simultaneously believe that the FBI is above board in the Mueller investigation, but also in Trump’s pocket to deep-six Ford’s claims?

      1. Oh yeah, lying to the FBI. How great would that be? 🙂

  14. No mention of Flake getting accosted in the elevator by a “survivor” with a film crew?

    The question is was that spontaneous or staged?

    1. That’s different. In order to be a writer at Reason you must be an apologist for fascist behavior, if it’s “the right fascists”.

      In that regard, Joe is the best Reason writer.

  15. Still a big “if” (never trust a Flake), but if Kavanaugh is approved, a good chance exists he’ll be so bat shit furious he will go on a 30 year far right tear that’ll make Thomas blush. Win/win

    1. I am really hoping that Kavanaugh knows that the Senate was partly responsible for this happening to him and he leans more Constitutional than defer to Congress in the future.

    2. Thomas approved of the state digging around in little girls underwear in search of Motrin. Fuck him.

  16. Jeff Flake has finally made me fill sorry for the FBI. What the hell is the FBI supposed to do with a 35 year old allegation of a groping at a high school keg party? And what could they possibly do in a week that would satisfy anyone?

    If I were the FBI, I would tell the Senate to fuck off. This not the FBI’s circus and not their monkey. They have better things to do than examine the lives of prep school kids of the 1980s.

    1. Eh, maybe they’ll do something awesome like come back and say that after reopening the investigation and looking at it they believe that Ford is lying and should be charged for lying to the FBI in interviews.

      The number of liberal heads that would explode would make it worth it even if Kavanaugh didn’t get confirmed.

      1. If Comey was still around he’d dust off Strozk to head up the investigation.

  17. What a load of crap this is.

    Another low in American history.

    I don’t know about his legal opinions. Those could be a reason but no.

    No sympathy for Dr Ford. Zero. She has destroyed someone with allegations she cannot back up.

    She is some expert in psychology. She knows very well that memory is faulty. Hippocampus does not store truth like some sort of vault. It has a role in memory mediated by the limbic system, frontal lobes, sensory input and other areas of the brain not understood. Two people can remember the exact same event and have conflicting memory.

    She lied when she said 100% certain. That was scripted.

    1. What’s really perplexing about the way we’re expected to treat Ford is that, assuming she is being truthful and Kavanaugh is a secret rapist, she has been keeping silent letting this predator walk among us raping his way into a lifetime position on the second most powerful court in this country. If she’s telling the truth, she’s a fucking accomplice.

      1. Why are you using the word rape? That was never even the allegation.

  18. Could they compromise? Agree to open an FBI investigation on Kavannaugh if the Dems agree to an investigation into whether Feinstein’s office colluded with lawyers alleged to represent the victim (thereby depriving her of a right to fair representation) in order to undermine a constitutional process?

    Probably can’t, but the next few months would be so much fun to watch…

    1. Good idea, but why ask the dems to agree. Give them the investigation they want good and hard. And specify to the FBI that their first priority is to confirm whether there is any evidence that Kavanaugh is a rapist. Once that comes back negative, vote to confirm him and unleash the FBI on the dems right during the run up to the midterms. I actually quite like that idea.

      1. Trump is saying he hopes the investigation will include finding out who (lookin at you Feinstein) leaked Ford’s letter to the press. Probably won’t happen this time but still possible.

    2. No. The Democrats are in a minority position.

      Confirm Kavanaugh AND send the FBI to investigate Hillary and Feinstein.

  19. “Kavanaugh’s nomination has been controversial.”

    Yes, it has.
    He was nominated by TRUMP!!!!!!, for pete’s sake!!!!!!
    All else is commentary.

    1. Well, Trump is fat, stupid, and senile who outsourced his nomination to movement conservative think tanks. That is quite enough reason. But there’s also the rape.

      1. And he is your President and will be for the next six years.

        1. What heights has the American system brought political discourse to.

          1. You seem to be extremely butthurt about it.

          2. Tony talking about heights of political discourse…. You’re just above hihn and Kirkland.

          3. This is Obama’s legacy

            1. What terrible immature mean-spirited things did Obama say, again?

        2. And Trump will be picking a replacement for Thomas when he retires, RBG when she takes her final nap, and Breyer when croaks of loneliness.

  20. At least you morons have one thing going for you: you could never offer any coherent reason why not to do an additional background check in light of these allegations. No need to be pissed off at the Republicans going for it now–there was no justification for your position in the first place!

    1. And if the FBI came back with definitive proof that kavanaugh was innocent, you would support his confirmation?

      Yeah whatever. There is no reason to investigate accusations that cannot be proven or disproven and wouldn’t change anyone’s vote if they did.

      Go fuck yourself Tony.

      1. I’d never support his confirmation, but perhaps there are two or three Republican senators with enough moral capacity not to send a rapist to a lifetime position in one of the most powerful jobs on earth.

        You can always nominate another fascist asshole who didn’t rape anyone. You guys are so toxic to democracy. Just dig your heels in. Win no matter won. You don’t even care what you win.

        1. I’ve decided that you’re mostly parody, like OBLT.

        2. The Republicans won the election and are exercising the lawful powers that go with that but somehow they are toxic to Democracy. Kavanaugh isn’t a rapist. And no matter how many time depraved morons like you scream it, it still won’t be true. And he is going to be on the court and then when RBG keels over in a year or two someone even more conservative is going to join him. And Roe and likely Ogberfell and a lot of other things are going to be overturned. By the time Trump leaves office in 2025, Kavanaugh will be one of the more liberal members of the entire federal bench.

          1. And you like this scenario because of the good it will do for people or because it’s the biggest nutpunch to libtards you can fantasize?

            Do you even know what you’re for anymore? Besides destroying the global environment and forcing women to give birth against their will?

            1. Yes, I’m for watching you cry after getting kicked around, and I am in high cotton.

              1. Are you tired of wining? Because I’m not.

            2. The naked power grab is more your schtick. I mean you’re willing to destroy a man to get what you want and have no concept of due process. But that’s what good little fascists like you do.

        3. He wasn’t even ACCUSED of rape, and all of a sudden we’re sending a rapist to a lifetime position in one of the most powerful positions on earth?

          Get a grip.

        4. You can always nominate another fascist asshole who didn’t rape anyone.

          No they can’t, because if uncorroborated allegations sink Kavanaugh, similarly uncorroborated allegations will pop up for anyone the GOP nominates. The Democrats would brand Mother Teresa a gang-rapist if they didn’t want her confirmed, and you’d be right here calling her a rapist right along with them.

    2. Tony

      “In my optimized society, investigative bodies can investigate anyone out of political pressure, even though there’s no basis for an investigation!”

      BK hasn’t been charged with any crime. If a black man was accused of rape by 4 white women and the DA and the police decline to pursue the matter due to lack of evidence, no one can say “but a criminal charge and an investigation would REALLY ensure that the guy is innocent”

      Did I mention that he’s not charged with a crime? This is a political process. Why should the GOP go out of their way to call for an investigation when no one at any level felt there was enough cause to charge the man? They’re under no legal obligation to do so. The democrats sat on the accusation for weeks, so they have no right to complain about anything.

      Should the republicans call for an investigation on Keith Ellison right now? The game you want to play will hit your side especially hard.

    3. If the Senate wanted more time for another FBI background check they should have started it in June or whenever that Feinstein hag got the allegations. Now it’s too late and I’m incensed with the Republicans and Trump for giving in to such bullshit delay tactics. The proper Republican answer was “you had your chance for a background check, but you chose not to start the process in due time, sorry, it’s too late now; if Ford suffers any mental trauma, it’s on Feinstein, not on us.”

    4. If the Senate wanted more time for another FBI background check they should have started it in June or whenever that Feinstein hag got the allegations. Now it’s too late and I’m incensed with the Republicans and Trump for giving in to such bullshit delay tactics. The proper Republican answer was “you had your chance for a background check, but you chose not to start the process in due time, sorry, it’s too late now; if Ford suffers any mental trauma, it’s on Feinstein, not on us.”

    5. If the Senate wanted more time for another FBI background check they should have started it in June or whenever that Feinstein hag got the allegations. Now it’s too late and I’m incensed with the Republicans and Trump for giving in to such bullshit delay tactics. The proper Republican answer was “you had your chance for a background check, but you chose not to start the process in due time, sorry, it’s too late now; if Ford suffers any mental trauma, it’s on Feinstein, not on us.”

      1. Feinstein and the squirrels, that is.

  21. Perfect outcome really. I hope the very privacy violations that he has supported get used against him by the security state he’s helped build. Then possibly, once on the Court, develops some respect for the 4th amendment. Probably not, but I can hope.

    1. Yeah, because you don’t like someone’s politics, support slandering them and destroying their career. Good luck with that dip shit. I am sure that won’t come back to haunt you or anything,.

      1. Garland, you psychotic piece of shit.

        1. ^ooohhh He MAD!

          1. Poor Tony got his Lefty ass handed to him with Kavanaugh being confirmed by the Senate Committee.

            1. He’s still making a foor of himself calling petting rape.

          2. 51, 6, 500

        2. I swear Tony one day you’ll get tired if embarrassing yourself and actually go figure out how the nomination process works.

          1. Tony is a self admitted partisan. So it’s reasonable to assume if the table flipped, so would his opinion.

        3. Bork you fascist asshole.

          Estrada you totalitatian shitbag.

          Alito you dishonest fucktard.

          And now Kavanaugh you Tony.

        4. Garland wasn’t slandered and his career wasn’t destroyed. He was simply one of hundreds of judges who were not placed on the Supreme Court.

      2. John…The hope would be that the guy puts principles before principals, dip shit.

    2. After having been drug through the most highly publicized mud since whenever, I imagine he will be inclined do anything that is anti-liberal, That of course can be good and bad, but he will be no friend to Democrats.

      1. I mean the rape stuff is bad, but I was more practically concerned with this. Clinton revenge? He’s clearly too overtly partisan for this job. He clearly watches (and appears on) too much FOX News. His brain has been pickled by more than “beer.”

        1. And he’s going to be on the Supreme Court, despite the fact that a woman and several senators lobbed a fabricated accusation of groping.

          And you fuckong hate it. And you get laughed at every time you equate it with rape.

          And I love every fucking second of your pain.

        2. Tony, you just literally cited Garland as a reason to be outraged over kavanaugh you dumb fuck.

        3. Says the #Russia guy.

    3. This is the best outcome.

      Something about a libertarian is a conservative who has been arrested. Give him a good long hard “process” to consider while sitting on the court and evaluating 4th amendment cases.

    4. The beauty of getting Borked [and surviving it] is that once seated, that seared mind is not going to be seeking cocktail party invites and social applauds from the jackals he suffered under. Kavenaugh was going to be a very middle of the road/Bushie kind of justice that probably would have “played ball” with the DC crowd. After this… he’s going to stick to craft, and be more along the lines of Thomas. The left would have done better to wave him on through with standard party opposition, but no: it’s payback time for somebody attached to the Ken Starr investigation; it’s Hillary’s revenge. Stupid, small, and petty – they just created a monster regarding their continued pursuit of carving odd things from emanations and penumbras.

  22. For me, the moments of peak hypocrisy in the hearing were when Durbin and Klobuchar made what might otherwise have sounded like reasonable personal appeals to K to support an FBI investigation to prove his innocence. Durbin and Klobuchar, with the other Demos, had been united against K before Ford surfaced, so there was no reason whatever to accept their proposals as sincere.

    1. Quit whining, clinger.

    2. It’s not reasonable to support an FBI “investigation” for a matter that is Maryland’s jurisdiction. The power of advice and consent is already in hand, and witnesses can be placed under oath. So, either dems are too dumb to ask good questions but smart enough to not admit it [and too crooked to resign], or… something else is going on. My take? Dems know they are holding a flaming bag of poo, and don’t dare refer to each others questions down the road. The cure? Have the FBI create a pile of 302’s that allow them to refer to ‘the FBI report’ as a method of washing their hands and applying undue legitimacy by virtue of the senators knowledge being repackaged as belonging to a third party. Any FBI report to committee should simply state a finding of “There is no federal statute to suggest any criminal referral can be made to the DOJ regarding the claims of professor Ford”. It should take all of one hour to produce, and if anybody from the FBI is called to testify about it, they can simply state that advice and consent powers do not belong to the executive branch – do your job [senator].

  23. In a stunning move, the Democrats have reduced their requirements to only having the investigation completed by FB. Jeff Zucker promises to not censor any Republican voices that want to be heard.

  24. You want to prevent these types of shenanigans? Put term limits on the Supreme Court Justice. We are the only country to have the highest court in the land serve for life.

    1. Pros and cons. If it was a for sure appointment for a set period of time, say 10-20 years, with no ability to be “reelected” it would probably be okay. But if they could get re-upped, the founders didn’t want them bending to the other branches of government out of fear of losing their gig.

      Alternatively, even if staggered, it could almost make the politicking worse. Why? Because a single 2 term president could get to pack the court, and then a massive reversal just a few years later, depending on the length of terms. This current system has kept a fairly even keel, and worked well enough. I don’t see a need to reinvent the wheel just because the lefties have gone insane.

  25. I would hope the FBI also investigates the Ford side of this, including her lawyers and especially her therapist.

  26. Flake may be part of the Mormon political mafia, which was one of the powers behind the never Trump movement (remember Romney? The McMuffin guy who tries to siphon off Trump votes?) I understand that they have a lot of guys in the deep state alphabet agencies (it’s only normal, not a conspiracy – you generally hire people with whom you identify) but they have more clout in politics than their population would suggest.


  28. God, i’ve never seen a Congressman get so mad at an obvious lesbian before as I saw Lindsey Graham get yesterday. It’s almost like he’s projecting or something. Whatever it was it gave me a boner. I mean, look at that virility and passion. Mmmm…

  29. I felt some sympathy when I heardsay the punch-spiking rumor. But that evaporated when it turned out to be the upending of unhip ethanol.

  30. The Rs cucked hard on this shit. They should have just voted on Friday and told the commies to go fuck themselves. Any investigation will merely be a useless for show thing to appease lefties, which it won’t, and possibly moderates… Which it might a bit.

    But it’s still a form of bowing to the insane rantings of the left. People need to just put their foot down and say “NO.” to the left. They’re acting like spoiled children because we’re treating them like spoiled children. We listen to their nonsense, and give them a pat on the head no matter how ridiculous their crap is.

    The way you deal with spoiled children is telling them “NO.” and possibly giving them a whoopin’ if they’re that bad. The left needs both. Otherwise their childish behavior will continue forever, or until it destroys the nation.

    1. They always are cucked hard – when process is steered by the NRSC cabal [currently Mitch is at the helm]. But the piece feels like four flat tires to me: it rolls, but not far. If “I think I know what happened: …” is that remarkable, how about digging in on that a bit? What’s interesting to me is the senate allows itself to be held hostage by minority tactics time and again, which is a rather different thing than allowing voices to be heard. The three amigos [Flake, Murkowski, and Collins] are their usual selves, and that’s a disaster: these are the poster kids for selecting congressmen at random from the phone book.
      My take on this hearing debacle is democrats do not want the powers of advice and consent granted them: that’s why they wanted to punt to have the FBI “investigate” a matter they have no jurisdiction on, to produce a pile of 302’s that will consist of what they already know or have already asked. A professor is “100%” certain a crime was committed and refuses to seek justice under Maryland law? Twilight zone material. To continue the sleaze… it’s obviously very important that they stop quoting themselves and refer to things ‘in the FBI report’ to misdirect their base and assure them they aren’t the assholes most recognize them as.

      1. Pretty much. Libertarians and conservatives need to take off the gloves. You don’t bend to the whims of rotten children. Flake/Collins/Murkowski are the worst bunch of useless tools in the senate, on either side. At least the commies SAY they’re commies, and don’t screw the pooch on everything in order to try to look good for the leftists or whatever.

        Politics can work fine in a few situations. One is if everybody is willing to have reasoned conversation. Another is if everyone just fights as hard as possible, and tries to beat the shit out of the other side in all instances. Either way there is a sense of balance. But having the left brow beating, and the right cucking, does not create balance.

  31. Why isn’t anyone bringing up Ford’s “indelible in the hippocampus” answer? I mean, that’s totally how a person who isn’t a psychopath says “I remember.”

    1. There’s something else to remember that most journalists will never know: probably 2/3 of Santa Cruz has dropped acid. To that end, what the professor was saying [in an attempt to present as erudite] was: ‘insane in the membrane, insane in the brain!’
      I don’t blame her for being a wreck: congress is a bad trip. Democrats are mean, and republicans are stupid. But I do blame her lawyer for not going to Maryland authorities on behalf of the “client” as there is no statute of limitations blocking Ford from seeking justice [if that’s actually what’s on the table in this charade before the senate]. I question client status because not only are things being done pro bono, but they are forking out cash to pay Ford’s expenses. That makes her a paid professional witness, not a victim.

  32. The R’s f’d themselves by outsourcing their work to that stupid bitch. Why didn’t she ask about any prior interactions between Ford and Kav? This would have seriously undercut the 100% certain claim. And why not ask about her drinking and partying at age 15? Reportedly she was a drunken whore. And why not ask about all the witness coaching she got?

    Amateurish and incompetent!

  33. Flake feels guilty from all the years of his family raping young girls and abusing women .
    He is a piece of shit Mormon so nothing surprising here.

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