Puerto Rico

Could Puerto Rico Be the Solution to Our Latest Immigration Fight?

The island's population has fallen dramatically even as Spanish speakers from other nations are desperate for a new home.


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Thousands of Spanish-speakers have fled from their homelands in Guatemala, Honduras, and elsewhere in Central America, only to be greeted at the border with harsh family separation policies and other barriers designed to discourage foreign newcomers.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico's population has suffered a sharp decline in recent years. After peaking at 3.8 million in 2004, the island's population fell by to an estimated 3.3 million people by mid-2017 due to low birth rates and out-migration. In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the rate of departures spiked, with many of those leaving not expected to return. Projections recently released by Puerto Rico's federal oversight board call for a 6.4 percent population decline during the current fiscal year, with further decreases through 2023.

Could we solve one problem with another?

Puerto Rico has plenty of room for new arrivals, and because the territory's primary language is Spanish it can more easily assimilate people arriving from Central America. But right now, Puerto Rico is subject to the same immigration restrictions as the rest of the United States, so there is no legal way for the territory to replenish its population quickly.

Allowing the Puerto Rico government to issue work and residence visas valid only within the territory would seem like a commonsense way to accommodate many of those who wish to leave Guatemala and Honduras. While those immigrants might prefer Texas or California, the ability to immigrate safely, without federal harassment and without the need to pay smugglers should persuade them that Puerto Rico is a better alternative. It would also be good for U.S. municipal bond investors, who haven't seen interest and principal payments from the Puerto Rico government for two years and who may never see a recovery unless the economy turns around.

"Puerto Rico has lost a substantial part of its population over the last decade which has affected our ability to pay back our debts and created an overstock in housing. While many have left due to greater opportunities in the U.S., there are still many opportunities in Puerto Rico," says Alvin Quinones, founder of transparency portal Abre Puerto Rico. "By bringing in an influx of workers who want a stable government with access to big markets, it will help these people prosper and Puerto Rico as well."

So far, this idea has not been advanced by Puerto Rico's government. This may be because the current ruling party favors statehood and may thus be reluctant to support policies that treat Puerto Rico differently from the 50 states.

Objections about treating Puerto Rico separately could be overcome if Congress passed a state-based visa program and included the territory. Under a state-based visa program, governors and state legislatures would each be given the option of granting a limited number of work permits valid only within their state.

Although I personally lean toward open borders, I recognize that Trump supporters have a reasonable concern: taking in an unlimited number of unskilled, non-English speaking immigrants into the 50 states carries some risk. But rather than galvanize opposition through heavy handed enforcement tactics, they may wish to consider softer approaches such as allowing Puerto Rico to replenish its population with more immigrants.

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  1. Puerto Rico weather is horrible. STAY AWAY!

    1. Well, it did destroy most of the infrastructure, so…

    2. Except for the 50 states already incorporated in the country, that is. (Except Hawaii, it also has pretty decent weather).

  2. Ship all illegals to P.R?

    Then declare them independent…win.

    1. Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

  3. Puerto Rico has plenty of room for new arrivals, and because the territory’s primary language is Spanish it can more easily assimilate people arriving from Central America. But right now, Puerto Rico is subject to the same immigration restrictions as the rest of the United States, so there is no legal way for the territory to replenish its population quickly.

    Just when I thought even dumber idea’s than those already on the table weren’t possible, I’m proven wrong. Nice job.

    1. “there is no legal way for the territory to replenish its population quickly.”


      1. There is that…an idea that is just crazy enough, it might work!

      2. They kind of don’t have an option. They’re stuck with the US minimum wage law, despite their significantly weaker economy.

        1. Yup. This sunk them, Guam, and other territories. They should repeal that law since it is only a little over 10 years old IIRC.

    2. Just when I thought even dumber idea’s than those already on the table weren’t possible, I’m proven wrong. Nice job.

      Get an education, rube. Start with standard English; focus on apostrophes.

      1. Why learn English when one of the arguments presented here is that people shouldn’t need to? Or do only illegal immigrants get a free pass, even when most of them aren’t literate in their own language either?

        1. Why the fuck should anyone HAVE to learn English? Who the fuck are you to force your culture on me or anyone else. Fuck off slaver. Freedom means speaking whatever language you damn well please, even if that offends you and your subdivision home owners association.

          1. Because anybody who doesn’t learn the dominant language in a country they move to is:

            1. Fucking stupid, because it is going to severely limit their success in that new country.

            2. A fucking rude asshole. Not much else to say here other than being polite and courteous is generally better than being an asshole.

            Fuck your stupid argument. If I moved to Mexico and refused to learn Spanish, the Mexicans would think I was a dick. And rightfully so. If I then demanded they start spending their tax dollars to publish EVERYTHING the government writes into English, because I was too much of a lazy dick to learn the native language, they would AGAIN be perfectly right to be pissed off at me.

            So you and your bullshit argument can go fuck themselves. It’s rude, and it also costs people directly and indirectly monetarily. I don’t want to pay to make US government websites in 100 different languages when English is the de facto language in the USA. People should learn English before they can even legally move here, problem solved, tax payer money saved!

          2. Hey Baron, you don’t have to bathe, wipe your ass, or brush your teeth, but those things are all strongly advisable. And I’m sure you’re ok not having resources devoted to coddling your ignorant ass when you don’t know how to communicate, right?

            Or maybe just plan on having folks learn the fucking local language.

      2. Get an education, rube. Start with standard English; focus on apostrophes.

        A revealing comment from someone who pretends to care about minorities, immigrants, open borders, etc. What it shows is that deep down, you’re the typical progressive authoritarian elitist who looks down on everybody else as “deplorables”. Minorities are just pawns in your quest for power and self-aggrandizement.

    3. Just one problem with this idea is that, well, you’d need to forcibly relocate them to Puerto Rico but even after doing that you’d have to acknowledge that the only thing for them to do once they get there is go onto the dole like a whole shit ton of Puerto Ricans already do.

      Why literally import people to P.R. just to put them onto welfare? It’s illogical when you can just put them on welfare somewhere else and not forcibly relocate them. And that’s coming from someone that thinks welfare is a terrible idea, but this doesn’t work no matter what ideology you ascribe to.

      1. But they flee their countries seeking asylum in order to work hard and raise their families in peace and harmony.
        So why in the world would any of them refuse resettlement to PR?
        Unless they were lying about the whole asylum thing?
        I mean they are so oppressed and desperate that they save up thousands of dollars in spite of the horrible oppression just to pay for the trip to freedom.

        1. Exactly. If they are just looking to escape political terror in their own country, then PR should be a great place to come to.

      2. This.

        He thinks that importing a horde of uneducated Central American peasants will magically improve PR’s financial situation when the opposite is obviously the case.

        1. this! wish in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first

      3. immigrants, both legal and illegal, use far less public assistance than US citizens, and they are net payers into the system. If anything, you should be seeking to deport US citizens because they are, by and large, lazy fucks.

        1. That is a bold faced lie.

          Look up the average income of illegal immigrants.

          Now look up how much money an American has to make before they become a net positive taxpayer. Generally speaking this is $50-60,000 a year, depending on the state etc.

          Now look up average number of children illegals tend to have versus native born.

          Now consider the “break even” numbers are based off of native born average numbers of kids.

          The end result is that since illegals have vastly lower than average incomes, and more children, that they are a HUGE net negative in terms of taxes with respect to local government. They don’t pay enough to cover schools, roads, etc. In some states they CAN and DO apply for many forms of welfare from local/state governments. As far as Social Security and federal taxes, if they use a fake social they MAY in fact be net positive tax payers for SS… Assuming they never receive amnesty and never get anything back out. But they also do not pay enough to cover their share of other FedGov programs, because they’re too poor. Ones paid under the table obviously don’t.

          So in short, because they’re poor people on average, they’re net negative tax payers JUST LIKE ALL NATIVE BORN POOR. Period. This is completely different from Indian IT immigrants who make $150K a year. Don’t spread BS by trying to equate the two.

          1. Amen, vek!

            Them damn facts are a bitch … but it helps adults keep the world working.

        2. “immigrants, both legal and illegal, use far less public assistance than US citizens, and they are net payers into the system. If anything, you should be seeking to deport US citizens because they are, by and large, lazy fucks.”

          That whole statement is a bunch of lomg discreidted bullshit. Also, fuck you, you anti American piece of shit. You don’t like it here? GTFO cunt.

          America needs less garbage like you to clean up.

    4. “Puerto Rico has plenty of room for new arrivals,”

      But the USA, vastly huger, has even more room, and a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants. Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from climate change related disasters that have left substantial portions of the populace without homes, electricity, or clean drinking water. It’s hard to imagine Puerto Rico’s advantages over the USA.

      1. …a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants…indentured servants, slaves, and now for your dining & dancing pleasure central American migrants!!!

        1. Indentured servitude wasn’t that bad comparatively. It was actually something that libertarians might want to take a look at since it was a way to hire workers while assisting in the defraying of travel costs to get to the U.S.

          You know shit’s bad when indentured servitude is actually superior to some of the options being put on the table in 2018.

          Don’t get me wrong, not every form of indentured servitude was good, or even neutral, but some form of it would be superior to what we have now I think.

          1. See also ‘Russian mail order brides’.

          2. ^^Cannot believe some of the stuff posted here. Indentured servants were slaves for the most part. The masters kept hiking up the costs of their living expenses and they never got out. No wage protections, no conditions of employment. Kind of like the coal miners forced to buy at the company store for more money than they earned.

        2. Quite a few immigrants have been normal people, like Nordics.

          1. And strangely enough the overwhelming majority of Americans have ZERO PROBLEM allowing in educated, intelligent, people with no criminal histories, who have VERIFIED all of the above through the legal immigration system.

            People do have a problem with letting in unchecked numbers of people who have low educations, low jobs prospects, and have not had criminal histories checked.

            Our legal immigration system could use some major overhauls to be sure… But not wanting unlimited numbers of no skill immigrants from the 3rd world, in a post industrial economy which has less use for unskilled labor than ever before in our history, does not make one an insane person, or even an evil person. It makes one a fairly rational person really.

            1. All true, but where else will the demoncrap party get a new electorate, who haven’t yet learned that the demoncraps have gone bat-shit crazy?

            2. ” in a post industrial economy which has less use for unskilled labor than ever before in our history”

              That doesn’t ring true to me. Isn’t the food service industry one of the only sectors of the economy that has shown steady growth over the past decades? Allowing unskilled uneducated people to do these jobs would free up the more intelligent for more productive work commensurate with their higher education. It’s a tragic waste to have qualified engineers working as fry cooks. Think of the lost potential.

            3. Also the ‘counting’ problem. Most normal people have similar outrage when we find out how some Mormons work the system (marry 8 women, have seven of them claim benefits) as when we hear about illegals/immigrants who have two kids but claim 4, and just have a few neighbors show up if the tax man does an audit.

              1. mtrueman, there are a lot of issues with that theory.

                1. Low end wages have been killed by all the low skilled immigration, legal and especially illegal. This shows in stats. Inflation adjusted income is flat or down on the low end, and many particular industries are especially hard hit, like construction that no longer pays decent wages in many parts of the country.

                2. Labor force participation is the lowest it has been since women entered the workforce, barring the very height of the last recession. NOT a sign of an economy as robust as claimed.

                3. You’re assuming there are an infinite number of smart people who work at McDonalds, which simply isn’t the case. The Bell Curve in IQ leaves any group of people with ONLY SO MANY PEOPLE capable of doing high skilled work. The rest have to do something, but you can’t take a 90 IQ guy who would have been fine as a line worker at a factory and turn them into a programming genius. Statistically most people sort themselves quite well naturally, as IQ/income data clearly shows.

                4. We used to have KIDS do these jobs. The economy is now so bad, with so few quality jobs that pay decent for less intelligent people, that adults now find themselves with “careers” working in fast food.

                5. We are ultimately subsidizing these jobs through our welfare system, at least for legal residents, some of whom have been displaced by illegal labor that don’t have easy access to these things.

                1. With the push for higher minimum wages being made BECAUSE wages have been kept down by tons of no skill immigration, this will accelerate automation even in industries where we haven’t previously bothered.

                  The fact is a capitalist economy will try to find as many “make work” jobs as it can at a given labor price point… But that doesn’t mean they’re “good” jobs that we should be impressed with, or that people should be happy with.

                  Statistically there are millions and millions of people working garbage jobs that high school kids used to do just to get by. Outsourcing and automation combined created this situation. But if you think we’re going to need MORE unskilled labor than we already have you’re trippin’, because automation is only going to get even more hardcore and pervasive.

                  The only reason many of these things came to be in the first place was because entry level wages are lower than they’ve been in many decades, and there was an excess of labor available. So business owners came up with things to do with people. But if you think somebody making $8 an hour at a cheap chain place is a positive thing, and that we should import millions more people to “build” our economy on the basis of baristas, burger cooks, and Wal-Mart greeters you’re trippin’.

                  1. If we abolished the minimum wage, as we should, we could create probably 10s of millions MORE jobs! Jobs that pay $3, $4, $5 an hour!!! So why not import millions more half illiterate 3rd worlders to fill them??? That’s basically already what we’ve done, just to a lower degree.

                    We COULD build an economy based on $3 an hour borderline slave wages, where all those people would HAVE TO sleep 6 people to a bedroom just to keep a roof over their heads and feed themselves… But is that the kind of country you want to live in?

                    That’s what Mexico, and most of the world, already is. I don’t want to live in a 3rd world country filled with teeming masses of people in abject poverty, and perhaps a few people in the middle class, and some really rich guys getting cheap maids. Keep in mind true open borders would also tank many middle class jobs wages too, lots of people from around the world can do accounting, or work on cars, etc.

                    So that’s the thing… The working class has been fucked by a combo of outsourcing commodity manufacturing, automation, and then flooding the domestic labor market with competitors who have lower wage standards. Is it any wonder they’re a bit peeved?

                    1. The only reason upper classes aren’t is because we’ve not been importing enough programmers, accountants, etc to completely screw wages for those industries. The H1B people we have brought in can and do push down programmers wages, the thing is they still make solid money. They didn’t get pushed from just barely doing okay into outright poverty like happened with a lot of working class people.

                      I ostensibly benefit from illegal immigration with the income bracket I’m in… But as I said I don’t want to live in a 3rd world shithole. The reason an American janitor makes 20x what one in India does has nothing to do with him being better, and everything to do with the fact that our HIGH END jobs generate tons of cash, and with a limited labor supply we’re essentially forced to pay that person enough to survive in our high cost society. The janitor now makes less money than he did 30 years ago due to low skill immigration. If his wages got cut in half, I could hire a maid more often! But then I’d be living in Mexico City or Mumbai instead of America. I don’t want that for myself, my country, or my progeny.

                    2. In the USA nowadays high end labor pulls all the rest forward. We can only create and sustain a functional society by maximizing the number of high skill jobs, and as mentioned above you’re not going to take fry cooks and turn them into brain surgeons. We can IMPORT such people though, which is why I favor skilled immigration. If we actually import enough brilliant, high wage people, we may well genuinely need low skilled workers too… But I doubt it. Automation will take care of that I think.

                    3. And since I’m ranting, I’ll babble more.

                      People don’t want “a job.” A job is useless. Almost everybody in India has A JOB. How nice a country is India?

                      People want a GOOD JOB. Since we’ve mostly thrown away manufacturing in the western world (which along with IP, extraction industries, etc is an actual producer of new value, not a job that shuffles value around like service work mostly does), that leaves us with high skilled jobs (tech, IP, etc) to be the ones pulling the whole cart. A set number of high skill jobs, say 1 million, can only create so many good jobs downstream, and only so many low end jobs, as a result of those high skilled peoples productivity.

                      Wages for everything below the very top end where it is an almost truly global market in labor are essentially dependent on restricting the flow of labor. If you don’t you have India. If you want to turn the USA into India I, and any smart person, will fight you tooth and nail. Absolute freedom of movement can go fuck itself. I’ll take living in a 1st world country over freedom of movement ANY DAY.

                    4. ” If you don’t you have India. If you want to turn the USA into India I, and any smart person, will fight you tooth and nail.”

                      I don’t mind turning USA into India. I have no problem living and working in countries you dislike. The USA is inevitably turning into a shit hole.

                    5. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

                      So you just admitted you don’t mind turning the USA into a 3rd world country… Just so you can grandstand about ONE single supposed right, out of thousands. International freedom of movement IS NOT more important than people having a high standard of living. It is NOT more important than freedom of speech. It is NOT more important than the right to self defense. I could go on forever.

                      The only reason the USA is turning into a shit hole is because we’ve allowed in 10s of millions of low skill immigrants. If we’d only allowed in high skill immigrants we could have actively improved the country, instead of turning it to shit.

                      At least you’re willing to admit the obvious outcome of open borders, which too many purist libertarians deny. However, keep in mind most sane people won’t ever vote to slit their own throats, destroy their standard of living, and create a worse country for their children to grow up in than they had.

                      Also, I don’t hate India or Indians. I actually like Indians and much of their culture. My point is merely that it is a country filled with poor, uneducated people who wouldn’t bring a lot to the table in a 1st world country. India can and will pull itself up by its own bootstraps, and it probably won’t be a shit hole someday. For the time being though, I would prefer to only let in those Indian doctors and engineers so MY COUNTRY doesn’t go from prosperous to poor.

      2. Puerto Rico still has a population of about 1,000 people per square mile. That’s not exactly plenty of room.

      3. Mtrueman, nobody promises these refugees that they will get all of the “advantages”. If they are truly looking to escape political or gang terror, then PR should be a fine place to resettle. He’ll, we’re rebuilding their entire infrastructure, thanks to decades of neglect by a corrupt PR government.

        1. “He’ll, we’re rebuilding their entire infrastructure, thanks to decades of neglect by a corrupt PR government.”

          Actually PR’s biggest problem is the billions it will cost from last year’s climate change related hurricane Marie. I don’t imagine PR is any more corrupt than nearby Florida or Alabama. PR is a ridiculous suggestion given that they still lack clean drinking water, electricity and the like.

          1. “Climate change related hurricane?” Is this as opposed to all those hurricanes that were not climate change related? How do you tell them apart? Or may it’s just that we’ve only every had hurricanes because of “climate change”. We never had any before this.

            1. That caught my eye too.

              He’s full of shit is what he is. It’s a way of sneaking politics in to the fucking weather, like Super Storm Sandy.

            2. Climate change related hurricane?”

              We can pretend it’s unrelated if that will make you happy.

      4. Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from hurricane disasters that naturally bedevil the Island because of its geographical location. Over 600 years of Western Influence have failed to create infrastructure protected from the guaranteed periodic re-occurrence of storms.

        At some point, the residents should devise some way of storm-proofing their own interests or move somewhere their abilities are more equal to the climate. Abandoning the island is not a bad option, there is nothing that demands it remain populated by a people unable to cope with a guaranteed future.

    5. Hey, any way to get them through the door…

    6. Hey did anyone ask Puerto Rico if they were open to this idea? I am pretty sure they do not want hundreds of thousands of new people to show up either just because they both speak Spanish,

      1. Usually other cultures are scorchingly racist and elitist towards foreigners. The US is a rare exception to that. Despite the seditious lies of the left.

  4. I’m sure there are plenty of problems with the idea – like will the descendants of these visa-holders become American citizens or be kept in limbo indefinitely, and will the Dems push to let them all in so that they can get their votes – but at least it’s an example of outside-the-box thinking, and *someone* needs to think creatively about this whole thing.

    1. My thoughts exactly. If the right specifics were in place it wouldn’t be the WORSE idea that’s on the table.

  5. Although I personally lean toward open borders, I recognize that Trump supporters have a reasonable concern: taking in an unlimited number of unskilled, non-English speaking immigrants into the 50 states carries some risk.

    Joffe, I hope you weren’t enjoying your position at Reason too much. You know this sort of heresy cannot be tolerated.

    1. Risk to who? What kind of risk? You mean, like the risk that oppressed people could successfully flee tyranny and become productive residents here who work to provide goods and services that other people want and voluntarily purchase?

      Joffe, if you’re gonna spout authoritarian nonsense on this site, at least articulate your premises.

      1. The risk is they will immediately hop on welfare and, if granted citizenship, will vote for the candidate promising to give them the most “free” stuff. We already have too many of these types of “citizens”.

      2. Of what oppressed people do you speak?

  6. Well, Liberia sure worked out just fine.

    1. History is for people who don’t want to repeat it’s mistakes. Your kind aren’t welcome here!

  7. be an easy way to get them their star shaped patches…just sayin…and keeps them all in one place for that oh so deplorable accidental nuclear launch mishap.

    1. Well that was a bit dark… no pun intended.

      1. He’s saying what everyone is thinking.

  8. There’s this little issue that, once they’re anywhere in the US legally, they’re free to move someplace else.

    We don’t have internal borders, after all.

  9. Whatever the solution is to our immigration “problems”, why do so many . . . um . . . libertarians seem to think it necessarily needs to involve imposing that solution on people whom are powerless to stop it?

    Yeah, it’s really hard to bring in immigrants by the millions, what with the enumerated powers of congress and democracy always getting in the way–so maybe we can just dump them all in Puerto Rico, you know, since Puerto Ricans don’t have any say in congress?

    Is the idea of persuading your fellow Americans to accept more immigrants of their own free will really so unthinkably horrifying? Libertarians have persuaded their fellow Americans to support everything from gay marriage to the legalization of cannabis, quite successfully–both of which should have been harder to sell than immigration.

    Here’s the question to ask yourselves: Are your arguments for immigration so pathetic that you don’t even believe in them, or is it that your elitism is so bad, you can’t even imagine trying to reach average people with rational argument?

    I’m open to other explanations, but those two seem the most likely–and they’re both pathetic.

    1. “Here’s the question to ask yourselves: Are your arguments for immigration so pathetic that you don’t even believe in them, or is it that your elitism is so bad, you can’t even imagine trying to reach average people with rational argument?”

      My elitism is to blame. I finished high school, even university. I have work and enjoy material comfort. The average loser who wrings their hands in fear over the threat of outsiders stealing their jobs, or that obsesses over muslims forcing America’s lady losers to wear veils, can’t be expected to take a stand for liberty.

      1. Well, you should get over that–if you’re going to call yourself a libertarian.

        The future of liberty in this country depends on us persuading average “losers” who wrings their hands in fear over the threat of outsiders stealing their jobs, or that obsesses over muslims forcing America’s lady “losers” to wear veils.

        In fact, if the problem is that it’s impossible for elitists like you to persuade people who know you hold them in contempt, then you’re as big a part of the problem as they are–and, as a libertarian, you should know better.

        1. Those peddling fear and distrust of outsiders will always have the advantage when it comes to ‘persuading’ America’s losers.

        2. Well I don’t know Ken. I guess you would label me an “elitist” as well. What do you want me to say? Like mtrueman I went to university and chose a career that had growth potential. I actually worked to create a career and not just get a job. What I see when I look at many of my fellow citizens, is I see some people who are hurting due to no fault of their own – but I also see a lot of people who never bothered to invest in themselves, just presumed that they could wander through life and get the same kind of job that their parents had with the same standard of living, and then cry and complain when the world and the economy changes and they aren’t prepared for it. What do you want me to say? “There there, it’s not your fault that you took no effort in developing your own human potential, I’ll send Daddy Trump over to bring back those buggy whip maker jobs from the 1950’s that you are entitled to have so that you don’t have to invest in yourself in any way”? I am tired of those people (mostly Trumpists) who want the economy and the world to be sent back in time on their behalf, and who are too lazy to actually do anything to better themselves. That doesn’t describe EVERY Trump voter, but it sure does describe quite a few of them in my opinion.

        3. And mtrueman is also right when it comes to peddling fear and distrust. Fear wins out over principles and optimism most days of the week. The way to convince people that insane border restrictionism is wrong is to tell them how many rights and liberties that THEY will lose as a result. Just look at the discussions in this forum earlier today. Quite a few in the close-the-border-at-any-cost crowd wants to restrict the liberty of CITIZENS to send remittances to Mexico. CITIZENS. That is the prohibition enforcement ratcheting up ever more.

          1. On the nose. Anti-immigrant “libertarians” are so full of shit. They are just lazy, whiny bitches who are too lazy and dumb to compete. But rather than facing their own shortcomings and fixing things themselves, they want the gubmint to come in and protect them from better, cheaper workers. But to do this, they need to take away the rights of people like me who would much rather hire immigrant labor because are better in almost every conceivable way than U.S. workers.

            1. Fuck off loser. Trash like you should be grateful you are allowed to continue breathing. OThe u are in no position to criticize your betters, I.e. everyone that isn’t you.

              So fuck you, and your exalted almighty immigrant labor. Dumb cunt.

        4. As someone who grew up blue collar and continues to work in a blue collar profession, I have particular disdain for those who whine about not being able to compete. If you need the government to protect your job, you don’t deserve one. Period.

          1. Good. Then slit your own throat so we can re allocate your job to an immigrant. A stupid bitch like you cannot possibly be productive anyway.

          2. If you need the government to protect your liberty, you don’t deserve it. Period.

            FTFY… There are a lot of people fleeing governments they choose not to improve. Why would you expect them to appreciate what blessings of liberty still remain in the US?

      2. The experience in Europe is not of muslims forcing “lady losers to wear veils” but of forcing lady losers to submit to all kinds of molestation and rape, and to be relegated to a status that sane women have fought, very hard to get rid of.

        1. “The experience in Europe is not …

          Relevant. American women can protect themselves with weapons not available to Europeans.

    2. Libertarians have persuaded their fellow Americans to support everything from gay marriage to the legalization of cannabis, quite successfully […]

      Haha, what? Yeah, Americans (as a whole) have shifted on those issues, but if you look at how and why, it has nothing to do with libertarians/Libertarians, and all to do with a whole host of other reasons.

      This is what you call a non-causal correlation. There isn’t even a common root cause.

    3. FYI I am a business owner who is not personally in the fray here, but I will tell you why you’re idiots. Here’s the thing “elitist” opinion holders:

      You mistakenly think that EVERYBODY has the ability to do what you did, or what I do. Problem is that’s not true. There’s this thing called The Bell Curve with respect to IQ. Some people are smart, some people are dumb. What you’re saying is that because people who were born dumb are not able to become computer programmers, fuck ’em! Because low skill immigration HAS directly changed how their lives work. It’s a policy decision bro. We could allow in unskilled people, or not. Letting them in helps you and I by lowering the value of low skill labor. Not letting them in helps the working class make better wages.

      There is a direct benefit to different classes of people depending on which choice we implement via policy. Is it any wonder native born not so bright people DON’T want to see their lives made materially worse??? If that surprises you, you’re not as smart as you think you are.

      Tons of types of jobs that used to pay solid wages no longer do. This is because of millions of legal AND illegal low skill immigrants. Construction trades have had basically flat wages for decades now. Even lower skilled jobs have actually seen declines in inflation adjusted terms.

      1. Are working class people WRONG to look out for their own interests? Because what YOU propose is specifically in YOUR best interests. So are you really in favor of it because of principles, or because it gets you a cheaper lawn guy?

        Personally, with where the world is going in terms of requiring ever more highly educated workers, and with automation potentially obliterating tens of millions of low skill jobs in coming decades, I am NOT in favor of large numbers of low skill immigrants coming in. Maybe we don’t know the perfect mix of high skill/low skill workers the economy will need, but there’s a pretty good chance it’s not going to need MORE low skill workers than we have now. We already can’t employ millions of native born people as per labor force participation rates, yet you think it’s a good idea to import MORE people with no educations??? LOL

        Then there’s the net negative tax payer thing, that they vote for gives, etc etc etc. I say we let in as many doctors, engineers, programmers, etc as want to come here… But we don’t need more people with elementary school educations, where even that was in a foreign language. Sorry.

        1. “Are working class people WRONG to look out for their own interests?”

          Marx would agree with you, that’s for sure.

          “Maybe we don’t know the perfect mix of high skill/low skill workers the economy will need”

          NO ONE knows. That is the whole PROBLEM with central planning. If you give the power to central planners and bureaucrats to decide “the perfect mix” they will (a) get it wrong, and (b) use their power to enrich themselves and benefit the cronies in charge. So instead the CORRECT solution is liberty – let people move freely in response to market conditions and their own personal preferences.

          1. You do realize that there ARE policies that are good for one group or another right? The same things are not always good for all people, or for all people equally. We don’t have a free market in any respect, in any area, so until then it’s a matter of trying to be reasonable and balancing interests. Are YOU wrong to look out for YOUR own interests???

            The argument against this shit can be flipped right on its head. The upper middle class on up are the ones who have truly benefited from the current set of policies. How many times have we seen the “I don’t wanna pay $15 for muh burger!” line. Which is true. I don’t either. BUT I also don’t want to live in a 3rd world country. So balance.

            If you want to see what true open borders would look like, look at any poor country. They have wealthy professionals, millionaires and billionaires. And they have teeming masses of peasants. If we opened the borders and abolished minimum wages and all other regs we’d look like Mexico, Brazil, or India in short order. I’m all for getting rid of minimum wage, and other regulations, but NOT for open borders.

            This wouldn’t JUST hit burger flippers either. There are LOTS of accountants in the world. I’m sure American accountants would LOVE to see their wages get cut by 3/43rds ALL IN THE NAME of absolute freedom of movement!

            You forget that the lower bounds for people wanting to move here is only when we’re as poor as the countries people are moving here from.

          2. That’s a looooooong way to drop. If even Mexico had true open borders, millions would probably pour in there from Africa, India, etc because it is a VERY wealthy country by global standards. It’s a shithole to us, but heaven on earth to an African. If the USA took in so many people we fell to the level of Mexico we’d all be worse off, but people would still be willing to come in from even worse places. Is that what you want?

            GDP growth is useless. If we imported 100,000,000 no skill people tomorrow who could produce $10,000 a year in productivity our economy would grow by 1 trillion! But those income levels are so garbage all those people could hope to do is live in shack cities… Is that REALLY what you want? That is what true open borders would bring. GDP per capita is what makes a nice country.

            The US economy is pulled forward by our high wage earners. Programmers, IP of all sorts, etc. The fact is we may not know the perfect mix, but here are 3 scenarios:

            1. We restrict low skilled immigration too much. This will mean low skill people will be making wages that are “too high” and living a very good standard of living. Things will cost more for high income earners, but there will not be a need for much/any welfare. Since we don’t really export much produced by low/no skilled labor anymore anyway it won’t make shit all of a difference in most respects to our economic competitiveness globally. High skill jobs pull the cart remember.

          3. 2. We allow in too many unskilled laborers, but not unlimited. This is the same effect as open borders, but to a lesser degree. We reduce low skill wages so much that people can’t afford to live a decent standard of living. They get angsty about this. Demands for wage increases and welfare increases abound. You end up creating increased unemployment because the actual productive high wage jobs can only support so many jobs downstream, since most service sector jobs are not actual producers of real value, just shuffling value around. Since we’re a welfare state we still end up having to support all the freeloaders with direct welfare, and increased taxes on those that are prosperous to support socialized costs like schools, roads, etc for the higher numbers of non productive people. This is more or less where we’re at now.

            3. True open borders lowers our standard of living until we equalize with 2nd world nations, if not outright 3rd world nations. This hits even middle class jobs, leaving perhaps only 10-20% of the population in the most specialized of fields actually better off. However the social problems and crime problems brought on by this make quality of life pretty shitty like it is in current 2nd and 3rd world countries. You might make $150K a year still, and be able to afford a live in maid, but now you also have to live in a gated community so you don’t get robbed, maybe you have to hire a bodyguard to take your kids to school so they don’t get kidnapped, etc.

          4. Given the 3 options, I would prefer to go with # 1. I would rather a decent in between #1 and #2, because burger flippers really only deserve to live so good. They don’t need BMWs right? But something better than living in shanty towns seems reasonable too… But if we’re going to err either way, towards #1 creates a less hostile and combative environment.

            This is EXACTLY what immigration policies in the USA and Europe have historically done. Create a higher floor than would exist with open borders, basically so we don’t have to deal with angsty peasants who turn to crime and class resentment. In short it makes for a nice, peaceful society to live in.

            Also this isn’t even to mention the social problems, cultural problems, and bad voting habits low education immigrants bring.

            Open borders are a utopian dream for idiots who can’t evaluate what REAL WORLD OUTCOMES would be like in the world as it exists. They will never work until wages are pretty much equal the world over. Until they are anybody who expects 80%+ of the American/European public to slit their own throats by destroying their standard of living, which is mostly created by restricting labor flow, in the name of some fuzzy wuzzy principle is an idiot. It’ll never happen. Nor is it desirable anyway. A society where even the working poor have it pretty good creates a pretty nice society to live in. Minimal crime, minimal resentment, high trust, etc.

    4. Maybe we should just invade all those “shithole” countries they are fleeing from and impose martial law. It would certainly be better than what they have to suffer through now, right?

  10. LOL you’re gonna fit the tens of millions that want to come to the US into PR? At least we have some idea of what that will look like.

  11. I’ve worked with a number of immigrants, legal and otherwise. They come from a variety of Spanish speaking lands.

    What I’ve learned from this is that they hate each other. Hondurans can’t stand Salvadorans. Dominicans hate Puerto Ricans. Guatemalans loath Mexicans, and Cubans hate all of them.

    So sure, let’s put them on an island together and let them make a go of it.

    1. Perhaps we can turn into a realty show, like a massive Hunger Games or Running Man.

    2. I don’t particularly care for your solution, but I do like your chicken.

      1. Well, I never was much of a battlefield commander, but my troops ate well.

    3. This is absolutely true. Having grown up in Miami, I saw this first hand on a daily basis.

      Just because they all speak Spanish, doesn’t mean they share all facets of culture.

  12. Puerto Rico should just be given independence, it is a massive welfare black hole and a relic of late 19th -early 20th century U.S. expansionist ambitions and foreign meddlings. Let them operate as an equal sovereign on par with their Caribbean peers.

    1. We should let them join Cuba. That should make most the people there happy.

      1. As a libertarian you should be begging PR to stay in the U.S. It is literally the only place on earth where a U.S. citizen can go to escape taxes.

        1. Libertarians these days are mostly in favor of hastening their own demise by encouraging the arrival of hordes of new socialist voters.

      2. False.

        The worst thing you can do is call a Cuban a Puerto Rican, and vice versa.

  13. The article starts from the implicit erroneous assumption that people object to South American migrants because of racism. In fact, people object because migrants are breaking US law and consuming resources paid for by US tax payers. Duping illegal migrants into Puerto Rico solves neither of those problems. Puerto Rico already receives $200 billion in federal handouts every year, and that would only grow if we add to its uneducated, third world population. Furthermore, the children of these migrants would receive US citizenship automatically, again placing an economic burden on the US.

    And that’s assuming things stay as they are; Congress has actually been considering expanding EITC and CTC to Puerto Rico.

    Puerto Rico should become independent and stand on its own. Then it can admit as many South American migrants as it wants to.

    1. In fact, people object because migrants are breaking US law and consuming resources paid for by US tax payers.

      And then people vastly exaggerate and overstate the magnitude of the law-breaking (“they’re illegal invaders!”), engage in shameful demagoguery of the undocumented (“they’re animals!”), and then advocate for a solution (“sealing the border”) which would cost far more than whatever welfare that undocumented immigrants are consuming now.

      The concerns are valid. The emotional hysteria over the concerns are what’s rooted in racism IMO.

      1. The magnitude of law-breaking in this case is 1 to 1. Every one them here illegally is breaking the law. 100% illegality.

        1. Of course! The supposed crime for which they are guilty is no different than trespassing. But it doesn’t end there. This “trespassing” turns into “an invading army conquering the country”. That is the type of hysteria – ramping up the supposed danger to the country to absurd levels – that is founded in bigotry and xenophobia, in my view.

          1. I tend to favor open borders or at the very least a relaxed immigration process (absent a welfare state, obviously), but you’re being very reductive of the mainstream position against illegal immigration.

            Is it bigotry when inner city communities decry gentrification? Is it really bigotry to want your community and state to retain the culture you hold dear? And no, ‘culture’ isn’t just a dog whistle for ‘white’. This is the kind of thing many people around the world consider very important and always have. What they fear is the illegals who disproportionately seem to despise what the natives believe holds them together. It’s a pretty universal human sentiment. It is also often a self-perpetuating two way street, sure, but is one more guilty than the other? They often argue that if it weren’t for the ‘handouts’ then the people looking to immigrate would be self-filtered to those interested in integrating into the American culture, and that’d they’d support relaxed immigration if it weren’t for the entitlement state — that argument has merit.

            Very often you’ll see popular posts on these hardcore Trump supporter forums with enormous enthusiasm towards those legal immigrants embracing American values – it’s ignorant to think Southern red state white folk aren’t very familiar with and fond of all sorts of immigrants in their communities that share their Americanism. We aren’t going to will away this problem by calling these people racists over and over – quite the opposite.

            1. What the hell is an American value?

              1. Respect for freedom of speech. Respect for freedom of religion. Respect for a right to bear arms.

                More generally, (and possibly more so in the past,) a sense of “mind your own business”.

                1. So liberals who favor gun control, they are not ‘real Americans’?

              2. Setting proggies like you don’t have.

            2. And once again.

              Many of the concerns about undocumented immigration – and gentrification – are completely legitimate. It’s the HYSTERIA that surrounds the expression of these concerns which is the bigoted part.

              There is a difference between “Undocumented immigrants should be deported because they don’t have the correct papers” (I disagree, but at least I can understand the argument) and “ILLEGAL INVADER SCUM SHOULD BE DROP-KICKED ACROSS THE BORDER”. Which do you think is the more rational argument? Which do you think is based more in reason than in bigotry?

              1. Here’s the think chief, MOST people are only making the first argument. Then stating their reasons why they shouldn’t be here. Economic, cultural, political reasons etc. It’s a minority that says things the last way.

                The problem is many on the left have tried to portray EVERYBODY who isn’t for unlimited low skilled immigration as group 2. Which is a lie.

                Also, since people have been bitching about this issue literally for decades, been completely ignored, and the problem has got pretty out of control… It’s turned a lot of people who started out in group 1 into group 2 members out of sheer exasperation.

                I think we should kick all their asses out. I’m part Mexican! I’ve ALWAYS disliked mass illegal immigration, because I grew up seeing its real effects in California. I’m about at the stage of being number 2 just because I’m so pissed at having common sense being ignored blatantly by the political class for so long. But I’m still not “bigoted” against illegal Mexicans IMO, I’m just sick of hearing about their sob stories, and I’m done being polite about it. Being polite didn’t work, being a little louder about it seems to have done more in less time. It sure works for the left…

          2. As I recall, the Huns and the Goths were merely, as you say, “trespassing” into Roman territory. Unless I’m mistaken, that didn’t work out so well for Rome.

            1. Rome collapsed because of it’s own monetary policies not immigration. Stupid.

              1. Part of the reason was bad monetary/fiscal policy… But mass immigration, sometimes allowed by the Romans and sometimes not, and outright invasion, by Germanic tribes is what finally brought them down. Relying on German soldiers serving in the Roman army to be more loyal to Rome than to fellow Germans was a big part of why they got their asses handed to them too… The German soldiers sided with their fellow Germans in many instances, surprise surprise!

              2. Wromg, you stupid cunt. Get some education. Or better yet, just die.

          3. Even a radical individualist would think trespassing was a serious offense if it was being done to his own home.
            The elements of the crime are that the trespasser knows that they are not wanted and they refuse to leave.
            That sums up the illegal alien, to a “T”.
            An American who does that gets fined or jailed.
            An illegal simply gets sent away, with no punishment inflicted.
            Illegal aliens get much more lenient treatment than Americans.

      2. I’m guessing you don’t live in California or the Southwest do you?

        I grew up in California. Where I grew up is now unrecognizable as being part of America practically. It’s also in fiscal ruin, thanks in large part to shit tons of low income illegals.

        I’m part Mexican myself, and had many Mexican friends who were proper Americans born and raised… We didn’t like the shit tons of illegals, because a lot of them are sketchy. And they’re almost all very low income. And lots of them are involved in crime. I saw all this first hand growing up. In my town there wasn’t a single white person involved in an organized gang, yet there were tons of Mexicans, mostly illegals. My town probably wouldn’t have had a single gang member if not for illegal immigration. White stoner pot dealers? Sure. But not organized crime.

        And frankly the same can be said of many formerly black areas changing too. Blacks have been run out of many of their own neighborhoods by illegal immigrants in LA, the Bay Area, etc. They didn’t take none to kindly to it either. The speed and scale of it is simply ridiculous. It needs to slow the fuck down, and these people need a chance to integrate.

        1. “Where I grew up is now unrecognizable as being part of America practically.”

          Oh I see, it’s the assumption that “America” belongs to “white people”.

          Please tell us again how un-bigoted your views are on this subject.

          1. You got him.

            A Mexican being racist against Mexicans.


          2. Yeah, you got me! This guy who tans like a mother fucker, and can’t grow a good beard to save my life because I have too much Mexican and Native American blood is hella racist against Mexicans!

            It IS unrecognizable as part of America. What I mean by that is that HUGE parts of California have slid down hill from the quality of neighborhoods/cities they used to be. My home town used to be middle-middle class. Not fancy, not ghetto. Now it looks ghetto. Largely because the average INCOME of illegal immigrants is shit, because they don’t have skills worth much. So they’re just too poor to maintain a place as “nice” by 1st world standards. AKA it looks like a 2nd world country now.

            Also, all the signs in Spanish, more Mexican flags than American flags, etc.

            I’m an American, even though I’m part beaner. So was my best friend who was 100% Mexican by blood. To roughly quote something he said once “I fucking hate all these illegals. They make the rest of us look bad! Living 15 people to a house and shit, always getting into trouble, not learning English. I’m not like that!” Basically he had all the gripes evil racist white people do… Because they’re actually fucking annoying objectively.

            He never even learned Spanish, nor did I. He was an American. I think Hispanics CAN be Americanized, as the older ones in Cali and Texas very much were… But we need to stop the endless flood of new ones if we ever want that to happen. Low and slow is the best way IMO.

          3. Goddamn Jeff, you are a clueless bitch of the worst order. You have a college freshman’s kind of ignorant na?vet? that is just unshakable, no matter how ignorant or idiotic it becomes. Did you listen a fucking thing he said?

            I almost hope that your family is one of th ones slaughtered by Illegal MS-13 gang members. So you can learn an object lesson.

            But you’re probably too obtuse even for that.

      3. If the belief that 2+2=4 was rooted in racism by some, would that negate the fact that 2+2=4?

        1. Haven’t you heard? Math, objective reasoning, etc are all considered racist now. It’s true! Google it!

    2. Uhh. no. People are against immigration because they dislike foreigners and Americans are a bunch of cowards. The whole schtick about “breaking the law” and “using resources” are just convenient excuses. Most who trot out this argument have no issue calling for other laws to be changed or ignored, and it is empirically proven that they are net payers into the system. Finally, if your argument were really true, then they would have no problem calling for increased legal immigration and making the immigration process not such a soul crushing kafkaesque nightmare. But of course, they aren’t doing this either. Their and your argument is bullshit, and you know it.

      1. You’re an open minded one.

      2. You’re full of shit on them being net positive tax payers. Illegals are low income. In America NOBODY is a net positive tax payer until your household income is $50-60,000 a year. There are VERY few illegals who hit those numbers.

        I am all for changing immigration laws, but I am NOT in favor of allowing low skilled immigration for anybody from anywhere in the world. I don’t want German middle school drop outs moving here any more than I want Mexican middle school drop outs. Dig? Anybody who thinks we need MORE unskilled labor in a post industrial economy in the 21st century is a fucking moron. We’re probably already going to have a hell of a problem on our hands as automation destroys tens of millions of jobs in the next decade or two, we don’t need to add millions more low skill people that we’ll have to find busy work for.

        1. I’m all for helping the “poor” (which seems to have a broad definition at times), but we can’t help the poor all over the world (and certainly not those who would just like to improve their personal living conditions). That’s someone else’s responsibility. Let’s concentrate on our own house and on people who actually live here.

          1. Exactly. I don’t believe in welfare. But I don’t believe in creating conditions that force people to live in slave labor like situations either. I want working people in my country to have a decent, if not extravagant, lifestyle.

            Whatever anybody thinks, the USA and Europe CAN NOT support all of the worlds poor on our backs. They need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps like South Korea did, like most South American countries are today, like even China is right now. We don’t owe anybody a free ticket because of the work my ancestors did to build this great country, or like I do to maintain it right now. Let them build up their own shit that they can be proud of.

      3. Once again you trot out your discredited claims baron.

        Just stop. Illegals are a drain on the system.

        Case closed.

  14. The real problem is that immigrants come to the US looking for work and there are no jobs available in Puerto Rico.

    Add lack of basic infrastructure, like electricity, fresh water, roads, and housing, there is no draw for coming to Puerto Rico.

    1. Well, they can build infrastructure then.

    2. Today Puerto Rico, tomorrow Miami.

    3. The US not supposed to be a “draw” for merely improving an immigrant’s lifestyle. When apprehended, they usually claim that they are coming to escape political persecution in their home country. They can equally escape this persecution in PR.

  15. Then PR becomes the 51st state and more government is anathema

  16. Well gol-ly. I wasn’t aware their was an immigration problem in the first place! This is such a clever solution that there might be another libertarian moment yet. Everyone has a moment of lucidity now and then. If we were to send all these political/economic/insanity refugees to P.R., it could be the one thing that will encourage the remaining Puerto Ricans to give up on seeking statehood and declare their independence from the US. Wow, that’s clever.

  17. It would also be good for U.S. municipal bond investors, who haven’t seen interest and principal payments from the Puerto Rico government for two years and who may never see a recovery unless the economy turns around.

    The LAST thing PR should be doing is helping muni bond investors. Those are the folks who financed PR digging itself a deep hole.

    What PR needs to do is:
    1. Go to Trump and flatter the hell out of him since he is a great Yuuuge expert on how to screw your creditors in bankruptcy and ask for his advice on how to do it.

    2. Then PR needs to DO it and get through bankruptcy

    3. And then start over fresh from scratch with the first step being a referendum with only two choices – statehood or independence.

  18. Does Puerto Rico offer the opportunities these immigrants are seeking in Texas and California though? If people are leaving Puerto Rico, something tells me their government hasn’t exactly been fostering the kind of economic conditions that lead people to want to immigrate there. The sad truth is that I have to imagine huge swaths of the Latin Americans attempting to do cross the border are doing so because of the potential government assistance, jobs and already established immigrant communities in the South. How many of those three things are available to them in Puerto Rico?

    1. Sorry, but coming here to get free “goodies” is not a valid reason to legally immigrate. Since most claim they are escaping political or gang terror, then PR should be a great new home for them!

    2. We really need to exempt all territories from the Federal minimum wage. It should apply only to full states. I’d prefer it was repealed altogether. Let each state set it’s own minimum wage level.

  19. Why would an ostensible ‘libertarian’ publication promote something that’ll cost the taxpayers a ton and involve the government in yet more enterprises, this one, populating a US territory? These migrants are uneducated, unskilled, and come from countries with high rates of Type II Diabetes. They likely always will require government assistance and never contribute near what they’d receive from SS. With SS/Medicare/Medicaid broke, why bring into the US people who will accelerate the demise of these programs?

    Most don’t like America or Americans and will be involved in criminal activity. Already, the US sees a more heavy-handed police presence and a growing police state. Much of this is due to America’s enthrallment with the silly and non-existent concept of multiculturalism.

    Cut the crap. The US can’t save the world.

    Sheesh, “Reason” presents itself as a libertarian publication, but publishes as though it’s a division of the Democrat Party.

    1. It’s because establishment “libertarianism” is no different from Paul Ryan’s open borders for the donor class to make obscene profits off of perverse incentives types.

      There is an unholy alliance between establishment left and right in the western world. Essentially a uniparty.

    2. “but publishes as though it’s a division of the Democrat Party”

      Shhhhh! Don’t interrupt them while they’re auditioning for Salon.

  20. This is a trap designed to allow an open border pathway. Creating a separate class of immigrant restricted to entry location or residence or eligibility for benefits based on location does not pass judicial review, and Joffe knows it. No means no.

  21. On the surface this almost sounds like a decent idea… The problem is that in all the details it would never work.

    We don’t have internal check points to prevent people from just coming to the mainland. These people would have children that were US citizens, which is NOT acceptable. Also PR has no jobs. We need to roll back the law that made US minimum wage apply there, which is what largely killed off their economy.

    So while it sounds nice in theory, it has too many practical problems. Instead we should simply tell these people to fuck off and fix their own countries. We can’t take in every person from around the world who wants to 10 fold their income, or escape a mildly shitty government. If we wanna talk about letting in political refugees, any and all of China’s 1.3 billion citizens has a better claim than most central or south Americans do for seeking asylum! Should we let them all in too?

    The rest of the world needs to make itself better, that is the only long term solution. The USA and Europe can’t take in every poor bastard from the 3rd world and survive as nice places to live ourselves. I’ve had enough forced altruism for a lifetime, I don’t want any more.

  22. They can all go to Puerto Rico just as soon as it’s no longer a US territory and the government of Puerto Rico decides it wants to be overrun.

    1. Committing national suicide by letting an unending procession of non assimilating foreigners no matter how bad it gets seems to be all the rage these days. PR should totally slit their own throats and do it.

  23. I find it hard that any rational person would make a statement like “Although I personally lean toward open borders…” sine it is moronic from the start.

    Nations have many differences; ethnic, language, education, culture, religious, traditions, and others. In the US’s case we spend over 132 Billion a year on Illegals in our country because they contribute so little to our economy compared to what they cost us. Now I know 132 Billion is a drop in the bucket to a Democrat but a Libertarians can probably do math and note that is a Trillion Dollars every 8 years or so…

    There is about only positive aspect for Liberals in California, it means they do not have to pay much for the people who care for their children, take care of their lawns, and work their construction and fast food industries…

  24. Great idea – send all Spanish-speaking immigrants to Puerto Rico.

    And then announce we’re granting Puerto Rico independence.

  25. PR, which now has most of its population living inside the 50 states, shows just how insane the results of open borders would be. No, it would not be a few million people entering.

  26. “there is no legal way for the territory to replenish its population quickly.”

    Dirt has agency
    It needs to replenish “its population”

    Countries are people with places, not places with people

    If 10 million Mexicans move to Puerto Rico, the Puerto Ricans have not replenished their population, Mexicans have acquired new territory

    1. The magic dirt theory posits that these people become just like us either immediately after setting foot on our soil or just by going to the same schools as us. They totally don’t become resentful third worldist brown communists who demand we be virtually enslaved as tax cattle and that their co-ethnics be allowed to settle in our countries in the west in enormous numbers and live off the dole. No, of course not. That would be highly bigoted to suggest such a thing, true as it might be.

      1. I thought they became Better Americans. That’s what Bill “I hate the White Working Class” Kristol says.

  27. What could possibly go wrong by stocking Puerto Rico up with millions of fresh-faced people you could term la abominaci?n gen?tica who will then have the right to free travel into the United States? You’re admitting your bias right in the article, that you’re a limousine liberal-libertarian who is pro open-borders because you don’t have to live with the negative externalities.

  28. Gee, have we forgotten the EU which has easy border access to one country to dump parasitic immigrants but that country also has easy access to other countries. Puerto Rico takes in illegal immigrants but Puerto Rico has pretty much an open door to the USA.


    BTW, open borders are a bit like not having locks on the doors of your home. Hello?

    Another Duh.

  29. Puerto Ricans are poor and struggling, so we need to fill their island with more people who are poor and struggling. Talk about a win/win!

  30. “only to be greeted at the border with harsh family separation policies and other barriers designed to discourage foreign newcomers.”

    You lying fotherfucker. They are designed to cope with an invasion of illegal alien criminals.

    1. Errata… That’s “mother”

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  32. Great idea for Puerto Rico and the state-based visa program! Thank you.

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