Michael Moore

Michael Moore Thinks Trump Will Win the 2020 Presidential Election

Michael Moore predicts the winner of the 2020 presidential election.


Michael Moore thinks he knows who will win the 2020 presidential election. Appearing last Friday on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, the filmmaker declared that Donald Trump would be reelected. Moore begged the audience to take his prediction seriously, saying that otherwise America could turn into an episode of The Handmaid's Tale:

It's obviously a little early for any certainty about the next presidential race, but Moore at least has a track record he can point to. In October 2016, he declared on Meet the Press that Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton, calling the Republican a "human Molotov cocktail" that Rust Belt voters were preparing to throw at a political system they once supported.

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Later in the month, Moore predicted Trump's win during a promotional event.

"I know a lot of people in Michigan that are planning to vote for Trump, and they don't necessarily agree with him," he explained to the audience. "Trump's election is going to be the biggest 'fuck you' ever recorded in human history—and it will feel good."

Trump won Moore's home state on election night, carrying 12 counties that had previously voted for Barack Obama. A breakdown of the election revealed that Trump's decision to take his message to working-class Michiganders contributed to his win. At the same time, the Clinton campaign failed to appreciate how many more resources were needed in the state, campaigning somewhat harder but not to the extent urged by party activists on the ground.

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  1. Of course he will. He’ll win by a much larger margin the next time around.

    1. Trump’s team got its ass kicked in Virginia last year and very nearly lost 5 out of 5 special elections in blood red districts so this evidence would suggest the opposite of your opinion.

      1. Virginia has more or less been swallowed up by the DC suburbs over the past decade-it hasn’t voted Republican for president since 2004. Even if it turns into another solid blue state, it won’t ever have nearly as much power in presidential elections as Michigan, Ohio, or PA.

  2. Even a broken record gets something right once in a while.

    1. Trump ran on the Michael Moore platform!!

  3. “At the same time, the Clinton campaign failed to appreciate how many more resources were needed in the state”

    The “Rural Outreach Coordinator” for the campaign was based out of Brooklyn. That’s not even a joke. That really happened.

      1. What the hell was that?

        1. Who knows? It’s not like clicking on tinyurl links (or any obfuscated URL in general) is a smart idea.

          1. “It’s not like clicking on tinyurl links (or any obfuscated URL in general) is a smart idea.”
            And yet many people get upset when you DON’T hide the source.

      2. How about a warning next time my kids were in the room.
        BTW was that Chris Matthews or George Steptanopolis? or both?

        1. I thought they were pretty much interchangeable.

    1. Oh, Just Say’n, you fucking rube. Don’t you know that compared to Manhattan, Brooklyn is rural? *rolls eyes, makes huffing noise of disgust like a 13 year old Valley Girl*

      1. “You wouldn’t understand the difference between Manhattan and Brooklyn, you bitter clinger.” *adjusts ascot*

        – The good reverend

        1. Does he hate himself? Because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so full of hatred for anybody different than him.

          He seems to be genuinely sociopathic.

          1. He comes from Volokh, where people would engage him in a professional way. He was always the turd in the punchbowl. His schtick doesn’t work here because lol professional behavior wut? so he’s had to ramp it up.

        2. before or after he polished his monocle?

    2. Hillary ran the stronger primary campaign in 2008 by appealing to Americans in Trump counties but the superdelegates stole the nomination from her and gave it to Obama. The media ran a smokescreen for Obama and the superdelegates and essentially erased the facts from history and so in 2016 Hillary inexplicably embraced Obama’s coalition and turned her back on her voters from 2008. Democrats went along with it because most don’t realize that Hillary received a record number of votes in 2008 by appealing to the white working class a group reviled by the Democrat establishment.

      I don’t know if you know who Mark Penn is but he ran her campaign in 2008 and he has come back into the spotlight I believe because it is apparent now his 2008 strategy has been vindicated.

  4. Moore begged the audience to take his prediction seriously, saying that otherwise America could turn into an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale:

    I haven’t seen any of this Handmaid’s Tale yet, but everyone keeps drawing comparisons with the show’s theme and Trump’s America. Or The Era of Trump.

    1. Well now you don’t have to watch it. We’ll be living it when Trump appoints his next Supreme Court justice, because people are very stupid and some think that insane hyperbole is actually just reasoned discourse.

    2. So…have the broads been forced to sire children from random dudes yet?

      Trump, get working. They’re demanding it!!!

      1. That would be pretty tough, since women don’t typically “sire” children.

        1. Some “women” do. I learned it on the internet!

    3. Actually, the world of The Handmaid’s Tale is already a reality for hundreds of millions of women living under Islamic regimes, and those held hostage by conservative Muslim families in Western countries.

  5. Moore predicted Trump would win in 2016?

    Only the Russian knew that. Perhaps Mueller needs to look into Moore’s affairs.

  6. No, I think the lady who thinks the constitution says “more communism” is going to win. Or maybe the neocon libertarian who likes Hillary. It’s a toss up

    1. “”No, I think the lady who thinks the constitution says “more communism” is going to win.””

      Which one?

      1. I was thinking Kamala Harris because she’s a far leftist who has this weird tendency to always invoke the constitution. But I guess I didn’t narrow it down very well

        1. She’s like the atheist who asks “what would Jesus do?”

          I always say “flip tables and chase people with a whip”.

          1. I believe that story about Jesus is the most reliable one in the Gospels. It is so unflattering to Jesus and his entourage that it would not have been included in the Gospels unless the incident was so widely known that the Gospel writers felt they had to address it and put the best possible face on it.

            1. It is not unflattering. It was imo merely written down way after the events ceased to be meaningful (ie after the Temple ceased to exist so no one knew what the temple rituals/tax was anymore).

              With one BIG error in the writing down. My guess is the actual ‘render unto Caesar’ incident in the aftermath of that was handing him a Tyrian shekel (used only for the temple tax and not legal tender for anything else – thus what the Sadducees were supplying to the moneychangers and thus what the moneychangers were exchanging) NOT a ‘denarius’ (Roman coin). That Tyrian shekel has an image of Baal on it – so ‘render unto Baal what is Baal’s and unto God what is God’s’ is far more threatening. Threatening enough to have him killed which is what then happens.

              That all loses meaning when the temple is gone and the religion moves beyond Judaea and beyond the Jewish community. And when the religion has turned into its own religion. And they write down denarius since that’s the only coin they know at that point.

          2. I am so stealing that!

  7. If he blanket legalizes cannabis and suppressors, I could see rewarding him with a vote.

  8. Hang on, Michael. I was told Handmaid’s Tale would happen by electing him in 2016 and I haven’t heard of women being kicked out of their jobs and chained pregnant to their stoves at home. I remember also hearing about dozens of LGBTQWERTY people committing mass suicide on election night, and somehow they managed to do that without anyone deciding to run an obituary for any of them in the local papers, nor were any of them apparently given memorial services or anything. Minorities were going to be thrown back into slavery, and I haven’t found any local slave auctions anywhere despite it being a year and a half into Der Trumpenhitler’s term. Gay, lesbians, and trans/otherkin people were going to be dissappeared into reeducation gulags, yet there were tons of Pride festivals all across the country a couple of weeks ago.

    Now you’re saying we’d have to elect him again before any of that happens??

    1. He’s literally Hitler.

    2. Sadly, nobody from Hollywood moved to Canada either.

      1. None of them have to go on the condition that they make Jim Carrey move back.

      2. Canada (and Mexico) have immigration standards for legal immigrants. And they are enforced.

    3. Our local slave auctions are held alongside the farmer’s market.

      Very convenient.

  9. It’s obviously a little early for any certainty about the next presidential race, but Moore at least has a track record he can point to. In October 2016, he declared on Meet the Press that Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton, calling the Republican a “human Molotov cocktail” that Rust Belt voters were preparing to throw at a political system they once supported.

    Not sure if I should go drink bleach since I agree with Moore, or if I should just be surprised that Moore occasionally resides on the same plane of existence as the rest of us…

    1. I have to hand it to him. A few of the media outlets had a moment of self reflection, “are we that out of touch?” It quickly went away. At least Moore still knows how out of touch he is.

      1. Yeah, most media outlets answered the question of ‘Are we that out of touch’ by doubling down on their out of touch behavior.

        At this point, even while the majority of media outlets appear to be heavily biased towards the Democrat party that seems to not be doing them any actual favors anymore. If anything, ‘the media’ seems more unhinged than the politicians.

        One thing I can say for the media is that at least they stay bought, unlike politicians, so at least in one way they’re more consistent.

    2. Moore is one of the few D’s/leftists who still connects more to blue-collar roots than to the demographic special-interests or to ideological/postmodern ideas of class.

      Personally I do find it stunning that 4 YEARS after Trump declared, that there is still virtually no pol that is actually speaking OF blue-collar roots because that’s what they themselves know. And so Trump – inherited privilege, draft evader, an entire lifetime as the anti-ethics reality show personification of a rich elitist asshole – remains the ONLY spokesman for those with blue-collar roots with no voting competition whatsoever.

      1. All true. It’s pretty crazy how stupid the Dems have been about this. It’s gonna cost them…

  10. “…A few of the media outlets had a moment of self reflection, “are we that out of touch?” It quickly went away….”

    It lasted until some lefty screamed “THE RUSSKIS!!!!”, and the media promptly stampeded toward that excuse.

  11. Are there enough disaffected, downscale, resentful, uneducated, unskilled, intolerant, ignorant yahoos in can’t-keep-up American to elect Donald Trump again?

    We will learn the answer to that question in November 2020, unless Trump quits or is tossed aside earlier.

    1. Who’s going to toss him aside? Seriously? There’s zero leadership on both sides of the aisle right now.

        1. I’m really sad that I can’t see youtube. I want to participate in your trolling. But I can’t! Some of us have to work for a living.

            1. Can’t see that one either. The system admins are pretty strict. I occasionally check when I’m home but usually I’m stupid busy.

              1. or like me, just not that interested?

                1. “or like me, just not that interested?”
                  Or, maybe linked “surprises” aren’t what you want fucking up your device?

                  1. Sevo, are you just pissy because I know how to link and you don’t?

                    1. You don’t need to tinyurl the links. You can link the actual url so people know where they’re going beforehand. Took me awhile to realize that

    2. “Are you almost done, you uneducated rube?” the Reverend asked the plumber who was kneeling down in front of his toilet. “You got quite a clog here, mister. I’m going to have to get the snake from my truck.” The plumber responded as he stood up. “Well make it quick, clinger. Some of us are too important to waste their time talking to an ignorant yahoo all day.” The Reverend said as he adjusted his ascot. “Listen, mister, I don’t like the way you’re talking to me.” “Well, I’m your better, so too bad for you.” The plumber came within an inch of the Reverend’s face. “How could a smarmy ass like you ever be seen as my better?” The plumber asked. His neck, alone, dwarfed the Reverend’s scrawny pale arms. The Reverend could smell the unfamiliar scent of sweat and testosterone that permeated from the plumber’s shirt. “Well, I read the New York Times.” The Reverend said as he clutched his ascot. “Do you even know how to read?” The plumber’s hands balled up into a fist. He could easily break the Reverend in half, but he thought better of it. “OK, smart guy” he said “fix your own damn toilet.” The Reverend panicked. He really needed to go to the bathroom. And so he chased down the plumber as he went for the front door. “Wait!” the Reverend called “come back and fix my toilet, you half-educated clinger.” Chasing after the plumber had jostled the Reverend’s intestines and as he spoke his last words he furiously crapped his pants.

      1. …did you really waste your time writing a Kirkland fanfic?

        I mean, I write fanfic, but I don’t write Kirkland fanfic. That’s just sad.

        1. This is my second installment. I loves me some “Reverend craps his pants” fanfic

          1. I wish it had ended on a more “Serbian film” note. But we can’t have it all, can we?

      2. Just a little nit-pick:

        His neck, alone, dwarfed the Reverend’s scrawny pale arms.

        Don’t most necks dwarf most arms?

        1. don’t most dwarfs arm necks?

        2. Maybe he meant the neck dwarfed both arms. Wait…are we still allowed to say “dwarf”?

    3. “American”

      Ah, the dangers of pseudo-intellectualism.

      1. I just read his takedown of the improper use of an apostrophe in the PR thread. Oh the huge manatee!

    4. Hillary absolutely cleaned up with the uneducated, unskilled, Bible-thumping inner city vote.

    5. I don’t know Rev., but I do know that this educated, business owning, 6 figure making American is going to vote for Trump next time just as a Fuck You! I probably should have last time, but I voted for Gay Jay just so I could continue to say I’ve never voted for an R or a D for president… I’ll break that record next time even though it will be a useless vote in my state anyway. It’ll be kinda nice to know I helped contribute to oceans full of liberal tears more directly next time 🙂

  12. As a left-libertarian, I agree with Michael Moore on many issues. Like him, I’m extremely disturbed by the idea of Putin’s Puppet nominating another right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court, and I hope Democratic Senators use every procedural maneuver available to prevent it.

    However, Moore is absolutely wrong on this. Drumpf has been so disastrous for this country in so many ways, not even unprecedented levels of Russian hacking will help him win in 2020. From the terrible economy to the foreign policy blunders to the “shithole countries” and “animals” comments, re-election just isn’t going to happen. In fact, Drumpf may even be kicked out of the White House before 2020 if Mueller can prove there was Russian collusion in 2016.


      1. Sorry, I don’t typically click on links unless I can see where they go. Otherwise I might end up at a shady malware-filled Kremlin site.

        1. Why would a Kremlin site be filled with malware?

          1. Because it’s shady.

    1. #TrumpFuhror

    2. Yes, it’s such a terrible economy – a 3.9% unemployment rate is just awful. And about the “shithole countries” – they are shitholes. If they weren’t, so many of their citizens wouldn’t be trying to escape.

      1. The “unemployment rate” is meaningless. The actual proportion of Americans in the workforce who are not working is about 38%.

        1. Yup. We’re still several percent below the employment levels we had pre great recession. That said, with the low “official” unemployment rate, the labor force participation rate DOES seem to be improving a touch versus recent years. Which makes sense. With more openings it’s likely to draw people back into the job market who haven’t bothered for awhile. Even if it keeps steam rolling along it’ll take a long time to get back to where we were in 2006 or whatever though.

  13. Who cares what that hypocritical, gluttonous piece of garbage thinks or says?
    He’s one of the worst people on the planet and I will not shed a tear when his morbid obesity finally stops his long over-worked heart.

    1. Hey – he’s eating for the entire Working Class in order to make up for the ravages of Capitalism. Have a little pity!

      1. Yet he has never turned down a single $1 that was offered to him.

        1. nor a happy meal either.

        2. Yet he has never turned down a single $1 that was offered to him.

          He can’t fight Capitalism if he’s hungry, can he? CAN HE?

    2. Don’t be mad at him just because he has bigger tits than your wife… 🙂

  14. Just like last time, I hope both Team Blue and Team Red lose.

    1. Me too!

      Look at meeeeeeeee pay attention to meeeeeeeee !!! I hope they both lose, but it’s still about meeeeeeee!

      1. What’s the view like from way up there? Can you see Venezuela?

        1. no, but I understand Mr. Moore is now so large he can bee seen from space.

          1. Has the U.S. Postal Service assigned him a personal zip code yet?

  15. LOL

  16. I dunno-if the dems nominate a dem socialist who promises to give ’em lots of free shit (but doesn’t say anything about gun control), they could win back some of these Trump voters.

  17. Well, we know that the gross, ugly, fat slob can at least do two things pretty well: Eat and, at a distant 2nd place, predict presidential election winners.

  18. More like Trump knows that he will win reelection in 2020 and Michael Moore thinks he is right.

  19. I’ll tell you one thing, with Bush II I was soooooo sure he had zero chance of winning re-election. The media made it look like EVERYBODY completely hated him, so obviously he had no chance. I certainly hated him. He was no libertarian obviously, but he wasn’t even a good conservative! Yet he did better than the first time around. Somehow the medias portrayal just didn’t match what a lot of people actually thought! Can you imagine??? LOL

    I think the media stirring up shit, and the Dems going ever harder left are exactly what will guarantee Trump wins in 2020. If the Dems had gone more centrist after losing CENTRIST VOTERS IN SWING STATES, they would probably be getting ready to clean house in the mid terms, and possibly the same in 2020. But they are letting the crazies call the shots in the party.

    That shit might get them 95% of the vote in San Francisco, but it’s going to lose them a ton of votes in all the swing states that matter for the electoral college. And thank god. It’s entirely possible they may win the popular vote again, but barring something really horrible happening I think Trump is going to have the electoral college on lock down again. All I want is for them to keep shifting further and further left.

  20. Where’s his MAGA hat?

  21. So Trump has locked up the Jaba the Hut endorsement?


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