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Twitter Should Punish Marco Rubio for Doxing a Miami Steakhouse Owner

Inviting followers to harass this man violates the platform's terms of service.


Douglas Christian/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.) tweeted the address and phone number of a Miami restaurant and invited his followers to harass the owner. This is a violation of Twitter's terms of service, and the platform should take action.

Rubio was responding to a now deleted tweet from the restaurant's owner, who is apparently a defender of the Venezeulan regime. Rubio, irked by the man's political beliefs, reacted like this:

I have previously opined that social media platforms should not actively police offensive content and fake news, and that attempts to do so will be influenced by unconscious bias. The more heavy-handed the approach, the more likely it is that perfectly benign legitimate content will be targeted simply because someone is bothered.

One obvious exception is doxing: publishing personal information with malicious intent. Revealing a person's phone number or physical address without that person's permission is a violation of Twitter's terms of service, and rightly so. Inviting social media lynch mobs to harass people at their homes, or to fill up their voicemail boxes with threatening messages, is reckless and terrible behavior. It is also a fairly objectively defined form of harassment—the information you can't post is fairly specific—and thus less likely to be wrongly enforced.

Twitter's policy only forbids the posting of a private address or phone number; the restaurant is a place of business. But the policy also states that if "publicly available information is being shared to harass or incite harassment, then we may take enforcement action under our abusive behavior policy." Rubio's sarcastic "in case anyone wants to call" line seems like a relatively straightforward invitation to harass.

Assuming this is Rubio's first violation, Twitter should force him to take down the tweet. If he does it again, his account should be suspended.

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  1. Free advertising is something you just can’t buy.

    1. Yeah, don’t most restaurants want you to know their address and phone number so you can make reservations and eat there?

  2. Are you fucking kidding me Soave?

    You’re pals on the Left use Twitter to Doxx people and business all the time and nothing happens.

    1. And Robby thinks they should be punished too. He just never has mentioned it before because with that son of a bitch Trump in the White House things sometimes get out of hand and he just can’t get around to it.

      1. Ideological consistency? PFFT. That’s so 2015. It’s 4 y/o level tit-for-tat don’t ya know?

    2. Its not harassment Robby.

      You are still safe in your safe space.

    3. There is no doxxing here. the address/phone number are the restaurant itself, not the owner’s home.

      1. In which MatthewSlyfield demonstrates how to actually commit journalism…

        1. I committed journalism? I beg God for forgiveness. 🙂

      2. First, let us remember that little marco is a leftist himself, like all RINOs.

        Second, let us remember that little marco is for big immigration.

        Third, let us remember that little marco was (and still is) a never Trumper.

        Fourth, let us remember that little marco has not stood up and demanded that Chuck Grassley go and ahead and vote on judge K’s nomination and not succumb to dirty #metoo tactics.

        Fifth, let us remember that little marco is dirty and there may well be a personal reason animating this doxxing.

        Sixth, he is little marco.

        1. Seventh, little marco fellated John McCain.

          1. I am glad that Rubio didnt win the GOP nomination because he would have lost to the hag.

          2. Probably not literally. Probably.

            1. little marco is a dick. he is a socialist RINO public sector hack who loves himself some big government.

              He also fellated the “war hero” and he is owned, lock, stock, and bagel by the neocons.

              1. Is fellating worse ,or greater than getting peed on? It’s so hard to keep track of the repressed asshole matrix of unfortunate sex acts.

                1. The answer to your question must be addressed upon a case-by-case basis.

      3. Even if it was the home phone number, that’s not what doxxing is.

    4. Reason is worse than Vox at this point.

      Most of the writers probably voted for Shillary too.

    5. You’re pals on the Left use Twitter to Doxx people and business all the time and nothing happens.

      Whimpering, whiny right-wing bitches are among my favorite faux libertarians.

      Carry on, clingers.

      1. And yet, you didn’t deny it you mamaw-fucking methbilly, did you?

        I sometimes think that it’s creatures like you–drooling inbreds attempting to flee the fetid trailer swamps you infect, who behave like cartoon ‘city slickers’ that are the reason our cities have become so similar to the incestuous cesspools you and your ilk derive from.

        No amount of attempts at ‘fancy talk’ will wash the stink off, Artie. You’ll always smell like the last shitjob your brotherwife gave you.

    6. It is interesting to read the comments on Twitter, it is clearly a leftist echo cave. Leftists dominate the conversations and repeat eachother like good little lemmings. It is thus little surprise that Soave, who mines Twitter for so much of his material, echos the Twitterverse talking points since as they are virtually the only conversation on Twitter.

      Twitter really should be burned to the ground. It would be good for the world if that website stopped existing, maybe reporters would actually have to search for something to write about and not just mine Twitter for the juicest outrage mob to write about.

  3. Ah thoughtcrime. How Libertarian.

    1. To be fair, Robby Soave is nothing close to being a Libertarian.

        1. Does he have to be a Shaker to note that you are not one either?

        2. Who?

  4. Can the republic survive a politician who’s not on twitter?

    1. Twitter, yes.

      Twatter, no.

    2. We could. Apparently politicians can’t survive not being on Twitter though. ‘New Media’ and all that. Got to ‘connect wit da yoots’.

      1. *slowly. as if with jowls* “The whhaat?”

  5. Twitter should punish Marco Rubio.

    like take away his Flinstones phone? do stories on Mrs. Rubio.

  6. Thank you, senator Rubio. I won’t go to that place because they may serve Filete al Maduro – that is, pet dog steaks.

    Socialism proves the point that there is no more dangerous or relentless predator in the world than human beings who are living the Socialist Paradise.

    1. Enough. Stop with the socialism bashing.

      1. What, publishing the truth about socialism is bashing? Then best yee direct your ire to socialism itself.

        1. Look if you want to live in the recent past and smear socialists, go ahead bigot. But, I’m with the Fonz. Be better to socialists

          1. No thanks. You lick their boot spittle, I have better things to do.

            1. Like not recognize a bit when you see it?

          2. That’s Goth Fonzie to you, bub.

            1. Why “Goth Fonzie”? I thought that was Justin Raimondo?

              1. Came up in another thread, liked it, thought I’d repeat it.

                There can be more than one.

  7. Look how cut Robby is, snitching on the enemy.

    1. *cute

      1. I see what you did.

  8. Garbage move by a garbage senator.

    You probably should have complained about this when the news media was doxing random people for supporting a political candidate, though. Do any of you ever put “principles” ahead of “principals”?…..sians.html

    1. Or the time CNN Doxxed someone for a Meme.
      Or the time Mozilla’s CEO had to resign from his own fucking company for donating to a wrongthing campaign.
      Or …

      1. >>>Mozilla’s CEO had to resign from his own fucking company

        was hopeful this was apex of stupid … free Brendan Eich!

  9. You are a nitwit. There is no doxing here. The address and phone number are for the restaurant itself, not the owner’s home address and phone number.

    A restaurant that keeps it’s address and phone number private will quickly go out of business.

    Nusr-Et Steakhouse Locations

    1. Yeah. There is that. As soon as Rubio criticized the Restaurant, which he has every right to do, he was effectively “doxing it” because the address and phone number are publicly available.

      Forgive Robby, he is a half wit. His hair has more brain cells than the inside of his head.

      1. Looks like he might be addressing that hair situation lately.

        1. Robby’s hair is its own force of nature. Robby is barely qualified to work for reason. His hair is on track to win the Pulitzer.

          1. Oh I misread. Robby’s hair is liked the Winged Victory, a masterpiece of breathtaking proportions.

            I meant Marco Rubio seems to have his Congressional weave going on to counter what was rapidly becoming a tragic situation.

            1. Marco’s hair is going out like Nixon.

    2. Damn. It looks good af.

  10. All politicians should have their social media accounts suspended for the spread of false news. All of them.

    1. You know you could always just not pay any attention to them. I mean there is that option.

      1. Ha! The be Russian collusion narrative should have proven to you that certain people don’t know what an off button is or how to use it

      2. I don’t. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter or any other social media accounts. I just really hate their hypocrisy regarding fake news when they lie all the time to their constituents.

        1. Yeah well, they probably don’t like you either. It is a free country. They get to say what they want and you get to not listen.

          1. Great then Politicians also don’t get to tell companies who I get to listen to. That is my point.

            Are you defending Dianne Feinstein’s “And you have to be the ones who do something about it.” Feinstein paused. “Or we will.” comment?

            If I were Zuckerburg and I didn’t have investors to worry about, I’d have deplatformed all of them then and there.

            1. And John I know you you would never defend Feinstein. Bad wording.

  11. Business addresses and phone numbers are not personal information. The sentence about “publicly available information” still refers to personal information.

    My birthdate is personal information. Even if I shared my birthdate publicly, you could not repost that information with the intent “to harass or incite harassment” without violating Twitter’s terms of service. That clause just doesn’t apply to non-personal information.

    Soave is in a lather over behavior that is both legal under the First Amendment and not actually against Twitter’s terms of service.

  12. If that is the entirety of Rubio’s comments, then Soave doesn’t know what “harass” means.

  13. Robby, why did you publish what you don’t want Rubio to publish? Is Twitter the only difference? Doxing is doxing. If it’s ok for you to publish it, it’s ok for others to publish it. Or is it ok for journalists to publish something but not politicians?

    Good grief.

    1. That is another good point. Robby claims publishing the name, address and phone number is the worst thing ever but then forgets to redact that part from the quoted tweet. He really doesn’t seem to know how this is supposed to work.

    2. Mentioning the publicly available address and phone number (on their website among other places) of a businesss is not doxing.

  14. Stormy Daniels published details of Trump’s dick. If only he and Rubio had actually whipped them out that one time, history could have unfolded so much differently.

    1. Your bate fantasies are your own business.

    2. Trump is straight dude. He is never going to go for you.

      1. But he’s not the one I want, and Marco is questionable at best.

        1. not aging well.

    3. I bet you’ll never look at Mario Cart the same way again

      1. You know it’s kind of what I pictured anyway, yeti bush and all. And I do resent that I was forced to picture it.

    4. Curious how it doesnt fall afoul of “revenge porn” statutes.

  15. “One obvious exception is doxing: publishing personal information with malicious intent. Revealing a person’s phone number or physical address without that person’s permission is a violation of Twitter’s terms of service, and rightly so”

    Hey fucking retard, it is the restaurant’s info you moron.

    1. Doxing or not. It’s a bad precedent that politicians are rallying social media mobs against private individuals

      1. It is? That seems kind of silly. People can’t congregate now?

        1. It was wrong when CNN went after social media accounts for supporting the “wrong politicians” and it’s wrong now. The only difference is that Robby only cares about the “principal” involved.

          Anyone who thinks this is a good escalation of politics needs to reconsider

          1. Yes, you keep SAYING THAT, but you provide no reason why.

            People are allowed to congregate. And discuss things. And come to group conclusions.

            The question is why you think they aren’t.

            1. Do you want rampant mob violence? Because this is how you get rampant mob violence over political differences

              1. So, vague, unsupported assertions that this will lead to violence is your answer?

                I don’t think you have a coherent answer. I think you just don’t like it, and can’t draw a distiction between “wrong” and “personally distasteful”.

          2. And I’d like to point out, I don’t think it is wrong, but it IS disreputable.

      2. I’m with you there. Still don’t think it’s technically doxxing or a violation of the tos.
        It would be nice to see the original tweet that Rubio was responding to. It’s even worse if this was the guy’s personal tweet and Rubio is encouraging people to flood his business’s phone lines and physical location with an outraged mob

  16. Froot Sooshi is…..


    Dear Lord, can this place get any worse?

    1. STOP! Reason can get worse.

      Shikha will do the Reason Roundup, all Podcasts, and she will do fluff pieces on what Obama is up to.

      1. I read that as she will fluff Obama.

        Not sure which is worse.

        1. Well, we all know she would. But that’s not really saying much. Suderman probably would as well.

          Might be more informative to consider who wouldn’t.

  17. Every once in awhile, Robby publishes a real piece of shit article. This is one of them.

    1. To be sure?

  18. don’t restaurants *want* their contact info shared?

  19. Yeah it may not have actually been doxxing but it was a bit of a dick move. And this opinion is from someone who, like all of you, thinks Maduro is the worst kind of criminal piece of garbage who is causing – not contributing to, causing – the kind of suffering for his people that we can’t imagine here in the states (even under Trump) and that anyone who defends him is a world class asshole.

    1. I agree with your point, except for the needless socialist bashing. Be better to socialists.

      But, yeah, anyone defending politicians for rallying social media mobs is pretty messed up.

      1. “But, yeah, anyone defending politicians for rallying social media mobs is pretty messed up.”

        You keep asserting this and have yet to explain why.

        1. Would you want Adam Schiff doxing you and accusing you of being a Russian bot (I WANT TO BELIEVE!)? CNN did that with regular voters, because they had the “wrong politics”.

          Granted, fruit sushi isn’t going to give a damn about Schiff doxing people, because he asserts “principals” well before “principles”, but it shouldn’t matter whether or not nominal conservative writers like Soave are hopeless hacks.

          This is a dangerous escalation of politics

          1. “Would you want Adam Schiff doxing you”

            We have established that no doxing occurred.

            Would you like to try again?

            1. OK, would you want Schiff to disclose your place of business (which is public) and incite a mob against you, because of your politics?

              1. Is that what happened here?

                No it isn’t.

                Would you like to try AGAIN?

              2. My place of business is not public.

          2. “Would you want Adam Schiff doxing you and accusing you of being a Russian bot (I WANT TO BELIEVE!)? CNN did that with regular voters, because they had the “wrong politics”.”

            And .. I wouldn’t care. I am clearly not a bot. I am a human, which doxing me would show.

            Was that supposed to make sense?

        2. Yeah, what’s wrong with a politician publicly bellowing, “if you see anybody from that [other] in a restaurant, at a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and create a crowd and push back at them…?”

          1. Is that what happened here?

            Because it looks like he suggested they use speech.

            So, like Just Say’n, you seem to be confused about what is actually happening.

            1. You seemed to be confused about whether little marco is a dick who loves himself some big government and who is a public sector hack who loves himself some big time immigration and who did not have the stones to stand up and demand that Chuck Grassley go ahead and schedule a vote on judge K’s nomination and denounce the dirty #metoo tactics.

              1. You have also failed to set forth a compelling defense justifying little marco’s tweet.

                Why is the tweet to be defended?

                Why is a public sector hack, feeding at the public trough, tweeting such information?

                You must really admire public sector lifers who fellate the likes of McCain and are owned, lock, stock and bagel by AIPAC.

          2. Yes. Imagine if Reason had called that out then maybe it wouldn’t be fair to call them the “NYT Addendum”. As it stands, Reason is a conservative site, but that doesn’t excuse Rubio

      2. “needless socialist bashing” — har de har har — is that “(needless socialist) bashing” or “needless (socialist bashing)”?

        One is tautological, one is an oxymoron.

        1. Whatever, Nazi. Be better to socialists

          1. Be better to socialists

            Nah – you should just punch them when you see them. It’s not in a libertarian’s nature to try to mix peacefully with wrongthinking people.

            1. Yup, exactly. Your options are either “don’t mock socialists because of Gulags” or “punch them”. Of course, we can mock other collectivists, because that’s different.

              1. Yup, exactly. Your options are either “don’t mock socialists because of Gulags” or “punch them”.

                Agreed. Otherwise, your reaction to Nick advising engagement with those who call themselves “socialists” makes no sense.

                1. I mean, most of the people who call themselves socialists these days don’t have any clue what it means anyway. It’s an affectation, nothing more. Of course, in that group are real socialists indoctrinating people to the cause but unfortunately for them most students go on to have lives and earn money that they inevitably want to keep more of.

      3. Socialist bashing will never be needless until nobody takes them seriously in the first place.

    2. I join in FoE’s opinion.

    3. I wouldn’t call it a dick move. Too pissant to qualify as a dick move.

      1. But, compared to the multiple acts of outfits like CNN, that never caused Rico’s panties to bunch so mightily, it’s also small beans.

        1. Yes. Robby looks like an epic partisan here, considering that this has been going on for quite a while now and exclusively directed toward non-socialists (but, we must be better to socialists, of course). Nonetheless, Robby being an utter hack doesn’t excuse Rubio’s behavior here.

          1. little marco is a dick.

            1. To be sure.

  20. Doxing or advertising?

    He didn’t provide his HOME address. Just the address to his business.

  21. Twitter has every right to censor any tweet they don’t like.
    After all, it’s their site.
    Just like I have a right to call Twitter a bunch of fascists who deplore free speech.

  22. Rubio is a punk with small hands. Commies suck but l;eave the guy alone to be a commie if he wants

  23. It’s a business. You can’t “dox” a business.

    If he had posted the guy’s home phone number/address, that would be “doxing”

    1. Disclosing an anonymous poster’s business (in hopes of harming his business) is like disclosing his employer (in hopes of getting him fired). Not as bad as his home address, but plenty bad enough.

  24. I clicked on this to find out what doxing is, actually. Apparently it is one of those actions that is illegal/immoral only if people you personally do not approve of are doing it. Like Russians buying advertising to influence an American election, because maybe they imagine that their business interests will be at risk somewhere down the line. Phrased in a sinister fashion, that can be made to sound like a crime. Even entities vaguely related to Russia or persons tangentially acquainted with genuine Russians can be slimed with innuendo arising from acts not actually even illegal!

    Now suppose a left-leaning media outlet (nearly all of them in America anymore) decides to publish the names and addresses of jurors who return a verdict that the progressive democratic socialists really despise. Is that doxing? Maybe worse than doxing?

  25. Rubio’s an overachieving little shitweasel trying desperately to get the cool kids to like him so I have to assume he didn’t come up with this dick move on his own. It’s not doxxing exactly, it’s just being a dick. It’s as if some shipping company executive said some shit about him so he said that maybe the government should look into raising the rates this shipping company has to pay. Not a threat, exactly, just sort of a “nice business you got there, sure would be a shame if something was to happen to it.” But I doubt even Rubio’s a big enough dick to do something like that.

  26. Twitter’s policy only forbids the posting of a private address or phone number; the restaurant is a place of business.

    Are you serious? You want people to be prohibited from saying “this is a shitty business, don’t go there” or “this is a shitty business, protest them”?

    1. I hate that the stupidity of Twitter has become such a large part of what is considered “news.”
      We need to see the restaurant owner’s original tweet to have some clue about how over the top Rubio’s response is. I also want to know if it was the owner’s personal account or the business account. I’m opposed to sending people to protest at the location and flood the phone lines either way, but it’s worse if he’s getting people to attack the business because of unrelated comments from the owner.
      Maybe it’s just me preferring to be passive, but I dislike boycotts and hate most protests. At most I’d be ok with him advocating a boycott of the business and only providing enough info to clarify which restaurant. I know the other side does bs like this all the time, but I’m gonna call out how actions like this exacerbate our public discourse

      1. I hate that the stupidity of Twitter has become such a large part of what is considered “news.”

        That’s why journalists are “the enemy of the people”.

      2. Maybe it’s just me preferring to be passive, but I dislike boycotts and hate most protests.

        I dislike most boycotts and protests too; that doesn’t mean I want people calling for them banned from Twitter.

  27. I agree this ‘let ’em have it’ politicized crap is incredibly stupid if not dangerous. So the owner holds what most of us believe to be an anti-human and retarded socialist position.

    Guess what? So do countless others? But going to harass people at their place of business is immoral. Yes, immoral. He still has to pay his bills and provide for his family. So he’s misguided and wrong in his beliefs. It’s still not a reason to pull out the pitchforks.

    There’s a time and place to discuss philosophy and politics and seeking blood at a business place ISN’T ONE OF THEM.

    All that being said, and this is where Soave trips up, let’s not lose sight of where the fault lines belong.

    Strictly with the progressive left. They and they alone started with this nonsense. It’s not surprising eventually it was going to be a victim of tit for tat from the right. For the love of God, how many times did Obama ask Americans to get political during the holidays? It’s normal for the left since all life is political for them (see communist and socialist propaganda).

    Not so much for the rest of us.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^

      This is why we lose.

      We still try to act decently. We still expect that, if only they understood, they’d come around.

      Countless people believe the same drivel as this man.

      But what is that drivel? The same drivel that has already piled up over a hundred million bodies and is still stacking them.

      Because we think we can get people to see without appealing to the same set of emotions we used to make ‘nazi’ a slur.

      So people die.

      Why is it wrong to make it impossible for supporters of murderous regimes, who want their ideology–which is, itself murderous, to replace ours, to thrive? Maybe, if they and their fellow travelers and spawn were spat upon, harassed, ridiculed and impoverished the way they treat their victims we might get rid of the socialist infection once and for all.

  28. Twitter can’t punish Rubio, it’s a public forum now and any banning or punishment would mean that Twitter is censoring a town hall meeting. Don’t blame me, blame our court system and TDS.

    1. Rules and consistency are for suckers in the Libertine Moment.

      A precious socialist is under duress so robby must come to the rescue!

      1. Yeah, I think that ruling was already memory holed even though it was huge. Go figure that journalists don’t have any clue about what it might mean for a platform that all of them seem to use enthusiastically.

        Nah, no big deal that Twitter was effectively nationalized. Maybe they’ll remember when someone actually tries that argument in court. I wonder how long that’ll take…

  29. Poor Robby, partying with the cosmo-communists has fucked up his brain

  30. Not enough information. The restaurant appears to be a Turkish owned chain. Does the Turkish owner love Maduro or does the Miami restaurant manager? Is your steak served on a stick? Is the decor typical Turkish tacky? How’s the Ramadan lunch special? How do they feel about Sultan Erdogan? How much for your little girl?

    1. Venezuela president dines on ‘Salt Bae’ steaks while his nation starves venezuela-president-dines-on- salt-bae-steaks-while-his-nation-starves/

      With his country facing starvation, Venezuela’s leftist dictator caused a wave of disgust this week when he was seen chowing down on a pricey meal personally served to him by the celebrity chef “Salt Bae.”

      Nicol?s Maduro smiled and guffawed as he tucked into a $275 cut of lamb at the posh Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul, Turkey, which is run by Nusret “Salt Bae” G?k?e, famous for viral videos of him seductively sprinkling salt.

  31. People are being tortured and imprisoned by Venezuelan authorities for nothing more than criticizing the crap government, or even for mining Bitcoin to try to feed themselves, and this privileged American restaurant owner defends that regime? Screw him! I hope the doxing results in him losing it and being in a world of hurt.

    1. Don’t judge too harshly. He may have relatives in prison there and be under tremendous threats concerning what it will take to keep them alive.

  32. Is it possible that Robby is just yanking your chains?

    Why include the full tweet, including the address and phone number?

    Ever consider the possibility that Robby just loves the abuse that he gets here, and thought that the best way to get him some more was to pose as some kind of lefty defending a guy who loves socialists?

    1. Roberto Suave has a career in journoishness and a job here to troll the website commentariat?

      that certainly explains a lot, though I don’t know why anyone would pay him to do that. Are The Kochs in on it?

    2. Is it possible that Robby is just yanking your chains?

      No. In the old days this lefty jerkoff would probably already have the job at the New York Times or the Washington Post that he craves so much, but the Fake News Media is slowly dying so there aren’t enough jobs for him and his ilk. So we’re stuck with the asswipe and a bunch of others just like him.

  33. If this is indeed doxxing, then isn’t Robby now complicit for posting the tweet here for all of Reason to now see?

  34. Did I accidentally stumble into Vox this morning?

    I think it’s about time that Reason found itself a new name.

    1. Ipse Dixit

  35. “Publishing personal information”??? Really, so his business is not public? not sure you grasp the nuance between “personal” and “public”.

  36. I am a long time active Republican at the state level and spent most of 2016 promoting Marco at party events. Today I am enjoying watch Trump slowly, almost methodically build a foundation of achievement. It seems to me already that the election this November will at most be a Blue water balloon tossed from a car window, but what will be fun is watching all the players position themselves for 2020.

    I am kinda impressed at how cautiously Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are plugging away in the Senate. So is Marco, although he always seems more nervous about every gambit he ventures.

    Now watching Democrats is really entertaining. The young Dems seem to genuinely go beyond being fashionably radical, they are intellectually narrow enough to be truly dangerous extremists. The older ones (well, the ancient ones) appear to be trying hard to be to the left of each other on everything. They can achieve that by standing shoulder to shoulder to form a small circle and glaring at the person on their starboard side.

  37. No request for harassment in that tweet! Maybe Rubio wanted more business for the steak house so the owner might contribute to the Venezuelan cause for freedom?

  38. Oh please! Nusr-Et is a Turkish steakhouse chain headquartered in Istanbul with multiple locations in Turkey as well as Abu Dhabi, Doha, and Dubai. And NYC & Miami. Far from tweeting a personal address and personal telephone of a single entrepreneur, Rubio simply gave them information about the manager of a foreign company operation obtainable off the internet in less than one minute. Its public information of a corporate contact.

    You know usually you (and in fact all the writers at Reason) are really good. Occasionally, all of you off the rails on something that is silly, really narrow or even demonstrably stupid. It would be better not to write at all than criticism like this. BTW for the record, I don’t much like Rubio. That doesn’t make this piece less dumb.

  39. Doxx the doxxer–

    In general, I oppose doxxing political speakers– not just disclosing their home address, but also their employer or business (as in this case).

    One big exception– doxxers themselves should be doxxed. If you are trying to get someone fired, you should be willing to defend your advocacy publicly. If you send zombies to someone’s home, you should expect to host zombies yourself. Internet hosts and law enforcement should cooperate to make this the new standard.

  40. This demonstrates the confusion and corruption resulting from an unregulated public broadcasting space in a complex society.

    It also exposes a basic logical flaw in libertarian ideology, “do anything you want except initiating coercion” then fill your boots with laws.

    Coercion: the act of coercing; use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance.

    Do you think doxxing is intimidation? I do.

    Doing whatever you want, is often intimidating whether intentional or not.

    Look at the dipshit saying used here, “fuck off slaver”. If it wasn’t so hilariously ironic, it might be intimidating.

  41. Get back to me when those dangerous Right Wingers start threatening the owners children, I’ll wait…and wait…and wait.

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