Brett Kavanaugh

Does Cohen-Manafort Mean Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Can't Be Confirmed?

Liberal critics want the Senate to hit the pause button. Will it?



Critics of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have adopted a new line of attack in the wake of yesterday's federal convictions of President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Until all of the facts about Trump's own alleged corruption and criminality are known, these critics say, the U.S. Senate has no choice but to place Kavanaugh's SCOTUS nomination on hold.

"Americans deserve to know the full truth about illegal activity in the Trump campaign and by Donald Trump himself," declared Marge Baker, executive vice president of the liberal activist group People for the American Way. "That means the Senate needs to make clear that it will not confirm his pick to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh."

Democratic Rep. David Cicillin of Rhode Island put it more bluntly: "A President who's also an unindicted co-conspirator should not get to make lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court."

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes made a similar point: "So the Senate is just gonna rush ahead to confirm the president's nominee to the Supreme Court amidst all this? Really?"

If the history of modern judicial confirmation proceedings is any guide, then yes, the Senate really is going to confirm Kavanaugh amidst all this. After all, something similar has happened in the Senate before.

Consider what transpired back in the eventual months of September and October 1998. On September 3, Congress received the so-called Starr report, which, among other things, argued that President Bill Clinton had committed 11 impeachable offenses. A month later, on October 5, the House Judiciary Committee recommended opening an impeachment inquiry into Clinton's actions. On October 8, the House of Representatives officially began its inquiry into Clinton's impeachment.

At the same time that the House Judiciary Committee was weighing the contents of the Starr report, the Senate was weighing the record of a federal district court judge named Sonia Sotomayor, who President Clinton had nominated to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. On October 3, the Senate confirmed Sotomayor to the federal appellate bench by a vote of 67-29.

In other words, with the very real possibility of a presidential impeachment looming on the horizon, the Senate debated, voted on, and confirmed the judicial pick of that potentially lawbreaking president. Sound familiar?

Here's some advice for anybody who is seriously hoping to see Senate Republicans hit the pause button on Kavanaugh over Cohen-Manafort: Don't hold your breath.

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  1. Look, we’re not allowed to notice that Bill Clinton is the blueprint for Trump. No, they’d rather compare to Nixon for some reason.

    While Tricky Dick had a suggestive nickname, and his VP pick was an anagram of ‘grow a penis’, he wasn’t impeached for having too much sex.

    1. They’re more analogous because both crimes involved breaking into the Democratic party. Of course not even Nixon would collude with a foreign adversary to do so. So it’s kind of like not analogous to anything, being the most corrupt thing a president has ever done. Allegedly.

      1. Hey, shitbag, just for you:
        Sevo|8.22.18 @ 10:19AM|#
        Tony|8.21.18 @ 11:19PM|#
        “Only the Lincoln bedroom thing isn’t a total lie.”

        You shouldn’t lie so transparently, shitbag:

        “Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept.”

        “Clintons Began Taking White House Property a Year Ago”

        1. So lock her up. Now what about Trump?

          1. Tony|8.22.18 @ 12:40PM|#
            “So lock her up.”
            OK, so you admit you’re a miserable lying POS, and that hag should be in jail? Good now we’re getting someplace.

            ” Now what about Trump?”
            Yeah, what about Trump?

            1. Imagine he had a (D) after his name. How much would be have to lock him up then?

              Are you capable of an imagination?

              1. Oh, gee! A hypothetical where you assume you know the answer!
                Now, what about Trump?

              2. 25 years ago, he would have a (D) after his name. And the main block that voted for him would have told you they were life long Democrats.

                Funny that…

                1. 25 years ago?

                  Would have?

                  Uh, 15 years ago he did have a D after his name.

      2. And then:

        Tony|8.22.18 @ 12:37PM|#
        “Of course not even Nixon would collude with a foreign adversary to do so.”

        You should seek help.

        1. It is rather unbelievable, isn’t it?

          1. Yes, it takes a certain ‘credibility’ to believe it. Or, more probably spelled “stupidity”.

            1. It won’t take long for one of us to be proved right. Hell hath no fury like a lawyer, a porn star, or an Omarosa scorned.

              1. “It won’t take long for one of us to be proved right”

                You’ve been spouting that line of shit for 18 months, and it’s gone nowhere.

                1. I’m sure the Mueller team haven’t just been filing their fingernails this whole time.

                  1. Nah thay’ve been chasing down leads on 13 year old tax violations and having business lunches with whores.

                  2. “I’m sure the Mueller team haven’t just been filing their fingernails this whole time.”

                    You bet! They’ve gotten at least three or four convictions for un-paid parking tickets!

              2. Hell, if you want to take Omarosa, knock yourself the fuck out.

        2. Of course not even Nixon would collude with a foreign adversary to do so.

          Nixon went to China!

          One of the major Constitutional responsibilities of the POTUS is to “collude” with foreign powers, who are often “adversaries.” See all the arms treaties during the Cold War.

          1. Do you have the remotest clue what the actual topic here is?

            I realize there’s a dead blonde girl, but surely FOX News gets some snippets of facts about this matter out there.

            1. Tony|8.22.18 @ 1:10PM|#
              “Do you have the remotest clue what the actual topic here is?”

              Yes, it’s the severity of your TDS.

          2. Don’t forget all his pre-election shenanigans with the North Vietnamese. Oh wait, that was Kissinger, his proxy, wasn’t it?

          3. You guys do realize that the DNC and the HRC for President campaign both conspired with foreign spy agencies during the last election, don’t you?

            They have been pretty up front about it. They paid a British spy and his company $3.5 million to go to Russia and bring back dirt from the FSB and the SVR.

            So far we have Trump down as maybe having been OK with staffers taking a meeting with a lobbyist lawyer from Russia. Maybe.

      3. They’re more analogous because both crimes involved breaking into the Democratic party. Of course not even Nixon would collude with a foreign adversary to do so.

        They’re only ‘analogous’ if you don’t know anything at all about Nixon, or Watergate, and assume any fever dream allegation is by definition true as long as it’s about Trump.

        At least you mention the word ‘allegedly’ though, since the case against Trump consists of conspiracy theories and fever dreams at the moment. That may well change, no one really knows, but at the moment the only proven collusion to alter the course of the election that involves Russians is the DNC, Clinton, and Steele and they are not under investigation. Weird.

        That doesn’t make it ‘ok’ for Trump, but it’s odd how proven conspiracy doesn’t rise to the same level of theoretical conspiracy in your mind.

      4. They’re more analogous because both crimes involved breaking into the Democratic party.

        Trump broke into the DNC? When?
        He hacked the DNC? When?

        Of course not even Nixon would collude with a foreign adversary to do so.

        1. Don’t you know, it was the Russian’s that hacked the DNC and phished Podesta.

          If memory serves, Wikileaks said they didn’t get their intel from any Russians (and for the time being, I’m more inclined to believe them over the DNC or Trump). And I’m pretty sure it’s been shown that the NSA has the ability to mask an ip to look like it comes from somewhere else.

          1. You’re thinking of UMBRAGE.

            The documents reportedly revealed that the agency had amassed a large collection of cyberattack techniques and malware produced by other hackers. This library was reportedly maintained by the CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group, with examples of using these techniques and source code contained in the “Umbrage Component Library” git repository. According to WikiLeaks, by recycling the techniques of third-parties through UMBRAGE, the CIA can not only increase its total number of attacks,[57] but can also mislead forensic investigators by disguising these attacks as the work of other groups and nations.[1][47] Among the techniques borrowed by UMBRAGE was the file wiping implementation used by Shamoon. According to PC World, some of the techniques and code snippets have been used by CIA in its internal projects, whose end result cannot be inferred from the leaks. PC World noted that the practice of planting “false flags” to deter attribution was not a new development in cyberattacks: Russian, North Korean and Israeli hacker groups are among those suspected of using false flags.[58]

        2. then today it comes out that the michigan dnc hacked the national dnc and tried to blame it on republicans.
          re the senate confirmation should have no bearing on ANYTHING other than his judicial decisions. as in the case of sotomajor, Kavanaughs’ confirmation should not be based on his personal life or his associates.

      5. both crimes involved breaking into the Democratic party

        Oh Tony, you’ve slipp’d the mask! Democrats don’t break into the Democratic party, do they? Oh Tony, Tony…..

    2. Actual…ole tricky is the Mueller strategy….and Clinton – out is the Trump model….and the reason Trump can win this is because of two key parts of those impeachments….Nixon resigned because of things he did not want to disclose related to national security and CIA days…..Clinton actively did his damage as the President and still survived. The Dems are banking on getting a majority in the House or even the Senate (by disgusting enough republicans) and then continuing to bank on enough Republicans being disgusted to get the 67% needed. So yeah it could be the greatest smear of all time no matter what happens but especially if in the end of this Trump is removed and never gets formally charged or found guilty of committing any crime. My guess though is they are looking to confiscate family assets to shut them all down. Keep an eye on the New York AG. although one has to wonder if Trump is tainting/obstructing justice every time he tweets, what is Cuomo doing when he brags about New York AG taking down the Trump family.

  2. The Ds are just playing the cards they have, which aren’t many.

    “To the last, I grapple with thee; From the minority side of the aisle, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee”

    1. As with whales so goes the politicians

    2. “”The Ds are just playing the cards they have, which aren’t many.””

      You just don’t understand the strategy behind their ten dimensional poker…

  3. Even without Drumpf’s obvious corruption and illegitimate “victory,” libertarians should oppose Kavanaugh. As CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin has observed, Kavanaugh’s confirmation would guarantee abortion bans in many states and eliminate African American students from highly selective colleges. In other words, the US would become even more like the nightmarish combination of The Handmaid’s Tale and Nazi Germany than it is now.

    The fact that this radical reshaping of the Supreme Court is being pushed on us by a fraudulent, compromised President should give us even more reason to fight back. Call your Senators and tell them not to allow this dangerous extremist to spend the next few decades stripping rights from marginalized groups.


    1. Trump may be one of the least corrupt politicians.

    2. Looks like the Democrats were correct in 2016, when they were predicting the losers weren’t going to respect the election results.

      1. Hillary Clinton won by 3 million votes. Drumpf became President mainly due to Russian hacking and the anti-democratic, indefensible Electoral College.


        1. #StillWithHim

          1. #Stillwithrentinglincolnbedroom

        2. That one was a little too on the nose.

        3. Man, it must suck that the same folks the left hates for fucking with things via the Electoral College is the same people who will reject the constitutional amendment it would take to alter the situation.

        4. What are election are you talking about that Clinton won by three million votes?

          Trump won the Presidential election in the Electoral College, 304-227. That’s because he won 30 of the 51 state and district elections for Electors.

    3. “As CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin…”

      CNN has experts?

      Citation needed.

    4. I wasn’t aware my duty as a libertarian was to support abortions and racial quotas.

      [I don’t care about the former, and despise the latter as open bigotry.]

      In fact, I’m still not aware of that, GFY.

      I’d far rather have an originalist than whatever abomination you support just because your dude would Be Awesome About Abortions.

    5. OK. This one was really good.

    6. A person much wiser than me said it best.
      “The democrats haven’t been this angry since Lincoln freed the slaves.”
      How true.

    7. Save yourself some typing and just call the U.S. “The Nazi Handmaid’s Tale”.

      1. Y’know, those red dresses could have great big swastikas on them to make them resemble Nazi flags…

    8. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would guarantee abortion bans in many states and eliminate African American students from highly selective colleges.

      Yes, your point being?

    9. This is a parody, right?

    10. OpenBordersLiberal-tarian
      please post your home address and directions to find it so that i could post them at the various “open border” crossing areas .. thank you.

  4. Kavanaugh’s confirmation would guarantee abortion bans in many states and eliminate African American students from highly selective colleges

    Roe was judicial overreach and affirmative action is government coercion

    1. Eh, the government isn’t making the Ivies do “affirmative action”; it’s just letting them do it, despite it being obviously racist.

      (I use quotes because the original and utterly defensible and correct Affirmative Action was “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex or national origin”

      Not to pump up your numbers of Approved Minority Groups with lower standards.

      Affirmative Action in LBJ’s usage is right and proper and good, even if I’m not sure I want the State enforcing it.

      Affirmative Action in the sense schools use it now for “diversity” [to aid white students, per their own explanations of the reasoning], is radically different.)

      1. And Ivies should be allowed to do it. They’re largely private.

        1. “They’re largely private.”
          This ain’t horseshoes; if they’re getting one dime of taxpayer money, forget it.

          1. Haven’t most of the major cases of this involved large public universities, like Michigan and Texas?

        2. Yes, and for the same reason lunch counters should be allowed to do it.

  5. “Democratic Rep. David Cicillin of Rhode Island put it more bluntly: “A President who’s also an unindicted co-conspirator should not get to make lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court.””

    “…an unindicted co-conspirator…”
    Isn’t that a longwinded way of saying “we haven’t found him guilty of anything”?
    Is Cicillin is trying for the gold in the ‘straw grasping’ competition?

    1. The correct spelling is Cicilline.

      Back in the early 70s, his father, a mob lawyer, bought a summer home in Narragansett, Rhode Island, just three homes down from our summer place.

      1. They are a corrupt family to the core.

    2. Haven’t found him guilty?

      Hell, they don’t even have evidence of him doing anything, to start with.

      He’s a total shit, and a tool, but he doesn’t seem to be a crook.

  6. I don’t even see the relevance of this: Are Senators incapable of assessing Kavanaugh apart from whoever selected him? (The Federalist Society, as it happens.)

    Just another demand that Trump not be permitted to exercise the powers of his office, because… he”s Trump!

    1. Pretty much. And they know it won’t stop Kavenaugh from being confirmed. It is just more boob bait for the boobousie like Suderman and the various trolls on this board. They can all tell themselves that “the Court is illegitimate” rather than face the fact that they lost elections.

      1. How would they react if Trump were to suddenly retract his nomination of Kavanaugh, and, in his place, nominate Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton or Loretta Lynch or Michelle Obama or, gulp, the chocolate Jesus himself?

        I wish to god some reporter would pose that hypothetical to any one of these clowns.

        1. If Kavanaugh isn’t confirmed by election time, and the Republicans hold the Senate, Trump should consider withdrawing him in favor of somebody Democrats would hate even more.

          1. I did like that Barrett lady. Nominate her, Or, fuck, nominate Mark Levin and let him just yell at Democrats for several days in a hearing.

            1. Ugh, no. Do Mike Lee or someone. I actually would be totally fine with Kavanaugh being withdrawn. He is no Gorsuch.

              1. If we’re going to pick “someone else”, let it be someone who is known to be even more of a 2A fan, then.

            2. I wish Janice Rogers Brown hadn’t retired.

        2. Easy, they would just say ‘sure, we’ll take it but we’re still going to crucify you’. Remember, they are under no obligation to be logically consistent and, in fact, it’s a hindrance to them if they are.

        3. Well as that is probably about as likely as Joan of Arc returning to lead the forces to victory in a space ship; so no worries about any immediate hypocrisy coming to bite them on the ass on that score.

          As for Clinton, they figure not enough constituents remember or care what happened then. So is all about talking points, feigned outrage, and of course votes.

      2. John, you’re so full of shit. You know damn well your beloved GOP is fully capable of stopping Kavanaugh from being confirmed just on the principle of “otherwise the press will say mean things about us and we won’t get invited to the cool kids’ cocktail parties.” There’s more than a few Republicans with their fingers crossed hoping the Dems re-take the House this fall, that way they can go back to their preferred role of the loyal opposition whining and complaining about the Dems and idly talking shit about how they’d sure do things differently if they were in charge.

        1. Do you have a point?

  7. Oh, no, please hold breaths, all of ’em should.

  8. God the idiocy!

    Manafort’s early 2000 tax fraud has what to do with the 2016 election? NOTHING

    And seriously, its a crime to not disclose a non-disclosure agreement that you pay with your own money not campaign funds?

    WTF would be the point of a NDA and why was does running for office mean you have to disclose an NDA. Its absurd.

    Edwards actually paid the NDA with campaign funds and was still acquitted.

    1. wreckinball|8.22.18 @ 12:59PM|#
      “Manafort’s early 2000 tax fraud has what to do with the 2016 election? NOTHING”

      How can you possible say that?! He worked for Trump some some period of time!!!
      Do I have to connect the dots for you?!

      1. You know what I found hilarious?

        How Tony Rezko was apparently irrelevant to Obama. Within a month in the WH, you never heard his name again. Funny.

      2. Do I have to connect the dots for you?!

        Yeah… I just can’t make out the shape. Looks kind of like a… oh never mind!

  9. Democratic Rep. David Cicillin of Rhode Island put it more bluntly: “A President who’s also an unindicted co-conspirator should not get to make lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court.”

    Please point to the unindicted co-conspirator exception in the Constitution…

    Trump is a clown. Kavanaugh is a horrible choice and should be disqualified for his position on judicial restraint.

    That said, the Dems have gone into a region of beyond absurd. Do they think that, even if Trump is impeached, it will be a Democrat picking the new Justice? Implicate Pence next? WTF?

    Be interesting to see if their batshittery helps or hurts them in the mid-terms. The TDS stands a fair chance of backfiring on them. They are SO FAR off the deep end that the right may turn out in force to oppose their nuttery.

    Not that it matters.

    1. “… Implicate Pence next? WTF?…”

      You say that like it wouldn’t happen.

    2. ” Do they think that, even if Trump is impeached, it will be a Democrat picking the new Justice? Implicate Pence next? WTF?”

      The key point here is to understand that the GOP establishment already want rid of Trump. They’ve wanted rid of Trump from the moment he got the nomination. They all but openly tried to throw the election to Hillary.

      They only don’t cooperate with the Democrats in impeaching him because they know it would be political suicide, he’s much more popular with the party base than they are.

      The goal here is to create the impression among establishment Republicans that removing Trump is now politically survivable. So they cooperate with the Democrats in taking him out, Pence takes his place, and in the next election the Republican party is torn apart from inside by the revenge of Trump supporters.

      1. That is exactly it Brett.

      2. I also suspect Pence is smart enough to see what an idiotic idea that is.

        1. Pence’s only hope to be elected President is to follow a second term Trump. I can’t believe he isn’t smart enough to understand that.

          1. Based on his strategy for avoiding any possibility of being accused of sexual harassment, (How the Democrats seethe over that!) I’d say he’s certainly smart enough to understand that.

            He may be smart enough to decide that he no way wants to be President, though.

            1. I think Pence was proposed by all those establishment Rs, the same that gave us Manafort and others, to be their inside man in the take down – only Pence is smarter than that and realized who actually has the people’s support and refused to play ball. He ain’t gonna be no LBJ

      3. in the next election the Republican party is torn apart from inside by the revenge of Trump supporters.

        Oh my God! That would be horrible!

        Oh wait, no it wouldn’t be.

        It would be… umm, why should I care again?

        1. “chemjeff radical individualist|8.22.18 @ 3:39PM|#”

          Nobody cares

        2. ” umm, why should I care again?”

          Well, because you’ve assured us multiple times that you are strongly (strongly!) opposed to all the statist authoritarianism that the Democrats would surely impose should their only effective impediment to total control ever cease to exist

          Without any sort of check you know full well that Lizzie Warren’s version of ‘saving’ capitalism would become the default option. Medicare for all would become the default option. Ruinous levels of taxation would become the default option. etc.

          So you see, this is why everyone here knows you are a mendacious twat.

          1. TD all one has to do to see the results of that is to look at Kalifornexico. a democrat run state that keeps torpedoing it’s own constituents just to fund moonbeams train to nowhere and raising the gas tax to support the ILLEGAL ALIENS infesting the state. now the dems think that the ILLEGAL ALIENS will cast their votes for dems so dems are now trying to allow ILLEGAL ALIENS TO VOTE. just one more anti constitution action by the traitors in the democrat machine. heck they even had a self admitted ILLEGAL ALIEN as the head of the state senate.

      4. Revenge of trump supporters will be bloodier than RINOs being voted out. Many Americans will realize that this experiment is over. Corruption cannot be defeated by the electing a person like Trump.

        Trump is in effect America’s last hope before civil war 2.0. The Russians and Chinese know this which is why they are pushing
        Lefties to attack trump.

    3. I will be surprised if the Dems win a Senate majority, and I won’t be surprised if the Dems win a house majority. But I will be flabbergasted if a Democratic House impeaches the President, and astounded if a Democratic Senate finds him guilty, because the last thing they need is a relatively uncorrupt Pence running for President in 2020 with all the anger of a Trump impeachment motivating the deplorables and everyone who hates socialists. It would be a landslide Republican win.

      1. Trump is too popular to even give the Democrats the opportunity in election 2018.

        1. Where do you get these ideas? Opinion polls consistently show that Trump is extremely unpopular. Granted, those polls could be systematically biased. But they’d have to be off by at least 10% to support some notion that Trump is popular. Do you have any evidence to support such a massive systematic bias?

      2. scare i hope you are right because like the jr governor of Kalifornexico said when allowing gay marriage ” IT’S GONNA HAPPEN”

  10. Not only does the Cohen-Manafort case mean that supreme court confirmations need to be shut down, it also means we need to get back into the Paris climate change accord, reenter the Iran nuclear agreement, nullify tax reform, reinstate ObamaCare, and bring back all the other regulations Trump slashed, too.

    Nothing should be done by the senate until it’s retaken by the Democrats in nine weeks because . . . um . . .

    It’s science.

    1. it also means we need to get back into the Paris climate change accord

      Hey, where is Bailey with the praise of us being one of the two people who were associated with that toilet paper agreement hitting the goals? Most of Europe is LITERALLY nowhere near.

      America — carrying Europe’s load military AND environmentally.

    2. Lefties are on their last strings of sanity.

      They will start bombing and straight using violence once election 2018 is a blood bath for them. They dont even see it coming.

  11. Kavanaugh may be crap, but getting that 5th seat secured by someone kinda-sorta solidly on the right is the ONLY thing I care about the Trump presidency. The rest is just entertainment.

    …And the Dems know this as well too.

    1. That’s a predictable right-wing authoritarian perspective.

      I’m more interested in a libertarian perspective.

      1. That is nice but no one is interested in the “backwoods ignorant hick” perspective that you keep insisting on providing us.

      2. Why?

        It’s not like you’d listen to that, either.

        (How about “originalists who care about the Constitution’s limits are much more libertarian than the sort of people any possible Democrat majority would ever nominate and approve”?

        Today, “right [wing]” justices are the only ones who seem to give a crap about enumerated powers or limits on the state, not that they’re great at it or all consistent.

        Remember it was Clarence Thomas who dissented in Raich with “the commerce clause means what it says, not whatever we want it to say”…)

        1. Right wing justices are not the only ones who seem to give a crap about limits on the state. See their general support of the worst kinds of law enforcement abuses. They may be marginally better on fiscal liberties. They’re atrocious on social liberties.

      3. I’m more interested in a libertarian perspective.

        That would be a purely academic interest, right?

      4. “Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|8.22.18 @ 1:17PM|#”

        Nobody cares

        1. It’s like you can read my mind

      5. I’m more interested in a libertarian perspective.

        No you aren’t.

    2. Kavanaugh is not great but trump will get another pick with RBG and Breyer.

      Sometimes you have to jam a less than optimum candidate into the lefty war hole.

  12. >>>unindicted co-conspirators


  13. I enjoyed the President’s ‘my advice is don’t hire Michael Cohen as your lawyer’ tweet.

    How many people are in the market for personnel tips from Donald Trump these days?

    1. How many people[or Reason commenters?] are in the market for personnel[sic] tips from Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland these days?

      1. I do not recall offering tips on whom to hire.

        Are you enjoying the implosion of right-wing political prospects?

        1. You supply plenty of tips on who to associate with.

  14. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

    Whether Kavanaugh should be appointed or not is determined by his own merits or the lack thereof and has nothing to do with any what – if anything happens to Trump.

    1. Of course it doesn’t. It is going to be so entertaining after the Republicans keep the Senate and the Notorious RBG keels over next year. You think they are screaming and desperate now, wait until then.

      1. That’s nothing that enlargement of the Court wouldn’t fix.

        Enjoy the hayride while you can, clingers.

        1. Yeah because the Democrats will be holding both houses of Congress real soon. Aliens landing on the Mall might solve it as well. And that is about as likely as the Democrats ever being able to stack the courts.,

        2. The Rev unintentionally admits his ideas can’t win on merits so he will have to game the system.

          Is still too stupid to see the implications of that.

          1. My ideas have been prevailing in America throughout my lifetime and are positioned to continue to do so as our electorate continues to improve.

            The main things keeping Republicans and conservatives in the game are (1) our system’s structural amplification of yahoo votes, which can only stretch so far, and (2) gerrymandering and voter suppression, which also seem of limited utility over the medium to long term.

        3. That’s nothing that enlargement of the Court wouldn’t fix.

          True, the GOP should get on that while they can. Add about fifty Justice Limbaughs to the Supreme Court over the nest two months.

          1. There’s 24 more people on that list Trump has.

            1. And then, of course, a constitutional amendment to limit the number of SCOTUS justices to 33.

              1. If right-wingers do not wish to experience consequences — including enlargement of the Supreme Court — they should win elections.

                Otherwise, their whining is entertainment.

                1. Pot, meet kettle. Accept the consequences of your own defeat before lecturing others.

        4. And the truth will out. Threats of court packing worked once for blatantly unconstitutional policies. Why not pull the same shit again? The ends really do justify the means, don’t they?

    1. LOLOL

      Sometimes are funny.

    2. That’s a tad over the top.

      You need to tone it down.

      Good parody has to at least have a slight chance of being believable.

      1. “0 milliblighters, too short and too overdone.”

    3. Here’s a great campaign slogan for Ms. Harris’ run for president.

      “We have infinite stupidity unlike our opponents.”

      It should catch on quick with the politically and economic illiterates of this country.

    4. Judge K is outside of the mainstream, since the mainstream doesn’t bother to follow or understand the constitution or its context.

    5. Says the woman who put through “the process is the punishment” prosecutions – repeatedly – that she knew had no legitimate chance of success.

      The fact that she is in the Senate is almost as much of an abomination as Trump in the White House.

  15. Sure do appreciate Damon keeping up with the latest in MSDNC talking points.

    Saves me the trouble of clicking over to Vox.

  16. Right off, I will admit that I have a particular bee in my bonnet, and that being a native Rhode Islander it might mean more to me than the rest of y’all, but Damon should provide some context with regard to Rep. David Cicilline.

    The congressman’s father was a mob lawyer. He represented Raymond L.S. Patriarca, the capo di tutti capi of New England. For decades, Providence was the hub of La Cosa Nostra in New England, not Boston. Patriarca had to approve of the FBI’s railroading of Messrs. Limone and Salvatti as Patriarca’s underling, Vinnie “Big Vinnie” Teresa, said so in his famous tell-all, “My Life in the Mafia.”

    Cicilline’s father, not unlike Roy Cohn and Trump, was a fighter. He was tried for witness tampering on a couple of occasions, but he beat the rap.

    Cicilline’s brother, John, plead guilty to federal conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and fibbing charges for his role in representing Providence tax payers seeking tax favors from the city. The city’s tax collector said that he was repeatedly pressured by the mayor’s brother and others close to the mayor for tax favors.

    So, perhaps it might do some good to do some homework for the purpose of being able to ask congressman Cicilline whether guilt by association is how he would prefer to roll.

    1. IOW Mueller and Comey Ride Again.

    2. Libertymike’s opinion is especially valuable because of the similar observations he has made about mobbed-up right-wingers, such as Pres. Trump.

      Carry on, clingers. More ankle-biting and whining, I suggest.

      1. “. More ankle-biting and whining, I suggest.”

        no one cares about your sex life

        1. Even he doesn’t.

      2. I can’t even tell if you’re being sarcastic.

        1. *shrug*

          Parody account. What would it even mean for OBL to be “serious” or “sarcastic”?

  17. Perhaps we could put all democrat party primaries on hold until after all is known about Obama, Clinton, Rice, Holder, Comey, Mueller, Lerner, – – – – –

    1. Open wider. Your betters are not done cramming down progress.

      1. Your schtick is never better than when you’re channelling that pure proggy sexual assault vibe.

        1. Why would you perceive something sexual about American society shoving decency, science, education, tolerance, modernity, and inclusivity down the whimpering throats of disaffected right-wingers for a half-century?

    2. Yup. Lets declare martial law until all the lefty Russian collaborators are charged and tried in a court of law for trying to influence elections.

  18. Consider what transpired back in the eventual months of September and October 1998.

    Just more evidence that the “norms” people are bitching about Trump breaking have been broken before by others. Trump is simply forcing Dems to live by their rules.

    1. They didn’t consider the Biden Rule when Garland was nominated, why would they consider the Clinton administration?

    2. Trump is forcing you all to abandon any pretense of principles that you once feigned to have.

      1. Says chemjeff progressive collectivist

      2. Ypu say trump has no principles, so he will do just that.

        Be careful what you wish for.

  19. We have to put the Kavanaugh confirmation on hold because:

    There was an earthquake in Hawaii
    McCabe hasn’t completed his new tell-all book
    Mars and Jupiter aren’t in conjunction
    The additional CO2 from all the talking heads will send us over the Global Warming Tipping Point

    1. I am not greatly concerned about installation of the ninth justice.

      I am more focused on installation of the tenth and eleventh justices.

      Carry on, clingers.

      1. Those grapes must be really sour, right asshole?

      2. FDR reference?

      3. Trump would get to pick a replacement for RBG, breyer, kennedy, thomas, and justices 10 and 11.

        Lefties would hari kari themselves in the street.

  20. Yes, I, too, sometimes engage in wishful thinking.


    1. It’s the only choice we have.

    2. You know, as a libertarian, that has some appeal.

      (That includes shutting down the IRS? Asking for a friend.)

        1. And we actually have to pay extra for the overtime for Park Service employees to guard the entrances.

  22. Per the former head of the FEC:

    “When the FEC wrote the regulation that says what constitutes campaign expenditures and what constitutes personal use, it rejected specifically the idea that a campaign expenditure was anything related to a campaign, and instead says it has to be something that exists only because of the campaign and solely for that reason,” Professor Bradley Smith told Levin Tuesday.

    The expenditures alleged by Cohen, Smith explained, are not violations of campaign finance law even though they “might incidentally benefit your campaign,”

    1. Smith is a result-driven, polemical movement conservative. If it advances a platform of backwardness and intolerance, he’s a reliable mouthpiece for it.

      Unless Mr. Smith signs on as advisor to Mr. Mueller, or the federal prosecutors in New York, or the state prosecutors relevant to this context, his opinions seem inconsequential.

      1. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|8.22.18 @ 8:59PM|#
        “Smith is a result-driven, polemical movement conservative. If it advances a platform of backwardness and intolerance, he’s a reliable mouthpiece for it.”
        Asshole doesn’t like the message, therefore the messenger should be shot.

        “Unless Mr. Smith signs on as advisor to Mr. Mueller, or the federal prosecutors in New York, or the state prosecutors relevant to this context, his opinions seem inconsequential.”
        Asshole is hoping no one else gets the message.
        Got it, asshole.

      2. Campaign finance laws are of questionable constitutionality in light of their impact on core 1st amendment rights. Unless they’re interpreted very narrowly, they’ll just be struck down entirely.

        Which would be a good outcome, IMO.

  23. One issue has nothing to do with the other accept in the warped minds of Democrats. Last week they said his confirmation must be delayed due to the lack of time for adequate vetting. Before that it was the midterm election. Before that is was because of unfairness of not having hearing for Garland in an election year. Before that it was he is too extreme and right wing. Blah, blah, blah. He will be confirmed and Democrats will complain, who cares?

  24. “the U.S. Senate has no choice but to place Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination on hold.”

    Ha ha. No.

    “Elections have consequences”

    1. Remember that sentiment when Democrats place several new justices into several new positions on the Supreme Court, you authoritarian loser.

      1. “Remember that sentiment when Democrats place several new justices into several new positions on the Supreme Court, you authoritarian loser.”

        Nearly two years, and this pathetic asshole is still whining. Grow up, loser.

      2. You do realize that that was an Obama quote, don’t you?

  25. Here’s some advice for anybody who is seriously hoping to see Senate Republicans hit the pause button on Kavanaugh over Cohen-Manafort: Don’t hold your breath.

    Bad advice.

    Better advice to those people: please do hold your breath; about 5 minutes at least, 10 minutes just to be sure.

  26. “Democrats steer clear of Trump impeachment talk despite Michael Cohen guilty plea”
    “WASHINGTON ? Michael Cohen’s guilty plea implicating President Donald Trump in a crime reverberated across the political landscape Wednesday, with Republicans rejecting talk of impeachment without evidence of Russian collusion. Democrats steered clear of the word, too, and zeroed in instead on what they called a “cesspool” of corruption engulfing the White House.”

    Prolly a good idea, since there still isn’t one shred of evidence he did anything illegal.
    On second thought, go ahead, Ds! Make yourself laughing stocks like that miserable, rent-seeker Steyer.

  27. For some inexplicable reason, this news has everyone playing the greatest hits of Obama conspiracy theories. What one has to do with the other, we may never know.

  28. Trump will get this pick to replace kennedy. Then Trump will get to replace RBG. The Trump will get to replace breyer. Then Thomas will retire and Trump will get to replace him.

    Trump is going down as the greatest president in over years no matter what lefties lie and cheat to do.

    1. Trump and Pence will be impeached and Pelosi will become president. She will appoint Hillary Clinton vice president then resign, restoring Hillary to the seat she’s owed. Gorsuch will be declared invalid and impeached because Trump’s election was a fraud, and President Clinton will appoint two people to the left of Merrick Garland.

      Everyone masturbates dude.

      1. Look… Tony is scared that Trump will get multiple picks beyond what he is getting.

  29. Better yet, they SHOULD hold their breath… And die from lack of oxygen 🙂

  30. Federal court isn’t the Supreme Court.

  31. What a terrible piece! Damon Root would have us equate a sexual relationship by consenting adults, only uncovered by years of searching by Ken Starr for some dirt on Bill Clinton, with what is likely conspiracy with a foreign government to influence our presidential election for a particular candidate. Believe it or not, the argument is that these two matters are equivalent as to how they affect our democracy.

    Root goes on to conclude that since Clinton was being impeached by a rabid Republican House for horrible crimes, that Democrats are unjustified in asking for a delay in the consideration of a SCOTUS justice who is nominated by what may well be an illegitimate president. Kavanaugh does not deserve a hearing until after the mid-term elections when Democrats will likely take control and can investigate Trump’s crimes, something that the Republicans in all their party above country cannot do. Think about it, Trump may be a criminal president making his choices for Supreme Court justices. Already one justice is on the court occupying a stolen seat who was appointed by what most likely is an Illegitimate president.

    P. S. The more articles I read on “Reason” the more I have come to conclude that there is a connection between innately selfish Libertarians and low social intelligence.

  32. Perfect assessment….what chaps me is the news and outspoken liberals try to gin this up like there is no precedent. Additionally do we put the nation on hold until all investigations that may bring the President into question are complete….because that yes answer is what these outspoken media, congressman, liberal activist want you to get a majority to agree to so that it could get considered or make you mad because you are convinced the government should hold up making decisions. Even if Trump was declared incompacitated because of some kind of trial…Pence would more then likely continue the backing of Kavanaugh….as he is also a suggestion of the RNC so you pretty much have to have a sworn in Pence to withdraw the nomination and substitute with what will probably be a more conservative Jurist if he did that (Kavanaugh was probably one of the more centric choices Trump could have made….so as everyone says be careful what you wish for.

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