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Beer, Courage, and Vomit: Major Themes of the Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

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Senate Judiciary Committee

Yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lasted about nine hours (including breaks), but it could have accomplished as much (or as little) in half that time. Grandstanding, bloviating senators on both sides of the aisle were not content to make a point once when three, 13, or 20 times would do. Kavanaugh also was prone to repetition, which was only partly his fault, since the senators kept asking the same questions over and over again. This index gives you a sense of the hearing's priorities:

Number of times Kavanaugh confessed to liking beer (in so many words): 7

Number of times Kavanaugh confessed to sometimes drinking too much beer: 3

Number of times Kavanaugh denied having alcohol-induced memory lapses: 10

Number of time Kavanaugh alluded to conflicts with the freshman college roommate who said he was a mean drunk: 4

Number of times Kavanaugh noted that the three people Ford has said were at the gathering where he allegedly attacked her do not recall the event: 15

Number of times that Kavanaugh or a Republican senator noted that lying to Congress is a felony: 16

Number of times Democrats called for an FBI investigation: 20

Number of time Kavanaugh dodged the question of whether he would support an FBI investigation: 12

Number of times Republicans quoted Joe Biden on the inconclusiveness of FBI investigations: 3

Number of time Democrats praised Ford's courage: 13

Number of times Kavanaugh or a Republican senator complained that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) sat on Ford's allegations for a month and a half: 12

Number of times Feinstein said she was respecting Ford's wish for confidentiality: 3

Number of times Kavanaugh or a Republican senator argued that the allegations could have been investigated by the committee while maintaining Ford's confidentiality: 5

Number of times Feinstein denied leaking the allegations to the press: 4

Number of times Kavanaugh's high school yearbook came up: 5

Mentions of vomit: 8

Mentions of flatulence: 4

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  1. Number of times Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook came up: 5

    Mentions of vomit: 8

    Mentions of flatulence: 4

    This was an official senate hearing of one of the most prestigious committees any Senator can be chaired for. Next time anyone ever talks about serious governance or giving the government more power this needs to be thrown in their face. We are ruled by monumental idiots and hacks this is a bipartisan issue.

    1. Vote everyone out, every time.

        1. They should also probably increase the number of Congressman. One million people for each congressman is ridiculous.

          1. BUCS; well said; an important consideration

    2. People with the emotional level of high school kids are unsurprisingly obsessed with what someone did or didn’t do in high school 30 years ago.

      1. Most of the people we’re talking about peaked in high school in terms of emotional, psychological and mental development.

        1. “True terror is waking up one morning, and realizing your high school class is in charge of the country” Kurt Vonnegut

          1. Hahaha. Great author.

      2. I’m concerned with the guy’s character today. The dude is a liar. His own classmates who happen to be Republicans saw his testimony and knew he was lying. They were so disturbed by his lying that they called into the media. Those are more witnesses.

        1. Stop lying.

          1. “You Really Think Juggernaut Would Do That? Just Go On the Internet and Tell Lies?”

        2. You literally ignored what happened the last week and thought everyone else did too? Nothing you stated was correct. Good day sir.

      3. Attributing a high school emotional level to them is being generous. I’d put it closer to junior high, with some actually being essentially still toddlers.

        The entire bunch should be kicked out of office.

    3. I persist in wondering why Ford’s yearbooks weren’t up for dissection.

      1. The Republican Senators were scared spitless of being portrayed as bullying a victim of sexual assault. Otherwise they could have torn her story apart.

        This is a natural consequence of ceding the media high ground to the left: They knew the left were taking over one media outlet after another, and didn’t raise a finger to make sure any were right-wing. The result is that they dare not do anything a hostile media could portray negatively, because, with the very limited exception of Fox, ALL the media are hostile.

        Even if they have a perfectly convincing and even winning explanation for doing something, almost nobody would hear it.

      2. SK; Yes, their first mention was done with the implication they were going to be examined, as I recall; good question…

    4. Yeah, “The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” talking about puke and farts. Welcome to 2018, this is where we are now. Nothing to do now but pop open a beer, sit back and watch the world burn.

      1. could you imagine if the founding fathers got in a discussion with these mopes, the founders would put them in their place so quick

        1. I’m picturing the founders getting back in their time machine (in my mind I’m assuming they time traveled from the past), and promptly surrendering to the British once they got back.

          “We’ve seen how this all turns out, and fuck it, it’s not work bothering, we surrender. Can you just execute us for treason now? Thanks!”

          1. I’m pretty sure I don’t agree, but your point is hilariously made. Good one, Cynic.

        2. That’s the thing that many conservatives, and ESPECIALLY libertarians don’t get… The Founding Fathers weren’t a bunch of cucks.

          They were fucking radicals. They LITERALLY killed people for disagreeing with their superior political views. It is widely known that the majority of the American colonists were not in favor of starting a war with the British, but the founders knew they were in the right, and ignored the tools. By all rights the Brits should have won, and the founders should have just ended up cliff notes of a random rebellion in British text books… But the Brits didn’t have the stomach to win and threw in the towel.

          Modern libertarians and conservatives both seem to forget the radical nature of the founders. They forget that they didn’t compromise, at least not with the enemy. They just did what was right, and killed those that didn’t agree. A tool like Gillespie or Jeff Flake would never have the balls to do this.

          The least modern politicians that oppose the left could do was show some spine and ignore the infantile squeals of the leftists when they try to pull an obvious hit job.

    5. It wasn’t the GOP bringing up Kavanaugh’s school escapades. It was the Democrats, after Kavanaugh gave his defense against an allegation with nothing to corroborate it, and where Democrats have a history of making such sexual misconduct allegations at the last minute against their political opponents in their attempts at character assassination as if what people did in school reflects on their character because their multi-decade professional career has nothing to attack.

      The Democrats showed their tactics lacked decency, civility, due process, presumption of innocence, and even handed handling of sexual misconduct allegations in their attempt to claim the moral high ground while standing on the shoulders of Bill Clinton and Keith Ellison. The GOP showed they were lousy seekers of truth. And people should read Greg Jarret’s article, showing Ford’s lawyers are working for the Democrats rather than pro-bono for Ford as they claim, in an ethical violation.

      I voted for Johnson, but Trump is the most libertarian president we’ve had since Reagan. I believe he’d be fighting more for our freedoms, but he knows he can’t win against the Democrat/RINO establishment that dominates Congress, so he’s picking his battles and doing what he can via EO. He’s moderated his immigration positions, and stated he is a free trader and is fighting for that. But he can’t do anything about spending.

  2. The FBI investigation complaint is one of the dumber elements of this story, and the people who keep repeating it are morons.

    1. I don’t think anyone can seriously say that the yearbook element of the story isn’t the dumbest.

      1. haha, okay. I guess I meant of the people actually trying to make intellectual points, but yeah, the yearbook thing is also stupid. Really, this whole thing is impossibly stupid.

        1. If you take a step back and view this entire affair on it’s merits, an allegation that a man got overly handsy with a girl in highschool. it makes you rethink whether our species deserves extinction at the very least we have no business colonizing other worlds.

          1. Where do you get this “we” shit, kemo sabe?

            Politicians have no business being on a colony ship to other worlds – that’s the takeaway here.

            1. oh, and you left out the word “unsubstantiated” before allegation.

              1. right on both counts.

                1. but we did elect these asshats.

                  1. but we did elect these asshats.

                    Again with the “we”.

                    About 250 million adult citizens 18+ in the U.S.

                    Clinton and Trump each got a bit over 60 million votes.

                    So, “they” elected these asshats. The people who were disenfranchised or unenthusiastic about the choices on ballots or voting at all are, arguably, the majority or damn close. And let’s not even get into how jerrymandering allows incumbents to self-elect themselves.

            2. “Politicians have no business being on a colony ship to other worlds – that’s the takeaway here.”

              I completely disagree. There is no telling what sort of soils will be encountered on these other worlds, and I can think of nothing better than using them as fertilizer.

              It’s a win-win for the people on both planets.

              1. Politicians are what the B Ark is for.:)

    2. I love hearing the media echo the refrain: “If you have done nothing wrong, wouldn’t you want the FBI to investigate you and clear you of all wrongdoing?”

      1) If I was innocent I would pissed to have anyone investigate me for a crime I did not commit.
      2) If everyone loves being investigated so much, lets have the FBI dig into the high school days of everyone and find out if they were good Puritans. Lets get the IRS to audit us all too while we are at it. Get the SEC to open investigations of every corporation and go digging for convictions.

      Dumb. Absolutely dumb. I saw a relative of mine get laid out to pasture by their company as the sacrifical goat during an SEC investigation of their company. Also for unsubstantiated allegations from a disgrunteled ex-employee. The SEC did not corroborate those allegations but continued to dig for two years and eventually they found things to hem and haw about. Also managed to sink their stock price due to the open investigation. Who does not love investigations?

  3. Democrats are completely despicable. There is zero corroboration to any of the accusations against Kav. This is entirely political to stall after the midterms, in hoping that the demos get the senate and can keep it 4-4 until 2020. This is political revenge for Garland, and it is evil.

    Up until the 11th hour, Kav had a spotless record and a distinguished career, no matter what you think of his political beliefs. He had do nothing wrong except be a republican appointed by Trump, so the left ruins his life, his reputation, and drags him and his family through the mud. I’ve never seen such vicious attacks from disgusting people. This is how you got Trump, because of what the left does to people like McCain, Romney, and now Kav. RESIST by any means necessary. No regard for justice, fairness, or decency. What a shit ideology.

    1. The progressive mantra: The ends justifies the means.

      1. It’s worse than that. It’s “our actions need no justification because we are superior.”

        1. Did I miss a Reverend Artie rant?

          -Still clinging

    2. Do you consider yourself a libertarian?

  4. I’d call this one an improvement. Well done, Jacob.

  5. What are you, Sullum? Too good to do a word cloud?

  6. Jacob, tell me you didn’t tally these counts up while watching the hearings.

    1. There’s only two things Sullum does.

      1) Tally events in his head
      2) Drink

      1. 3) His hot goddamn wife.

  7. It’s sad that this is the closest Reason writers (are allowed?) can come to pointing out the absurdity of all of this. Sullum, if they aren’t feeding you enough, blink twice at the camera.

  8. It just makes so much sense to turn over this rock and get into the details about what someone did in high school. What a joke.

    1. He did the dick in the face thing while in college. And lying to Congress was Thursday.

      1. Too bad nobody involved is willing to testify to that except for him.

      2. Except that there is no credible evidence he did that. And you only think he is “lying” because you are an idiot who thinks assuming the truth of what you want to believe constitutes proof that someone is lying.

  9. Hearings don’t have priorities.

  10. I think it’s wonderful. We are holding each other accountable for past indiscretions, at least for prominent positions. It’s as if we have become like G_d – judging each other for entry to the pearly gates (of SCOTUS).

  11. Kavanaugh’s refusals to respond, under oath, if he was the total drunk described by Mark Stange as “Bart O’Kavanaugh” (wink, wink) – 0

    Kavanaugh;s own statement that there should be an investigation (“You must ask Mark Strange”) – 1

    Number of investigations – 0

    Shameful, the corruption of power

    Even Rachel Mitchell ridiculed the denial of a proper questioning for Dr. Ford.
    Democrats won the Senate yesterday. Sad that divided government, between two totally corrupt political parties, is the best that Americans can now hope for.

      1. I’m doubling down, for now at least, on the theory that this is not the real Hihn.

        1. True, probably not. Not enough ALL CAPS AND BOLD IN DEFENSE OF BULLYING

        2. Nah. “David Nolan” is a long time known Hihn sock puppet.

          1. Yeah, Nolan first appeared supporting Hihn and doubling his assertions. Plus, Nolan writes the exact same way. Definitely a Hihnpuppet.

              1. Goober.

    1. Not nearly as shameful as your continued idiocy.
      You should be embarrassed, but you’re too stupid to understand that.
      Fuck off, Hihn

    2. Democrats won the Senate yesterday

      You really ought to avoid making easily falsifiable statements that can be thrown in your face in a bit over a month.

      Confident and wrong is a bad combination.

      1. Confident and wrong is a bad combination.

        And fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him.

      2. Seriously, while it wasn’t a total victory, they did win an extra week in which to recruit more accusers, and make sure they’ve got their stories straight. That’s no small thing when you’re in the middle of a smear campaign.

        Who knows how many bimbos they’re halfway through persuading to lie about Kavanaugh? And the way Ford was treated with kid gloves isn’t going to scare off any of them.

    3. the denial of a proper questioning for Dr. Ford.

      You mean, that K did not get to face his accuser?

      1. Umm, I am not Rachel Mitchell. She said the proper procedure for allegations of dsexual abuse is a “forenesic interview.”

        She’s a professional in these matters, Who are you? And why did you lie about my words?

        1. Why didn’t her lawyers ask for one dumbfuck? They could have paid for one just as easily as they did the laughable polygraph.

    4. Who the fuck is Mark Strange? Oh, you mean Mark Judge. You just can’t remember the guy’s name because your fucking senile. Quick, someone call Hihn’s nursing home and let them know he’s wandered off to the library to use their free Wi-Fi again.

      1. Strange is the character in the fictional book they were referencing.

        1. Maybe it’s Dr. Strange’s ne’er do well brother?

      2. Who the fuck is Mark Strange?

        I see that none of the many responses deal with the issue at all. Multiple diversions, evasions, and whining.
        No surprise.

        Jeff Flake has now forced the investigation.
        Excuse me while I take a victory lap, along with the majority of Americans.

        Left – Right = Zero

        1. Break a hip and lie on the pavement in agony while everybody points and laughs for us!

  12. Apparently Flake was getting brow-beaten by a couple of wine aunts in the elevator about his vote. I can’t think of a better fate for that wishy-washy goof than to get screamed at by the Dusty Uterus Brigade for not acting like accusations are proof of guilt.

    1. Yeah, my fiancee and I weren’t talking for a couple of hours after getting into whether it was a good idea to allow unsubstantiated allegations to disqualify people for SCOTUS, and how setting that precedent would turn out the next time a Democrat becomes president and has a SCOTUS vacancy, or if that somehow became the default in how rape cases become adjudicated.

      Then we reagreed for the umpteenth time to not discuss politics if at all possible and made up.

        1. “Nope. One-piece bathing suit.”

          1. never stopped anyone.

        2. Well, yeah, but not until morning, when she is groggy and easier to close.

          Fortunately, there is like a 0.0% chance of her reading this thread.

          1. Plus, I assume she’ll (he’ll) transition from Fiancee to Spouse and then it’s over.

          2. not until morning, when she is groggy and easier to close.

            Pretty sure you just confessed to rape. /sarc

          3. Enjoy it now.

            Once you get married…

        3. Even if they did, they should cancel the wedding. As the Amish say, “Bumsen bleibt nicht. Kuchen bleibt.”

          1. “Fucking does not stay. Cake stays.”

            Amish people are even weirder than I ever thought.

            1. The point is that if the only strong point of a relationship is the sex, the marriage is doomed.

              1. Plus, who doesn’t like cake?

      1. “I saw something about it but I haven’t really been paying attention. Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on that sort of thing? What office is he running for again?” – Mrs. Casual

      2. Yeah, my fiancee and I weren’t talking for a couple of hours after getting into whether it was a good idea to allow unsubstantiated allegations to disqualify people for SCOTUS

        Fianc?? Oh no.

        Run. Now.

        1. My wife would probably have been willing to drop Ford into a pit of alligators. Sensible woman.

          1. I couldn’t watch the hearings but my wife did so i asked for her impressions. Ford: She feels sorry for this woman and is convinced that she really believes what she’s saying. But with the fear of flying, two front doors, ignorance of the offer to meet in CA and other issues, she believes the woman is unstable and that the Democrats may push her over the edge into batshit crazy. Kavanaugh: Thinks he was too nice and should have told the Democrats to fuck off (not in those words of course). Mitchell: Frustrated by nothing but softball questions and the fact that the Republicans treated this woman with kid gloves.
            Overall her take was nothing like the Reason writers that all pretty much regurgitated the WAPO, NYT spin.

      3. For serious, after my last girlfriend of about 6 years, I am NOT going to get properly involved with a woman who is not at least a conservative leaner. IMO peoples politics stem from their morals and their ability to think rationally. Anybody who is a leftist cannot be trusted to think or act correctly on other matters. I once dated a line towing Christian Conservative, but I managed to bring her around to a lot of libertarian positions… Because she could think rationally. Never again will I stick my dick in a shit lib*.

        * For more than a coupe months… Cuz some of them are cute, but they ain’t marriage material!

  13. “Justice Joseph Story handed down a tale still told at the Court. On rainy days the Judges would enliven their conferences with wine; on other days Marshall might say, “Brother Story, step to the window and see if it doesn’t look like rain.” If the sun was shining, Marshall would order wine anyway, since “our jurisdiction is so vast that it might be raining somewhere.””

    I believe it was Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes who came up with the corollary: “It’s already 4:20 somewhere.”

  14. Number of actual, knowable facts about the incident in question: 0
    Percentage of the story that can be verified as having happened or not happened: 0%

    1. ^This.

    2. Percentage refuted by named witnesses: 100%

  15. Flake is meeting with Dems. They’re out in the hall working on him as we speak. Grassley has called for a 1:30 vote, they’re not in the room; they’re out working on Flake!

  16. I hope this wasn’t a drinking game.

  17. Everyone reporting “something weird is happening” in the hall outside. Also reporting Collins and Murkowski are out there too!

    1. So, something’s happening here, but we don’t know what it is?

      1. Well, no, we know they’re working on Flake. HARD. We dont’ know how he’s reacting. I like the Democrats’ body language better than the Republicans’ but who knows? I know this is not good news, and I know I wouldn’t put it beyond Flake.

        1. You don’t need a weatherman to know this blows.

          1. I think Diego is too young to get these references of yours, old man.

      2. Do you Mr. Jones?

    2. >>>”something weird is happening”

      impromptu Flake/Feinstein/Graham 3-way?

      1. Woo-hoo, I’ll be able to report some major weight-loss today!

        1. Getting in shape so they’ll ask you to join in?

          1. I mean I threw up.

            1. both funny.

            2. I knew that; just teasin ya!

      2. Well, you do make a credible assertion.

  18. Beer, Courage, and Vomit: Major Themes of the Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

    The vomit part is particularly apropos. As in the whole shit-show was vomit inducing.

  19. Number of actual libertarians left in the Reason comment section: less than 10

    1. And no scotsmen.

      1. There is only one true scotsman: Groundkeeper Willie.

      2. I could have been a true Scotsman, but some guy with a crown tossed my family across the Irish Sea because they drank Protestant whiskey or something.

    2. Number of actual libertarians left in the Reason comment section: less than 10

      It’s ok, my tally from years ago (and I’ve been here for yeeears) was around 21.

    3. It is a little sad.

      It seems that most of the political Internet has been divided up between pro-progressives and anti-progressives.

      I have to wonder what happened to so many people to get them to stop advancing particular ideas, and instead just reflexively opposing the other side’s ideas no matter what. Do people here *really* think Bernie Sanders is the next Stalin? Really? That just seems so utterly absurd to me. I don’t agree with Bernie but I also don’t think he’s Stalin. And yet the Shrikes and the Johnny Longstorsos out there think that gulags are just around the corner if a Democrat should ever get elected president again. Where does this paranoia come from? It’s sad.

      1. My biggest thought is simply that we’ve over time increased the sense of stakes. Whether it’s true or not, people perceive the stakes as being particularly high in these days. When one is at the point of believing almost every action is a fight for life or death then it becomes quite hard to stand athwart politics, and yell “Stop!” to paraphrase some random guy.

        1. I agree. I think the stakes have got progressively higher.

          30 years ago we weren’t as high in debt. We didn’t have so many immigrants voting in our elections. We didn’t have an extra 10,000 nonsense leftist laws (gun laws, straw bans, tranny this, tranny that, etc) on the books. I could go on for days.

          I don’t think it’s wrong to assume that if we don’t get shit straightened out soon, it will never be straightened out. Native born Americans who believe in the ideals America was founded on are borderline a minority now… And they know it. The never ending Democratic dominance is a real and possible future, and if that happens it will be the end of America as envisioned by the founders. Not that we’re not already waaaaaay off track, but it will be completely off the reservation.

          This is why people are so amped up. It’s like the finish line is coming up, and whoever crosses it first will be the eternal winner. At least in peoples heads. There’s always the possibility of a revolution to set shit straight if things get too out of line, but IMO we really are close to the end of being able to do it democratically.

      2. Bernie’s not Stalin. He’s Trotsky.

        Kidding. He’s a wannabe Eugene Debs.

    4. Number of actual libertarians left in the Reason comment section: less than 10

      How would you know? None of us associate with you–or that fester of idiots you’ve attached yourself to. How does it feel, Chip, to be a compatriot of Hihn?

      1. I know you are but a self-proclaimed seething mass of chaotic shrieks of agony. As for Hihn, I was once #1 on his enemy list. What have you done to entertain us? Absolutely nothing, you bore.

    5. True libertarianism, the belief you can decide who is and who is not libertarian. Good work bro

      1. What do you think is “true libertarianism” then?

        1. Obviously it is punishing white men of privilege with no evidence because, you know, they deserve it. That’s a core libertarian principle that you both recognize.

          1. Obviously yours is a flippant answer because you don’t give a fig about libertarianism either, you’re just another Republican troll here.

  20. He’s not going to make it, and that is a travesty of justice. An innocent man who has done nothing wrong is slandered and had his life ruined. He will forever be known as the rapist and violent drunk who didn’t get on the court, all because Democrats are unhinged and hate Trump. Completely despicable.

  21. My biggest take-away from this was that Dick Durbin thinks he’s Joe McCarthy. From the official transcript:

    Kavanaugh: “I’m innocent. I’m innocent of this charge.”

    Durbin: “Then you’re prepared for an FBI investigator…”

    Kavanaugh: “They don’t reach conclusions, you reach the conclusion, Senator.”

    Durbin: “No, but they do investigate questions.”

    Kavanaugh: “I’m innocent.”

    Durbin: “Judge, if there is no truth to..”

    Kavanaugh: “And I called for-I called for a hearing immediately.”

    Durbin: “If there is no truth to her charges, the FBI investigation will show that. Are you afraid they might not?”

    Grassley: “Come on, gee whiz.”

    Chuck Grassley, saying what we’re all thinking as politely as possible.

    1. In Kavanaugh’s shoes (and this is why I’ll never sit on the Supreme Court), I’d have said, “You know what, Senator? Fuck you, and fuck this Salem Witch Trial bullshit.” And then literally walked out of the hearing.

      1. If only you’d prefaced your remark with “With all due respect” you might be able to sit on the Court.

      2. That’s one way to unite both sides, a shocking display of contempt of Congress. The shrieks of self-righteous dismay from 100 senators might crack the Capitol dome.

        1. The shrieks of self-righteous dismay from 100 senators might crack the Capitol dome.

          I’m failing to see a downside here.

  22. Hurrah! Another week of investigations!

  23. So if the FBI comes up with nothing, the left will totally accept that, you know, like with Anita Hill?

    1. And just how long will this FBI Investigation take to be accepted as “credible” to any extent across the spectrum? I’m guessing at least as long as the Mueller investigation is taking….

    2. I can’t imagine a FBI agent putting up with Kavanaugh’s bullshit in an interview. This is a Clinton conspiracy is the wrong fucking answer.

      1. no it’s not. The whole point of this is revenge against Garland. It’s a political hit and it would take an idiot not to see it.

      2. Don’t disrespect the Clintons in front of the FBI – good advice.

      3. I can’t imagine a FBI agent putting up with Kavanaugh’s bullshit in an interview

        I can’t imagine you’re actually human.

  24. “Beer, Courage, and Vomit…”

    I’ll take “Any political debate comment thread on Reason for $500”

  25. So those arguing an FBI investigation — do you actually care? I mean really, will it change your mind? If the FBI comes back with something then he shouldn’t be confirmed, but if they don’t find anything, you will suddenly drop all your other objections?

    This is so much bullshit. Get over your hatred for Trump and Republicans.

  26. Burn baby burn.

    11am #MeToo roundup.

    Candace Faber tweeted about Fain on Thursday, after hours of televised testimony on sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    A Seattle woman said Thursday that prominent Washington state Sen. Joe Fain raped her after her college graduation in 2007. Fain denied the accusation and called for an investigation into the alleged incident.

    The woman, Candace Faber, tweeted about Fain on Thursday afternoon and later issued a statement saying “we cannot heal without accountability.” The tweet came after hours of televised testimony on sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    Twitter is the new Church Door.

    1. In that earlier account, posted online in June, she described how she and the lawmaker met “at the Capitol” and spent a night out drinking and kissing. She wrote that she helped the drunken man return to his hotel room. In the room, she wrote, he pulled down her dress “so hard the straps tore.”

      She wrote that she pushed him away and said “stop, stop, stop” before eventually relenting. She later asked him for a kiss goodbye, she wrote, and wondered whether she should go to the hospital.

      1. It all just leaves me confused more than anything….why don’t they go to the authorities rather than twitter or the media years later? if you think social media is your best avenue for justice…i’m sorry but that sounds like crazy attention-seeking

        1. Candace Faber admits she wants no action taken. She literally just wants the accusation out there. Fain has apparently asked for an investigation, Faber has opposed one.

          She has said she merely believes in a “collective reckoning, not imprisonment of individuals, to achieve justice.”

          Oh yes, she’s one of those.

          1. Cmon, you got Trump.

            What would your idea of a collapse in government be?

            1. See below

        2. Authorities and the like or retweet you. Duh.

          1. Can’t line or retweet… Stupid phone.

    2. You know, if we can cause a collapse in governance through tweeted accusations… this is something I might get behind.

      1. Cmon, you got Trump.

        What would your idea of a collapse in government be?

        1. There’s too much #Resistance to it.

          1. Too much resistance? Are you kidding?

            Look around the world where governments collapse. Opportunistic groups move in with guns.

            Whose side would you be on in a mad max scenario?

            The king is dead, long live the king.

  27. “Number of times Kavanaugh noted that the three people Ford has said were at the gathering where he allegedly attacked her do not recall the event: 15”

    The interesting thing there is that making that point 15 times doesn’t seem to have been enough. The stories I see on TV, the internet–even here at Hit & Run–they don’t seem to have heard that point made even once!

    It’s kind of a big deal, isn’t it?

    Once Ford’s allegations go from being uncorroborated to being flatly contradicted by the people she says were there, there isn’t much more to talk about. This is not a he said/she said. This is Ford saying that four people were there, and all of four of them denying any memory of being there. One of them, Ford’s female friend, even denied that she’s ever met Kavanaugh in person.

    Maybe if Kavanaugh says it another 50 times, someone in the media will start to notice what he said and what it means.

  28. Mentions of vomit: 8

    Mentions of flatulence: 4

    In this manner, our Supreme Court justices gain their legitimacy.

  29. Never seen a Supreme Court nomination based on a high school yearbook before. We’re living in exciting times.

    No beer, no courage and no vomit in high school eh?

    So who’s left?

    1. The ones who didn’t rape anybody.

      1. Considering that there was no “due process” for you to come to that conclusion, I repeat, who’s left?

      2. Well that excludes all democrats.

  30. Flake: “… in an effort to bring this country together say that we would feel better. I’m not expecting them to vote yes but not to complain that an FBI investigation has not occurred. This is what I’m trying to do. This country is being ripped apart here. We’ve got to make sure that we do due diligence.”

    So Christina Ford as Harriet Beecher Stowe; is this going to be our Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

    Or just a shit load of hoopla?

    1. QUT; that’s up to us. Vote

  31. Mr. Sullim; Nice numbers, thanks; Hardball tv Mathews speaker says Judge Kavanaugh said he likes beer sounding like a three year old…I’m laughing; what a picture: a three year old repeating “I like beer”. Sadly, it is funny; sadder yet, it fits.

  32. Each side saw what they wanted – no minds where changed – The circus continues.

  33. I am curious : WHY send a letter IF you want it to stay private ?

  34. This coverage was an overlong, over-aired lawyer joke made up by some oversexed eighth grade boys. I’m so ashamed of what self names itself as journalism and politically neutral Media the last several years.

  35. I’m not too proud of Jeff the Flake and the way he suddenly decided that he now had enough money to retire right after backstabbing his party and constituents in AZ. Moving away now, Jeffy?

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