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15 Times Trump Hit a 'Turning Point' Before Yesterday's Cohen Revelations

It's the beginning of the end, again.


Mark Wilson/CNP/AdMedia/Newscom

Yesterday the president's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted in court that he coordinated with his boss during the 2016 campaign to pay several women not to talk about their sexual liaisons with Trump. And Cohen's lawyer says his client is willing to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. As Variety notes, Cohen's plea, along with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort's conviction the same day on tax and bank fraud charges, are "being treated in the national media as a turning point in the Trump presidency."

That is indeed how they're being touted. But if all the turning points of the last two years were real, Hillary Clinton or Mike Pence would be in charge by now. Here's a sampler:

1. The New York Times (October 8, 2016):

The New York Times

2. Salon (March 21, 2017):


3. National Catholic Reporter (May 16, 2017):

National Catholic Reporter

4. The New Yorker (May 29, 2017):

The New Yorker

5. The Week (July 12, 2017):

The Week

6. U.S. News & World Report (August 2, 2017):

U.S News & World Report

7. CNBC (August 16, 2017):


8. GQ/Keith Olbermann (September 5, 2017):


9. CBS This Morning (November 25, 2017):


10. Hillary Clinton, via the New York Post (December 14, 2017):

New York Post

11. Carl Bernstein, via Business Insider (January 29, 2018):

Business Insider

12. The New Republic (April 10, 2018):

The New Republic

13. Financial Times (July 20, 2018):

Financial Times

14. The Washington Post (July 20, 2018):

The Washington Post

15. Associated Press (July 26, 2018):

Associated Press