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Tiny Texas Town Officially Condemns Kneeling During the Anthem, Attacks Senate Candidate Beto O'Rourke

The controversy might be two years old, but that didn't stop the Reno City Council from weighing in.


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On Monday, the city council of Reno, Texas, passed a resolution declaring that kneeling during The Star-Spangled Banner is "not only un-American," but also "one of the highest forms of disrespect anyone can show to the sacrifice and service of our country's military members, veterans and first responders."

The resolution also condemned comments made last month by Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D–Texas) as "false." O'Rourke, who's running against Sen. Ted Cruz (R–Texas), said he could "think of nothing more American than to peacefully stand up, or take a knee, for your rights, any time, anywhere, in any place."

You could probably count on one hand the number of players who've knelt during the playing of the national anthem so far this NFL season. The debate over kneeling or otherwise protesting during the national anthem has raged on ever since August 2016, when then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn't stand for the song. While Kaepernick was protesting police brutality against African Americans, the fight has long since ceased to be about the legitimate debate over policing practices. Instead it is now the province of partisans and culture warriors.

Reached by Reason, Reno Mayor Eric Hunter concedes that "un-American" might not have been the best term to describe the protests. But Hunter stands by the gist of the resolution. Kneeling is "disrespectful to veterans and the sacrifices they have made to our country," he says. And while Hunter supports players' "right" to kneel, that "doesn't mean we can't disagree with it."

As for O'Rourke? Hunter emphasizes that "we disagree with a candidate for senator saying [kneeling is] the most American thing he can do or that someone could do."

O'Rourke, for his part, responded to the resolution by expressing his gratitude to law enforcement, first responders, and "everyone who has put their life on the line for this country." He also told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram he's "grateful to the City Council of Reno for taking part in" the discussion surrounding civil rights.

Hunter, though, isn't as concerned with the police brutality issue. "The question most often not asked" when people talk about controversial police shootings, he says, "is why didn't that person that got shot…comply with those officers' orders?"

"If they had," Hunter adds, "then we wouldn't be where we're at."

And so the culture war rages on.

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  1. O/T, but since Reason might not get around to mentioning it:

    TRUMP SIGNS TARIFF-CUTTING BILL INTO LAW: President Donald Trump signed legislation on Thursday that would reduce tariffs on nearly 1,700 imported products used by U.S. manufacturers ? an uncharacteristic move for the leader who has shown an affinity for imposing tariffs on foreign goods.

    From Politico


    1. This is good news, but it's worth pointing out that this bill passed Congress unanimously.

      1. Usually reserved for moral panics about child trafficking and puppy eating and so forth.

      2. Which typically means a guaranteed veto override if it comes to that.

    2. Whoah, whoah, WHOAH!!!! LC! Does this mean The Donald is CAVING IN TO FOREIGN PRESSURE!!!!111!! Has he been outmaneuvered?

      1. Oh come now.
        This is just one more brilliant move in Trump's 99th Dimensional Chess Negotiation Strategy.
        ART. OF. THE. DEAL, BABY!

      2. Shut up, lefty. Trump is doing what's best for the economy, even if you lefties are too blind to see it.


        1. Okay, after having actually read the article (I accept the mockery from the people who don't read articles and the people who do, but the tinyurl made me suspicious on account of it might've been a trick), I'm gonna try it again.

          Well, we need inputs, duh! We need to import them from elsewhere. But we don't need to import anything else. That's bad for the economy, duh! Only lefties think we can let manufacturing jobs go away to be taken by automation and imports. Trump understands this, even if lefties don't.

    3. Look at the dipshits badmouthing tariff increases and tariff cuts.

      Cant win with TDS people. They hate Libertarianism too.

  2. This is what passes for a gesture towards the center for obscure hard-left drunken former skater punk Beto O'Rourke, whose strategy has earned him a dead heat with one of the most well-known Republican Senators who happens to be Latino.

    He will lose. But in the process he will have extracted enormous resources from the Republicans in defending a seat in a state with some of the most conservative whites in the country. Texas is rapidly turning purple. Black socialists are in dead heats for the governorships in Florida and Georgia, of all places. Without these bulwarks the GOP's transformation into a permanent minority, regional party will be complete. But no, (*thumbs in ears, palms on eyes*) blah blah blah I can't hear you, nothing has changed at all, the Latinos will turn Republican and save us from demographic oblivion!

    1. Georgia and Florida are really weird examples for your thesis. Georgia doesn't have a large Latino population, and in Florida a recent Quinnipiac poll that had Gillum up 3 overall had DeSantis winning Hispanic voters by 13. Rick Scott is also in a dead heat with Bill Nelson in large part because he's polling well with Latino voters.

      Furthermore, neither Abrams nor Gillum are socialists (I know many people here will object that all left-wing progressives basically are, but this conflation contributes to the socialist goal of making actual socialism mainstream, which would be far more damaging) and I think their competitiveness in those races is mostly due to it being a midterm election under an unpopular Republican president and the GOP nominating bad candidates.

      1. They are not weird examples at all because my point is that the Republicans are generally heading toward demographic oblivion as a national power. This is due to many factors. One of them is that they are not at all increasing their support among the nearly totally Democratic blacks or the more evenly split Latinos, America's largest minority and a very rapidly growing one. Another is that the college educated white population is growing and rapidly turning very proggy. The Republicans will indeed deepen their support among non college educated whites, non urban or suburban whites, and so forth, but that will not be enough and the process is almost complete. They will probably strengthen in upstate NY, rural PA, the Midwest--where even the suburbs have tended to remain more strongly Republican and conservative--and other areas that are hemorrhaging population, but that will be no match for what they will have lost. Also they will lose their structural advantage as Republicans, not Democrats, become the voters who are more concentrated among solely their own kind...

        1. ...My only point about the Latinos--and the Cubans are hardly representative of them--must be the saviors of the GOP; growing support among them drastically is crucial to any narrative where the Republicans are not totally doomed. And it is total fantasy. Support is not slipping, but it is not growing much of any. (In fact the Cubans seem to be "assimilating" toward being more typical Latinos over the generations. 13 points among Florida Latinos against a black socialist is pathetic.)

          1. 5 out of the last 10 leaders of my lodge in Austin TX native Mexicans who have been nationalized. Spanish was the first language of every one of them. Yet, NOT one of them wants open borders nor votes Democrat. Latinos are not a lock for the Democrats and that party knows it...which is why they fight so hard to keep the goodies flowing and the borders porous. They know Latinos are only on their side for one or two generations.

            1. Not being a lock for the Democrats isn't important, though. If the Dems can pull 60-40 among Latinos and the Repubs lose white people (or white people break even between the two parties), the Republicans are capital-fucked fucked assuming that black people don't suddenly break for the Republicans 90-10. And black people aren't going to break that way for the Republicans in the next forty years and probably not ever.

        2. I have black neighbors with Trump signs.

          Democrats dont even put their signs out like they used to.

        3. Sorry but I remember hearing this same garbage in 2012 when Obama was re-elected. The media was rabid about how it meant the GOP was a dying party. The only problem is it is not a dying party and people such as you are simply in denial. There are twice as many GOP governors as Democrats. The GOP controls twice and many state legislatures as well. As long as the GOP controls state governments, they will control DC. The Democrats keep nominating hard left candidates who are so far "outside the mainstream" (Chuck Schumer's favorite accusation) and yet think it is where the country is headed. Democrats go on and on about Hillary "winning the popular vote" because if you look at the numbers by state, or even worse, county, she got shellacked. The college educated crowd you reference is leftist on the west coast, northeast and in some large cities in the middle but that is not universal. The irony of your post is it is dripping with elitist disdain for people unlike yourself which is the primary characteristic of progressivism in this country today.

      2. Georgia has a large latino population. Not california size but bigger than you evidently are aware of.

        Its a funny thing. Fences are not popular in Georgia unless you have an outside dog or a pool, but the latinos put up privacy fences and parks 10 cars in their backyard.

        Gainesville GA is a huge latino town as its a central hub for latino farm workers in north Georgia

        Trump gets more popular by the day, FYI..

    2. Texas is rapidly turning purple. Black socialists are in dead heats for the governorships in Florida and Georgia, of all places. Without these bulwarks the GOP's transformation into a permanent minority, regional party will be complete.

      That's exactly what I'm hoping for, and it's a big part of the reason I support open borders. Once the entire country becomes dominated by Democrats like California is now, libertarianism will reign supreme.

      Although I disagree with you on one point ? I believe Beto will win.


      1. Beto the Clown will go the same way as Abortion Barbie.

        And stop insulting our intelligence by impersonating a libertarian. Real libertarians don't offer government handouts which are the only thing that keeps the illegals voting for Democrats (what you really want).

        1. They're not doing an "impersonation of a libertarian". They're doing a parody of a leftist in libertarian clothing, aka somebody who's into the "pot Mexicans gaysex" parts of the platform, not too fond of everything else libertarians stand for, but who don't want to call themselves just another liberal or progressive.

          (Honestly, if you were a liberal or a prog, would you want to refer to yourself as such? Liberals and progressives have pretty much tainted those terms through their personalities and actions.)

          But yes, OBL is a parody.

      2. ROFLMAO!!! Texas is NOT "turning purple" which is the favorite claim of people living outside this state. Texas has three distinct areas (small areas) where Democrats are the majority. The problem for Democrats in Texas is unlike other states, the majority of people live OUTSIDE large cities. Once you cross the city limits into the suburbs, the color becomes red, deep red. This is a huge state which is also very hard for outsiders to grasp. There is also a very deep culture here of independence. Much is made about all the people who have moved to Texas from California, but what is never said is many of them are conservatives who were sick of the radical leftist state government. high cost of living and high taxes. Believe all you want "Beto" will win and I will be here laughing when, like Wendy Davis he loses by double digits. The fact an 100% white, Irish politician has to adopt a Spanish surname to appear more "ethnic" says all you need to know about Robert "Beto" O'Rourke.

  3. *Republican Senators, who also happens to be Latino.

    Non restrictive relative clause.

    1. Works the other way, too, since there's also Marco Rubio.

  4. "Obey or die"
    Yeah, very American.

  5. Kneeling is disrespectful? For many centuries, kneeling has been a sign of surrender and submission - to God, to your monarch, to your enemy, to anyone superior, to a woman you're begging to marry. Now, thrusting a fist into the air --- that's different. Sic semper tyrannis!

  6. thrusting a fist into the air

    When you put it that way it seems so hot.

  7. It's obviously stupid, but I'd rather all governmental levels spend inordinate amounts of times passing resolutions which amount to only a statement defing the opinion of the elected officials who passed it than for them to do nearly everything else they do today.

    1. I'd rather we just bought them subscriptions to a few porn sites, World of Warcraft, and maybe a few copies of Call of Duty. It's a win all around: politicians get to fuck around most of the day and they quit fucking with all of us for the most part.

      1. I doubt that would work. We're talking power junkies here. Compared to the thrill of jerking real live people around, no game is going to do much for them. As for porn, seeing the masses respect their authoritah is the only thing that lets them get it up.

  8. Wait, didn't these clowns do this a year ago?
    Or was it some other bunch of posturing yahoos? I swear I've seen this before, or just like it.

    1. Likely someone on the city council is on one of those email chains where news is recycled constantly - especially political groups' newsletters as they always seem to be outraged over something that happened years ago, but that's only because the idiots compiling it ran out of other things.

      So maybe in some right-wing newsletter under the heading "Heroes of the Week", they used this old story and someone on the Texas council thought, "That's a great idea".

      Though saying they 'thought' something is likely neighborhood genrous, so to clarify they thought it was a good idea in the same way stupid politicians seemingly value and attempt to implement ideas of 3rd graders.

      1. I miss wrote when I said likely - who knows why they're 2 years too late, just picturing this happening they way I described makes me laugh 🙂

      2. Do they even still have email chains? I thought those went out in 1999 or something.

        1. That's because you've had bad luck for the last 20 years.

          Shoulda forwarded that email, champ.

  9. People still give a shit about this?

    1. By "this" you mean "football", right?

      1. Hey, people with brain damage love to watch people getting brain damage.

        1. Hmmph; somebody is not ready for some football!

  10. Remember when Lefties were against Tim Tebow kneeling?

    1. I was against him passing.

      1. Interesting stat: Tebow's career passer rating (which doesn't take into account running) is 75.3.

        Nathan Peterman, who started the first game of the year for the Bills and had started prior games (and sucked) has a career passer rating hovering around 25.

        The moral of the story is that if the Bills took a flier on Tebow, they'd probably have lost 47-13 instead of 47-3.

    2. I don't actually, can you provide a link?

      1. He was kneeling for prayer.

        1. A brilliant point. If the protesters claim to be kneeling for religious reasons, the proponents of ever-expanding "religious liberty" will stop whining because their heads will have exploded.

          1. Hahahaha so fucking true. In fact last I heard Murica was "evil, sinful, deserved that hurricane blah, blah".

  11. So what kind of consequences are the players for Reno's pro football team going to face if they kneel during the anthem?

  12. The list of things that capture the neverending fascination of Reason is just fucking weird.

  13. "one of the highest forms of disrespect anyone can show to the sacrifice and service of our country's military members, veterans and first responders."

    As one of those, let me assure you all that a) its not - not even close. Things like deploying us around the world for shitty little pointless 'interventions' and 'nationbuilding' are far more disrespectful of those sacrifices. b) we're not automagically entitled to your 'respect' anyway. And c) *we* understand there's a difference between the military, veterans, and first responders and government and the nation in general.

    So go ahead and kneel away if you feel the need to. We're strong enough to survive the 'disrespect'. And if we're not, we didn't deserve the 'respect' in the first place.

    1. I am tired of first responders being thrown in there anyway. I like firemen and EMTs as much as the next guy, real heroes some of them, but they do not have to deal with the suck of military status, they are not deployed anywhere, none of them have combat jobs, and most relevantly they do not serve under the U.S. flag anyway. (Except for a select few like park service firemen, DC metro firemen technically speaking, and so forth.) They deserve our respect and gratitude in a different way, but so do surgeons who volunteer for the poor; nobody says people who do not kneel for the flag have anything to do with them. Different things are different.

      1. *people who do not stand for the flag

  14. "one of the highest forms of disrespect anyone can show to the sacrifice and service of our country's military members, veterans and first responders."

    You sonofabitch! What about teachers? And nurses? And farmers? And NFL players? Well, ok, maybe not NFL players, but aren't we all heroes, all of us who get up and go to work every day even though we don't feel like it and our hangovers are killing us and our boss is an asshole and I swear to god if Jenny over on the front desk starts with that goddamn horse laugh thing she does while she's watching youtube videos all day long instead of doing her fucking job I'm gonna punch her right in her stupid face and then the traffic on top of that, Jesus Christ why won't these people learn to drive?. How disrespectful of this asshole to forget all the real heroes here.

    1. Did you make this up or is this an actual comedy routine?

  15. OT: Turns out Kavanaugh is a sexual predator akin to Harvey Weinstein. I wonder how many of you Peanuts that were quick to send HW to the slammer will do the same for Kavanaugh?

    1. I've been saying for weeks he's unfit for the Supreme Court for a variety of reasons ? Drumpf's illegitimacy, Kennedy's suspicious retirement, baseball ticket debt, snubbed handshakes, white power gestures ? and this explosive #MeToo bombshell proves I was right.

      Have you contacted your Senators, Mr. Buttplug? I know mine are both voting "No."


      1. Wow, could you possibly throw in any more totally incorrect statements in a single post? Baseball ticket debt? How is that relevant to anything and besides, it is all paid. Snubbed handshakes? The entire day was filled with protests every 5 minutes. The man touched his arm as he stood up and when he turned, before he could react his security person stepped between them and whisked him away. He has no clue who the man was and said so when asked later. White power gestures? This one is the best. A HISPANIC WOMAN is sitting with her hand on her arm, and because in the mind of someone idiot with no life her fingers look like a "W" suddenly it is a white power gesture. When did White Supremacists embrace Hispanics as brothers and sisters? Everything you have posted in nothing more that another shining example of lies, innuendo and allegations without any basis in fact being used to smear someone you hate because he was nominated by Trump.

    2. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

    3. One obscure individual from about 30 years ago that Feinstein sat on for weeks, and didn't even mention during the hearings, vs. dozens that Weinstein harassed and raped.

      You know what I remember, shriek? How you got owned like Kunta Kinte when you claimed that Weinstein hadn't actually raped anyone.

      1. "owned like Kunta Kinte"

        You mean, Toby?

    4. So they decided a Thomas rehash was the big play? Doesn't surprise me.

    5. Based on what evidence? I have heard is an accusation and all the "witnesses" Ford has named have said publically they have no recollection of any such event happening or being told about such an event. I love how an allegation is all that is needed in your twisted little world. What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

  16. one of the highest forms of disrespect anyone can show to the sacrifice and service of our country's military members, veterans and first responders.

    The highest disrespect one can show to military members is sending them off to voluntary wars for no reason except to save political face.

    And first responders? First responders are the victims themselves. Cops and EMT and firefighters are minutes away when seconds count.

  17. How brave. Blame the nameless faceless culture wars. There are political interests at work here, you know, and they have names.

    Here's a goddamn hint: if a politician is jerking off to the flag and insisting you join in, he's trying to finger fuck you in the ass with his other hand.

    Some of us don't want to take part in the culture war. We're perfectly content letting ignorant rednecks who are gay for Jesus continue to get fat on beer and wear out adjustable recliners. How about a deal: you stop telling us educated people how to live our lives and what we're supposed to care about, and we'll let you continue to do mud sports and fuck your cousins in peace?

    1. " us educated people "

      Tony is a sock for OBL. That explains everything!

    2. "Some of us don't want to take part in the culture war."

      Yes, that's why most people object to the kneeling.
      It's not about police brutality, it's about separating the country along color lines.
      Fuck progressives, and fuck the players kneeling in fealty to their dominion.

      1. Yeah damn those black people for separating the country along color lines. Why don't they stop being so racist, geez.

  18. First responders are The People,not the Thug Pigs.I ain't standing for a bunch of Pigs , ever. ,

  19. re: "one of the highest forms of disrespect anyone can show"

    Not by a long shot. To think so demonstrates an appalling lack of imagination and/or a deplorable ignorance of history. There are many, many things that are vastly more disrespectful.

    Hint: Passing blatantly unconstitutional laws is one of them. And even though this is non-binding (and thus not technically unconstitutional), it flies in the face of the principles and freedoms that I put my life on the line to defend.

  20. Kaepernick made it extremely clear from the outset that his gesture symbolized the hard line Black Lives Matter claim that police in America are out deliberately looking to shove around and gun down young black males.

    Kaepernick's supporters and apologists (including Nike) are doing everything under the sun to word-smog away that reality. In fact, the whole patriotism aspect is a distraction from what is basically a direct attack as well as a monumentally supreme insult to the vast majority of law enforcement agencies in America.

    Which is all to say, it is another over-hyped political power play given sympathetic coverage by a mainstream media that wants to make damn sure Obama's transformation of America survives the muscular populist/conservative pushback epitomized by the Trump administration.

    As retired LE myself, I support the Blue Lives Matter narrative, which holds that all the vast majority of cops have wanted to do for the last 50 years is accomplish their difficult jobs professionally and go home safely to their families. I can not begin to express the contempt and disgust I hold for the sleazy executives at the Nike corporation.

  21. Folks, Reno City is a small town here in Texas. Like a lot of other small towns, they simply made a resolution that the people in their town agreed was okay. Are people no longer allowed to make decisions about how they will live their own lives? I thought libertarians believed in freedom and individual rights? Besides, this is Texas, the only places where kneeing is okay are the very small blue areas around Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and El Paso. Sorry, but most of us are proud to be Texans and the entire kneeling issue is offensive. In my mind, kneeling is no different than not removing your hat when the anthem is played. It is just wrong.

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