"Sex Pigs Halt Traffic After Laser Attack on Pokémon Teens"

I agree with Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit) -- this is indeed the best headline I've seen all the week.

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See the whole story from The Local (Sweden) here; the story is from a couple of years ago, but the subject matter is evergreen, as we say in the media biz.

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  1. “The police didn’t care so much about the traffic jam, she said, but officer Daniel Hagthorpe was concerned about the alleged laser attack and public sex.

    “”Pointing at someone with green laser can cause injury if it hits the eyes,” he told Dalarnas Tidningar.

    “And their waterwheel sex could be considered sexual harassment if anyone took offence, he added.”

    So the effect on the traffic is less important than the sexual harassment of the people who slowed down to take a look?

    1. Time was, liberals would say something like, “It’s good to offend genteel America with things that kick their sensibilities.” This was the exact argument used when federal money was used to pay for art like a cross upside down in urine.

      Now that it’s been recast as “harassment” of a victim, useful for other political reasons, goodbye to that. Methinks neither side was principled back then, nor now, but just wants to hurt political enemies.

  2. A (very rare) non-idiomatic alert: Drop the “the” before “week. ”

    (Sorry if that was just a typo or if you’re making some joke or allusion that I don’t get:-))

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