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Rep. Justin Amash Slams 'Pathetic' Spending Bill, Reminds Trump of His Pledge

Trump will "now be put to the test," Amash says.



Rep. Justin Amash (R–Mich.) today blasted the "wasteful" and "pathetic" $853 billion spending bill passed by the House yesterday. Amash reminded President Donald Trump of a promise he made in March, when he reluctantly signed another massive appropriations package into law while vowing not to go along with similar legislation in the future.

The Senate voted 93-7 last week to approve the most recent measure, and the House passed it by a vote of 361 to 61 yesterday. The bill is now headed to Trump's desk, and if he doesn't sign it by October 1, much of the federal government will shut down.

On Twitter last week, Trump expressed his displeasure with the spending package, although not because it's wasteful. Rather, he slammed the "ridiculous" bill because it doesn't include enough funds for his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump indicated he will likely sign the bill anyway, telling reporters yesterday, "We're going to keep the government open."

Trump may have promised to avoid a government shutdown, but he sang a different tune in March, when he signed a 2,232-page, $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. He wasn't happy about it, pledging to "never sign another bill like this again."

Amash wants Trump to keep his word. In a tweet today, the libertarian-leaning Republican criticized the bill, which he voted against, and quoted Trump's promise from March. "He'll now be put to the test," Amash said of Trump.

The bill in question provides money for the Departments of Defense, Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services, keeping them funded through December 7. The majority of the funds—more than $600 billion—are for the Pentagon. As Reason's Zuri Davis noted last week, it's believed to be the largest military budget since the height of the Iraq war.

Amash didn't just call out Trump. Yesterday, he pointed out on Twitter that "the same Republicans who used to blast" former President George W. Bush's "spendthrift GOP have become far worse than the politicians they once derided."

Amash is absolutely right. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the nation is on track to run a $1 trillion deficit in the next fiscal year. But neither party in Congress seems to care. Whether it's the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill Trump signed in March, the $150 billion spending bill that passed earlier this month, or the $853 billion appropriations package Trump is likely to sign in the coming days, wild spending is something Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

This post originally stated that Rep. Amash referred to the spending bill as "weak," when in fact he called it "wasteful."

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    1. The guy is only 26 years old, so nobody.

      1. 26? So he acts with the hard won wisdom of a teenager. Fuck that guy then.

      2. Amash is only 26? I don't feel like I can take him seriously anymore.

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    2. Who (Whom? Still sounds right)

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  2. Trump's GOP has ALREADY added more 8-year debt than Obama added AFTER 8 years.
    Trump's GOP is the first EVER to increase the annual deficit .... by over 50% ... in a booming economy.

    This is the Republican New Deal!

    1. Everyone hates you faggot, go away.

      1. (snort) He agrees with me 2 minutes later!!

        Trump's GOP has ALREADY added more 8-year debt than Obama added AFTER 8 years.
        Trump's GOP is the first EVER to increase the annual deficit .... by over 50% ... in a booming economy.

        This is the Republican New Deal!

        1. He can agree with you and still want you to go away and hate you..

          1. Is he THAT psycho?
            As bad as you?

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  3. This is not the way you handle the president.

  4. Trump needs to start vetoing this bullshit and forcing congress to dial back the spending. If they override his veto, then so be it. But he shouldn't sign it.

    1. And be blamed for shutting down government, causing seniors to eat cat food and children to die in the streets? You must be new.

  5. Yup, I think Trump likely doesn't care about spending just like we know most of Congress doesn't. There are no fiscal conservatives left, it seems, and it seems like spending can't ever be cut because someone might die somewhere we think maybe.

  6. Amash is absolutely right. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the nation is on track to run a $1 trillion deficit in the next fiscal year.

    THIS fiscal year.

  7. >>> "He'll now be put to the test," Amash said of Trump.

    good way to (figuratively, nsa) wind up in a ditch.

  8. Bread and circuses.
    Perhaps some fiddling while Rome burns.
    Enjoy the decline!

  9. This gigantic, wasteful, pathetic spending bill passed the House and Senate. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump said, "I will never sign another bill like this again," about the last bill like this, the omnibus. He'll now be put to the test.

    Has Amash ever met Trump? Heard anything about him? Trump just makes shit up as he goes, he can't be held to his word when he doesn't even have any idea what words are falling out of his face when he opens his mouth. There's no "test" here when Trump doesn't give a shit if he says one thing and does another, lying to people is just smart business. It got him where he is today - the most popular, best looking, healthiest, tallest, most athletic, richest, smartest, funniest, classiest, most well-read and well-spoken, most honest and transparent, biggest brained, most even-tempered genius President in the history of the United States. And everybody says so, even John McCain on his deathbed secretly called Trump and begged his forgiveness for any mean thing he'd ever said about Trump, saying he was just so insanely jealous of how Trump was just so fantastically great at everything. Trump has a tape recording of this, by the way, someday he'll release the tape and let everybody listen to it.

  10. Deficits neither matter fiscally nor politically.

    Inflation matters but it's more important how the money is being spent. If there's no inflation related to the spending than what harm is being done by the additional money? Compared to the potential harm of whatever program is being funded?

    Go after the specifics of the spending. It's easier to get people to oppose a program than to oppose spending in general.

    People like spending, especially if it directly or indirectly turns into income for them.

  11. "We're going to keep the government open."

    Too bad.

  12. I share Amash's feelings but he is 100% wrong on Trump nor anyone else being held accountable. Too many of the people are like children who get to vote for their parents. The ones who say yes to everything the child wants get voted in, very few most of them on this site are the ones who say I understand.

  13. Maybe Amash can accuse Kavanaugh of molesting him, or something. Then perhaps people will pay attention to his call to reduce spending.

  14. Trump promised to pay off the debt in 8 years. Instead, he's the WORST President EVER at ADDING more debt.

    Trump's GOP has already added more 8-year debt than Obama added AFTER his 8 years, And the want more!

    No other President has EVER increased the deficit ... by OVER 50% ... in ONE year ... with a booming economy.

    This is now the Republican New Deal. Sad. Pathetic,

    Left - Right = Zero

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